Grey's Anatomy Recap

Grey's Recap: Wilmer Valderrama Checks In… and Checks Out Stephanie!

Funny — we didn’t see Cupid’s name listed in the credits for this week’s Grey’s Anatomy. But there was no denying that the cherub had taken aim when we got a gander at the stars that special guest patient Wilmer Valderrama had in his eyes when they were pointed in Stephanie’s direction. After what might be the longest dry spell in recorded history, was Jackson’s ex-girlfriend finally going to get her groove back? Read on and find out!

CHECKING IN | As “I Wear the Face” began, Meredith didn’t seem pleased that she had invited Amelia to move back in, and Jo, Stephanie and Penny were considering applying for the fancypants Preminger Grant, with Edwards assuming that Blake had the edge since the neuro natural now had Amelia in her corner. However, Penny was reluctant to apply at all since she was just starting to fit in/make friends at Grey Sloan. And it wasn’t like Shepherd had altogether ditched Stephanie. But we’ll get to that… well, right now.

‘WHY ARE ALL THE DOCTORS IN THIS HOSPITAL SO HOT?’ | No sooner had Valderrama checked in to Grey Sloan as guitarist Kyle Diaz, an MS patient suddenly experiencing right hand tremors that threatened his big break, than he began sweet-talking Amelia, Penny and Stephanie. (Miraculously, it only came off semi-smarmy, even when he wondered aloud whether hotness was “a condition of employment here.”) Pretty fast, Edwards became the focus of his attention. “I haven’t seen your face before,” he noted upon meeting her. “It’s a nice face.” (Grey’s is very keen on “nice faces” recently. Have you noticed? Will had one, too. Presumably, he still does.) Anyway, while Amelia and Penny operated on him, he was to be conscious and playing his guitar. Which, he suggested to Stephanie, who’d only be observing, was “gonna be one hell of a first date.” She wasn’t into it, though, since he kept “eye-sexing” her. Later, Amelia backhandedly admitted to Stephanie that yes, she’d be recommending her for the Preminger Grant. But Penny got so pissed after Edwards dissed her alma mater “like it’s a welding school” that she decided to go for the grant as well. During Kyle’s surgery, he continued to mack on Stephanie till he developed a bleed in his brain and even lost his power of speech. Thankfully, Amelia was able to stop the bleeding and, for that matter, fix the tremor.

‘THE TWO OF YOU CAN KILL EACH OTHER LATER!’ | On an ambulance ride with Owen and Nathan to pick up a heart for transplanting, Meredith tried to distract the nemeses from their animosity by making small talk about which resident stood the best chance of scoring the Preminger Grant and mentioning that Amelia had moved back in with her, her invisible children and Maggie. “Maybe,” grumbled Owen, “you can tell [my ex-girlfriend] that I’m not an alcoholic if that’s what she’s worried about.” Which led to Nathan finding out that Amelia is an alcoholic… which led to him admitting that, without knowing any better, he’d “bought her one once”… which led to Owen performing another scene from his one-man-show, 10 Things I Hate About Riggs. When complications arose before the docs could get to the heart — damn traffic! — Nathan tried but failed to save it. Later, Owen — as addicted to his grudge as Amelia’s ever been to booze — lit into Nathan some more. Mer attempted to intervene, even explaining to Hunt that Riggs had tried to keep Megan from getting on that chopper. But, according to Owen, Grey had been misled. Nathan hadn’t been anywhere near the helicopter. “He was off screwing some woman,” Hunt said. “My sister was leaving him.” Toward the end of the hour, Riggs tried to bury the hatchet with Owen, but, knowing all that he did — or thought he did (how can we be sure?) — Hunt wasn’t having it. “You can’t just come in here and pretend to be some nice guy,” he barked. Not without a fight, anyway.

‘JUST FOR THE RECORD, I AM RIGHT!’ | Though Richard probably correctly assumed that Catherine’s meddling would be the worst thing to happen to Jackson and April’s fractured relationship since they retained divorce lawyers, Mama Avery insisted on getting her son a high-powered attorney to help overturn the divorce. As she saw it, right now, Kepner had all the power, so Jackson had “better get some power” — stat! Meanwhile, April treated a teenager named Jenny who failed to mention among her symptoms that, oh, BTW, she was expecting. “You buried the lead there,” cracked Kepner, who helped conceal the kid’s pregnancy from her overbearing mother — and then roped Arizona into the charade. Ironically, when a dangerous situation arose, Robbins moved heaven and earth to obey the girl’s wishes and keep her mom in the dark — even if it put the adolescent at risk. “She has the right to tell her mom when she’s ready,” she argued to April. Later, Richard teamed up with Catherine on a bowel resection rather than send flowers to apologize for yelling at her. Of course, they seized on the operation as an excuse to bicker some more. “If April’s gonna fight dirty,” Catherine maintained, “Jackson can, too!” By and by, she explained how awfully her ex had behaved when they split up, and he took their son. So she knew firsthand that there were some things for which it was worth going to war. Still, Richard felt that Catherine’s story was not Jackson and April’s, and his wife shouldn’t impose her narrative on them. In our parallel story, April eventually disclosed Jenny’s condition to her mother, to disastrous effect. Shortly thereafter, the teen’s aneurysm burst, and she had to be rushed into surgery. Not only was the operation a success, but mother and daughter seemed much closer after the revelation.

‘WELL-PLAYED’ | As the hour drew to a close, Stephanie and Penny made peace… just as Jo got word of what went down in the Preminger Grant meeting. Wilson — ever the troublemaker — cast Blake’s last-minute application in the shadiest possible light, thus reigniting Edwards’ dislike of her. (I know Penny’s not exactly Miss Popularity among fans, but man, she really can’t catch a break, can she?) Miranda was ticked, too — because Ben didn’t apply for the grant. His reason? It would have taken him across the country. Next thing we knew, Penny was revealing to Callie that Bailey had awarded her the grant. Off that, Stephanie lashed out at Amelia, assuming that she had backed Blake just to get rid of her. Unexpectedly, Kyle was very understanding of Edwards’ feelings, leading to her softening toward him. In the end, Maggie freaked because Mer and Amelia were still fighting. But they were going to do that. “A lot,” Amelia noted. “I’m annoying.” Mer still wasn’t kicking her sister-in-law out. As for Catherine, she apologized to Jackson for meddling, and to her — and our — surprise, he revealed that he had gotten himself some power. Only not the kind that she or we — or April — imagined. Having overheard Catherine earlier, Kepner ranted to Arizona — forgiven out of necessity — that she was sure Jackson was suing for full custody. Rather than play the victim, she served her ex with a restraining order… only to come home and find a crib and a note from him saying that, whatever she wanted to do was okay. Oops!

So, what did you think of the episode? Do you believe Owen’s account of Nathan and Megan’s relationship? Can Japril get past this misunderstanding? Hit the comments!

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  1. Sandra says:

    Of course perfect Penny wins the The Preminger Grant that supposedly ALWAYS goes to a senior resident ends up going to 3rd year resident.

  2. Gul says:

    Sighh.. Japril. Can they let them just chill for even a second? Although this seems relatively straight forward & easily fixable, given the track record with those 2 this season, doesnt look like it. I love them together and want them to find their way back but Christ, just quit with the absolutely unnecessary drama for like ONE episode and let them be or talk about the baby like civil adults.
    Also Penny winning that grant is just as ridiculous. Like HOW?

  3. Tony says:

    Do they really have to make Stephanie a petulant brat just because Jerika Hinton is possibly departing?

    And boy is stuff with Japril getting uglier. I must say, I understood Catherine’s concern. Not saying I agree with how aggressive she was about how to handle it. But I get it.

    • bigdede says:

      Stephanie has good reason to be upset. Stephanie and Amelia had an excellent relationship then annoying Penny comes in and takes her spot. Then Penny lies and says she wasn’t going to apply for the grant then she does. THEN Stephanie learns her mentor was going on and on about how great Penny was and not her. I would be pissed also.

      • Merlife says:

        She never said she went “on and on”. I believe Amelia did have her back. I think that’s why Amelia got touchy about it because she’s like, hey bitch i went to bat for you, its not my fault the others think Penny is better! I have a feeling this is going to somehow turn into a race thing with Stephanie though. She’s done this before but maybe not since Bailey is chief.

      • Erin B says:

        How did Penny come in & take her spot? Webber assigned her to neuro. Amelia noticed her talent & gave her a chance even though she didn’t want to. What should Penny do? Do a terrible job so Stephanie doesn’t feel threatened? Stephanie was acting like a sulky teenager. Also, I didn’t see how Penny lied about applying. It was her prerogative to apply & after getting trashed by Stephanie she went for it.

        • Merlife says:

          I agree! Even though i dislike Penny I still don’t see where she did anything wrong. Stephanie is always acting like a brat. From day one she’s seemed very entitled. I don’t like her, I think she’s a “B”

    • Jamie says:

      April needs to call Jackson now and tell him what she heard his mom say and explain what happened. So many tv shows and movies do this crap! If she would call and explain i think he’d understand but she won’t and by next week it’ll be complete war, because by t then Catherine will know and if she has her way, April will be hung up by her eyelashes! Things would be so much easier if people would set aside their pride and COMMUNICATE. She should have gone to Jackson to start with because she KNOWS how his “B” mama is!! If this were real life, i think it have a different turn out.

  4. Lb says:

    Owens sister comes back, turns out she was leaving Riggs for a woman, and there you have Arizonas new love interest!

    • brooke says:

      I could be down with that lol!

    • A.F. says:

      That just sounds really great. If we have to get Owens sister back, than please this way.
      But on another thought: I really don’t want her in, because it at least now feels forced to me.

    • Jamie says:

      HAHA..LOVE IT! That would be awesome! Especially if his sister is gorgeous! Arizona is so beautiful and spunky, she deserves someone amazing and beautiful. I would love to see Callie eat her heart out because she’s with UGGO Penny.. Then again i wonder if, with penny’s grant taking her away, will this bring Arizona and Callie back together? I read an article that says in Ep.22 Arizona has news or something happens that will rip the viewers hearts out. I cannot imagine what’s going to happen other than to think she’s leaving the show.. God, I hope not. I’m sick of losing veteran characters and then getting these sorry newbies. I’ve always liked Arizona. I think she’s someone i would be friends with in real life. I want good things for her.

      • SJ says:

        Jessica Capshaw signed a contract that will have her stay on the show through season 14, so no reason to worry – Arizona’s staying put! :)

        • Jamie says:

          Derricks contract had another year when they killed him off so I don’t put anything past anyone. But I’ve personally come to the conclusion, based on Jessica’s interview that Callie and Penny leave Seattle and take Sophia with them. Google ” Jessica Capshsw will rip viewers hearts out” Ep.22 is all about a big decision Callie makes about Sophia.

  5. JJ says:

    I don’t know who is more annoying, April or Amelia?

    • Alichat says:

      Stephanie perhaps???

    • bigdede says:

      April. Because she’s annoying 100% of the time. Amelia is only annoying 80%. Like in this episode she wasn’t annoying.

    • Merlife says:

      Amelia…i cannot and have never been able to stand her. She annoyed me on Private Practice and I’ve disliked her since day one on Grey’s. She’ really is like an eyelash stuck in my eye that just won’t come out and its annoying and nobody can see it in there but you feel it….smh..

    • Jenny says:

      April – she’s giving women a bad name with all her overreactions and assumptions.

  6. 777 says:

    I’m so happy Penny won the Preminger Grant. It means she’s leaving, right? Can’t stand her.

    • Terri says:

      Amen!!! Can’t stand the way she’s been shoved down our throat! Worse season ever. Besides Callie deserves an attractive love interest, not a homely one.

  7. Alichat says:

    I hope Owen’s version of things is legit. I like his character and would hate to see that he’s all worked up for so long over an assumption or a lie that his sister told him and he’s held onto this “truth” all this time. With that said, he does need to let it go. Just tell everyone what happened, and then just stay away from Riggs.

    And April……sigh…..***shakes head***

    • Grace331 says:

      Yes please get rid of penny! Uughhh! And Kepner please I just can not! The whole episode. So frustrating. So much so I don’t have the energy to articulate my feelings except to say whatever to all of it!

  8. Jake L. says:

    I’m calling right now that one of the spots for big returns on the May sweeps scorecard is for Megan. (Is it a “return” if we’ve never seen her on the show before?)

    • Stacy says:

      Hopefully. So far Henderson’s Riggs has mostly had the same conversation 17 times. The actor has to be bored!

      • bigdede says:

        He has to be bored. We are! It’s like he only came on this show just to give Owen something to whine and cry about.

  9. brooke says:

    Is it just me or are Jo ans Owen driving anyone else crazy this year? I can’t stand any scenes those two are in.

    • abz says:

      I absolutely can’t stand Owen’s character to the point where even if he ends up being right, I’m still Team Riggs. Owen is so unlikable and he’s been worse post-Cristina. I just want him and Penny gone for good. Perfect way for Shonda to trim the fat from the already bloated cast.

      • Merlife says:

        He and Christina had a lot of passion in the beginning but yea, now his face is all twisty and ugly and annoying. That intense face he makes when he’s mad is like horrible constipation. Just crap already dude…go to Sweden or wherever and be with Christina and stay gone. Better yet, take Amelia away and live dysfunctionally ever after!

  10. Jasmine says:

    I can’t handle Kepner… I wish she was a resident and got the grant so she could be gone. It’s like they enjoy writing a character so unlikeable I feel bad for the actress at times honestly. But I can deal with Penny getting it too I love how one moment she’s with Callie saying she doesn’t want to leave her and Sophia and the next it’s oh stephanie was mean to me so bye. So amusing haha.

  11. sabrina says:

    Is next Thursday the final episode of season 12??

  12. pinky says:

    1. I’m not sure how it makes sense that Penny, the newest resident, got a prestigious grant, but if it means she’ll leave than I’m all for it
    2. I’m tired of Stephanie always seeing herself as a victim. What she said to Penny and Amelia is just mean and is based entirely on her paranoia. Besides it’s not like Amelia owes her that recommendation (even if she did end up voting for Penny).
    3. About the legality of the whole “telling the mom the kid is pregnant” – is it true that the doctors really weren’t legally allowed to tell the mom? I really don’t know, but I actually thought the opposite – that when it comes to minors, parents -have- to be informed, and they’re the only ones that can give consent for surgery.

    But my biggest issue in this episode is Owen –
    Can he please stop being such a baby??? His complete inability to act professionally, or even like an adult, has reached new heights this season. Him not telling anyone what’s his deal with Riggs for ages isn’t stoic, it’s just childish. And blaming him for Amelia’s relapse is even more so.
    He’s never fully dealt with his PTSD, so it’s just coming out in bursts whenever he can’t deal with something (which is almost anything) – not being able to have a civil conversation with Riggs, so he yells at everyone around (seriously, how unprofessional is it to be SO aggressive to EVERYONE around you just because one person gets under your skin? I’m pretty sure that wouldn’t fly in real life), getting drunk at the mere mention of his sister, never allowing for the possibility that he might be wrong about something.

    • bigdede says:

      I didn’t understand the whole mom/patient thing either. I know teens can get the morning after pill without parental consent by you pay for that over the counter. With a minor, everything will be on the parent’s insurance and bill so the mom has a right to know what she’s paying for. Also when a minor checks into a hospital, for those HIPPA papers and stuff doesn’t the minor need a guardian to sign also?

    • bigdede says:

      Regarding Owen, I must say he’s always been this way. Cristina’s greatness just covered his messy behavior. He has always whined or cried about something. If it’s not about wanting to have kids or some other issue, he’s always acted like this. That’s why him and Cristina stayed breaking up.

      • pinky says:

        I completely agree. I just think this side of him is a lot more prominent this season and it’s getting on my nerves.
        I’m still holding against him the time he tried to convince Christina that even though she said (multiple times, both in words and her entire behavior and personality) that she doesn’t want kids, she actually really does. And even if she doesn’t, she needs to give him this “little” thing that he needs and that they need to “compromise”…which was actually just code for her giving up what she wants (like she said at the time – “you can’t have half a baby”). Him wanting kids is fine, but his refusal to accept that not wanting kids is also a valid choice…

    • Kai says:

      Minors do not have the same rights to privacy under HIPPA as adults. Parents and legal guardians have the right to know all of their children’s medical information. Another legal issue that this episode got wrong: Jackson does NOT lose his párental rights because he is no longer married to April. I really can’t fathom Cathérine’s goal in suing April for fraud. If April signed paperwork that said she & Jackson had no ćhildren when they divorced, that would be truthful because a one month fetus is not a child. Another issue: April did not benefit financially from keeping her pregnancy a secret. Is Catherine trying to overturn the divorce & force them to stay married until the baby is born? I can’t see that ending well for anyone.

      • Tony says:

        My question is what happens if April moves cross country and marries someone else, what legal recourse does Jackson have to prevent the hypothetical guy from claiming he is the father?

    • abz says:

      Yes, the whole legality was driving me nuts throughout the episode. I kept wondering how were they allowed to withhold medical information from the mother when she’s a minor?

    • MeliJ says:

      Actually, according to State of Washington law, parental notification/authorization is not necessary to perform emergency medical care, prenatal care, STD screening/treatment (including HIV), or abortions. April did violate her patient’s wishes. She really needs to get her crap together. How does she expect to work in the hospital her ex-husband owns? What she did was reckless, and selfish… then again, she’s been doing that for two years.

      • Violet says:

        She did what Arizona did. Same thing, different people. She knows it and Arizona wanted to say it and kind of did. Hypocrite..

        • kmb55 says:

          April told Arizona as her friend, not as her doctor, so I’m not sure that HIPPA would apply in this situation.

  13. RK says:

    Penny leaving with her grant opens up Callie and Arizona to finally reunite. I’m calling one of the sweeps scoops about a couple getting back together – Calzona!

  14. TJ says:

    Can we be any more heavy handed with the whole Kepner and pregnancy thing. Gheeze!

  15. Jamie Wojo says:

    Oh so disappointed with the japril twist. I hate stories like this. It just tortures me!
    I hate Stephanie. I have never liked her attitude and i just wish she’d go away and take Penny and Amelia with her. Last night Jo ticked me off though, she’s immature and a troublemaker. Really Jo? Stir the pot much?
    For a show that is supposed to be about Meredith Grey, she sure doesn’t have many scenes anymore. Screw everyone else’s story! I need more Mer…

  16. Why oh why did April get all crazy? Just when we were seeing Sarah Drew at her FINEST, the writers had to go and make her all over reactive again? I understand that drama is needed to move the story along, but April could have gone to Jackson, bitched him out, and created more tension between he and his mother. And the crib scene could have still happened with April going “uh, no. I can’t trust you people.”

    And also, when are we going to see April get actual prenatal care? This girl is preggo with more than one baby… my prediction.

  17. EM says:

    I’m afraid Penny won’t be actually leaving and where the heck was Alex? It would have been nice to see the meeting where the attendings voted on the residents.

    • Jamie says: too:( Callies gonna talk her into staying but maybe if that’s the case, it will cause more strife between her and Jo and Stephanie and they’ll run her off? I just pray to God this doesn’t mean Callie goes with her….omg i just thought of something! I read an article that Arizona has a major storyline in Ep.22 that will rip the viewers hearts out and it has something to do with Sophia.. I bet Callie and Penny decide to move across the country for the grant and they take Sophia with them! Omg it’s all starting to make sense now. FML. i don’t want to see Callie go..another veteran character down the drain. Arizona will likely fall apart and end up in a downward spiral from this and depart the show as well. I just made myself really sad.

  18. Whatevah says:

    A few things are irking me. April. Amelia and Meredith, Owen and Riggs oh and April. Wash, rinse, repeat. I feel like I’m watching the same episode over & over & over again. Oh and did I mention April is irking me? I wish she had died in the hospital shooting years ago.

  19. April is really just a horrible, worthless, immoral, selfish, manipulative, lying bitch. She should never be allowed within 1,000 miles of any child

  20. bobbijo says:

    The grant would make Blake breaking up with Callie which I wouldn’t mind at all. If Hunt’s version of what happened is true with his sister I really, really think Riggs comment about redeeming himself will mean he’ll be written out too. Perhaps he’ll make some great sacrifice. So glad that the initial obvious candidate for Meredith isn’t suitable, in any way! He’s not nice. Edward’s is gonna do something very questionable because she’s feeling hard done by. Sisters bicker, Pierce is getting very annoying.

  21. Dominique says:

    so let me get this straight; april knew she was pregnant when she signed the divorce papers, but didn’t say anything to jackson. then, she kept her mouth shut for weeks because she wanted to be happy. then, when jackson finally found out, she was upset that he was furious with her, and then told him he had no rights. and NOW she’s gonna serve him with a restraining order (when they both WORK together!), because catherine had the smart idea to go to court with this?
    wow, she really is a piece of work, isn’t she?

  22. Phil says:

    Whenever I think April can’t be more of a hypocrite, somehow she must think it’s a challenge. Everything her teenage patient did was exactly the things she’s been doing all along (not getting prenatal care, not informing people who should know about her pregnancy), and all her actions were all the things Jackson and Arizona did. I don’t don’t know the specifics of legal specifics of telling a parent about a minor’s medical information against their wishes, but the one thing people seem not to realise, is that when Arizona told Jackson, she did not violate doctor patient confidentiality. April is not her patient. April told her about the pregnancy as a friend, not a physician. And despite Arizona’s efforts to provide prenatal care, she didn’t examine, diagnose or treat April in any way, so again, April was not her patient. The only thing that can possibly fix April Kepner is a lobotomy.

  23. Mara says:

    I hope this means Penny is off the show. And April is the most horrible character ever created. Where was Alex this episode? This was a terrible episode, boring and annoying!

  24. EM says:

    Watched it again, I don’t know why? Seemed like perfect Penny skipped a syringe, and the camera lingered on it for a second too long in the boring surgery. Did she make a mistake or am I just wishful hoping she is GONE?

  25. Anna says:

    Lolz, after reading these comments, it’s seems like I’m the only viewer that likes Penny. I really liked where her mentorship storyline was going with Meredith – especially since that’s fantastic character growth for Mer.
    And it’s hilarious to see people talk about how much they want Callie to get back with Arizona. They were miserable together.

    • Jamie says:

      Reading comments on Callie and Arizona, i just want to add my 2 cents..
      I think it would be a cool twist to see Callie end up with a man. She’s never been a good lesbian to me anyway. Still wondering what the twist is going to be in Ep.22 with Arizona and Callie and Sophia though.

  26. Shutterbug99 says:

    April will lose the baby due to absolute stress caused by Jackson and his Mom when they go all ‘Avery’ on her ass. Then they’ll all be sorry for their ridiculous behavior.

    Or maybe Shonda will break the habit of a lifetime and somehow give Japril a HEA. Doubtful.