Ellen Addresses Anti-LGBT Law: 'This Is Not Politics, This Is Human Rights'

Ellen DeGeneres is not dancing around her disdain for Mississippi’s new discriminatory law.

The daytime talker took a moment during her monologue on Thursday (check your local listings) to address the state’s controversial new religious freedom bill, which allows people to deny those who identity as part of the LGBT community the right to marriage, adoption and foster care services. The legislation also permits employers and landlords to discriminate against those they might hire or house based on their sexual orientation.

“That is the definition of discrimination,” DeGeneres said. “It is also something that the Supreme Court already ruled on when they made marriage a right for everyone.”

View DeGeneres’ plea for “less hate and more love” below, then sound off in the comments.

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  1. Mary says:

    What is it with these Southern States, and they wonder why they get a bad rap. It is sad that in this day and age that this is even an issue. The intolerance that some of these people is really beyond belief.

    • tvjunkie says:

      Yeah screw religion, lets be intolerant toward them. … Oh wait the left already does that. The point being no matter what happens one side is always going to be discriminated against. There is no solution where one group doesn’t face discrimination. It’s a lose lose situation.

      • Rob Horine says:

        At that point, it is up to the nine wise robes in Washington DC.

      • KT says:

        I don’t think it’s about being intolerant toward religion, or saying that the left does that. It’s like what Ellen says. This is about human rights.

      • Geo says:

        It’s nowhere near the same, not by a long shot. The left isn’t saying to religion “you should be denied services based on your religious beliefs” or “you shouldn’t be able to marry, adopt, or live where you want based on your religious beliefs.” They are saying you shouldn’t be able to say “because of my religious beliefs, I’m not going to provide you a service, like serving you food, renting an apartment to you, or not doing my job as a public official like issuing marriage licenses or fairly allocating adoptions.”

        That would be like someone saying “I’m gay, and because you’re a Baptist, you can’t eat in my restaurant” or “I’m a lesbian so you Catholics can’t rent an apartment from me” or “I’m bisexual so I’m not going to allow this straight Methodist couple to adopt and instead are going to give the baby to a gay couple.” That’s not happening. And until it does, this pretend outrage that the left is being “intolerant” towards religion is absolute baloney. It’s not any more “intolerant” to say that people shouldn’t be able to invoke their religious beliefs as a reason to discriminate against gays any more than it would be to give anyone a pass to discriminate against women because the bible has a number of passages (as in the writings of Paul) that say women should be subservient to men.

        This kind of phony “you’re being intolerant of my intolerance” argument never floats.

        • JScout says:

          Well said, Geo. Thanks.

        • Patrick says:

          Or using religion for racist policies. Like, you know, slavery.

        • Angela says:

          THAN YOU. I am so sick of people saying the left is being “intolerant” because they oppose blatant discrimination. Nobody could get away with this crap if these laws were discriminating against people based on race, and rightly so. Why do some still think doing this to LGBT people is okay?
          Hiding behind your religion to try and justify your discrimination towards people is WRONG. Plain and simple.

          • Angela says:


          • Olivia says:

            Exactly. Sometimes I think to myself (despite it being completely ridiculous) that LGBT people and allies should organize as members of some kind of religion and have human rights be recognized as teachings of said religion. It’s a stupid semantics matter, as if the words “god” and “beliefs” were exclusive to members of a church or any other place of worship. No. The wild card here is the word “religion”. Once you whip this one out it seems that you can get away with pretty much everything your biased mind wants. Okay then, so why not playing on an even field?

            Then… I get back to planet Earth and realize that even as a joke it would still have the potential to go south and become the same nonsense decent people fight against.

      • Mary says:

        Religion has nothing to do with this , it is basic HUMAN DECENCY and if you cannot see that there lies the problem.

      • This is not about discriminating against someone for his religion. It’s not saying you can’t live where you want because of your religion; it’s not saying you can’t marry who you want because of your religion; it’s not saying you can’t work where you want because of your religion. It’s saying I can’t do these things because of YOUR religion. It’s basically imposing YOUR religion on me. You don’t have the right to do that.

    • Rob Horine says:

      It’s not ‘intolerance’. Do you even know what the word means?

      This bill doesn’t let restuarnt owners throw gays out. Doesn’t let businesses not sell to gay customers. Doesn’t let gays go to a bakery and not buy a cake and then the buyer take the cake wherever they want.

      This is meant for one thing, you either bow to to the political gay and left wing agenda or face ruin. The thing about rights is everybody has them. Even religious people.

      And I wonder if a Muslim Bakery were to refuse to serve a cake at a gay wedding, if the State would sue them?

      Think about it.

      • Patrick says:

        No one has the right to discriminate against people who don’t share similar beliefs. Equality, no matter birth or belief, is the core tenant of America.

        • Rob Horine says:

          So your fine with Christians haveing a choice between being sued into oblivion and their immortal soul.

          • Kendra says:

            Please show me where in the bible where it says it you are kind to people, refrain from judging and treat people (all people) with respect you will lose your immortal soul. I must have missed it in my life long life as a Christian. Oh and please don’t do like the other “necks” and start quoting the old testament that, in the same chapter proclaims losing your “soul” if you shave, eat pork or work on Sunday’s, its just used as a way of using uneducated facts to help support bigotry.

      • Kendra says:

        Yeah, no…Its more than some agenda, its also about trying to get people killed and not using common sense. It is about finding a way to to make it harder to live a normal life and being intolerant. I am a transgender girl, and sadly I am one of the few that can pass easily, not sad for me but other girls. When I travel I use, and must use the female restroom or risk being killed especially when I travel to the more southern states.

        What I find funny is, thanks to Maryland, my new birth certificate and drivers license there is absolutely NOTHING Mississippi can do to stop me from using their restroom, eating wherever I want to eat AND these judgemental hypocrites cannot do anything to stop me and those backwater rednecks would/will NEVER know.

        Yet they have no problem sending a 105 pound girl, in a dress into a mens room in the most dangerous places in Mississippi to what I can only assume to their death. Yet some peoples agenda makes it clear that no lives matter when they do not fit with their homophobic, moronic belief system.

  2. Lauren says:

    Ellen can be too goofy for me sometimes but then every once she blows me away with how eloquently she can speak on an issue. She hit the nail on the head.
    A Senator from my state (SC) just introduced a bill similar to NC’s. Because that has gone so well for them? I don’t think it really has legs, even our governor has said she doesn’t see there to have been any “bathroom” issues that need to be addressed. But I’m hoping maybe you guys could do me a favor and email or call SC’s governor, Nikki Haley, and tell her you won’t visit South Carolina’s beautiful beaches or mountains (and they really are fabulous) if a law like this passes.


    • Jen says:

      SC Beaches aren’t that great. (I live in Rock Hill). As for the NC / SC Law – the only part I agree with is the “bathroom” issue. I do not want to use a bathroom or have my daughter use a bathroom or a locker room with a man next to me.

      I am sick of the democrats saying that it’s bad to discriminate against this group, but as a Christian (Roman Catholic to be exact) it’s OK. (For example, they won’t allow prayer groups in public schools – not forcing anyone to join, just those who want to, but we can bend over backwards to support other religions.

      This country has gotten a lot too PC.

      • Patrick says:

        What about all the unisex bathrooms that already exist at tons of stores?
        Further, no one is discriminating against religious groups. We just don’t want you to discriminate against other people. In America, you have to tolerate people who are different, and have different beliefs, than you do. Having a set of beliefs doesn’t let you punish people who don’t share your beliefs.
        By Jen’s logic, Catholics would be allowed to discriminate against Protestants, and vice versa. You can’t do that in America.

        • Jen says:

          I’m OK with unisex bathrooms. Typically – at least the ones I’ve seen – are one person at a time. That’s fine.

          And yes, they do discriminate against Christians (at least here). We can’t have prayer groups or Christian after school activities in schools.

          • Tom Depue says:

            You really don’t understand why they don’t allow prayer groups in public schools? Really?

          • Jen says:

            Please. Explain. Why not? There are Muslim & Jewish groups in schools. There are LGBT Groups. Art groups. Why not Christian prayer groups? I’m not saying that everyone has to be in the group. I’m OK with no prayers in public school for the general school population. But why not an after school group? I’d love to know.

      • Erik says:

        Except that’s what’s gonna happen. Transgendered men and women are gonna have to use the facilities from when they were born so you are gonna have someone who looks exactly like a man but was born a woman in the ladies room and someone who looks like a woman in the men’s room. I fear for THOSE individuals. Those individuals will have violence and nastiness done to them. It’s a for gone conclusion.

      • Aeol says:

        What kind of bathroom are you using that you’re witness to anyone’s private parts, even another “biological” woman? Please don’t spy on my lady area while I’m using it, thank you.

      • Angela says:

        Because allowing prayer groups would technically be considered an endorsement of the religion by the school. Even if you’re not forcing anyone else to join in, if the public schools allow that, it’ll read that way. And what happens if another faith wants to have their own activities at the school? Will people allow those, too? And when would we make time for the ones who have rituals that conflict with class?
        My question is , why do you NEED to have prayer circles at school? Why not just go to your church and do what you need to do there? That’s kind of why churches exist. You want to make a quiet little prayer to yourself that your day at school goes well, go for it. But I don’t really get why people are so insistent on having prayer circles and whatnot when they can go to church for that sort of thing.
        As for the “bathroom” bill, do not listen to the people who are trying to scare you by implying it means men can come into women’s bathrooms. That’s not even remotely true. If someone did assault me in a bathroom, their gender/sexual orientation would be the LEAST of my concerns. The fact they’re assaulting me would be the problem. But I honestly do not have any fears whatsoever of transgender people using the same bathroom as me. I’m not exactly there to scrutinize other people’s gender, after all, and if they aren’t bothering me or anyone else, then I don’t see why I should be concerned about them being there. These “bathroom” laws are nothing more than stupid boogeyman talk from people who are completely ignorant on the transgender issue.

  3. So are they willing to pay for the gay people’s unemployment when they can’t find a job?
    Didn’t think so.

    • Patrick says:

      No, the point is for those wicked gays to just die already. Why won’t those dirty gays just DIE ALREADY.
      FML. I remember when NC used to be a moderate state.

  4. Charlie says:

    Not that it’s going to happen, but all of this discrimination would go away if people would just stop believing in the invisible man in the sky and his perversely persistent interest in what consenting adults do when we’re naked.

    There is NO HARM here people! Let it go. If you and your imaginary god want to prove how great you are, stop rapists and murders like ISIS, not people who love and/or bring pleasure to one another. Do you not understand even the most fundamental difference between good and evil?

    Besides, everyone knows that the universe was created by Puffy, the rainbow-colored unicorn. Stop laughing. She’s omnipotent and omnipresent.

    Sadly, however, Puffy is no more interested in our suffering than all of those false gods, as a tour of your nearest children’s hospital will quickly and definitively prove. Oh, Puffy, why hast thou forsaken us?

  5. It’s a real shame that the LGBT lobby is trying to change the culture of normal, heterosexual, family oriented, straight Americans into a carnival colored culture of deviance, perversion, sickness and predatory amoral behavior. When sexually confused individuals are allowed to go into any bathroom they choose (a “shehee” or a “heshee”) based on their birthgender, then we are going in the direction of Sweden which is trying to ban gender differences altogether. In other words, everybody can wear anything they want-men can wear dresses and bras, put on make-up, wear high heels, etc. This gender neutral society that the LGBT community is trhing to create, is as absurd and stupid as anything this 21st century world has concocted. I hate to tell you this news flash- men are biologically different from women and vice versa, you can’t change that and it is illegal, (so far) for men to go into the ladies room thinking that if he’s dressed as a woman- he’s a woman! Wrong! Marriage is between a man and a woman for the creation of children-that is the normal way we humans populate the earth-The Normal Human Family is the nucleus of society-you can’t have two mommies or two daddies in a family and say that is God’s plan. It ain’t. We normal straight people have to stand up for our rights as the 99.9% of America and say- Straight is Great!

  6. brendan g patnode says:

    you are not going to shove homosexuality pedophelia lesbians down my throught i stand with GOD i have standards dont sell to me as a store or give me money as a bank i dont care

  7. Mel says:

    Screw you Religious! Not Allow Judgement on Race and LGBT and Human Right and Disability and Deaf .. Shame on you Southern States… U will lose your any business.. Bye Bye Southern!!