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Arrow Laurel Dies

Arrow Star Hails 'Shock Value' of [Spoiler]'s Death, Says Emotional Goodbye Scene Was 'So Real'

Warning: The following contains major spoilers for Wednesday’s Arrow.

The CW’s Arrow said goodbye to a member of the team during Wednesday night’s episode, and the departing castmember was on board with the deadly twist.

“I was OK with it,” Katie Cassidy said during a recent press screening of the game-changing hour, which found Laurel being stabbed by Damien Darhk and later flatlining at the hospital. “We all sort of came to an understanding that this is what was going to happen, and it made sense to me.”

Arrow Laurel Dies“The shock value is good” and gives the writers’ room “a jolt,” she continued. “It’s such a turn in the story that it gives them so much more to do and places to go with it. Otherwise, I feel like shows can get stale.” (Click here to read executive producer Marc Guggenheim’s explanation for the decision.)

To be sure, Cassidy got her own jolt when she learned that it would be Laurel in that flash-forward grave from the Season 4 opener. “I actually had found out right before [shooting] the court scenes” in the episode “Broken Hearts,” the actress recalled. “I just was like, ‘OK, I need to put this on the backburner for now,’ because I had a huge day of all legal jargon.”

Then came the tough task of filming the lawyer/superhero’s heartbreaking final moments. “That scene when I’m in the hospital and I say goodbye [and] I say to the team, ‘I never wanted this. I was thinking of giving up the Black Canary. I can do it,’ it was so real shooting it,” Cassidy shared, “because it was my saying goodbye to the team and all of us. So it definitely wasn’t difficult for me to get to that emotional point.” As “hard” as it was to deal with the overwhelming feelings in that exchange, “I felt like that was good,” she added. “It was genuine, and it was real.”

Looking back at her time on the CW series, “Since Season 2 up until now, Laurel has had a truly amazing journey,” Cassidy said. “They’ve written so well for me, and I’ve had such an incredible arc.”

Arrow Laurel DiesGiven her love of playing a comic book crimefighter come to life, it’s no surprise that Cassidy says that trying on the Black Canary jacket — which she got to keep, along with the mask — was one of her most memorable moments on the show. “I still get a little choked up talking about it because I was so excited,” she shared. “I’d been waiting for that moment. That, for me, was sort of the turning point. My character had a really hard time [in Season 2]. As an actor, the writers were writing so brilliantly, and it was great to be able to take on that challenge and go there and then hit rock bottom and come back on top.

“Also, fight training and getting to be a strong female character who’s also out there kicking some ass was something that was cool,” she continued, “and I had a blast doing it.”

Cassidy will also miss the camaraderie of the job. “I love everyone on set, I love our crew,” she said. “Being there for four-and-a-half years, they’ve become family, so it’s hard not to get to go into work everyday and get to work with such amazing people. That part is certainly sad.”

It’s lucky then that death isn’t necessarily the end for an actor in the Arrowverse: Cassidy appears via flashbacks in Episode 19 and later this spring will play Earth-Two’s Laurel, aka Black Siren, on The Flash, in addition to lending her voice to Vixen Season 2.

“In the future, you never know what can happen,” Cassidy admitted. “As they know, I’m always happy to come play with them if they time travel and whatnot.”

As for Laurel’s legacy, it’s “definitely important” to the actress that her character be remembered as someone who “was always such a good person and had such a good heart and was a fighter.”

Arrow fans, what did you think of Laurel’s swan song? Grade the episode via the poll below, then hit the comments to back up your pick!

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  1. Mike R says:

    That was ugly

    • ? says:

      First thought: YAY! It wasn’t anyone important! Second thought: I smell a rat. I’ll be convinced she’s gone when the season’s over and she’s not back or playing an alternate version of the character as a series regular on one of the shows (which would actually be fine, a do-over Laurel!).

  2. Anne says:

    Well I’m out. Bye Arrowverse.

    • N says:

      Everyone always say something like this when they don’t get “their way”. You’ve been watching the show since the beginning and decide to quit when a main character dies. It’s pathetic

      • Anne says:

        Oh, but I mean it. I’m not one to threaten to quit shows all willy-nilly. I’ve continued watching numerous shows after they continue to disappoint me. But there’s a point where the disappointment overtakes the enjoyment. And for Arrow…..that’s now. And really, Arrow without a Lance sister isn’t really Arrow.
        Plus, she was my favourite character (next to Sara) so there’s not much left for me to watch. The tidbits of Thea that we do get aren’t worth it.

        • Pamela says:

          I agree. Laurel goes but Felicity stays, absolute nonsense.

          • Adam says:

            don’t get me started on Felicity…

          • Phoenix5634 says:

            Felicity has done nothing but frustrate and annoy me since the crossover. And I used to love her character… Don’t get me started either…

          • Brock says:

            Felicity sucks. No more laurel means more of Felicity. Sorry but I will not be able to watch that. Bye Arrow

        • Phoenix5634 says:

          Don’t freak out, this could just be a twist in the story. Like Sara, Thea, Oliver, etc. The legends will be coming back, and how do you think Sara will react to this? And Legends has access to an active Lazarus Pit. I think the writers have learnt their lesson from turning Arrow into a Felicity soap opera since the crossover this season. I have good hopes for next season. Just be patient.

          • yeah this is just to move the show forward she’s coming back………

          • Adam says:

            I’m done being patient. when I hear that Laurel is back, THAT’S when I’ll come back. until then Arrow can suck without me there to suffer through it

          • char says:

            Only way this show gets better is for some how some way Felicity is gone with her poor acting skills and they get back to “super hero” not some whiny ass and his girlfriend. If I wanted to watch a soap opera – I would watch daytime TV.

        • How is it without a Lance sister when Sara is still alive?

        • Adam says:

          I’m with you. I don’t quit shows. Not even after the god aweful season 3 of Arrow. But this season has been “oh Arrow is tonight I guess I should watch it” versus “THE FLASH IS TONIGHT WOOOHOOOOO!!!!!!!!!’ I’ll finish this season just to see Oliver murder people (if that’s even going to happen) but I agree, I’m out for season 5 unless they get a new showrunner and new writers.

          • Braggert Ha says:

            I’ve always wondered why they make such a big deal out of “The Arrow doesn’t kill anyone!!!!” So he’s always trying to arrest the big bad guy. However… he has no problem plugging countless minions of said-bad-guy in the chest with arrows. He is constantly shooting their lackeys with arrows in the chest, throwing them off of buildings, diggle walks around shooting lackeys… every single episode they leave a body count lol. Heck, they killed probably 100 members of hive and the league of shadow during the last season and a half.

          • Deona coleman says:

            I think when Oliver got with felicity he got too soft. And I think he was better When her was killing people that. Was guilty.

        • At times like this, you must remember: WWSCD? What would Sheldon Cooper do? I think you should, as he would, write a strongly worded letter to Greg Berlanti. That might make you feel better.

        • No more interested in Arrow, until now I watched the show with the hope that producers give more screen to Black Canary and the others members of the team except Felicity, but It didn’t happen, so, I am done.

        • Rita Large says:

          I wish they had killed Damian Darhk instead of Laurel. I really liked her character. This has ruined the show.

      • M says:

        Well when you kill one of the main characters of the Green Arrow mythos yeah people are gonna get pissed and leave. Arrow is officially fanfiction because there’s no longer any Arsenal, there’s now no Black Canary. This is probably the worst interpretation of the Green Arrow ever, and now there’s no denying it

        • Ben says:

          I deny it!

          Actually, I do understand the disappointment from some fans. But I didn’t know anything about Green Arrow before coming to this show, and I have no issue with Laurel dying.

          Is it because I’m not expecting it to be some kind of faithful adaptation of existing lore? Probably.

          • char says:

            The writers uses the name “Arrow” to get viewers – people who read comics. We expect to a certain degree for it to be follow – BC does not die she leaves. If the writers wanted to put a story together with some guy who is rich and wanted to help his city with computer geek and special ops soldier, then make it your own – don’t borrow.

        • No denying it? Read volume 1-3 of New 52 Green Arrow and you’ll beg the comic to be Arrow.

        • Q says:

          True. Gotta go.

      • peterwdawson says:

        It’s pathetic to mock someone for being invested enough in the show to bail when they no longer have that attachment. They’re bailing because the character meant something to them, and given the general quality of Arrow’s been sliding downhill that can be enough for some people.

        • Anne says:

          Thank you for these kind words of support! You captured what I was feeling.

          • ABG says:

            I won’t quit the show but I sure am angry! They better get her back.

            I’m not against making these big bold moves, when they make sense. Killing Tommy and Moira were bold moves that worked really well. Killing Black Canary is dumb.

          • Ben says:

            I understand completely. I, personally, would probably be out if they killed Felicity or Diggle. No, I’m not some kind of shipper. It’s just that they are really my favourite part of the show. I don’t bail on shows very often either, but every now and then you look at a show and go ‘this isn’t what I fell in love with’.

            For me, Arrow has been lacklustre this year, but I will continue to watch and Laurel dying won’t dissuade me. I completely understand the opposite opinion.

          • Binx says:

            I totally support you if you don’t want to watch the show anymore. I just hate when folks try and ruin it for other people who love it.

        • Phoenix5634 says:

          So basically what your saying is that the Olicity drama this season has been enough to piss some fans off, and now they are using Laurels death as an “out”, instead of considering this a twist to get the show back on track from this obvious Olicity drama issue. The actress is not gone, it’s obviously a twist of some sort. Everyone needs to just calm the f down and have alittle patience lol.

          • Adam says:

            Believe me I’m hoping to GOD that she’s really alive, and that’s why I’m finishing out the season. And frickin Olicity has been the bane of my existence for 2 years now

        • Johnmahoha says:

          ¿its because im black?

        • Craig Riley says:

          When the writers do everything the fans want: Dexter seasons 5-finale
          When the writers ignore the fans entirely: Breaking Bad

      • It’s called being an entitled baby.

      • Adam says:

        We aren’t quitting cuz a main character died. we’re quitting because the show legitimately sucks

        • Phoenix5634 says:

          Becuz of Olicity. That’s what sucks. Give a show a chance to bounce back from that mistake…

          • tvjunkie says:

            If anything this episode was the writers digging their heels in even deeper on the Olicity loving/pandering.

      • Els says:

        Actually what is pathetic is how many writers have tunnel vision and feel this sense of having to shock the audience from a character standpoint laurel was an anchor when downtown killed off Mathew I simply lost interest when robin hood killed off Marion same writers should think of the audience investment and not try to get Emmy for writing a shocking show any moron can do that

      • Brian S says:

        N’ what’s that stand for N’obody I don’t think your opinion matters when you’re a N’obody so did someone pull your strings I don’t think so oh I know what the N’ stands for it stands for N’ancy boy everybody handles being upset about losing their favorite actor or actress in their own way you don’t have to be an ass about it. I don’t blame Anne for being upset we finally settle in with an actor or actress that we like and some genius writer write’s them off them show.Cassidy was a great actress honestly I think killing her father off would have been the way to go but Cassidy might have been filming a movie and filming Arrow might have interfered with it us viewers May never know what the true reason was for killing her off. I’m sad to see her go but Life Goes On

    • Donald Galloway says:

      I was pretty upset too. I can’t believe they never developed the love story. It’s batman and no catwoman, superman and no lois lane. Plus her character actually developed and they just took her away. Thank goodness she’ll still appear in Earth 2 as Canary on The Flash.

    • Marissa says:

      Not only did they “kill” her off…because maybe it isn’t permanent, but they made her good bye all about Oliver and felicity which is just…odd.

    • Okay Dude says:

      me too. To kill off a major canonical character just to pander to the Olicity fangirls or shock value (or both) is just low, even for Arrow. I don’t know why they even bothered to pretend as though they were doing an adaptation of the Green Arrow. The names are possibly the one things the show shares with the comics, and Felicity has been a major, painfully irritating, Mary Sue since season 3.

    • lloot says:

      Baai dont let the door hit you on your way out

  3. Fosho says:

    Maybe my favorite episode of the season. Tight fights scenes this week, I think the swordfish ting gets better and better. I actually didn’t hate the flashback and it tied nicely to the present day. Great Team Arrow scenes as always. Can’t wait to see what happens next week.

  4. NM says:

    A fan favourite or not, this was a cheap stunt to live up to a “promise” to viewers. I understood killing off Sara to give the Black Canary title to Laurel. However, going back on your words for a cheap shot like this is ridiculous story telling. Whether Sara is now alive or not, killing of Laurel was a stupid mistake. The writers have only decided to kill off this character, because they’ve hit their own writers block with story telling. It’s the only reason they kill off every main character when they can’t work out what to do with them. Roy being the only exception.

    • SUSO says:

      I get that you are angry, but they killed Tommy when the character still had lots of potential. They killed Amanda Waller when she still had plenty of potential. And killing Sara was really only the beginning of that story.

      This season has been so good so far, and Damian such a good villain, that I’m curious to see what happens next.

      • Anne says:

        You could argue that Tommy was killed to give “The Team” something to come together over and as a plot point to drive Malcolm’s story. They clearly wanted to keep Barrowman around so killing Tommy and then having him be Thea’s dad made plot sense for those characters. His purpose was to push Thea & Malcolm.
        But killing Amanda was a waste.

        • Jordan Strummer says:

          Killing Amanda was forced on them though-that seems like WB and DC made them do it because of the Suicide Squad movie

      • cmmorgan32 says:

        They probably had no choice where Waller was concerned. DC probably told them they weren’t allowed to use any characters associated with the Suicide Squad movie anymore. So they killed off Waller and Deadshot and placed Katana and Captain Boomerang in isolated areas where there’s limited chance of the characters being written into stories OR so they can be killed off-screen (especially in Boomerang’s case).

  5. Jason says:

    They had her give a speech abot Feliticy on her death bed. How terrible is this show? Her own death was made about “olicity”

    • Robert197 says:

      Have to admit I was watching that and thought the same and I’m not a fan of the soap opera/triangle side of these shows usually because they ruin the main crux of these stories but that speech was such a neon sign to one side of the fan base ‘look Laurels on her death bed and she has given her blessing so let’s move on’. Ugh.

      Not always a fan of how they wrote Laurel but I think they backed themselves into a corner a long time ago and could never really develop her character so that the BC could connect with a large part of the fan base. This season I thought her character had found her place and had they developed more of her character as an ADA and the conflict that brings with her as BC then it could have potentially given them the platform to create a female Birds of Prey show when Arrow eventually finished. But it was not meant to be. In fairness the death was sad especially captain Lances reaction. Creatively was it the best decision – one of those things that will make me go hmmmm. RIP BC And the best of luck in the future.

      As an aside can we please dial down the romance now and go back to focusing on Oliver and the fact that he has acknowledged the darkness is still there and put him back front and center of the show and stop having him play support to everyone else.

      • Flash says:

        I agree with Robert, Arrow should be front and center yet instead he is always running after people apologizing like he’s the doorstep of everyone. When Is Arrow going to take control of his life instead of trying to get people to like him?

      • jay says:

        They started her character all wrong. I definitely thought it was the worst idea for them to make Oliver sleep with Laurel’s sister. They could never get back together after that, it was too difficult. Especially in the first Season because Ollie kind of wanted her back but then her sister came and he slept with her again. That was such a bad decision.They honestly ruined her character and just when she was starting to become a good/decent character then she got killed.

    • Liz says:

      It was weird. I say this as an Olicity fan too. I in no way wanted Laurel to be talking about Olicity on her deathbed. I’d like to make that very clear.

  6. Ms Kara says:

    What a shame that the Laurel / Black Canary is the one who ended up dead. I hope Katie Cassidy lands a new project soon. I wish her all the best.

  7. Jeff hunter says:

    I actually had real tears myself…..proud of the entire cast tonight!jeff

  8. Lois says:

    Shock value? I don’t watch the show but everybody I’ve seen that does knew this was coming for months.

  9. A. D. says:

    What crap! She better come back as Black Siren as a regular! Yet Felicity and Thea are still around! What crap!

    • Anne says:

      Lol more like blech for keeping Oliver around. How awesome would a show of Thea, Laurel and Digg fighting crime be.

    • cody says:

      they should not only bring her back as regular through black siren but make her a regular on the flash instead of arrow so laurel/KC fans can keep arrow where it should be now and that is in the past

  10. Mike says:

    So did we misread the future scene with Oliver and Felicity in the limo? She seemed pissed at him…yet this wasn’t his fault. He even told Laurel not to go. If anything this falls much more on DIggle…not that I blame him but I can see where he’d blame himself.

    Sad to see Laurel go. Katie’s done a great job of taking a character many didn’t like at first and make us mourn her loss. Not sure what you do with Captain Lance after this(no connection to the group anymore) though it would be nice to see him deliver the final blow on Dhark. He deserves it.

    • Liz says:

      I think Felicity was just upset in the limo. She gets angry when she’s upset.

      • tvjunkie says:

        I’m not sure why she’d be upset. She and Laural were never exactly best buddies. Their relationship was more coworkers than anything else.

    • Nichole says:

      In all fairness, the actors had no idea who was dead or the circumstances surrounding the death, so they had no idea how to play it. Not really fair to anyone involved, but that’s how the writers decided to play it. Honestly, it’s not clear if the writers knew what was going on at that point. This is what happens when you go for “shock value” instead of telling a story.

  11. Dude says:

    I feel so sorry for her. She loved this job. She had such enthusiasm for the show and she was crapped on by the fans and the writers at every turn. Hopefully she gets a show that deserves her.

  12. I'm out says:

    I tried. I really tried to stay level-headed and not blame something I didn’t like from arrow. It’s not even the characters. It’s the fans, and the showrumners who give them attention. Looks like tumblr won and got all it wanted. Olicity fans are calling the shots and writing the show now. I’m officially done with the show. I’ll just go back and re-watch seasons 1 and 2

  13. Joe says:

    Great episode!!! So who goes on a murder rampage first oliver, diggle or lance…

  14. Sam says:

    I’m soo annoyed. This was stupid. I will wait until Laurel comes back to start watching again.

  15. Kyle says:

    & Arrow is deleted off my DVR.

  16. Abs says:

    I don’t think she’ll stay dead. I think she and Oliver were planning something…

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      That’d be a juuuuuuicy question to ask !

    • Jason says:

      This question was already answered. No fake out

    • Joe says:

      Shes gone…the producers said all season the death was permanent…may guest from time to time but curtis is the new series regular in season 5…

      • Queerbec says:

        Well, we can now add Curtis’s boyfriend to the dead meat category. Any takers on how long boy friend lasts next season? Killing off the gays is the new trend. To show equality that LGBT’s are just as expendable as straights! But I hate this trend of arbitrarily killing off characters for shock value. I just can’t wait until Thea kills off her father. John Barrowman’s charracter has become insufferable. Just think–that would give Thea a new mood–sullen. Oh that is her only mood.

    • Alichat says:

      Oh thank god. I thought I was the only one thinking that! Especially since the doctor that operated on her and that Taiana chick from those flashbacks we’ve had to suffer through this season looked so much alike. At first I thought they were the same person. But it would not surprise me if she doesn’t stay dead. If she does, it’s kinda lame. The way it was executed especially. (ie: If you think Andy’s bad, why not take the real stone and replace it with a fake? Why let Andy steal it??) I wasn’t a fan of Laurel when the show started, but she’s come into her own. it’s a waste to get rid of her character. And frankly, I’m rather tired of Merlyn. Tired of him constantly surviving.

      • JenJ says:

        I too, used to be a Laurel hater for the first 2 seasons. She was written so poorly and I truly was sickened with all of the annoying scenes she had, I just wanted her gone. But she certainly has come into her own this past season, I enjoyed seeing her learning how to fight and get out on her own, I was looking forward to seeing her grow even more as a character. But I guess it was not to be. I don’t know what is ahead for the rest of Team Arrow, it seems they are now greatly depleted and I just am not sure where the writers are going with this. I do believe, however, that there was something significant that was said between Ollie & Laurel during that hospital scene just before she suddenly had a turn for the worse. I’m wondering exactly what is really happening…

      • herman1959 says:

        Diggle hid the stone and he was the only one who knew where. Therefore, Oliver couldn’t replace it with a fake.

        • Alichat says:

          Didn’t he say something about it being a paperweight at his house? And as controlling as Oliver can be, I doubt he didn’t know where it was. He overheard Diggle tell his brother. Still, if there was a chance the mask could be rebuilt….restarted…re-whatevered……why keep all the pieces in one place? Did they learn nothing from the Judge on Buffy The Vampire Slayer??? LOL

    • Andy says:

      Agree. She and Oliver faked her death somehow. She took something to start seizing and she made him promise not to tell anyone.

    • char says:

      I don’t think she would give him that speech if she was coming back – it would be weird afterwords.

  17. Roger says:

    They’re going to Earth-2 fix it. Arrow is the only show that hasn’t referenced Earth-2 yet. Wells was replaced and now the same will be done for Dinah Lance.

  18. Guillermo Jimenez says:

    This was the worst decision made by the writers of Arrow!!! How can they kill off such an iconic character like the Black Canary? Diggle would have been a better choice to be killed. His character isn’t an iconic DC character like The Canary is. Im so mad im never watching Arrow again!

  19. melaikah says:

    Aww….its true….and i look forward to what will happen to sara….

  20. Linda says:

    I think it’s a fake out – she’s not really dead. I think she asked Oliver to do something to make it seem like she’s dead. ???

  21. stacy030 says:

    Doing something for nothing but “shock value is pretty crappy story telling.

    And now, can’t wait to see the BS reason Sara isn’t able to save her. Because of some ass role be “you need to save my wife and kid but you can’t your sister” I’m pretty sure I would kill him and just take over the darn time machine.

  22. Flash says:

    Damn, they ruined it. I wish it was Diggle that took the arrow. He was such a jerk not listening to Arrow who by the way he should have trusted.

  23. jrex says:

    Not my favorite iteration of the Black Canary as written, but overall the character arc from Season 1 to now was pretty good. I was surprised they killed her off, yet frankly the show has become too cluttered with vigilantes and there are too few other supporting players we’d care about losing. This seems like a choice they can’t back away from, but I still wonder about what Laurel made Oliver promise when the camera pulled away that we couldn’t hear before she died.

  24. Lsuren says:

    Ruby all over again.

  25. Roger says:

    Katie is still signed on for season 5 correct?

  26. 134sc says:

    Great episode. I get why they killed off Laurel, they wrote themselves into a corner. I mean look at tonight’s episode, Laurel had relevance and importance too the story. She had more to do and say then she has for the last 3 seasons. That’s probably because this story was all they had left to tell. Laurel was great this episode because she was used well. Unfortunately it’s the first time I’ve said that since season 1. Like I said, they just didn’t know what else to do with her.

    Now that being said, one of the reasons that happened was definitely the Olicity. It clearly changed their original season 1 plans. Not to mention, Amell and Cassidy had zero romantic chemistry. TPTB decided for better or for worse that Felicity was now the main female character and love interest. I’m not a shipper and that decision never really bothered me. Form a story perspective they have made it make sense, but recently it has been painful boarding on boring to watch. Just look how awesome Oliver was in this episode. It’s not a coincidence that Felicity was no where to be found. So hopefully going forward Felicity and Olicity are written better.

    • Pamela says:

      If Laurel stays dead I really think you hit the nail on the head.

    • Katelyn Meredith says:

      Laurel was the female lead not Felicity and Katie and Stephen had great chemistry back when they were romantic but the black Canary would always b the main female lead in the show no matter what even if she wasn’t killed off or Felicity was the love interest now

  27. BG says:

    She is not dead. She had to fake her death since everyone would know she was the black canary. Oliver gave her something to simulate death. That’s what she asked him to do.

  28. Gail says:

    My gosh that was an awful episode. Everything was telegraphed. You knew Andy was lying and you knew Laurel was going to be the one who died. The only thing that would justify this travesty is if this all turns out to be a fake out planned by Oliver.

  29. Geoff says:

    Well, that’s it. Arrow is off my list off shows for next year.

  30. grass says:

    I miss season 1…

  31. Jay says:

    Her character literally ceased to have any impact whatsoever since season 2, so I don’t get why people are so angry about her being given some impactful storyline (albeit in death), or why the producers lieing by saying her death impacts as many ppl as possible.

    Damien and Merlyn have already done enough to warrant anyone wanting them death, she had already made no dent in the superhero department, so her death literally changes nothing.

    I kind of hope this was Katie saying enough and wanting out, but seeing as how she put up with this show for so long, I doubt it.

    • Phoenix5634 says:

      Not Malcolm. I think his actions are justified this season. He was helping team arrow this season, and no one would trust him and all painted him as bad, becuz of his past actions to take control of the League. Which he did for the greater good, yes it’s a shadowy organization and he can’t be a nice guy upfront, but he wanted to maintain a balance. But everyone betrayed him, even when he was trying to take down Nyssa, who by the way was willing to let Thea die to play out her little daddy issues, and Thea’s Malcolm’s daughter, so of course he’s going to try an take down Nyssa at that point, plus he’s leader of the League of Assassins so he had to make a strong move, becuz that’s what he’s expected to do by the League.

      • Josh says:

        Malcolm is a piece of crap who deserved to be not trusted. Do idiots remember what that piece of Crap did the first season and how he’s perfectly fine with his daughters brother and friends dying?

        • JenJ says:

          Exactly. While I had hoped that Malcolm had reformed, but no one should be surprised at what a despicable character he is since he not only was responsible for his own son’s death, but also doesn’t give a crap about what happens to his daughter through all of his treacherous activity with Darkh. He’s not so naive as to believe that Darkh would actually keep his word about anything, and surely knew his daughter wouldn’t be spared. Malcolm has shown what he is all about, and he certainly isn’t concerned about anyone else getting hurt through any of his actions.

    • Phoenix5635 says:

      And Darhk is too interesting to kill off quickly.

  32. Rob TO says:

    I’m probably wrong and in the very small minority on this, but I’m not so sure that she’s dead.

    Laurel was about to say something to Oliver and then the camera cut away to outside the room and you couldn’t hear what she was saying. Then all of a sudden she’s flatlining and Oliver says that he doesn’t know why.

    Those are seeds that could suggest that something more is going on. It could be that we’re going to see what she said to Ollie during the next episode during the funeral to establish more emotion, but if we don’t then I think she’s alive and had Oliver help fake her death.

  33. Lena says:

    i’m so sad. and i’m so sad for katie. she was truly so excited to play the black canary, and always so respectful of both the character on the show and the comic verse. she gave her all, and even though she was so underused this year, she never complained, never took to twitter or tried to get her fans riled up about it. she’s been a real pro, never once implied she was unhappy, she was just always so supportive of the show. it’s a true loss and season five will be the weaker for it, regardless of how people feel about laurel/katie, we’ve still lost a member of the team, a friend and in thea’s case, the closest thing she ever had to a sister (though i doubt we’ll be lucky enough to see much of her reaction, i’m sure oliver and quentin will get to do most of the brooding next week). i don’t agree with anyone condoning fans for deciding to stop watching, i’ll be one of them, laurel is the last in a long line of women on arrow i will watch die to further oliver’s man pain, or “in the name of creativity.” thank you to katie, for remaining graceful and effusive with praise for writers that gave her nothing, and even managed to swing in a final blow by having laurel’s last words be about oliver, and oliver & felicity, rather than her father or her sister, that was the most unkind act of all, writers.

  34. MysterLynch says:

    I just don’t get how worked up some people are getting over this. We knew one of the main cast was going to die. I was not one of those that hated Laurel, I actually enjoyed her character, but I am not freaking out over it. I guess I would have prefered Felicity, if only because I am tired of the hot/cold relationship between her and Oliver. That said, the only one that would have bothered me would have been Diggle.

    I was just on twitter and could not help but wonder how these people would handle watching Walking Dead or Game Of Thrones.

  35. Shell says:

    I’m officially done with the show too! The scenes between Katie and Stephen were the best yet this season only to kill her off?! What a missed opportunity! If the show was like this episode all along and continued in the direction of a Oliver/Black Canary romance and partnership, this show would’ve been outstanding. Instead, the writers want shock value? Are you kidding? Shock value is not good writing! Katie is a class act. So professional. She has never bad mouthed anyone in spite of the fact that the writers deliberately sabotaged her character. They gave the black canary role to Sara first when it was meant for her (she is Dinah Laurel Lance), they gave her storylines to Felicity dismissing her as a sidekick character, and they little by little minimized her epic canon romance with Oliver to take a backseat to a shipper fueled forced relationship with Felicity. This role meant so much to her. My heart breaks for her. She even worked so hard to fight train physically to be the best black canary. I will always consider Katie Cassidy as the true Black Canary. Join me in boycotting Arrow starting tonight. Not just for the way Katie was treated, but also for the disservice they have done to a comic book legend.

    • Josh says:

      What epic romance? Cause yes a guy cheating on her with many women including her sister is so un epic! Laurel sounded pathetic saying he was the love of her life. Fans of Laurel should’ve wanted better for her. I thought she deserved to go out better than she did though. I love Oliver and Felicity and even thought she shouldn’t have said anything about wanting Olicity to reunite

      • JenJ says:

        I don’t know why anyone would want Ollie and Laurel together because it’s been obvious from the beginning that there is no chemistry between the Steven & Katie. I think the original intention was to have them get together, but when it became even more obvious that even Caity Lotz as Sara had more chemistry with Ollie, I think it said a lot about trying to force any relationship between Ollie & Laurel. The producers must have been surprised at how well Felicity and Ollie worked together, and despite what some of the Olicity haters have to say, there is definitely lots of chemistry with that couple that never could have occurred with Laurel. I’ve liked Laurel so much during this past season, I was hoping they were going to continue to develop the character into more of her own relationships, but right now, that doesn’t seem to have been what they have in mind. But I do suspect that there is more to it than what it looks like, since I’m not entirely sure she is really dead, especially having that happen just after Laurel spoke something privately with Ollie. Something is up, that’s for sure.

  36. Liz says:

    I think the right person died. I’ve felt for a very long time that Laurel didn’t really have a place on the show, at least not one that would satisfy Black Canary fans who wanted her front and centre of everything. And I do think this will open up the dynamics/relationships on the show.

    But what a weak exit. That was just not even a good death where she went out fighting. It was so weird. I don’t even understand what they were doing. I thought she’d be kicking ass or something.

  37. A says:

    I feel bad for her – this character really couldn’t catch a break in life. I wouldn’t say she was my favourite but it’s a shame to see her go; I much would’ve preferred Thea or Lance leaving…

    And surely you have to have a black canary in an arrow series but apparently not…

  38. QueenB says:

    I’m saddened by her death but it she had a good run and I’m sure we’ll see her again

  39. Dj says:

    I feel bad for KC poor writing then having CL being such a great Canary really killed her character.

  40. A. says:

    The episode was meh but it served it’s purpose, which was to kill an irrelavant character. Being free is an amazing feeling.. But her death was just like her life.. forgettable. Also, how pathetic do you have to be to say the love of your life is the person who cheated on you with loads of women, got one pregnant and left with your sister?! Poor Tommy Merlyn for dying for someone so self-centered and that never loved him! Anyhow, much love to the writers for finally doing it and killing her for good!

  41. Harkker says:

    Black canary is a fricking justice league member… This isn’t walking dead… It was stupid and I think I am done… DC has a hard enough time respecting women as it is… Get rid of another strong woman and enjoy the sausage party

  42. Liz says:

    I understand killing Laurel, I had hoped it wasn’t the case though. Definitely made me cry.

    I’m more confused about the description on my dvr for this episode….
    “Oliver and Single learn that Merlin plans to break Darhk out of prison. Meanwhile, Laurel gets a surprising offer; and Felicity has a heart-to-heart talk with Curtis.”

    Was it cut for time? Felicity was at the hospital, but Curtis wasn’t in the episode. Are we going to see this convo later? Is she convincing him to work for Team Arrow? This is going to bug me.

    • JenJ says:

      Liz, I thought the same thing about the episode’s description, where was the Felicity and Curtis heart-to-heart talk scene? Did someone give the wrong description to whoever writes up the show details for tv? I was totally puzzled waiting for whatever that was about.Seems like either someone screwed up, or they dropped the scene for something else.

  43. King says:

    And Malcolm is still around???? :rolleyes:

  44. Morgan says:

    Tonight’s episode was a perfect example of how lazy and melodramatic Arrow’s writers have become. For 40 minutes, I waited for the plot twist, the moment when the writers show you they are actually trying to do a good job… Alas, no. It was obvious Laurel will die from 3 min in… And that’s all. The characters made stupid decisions. The idol came back into play out of thin air. Laurel died. Talking about Oliver and Felicity on her dead bed. I mean… I love Felicity, but this was ridiculous. They made Laurel’s last words be about Olicity. Geez.

  45. DG says:

    Right now the significance of her death fails me. Just hoping this story
    line ends this season and they’ll quit with the flashbacks which I find jarring now.

  46. James D says:

    I’m done. here’s a thought writers of this show have some GD integrity and respect for your craft instead of capitulating to a certain part of the fandom that bitches and moans until they get what they want. I guess it’s not enough to portray a character and story that has been around for over 70 years, nope it’s got have that CW brand. Scums. I’m flipping pissed what a waste of four years. Goodbye.

  47. Donald Galloway says:

    I just realized tonight how much this show has disrespected laurel. I think only comic fans will get it.
    Season: Whinny brat that cried all the time.
    Season 2: Alcoholic drug user who couldn’t get it together
    Season 3: Takes on Sara’s mantle but is inferior to everyone else and is constantly compared to her more awesome sister.
    Season 4: Finally shines, she can hold her own and still dies by arrow to the gut the same way Sara did while telling Oliver she always loved him.

    The Black Canary is supposed to be the one of the baddest chicks in DC. I know its not all about the comic books and a lot of people watch it and dont care about the source material but dang. The fact that the didn’t know who was going to die tells us that they just wanted us to keep watching every week and no matter who bad it got loyal people would watch because we wanna know who died. I feel cheated.

    • char says:

      Thank you. I’m 48 yrs old and started reading the comic magazines when I was in middle school – DC and Marvel. I was very excited when Arrow came out – GA/BC were one of my favorites. In middle school you don’t notice romance, you just see a great team. So yes very disappointment. If the writers did’t now what to do with BC then maybe they should have read the comics – BC on several occasions left GA. She help with starting up the BOP – anything would have been better than killing her off. I’m sure the writers plan is for Felicity to take up her BC.

    • herman1959 says:

      Ditto, I felt the same and I’ve never read the comics.

  48. Dave says:

    She was great! I’m really going to miss her!!!

  49. Ram510 says:

    She should died back in season 2. Once they said she was gonna have a role on The Flash earth 2 I figured she was the one that was going to die. It’d be nice to see Sara back on Arrow tho

  50. Celina says:

    So now arrow is about the green arrow and a bunch of non existent characters. They killed of everyone that exists in the comics. Great.

    • anikait says:

      its not just reference to laurel’s death .
      they keep killing like its some GTA going on .
      and killing a black canary ?? are u kidding me ??
      a main superhero u killed , that too by some shithole whose powers are like a 9 yr old fantasy boy.
      not to mention his comic alias is also nearly = 0 .
      i see why people like this show …..