The Walking Dead Glenn or Daryl

The Walking Dead Poll: Who Do You Think Negan Whacked?

Eeny, meeny, miny, d’oh!

Now that The Walking Dead’s creator, Robert Kirkman, has confirmed that the character that Negan “struck out” in the final seconds of the Season 6 finale is “very beloved to everyone,” we can probably rule out Abraham, Sasha, Rosita, Eugene and Aaron as the villain’s target. (They may be well-liked, sure. But beloved? Eh. Let’s not get crazy.)

Since the Saviors’ leader said that, if anybody acted up during the assault, his minions were to cut out Carl’s remaining eye and feed it to Rick, the father/son duo would appear to be safe, too. Or at least as safe as one can be when being threatened with such grotesquerie.

That just leaves Glenn (who is Negan’s victim in Kirkman’s comic-book series), his pregnant wife Maggie (whose weakened condition didn’t go unnoticed by the murderer), Daryl and Michonne.

So, who you think Negan whacked? Vote in the poll below, then make a case for your choice in the comments section.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Gary says:

    Aaron, like so many cliffhangers before it this one will also disappoint in 6 months.

    • Geo says:

      If it’s Aaron, Gimnple and company should rightly catch holy hell. That would be twice in three episodes where the Walking Dead would’ve replaced the death of a straight character (in the comics) with a gay character.

      Considering that there’s currently an increasingly large controversy over the #buryyourgays issue (4 LGBT characters have been killed off of three shows in the last two weeks or so, and reportedly there are two more LGBT characters being killed off this next week on another show, which with the deaths on other shows a few weeks ago would make around ten LGBT characters killed in 90 days), if Gimple throws on top of this the image of a gay man being brutally murdered with a baseball bat, every bit of outrage and criticism he gets would be well deserved. Now is definitely NOT the time.

      • Geo says:

        Sorry, typo: “Gimple”

      • Chuck says:

        That’s one of the reasons I felt that they copped out on the ending. Seeing the backlash from Denise’s death and the one on The 100, they did a quick edit to rethink who was going to die. On the other hand, they’ve hyped a “beloved character” would die and I don’t think Aaron has earned that title.

        • I thought Aaron as well, didn’t even realize he’s a gay character. Though I agree he’s not a beloved character yet. So if it’s beloved I’m gonna say Michonne.

          • reana marsh says:

            I can’t cast my vote on these choices because I truly believe it’s Abraham. He made peace with Eugene, found his place in life with Sasha to start a future with her, and he say up proudly as to challenge Began when he was sizing up his victims. So I think your predictions wrong.

        • Walking dead says:

          Message from one of the walking dead producers

          People who watch our shows this is a clear fair ending of our season 6 finale you may be shocked!!
          Yes that’s right shocked!!
          There’s another hint from us

          Thx for all the people who watch our shows

          Walking dead show team

          • Thanks for making the show, however, will you please take the characters off their stupid pills for the next season? You took a strong group of intelligent people and turned them all into self-centered morons. And please don’t make a hero out of a mass murderer. Show him for what he is….someone who needs to die ASAP.

        • Luli says:

          Lexa’s backlash was nothing compared to the other characters, but I agree. The 100 started something big.

        • suzynyc says:

          But they are going to up Jesus’s role and in the comics he was definitely gay.

      • Glenn Crites says:


        • jim-drummer says:

          “The gays” have already lived through a whole world sh*t, you privileged safe straight guys would be the first to go! lol

          • Mrk says:

            Stfu!!!! They gay get what they deserve. It’s a chosen lifestyle!!!! I can’t wait for Aron to die!! I hate that they use a show like this to push an agenda!! The gays added NOTHING to the show and it would have been just as popular without them!! I really hope Lucille met Aron. Just to piss morons like you off!!

          • Squirrelly says:

            Wait, I’m bi…So in a zombie apocalypse, would I only be mangled? Lose two limbs, max? :P

          • Rob says:

            to Mrk Being Gay is definitely NOT A CHOICE!!!!! Put it this way, could you just up and say today I’m going to be GAY. Think before you make crazy statements.

          • Ted says:

            That’s just silly.

            Nearly every other person killed has been a straight person(most often a straight male).

            People need to stop making non-issues out to be huge ordeals. It’s a TV show. Watch it, enjoy it, or don’t, nut don’t turn this into done conspiracy against gays.

          • Patty says:

            I could care less that Aaron is gay. He has more balls than Morgan and that screwed up priest any day……Kill the catholic guy, he is an ahole anyway!!!!

          • gene says:

            The gays would definitely be eaten first. Because they would try to accessorize all the zombies that are chasing them. Like really ,those shoes do not go with that blood stained shirt and pants and your intestines are hanging out.

        • Steve Haupt says:

          And with that remarkably ignorant statement now said, if the apocalypse does happen, I’m sure your be the first to go. With all the death that a Zombie Apocalypse will deliver who’s gonna miss an ignorant bigot

          • jake says:

            Nice try! Just shut up the conversation by name calling. Typical leftist Nazi approach. People better wake up and quit being PC. If the show was keeping in line with current trends then only 3% of the characters would be gay. That means at this point there shouldn’t be any left alive. Get over it you leftist nut jobs.

        • Ashofrd says:

          Why would gay people be first to go? that’s a very stupid statement. It’s more likely the majority of straight men would go as most would end up killing eaahother because they are just morons!

          It is not a ‘chosen lifestyle’ actually. Did you choose to be straight? because if you did you are openly admitting that you are sexually attracted to the same sex but your not choosing it. Now, choosing to believe in a silly book of fairy tales (one of the most boring books imaginable) and basing your whole life around that book is a lifestyle choice. Choosing to worship a fictional character who is mentions as the hero of the piece but is actually the most evil of the piece is a lifestyle choice.
          Join is in the future, where people know a hell of a lot more than we used to so that we no longer have to play make believe!

          • Ally Cat says:

            Amazing comment!!!!!! My father is gay and it has helped me to become a kinder, more understanding human being! Comets like the ones this man of ignorance is giving, Are why the world has gone to hell! It’s also the reason so many of my students feel out of place in this world. Afraid to be who they really are! WHAT A SHAME! I hope that man can open his eyes and see the truth before it’s too late! And, I hope all the gay men out there take note, so when the zombie apocalypse does happen, they can all go straight for that straight guy!!!!!

          • Buggs says:

            There is a religion based on Guy Richies Revolver?

        • Cameron says:

          I know who is voting for Drumpf. Ancient bigotry is losing its style asshole, you are a dying breed, like a frightened hostile cornered little animal. If a gay man frightens you, I can’t imagine how you feel in our contemporary times of social inclusion, and assimilation of all people.

        • cognitivefungus says:

          Nope You would be the first to go without your spell check. STRAIGHT NOT STRAIT. Dumbass

        • cognitivefungus says:

          Nope Glenn. You would be the first to go. Gay People know how to spell STRAIGHT.

        • harry robinson says:

          Very well said!

      • Rick says:

        That’s you think for one minute he thought…hey this character is gay I think I’ll kill him off because of that.

        • Sandy says:

          Agreed, people put too much of their own agenda into what happens in a fictional TV show. Stuff happens to people, doesn’t matter if they are gay, or black or whatever. The producers are not killing off gay characters because they are gay.

          • you are so right, gay has nothing to do with it! grow up people.

          • JJ dead says:

            at least no one’s arguing over killing the Dead walkers I guess the only one that can complain would be the real Jesus what happened to the other Jesus LOL if you listen to his words I think they skipped people if you ever played the game every word goes with a person

      • ztigr says:

        So they are credited with their numerous Gay characters, but now criticized because they die during a zombie apocalypse??? Do the math, let’s compare straight character deaths to homosexual character deaths…

      • marty says:

        And just what is the significance of your comment? Are you actually COMPLAINING about the ratio of gay vs. straight deaths of make believe characters in tv shows?? REALLY?? FAR more important issues facing the World now to even know or care about such pettiness……

      • cougargrad2000 says:

        soooo you’re saying gay people can’t be killed off just because they’re gay? it is the apocalypse after all and the zombies don’t really care…

      • only a gay or lesbian would be counting the tv show deaths of gays. Negan wacked someone on the left end of the group, Aaron was on the other end and by his (Negan,s)comment, I believe the victem was male which leaves Michone out. Smart money says Glenn or Daryl, I think Daryl.

        • We're All Negan says:

          Actually, “taking it like a man” might be something one might say to a female who didn’t drop when first hit by a male. ( or a bat)

          • jerry says:

            He says champ not man. That implies to me, a male. We’ll see. Just wanted to correct. Makes a difference

          • Pinkpanny says:

            He didn’t say tawle it like a man he said take it like a champ.

          • Tom says:

            The only 2 who would not of dropped after the first wack would be Abraham and Eugene because of they’re thick bulbous heads, I’m leaning towards Eugene because of how he acted earlier with Rick and the fact that I don’t think Abraham would just sit there and let himself get wacked like that, it’s just not in his DNA.

          • T.M. says:

            I hope its Daryl. I know his “fans will riot” but i think it would mean more if he died.

          • chery beckstead says:

            He didn’t say take it like a man. He said take it like a champ.

        • Pinkpanny says:

          What makes you think it was some one to the left? It was either Glenn or Abraham IMO. The reason being there has to be some passion from a loved one when it happens.

      • Jake says:

        Jesus in walking dead is gay and he survives….also Aaron is a major player in the comics so shockingly it may not be Aaron but may be our Andrea jr. Sasha. They have not played by the rules at all. Abraham still alive, should have died with an arrow in his eye instead of the doctor. Maybe they will start following story line and Lucille will finally kill Glenn.

      • dannybh2014 says:

        That’s hilarious!!! A gay bashing creator/producer in a zombie show will cause an uproar!?!?!??!

        You’re looking for something to whine about and connecting dots where there are none. But to put your mind at ease, it’s not Aaron, he isn’t a big enough character yet.

        Ridiculous, but true is the fact that unless he killed a white, straight man there will be people claiming some type of “ism” exists on the show, the last part being the most important word….. SHOW!!!

      • Aaron Inthe Closest says:

        Kill the gay people, duh in the comics there are no gay people so kill them off. Can’t repopulate with Adam and Steve. Gay rights need to stop copying modern day African American people who blame there misfortune on acts of history or make believe!!! Die Aaron!

      • Carol says:

        Oh my hell, who cares if the character who is gay dies? To suggest that Gimple is somehow homophobic if Aaron dies is stupid! It’s like blacks always playing the race card! Getting old folks!

      • justin says:

        hope it is. keep the good characters from dying and gays die too lol

      • Tom says:

        Honestly I had no idea there was a gay character. The fact that you were picked on doesn’t give you the right to be a bully. Everything isn’t about you. talk about prejudice. i’m not going to apologize to you because gay people deserve special treatment as actors, They don’t. One rule for everyone or else your just another bum. Everyone deserves love, not just gay people. You are offensive to even bring it up. You must not be smart enough to argue plot. Waaaaaaaaaaa!

      • Mark Burks says:

        I think you’re overthinking this way too much. And anyway, someone like Negan would likely be more inclined to off a gay just because they are. I’m surprised any gays are left this far in the zombie apocalypse. I’m sure they’re a “sweet” treat for walkers.

      • Dave says:

        What irritates me about a lot of folks in the minority is they seem to constantly assess/analyze everything with tunnel vision. Is that really how you watch the show? Checking off what sexual preference a character was as they’re getting chopped up or eaten by zombies? How shallow can you be? These characters have people on the show that care about them, and lived through hell, and the fact that all you’re thinking about is how many LGBT people are left or not left is senseless. Negan is picking at random, first of all, so he has no idea what their sexual preferences are in the first place. Also, the whole six seasons I’ve viewed, not once have I thought about what orientation someone was as they were dying and trying to figure out if the show was being ‘fair’. I’m actually all for equal rights, freedom of religion, etc (I’m libertarian). I just find it an absurd and shortsighted way to view the show, since the main purpose of killing characters is because their arc is complete and they want to move the story along and have triggers & back history for other characters in the future. If they deliberated who to kill off while looking at a grid containing the pros and cons of killing of a main character, sexual orientation shouldn’t even be in it. Period.

        • I agree. Being a human who respects everyone else’s lives and choices, I would have to say I too dislike the constant dissection of topics (sexual orientation, religious affiliations, race) which are really irrelevant to the show. Denise had to die not because she was Tara’s love interest…She had to die so that they would be forced to go on the doctor run with Maggie, and as we know now, for Negan to ambush them. Everyone who dies is more planned in terms of story line than sexual preference. I would hate to think the writers are sitting at a table arguing which gay character to kill next as opposed to brain storming which character’s death would open the door for stronger story lines. People just need to get over themselves. This board was about who Negan killed and here we are hundreds of comments later discussing the characters’ sexual orientation. I long for teh day when we cna go back to just being people who stick to the topic at hand while avoiding using every single opportunity as an advocacy infomercial. Ugh !

      • Wayne Amore says:

        I’m pretty sure Gimple could care less about the LGBT communities outrage over a television episode. You have got to be kidding me…..he didn’t kill anyone off because of their sexual preference. You may view the world through sex/race, but normal everyday human beings interacting with each other do not. Foolish thought process.

      • Gbrlhppr says:

        Now is definitely NOT the time to beat a plot to death with a baseball bat wrapped in politically correct moralizing. If you bring that irrelevant nonsense into it, we’ll end up with a show where it’s only acceptable to kill off straight white males between the ages of 25 (can’t kill em too young) and 60 (can’t discriminate against seniors). Let’s eliminate Abraham (gingers have taken enough crap) and Eugene (nerds have been picked on since they were kids). Daryl was a victim of child abuse, so he’s off the chopping block.

      • Oh, please– you outrage-mongering crybullies really are too much. Now you feel the need to dictate to producers of popular entertainment, as well?

    • Chuck says:

      Aaron is hardly the “beloved character” they’ve been promising.

    • Jk says:

      It s Abraham, that s why they save him from the previous episode for this one. If they don’t want to change too much of the comic storyline. Rosita won’t switch her attention/interest to Eugene if Abraham still alive there. Also, I don’t think the TV Verson would like to make another similar situation (Glenn/Maggie) to these newly couple that might bore audiences.

      • Ted says:

        I definitely think it’s Michonne.

        It’ll devastate Rick and Carl both(which will open up the Negan/Carl story arc where he goes to attack him), it frees Daryl for his rivalry with Dwight, it lets Glenn and Maggie move to the Hilltop.

        95% certain it’s Michonne.

        After every commercial they showed a first person view from inside the box truck the survivors were being held in. Each time we see a little more(it was soneone in the back, close to the passenger side) then once they’re taken out and added to the lineup, when the doors first open we can see it was Michonne in the back, she’s seated close to Daryl and Glenn and then when began makes his selection, we go back to first person view.

        • JMoney says:

          I am going to agree and think it is Michonne. They have done nothing with her character in a while but hook her up with Rick. Plus, I agree with the POV observations in that it was someone in the dark. In terms of a woman screaming, that means nothing becasue the yall care about each other and will be upset no matter who it is. Michonne had her time ont he show when alot was about her and lately, just nothing but Rick, which is just weird. Talk about no chemistry! Hell the high pitch voice screaming could be Carl if it is Michonne. I am going on record as it being Michonne as my guess.

        • Chuck C says:

          I like the Michonne angle for another reason. In the comics, it’s Michonne who moves out to the Kingdom, and Michonne who gets close to Morgan. For the TV series those arcs seem to be going towards Carol. Also, Michonne needs to be removed to allow the unfiltered interaction expected to come up between Carl and Rick. Her character is too strong to sit back and let it happen.

        • Freedom says:

          I believe the same thing myself for the same reasons. To even add to that, when Negan is counting off, you never once see the bat in Michonne’s face, but you do see two POV’s of the bat during the count. Once, they even show the POV of the bat and then the next shot is Michonne. They also don’t show Michonne when Negan is about to choose and they do the quick flash of everyone.

          • Kefem says:

            I think it’s Glenn. The POV throughout the show fits for him. When Negan is picking who to kill everyone looks up at him, straight on except Glenn, he is viewed from the side. Also, after the person is hit the POV goes from Nefans feet up to his face. If you look at where everyone is kneeling, you would have to see the camper in that shot except if it is Flenn or maybe Eugene. Eugene however is at the far end to Negans right which would exclude him. (And Eugene wasn’t in the truck with Glenn, Michonne, Darryl and Rosita so it couldn’t be him anyways).

          • Gary from Idaho says:

            I’ll say it one last time and out everyone at ease and calm your anxieties!
            Based on Negans shadow crossiing Rick’s face he is moving to Rick’s immediate right, there are 4 people to Rick’s right, he then chooses his victim which is Aaron without a doubt 100% guaranteed! As he does that he he then makes his statement about corals eye and Rick, you see his right arm nudge in corals direction that is also to Aaron and Rick’s right.
            Glenn and everyone else are safe, besides the show needs the strongest left alive to defeat negan and the saviours later.
            Besides they all would have fought to the death if it were anyone else but Aaron they are all to close and have been through to much to have not.
            They haven’t went 100% by the comic book to date and they won’t start now, book it!

    • Gary from Idaho says:

      It’s too oblivious that it’s Aaron, Sasha or Eugene, negans shadow goes to his right after looking at Rick last and only 4 people are to his right Rick’s left and we know coral isn’t it. He also nudges his right side (arm holding Bat)when saying he will cut corals other eye out before striking!
      I believe it’s either Aaron or Sasha in leaning towards Aaron.

      • jadensgranny says:

        I think you are right. I’m thinking Eugene because they sure did give him a nice
        send off with the saddest music. Reminded me of the music in LOST when someone
        died. It played as Rick and Abraham were telling him goodbye. I don’t understand why they keep saying the fans will be SO SHOCKED! The only one that would shock me like that would be Rick. Just saying… And I don’t see them killing a kid either. (Unless his parents want him out)

    • Damien says:

      I also think it’s Aaron, my gf and I, went back and drew out a diagram. We are convinced Negan stopped walking just past Rick. And basicly pointing right at Carl who was directly to his right… Leaving only a few choices.

  2. Ash says:

    Beloved or not, I think it was Abraham.

    • Gerald says:

      I agree Abraham. Not Beloved by me, but his talk with Sasha about wanting to make it like Glen and Maggie was the writing on the wall for me.

    • Derek says:

      Same here..

    • Josh harris says:

      If you look at the lighting you will find out it was glenn. When he’s inn front of Abraham the lighting is on his left. Glenn is all the way in the corner on the right next to rosita. When he selects the lighting is behind him which means he’s facing the right in front of glenn. RIP Glenn.

      • liz85blog says:

        it wasnt filmed on site it was filmed in a different area where not even the cast know who was killed. any shadows shapes etc are purely coincidental

        • Nick says:

          Ha!! You think they film a few weeks ahead of showing the programme. Of course the main cast knows who died. Because someone didn’t get their contracts renewed, and were told not to show up for the filming of season 7 episode 2. they’ve probably finished filming the first half of season 7 already.. (A lot of editing is needed per episode)..
          Think about how long glenn had to keep his ‘death’ silent for. They know who dies, they knew when Filming, but it’s not worth their jobs if they blab. They would be fired and off the show quicker than anything if anyone blabbed.

          • Troy says:

            They’re not going to start filming until this summer, the actor that plays Negan has already confirmed they haven’t filmed any of Season 7 yet because he’s still filming The Good Wife.

          • cougargrad2000 says:

            and Robert Kirkman and Scott Gimple both said on the Talking Dead that no one know yet. In order to keep it a surprise they’ll all have to show up for filming until the day the show airs just to keep people guessing. they’ve done it before.

        • The Final Death blow scene was filmed without the cast in front of them, so no one knew who it was going to be, so you can’t use camera or lighting to determine it. But here it is, I can tell you who I feel it was:


          Reason 1. In the Comic the evil Negan refused to hurt women and children, in this scene he almost hits Maggie before Glen jumps out of line. Also I feel that Maggie has lost the baby, when you see her stomach cut, then later see how she is bruised and the stomach pains all shows that she has lost it. If Maggie loses Glen she would prob just give up, she’s lost so much.

          Reason 2. Complete left turn from the comic, that they have done several times now, Kirkman is doing things differently in the show then the comic, he doesn’t want comic readers to be able to know whats going to happen.

          Reason 3. IF.. Maggie is killed Glen’s story arc can take over where Maggie’s did in the comic. Glen would hate Rick for letting her even be captured and letting her leave Alexandria.

          Reason 4. How do you become the most evil villain in the series, compared to a man who cut off the head of one man in front of his daughter. Kill a Man’s pregnant wife in front of him.

          Reason 5. Wouldn’t you want the strongest people working for you to get supplies and become saviors.. why kill people like Daryl, or Abraham, even Glen shows fight. Maggie and Eugene are prob the weakest of the group. Maggie looks like she is about to die, and also Negan is surprised that one hit doesn’t kill the person so he suggests they are weak to begin with.

          Reason 5. Lauren’s filming the new Tupac movie this summer, since season 7 starts filming in May that could be tough.

          • This is very very well-argumented. You convinced me ! Now let’s just … wait

          • Kevin Warnock says:

            This is convincing but I just can’t see Negan killing Maggie. Glenn would never sit there and let it happen regardless of the threat that Negan made about Carl’s eye. Plus Maggie was so weak, I can’t see her “taking it like a champ” when she was already barely able to hold herself up

        • jadensgranny says:

          That makes sense. I figured as much.

      • Jeanette B says:

        Nope. Negan nods & talks to people on either side of who chooses. There’s no one on Glenn’s right side.

      • LoTan says:

        You were actually wrong, mr. lighting analyzer. The first to die was Abraham and Glenn was killed because of Daryl’s outburst. So yeah, Glenn died. Just not like you were implying due to your sherlock holmes investigation.

    • Jeff says:

      Not Abraham. He is the only one besides Eugene who knows the location of the bullet factory, which he told Rick when he gave him the bullet making instructions.

    • Jan says:

      I remember he once referred to Lori as beloved too(gag). So unless he just follows the comic book, I too think it’s Abraham. I would think Negan would want to kill off someone he might not be able to control. Daryl has been shot, Glenn is a wreck and can be controlled through Maggie and Rick can be controlled though Carl.

      • Dana says:

        I agree. I’ve had a feeling all season it would Abraham. Plus he’s someone they’ve been focusing on a bit during the season. Plus, if you notice, it’s someone who is sitting up tall who gets hit, and Abraham definitely was.

      • Lyn says:

        This is this first opinion I’ve read that echoes exactly how I feel. I don’t think Negan would want someone around who still has hope. He wants his “slaves” broken. Abraham was the only one not kneeling in fear, even Negan points this out at one point. And true, Rick and Glenn can be controlled through Carl and Maggie.

      • Yessss, thank you for saying this! Ever since I read the beloved comment, I’ve been thinking that Kirkman was a little clueless about who was beloved to fans. I wasn’t sure why, just didn’t put much stock in it. Reading your comment made me remember and you’re absolutely right. The fact that anyone behind the scenes thought Lori was beloved when she died tells me they’re either clueless, or being willfully ignorant to get people talking.

      • Ted says:

        It’s randomized tho. He’s not picking someone based on his personal feelings or thoughts about who hell encounter later on. If that was the case he’d just kill Rick

    • N. V. says:

      I also agree it’s Abraham, because the hint from Negan was that the victim took the first blow from Lucille “like a champion”. So that rules out the women, children and wounded (i.e. Daryl). It also rules out Glenn, weakened by hours in the sweat box van. Rick is obviously ruled out. No offence, but it rules out Aaron – he’s not that hard core. Eugene is “new and improved” but still not up to where he wouldn’t wither under Lucille’s crushing blow. Only Abraham – with his stubbornness and pride — would defiantly sit there and “take” Lucille’s first blow.

  3. Evan says:

    You just know all this “beloved” talk means it’s going to be the most irrelevant person…like Rosita. Just another disappointment from this show!!

  4. d4h8a15r16m23a42 says:

    My guess is Eugene. Also I know people hated the cliffhanger but I felt that those five minutes of Jeffrey Dean Morgan were absolutely spectacular and I can’t wait for season 7.

    • Char says:

      I have watched this show since the first episode of the first season.
      I was hooked, Loved the show and even though we had to wait 7 months for its return I would literally say, worth the wait. GREAT SHOW!

      After last nights episode I don’t feel that way.

      90 minutes of filler. As for the last 5 minutes of Negan. Everyone that I was watching it was saying my God shut up dude. Blah Blah Blah, this episode was a huge disappointment and delivered ZERO.

      I will probably watch the return unless I find another show to replace it. My hope, I find another show.

      • Jen Smith says:

        I think you just nailed it all… Only thing to add is how betraying the writers/producers were to their (up to now) hard core loyal fans. Their lack of respect reflected on the actors, their fans, and the whole damn series.

        • Char says:

          Did you watch Talking Dead. Kirkman and Gimple were on it. Jeff was talking and Kirkman jumped in and said something better call me MR Kirkman. Just get the feeling these two geeky guys have let the success of this show go to their heads and they THINK everyone, whether they are fans or the actors themselves must kiss their b utts. Newflash, not happening these two guys are and will be the reason this show doesn’t make it.
          Last nights episode was a slap in the face of the actors and us fans. This show like a lot of shows just, jumped the shark. Sure people will tune 7 months. BUT, a lot will not.

          • Ken Reilly says:

            Really?! The “Mr. Kirkman” was a joke, Jeff said Kirkman, then he correct himself and said Mr. Kirkman that is when Kirkman quipped back you better say Mr…..

          • Couch Mom says:

            It was meant as a joke. Am disappointed at the ending also, but not enough to not continue watching the show. As I stated in another post, by leaving this cliffhander, the show runners have a challenge to live up to the hype and give a dynamite S7. Really like Jeffery Dean Morgan as Negan. Unlike most of the respondents in the TV pole who replied that they love to hate him (Negan), I think it should be hate to love him. In the comic he’s such a good bad guy. Hope they carry that over to the show. The interactions between Negan and Rick will be interesting and fun to watch. I wish I was as creative and could write as well as some of these writers (even on their bad days or not so good scripts) but since I’m not, just like to sit back and watch what they come up with. Lighten up folks, it’s just a TV show afterall.

          • Couch Mom says:

            Should be “poll” not “pole.” Sorry folks.

          • Belle52 says:

            I agree. Gimple is a pompous ass. I found the season finale a huge disappointment

          • Viewer says:

            Char I’m sorry you feel that way. Maybe you should re watch both walking dead and talking dead. That comment was a joke referring to “mr.”. And, the finale was well put together, acted and executed. The actors enjoyed the episode and didn’t feel slapped in the face. I hope your comments are a joke because they have no basis in reality.

          • Shay says:

            This show has lasted for up to now 7 seasons, I don’t think it’s going anywhere.

          • Rebecca says:

            I think it’s Daryl
            Good time to leave TWD because he has his own new show on AMC as Norman Reedus riding motorcycles.

          • Rick Grimes says:

            sorry char u r wrong. the whole mr kirkman was a joke! ps. this show will be here for years to come because it just keeps getting better

          • janissaries1 says:

            Daryl’s new show and The Walking Dead are not conflicting. Daryl has already filmed his episodes for the new show’s season 1, While the New show is televising season 1, Daryl will be filming The Walking Dead. They film The Walking Dead during the Summer months. The actors, all of them have the rest of the year to do other projects. Daryl may die, but your assumption that it is because he’s making another show is incorrect.

          • You’ll be there, and so will everyone else. You can’t bring yourself not to, because you want to know what happened. You can’t ‘not’ find out. I’d put money on it that you’ll be watching it in seven months.. LOL!

        • What lack of a respect? You cannot follow the comic books drawing for drawing. Firstly, it would be boring if you knew exactly what would happen. Secondly, TV is a different animal and you need to write different storylines and adapt characters that grow in popularity and others that decline.

          • Justin T. says:

            I believe they are referring to the callous way they make us wait for an ending to the finale until the premier of next season. We deserved an answer, this story needed resolution, Gimple should be fired for these last 8 episodes.

          • Spot on! These people crying because they’re butt hurt over the season cliffhanger… OMG Get a life. I thought it was great. Those actors earned their pay with the final scene. Fifteen hours of being on their knees on and off, most of it to get the scene just right, so we couldn’t tell who it was. Genius! Hate to love ya, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, bad ass. Not only Batman’s dad, but also Sam & Dean Winchester’s dad as well!

      • wrstlgirl says:

        If you really, truly want to move on and find another show you will.

      • S says:

        I completely agree this trend towards stupid cliffhangers makes me start to hate the show. First Glenn under the dumpster and now this sorry excuse for an episode. It was agonizing and reflects horrible writing to bore your audience with way too much buildup and then cliff hang like this. I’m sure he’s proud of himself but it makes me not care what happens! I very well could be done!

      • agreed, i hated all his that will be his downfall too.

      • The Carpooler says:

        Anytime any villain starts talking too long I think only of them monologging. Thank you The Incredibles for that lesson!

      • Gail says:

        I completely agree. I thought he was just a nasty sicko – nothing charismatic about a cruel murderer.

      • Petronella says:

        OK Char! You spoke my mind exactly: (except about 90 mins of filler). The Negan speech was as boring as watching cricket. Major disappointment after all that build up. The whole season just fizzled out like wet fireworks.

      • I challenge you to write the most watched cable tv show in teh history of cable and do better. :)

    • Miller says:

      I think it’s Eugene as well. If you look at the final shot of Rick, you see what appears to be Negan’s shadow going across his face moving to the right in the direction of Aaron, Sasha & Eugene. It looks like Negan has to take a few steps to get in front whoever it is he ends up whacking. Eugene is the farthest away.

      • Carlos j says:

        I completed agree with you. I didn’t think anybody caught that.

        • Daniël says:

          Yup I watched the scene 20 times on YouTube… He killed Eugene.
          You can see on Rick’s face the shadow of Negan, and he takes some steps after that.

          If you rewind for a few minutes, you see a different shot from the back, of Negan walking
          in front of eugene, and right before that you also see his shadow on Rick’s face.

          Look, here is Negan’s shadow on Rick’s face right before the killing scene:

          And here you see Negan walking to Eugene, with also the shadow on Rick’s face right before it:

    • Bonnie lucas says:

      I agree completely! It’s so obvious in the way they had that big scene where Red (forget his name) is affirming that Eugene was a “survivor”. Basically saying goodbye to Eugene.

  5. LaVelle says:

    There is one option missing: …hopefully Scott Gimple and his writing staff

  6. Matt says:

    Clearly it’s going to be Aaron. We haven’t seen him in weeks but suddenly he shows up for the finale. What is the point unless he is there to be the victim. I don’t believe the producers at all about a beloved character, they have repeatedly misled the audience this year and I am honestly not falling for their lame stunts anymore.

  7. Chance says:

    Anyone upset about the cliffhanger only has themself to blame. They were telegraphing it all season.

    • Nymbosox says:

      Agreed Chance. I personally think the cliffhanger ending was promising, it ensures a dedicated fan such as myself will look forward to Season 7. The only thing that disappointed me was social media; It is very difficult to avoid everything and anything that is remotely popular, I happen to stumble across a facebook comment that mentioned the cliffhanger ending. Now, I was not intentionally looking for it but it still made me a little suspecting of it when I was watching it, but I didn’t let it stop me from enjoying the show. A lot went into filming the finale and containing spoiler alerts and I hope they continue the show as long as AMC lets them. The show most certainly has not jumped the shark imo,

      Oh and I think it was Maggie that got the sweet kiss of Lucille. I have no evidence to support my opinion, it’s merely an educated guess.

  8. The Kaibosh says:

    During Talking Dead after the show they said that there are hints as to who it is. They said they expect for people to treat it like the Zapruder film showing the JFK assassination.

    I saw the following:

    The area is lit by car lights coming from the left side. Those crouched closer to the left would be lit more than those farther away.

    When Negan takes his first swing you can see a faint light on the left side. This suggests that whoever it was that was killed was sitting farther away. Glenn was farthest away. I think its Glenn unfortunately.

    • nyx says:

      I agree that it was someone on the left, but I’m thinking it was Daryl, not Glenn. On ‘Talking Dead,’ Kirkman said there were clues — plural — as to who it was. Besides the lights that indicate a position on the left, I think the first-person POV shot at the kill moment was the biggest clue of all.

      The one character whose POV we inhabited intermittently throughout the episode was Daryl. We took on Daryl’s POV at the end of the penultimate episode when Dwight shot him — getting a similar blood-spattered view as we got in last night’s kill scene — and we took on Daryl’s POV throughout this episode as he was looking on from inside the trucking container where he was being held.

      (I don’t think it was Glenn’s POV from inside the truck. I think the episode was continuing Daryl’s POV from the end of the previous episode; that was the whole point of the jump into Daryl’s POV when he got shot, I think, to establish that his are the eyes we’re looking out of for this final episode.)

      Those repeating inside-the-truck shots really only served to establish POV; they didn’t advance the plot in any way. A single POV shot would have served to show us the captive situation, but we kept returning to that POV.

      It makes sense, if we keep jumping into Daryl’s POV during the episode (and at the end of the previous episode) that it’s his POV that we’re inhabiting again when Negan makes his choice. It would be disjunctive, and narratively inconsistent, if the POV shots are Daryl’s throughout the episode, and then suddenly for the kill moment, the POV we take on is some other character’s.

      Also, I took it as a clue the simple fact that Norman Reedus was one of the guests on ‘Talking Dead.’ Why Norman rather than, say, Andy Lincoln or Melissa McBride or Lennie James, who all played much larger roles in the episode? Daryl’s part was very small in this episode, other than the POV shots. I think Norman was on TD because we’ll be saying goodbye to Daryl come the season premiere.

      • Richard Pace says:

        I analyzed Negan’s shadow and they way it fell across the characters, I came to the same conclusion- Glen. Also the pov shots throughout the show suggested Glen, because of where he was sitting in the van when he was removed. The pov was farther from the bullet holes in the van door. Darryl was sittting right next to the rear door. Also part of Darryl’s head is visible at times in the pov scenes.

      • Kara says:

        Man your killing me bc your making sense. But I don’t want Daryl to die! Norman to me seemed sad on the Talking Dead. But do the writers really have that big of balls? There is also the point that the blonde guy really hates Daryl. But I am keeping positive and thinking it is not Daryl. I will go with Glen because of the audio. Sounds like Maggie yelling out Glen’s name to me. Also Glen jumped out of line when he was sticking up for Maggie.

        • Keep in mind that none of the stars are supposed to know who it is that got killed by Negan. On Talking Dead, Chandler Riggs text or tweeted in to Chris and said that the finale was shot 6 months ago and he still has no idea who died… Norman should also be unaware who died.

          • AnnieM says:

            I just wish that at that point someone had asked if *any* of the cast knew who died.

          • berry says:

            But then Reedus was on the Today Show on Tuesday and said, “I know what happens/ed” so who knows what to believe from any of them.

        • Jasmine says:

          Agreed Norman did seem Extremely sad. But I don’t think someone who’s already been beat up or shot would be chosen. Someone that’s more healthy. I still have hope it may be Abraham, Idk I haven’t Rewatched it or the slowed down version. But clearly a female was screaming. So it was either Abraham or Glynn.

      • Moisme says:

        I had originally thought this too for the exact reasons you listed. But on a rewatch, someone (who did not watch the first time) said it appeared the POV shots seemed to be coming from a different position than where Daryl was sitting, to which I agreed. Then there were others here saying they heard a faint “Maggie” while others yelled something else just after the first blow, which I also heard but can’t verify without headphones & I honestly don’t care enough to bother. Finally, I can’t imagine they’d have Norman on Talking Dead for the finale & again for the premiere, and I can’t imagine they’d NOT have him for an episode where we find out he’s dead. Therefore, I conclude the “very beloved” dead one is Glenn. It might be faulty logic, but it’s all I got.

      • That’s really a clever viewpoint.

      • Mazoo says:

        It wasn’t Daryl’s point of view when he was shot, you see his face and then blood splatters the camera. i do think it was someone over on that side though. Glenn was positioned first, first in line so to speak.

      • Couch Mom says:

        Great observation. Will watch the ep again with this in mind. Thanks.

      • Bing says:

        nyx, you are brilliant. I feel stupid for not connecting the POV shots. I now think it might be Darry, an awful irony, because who else knew how to take a beating like a trooper?

      • Allison says:

        Totally agree that it’s Darryl.

      • thabutcha says:

        Not Daryl, here’s why: in the last POV from inside the truck, the camera clearly shows Daryl between the POV and the door. This was strengthened when the door opened and Daryl was taken first. Behind him? Michonne. I think Michonne ate it. Carol gets the Kingdom; Rick, and future serial killer Carl, swear revenge on Negan. I could be wrong.

      • Yates says:

        I agree with everything you said but the only thing that doesn’t make sense is how it could b Darrel when Darrel didn’t even play a part at all in the finally until they brought him Glenn an michonne out with the others, I’m kind of thinking its Darrel but sense he didn’t have a big part of the finale I cant see it being him, if it’s not Darrel imma say its Abraham, Maggie(that’s if negan wasn’t thinking she’s gonna die anyways so I’m not gonna waste it on her) or Glenn. I just did the Enie Minnie minie mo on paper starting with Rick and goin to the left if u go by just how he’s saying it and not by the pointing it comes out to Darrel. I was just listening going by the pauses in between the words sometimes he would say a few words togeather an pause an I counted that as one click it ended up being 20 clicks starting at Rick going to the left to Glenn then to the right to Eugene an 20 ending at Darrel. But who knows if he done it in order like he saying it and not skipping around it lands on Darrel but there’s no telling I’ll just have to wait till October an find out.

        • We're All Negan says:

          You really think the writers would have a man beat up an already sick, pregnant female with a spiked bat? That’s overkill, even in an apocalypse. Maggie wouldn’t be a threat in Negan’s eyes so it would be kind of pointless, on top of making him look like a p*nk bee och. Yeah beat up a sick, pregnant, already weak female. That will really show them how strong of a leader he is… Lol

      • Briana says:

        The POV was someone in the back of the trailer as that person had the full view in front of them (the light at bottom of door). Daryl was at the front so he wouldn’t have that vantage point …Glenn was the last one out therefore he was in the back and would have full view of the sliver of light at the bottom…Maggie will be a single, bad ass mom determined to avenge the murder of Glen in season 7

      • kerry says:

        The POV thing is good, but what other hint*s* in an ealier scene one of the saviors said they picked a guy that killed one of them first. Which would be Abraham or Sasha after the megahorde. Also whats his name telling Daryl he was going to be ok and then being told to hurry it up getting them out to the semicircle could have shown his reluctance to throw daryl to the wolf. ??? I am thinking Abraham cause he gave Negan the stink eye and better get them all to bend. Probably just being hopeful

      • vegangirl says:

        Wow, agree with everything you said!
        Very well stated!

      • OFace1426 says:

        guys … the light being on his left shoulder and a slight glimmer puts you at the end of the row with Aaron or Eugene…

        The order is (if looking them in the face) 1. Glenn (closest to trailer where him and Daryl and Michonne are pulled from) 2. Rosita 3. Daryle 4. Michonne 5. Abraham 6. Maggie 7. Rick 8. Sasha 9 Aaron 10. Carl 11. Eugene (this end would be the least lit up

      • Zaeem says:

        No it can’t be daryl as you can see daryls head from the pov in tbe truck and the pov looked like the person was sitting at the very back of the truck. Glenn was taken out of the truck last meaning he probably was at the back and therefore Glenn ws the pov we saw in the truck and the end and is probably the one who gets killed
        RIP Glenn

      • Katelyn says:

        I don’t want you to be right. But I think you are. That makes so much sense. Whyyyyy

      • dmretrogames says:

        No, we didn’t take on Daryl’s POV when Dwight shot him – we were looking right at Daryl and the blood hit the camera.

        • Moisme says:

          An over-the-shoulder camera angle is usually intended as that character’s POV. Although it’s usually framed a little closer than when Daryl was shot. But the kill shot in the finale was first-person POV as if you were looking through their eyes, and so that should also be true for the POV shots inside the van. Which did not look like Daryl’s POV, as you could see his head in those shots.

          The victim is going to be someone from inside the van – Daryl, Michonne, Rosita, or Glenn – otherwise there was no reason to include those shots in the episode at all.

      • ponygirl04 says:

        lol yea it was Daryl. I’m sure Aaron ‘ s new line of action figures on will be just as big a seller! :p

    • CF says:

      Great break down. I pulled the lighting and even the trees in the forground apart too. The victim is definitely from Glenns side, but if you look at Negan as he is speaking the final dialog he looks toward the right of the victim which cant be Glenn because he is last in the line. He also looks to the left of the victim toward Rick. Assuming TWD would not take down a woman and a pregnant one at that, take Maggie, Rosita, and Michonne off the table. Who’s left?Daryl or Abraham. Now earlier Abraham straightened up tall and proud when Negan stood infront of him. Whoever the victim was the camara POV suggested the same. Even after the first hit with the bat, Negan said “taking it like a champ.” Totally Abraham. Daryl looked out of it to begin with. One hit and I don’t think he would move after slowly bleeding all day. We won’t know for sure until October, but I’m pretty convinced on one of those two.

      • Tiffany says:

        This is exactly what I thought! As soon as Abraham sat himself up more and gave a look as if he was looking straight at death itself I had a feeling it would be him. Especially when Negan said “taking it like a champ” because that it completely Abrahams way.

      • Mazoo says:

        Please don’t let it be Abraham, or at least let there be a chance that he is just so tough that he survives Lucille.

      • Moisme says:

        I think Abraham is a goner, but I don’t think he’s the victim here. I just don’t think he could be described as “very beloved”. I sort of doubt he’ll be revealed as dead at the beginning of the S7 premiere, but I would be surprised if he’s still alive by the end of it or by ep3 at the latest.

      • Steve Haupt says:

        He was aiming this incredible display of power at Rick. Maggie was directly on ricks right which would make the fact that Negan was aiming his final comment to HIS right faceing them then it would most likely be Maggie.

    • clr says:

      I saw the following: car lights coming from both sides not just the left.
      On the last shot we see of Rick, you can see major shadows on the left side of his face. These are caused by Negan stepping forward toward the person he is going to kill and going between Rick and car lights. That would mean he is walking toward the people on Rick’s left side – Sasha, Aaron, Carl, and Eugene. As Negan stands in front of that person, he looks at people both left and right so he not at the end of the line which rules out Eugene. Carl is ruled out because Negan said if anyone moves to cut out his other eye and feed it to his Dad. So that leaves Sasha and Aaron. My guess is Sasha.

      • But it would better if it were Eugene

      • He said cut out his eye and feed it to his father, AND THEN WE WILL BEGIN. Like we will make him suffer before I beat him.

        • Raze says:

          Finally, someone heard what i heard. It could be Rick. Maggie becomes the leader. Rick mentions this at Hilltop.

        • Actually he says if anyone moves cut out the boys other eye and feed it to the father and then we will start again

        • Lacy says:

          Ok I thought I was the only one who heard this… watching the episode, I really thought Carl had died, it wasn’t until I got on the internet and realized that everyone was calling it a “cliffhanger” that I realized I was wrong. To me it sounded like he was saying….. if anyone moves before I start then make the boy and father suffer “and then we will start”

      • Zaeem says:

        But why would he threaten Carl out of nowhere? Why would the others be affected by taking out carls eye and feeding it to rick?

        I think it could be Carl. Because he said “cut the boys other eye and feed it to his dad AND THEN WE’LL START”
        This could mean that he was threatening to make Carl suffer more if anybody says anything.
        Also Trevor knocked carls hat up which is maybe why it didn’t show in the 1st person pov. Idk lol.

    • Walkie says:

      It’s such load of crap.
      They haven’t decided who it is yet. They are going to use this in contract negotiations with the cast.

    • shutuprob says:

      There’s a problem with this: namely, on the shot of Rick’s face in which Negan’s shadow stops, indicating he’s made his choice, he’s standing to Rick’s left, which indicates someone to Rick’s left. Glenn is on Rick’s right side, as are Abraham, Michonne, Daryl and Eugene or Maggie. Aaron, Rosita, Sasha and Carl are all to Rick’s left, and IIRC, the Victim is next to Carl, either in-between Rick and Carl or to Carl’s left. IIRC, the closest ones to that position are Aaron, Sasha and Rosita.
      Oh, hell, I’m going to find some pictures of the scene.
      Okay, going to IMDB and taking a look at the episode photos, near as I can tell, from left to right as we’re looking at them, it’s:
      Glenn — Daryl — Michonne — Abraham — Maggie — Rick — Sasha — Aaron — Carl — Eugene, but I can’t find Rosita anywhere but my recollection is that she’s to Rick’s left/Negan’s right, which would put her on Eugene’s left as the last person on the left relative to Rick. All but the first two and Rosita are definite positions. Glenn and Daryl may be reversed Glenn isn’t in any of the pictures and the one that I think is Daryl is partially blocked in one picture. I’m pretty sure that it’s Daryl.
      The last time we see Rick, Negan moves to his own right/Rick’s left and stops. When Negan threatens to feed Carl’s other eye to Rick if he cries, Negan seems to indicate that Carl is to the Victim’s left. That means Aaron or Sasha and, to me, the POV camera angle indicates Aaron.

      • Mark bryant says:

        Rosita was in between daryl and glen

        • shutuprob says:

          Thanks. I just got a better look at the picture on IMDB (photo #21 of 33 for the episode). — on my 23″ monitor now, versus my iPad mini. The person who’s half out of the left side of the frame (to Rick’s far right) and next to an obscured Daryl is definitely Rosita, who’s recognizable by the leathers that she is wearing. That means, as we’re looking at them (ie: from Negan’s perspective), it’s:
          Glenn — Rosita — Daryl — Michonne — Abraham — Maggie — Rick — Sasha — Aaron — Carl — Eugene.
          Or, from Rick’s perspective, which is also relative to the Victim’s perspective, it’s the reverse:
          Eugene — Carl — Aaron — Sasha — Rick — Maggie — Abraham — Michonne — Daryl — Rosita — Glenn.
          With this data confirmed, we have:
          Glenn is waaaay too far to Rick’s right to be the Victim based on Negan indicating that Carl is to the Victim’s left when he threatens to feed Carl’s other eye to Rick, who is on the Victim’s right. Additionally, Negan’s shadow as he moves to stop in front of the Victim
          crosses from Rick’s right to Rick’s left, additionall placing Negan (and the Victim) to Rick’s left.
          There are only two people between Carl and Rick — Aaron and Sasha.
          Of the two, I think it’s most likely Aaron, but the “you can even cry” and “take it like a man” cracks could also apply to Sasha, who is attempting to stifle her tears. Since she was previously a firefighter and currently a sniper, she could read to Negan just as much as active military in training as Abraham does.

          Additionally, Glenn’s cry of Maggie is, to me, waaaaaay too far away from the camera/the POV’s/the Victim’s ear 1) for Glenn to be the Victim himself and 2) for the Victim to be anyone near Glenn. Thus, it also rules out Rosita, Daryl, Michonne, Abraham and Maggie. And therefore, Glenn’s cry of Maggie is almost certainly indication that Maggie collapses during the commotion, almost in sync with the Victim.
          I have no doubt that Negan is going to let at least Maggie, Daryl, and Eugene, all sick and/or injured and a couple of the others (likely including Glenn) assisting them, to go to Hilltop to get Maggie treated as a gesture of magnanimity and mercy on his part. That is, if he doesn’t permit all the survivors to go to Hilltop. But I have the feeling that he’s going to force Rick (with at least Abraham, Sasha, Rosita and Carl) to go back to Alexandria so that he can raid it for half their current supplies and whatever weapons they can find.
          On the other hand, if I’m wrong and Negan was lit in such a way that his shadow going from Rick’s right to Rick’s left — this would require the Key (primary) light on Negan to be to the far left of the entire site and I’m under the impression right now that it’s above and behind the motor home behind Negan — then this would be an exact flip of the positions: two to the right of Rick rather than two to the left. Which would be Abraham. I am admittedly terrible with identifying certain aspects of perspective having to do with spatial relationships. So if I’m wrong about something, the math indicates Abraham.
          Glenn is also far enough away from Abraham that pretty much everything having to do with what the Victim was hearing when the POV camera falls is far away from the victim. Pretty much everything that could apply to either Aaron or Sasha would also apply to *only* Abraham on that side.
          On the OTHER other hand, I just watched the 2-minute clip AMC posted to youtube again and here’s how the lighting goes: there are at least two key lights — floodlights at the extreme right and extreme left relative to Rick in the center. When Negan kills the Victim, we/the Victim see that the light coming from our left is shining much stronger on Negan’s face and the light at our extreme right is much softer even when Negan turns a little toward it while gesturing, which again strongly supports that the Victim is to Rick’s left. Jeffrey Dean Morgan plays the “you can blink, you can even cry” lines with very little definite gensturing to the Victim’s left. Which means that we can’t rule Eugene out completely, either.
          So I watch the very end of the clip one more time — in it, Negan is walking toward Rick’s extreme left. Which would strongly indicate Eugene, the last person on Rick’s left. HOWEVER, when we look at the sequence of the Eeny Meeny Miney Moe game, we know that Negan is not going around in consecutive order up and down the line in sequence because episode director/series e.p. Greg Nicotero shows Negan skipping around. Rick to Maggie to Abraham to Michonne to Daryl to Sasha to Aaron to Carl to Eugene to Sasha (again) to Rosita to Aaron (again) to Glenn to Maggie (again) to Daryl (again) to Abraham (again) to Carl (again) to Rick (full circle) and finally to the Victim. Compare that sequence to the where each character is kneeling in the chart above. Negan first sweeps to Daryl on Rick’s right, but skips Glenn and Rosita, then goes all the way over to Sasha and sweeps all the way over to Eugene at the end of Rick’s left, then back to Sasha, then picking up Rosita, then back to Aaron, then all the way over to pick up Glenn, then back to Maggie and over to Abraham, then all the way over to Carl, then to Rick, then to the Victim.
          A step back in generality, the sweep is, relative to Rick — mid-right to extreme left to extreme right to mid-left to mid-right to left (and Negan’s shadow crossing Rick’s face right to left) to the Victim.
          It’s unclear whether or not Negan’s steps to the Victim are a final reversal. Increasing tension by shortening the time between reversals would suggest that Negan makes a final reversal after we see his shadow cross Rick’s face right-to-left. Which means that, since he was heading left at the time the shadow crossed, the reversal of that would be to the right.
          But first, say Negan wasn’t making one final reversal. The couple of large steps he makes toward the Victim could suggest Eugene, Sasha or Aaron.
          But if it’s a reversal, the inverse of these positions are Glenn (extreme right to Eugene’s extreme left), Maggie (next to Rick, right, versus Sasha, next to Rick, left) and Abraham (next to Maggie, right, versus Aaron, next to Sasha, left).
          So if the last person before Rick is Carl and Negan reverses from Carl rather than going onto Eugene, that means that the Victim is either Glenn or Abraham. I’m currently unconvinced that even Negan reversing from Carl means that he went all the way over to the extreme left to Glenn. Abraham would be a shorter distance to cross while still being the destination of a credible reversal. Abraham was also the person just before Carl, so reversing from Carl back to the previous person would again be the logical increasing of the tension by shortening the distance over time. But even then, Aaron would also make a credible short reversal from where Negan almost initially seemed to be headed, to Eugene. As in, see Eugene, boom-turn-around take-two-steps, it’s Aaron. Take two bigger paces, it’s Abraham. Glenn would require a bit of a jog because the semi-circle they all make is wide rather than narrow.
          So in descending likelihood, I think Aaron is the Victim, but if he isn’t, then Abraham is, but if *he* isn’t, then it’s Eugene, but if *he* isn’t, it’s Glenn. But it’s not Glenn. My coin-flip is between Aaron and Abraham with Eugene further behind and Glenn further behind even Eugene. And the coin flip lands on Aaron — the shortest distance of reversals, the camera angle, Negan’s shadow crossing Rick’s face, and the context of the number of reversals of direction when taken all together best indicate Aaron. But I also demand credit, too, if it’s Abraham.

          • dmretrogames says:

            Jesus, dude, you’re thinking yourself into knots. Forget the lighting – this show has always been rife with continuity errors. Remember Glenn and Nicholas falling head first away from the dumpster, only to end up on the ground 180 degrees flipped with Glenn’s head right up against it?

            I wouldn’t be surprised that if they re-enact this and show the victim in the season 7 premiere, that the order is different.

    • Denise McDowell says:

      This probably means nothing but I was thinking that Daryl was safe. Simply because Dwight said when he shot him “You’re gonna be ok”….I was thinking maybe Negan doesn’t kill people who are hurt or sick. I don’t know I’m just thinking out loud! lol

  9. Morgan says:


  10. dale says:

    I think it was Abraham, he might not be beloved, but he is well liked, and he showed no fear. Negan needs people to fear him, that is how he rules. Everyone else was upset and shaken Abraham seems determined to not give Negan what he wants, which Negan will not stand for.

  11. wrstlgirl says:

    Abraham’s been my pick from the beginning and I think he should be on your list. If I have to pick from these four, from a shows perspective, I’m picking Daryl. I can’t believe I’m saying it but I’d rather they kill off Daryl instead of Glenn. The character hasn’t done much for about two seasons now. It’s like they don’t know what to do with him since he’s not in the comics. If I’m being really honest, my personal preference would be to Michonne.

  12. Squirrelly says:

    The cameraman! Poor guy, he deserved better…

    Okay, in all seriousness, part of me leans Daryl. I’m a lady who pretty much lives and breathes TVTropes, and I always imagined him with a “Defiant To The End” kind of death. Look at his eyes in that pic above, that’s what I mean!

    (Just hoping they don’t harm a hair on my girl Michonne’s head…I mean, aside from the one they already did!)

  13. With that Lost-style long goodbye for Eugene and the rest of the group, my money is on him or Abraham. I definitely wasn’t thinking that before the episode aired, but now I’m thinking it could for sure be either of those two.

    Any of the characters could be “beloved” to viewers though.

  14. Alicia Gray says:

    gahhh… why can’t we all just get along. lol

  15. french5851 says:

    I am so upset that I will not get the full emotional payoff of a death of a beloved character, all I have to say is who cares who got whacked? The show runners certainly don’t, so why should the fans?

  16. VanDamage88 says:


  17. Lacy says:

    I think it was Abraham. I don’t think its Daryl because they did not give him a single line in the finale…. What a dishonor to the character if that is truly how they kill him off. Also, if you see the line up of them all down on their knees and play the “eeny meeny miney mo” game… I landed on Abraham. Also people are saying that they hear Maggie screaming the loudest but it could have easily been Sasha screaming.

  18. Et al. says:

    I’m going to go Occam’s Razor on this one. AMC gives Reedus his own new show, he’s the one who dies.

    • alikatts323 says:

      I agree (and for the comments stated above about POV). The second I saw the commercial for Darryl ‘ s new show, AND his appearance in The Talking Dead, I figured he was a goner, although I dearly hope I’m wrong!

  19. Aj Morley says:

    i think its sasha because it only panned to her once in the end scene but for glen it panned more and negan gave glen a free pass after showing passion when negan was near maggie

  20. Justin Morkavich says:

    I think it’s going to be Daryl or Michonne and here’s why. Maggie, though sick is a women and capable of making another “savior” for Negans already vast crew. Glenn is able bodied still and still in good condition to help “provide” for Negan. Since we know that Kirkman has augmented and went slightly askew from the comic book I think it’s safe to say he will do it again. Readers expect Glenn’s death… So it won’t be him.

    • AnnieM says:

      Uh, Michonne is a woman, both capable of bearing a child, and is also able-bodied.

    • Sandra says:

      It won’t be Michonne because this would mean sinking the show. Nope not happening.

    • We're All Negan says:

      I agree, if you follow the comic book it makes the show extremely predictable and no one’s going to waste their time watching it when they already know what’s going to happen. The producers/writers are playing eeny meeny money mo with the script to intentionally throw the comic book readers (and the rest of the audience) off course. It would be stupid for them not to and the show wouldn’t have lasted this long even.

  21. Jess thimas says:

    He said look he’s taking it… So it’s a guy

  22. Eric Ortiz says:

    Is actually Maggie. Here is the hint: Rick were never so close talking to Maggie till this episode, Rick actually cry talked to her on this episode, this episode they focus on Maggie til the very end, o her life…

  23. Carl Bailey says:

    It can’t be Daryl, he was to kill Dwight!!

  24. Julie J says:

    I’m thinking that they went with the comics and it was Glenn. Glenn is pretty much the heart of the group, which is always fatal on the show (See: Dale, Hershel).

  25. They also called the person a “fan favorite” and that can easily apply to Abraham or Eugene. And why isn’t Carl on your list? Sheesh.

  26. Gabriel Kiesling says:

    Having read all of the comments I personally believe it was Glenn. They want you to think it is not Glenn which is exactly what brings us here “wondering.” It has to be a major character in order for this war to begin (not that they wouldn’t do the same for the least characters because no one mourned for the doctor who was shot by arrow). I also think it is Glenn because they also wanted you to think Glenn was killed by those zombies and he wasn’t. This time his time is up. If I had to choose a second I would also go with Daryl unfortunately. Also… Where is Jesus when you need him???

  27. Robert says:

    Well I thought it was either Glenn or Abraham and I’m leaning towards Abraham. Mostly because he said the guy was “taking it like a champ” and Abraham had postured up previously to show no fear so that sounds like something he’d do.

    • Robert says:

      Didn’t mean to repost. Whoops

    • jennie west says:

      I am leaning towards Abraham myself because they didnt kill him in the last episode like the comic. I think they saved him to take glenns place in this scene. They have also focused a lot on his character this season. ANd yes I think his sitting up was a clue to indicate him as well as he would totally take it like a champ. I dont think Glenn would have taken it like a champ. He was a blubbering mes to begin with.

    • LoTan says:

      How does BOTH sound! DING DING

  28. omabin says:

    I went in thinking it was going to be Michonne or Glenn but I think it was Abraham now. He was the only character to get a good resolution this episode, from his hug to Eugene to his declaration of wanting happiness with Sasha. I think he was killed.

  29. Robert says:

    Well I thought it was either Glenn or Abraham and I’m leaning towards Abraham. Mostly because he said the guy was “taking it like a champ” and Abraham had postured up previously to show no fear so that sounds like something he’d do. I agree with what Ash and dale said down there

  30. sue dyer says:

    there should be a WHO WORE IT BEST between the zombies. some of their outfits are way too kewl

  31. Sue says:

    I think it’s Abraham.

    a) When Negan was first walking by each person, Abraham sort of stood up to him

    b) After the initial, brutal hit, the person lifts their head up as if to say, “you haven’t won yet” and waits for the follow-up hits

    c) Negan says, “look, HE’S taking it”

    d) I don’t feel that Maggie, or even Daryl for that matter, would have been able to take hits like that in their weakened conditions – especially Maggie. One hit and I’m sure she would have been down for the count.

  32. Jen Smith says:

    I think that all the speculation in the world won’t make a difference. They played us. And still are. Frankly, I’m so disappointed I’m not gonna be able to hold it for so long. Disinterest has already set in. Which is a shame to all of us hard core loyal fans… From what I know of Negan, he will want a terrified victim. Not an obstinate one who challenges him with their eyes. Letting those live will the terrified one gets battered will be more torturous for the brave warriors than being killed.

    • wrstlgirl says:

      Please don’t try to speak for all of us. I’ve watched this show from the beginning at least 6 or 7 times over. I am a true hard core loyal fan and I’m not disinterested in the least.

  33. Sara B says:

    Negan wants these guys to work for him. He’s not gonna kill anyone. He even said so. So if he is gonna beat someone up, it’s gonna be tough ass Abraham or Daryl. Abraham gave him a **** you look. Negan could leave him half dead because of that. Daryl is the most beloved but we all know the show wouldn’t risk killing him but leaving him all beaten up…yeah sure. If Daryl ever died it would be in a blaze of glory not an upsetting beat down.

    • Juanita Bell says:

      That’s what I was thinking! He said he was going to give them a “good beating”, not kill them!

      • KSU G-money says:

        I heard the same thing. He said he would beat them up not kill them. I was confused when they kept saying a beloved character died on the Talking Dead!

  34. Brigid says:

    I just don’t want it to be a female, I mean we only have 5 main girls left. I think the ladies have taken a lot recently on this show, it’s a guys turn. I’m going with Daryl or Glenn FTW? Maybe its not so much a win:(

  35. Angela says:

    It was Mo, as in the Eeny meeny miney mo thing. Figure out Mo, and that is who was killed. Neagan has a sick sense of humor, so of course he’d choose “mo.”

  36. Breck says:

    This poll shouldn’t be necessary. TWD wussed out and saw the potential backlash of killing certain characters and decided to postpone their decision. If it’s not Daryl, then it doesn’t make any sense. Negan wants to make an impact and an example. The saviors killed the guy who shot first (Daryl shot first). He would be hard to control/manipulate into working for Negan. We met a viable replacement in Jesus. Fact is all the pieces fit for Daryl to be gone. They seem to be too afraid of backlash.

  37. Shy says:

    I think it was Glen because when negan made his first hit I heard a woman screaming and it sounded like Maggie

  38. Tamie says:

    I think it was Michonne.
    She’s a love interest of Ricks and relationships never last long for him. Plus Negan seemed impressed that the person could take such a hit … men don’t seem to think women are strong enough to take hits.
    Maggie is weak and would be no sport. Daryl is injured. It’s not Rick or Carl. Glenn … I just don’t see Negan killing him, I think he looks unimportant him.
    Negan is looking to break the crew, you attempt that by breaking the leader, breaking the leader means killing someone close to him. We know it’s not Carl, so the only other person close to Rick is Michonne.

  39. keith says:

    Aaron might as well have been wearing a red Star Trek shirt he was so out of place with the others. See ya!

  40. Becki Adams says:

    I think Eugene he said his goodbyes when he drove the camper off.

    • John says:

      I think it might be Eugene too. Negan’s comment “taking it like a champ” fits with the direction Eugene was going in. He came out of his shell earlier challenging Abraham on dibs and his last act of straightening up to continue to take Negan’s beating demonstrates this new “anchorman” attitude.

  41. S.R. says:

    There was a commercial for a new AMC series with Norman Reedus. Is he moving on and therefore written off?

  42. Jon Hayden says:

    Fan Theory – Negan has a large number of followers. How can Rick and his smaller force defeat the superior numbers of Negan and his band? (1) He would need a fairly large and open space so that the was no where (or few places) for Negan and the Survivors to hide or take cover. (2) Rick’s crew would need the high ground.

    Great story arc that would result in literary symmetry would be if Rick lured the Survivors INTO the quarry like the Taborites in the Battle of HoricE

    • Gern Blanston says:

      Rick just needs to get all of the other towns that Negan and the Saviors are robbing to stand up to them. If he can unite them all against a common enemy I think that the numbers would guarantee a victory for Rick and Co. I like your idea better, but I think that its going to play out the way that I described.

    • We're All Negan says:

      You’ve obviously forgotten how Rick and his “family” destroyed The Gov’na and his whole group of followers. Then there was Terminus. Rick has gone completely psycho. He’s Shane reincarnate to the 3rd power. He’s even afraid of himself. I have NO doubt that with a little time and scheming like he always does, he could convince the group to take down yet another community of sadistic warriors, like themselves. LOL Rick and his group has been doing this for awhile now. You only need numbers when you don’t know what the heck your doing. It’s the strength and loyalty of the army that matters, not the size. It has happened in real life a thousand times over.

  43. xomylifexo says:

    I like Glen a lot as a character, both in the comics and the show. That said, I’ll be disappointed if it wasn’t/isn’t him that was killed. If they decide to go a different direction, it’s not for the good of the story, it’s because they didn’t have the balls to kill off such a loved character.

  44. Guest says:

    Rick and Carl are safe since Negan said if anyone does anything else but blink or cry to cut out The kids other eye and feed it to his dad. Maggie is safe since she pretty much looks like she’s on deaths door anyway I think Negan will spare her. Possibly Abraham because of his story arc with wanting happiness this season makes him a target but Negan might respect Abe’s lack of fear when they were staring each other down. Possibly Daryl because if anyone is going to take out him I could see it being our new big bad but then he might be okay since he’s such a popular character. It would be sad if Aaron, Rositta or Sasha went but I could handle those. I’m super worried about Glenn since this is his comic book death and his strong reaction to Negan’s comments to Maggie. Also Eugene since he gave Rick those instructions, the goodbye scene and Negan’s minimum acknowledgment of him. Last Michonne again also because of Negan’s lack of interest in her in the line up and since she’s Rick’s lady.

    • That doesn’t mean they’re safe. For Carl: Negan could take the eyeball out BEFORE beating him/in the middle of beating him, or, when he’s done, he could take the eye and give it to the father. For Rick: It’s entirely possible he DIDN’T mean it literally, maybe he cuts off the eye and just throws it to the dead Rick… There’s also the possibility that Negan’s just scaring everyone into submission and wouldn’t even consider actually doing that.

  45. Jerome says:

    I think it was Rick, even though he was talking about feeding Carl’s eye to him, i’m sure he would stop beating him to force feed him his sons eye, Also the entire episode was someone telling rick it was his last day on earth, all that dialogue led up to the final 5 minutes.

  46. Run amuck says:

    I think it was Daryl. First, the blood spattered camera at the end of the last episode was from his POV. Then the POV during the entire finale seemed to be his again. Then the “taking it like a champ” reference clearly sounds like Negan is referencing a male to me. He’s an evil guy but charismatic and I don’t think we saw any evidence in the comics or the polaroids in the Saviors outpost that Negan targets females for violence (maybe for coerced rape in the comics). So all the clues I’ve seen recently lead me up to Daryl. He also would have already been “known” to Negan prior to the Lucille incident via Dwight, the presence of the crossbow, the motorcycle, attempting to help Dwight and two ‘harem members’ escape, etc. So he’s had the longest exposure to the Saviors of any of the central characters to date and could be seen by Negan as the key instigator even as much as Rick.

    But the second reason is that it was Carol who ends up going to the Kingdom. In the comics, its a very emotionally distraught Maggie who goes to Hilltop after Glenn’s death-by-Lucille and becomes their leader. Anger at Rick for allowing Glenn to die was her reason for splitting. But I think that entire storyline is now meant for Carol. She’s clearly been primed these past two seasons to take on a more meaningful role as the cast other than simply the “crazy and dangerous old gal” token addition to the team. Whether she becomes leader of Kingdom (who may or may not have as powerful of a leader as it did in the comics) or The Kingdom people take her to Hilltop for medical attention and she becomes leader there is unclear.

    Carol>Maggie for plot development, with or without Glenn still in the picture. Depending on what you believe, Daryl’s death could really piss Carol off and further the plot development over the top, making her out to be a bigger warlord than even Negan himself. And finally, Daryl was never a comic member…and we now have Dwight to replace him. As much as I love Reedus’ character (and we were just told on TTD that it was a ‘beloved’ character), he no longer carries much relevance for further plot development. Other than as a martyr….and a very personal one to Carol I’m betting.

    A martyr who apparently took it like a champ.

    • AnnieM says:

      You make some excellent points – well said. Not being from the comics, I’ve always seen Daryl as a kind of ‘wild card’, whose fate could always be up in the air. It very well could be Daryl, but I only think it’s not him because they made such a big deal of the beatdown scene being from the character’s POV. The person being clubbed in the head seemed to take 4, maybe 5 blows before losing consciousness/dying. Daryl was already weakened from the gunshot wound, and theoretically should’ve lost consciousness after the first or second blow. So…I think for this, they are keeping comic canon and going with Glenn being the victim.

    • Shannon says:

      You are assuming Carol will not die with three possibly mortal wounds.

    • Nick says:

      Why does everyone keep saying that the blood splatter on the previous episode was from Daryl’s POV. It wasn’t… the camera was clearly facing Daryl. And Dwight replacing Daryl? It doesn’t make any sense… Dwight is one of Neagan’s men… Sorry, I’m not trying to be rude.

    • Dan Douglas says:

      Daryl is a possibilty. He starts a new show this summer called ” Ride With Norman Reedus “. So it’s possible that he wants to end his contract. I really hope it’s not him.

  47. Bobby says:

    I believe it was Glenn, Daryl or Abraham. Both Glenn and Abraham die in the comics and Daryl well he is not in the comics. How I narrowed it down? He said he would rip out Carls other eye and feed it to Rick so they are not the ones. It can’t be any of the women because he clearly said he’s taking it like a champ. I highly doubt it is Aaron or Eugene because those are not characters that are well liked or beloved and you don’t kill off characters like that with so much drama around it. Easily can kill those characters during any normal episode. If I had to put money on it I would go with Glenn because Daryl could have easily been killed in last weeks cliffhanger. Glenn is killed this way in the comics and I just don’t think Abraham is quite ready to be killed off yet.

  48. Moriah Lacki says:

    I agree with many others who think it’s Abraham. He’s happy and thinking about starting a family and that’s a death knell. It could be Glenn but after all the bulls $#t earlier this season that would be lame. Although who knows. This show is trying way too hard with all the fake outs and misleading foreshadowing. I loved this show but it’s so hit or miss lately. Some REALLY good episodes and then a bunch of boring filler. That episode did not deserve 90 minutes. If all they were going to do is yank our chains they could have done it in the standard 60 minutes.

    I just don’t know what they’re trying to do here. First there was Carol’s abrupt personality labotomy that made no damn sense over these last few episodes. Sure you can argue that it’s a crisis of conscience but it’s such a total 180 in such a short amount of time that it feels forced and unnatural. Then the fake outs with Glenn and Daryl that, I suppose, are meant to heighten our anticipation and make us think nobody is safe but in reality just feels like a cheap ploy. This cliffhanger was like the final yank of our collective chains and instead of leaving people excited for next season just generally seems to have left people (a lot but not all) just generally pissed off.

  49. Abraham is definitely beloved. Not the victim, but he’s not on the same level as who you listed him with.

    • Yates says:

      I forgot about Rosita when I was going by the Enie Minnie minie moe, 20 clicks so that proves nothing

      • Yates says:

        Actually lands on Maggie thats if he goes by the riddle he’s saying an not already know who he was gonna kill before he did the riddle, imma say Abraham for him kind of standing tall to negan cause negan wants people to be scared of him and Abraham pretty much showed he wasn’t compared to everyone else