DWTS Week 3 Season 22

Dancing With the Stars Week 3 Recap: Did the Right Couple Go Home?

Just when I’m starting to feel cynical about the current season of Dancing With the Stars, Tom Bergeron & Co. find a way to melt my cold, icy heart.

Though I’ll never be entirely convinced that Latin Night is the correct Week 2 theme for a gaggle of amateur dancers, even the most inexperienced contestants find a way to impress during Week 3’s “Most Memorable Year” celebration — and what they lack in technique, they more than make up for in raw, unbridled emotion.

That’s not to say the Season 22 competitors deserve a free pass if they don’t bring the right moves to the table, which is why many of the judges’ nitpicky critiques on Monday night were warranted. But without dwelling too much on Antonio Brown’s “catcher’s mitt” hand, or Doug Flutie’s periodic lack of balance, let’s break down the best and worst routines from Monday’s tearjerking broadcast:

Jodie Sweetin and pro Keo Motsepe (Foxtrot) — Though Jodie and Keo trail two other couples on the official Dancing leaderboard, their foxtrot was easily the evening’s most poignant routine, performed with remarkable elegance even as Jodie fought back tears. A heart-wrenching personal story doesn’t always earn you top marks, but the Fuller House star combined her powerful story of sobriety with clean lines and an ease on the dance floor that she had thus far been lacking. Judges’ Score: 23/30

Nyle DiMarco and pro Peta Murgatroyd (Tango) — Nyle and Peta kicked their tango into overdrive when the music hit its peak, causing the climax of their number to be just a touch too frantic. But on the heels of Carrie Ann Inaba’s Week 2 comment about musicality, Nyle proved he’s more than capable of sinking into the pocket of a routine, especially one as sharp and sexy as the tango. Judges’ Score: 25/30

Marla Maples and pro Tony Dovolani (Jive) — I give the former Mrs. Trump all the credit in the world for not collapsing in the middle of the ballroom floor by dance’s end, given how physically demanding her partner’s choreography was. That said, Marla didn’t bring nearly enough energy to the jive’s many kicks and flicks, and it was disappointing not to hear even Grumpy Len Goodman comment on her tendency to trail Tony by just a hair. Judges’ Score: 21/30

Mischa Barton and pro Artem Chigvintsev (Samba) — I’ll have to echo Goodman’s Week 1 criticism here: “That wasn’t dancing — that was walking!” I’m glad that Mischa was able to find even a modicum of joy in her time on the DWTS floor, but even her “best” performance to date lacked any sort of power or crispness. (But the real headscratcher of the evening: How could The O.C. have been in its prime in 2008, given that the series wrapped in 2007 — and Barton left the show a year prior?) Judges’ Score: 18/30

And now, the results:

Doug Flutie and pro Karina Smirnoff
Mischa Barton and pro Artem Chigvintsev
Jodie Sweetin and pro Keo Motsepe

Mischa Barton and pro Artem Chigvintsev

Your turn! Did Mischa and Artem deserve to go? Which duos will get your vote this week? Hit the comments with all of your thoughts!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Mark says:

    How was Jodie in jeopardy? I’m beyond shocked. I thought she’d be a shoo in for the finals based on name appeal alone.

    • Ginger Snap says:

      Do you have any idea how popular the Denver Broncos and Pittsurgh Steelers are?

    • jj says:

      I’m quite surprised too. She’s one of the best dancers there and I would assume has a strong fan base. Shocking for her to be in jeopardy.

      • chistosa says:

        They never said she was in the bottom three. DWTS typically does not name the bottom 3 and they alternate even top scoring couples into the jeopardy light.

    • Angela says:

      I was surprised to see her there, too. I would’ve thought maybe Marla or even Kim (I think she’s been doing pretty good, mind, but I don’t know how many votes she’s getting compared to the others thus far) might’ve been among the bottom three.
      But they definitely made the right choice in sending Mischa home, yeah. Honestly, for the most part, this is a pretty strong group of couples overall this season, so I think it’ll get pretty tough to choose who stays and goes as the weeks go on.
      Some lovely stories tonight, too, by the way. Flutie’s made me all teary-eyed. And hearing about Jodie working so hard to turn her life around is very inspiring. I wish her all the continued luck and support in the world with that.

      • Eloise Minn says:

        Kim no doubt will get quite a few votes, especially since the voting is not rigged this year. She has a fan base that lives in nostalgia. There are millions of people who want to remember the times when television shows were WHOLESOME and really family oriented. She represent those shows and that demographic, thankfully.

    • KatsMom says:

      “In jeopardy” doesn’t necessarily mean the bottom vote getters.

      • iamjsm says:

        Correct! Idk if Tom said it tonight but he usually says “this isn’t necessarily the bottom three, but one of these couples is in danger of going home tonight.”

    • pazziereb says:

      I know exactly my thoughts about Jodie being in jeopardy. She is by far one of the best dancer in Season 22. I better start sending all my vote to Jody staring next week.

    • Helen says:

      Being in jeopardy doesn’t mean you are one of the bad dancers.

    • Troy says:

      It all depends on fan base…and since the old generation only knows her from the original Full House the revamped show has not aired long enough to gain her notoriety…plus she hasn’t been seen on anything that would give her a newer fan base. Don’t get me wrong, she was good…

    • She was the red herring of the group.

    • Leslie says:

      It is a reality tv show enyone could be in jeperdy but you are right Jodie is good

  2. Logan says:

    I totally agree that Jodie had the best of the night. Nyle’s tango was too “hectic” to Quote our beloved Len Goodman, and Wanya was WAY overscored on that waltz. How is it possible that his worst dance tied with his best? On one final note, had Paige been dancing Contemporary, not a Paso, she’d have had straight 9’s easily. It was fantastic, but not a Paso

    • Laura Tew says:

      I totally agree. I missed when they said it was a Paso and I thought it was contemporary. (I was giving them props for putting a Paso feel to a contemporary routine. Then I found out it was the other way around and I had to agree with Len.)

  3. I am glad Len is back… he truly wants ‘dance’ technique not ‘pazzazz”. With that said, the pros have to work with the music they’ve been given. I thought Paige and Mark were great! Nyle’s ability still befuddles me and I think Peta did well with the music given.. Why Jodie was in jeopardy befuddles me as well. Why Doug’s ‘waltz’ had very little technique actually pissed me off. The memory was the love of a man and a woman and the majority of the dance was done out of hold. Do the producers think us viewers are stupid after all these seasons? Doug Flute could have done a beautiful waltz representing the love of his parents…so why did the pro pic this choreography????? Makes one wonder.

    • Because Karina isn’t that good of a choreographer. She would rather show off herself than choreograph to her partner’s strengths.

      • Judy Shelton says:

        Yes I agree , and yes the right person did go, she was terrible from day one.

        • Helen says:

          Each season, the standards get higher. I find for the past few seasons the groups were, in general, pretty good at the beginning. It’s hard to tell who will remain to the end because it is still early. It all depends on the votings. Some people are more popular than others. I vote for the ones who deserve the votes not because they are popular or I feel sympathy for them. Some voters are influenced by the judges’ comments.

      • Penny says:

        I would strongly disagree with that comment. She might not choreograph to your tastes but technically speaking, she is the best female pro on that show and has the most awards and titles to prove it. The other pros on the show have even said as much.

  4. This season of Dancing with the Stars is AWESOME! I don’t know who to vote for, they are all so awesome! I would offer Len some prune juice this week though. ;) Love you Len. You are correct in your insistence on having the proper dance steps in the dance. I love that about you. As a female who has endured bullying as recently as age 40 I will say that I was truly shocked to hear that the beautiful Paige VanZant was bullied. I am so happy she found a way to love herself and she is really an awesome inspiration as is Jodie Sweeten. I grew up watching Full House and recently binge watched Fuller House twice. I had no idea what she had been through, but I can understand how that could happen. Jodie you are so beautiful. I am so looking forward to watching you dance this season! And then there is Nyle DiMarco. What can I say, just astonishing! I love them all but I guess I can vote now because I think I have my top 3. Thanks for such wonderful entertainment Dancing with the Stars and ABC.

  5. There you go Mischa… NOW you can relax and be happy!

  6. Barbara Kehr says:

    Yes she definitely was the one to go. Along with not being able to dance she had a bad attitude. Doug is still struggling but getting better and could hang around week or two. Everyone is so close in scores it might take someone really messing up to choose the next one to go.

  7. Barbara Kehr says:

    Remember some really high scoring people have been cut because the didn’t have the fan base or the fan just didn’t vote.

  8. Raul J says:

    It was nice that one of the songs tonight was “Home”. I thought that was a nice tribute to “American Idol” which is ending this week.

  9. Mischa was horrible from the start and and had a diva attitude. Ginger Zee got a lot of bally hoo in the beginning but is just middle of the road. Lots of potential this season from the NFL boyz.

    • Olive says:

      She sure did think she was a big celebrity. I never watched the OC but that show has been gone for yrs. I feel for Artem because he is a good dancer. I felt Ginger and Val scored way too high the first wk. I think the contenders are the boyz and Lindsey and Mark and the fighter.

  10. Yolanda Jimenez says:

    Yes, Mischa Barton had to go, she was just horrible.

  11. spatjack says:

    Given the attitude that she displayed last time I felt she didn’t want to be there and her dancing showed it. If you’re not a dancer then you have to humble yourself and do what you can to improve and that means listening to your trainer without attitude. Sorry..she had to go on dancing skills alone!

  12. jj says:

    the overscored/overpraised dance in my opinion was Doug. He tripped and practically dropped Karina during that spin move at the end of his dance. And not one of the judges even mentioned it.

  13. Oh, I thought Nyle was BY FAR the best last night… My second place went to Paige! I thought they both looked like pros last night!

    • Helen says:

      I honestly thought that Witney and ther NFL player (I forgot his name) was one of the best ones. Nyle is good considering he is hearing impaired. I didn’t see all the dances closely. Kirina always have the not so good dancers.

  14. Olive says:

    Finally the viewers are sending home the dancers that deserve to go. Hopefully Karinas partner will be next tho he does try hard. Jodi will be sent home soon if Keo doesn’t get over himself! I think we should all love ourselves but this guy is in love with himself and is so conceited. I think last week he said how he did all he could do and put it out there not mentioning Jodi. She needs to quit making those horrible faces too. I am so glad kim stopped making those faces!

  15. sm says:

    Since Keo has a capable partner this season, the fans can see what a great choreographer he is!

  16. Troy says:

    I am so glad that Mischa is gone, she should`ve been voted off the first show. Her attitude is bad, she made her partner not want to work with her, she was disrespectful…and I suppose she thought she was going to keep skating by with her little sad, “Oh, I’m Trying” look. What makes me angry is how the judges feel they need to pacify some of them, especially her, while others who actually work hard and want to be competitive gets no credit, but criticism, something Mischa should continue to get so that she doesn’t continue to think that things are to be handed to her because she pouts and doesn`t want to work hard….Good riddens to her.

  17. RMat says:

    Yes! She was awful! Nyle, the deaf guy has more rhythm and can’t even hear the music.

  18. glenda says:

    Mischa yes….her heart just wasn’t into this. I hope they will give Artem someone who really wants to be there and lasts longer —- he definitely needs to show his talent more.

    • Helen says:

      That’s the problem when a dancer has someone who is not good at all in dancing or has negative attitudes.

  19. Joe Koncz says:

    Yes she was the worst without a doubt the other two couples were great compared to her!

  20. Jen says:

    If Jodie truly was in the bottom then I think it’s because of Keo. Can’t understand why they keep having him as a pro when he has no fanbase and always gets kicked off first or second. I wish Jodie had gotten someone more popular like they could have brought back Tristan or paired her with Louie then she’d have a better shot.

    • Radha says:

      Um, Keo has so far always had duds for partners. And he’s new, so yeah he’s still developing a fanbase. What do you mean why do they keep brining him back? Other new pros have debuted and you aren’t saying anything about them.

    • Raul J says:

      I personally think Keo is very good and am glad he has a good partner. Jodie is his reward fro having to endure Lolo Jones, Gladys Knight, and Charlotte McKinney.

    • Laura Tew says:

      I would love to see Tristan come back and I think he would have done well with her.

    • Toni Sallis says:

      Keo is a great dancer and is coming into his own as a choreographer. He has had the misfortune of having partners who were not so good and he is new. I think he’s doing a great job and Jodie is fortunate to have him as her partner. Good luck to them. I am rooting for Wonya. He is fabulous, but then, most of them are good this season. Good riddens Mischa. Horrible attitude and a horrible dancer. Stiff as a board!

      • Helen says:

        Keo is a good dancer but at the beginning he wasn’t a very good teacher in my opinion. I guess when one is new people are biased. I want him and Jodi to reach far.

  21. Kim R says:

    Unless this was one exceptionally negative editing job, Mischa was not comfortable (or positive) from the very beginning. I get that it might be WAY out of someone’s comfort zone but if you are a person that feels no inclination to be positive or try to overcome your discomfort, I don’t get the saying yes when asked to go on DWTS. It came off so badly on camera I don’t think it would have mattered how well she danced at this point. I feel for her as she does seem a little messed up, but it is right that she went home. She and Artem are probably relieved.

  22. Marlene Fecek says:

    It seems viewers so far are doing the right thing in voting off the stars whose performance was less than par. Hope they stick to the criteria – performance, technique, musicality, just to name a few. Over the passed 21 seasons it seems that sympathy votes kept stars dancing when they should have been eliminated. Vote like a judge, that is what my husband and I do when watching.

  23. Kate says:

    Yes, the right “celebrity” definitely went home. Mischa had a bad attitude from Day One. I certainly didn’t appreciate the way Mischa talked to Artem during the backstage footage from Week 2. “I was counting on *you* to make this a positive experience,” Artem can only do so much! If you, as the celebrity, can’t find the positive in participating in DWTS, then your partner certainly can’t give it to you.

    I like Artem, I think he’s fantastic. And with the right partner, he definitely has the capability to make it to the top of the pack

  24. Nancy says:

    Mischa should have been eliminated because of her attitude alone. Her heart and desire was NOT in it. Her attitude in general needs a major adjustment. Not sure how she has become so well-known or even gotten a job for that matter. NOT a pleasant person. And now that the unbelievable sweet, hard-working, dedicated Bindi Irwin has set the bar so high, Mischa certainly didn’t have a chance……….

  25. Eloise Minn says:

    Who wrote this article? Why are you deliberately misleading the readers with the photo of a couple that did a very good job? You know perfectly that by doing that you are insinuating that Jodie was sent home. Why? That is a sign of plain IGNORANCE.

    • KatsMom says:

      It’s not a sign of ignorance. It’s a sign of the fact that the people running things here have been reporting on these things for a long time — long enough to know that if they routinely posted photos of the person eliminated with the recaps posted around 7:45 PDT, as this one was, the people on the West Coast would be screaming about spoilers going live before the elimination aired on the West Coast. I think the only ignorance here is your own. Those of us who read these recaps regularly know that the photos are usually chosen carefully to avoid spoiling who gets eliminated. The vast majority of the time, the accompanying photo means that person is safe, not eliminated.

  26. Jan says:

    I love to watch Dancing with the “Stars.” It’s hard for me to wait until Monday! I felt so sorry for Artem. He is sooo nice, yet Misha kind of blamed her bad dancing on him and made a remark about not being able to endure another week. She was such a negative person. It’s just a show and the “mirrored ball trophy” is not a Gold Medal! Also, I detest Len. He is too critical. Most of the dancers don’t know how to dance; they’re just learning. He acts as if he’s critiquing pro dancers at a ballroom dancing contest.

    • Gisell Bergen says:

      I totally agree with Jan’s comments. Mischa’s attitude was terrible from the get go and then she tried to blame Artem for her short-comings. What’s up with Len this year, he is so grumpy and miserable, it’s really annoying. I am also put off with Keo’s arrogance, you’d think the competition is about him and not the “stars” who are trying to learn to dance.

  27. Yes Mischa needed to go home, I want to see Artim pared with someone he has a real connection with, we havent seen the best of Artim yet!!!

  28. Rosemarie chandler says:

    I watched artum win scd,and become a big fan. He’s so awesome. And deserves a good partner

  29. mischa barton was the worst dancer since jerry springer , the 8 is enough woman, cloris l. and the erst of the stiff legged geezers theres no room for non talent geezers to be out voting good dancers simply because people like underdogs there should be a limit of 40 and under

    • Logan says:

      I think Geraldo has the title of worst dancer since Jerry Springer. Mischa was a close second thoughand her attitude was worse than that of Lolo Jones

  30. It was her or Flutie, but I didn’t understand Jodie Sweetin being in the bottom three!

  31. Lori SMITH says:

    I haven’t watched in years, but as a football fan I wanted to see my favorite players dance. I am so impressed with nearly all of the celebrity stars, I really like Paige, Marla, and of course, as I mentioned, Antonio, Doug, and Von. Wanya is really doing well too. Love the show.

  32. Mary S says:

    I agree completely…even to the point that even before the official announcement was made, I declared it in the privacy of my own living room.
    And I am so impressed with Nyle I can’t see straight – I voted for him when he was on ANTM, from the first time we were allowed to do so…he is an incredible young man! I knew from week two that he should win it!
    I’m almost of that opinion again, although there are some really wonderful dancers competing, none of them have his intensity, and he can’t even hear the music!!.

  33. Richard says:

    There was no reason to have ms Barton on the show anyway with her sourpuss attitude she really did seem to care at all if she was there or not same way she felt when she was on the OC that show I watched weekly also good to see her sail into the sunset

  34. I think Mischa should have gone last week. There was nothing at all appealing about her despite the fact that I love Artem!