Quantico Season 1 Episode 16 Recap

Quantico Recap: Can't Win 'Em All

If Quantico‘s Alex Parrish were a prescription drug, her FDA-mandated side effects label would read:

WARNING — Prolonged proximity to this woman (and her shampoo-commercial hair) may cause belief in conspiracies, temporary and/or permanent delusions, paranoia, a broken heart and the end of a path to which you’ve devoted your entire life.

And if Hannah Wyland had known that casting her lot with the problematic Agent Parrish would end the way it does in this week’s episode, we like to think that she would’ve given a monologue that ended in “… oh HELL no” and turned to make as speedy an exit as possible in her chic-on-a-government-salary heels. Alas, she didn’t, and she pays the price.

Let’s review what happens in “Clue.”

TIME TO TELL | We pick up where last episode left off, with Hannah now in the loop but no less pissed — about Alex lying to a congressional committee, sneaking a bomb-clad Natalie past FBI metal detectors, stealing classified information from an FBI server, etc. “I had no choice,” Alex counters, defiant, as I wonder: Isn’t Alex afraid her house might be bugged? And if she isn’t, shouldn’t she be?! Hannah says their next move has to be to bring the FBI director up to speed, but Alex adamantly counters that it’s a bad idea.

Later, at work, Hannah grudgingly agrees not to say anything for 24 hours, with the caveat that she’s taking the lead on the investigation. So when they get word that Sen. Haas’ schedule has abruptly changed, Hannah and Alex assume that the terrorist will strike before Claire leaves town. They both join the senator’s protective detail when she visits Columbia University, but after Hannah manhandles a suspicious EMT (who’s later revealed as totally benign), Claire demands that Hannah’s superiors keep “that violent woman out of my sight.” So Miranda (!) takes her off the campaign, but Hannah decides she still needs to be at a town hall event that night.

MISSED ‘EM AGAIN! | Hannah also decides that she’s tired of waiting for the terrorist to call the shots, so she emails him/her/it, and gets an immediate phone call in reply. New mission: Place a sealed envelope under a specific seat in the town hall’s auditorium, which Alex does while she and Hannah discuss Ryan via the FBI-issued earpieces they’re wearing. (Wait, are you two on a secure line? Isn’t pretty much every agent in the building listening in?)

Hannah is just telling Alex about how “nothing would make [Ryan] happier than you sitting down and telling —” when the man in question confronts Alex, angrily asking her what she placed under the seat. Hannah intervenes, Ryan storms off, Simon calls and says the chip in the envelope was likely something that could knock out all the power in the surrounding area… and when Alex checks, the envelope is gone. (Side note: Whyyyyyy weren’t Alex and/or Hannah keeping an eye on that seat?)

Quantico Season 1 Episode 16 RecapOf course, soon after Claire comes out on stage, all of the lights go out. In the melee that follows, Hannah thinks it’s best to fire her gun overhead in a room full of people losing their ish. Is it any wonder that she’s suspended from active duty? On her way out, she asks Alex not to bring Ryan into the insanity, because “He needs to sit this one out.”

Not a problem, Hannah! It turns out that Agent Booth now thinks that Alex set Hannah up, and so now he’s gunning to take Alex down himself. Weren’t they just exchanging sappy “I just wanted to hear your voice”-type conversations the other day?

The terrorist calls at the end of the day, and Alex can’t figure out why he/she/it isn’t mad that Claire didn’t die. But then Simon helps her realize that someone broke into a Columbia lab located under the theater during the breakout. Per Alex, this intel is their “first real clue.”

PROCESSING IT ALL | Back in the Quantico days, we see Liam step in to take over while the Office of Professional Review is looking into Miranda and the incident at her house. Because every lesson at the academy has to be a Lesson, he uses a plane-set terrorist scenario to point out to the NATs — who, you’ll recall, have just lived through a real-life terrorist attack — that some situations are lose-lose (aka a “kobayashi maru”), no matter what you do.

But before we get there, we watch the recruits do a whole lot of acting-out. Shelby crawls naked into Caleb’s bed (while Will’s sleeping on the other side of the room!) and tries to jump him during the class exercise; she’s messed up about learning about her parents, but she won’t admit that until much later in the episode.

Alex and Drew fight. Alex and Liam fight. Alex tries to get the best of the terrorist situation with a gun in each hand, and the move is so John Woo, I half expect pigeons to burst out of the seatback pocket in front of her. Alex realizes that she can’t do everything alone.

Quantico Season 1 Episode 16 RecapCaleb’s Systemics plan hits a snag when he realizes that someone he knows is now the head of the cult — which means that he can’t infiltrate under an assumed name, because he’ll be recognized. So Will steps up and volunteers, saying he’s got motive: His Christian Scientist father’s beliefs eventually led to his sister’s death. So Caleb agrees… then calls his dad to brief him. So Clayton is in on this?

We learn where Raina was on New Year’s — with Simon! — and the twins argue about what to tell OPR about Miranda’s involvement in their infiltration of the terror cell. It turn out all to be for naught, though, because Miranda tells investigators the whole thing was her idea. When she addresses all of the NATs at the end of the episode, she tearfully tells them, “It is time for me to say goodbye as your teacher, for now, at least.” Everyone looks shocked, but that’s nothing compared to how gobsmacked Alex is going to be when she learns that Liam is bringing Ryan back to teach!

Now it’s your turn. What did you think of the episode? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. Augie says:

    This show is losing steam fast. So many inconsistencies if this were the real FBI I would b scared for our country. It’s so disappointing when a show has a good start and then turns into this. Why would calebs plan even work? Just this one guy would recognize him out of the whole cult? Not another single member would recognize him? Also, does Alex own any shirt that doesn’t show off her cleavage? If the senators medication was just like the her other why even make the switch? I know it’s a tv show, but I like a little realism at least. This chain of events is so out of the realm of possibilities. Next weeks big shocker can b put off to the Voice just coercing another agent to do what they want. So anyone it is can still b a “good guy”.

    • Lulu says:

      All I could do was stare at her very perky boobs

    • Shonda says:

      The bombing story feels like a bunch of scenes strung together.

    • Mike says:

      The one thing I can defend is the medication switch. The reason they did that was two fold. First, it shows how capable Alex is at getting things done. Also, it was a diversion like they showed at the end…a shell game. While they’re so concerned about the Senator and what that medication might do, the terrorist is doing something else(as Simon points out at the end). I got nothin on the rest of your complaints. :)

      I seriously hope next week’s “shocker” isn’t a bait and switch like the mid season finale(as you’re suggesting) and I’m kinda hoping it’s Ryan. How perfect would it be that the person she had ‘pegged from day one on that plane would end up being a terrorist.

  2. laura says:

    This show is find of mess..

  3. dan says:

    What was the point of the airplane hostage lesson? Were we to assume that two FBI agents would coincidentally be on an airplane with a hijacker and Air Marshal? I also didn’t understand why two FBI agents would be freely roaming around the auditorium while Secret Service was there to protect Claire. They certainly weren’t doing a covert operation. Didn’t anybody notice them talking into their sleeves and wonder “what are those two ladies from the FBI doing?” And how did Miranda become a boss again? After the bombing at Grand Central she was held for assisting Alex. I guess I missed her being absolved of wrongdoing and getting a promotion.

  4. Bigdede says:

    As soon as they showed that phone call between Simon and Raina, I turned it off. I was too pissed to watch. So this whole time Simon and Raina have been dating?!?! They were my main reason for watching. I loved them and to know they’ve been secretly dating and we could not watch their romance pissed me off

  5. I gave the show a shot last night as there wasn’t anything else to watch, and decided I wasn’t a fan. Certainly if you just jump into a show with an ongoing storyline, it’s difficult to follow. But even with the current show’s storyline as is, it’s too far out there and I couldn’t really see the point around it.
    The plane hijack scenario didn’t make much sense, if it was really no-win. The lesson, I guess, is that you lose two agents, an air marshal, and the passengers. I guess there aren’t any Todd Beamers on that plane.

  6. Katherine215 says:

    What exactly is the purpose of Drew? Is he supposed to be the new love interest for Alex? I have zero interest in any of his scenes and find his character to be dull and boring. I’d much rather have Alex interacting with Shelby and Caleb than this twit. Also, they are making Alex more and more unlikable every week. She’s a know it all (who’s wrong A LOT) and she thinks the world revolves around her. Shelby and Caleb’s stories are what’s keeping me watching right now.

    • dan says:

      All I think when I see Drew is “can that shirt be any tighter?” I noticed that all the NATs are now wearing tight, performance fabric shirts instead of the Henley-type shirts that were tight, but not as tight as these new things. As for Shelby and Caleb: her character has done a 180 and his character still sucks. I’ll give Shelby a pass because her parents faked their deaths, but I’m not giving Caleb a pass–he needs to go.

    • SHONDA LAUREL says:

      Drew is her next screw buddy so yes her new love interest.

  7. Mina says:

    Wait — are we all just totally skipping over the fact that Hannah basically admitted that the reason why things between her and Ryan didn’t work out is because she discovered she’s a lesbian?? Or did I totally misinterpret that scene right before Hannah shot her gun into the air?

    • Nia says:

      Nah! I noticed it as well! Hannah is awesome but she has a lot of speeches up her sleeve and she needs to take it down a notch. Don’t know when we will see her again though.

    • Maria M. says:

      I was thinking the same thing! Alex didn’t react, at all. I don’t know know how much longer I can watch this show. So much promise.

    • Anu T. says:

      Well not necessarily a lesbian, she could easily be bi, poly, or pan, but yeah, she loves a girl.

  8. Nudda says:

    This show has tragically gone off track. I still don’t see the hype around the person playing the Alex character, her over acting is terrible (remember the stupid reaction and running into the street scene when she got a call) and not really that attractive as made out by some commentators. I’d be happy if she goes, then bring the story back. Alex is supposed to be ‘smart as’, but in reality, just really dumb.