The 100 Recap

The 100 Recap: Who Died This Time?

Just two episodes after sending Lexa to an early grave, The 100 struck again on Thursday, killing another fan-favorite character.

Sure, Ricky Whittle’s casting in Starz’s American Gods all but ensured that Lincoln would meet his maker this season — just as Lexa’s death was attributed to Alycia Debnam-Carey’s Fear the Walking Dead schedule — but even with that in mind, Lincoln’s death hurt like a mother.

Bellamy and the gang managed to stave off Lincoln, Kane and Sinclair’s three-way execution — believe me, I’m just as shocked as you — but when Pike promised the Arkadians that at least one of the traitors would be executed, Lincoln did exactly what you’d expect a man of his caliber to do: He sacrificed himself so that his fellow captives could go free. Noble ’til the damn end, that one.

Lincoln had no final words for Pike, mere seconds before he was shot in the head, but he did have four for Octavia: “May we meet again.” (Seeing the look of absolute devastation on Octavia’s face only made the whole ordeal more difficult to watch.)

And you can bet that Whittle appreciates his fans’ outpouring of support. He tweeted this photo even before the episode aired on the east coast:

(So long, friend.)

Elsewhere in the hour…

* Ontari was named the new Commander, following Aden’s beheading (sad) and Titus’ death (not as sad, but still sad).

* Nathan made Bryan choose between him and Pike, which means he’ll probably die next. (Let’s be honest, guys.)

So… your thoughts on this week’s developments, including Lincoln’s death and Ontari’s (false) ascension? Drop ’em in a comment below.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Kevin says:

    The 100 begins to look a like Game of Thrones. not that I’m complaining.

    • Hellas13 says:

      Let’s see if the outrage of Lincoln is as big as Lexa. But I guess Lincoln is not a lesbian character. In my book it;s a violent show, characters will die.

      • Nicaela says:

        Lesbians only care about lesbian characters. They don’t care if the other two gay guys die or to support a main bisexual strong female woman. I was surprised they gave to the Trevor Project instead of a lesbian organization only.

        • DCL33 says:

          @ NIcaela – First of FU. If you had at least a little bit of knowledge you would know that even lesbians were outraged by his death. The only difference is, everyone knew he would die for couple of months now while Rothernberg was deceiving everyone about Lexa’s death. Some figured out all the way back in October that Lexa died btw. It is a common knowledge that Rothernberg bullied Ricky and that he quit the show because of it. So yeah, we all knew Lincoln will die and lesbians are just as pissed about it as anyone else. Also the twitter trend was also about Lincoln dying. You should go read some of the twits. 2nd The Trevor Project donation, which btw atm has more than $110K is not all about lesbians but about LGBT+ youth you ignorant ameba. Educate yourself before you vomit all over your keyboard. You say lesbians only care about lesbians, yet lesbians did more positive things than you did sitting at the keyboard spreading stupid.

          • DL says:

            You’re making good points here, but you undermine yourself by being so vitriolic. You don’t need to sink down to this person’s level by hurling insults. Thanks for letting people know more about The Trevor Project though.

        • Amy says:

          Angry Lesbian doesn’t make it any less relevant. And FYI for all the people who use this as excuse to avoid the point: lesbians are not a separate species yet have a higher than usual rate of death ratio.

          • Lucifer says:

            Has this been compared to all other groups of characters (race, gender, orientation, disability, age, etc.)? Because the claim that lesbian and bisexual women are killed off at a higher rate seems to just be people collectively lumping them all together and saying “see look at all the dead lesbians!”

          • @Lucifer…can you name 10 lesbian characters on TV right now? I’ll bet that you could name a couple hundred straight ones. I’m no sure if the ratio is drastically different, in terms of percentages of deaths, but there are so few lesbian characters on TV(many of whom suddenly become bisexual) that the deaths at least seem more frequent. Writers could kill off 50 percent of all the straight characters of every show on TV and there would still be 50 times more straight than lesbian characters on TV. Lexa was a strong, interesting lesbian character so I understand why lesbians viewers would be so up in arms over her death.

          • statistics says:

            Your argument doesn’t make any sense. Around 4% of the population identifies as homosexual, wouldn’t it just be weird if 50% of TV characters were gay? They were talking about mortality rates among gay vs. straight characters which is completely separate from rate of homosexuality.

    • Mingzhu says:

      that’s exactly the same thing I thought before I even watched this episode. I thought to myself “The only two shows where I dont really think ‘They’ll be fine’ are GoT and The 100”.

  2. Gradybridges says:

    Totally awesome. Murphy and Ontari will make a great couple. She is the new Joffrey but smart and a great fighter

  3. Jason says:

    I don’t wanna see Octavia with anyone else other than Lincoln :(. She (and he) deserves happiness.

  4. Kat says:

    Did Jason Rothenberg start hanging out with Zack Snyder during the break between seasons 2 and 3? It’s so frustrating when writers thinking piling on more and more and more and more violence and death automatically equals good. Black Sails is a great example of a show that takes place in a very violent world where people experience awful things and sometimes die, but the writers know how to show restraint, to use graphic violence and death selectively and wisely. There’s an awful lot of media being created recently where the creators don’t actually understand restraint. It becomes desensitizing and frankly boring after awhile.

    • mooshki says:

      That’s exactly why I stopped watching The Walking Dead. Having so many characters killed off made me stop giving a darn about any of them.

    • Hellas13 says:

      It’s a violent show in a violent time. Characters will die. If not it’s not realistic. Period.

      • Kat says:

        The point————————————————————–> you
        But thanks for responding without actually reading what I wrote, you really raised the discourse level.

        • I’d agree with you IF people dying all the time wasn’t already built into the fabric of the show. I don’t think this season has really gone overboard with it because the constant death is to be expected from this show. However, the deaths have been handled with a lot more emotion this year and it is clear that the writers are putting a lot of effort into making the viewers have a really emotional response. The focus of the season, among other things, really seems to be the emotional consequences of death. Bellamy, Raven and Jasper are obvious examples of characters suffering from PTSD, everybody seems to be mourning someone and most character’s decisions seem to be guided by an emotional impulse. Perhaps that’s why it feels particularly overwhelming this year, but it’s also an indication that they are doing a good job.

    • Randy says:

      Perfect. Thank you!

    • I agree; I feel it is a trend to pile it on or up the shock value, wich for me, has resulted in not being shocked, but rather disgusted and turned off on the such a show. some shows I’ll keep watching, hoping things will get turned down, while some, I just can’t continue watching. I’ll keep watching The 100 and see where it goes. Glad to know Black Sails is balanced and not piled on as now that Starz set to offer online streaming service, so looking forward to watching Black Sails. If you like Black Sails, read my book “Peter and the Band of Pirates.” (amazo – includes the “Guthries” which is based on material before Black Sails first aired) I also liked “Crossbones” and thought Blackbeard character was well written and played wonderfully by John Malkovich; was sad to see it was only one Season. Wish the show had moved to Netflix like Longmire.

  5. Ash says:

    Bellamy wasn’t involved in their escape at all. The credit goes to Abby, Bryan and Monty.

  6. Angel says:

    screw it, now I only want Clarke and Octavia to get together

  7. Jason says:

    I don’t understand why people are pointing their targets at Jason Rothenberg. He has no choice since both Ricky and Alycia were committed to another series.

    • Kat says:

      Unlike Alycia, Ricky was contracted as a series regular with the 100. As far as I’m aware, that means he had to be released from his contract before he could sign a new one, or at the very least any new contracts would take into consideration his series regular status on the contract that came first. Now, since Ricky Whittle has not at all been quiet about calling Jason Rothenberg a bully, he may very well have asked to be released from his contract so he could find work in an environment that didn’t treat him like crap, rather than the writers just deciding to kill him off (I don’t know if that’s what happened, it just wouldn’t surprise me). But either way what happened with Ricky absolutely was Jason’s choice. He had Ricky under contract. Either he decided to kill of the character and Ricky then went off and found another job, or Ricky asked to be written off because Jason treated him like crap. Either way, Jason’s to blame.

      • Bryan says:

        Jaha’s son was a regular too and also Finn so maybe it was to push the plot forward. I get that it hurts to see likeable characters die but if it’s to push the show forward, then so be it.

        • A fan of TV says:

          No, that’s not the point. These fans have stopped making it about the deaths and instead are fixated on everything they perceive to be Jason Rothenburg’s problems or faults. It’s an anti-Rothenburg social media-fed “get the guy fired” campaign, no matter what it may have started as. Read every single negative comment here – no matter what they might allude to regarding LGBT rights, they are far more interested in kicking Rothenburg’s skills as a showrunner and as a person. Its really too bad that a campaign with meaning and importance became kids throwing stones on a virtual playground about a different issue entirely.

      • ? says:

        Ricky wanted to leave. He thought he was the star of the show rather than a low-priority ensemble player. And maybe that will be for the best because now he has another show where he’s the star and it’s shaping up to be a hit. Rothenberg didn’t have to let him go, but why keep an unhappy actor under contract? I find it unlikely he was treated badly by the show, it seems very clear that he had expectations of how much screentime and material he would get to play, and they weren’t met. Which happens in acting jobs all the time, roles evolve. Personally, I think Ricky is the one who didn’t handle this well, but he’s still pretty green to the industry and I think he’ll learn . . . although this time it did seem to work out for him because he was free to get American Gods.

      • Asumta Daniels says:

        I read an article explaining why he “Ricky” had to die though am sad he’s out but if i was him i could have done the same thing.

    • Anon says:

      I don’t either haha. But it’s because he as accused of queerbaiting which makes no sense since Clarke is still bi sexual on the show. Lexa wasn’t even a series regular and anyone with half a brain could figure out that she was going to be killed off this season cuz of FTWD haha. So I don’t get the big deal either.

      • Richard Holt says:

        The whole queer baiting incident was based on one simple fact. One of the 100 show writers (with the complicit blessing of the 100 show producers to gain show publicity) went on a gay/lesbian forum under the pretext of rumor control about leaks and other gossip related to the show. Obviously if a forum gets a LEGITIMATE show employee (i.e an actual WRITER who has the show producer/show lawyer’s blessing) helping moderators control the rumor mill on a forum, then this makes such a forum 100% legit. The writer in question specifically targeted a well known gay/lesbian forum and used Lexa’s character to get as much gay support for the ratings.

        And the problem with this is that a forum member SPECIFICALLY ASKED THIS WRITER IF LEXA WOULD DIE IN S3. This writer responded in a post that NO SHE WAS SAFE and would not die in a follow up post. This writer did this several times trying to reassure gay fans Lexa was safe. When in fact this writer (i.e. ALL the 100 writers), Jason Rothenberg, Kim S., the show producers–even Alycia herself–knew Lexa’s character was going to be culled in EP7. Because you see, that decision had been made back in late Nov-Dec 2015 LAST YEAR. So Alycia, JR, show producers etc. all knew Lexa was DOA at the time this writer (and J.Rothenberg) were publically stating Lexa’s character was “safe”. Checkout Jason’s tweets up to a month or so ago assuming he hasn’t deleted them due to the fallout.

        Fans are passionate about the shows and characters they commit to. Regardless of whether they are GoT, TWD and yes The 100. And because of this passion, said fans don’t care to be deceived. Especially if finding real life role models of strong, intelligent gay/lesbians is an ongoing challenge for them daily.

        The gay/lesbian segment of the fanbase feels BETRAYED. That’s all…….

        • Nicaela says:

          “Obviously if a forum gets a LEGITIMATE show employee (i.e an actual WRITER who has the show producer/show lawyer’s blessing) helping moderators control the rumor mill on a forum, then this makes such a forum 100% legit. ”

          Do you have actual proof of this? That Rothenberg and a lawyer told a writer to do this? If so I would like to see it,because I have my doubts that Rothenberg would be doing this while at the same giving interviews saying,that AMC would only allow him to use Alycia for seven episodes.

        • CTMMom says:

          Even if that were all true, anyone associated with the show can not spoil what will be happening on it.

        • Guest says:

          Get over yourselves, all of you who are STILL witching and moaning about a guest star who might have been gay but was never comfirmed (Lexa might have been bi like apparently Clarke is) dying. You come across as self absorbed and if it’s not your way then it’s the highway and the only reason is because your offended. Boo freaking hoo. Grow up and get over it. I’m sorry for venting but for the love of all that is holy I’m sick and tired of these ridiculous comments. And before you even start going into “well here’s another Bellamy/Clarke shipper who must be straight as a board” commenting no need because I’m a women who loves women! Homosexual as they come over here and even I’m disgusted by the lot of you.

      • Fogh says:

        Queerbaiting is when a show keeps hinting that characters are queer. This show never did that. Call it something else.

  8. Gina says:

    I knew him and lexa were dying for sure this season. Doesn’t mean it still didn’t suck though haha. I think that’s it for the cast though this season since none of the others seem to be on any other major shows.

  9. Nicole says:

    Um Lincoln sacrificed himself for his own people. Pike threatened to kill all of the grounders that were imprisoned not the “traitors”. That threat wouldn’t even make sense since Kane, Lincoln and Sinclair were all about to escape and Pike couldn’t threaten to kill them.

    I hope Ricky finds a home with his new show and can move on with his life.

  10. Oh Well says:

    Im glad I saw this article. I have a bunch of episodes sitting on my DVR waiting to be watched, but now I can just delete them. Linctavia was my favorite part of the show (and Jonty, but they screwed that up too). I’m watching too many shows anyway.

  11. Anne says:

    oh good! After they kill of the lesbian, they kill of a POC. Not like that’s a trend on this show too. The 100’s treatment of characters of colour has been deplorable. People should have been outraged way before the whole Lexa thing.

    • Anne says:

      First part of that comment was sarcasm btw.

    • Siji M'mhed says:

      He was killed by another POC, you annoying SJW.

    • Fogh says:

      The also killed two white guys in the same episode.

      Monroe was white, so was Gina and Nia. So was Finn, Dante, Cage, Roma, Sterling, Charlotte, Atom, Maya and many more. So if they kill 5 white people and 1 POC more this season, are you going to be mad again?

      Killing POC is not a trend on the show. Killing white people is and you don’t see me complaining about that.

  12. Dave says:

    I typed in google “the 100” just check out the latest episode recap. Do u know what the first thing i saw was?? “The 100 LINCOLN DIES”.., what if i hadnt seen the episode?? Dick

    • Well if you hadn’t seen the episode, then you wouldn’t be clicking on recaps unless you wanted to be spoiled…

      • Jason Johnson says:

        Same thing happened to me, the first link said ‘The 100’ Recap: Season 3, Episode 9 — Lincoln Dies, didn’t have to click it to get spoiled.

        • Fogh says:

          Why did you google “The 100” anyway? The episode just aired. Naturally there are chances you will get spoiled?!

          • Do you understand how the google suggestion works? Its the highest searched terms in your area.. So people were searching this.. How is this on google at all. If I don’t want to get spoiled by a show and I know I have not watched the episode.. I will stay away from that topic on the internet all together. The internet has been around for quite sometime…. Time to start learning how to use it.

  13. Nicaela says:

    Gosh,that was way harsher then Lexa’s death for me. When Lincoln looked up and to the right it reminded of Anne Boleyn’s death on The Tudors. Ricky Whittle is a fantastic Actor and I plan to watch him on American Gods as Shadow. This episode I thought was really great and I’m looking forward to Octavia and Bellamy fighting and Clarke finding Luna and to see Ontaria’s reaction when Luna or someone likely shows up with the chip in their neck.

    I had heard there is to be another character death and I hope it’s Pike. Have no sympathy for the guy at this point killing Lincoln.

  14. Abdul says:

    Why put a spoiler on the title??

  15. Aron says:

    So basically Skaikru is screwed because Lincoln knew where Luna was….. Also I don’t get why people are mad at Lincoln and Lexa death, I get that Ricky had another show and on top of that he also wasn’t getting treated very well by Jason and he was tired of it so he left

  16. cmc says:


  17. Disgusted by Lincoln’s death even though i knew it was coming Ontari is hot,hot,hot right there with Lindsey Morgan

  18. ieva says:

    Thanks for this massive spoiler, that came first in google search while looking up the show’s name. Savages.

  19. Eva says:

    “Bellamy and the gang managed (…)” – Bellamy had literally nothing to do with them managing to do anything. He was chained to a rock, ffs. Not his plan, not his execution. He had good intentions, but they managed without him, so why the credit?

  20. Anyone that has really watched this show from the outset knows that they have no qualms in killing off characters. That is the main thing which separated it from the stigma of “CWness” (so to speak) and turned it into one of the best series on Television.

    I also hated the deaths of Lexa/Lincoln/Anya/Maya among others, but they were done while moving the story forward. As for the “ships” and other complaints, those are irrelevant to me even though I understand the point of view from people that are invested in them.

    • ? says:

      Pffft. Vampire Diaries kills off characters. Arrow and the Flash kills off characters. Even Reign kills off characters. The CW stigma is because those deaths are done cheaply for shock value rather than long term storytelling, which 100 is guilty of this season as well.

  21. Mila says:

    Andy, couldn’t you give a proper recap to that show? And avoid errors as if you watched it not really following? Bellamy did not help anyone escape as he was tied up because nobody trusts him. Also, I think you diminished the beheading… it wasn’t only Aden but 7-8 children that were killed so Ontari would be the next commander.

  22. 0mniessence says:

    They be killing err’body on this show 😦
    Linctavia and clexa are dead, Titus is dead, all of clexa’ adoptive night blood children are dead (and what a gruesome way to go), like… I will ACTUALLY be shocked when someone DOESN’T die.

    • Batman says:

      This is too true. I remember learning in elementary school that writers that don’t know what to do with their characters kill them off. I know it’s a generalization, but I think it rings true when this many people die.

      Killing off all the kids so quickly for example. Aidan was a sharp acter…..I would have enjoyed seeing him narrowly escape (given they would have him tied up or something and the girl would be slaughtering all the children all on a cliff and he would break his cross/stake upon which he was tied up and leap off the cliff into the water below…… it wouldn’t be a cowardice thing……it would be a live to fight another day thing).

      Also not a fan of the head shot ending for Lincoln. I would have at least had him stored in the AI’s fantasy land matrix. Then they could bring him back somehow someday when his other show falls through.

      Also… I miss Lexa.

  23. i am awesome says:

    octavia is gonna murder the crap out of pike…

  24. numarkja says:

    Wow, I never had a website have a spoiler in the headline! Not sure why but in Google this story’s headline totally gives away Lincoln’s death.

    “The 100 Recap: Season 3, Lincoln dies”


  25. Jacob Vibert says:

    Thanks for spoiling this for me by saying Lincoln Dies in the title! I searched for the episode and this was the first thing that came up!

  26. Sherry Pope says:

    How could you kill Lincoln he was one of the best characters on the show ! I hated it when they killed Finn but saw that coming never thought you would kill off a character like Lincoln , he was awesome! My heart hurts, so sad! Great job Ricky Whittle, you will be missed!

  27. Zainab says:

    Really sad about Lincoln’s death, he was one of my favorite characters. I honestly don’t get why people are pissed, since season 1 the show has always been about war and survival meaning people will die, characters that you love will die in the most gruesome and unfair way. I feel like because this show is on The CW and most of the main characters are teenagers people expect it to be all unicorn and rainbows and if people die they’ll be resurrected like in SPN/TVD. The 100 is breaking the mold and its a really good show, to all the 100 fans out there in the words of Ramsay Snow “if you expect this to have a happy ending then you haven’t been paying attention”. I love this show its amazing keep up what you’re doing JRoth and co.

  28. The 100 Whovian Fan says:

    Lincoln and Lexa were both my favourite characters, but their…. death has given a twist to it, which I love. I am just hoping no other amazing character will die (Clarke, Bellamy, Raven, Monty, Jasper, Murphy, Kane, Abby, Octavia, Harper, and….maybe Jaha as he has kind of gone bad). Now that there is no Linctavia I have to ship… Octavia and Jasper
    If you kill of Abby or Kane….#Kabby will never happen and #Kabby fans will go…. MAD, including me…!

  29. GleekThe100 says:

    If you guys kill either Abby or Kane, #Kabby will never happen, so #Kabby Fans (Including me) will go….MAD! I love how the 100 has a twist now that Lincoln died and also Lexa died but I am still upset….about…..their deaths.

  30. tomalak says:

    Spoilers in the ffffffcking title!! WTF is wrong with you??!?!??!?!?!

  31. Batman says:

    It would have made sense for them to at least make a cut on the back of the new commander’s neck.

  32. tomalak says:

    Did anyone else catch Sinclair/Gaeta’s “oh ffs not again” look when Kane announced he was going to be executed for treason at dawn? lol

  33. Tea says:

    Nathan made Bryan choose between him and Pike, which means he’ll probably die next. (Let’s be honest, guys.)

    wait who, Nathan or Bryan?

  34. A fan of TV says:

    Lincoln always would have sacrificed himself. That’s who Lincoln is. I wonder now if the show will go back to their original plan and pair up Octavia with Jasper. They can save each other from their pain.

  35. Alex says:

    Is this show for real? On CW no less, and with TEENS as their targeted demo? srsly? What happaned to “we don’t glorify violence” Mr, Rothenberg?

    • really, now many deaths was that in one episode? Ten? At least they spared us seeing the Ascension kids getting killed. TV is becoming a virtual Colosseum. Violence was expected on Spartacus and the disgust I felt was over slavery and the historic reality the show represented. Yet with The 100 and Outlander, I’m left feeling only disgusted and that doesn’t make me want to keep watching. See my comment below for more (109).

  36. I came here to comment in anger, thanks tvline for putting the spoiler IN THE TITLE OF THE ARTICLE! I was just googling to see if the 100 aired this week (as I don’t live in the US) and first line first result was this article – Lincoln dies.

  37. Jennifer says:

    So if the ascending commander kills all of the other available nightbloods to gain the victory of the throne…. Then where do they next generation of nightbloods come from, who will be groomed to replace the new commander? They aren’t the commander’s children obviously. So are babies continually randomly born with nightblood? It wouldn’t seem like it could be genetic since it couldn’t pass down. And if Ontario has nightblood… Why wasn’t she ever sent to conclave? She would have been in Lexas generation rather than Aiden’s. Could have ascended a generation earlier.

  38. C H says:

    I am very upset with the death of Lincoln and Lexa this show started out great, but there is way too much killing and with Lincoln being killed I’m not sure if I will continue to watch

  39. Sierra says:

    What the freak😑 Why lincoln have to die?! I loved him 😭 That ending just broke my heart 💔

  40. C says:

    HOE COULD THEY?! I can’t believe they killed him. He was the bridge that connected Skycrew to his family! I am starting to hate this show.

  41. Randy says:

    The 100 great show until now. Killing off the best characters and not enough world exploration, probably last season for me. Also, in Hot Shows area 2 of the best shows on TV are not listed : Daredevil and Limitless. WHY?

  42. Flashrow says:

    It took me until this episode to figure out that Bryan is Hercules from Once Upon a Time lol

  43. Pam Solomon says:

    I’ve been a fan since day one, but shouldn’t they rename it to The 25? Cuz it seems like that’s about all that’s left!

  44. Huy Thai says:


    • Heda Neon says:

      I googled the lyrics and the song is Cloud by Elias

      • Faith says:

        Every time I listen to this song from now on, all I will see is Lincoln’s death play out in my head!!! Idk how you like this song ANYMORE!!

  45. Fan says:

    Really pissed me off 100. Kill Lena in middle of a story and then Titus and then Lincoln wth seriously had to kill Lincoln inthought walking dead was bad for killing fan favorites. I hope like dies the same way

  46. John says:

    Please stop it with the spoilers in the title. I google ‘the 100 season 3 episode 9″ so I can find it on cw or hulu and the first thing that pops up, is “lincoln dies” and I haven’t even watched the episode yet. It’s extremely annoying.

  47. bob says:

    Last season of The 100. At least make them all go back into space, considering how retarded the show become

  48. Sop says:

    Why Lincoln!????? He’s the only one who can stop the grounder commander and now he had a sad death in front of Octavia 😭

  49. Berta says:

    What’s the point of watching it now when Lincoln is gone…… wtf….

    • Asumta Daniels says:

      i felt the same way but Bellamy and Octavia are still around, i dont like Clarke’s character i know shes the lead but wish she was executed instead of linc

  50. Sive says:

    Why didn’t Octavia run for Lincoln?