Shades of Blue finale

Shades of Blue Finale Recap: She's Got 200K Problems, But Her Ex Ain't One

“A mother will do terrible things to protect her child,” pleaded Det. Harlee Santos’ former mother-in-law on Shades of Blue‘s Season 1 finale.

Little did Miguel’s mama know, but it would be that exact logic Harlee would employ when making the decision to snap the woman’s twisted, abusive son’s neck between her thighs in the episode’s final moments. I know that sounds like the exact opposite of feel-good television, but trust and believe that the grim execution was richly deserved.

Shades of Blue miguel diesAfter all, Miguel had broken in to Harlee’s home with designs on raping her — and then he threatened to eventually do the same to their teenage daughter. Now that he’s dead, there’s at least one ray of light at the end of the Holland Tunnel — leading, of course, to Cristina, whom Harlee banished across the river (for her own safety) to live with her aunt in scenic Jersey City.

The “Harlee Kills Miguel” moment was just one of several big twists in the hour — which wrapped much of the action, but left enough gray space to provide a launching pad for Season 2.

In a nutshell, here’s how it played out:

* Backstabbing Donnie Pomp wound up with a knife in his torso when Loman killed him in self-defense. Wozniak helped the crew’s youngest member dispose of the Internal Affairs monster’s corpse — hopefully, dude wanted to be cremated — leading to the best one-liner in the hour. “He was a bad cop who did bad things and something bad happened to him,” Loman eulogized. “Amen.”

* As we learned last week, Harlee had made off with the FBI’s $12 million — but only because she planned to use it as leverage to get immunity for her entire crew. Unfortunately, with Donnie to ashes and Linklater (or whatever his name was) in the wind, “the only person you’ve got left to sell out is me,” Wozniak told Harlee. She tried to spare him from the truth that she’d been the mole all along, but her boss/father figure was one step ahead.

Shades of Blue finaleTurns out, Woz took off with the money — leaving a cool $200,000 for Cristina’s college fund — and then turned himself into the FBI with the remainder of the cash. “I don’t want to lose another daughter. I forgive you,” he told Harlee, over the phone. But the cameras cut away as Harlee went to tell Woz some unknown bit of intel that might help him stop the endlessly creepy Agent Stahl. Hello, Season 2 seed being planted!

* Did I mention Stahl slept with Agent Chen — then threw her under the bus for being emotionally unstable… the better to protect his own hide? I told you he was endlessly creepy!

* J.Lo’s real life beau Casper Smart showed up in a cameo as a Linklater courier not giving Woz the answers he wanted to hear. Lucky for him, it was a public meetup, so his character may live to scheme another day.

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  1. This show really made me question whether all cops are corrupt.

    • Chicago Dan says:

      I know, right? Just like after watching GA’s, I start to think doctors are hot, sleep with each other and will do anything to save their patients….

  2. Lp says:

    I think you meant emotionally UNstable. :)

  3. Scg says:

    Too many loose ends

  4. Is season 2 gonna premiere in the fall or 2017?

  5. Ric says:

    Ray Liotta gives one Hell of a performance on this show. Great cast.

  6. Diane Alstad says:

    one of the best shows of the year

  7. old Sarge says:

    I love how this show challenges and manipulates one’s moral conscious. For example, we assimilate our emotional need to provide for our families into the role of the main character. This attachment leads to an emotional justification in support of a morally and corrupt actions. Utilizing a priest to convey the message that breaking the law to following one’s moral conscious when the situation is appropriate. The writers should definitely win many awards. I love the show and sincerely hope that there is another season.

  8. Andrea Radich says:

    Loved it! This show reminds me of the Sopranos from the other side!! Guessing many women want to know how she did that!!

  9. Monica says:

    Don’t take a long time for Season 2 to come on !!!!!!

  10. Sally McLinn says:

    I just read that it won’t return until January. That can’t be right! It needs to return in a few weeks. I want to see what happens to Woz.

  11. yesh says:

    OMG this show is AWESOME. Acting was incredible. Series finale amaze balls!

  12. jackie says:

    Wow that ending was priceless. I couldn’t think of a better ending for miguel. I’m sure the actor didn’t even mind it.

  13. jeff says:

    Endlessly facinating, always a “WOW” moment at the end. Best show I have watched.

  14. I was hugely impressed with Jennifer Lopez’s performance. She was completely believable and I looked forward to watching the show every week. Can’t wait for season 2!

  15. jc taylor says:

    Jennifer holds her own against LaPaglia here and against Clooney on film. I give her high marks as an actor.

  16. Just Saying.... says:

    The episode was riveting. Can’t wait to see what happens next season especially how Woz is going to get out jail by blackmailing Stahl. Someone really needs to knock Stahl down a peg!

  17. Lori says:

    Great last episode except for the ending. Really wanted to know the outcome for Harlee, Woz, and their co-workers. Hate endings that keep the audience hanging.

  18. Mikie says:

    Very good ending 4 season 1 looking forward 4 season 2 great ones j low and ray

  19. Rosemary says:

    I enjoyed the season of Shades of Blue. Ray Liota is an awesome actor and Jaylo was very good she is a fantastic actress also!! THe show keeps you on the edge of your seat and I will miss it but there are plenty of unanswered questions that may bring it back again for Season 2. Let’s hope so!! GOOD JOB!!!

  20. sandra rodriguez says:

    got me!… hooked fr next season!

  21. sandra rodriguez says:

    ray liotta us definitely my hold here… he is sooooo awesome… id be scared to lie to him😂

    jen is good, but ray is over the top

    harlee gets to tell him something at the end and my take is that woz will use it

  22. One of the best shows of the year. Great casting, great performances by everyone and kudos to Lopez and the other producers for getting this done. She’s one hard working and talented lady.

  23. Jennifer Lopez is a terrible actress

  24. a. taylor says:

    One of my favorite new series. Love the fact that it’s straight drama not interspersed with silly jokes/laughs/etc. Makes it more realistic and engrossing. And, love J Lo performing in that vein. Again, more realistic and dramatic. Really look forward to season 2.

  25. alan rodriguez says:

    its stupid how easy miguel died like that.. shes not that strong but the writers had to just get rid of him like that.. i wanted him to escape or do some damage and appear in the 2nd season.. wha a low ending… will nor watch anymore

  26. Frances Rose says:

    My favorite show this season.!! Glad there’s a second season,, cant wait!!! J-lo is a terrific actor !!!

  27. Ms Vicky says:

    Wanted more. Look forward to season 2

  28. Tracey Davis says:

    This has been my favorite show of the season and can’t wait for season 2!!!

  29. Johnny says:

    Best new series this year.Still missing the Sopranos.Ray/Good Fellows is welcome to see him again.Drea does it right.J-Lo is great in all the different shades of her character. ABSOLUTELY look forward to season two.

  30. niloofar says:

    the last scene was so s4 OZ Keller , Harlee is strong.

  31. jan says:

    Smart show that keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout.

  32. BGores says:

    So let me get this straight. Harlee is returning most of the $12 million so her crew gets immunity because they stole the $12 million in the first place? So….if they had never stolen the money in the first place, there would have been no reason to make a deal with the Feds to get them immunity. Is that about right?

  33. BGores says:

    Based on all the lies floating around, it would be helpful to either have an icon “this is a lie” come up (I know. Never would happen) — or show us flashbacks or scenes of a backstory if they are telling the truth. Those watching later shows but not the earlier shows would have no idea otherwise. And I never missed a show but wasn’t sure what was the truth and what was a lie in the finale.

  34. I just loved this show! I hope it gets renewed for another season! The interaction between the people is so intriguing. The writing is better than just about anything on TV right now. Please PLEASE don’t cancel this Shades of Blue!

  35. MsVlo says:

    Jennifer Lopez and Ray Liotta’s performances are off the charts! Pleasantly surprised every week as the series went on how amazing the show and cast are. One of the best shows on NBC ever! Can’t wait for Season 2!

  36. Susan Lopez says:

    Good only because there is going to be a 2nd season. Note, a breaking NBC NEWS ALERT insterrupted the end. Boo Hoo

  37. John says:

    I taught Lopez did some of her finest acting in this drama. For those who have given her low grades on her acting ability.

  38. Judy Foree says:

    Wish it had not ended. Really enjoyed the series. Hoping for a season 2. Great plot and excitement.

  39. yolande tesso says:

    Love this show. JENNIFER has shown she has been working on her acting chops. Good job!
    Ray Liotta has always been one of my favorites. Love the story lines, twists and turns. Clever writing. Reminds me of the Sopranos.

  40. skipro3 says:

    No one mentioned the final scene where Harlee looks into space. The look was exactly a Wasniack look. The same look Wasniack gave in his final scene after Harlee gave him some sort of info that might get him some leverage. A look that says you-are-dead. The dead pan face, the dead eyes….

  41. Taylor Tracey says:

    It satisfied my need to keep watching. Kudos for Season 2. It’s only now that we are getting to know the characters! It takes more than one season to develop and fall in love with them.

  42. charles gentile says:

    Great Series. Top notch. Can’t wait for season two

  43. Mary says:

    Love, Love, Love this show!! Has taken the place of Scandal as my favorite drama!!! :)

  44. AWESOME! AWESOME SHOW! Can’t wait for Season 2 to premiere. Which by the way….will be when?? Great cast, they seem to work flawlessly together. Love J-Lo’s character, single mom, corrupt cop, informant and the while still working to keep things somewhat normal for her growing daughter so she can have t better life. And let’s not forget she kills her daughter’s father “Miguel” after he give the impression that there may be a future incestual rape to take place between him and his own child. (Sick bast***!! He got what he deserved. GO Harlee! GO!) Hoping that with his death that all the dreams you and Christina had come true and you will never have to deal with anything about him anymore!!

  45. rena pearson says:

    I love this show! Ray Liotta and Jenifer Lopez are fantastic. I just went on line to make sure the show will be back next fall.

  46. William Perez says:

    Can’t wait for new season

  47. Lynne Gemme says:

    I love this show. When the “Closer” went off the air there was nothing worth watching.
    Then “Shades of Blue” appeared and gave me something to look forward to watching. This show rocks!

  48. Kj says:

    I love love love this show and I can wait for january 21, to arrive thank you so much jlo for making this so the best and agent stahl likes u so kiss or do something with him don’t hold back I know u like him too thank u once more lovvvvveeeeee y’all