Scandal Recap

Scandal Recap: The Parentage Trap

Thursday’s Scandal witnessed the evolution of Olivia Pope into a full-blown political animal — and she’s out for blood.

Following Susan’s unexpected victory in the first Republican debate, the pint-sized Presidential hopeful found herself in OPA’s crosshairs, and it turns out she’s been lying about more than just her relationship with David. Not only was she not legally married to her “husband” — the man who died serving in Afghanistan, whose tragic story clinched Susan’s win — but he wasn’t even the father of her daughter; that title goes to Ronnie, Susan’s high school sweetheart who’s currently serving prison time on drug charges.

Well… he was serving time in prison, at least at the top of the hour. The pressure of going public and helping OPA proved too much for ol’ Ronnie; he hanged himself in his cell on the eve of a major television interview. Perhaps if Olivia had taken Fitz’s advice to heart — her ex grew a moral compass and tried to stop her from leaking the paternity test — Casey’s baby daddy might still be with us.

At least we have Olivia and Fitz’s “clean” game of cat and mouse to look forward to; the political rivals shared a friendly drink during the episode’s final moments, a welcome reprieve from their knock-down-drag-out fight earlier in the hour. (Though I have to admit, I kind of loved watching them go at each other. Sometimes I wonder if their true chemistry is in their confrontations.)

Now let’s check in on Scandal‘s other campaigns, shall we?

GRANT | Scandal has always had an incestuous synergistic relationship with Jimmy Kimmel Live!, but this week’s episode took that ‘ship to a whole new level when Mellie was invited onto ABC’s late-night talker for a round of “Mean Tweets.” Though she initially balked at the concept — wait, Mellie can’t handle criticism? I’m shocked! — she eventually came around, thanks to a series of ass-backwards pep talks from Marcus, who was put in charge of making her a little less hatable. (Side note: Am I the only person who was waiting for Mellie and Marcus to hook up? Hey, the election is still young!)

DAVIS/VARGAS | But not every campaign tasted the fruits of victory this week. Despite Cyrus’ warnings, Alex leaked Olivia’s tip about Edison’s stint in rehab, leading to a whole lot of embarrassment for both candidates — and a big fat promotion for Cyrus. Edison’s camp was able to convince a nurse to lie about the “false” claims, sending Frankie into a blind rage that ended with his brother being demoted. (If Cyrus was a cartoon, I’m pretty sure he’d be making this face right now.) Of course, there was also plenty of rage over at Davis HQ; Rowan unleashed holy hell after Edison tried to blame Olivia for the rehab kerfuffle, much to the amusement of Jake. Who just sat there. Eating chicken.

DOYLE | If you weren’t already acutely aware of Hollis’ similarities to a certain real-life Republican frontrunner, I’m sure this week’s ridiculous debate took care of that. Not only did he propose building a “wall,” but he actually uttered this sentence: “If all it takes to be presidential is shake hands, give speeches and know which color lipstick to wear to a party, then go ahead and take your pick of one of these betties.” As Marcus’ Twitter hater would say, “smh.”

OK, let’s talk: Which candidate gets your (hypothetical) vote? Do you foresee repercussions for Fitz telling Susan about Defiance? And what’s the O-M-G moment being hyped in that over-the-top promo? Drop a comment with your thoughts below.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. niloofar says:


  2. Cheyenne says:

    Oh jeez, say it ain’t so. A Marcus/Mellie hook-up?! *vomit*

  3. Martha Mitovich Leiss says:

    I thought the same thing about Mellie & Marcus hooking up!

  4. Al says:

    Is so back on track :)

  5. Gabbi says:

    So Susan cheated on her boyfriend? Then what was all that she was saying to Fitz about having no idea why someone would cheat? She knows why she did.

    • Kate says:

      Yes that does seem like a big inconsistency. You wouldn’t think someone who has cheated themselves would have a hard time understanding how cheating works.

  6. Kate says:

    I’m hoping they flesh out more of this Susan stuff. She’s definitely not the innocent one they portray her as. She cheated on her husband, has been lying to her daughter for years and sold the false stories for political gain. I wish they had decided to go one way or the other with her. I liked that she was the one trying to find her way honestly while everyone else played in the mud. I find I’m rooting for her less now that I realize she’s just as bad. She may be worse because at least the others own their underhandedness.

  7. Stillascandalfan? says:

    I thought Cyrus had Tom get the nurse to lie so that Francisco’s brother looked bad. Am I wrong?

    Definitely getting back into Scandal now.

  8. aar says:

    Cyrus had Tom pay the nurse to change her story about Edison.

  9. Mark says:

    I am so conflicted because I love both Susan and Mellie. They’re two of my favorite characters on the show. I want them both to win :( This was a good episode. I wish the debate was a bit longer. I hated Olivia’s transformation in this episode. What happened to the white hat? Ultimately, she came around but it seems like it’s too late.

    • Lisa Echerd says:

      I really thought going in that Mellie would be the nominee. She’s the legacy character and she has no place now that she isn’t in the White House anymore. However, I’m thinking this will come down to a Mellie/Susan ticket or vice versa. Susan is winning our hearts first as the underdog and now as an interesting, complex character. I think she is like David was at first. You keep thinking they will write her out but they are going to find a way to keep her on.

      • Kat Aston says:

        Making Olivia run. Mellie’s campaign is ridiculous. This was the only way they could make this character relevant by chaining her to Olivia. The same woman who has called Olivia a whore for the last 5 years, is now her best friend. Fitz has gotten rid of Mellie and now Olivia is forced to make her president. Well I hope Mellie loses, then we’ll see her true colors come through with regards to Olivia.

  10. Nathalie says:

    Team Fitzgerald Grant The third !!!

  11. Bigdede says:

    Why they have to have Susan a bad liar also? So the nice Susan we’ve seen for 2 years was fake. She needs to get off her high horse about David since she’s a lying ho. And seeing Edison getting cussed out by the man who was responsible for his legs getting broke was disgusting. Olivia’s hunger for power isn’t riveting. Now her speech, screaming and mannerisms are exactly like Rowan’s. I loved Cyrus little story but is he and Tom hunching? After the winter break episode, Fitz and Olivia doesn’t give me that warm loving feeling anymore

  12. carma says:

    The show has become/is a bore. There’s nothing stimulating or interesting about the characters anymore; they’re all devious, calculating, treacherous and liars. So while that may be typical soap opera style, the decline in good quality writing has been reflected in the declining ratings and viewership. The storylines are totally non-sensical and SR seems to have definitely lost her touch.
    Olivia and Fitz – just no. She didn’t want to be First Lady, didn’t want to marry Fitz, didn’t want to have his child(ren) and wanted to keep her independence – what’s going to change if they get back together? I don’t believe Fitz wanted to restrain Olivia in any way with her career. aspirations. He didn’t ask her to stay in the WH as First Lady to be a Mellie clone. It was all Olivia talking about what she didn’t want. So, please, she doesn’t deserve to have him (and don’t make him look like a whipped puppy begging forgiveness/or for her to return). He’s always been strong and charismatic (and flawed–as they all are) and now he’s trying to be forthright and honest.. Let her be alone and see what she missed. She doesn’t deserve Vermont..

  13. H says:

    This show will never be back to where it used to be until Rowan and Jake are outta there. They and their storylines make the show so much worse

  14. robandco says:

    Thank god they stopped Olivia. I know it’s the point but she’s been the villain of the show for a handful of episodes now. She’s willingly helping one of the main antagonist (I could say villain too) and she’s doing bad things to reach her goals. I maintain that her helping Mellie is wrong. If she really needed a strong suitor to become president so she could be in the shadow and have power she would have ditched Mellie ASAP when Susan Ross entered the race. She’s Olivia Pope, she can make anyone become POTUS. Her choosing Mellie is not consistent with her character.

    • Lee says:

      I agree. I fail to see how she can ‘run clean’ with Mellie, one of the founding members of the Defiance five.
      Mellie’s tried to start wars for approval ratings
      Made promises to negotiate with hostages
      Given information to Rowan which got people killed to cover up her affair with Andrew, Actively encouraged Fitz and Olivia’s affair before and after outing it
      Paid Jeanine Locke to lie that she was Fitz’s mistress
      Induced Teddy’s labour and risked his health to keep an unwilling husband
      Freed the man who killed Jerry, her older son, in order to get a leg up in the presidential campaign, and I could go on…
      Mellie’s a bad candidate. She’s dishonest and impulsive and the buck never ends with her. She’s also callous, selfish and no cleaner than Hollis.
      So again, how on earth is Olivia gonna run clean with Mellie?

  15. jakis says:

    Olivia pushed right past her dad to become my most hated character. She killed a guy by pushing him that way, even when Huck was telling her she was going too far. When Huck tells you you’re off the rails… And what happens to her? Absolutely nothing. She’s still hobnobbing with the president and having everybody look out for her pretty little princess self. The scene with her dad and Edison almost put him back at the top of my list, though. Not quite. But I am really tired of Joe Morton — wonderful actor that he is — chewing the scenery as Daddy Pope every week. You can give him the Grinch face instead of Cyrus.

  16. Mayi says:

    Sorry, but I am so lost! Don’t know if it’s because there are so many characters and they speak so fast, or that it’s just too close to reality to keep both scenarios separate!
    Personally , I’m pleased that Danny Pino is Varga’s brother and that Hispanics are being represented . That’s about the best part of the new season , yet! Will keep on watching!

  17. Lavenia cross says:

    Oh well let’s see. Susan is probably an agent hired by Papa Pope. So tired of the spy thing and everyone yelling at each other. I just can not and sick of Mellie for President. It just does not make any sense that Olivia would be so behind Mellie. No sense!!