Grey's Anatomy Sneak Peek: Meredith Flips Out on (Naked) McHottie

Meredith’s promising rebound relationship has crashed mid-takeoff.

As first hinted in the promo for this Thursday’s Grey’s Anatomy (8/7c, ABC), Mer’s third date with dreamy-eyed doc Will Thorpe ends loudly and abruptly.

“Get out — get out,” Mer is heard screaming from her bedroom in this extended sneak peek, sending kid-sis Maggie into attack mode. Next thing we know, a frightened, confused Will is heading for the hills sans shirt and shoes.

“I was sleeping… we were sleeping… and then the screaming,” the shaken MD attempts to explain to an enraged Maggie. “For the record, I didn’t do anything.”

Watch the entire clip above and then hit the comments with an answer to this question: What do we think triggered Mer’s meltdown? An attack of some kind seems highly unlikely, so are we looking at a simple case of McDreamy-fueled PTSD? Perhaps Will was just really, really disappointing in bed? Theories below!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Christina says:

    These three female characters are so over the top and immature it’s embarrassing. I feel for Will and any guy that dates them.

    • NM says:

      How are they immature? Maggie is looking out for her sister and Amelia and Mer are rebuilding their relationship after the highs and lows from the death of Derek. There’s nothing immature about this scene.

    • Hmm says:

      By three, you mean Amelia and 2 of her clones… right?
      There’s no way that Mer and Maggie are considered immature.

      You’re just not over Derrick.

  2. N says:

    Looks good!

  3. Busta950 says:

    I think what appeared innocent and dipping her foot in the water again when she woke suddenly realised that it was just not him Derek. It was her fist date or 3rd with him and she caught a fright after what 11 years with a couple of breaks it was hard

  4. rowan77 says:

    I’m thinking it IS McDreamy PTSD. Maybe she woke up next to him and for a moment, thought it was Derek and it freaked her out.

    • EM says:

      I’m thinking this is the case also. Plus I doubt we will see them together in bed. Just like we never saw Derek and Rose together in bed. We will find out what happened when Mer tells Alex about it.

  5. Jill says:

    She needs new “people” Alex is it for her now. Maggie & Amelia aren’t the same as Christina, George & Alex. Even having Callie back in the fold as one of her “people” would be better than those 2.

    • thisismenow says:

      Shondra needs to crawl back to Sandra Oh and get her to agree to come back. Even if she just shows up in 10 episodes a Season for a phone call here or there. Ellen played better off of her than anyone else.

      • NM says:

        I disagree. Meredith and Cristina have a wonderful relationship. However, the character Meredith was stuck in their shadows. It was either her relationship or her friendship. The departure of both Cristina and Derek has proven that Ellen can stand alone and that her character can grow. I love Sandra and I love Cristina, but her coming back would just be about Owen as it always was. I rather her out in Zurich having her career thrive, much like Meredith’s is.

      • Allison says:

        Well first, there would be no crawling back necessary. Sandra Oh if one of the few long term people who have left on good terms with Shondra. She gave her plenty of notice that she did not plan to sign a new contract when her current one was up (and didn’t ask to leave months after signing a new 2 year deal like some people), she didn’t get in arguments with cast mates, writers, or producers, she just said I think I’ve gone as far as I can with Christina. Shondra had plenty of time to think about and decide how she wanted to write Christina out in a satisfying way for the actress and the character. Why do you think she left in such a “happy” way? She moved to Switzerland to have what could be her dream job, she wasn’t killed, or given a horrible illness, or fired from the hospital. It would be very easy and easily believable for Christina to show up again if the actress decided she wanted back in. Shondra doesn’t do that with actors who have left on bad terms with her. Sandra even said when she left she’d be willing to come back and do a cameo episode or 2.

        I loved Mer and Christina’s friendship and I would love to see Christina come back for a couple episodes but I don’t think the show NEEDS Sandra/Christina. I like the dynamic with Mer and Alex a lot. And Alex has been there for her in ways I don’t know if Christina would have been able to handle emotionally.

  6. kn1231 says:

    I thought Amelia was kicked out? Did I miss something?

    • Erin B says:

      I wondered that too. I thought she doesn’t live there anymore. Maybe that is addressed earlier in the episode.

      • NM says:

        I believe it was addressed a couple episodes back. I can’t remember which but I remember Amelia saying something about it to Owen.

        • EM says:

          I remember Owen saying she could stay with him and she replied that it wouldn’t be good for her sobriety. I think she crashed at Richards house after Mer kicked her out.

    • DarkDefender says:

      I thought she was staying with Owen.. And given his alcoholic binge, Amelia probably ended up on Mer’s doorstep. She would let her stay… It was Amelia that needed to cone around, not Meredith.

  7. Court says:

    I think it’s Mcdreamy PTSD. Meredith hasn’t had a man in her bed at her house since Derek died. She hasn’t slept with another man since Derek. I think she wakes up thinking its Derek next to her and freaks out when she realizes it is Thorpe.

  8. Mariana says:

    I do think is McDreamy PTSD! And it seems like a natural thing. The people on youtube were freaking out because the theory there was that Meredith was showing signs of early set Alzheimers

  9. Sara says:

    This is normal. I am glad they are doing this. He’s the first man she slept with since Derek died/first man in years.

  10. Jess says:

    Zola wanders into her room to find her in bed with Will. Shonda loves the fake out.

  11. Dina says:

    I actually agree with Michael’s theory that Mer is freaking out because Will is no McDreamy in bed.

  12. DarkDefender says:

    I predict they make out and fall asleep (sans sex) When Mer wakes, she is disoriented… Flashes to McDreamy… Realizes it isn’t him. Freaks out.

  13. Vita says:

    Maggie would be on her sister’ s side, not on some doc’s side who she has met only briefly.
    When you wake up you can be disorientated and forget where your life’s at, I know I have, so Meredith may have thought Derek was still alive and not have expected another man to be there.
    I’m more confused as to why Amelia is there, have I missed her being OK’d to move back in?

  14. Natalie says:

    As good looking as Will is, he needs to be Mer’s transitional guy. She does NOT need to get hooked up with the first guy she dates after Derek.

  15. SA says:

    Where are Meredith’s children? You would think the older ones would here mommy screaming and come running down the hall. How many bedrooms are in that house? Why have children on the show if they are never seen and barely mentioned. Just like the big deal about April’s baby that will never be seen after birth.