March BADness finals

March BADness Tournament Finals: Outlander's 'Black Jack' Randall vs. Dexter's Dexter Morgan

And then there were two — and they were really, really, really bad.

Yes, we’ve reached the finals of TVLine’s March BADness Bracket Tournament, which means you need to answer the question,

“Who’s the baddest of them all?”

Over the last few weeks, we’ve let you pick the winners in a 64-player scrum to determine the most malicious, malignant, murderous monster ever to grace the small screen — and it’s come down to Outlander‘s sadistic rapist Jonathan “Black Jack” Randall and Dexter‘s titular serial killer Dexter Morgan.

Voting will be open for the next 24 hours to determine the title of Ultimate TV Baddie, so head into the voting booth –but, given the company, look over your shoulder before entering such an enclosed space. Once you’ve done your civic duty, hit the comments to justify your picks.

CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT THE 64-PLAYER BRACKET (then click again for a zoomed-in view) — and come back to TVLine on Thursday to see the final results of our March BADness blowout. Now ready, set, vote!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. A. D. says:

    What a joke of a poll this has ended up as.

  2. Jackson says:

    I feel cheated with how lame the final round of this tournament ended up being.

    • BrightLight says:

      Ha! I say that every other year during the actual NCAA tourney. But I totally agree about this one though.

  3. Julia says:

    if anyone ever watched Dexter they would know he was never evil. Who is voting on these polls?

  4. Mie says:

    This is Black Jacks! He’s so despicable and played to perfection.
    As someone said before: If you’re not voting Black Jack, you haven’t seen Outlander. (Which you should do. Right now.)
    What is Dexter doing here? He might be a killer, but at least he’s trying to be a good person. Black Jack knows he’s evil, and has no moral qualms about it.

    • The Beach says:

      If Dexter wins I think it will be because more people have watched “Dexter” than “Outlander”. I don’t have statistics but I would guess lots more viewers have Showtime than Starz and Dexter has been on a lot longer. I know I just started watching Outlander a few months ago because of a Starz promotion. But my vote definitely goes to Black Jack.

  5. Mr. Tran K says:

    Is it me or are the voters lost their minds? Don’t like when everyday people are ignored.

    • ? says:

      Your everyday people are my ignorant minority and the poll proves it.

      • Phoenix5634 says:

        Or is it the majority thats ignorant, and the minority you speak of, just can’t really fight back against an ocean of morons…

      • Mr. Tran K says:

        Who cares? They’re like those very bad singers from the American Idol auditions or brain dead contestants on The Price is Right.

  6. Bill says:

    This thing is rigged, how on earth is a guy on a TV show that a little over a million Nielsen viewers watch in the finals? I’m talking about Outlander

    • SM says:

      Watch the last 2 episodes of season 1 & you’ll find out.

      • taran63 says:

        I think his point is that hardly anyone did watch it. I don’t even get that channel, so I have no idea how evil the guy is.

    • Kelly says:

      Social media & the Outlander book fans, 8 novels in the set so far, over 22 million books sold, a powerful group of fans worldwide, not just USA

    • Jerri says:

      Nielsen ratings don’t mean squat. Nor do they define how evil a character is. The poll is open worldwide, not just in US, so people from all over the world can vote. The show has aired across the world as well, it’s not just US-based viewers who frequent TV|Line. Besides, millions more have read the Outlander books, so it’s likely some are voting based on what they’ve read.

  7. piebokou says:

    How did dexter endup a vilain this is totally rigged.

  8. Jason says:

    This contest is screwy. Dexter is going to win because people like him. It’s like asking a person whether they would like to hold a puppy or be stabbed in the foot. Dexter is an anti-hero. If that was the contest I could see him winning. He belongs next to guys like The Punisher or Spike from Buffy or Jack Bauer. These are guys we root for despite their ruthless methods. Who wouldn’t vote for the guy who kills the rapist instead of the guy who actually is one. Actually villainy no longer has anything to do with it.

  9. A fan of TV says:

    Any way to make these polls a vote-once-per-IP thing? I’m not accusing the results of being skewed by fans, but I know I could vote twice and did once or twice out of boredom, so I can only imagine what social media-friendly fandoms were able to accomplish. Not that it matters that much, but it might halt the tears in the comment section next time…

  10. Donald says:

    I don’t watch either show, so I don’t really care one way or the other. Kilgrave was my pick all the way.

  11. Rob TO says:

    This is definitely rigged. How the hell did Blackjack beat Kilgrave??? I was looking at the previous poll this morning and Kilgrave was winning 61% to 39%! How the hell did Blackjack make a 23rd hour comeback like that? This isn’t the first time something like this happened in the tournament. Somebody has clearly been hacking polldaddy to mess with these results.

    • MrScreenAddict says:

      This. I remember it being a forgone conclusion that Hannibal was going to win the second round in a landslide and then he ended up losing to Joe Carroll? What a joke.

    • Jerri says:

      Why does it have to be hacking straight off the bat? Maybe it’s a bit of poll-sniping? Kind of like what some people do on eBay, wait until the last possible minute, and outbid the highest bid.

      • mooshki says:

        It’s not hacking; it’s semi-poll-sniping. They’re waiting until the last hour and then voting many, many times.

    • Momma says:

      Clearly, you don’t know the Outlander Fandom! When the OL fandom sets its mind to win something, people get out of the way! Just watch!!!

  12. Lori says:

    Anyone who has seen Outlander knows that Black Jack Randall should be the one to win this. Anyone who hasn’t seen Outlander should watch it. is streaming Season One free until about April 10th or so.

  13. Momma says:

    Have you seen how amoral BJR is? Dexter still knows right from wrong! BJR is the ultimate villain!

  14. angel says:

    I have never seen “Dexter” or “Outlander”. So, I can guess those who did not vote for Cigarette Smoking Man from “X-Files” may not be fans of the show. In the recent season finale, it was revealed that CSM had orchestrated and put into motion a plan to kill off most of the world’s population, saving only those he has deemed worthy enough to receive alien DNA. How does that not earn him the title of “Ultimate TV Baddie”?

    • Ash says:

      What csm did is justifiable to the extent that Earth is becoming over populated. I don’t agree with his methods or idea however at all. What Black Jack did to Jaime is not justifiable in any way shape or form. He is truly evil.

  15. Sakura Mizuno says:

    Dexter killed bad guys. Black Jack attacked good people. Need I say more? (Tobias rocks as an actor. I hate/love him.)

  16. Carol Lemke says:

    Dexter killed bad guys. BJR WAS a bad guy.

  17. pcadamson says:

    No contest. Black Jack. The scene with Jamie is acting genius. Not forgetting Sam’s part in making it so believable.
    Emmy worthy.

  18. pcadamson says:

    No contest. BLACK JACK.
    His scene with Jamie is mind blowing. The chemistry Sam and Claire have with him, can not be matched.
    Playing both Randells’ is talent at the finest level. He’s been overlooked as a pivotal character in ‘The Outlander’ series. Plus he’s so darn handsome.

  19. Linda says:

    Sure, Dexter was a serial killer, but, he killed people that pretty much deserved it…they were truly evil. Black Jack Randall is sadistic bastard!! If they were in the same show, Dexter probably would have killed Black Jack!

  20. Iris Frieman says:

    Love Outlander. Of course, Black Jack worse character. Glad he’s in 1700’s. Really looking forward to new season.

  21. I think Tobias is a great actor , he can be a good guy and a bad guy all in one show . And he is a very sexy man when he’s not being a bad boy , you just have to love him any way

  22. Tom says:

    The best of all time are both from shows not even a decade old? Who reads this site?