The Walking Dead Finale Spoilers

The Walking Dead Poll: Who Will Negan 'Strike Out' in the Season Finale?

The following article contains potential spoilers about the Season 6 finale of The Walking Dead. If you’d prefer to be surprised, look at the flowers instead.

In Robert Kirkman’s Walking Dead comic book series, no sooner is Negan introduced than he’s used Lucille, his barbed-wire-covered baseball bat, to bash in Glenn’s skull. And since, well before Sunday’s sixth season finale (9/8c, AMC) — which marks Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s debut as the Saviors’ infamous leader — showrunner Scott M. Gimple revealed that he was tempted to play out the murder “exactly like the comics,” it would appear that NegannMaggie’s husband is a goner.

But is he really?

The TV version of The Walking Dead has veered away from its source material before. For example, at the point when we meet Negan in the comics, Andrea and Sophia are both still alive and kicking — and Judith is long dead. So maybe the small-screen adaptation will once again zag when we expect it to zig?

Whoever Negan uses for batting practice, it’s definitely gonna hurt. The season-ender is the post-apocalyptic drama’s most “gut-wrenching” yet, according to Norman Reedus (Daryl).

So what do you think? Is Glenn toast? Or will Negan use his first turn at bat to whack (heaven forbid!) Daryl, Abraham or someone else? Vote in the poll below, then make a case for why you’re right in the comments.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Brian says:

    I think they change things up and it’ll be Abraham. There’s too much recent teasing about Glenn dying, so it seems too obvious for it to be him now.

    • ***Comic Spoiler***

      Abraham was supposed to die on the train tracks but instead because I think he’s a fan favorite, they sacrificed Denise…

      • That’s why I don’t think he’ll be to one….get saved last week just to die next week.

      • Et al. says:

        I always got the impression from reading various sites that he’s despised and is not living up to his comic counterpart.

        • Brian Wagner says:

          I don’t read the comics either, but I am aware on several “landmarks” in the story. The horse guy teases another upcoming character, for instance. One other main difference is that TV-only Daryl is seen as Rick’s “right hand man” on the show, which Abraham is only now stepping up to his comic role as of this last episode, and teased for the finale.

          Yuen has just signed to do a movie by the same production company, and was publicly shocked to hear of his comic death, calling out Kirkman for not warning him. Also, many fans are upset about the “fake out death” earlier this season.

          Aside from that, rumors of Norman looking for “more work” have those two as the top victims.

          Meanwhile, Cudlitz is still keeping his hair ready to be “did” for next season, something he was prone to do during the extended SouthLAnd breaks, as well. This tells me he’s safe…for now, and may finally well be stepping up to his comic self’s right hand of Rick…who Kirkman and Gimple have stated will not be loosing his, btw. Mostly because of cost of keeping Andy’s hand wrapped until the show ends.

          Yvette Nicole Brown pointed something out about Maggie: the pickles she took earlier in the ep possibly being “bad”, so while YNB thinks she may be poisoned, she may not miscarry the baby. and as much as I think it would be gross/cool to see her “pull a John Hurt moment”, we now have confirmation she’s only two months along, so no zombie fetal attack. Then again, Lauren and Andy are on record as being extremely upset after reading the script. No mention of Yuen’s reaction, or anyone else’s. BUT Melissa/Carol was being a bit cagey on Talking Dead last week, and Norman IS in the hot seat after the finale…..

          • LisaS says:

            I’m thinking someone else because this list didn’t include Aaron who was kneeling to Rick’s left. Whoever Negan beat was to the left of Rick using the camper as a marker. Morgan, Spencer and Carol weren’t there, so why list them but leave out Aaron? They made it hard to guess because although I wrote down the order the gang was kneeling it, it changed and someone was taken out when the camera came back; then, it reshuffled them back in order. Negan wasn’t at the end of the line where Glenn or Eugene were. I’d rather believe that he really didn’t want to kill the “future serial killer” Carl. I know it doesn’t follow the comics but I recall that Negan liked Carl and took it home with him. But, I also recall in the comics Negan laughing about how well Glenn took the beating. I’m glad they didn’t show us (yet?) whoever Negan beat’s eye hanging out.

          • Taylor Trousdale says:

            It is not Glenn

          • DaMutt says:

            Guy who plays Glen. Just got cast for a new show on syfy. Read into that what you will.

          • laura says:

            You all do know that AMC has given Norman (Darryl) his own show. It’s called “Riding with Norman” where he travels around getting people to ride motorcycles with him. TALKING Dead has pretty much Saud it’s Darryl who is gettin it!!

      • we won’t know until Oct. and Kirkman probably hasn’t even written whom he kill yet, lol. We will see victims POV and fade to black…. and we hang on for 6 more mos.

    • DaisyMarie says:

      I agree regarding Glenn. After the outrage a lot of people had at the mid-season finale and Glenn possibly dying I can’t see them, the writers killing him off. I never understood the outrage though because it was very clear it was NOT Glenn’s intestines! A quick Google search or YouTube pointed that out if you weren’t able to rewind & see intestines coming out of his neck lol!! Glenn has a storyline ahead of him with the baby and Maggie. And if it is Daryl, I will be pissed LOL I
      know that no one is safe, but we know Rick is going nowhere so Daryl doesn’t need to either! (Unless he doesn’t want to be on the show anymore) there’s no reason to get rid of a fan-favorite. I have read many times that if Daryl is killed off people, mostly women LOL have said they will not watch anymore. To be honest I wouldn’t care if Rick was gone or Carl. Or at the very least Carl’s hat LOL
      Again I get that no one is safe but at this point they’ve made a good point of that. They don’t need to continue doing that. Carol is the only main character, a character from the very first episodes that I could see being killed or at the very least walking off and disappearing. I only say that because of what is going on in her head lately and what not. I really really really hope it is not Daryl or Glenn!!
      Haha sorry blah blah blah and I was pretty repetitive wasn’t I?!

      • Paul says:

        That wasn’t in the mid-season finale. That was only episode 3 of this season, if I’m not mistaken. They don’t reveal his fate until season 7… so there was a pretty long gap. Perhaps that’s why you’re remembering it like it was the mid-season finale?

      • Just call me moose says:

        Rick is the one keeping the group together

      • I agree with you on Daryl and Glenn…I will be very upset if either one of them go..but Rick is my favorite and if he goes there’s really no point in any more “Walking Dead” show at all…And Im sorry to say this, but I like Aaron & Eugene more than Rosita.. :/ ..Altho I like all the characters, if any one has to go, I would have to say Rosita…sowwy :( Not that they arent good actors & actress’, but the ones of all ppl to go, for me anyway, should be Rosita, Aaron or Eugene…IMO…or if you could throw Tara in that mix also..don’t mean to be mean & I know she’s back at town, but…to me, everyone else has important story lines.

    • Annie says:

      I think we’re not gonna find out WHO it is until next season’s premiere. Because that is exactly the kind of crap this show’s team would pull. (Glenn and the dumpster, exhibit A, the prosecution rests.)

  2. RedReddington says:

    I think it’s going to be Maggie. I’ve felt that way for a while. I’d rather it be her than almost anyone else.

    • Gina says:

      I had the same feeling for a while. I still do, but the feeling isn’t as strong as it was.

      • Its not going to be maggie, Negan has a code for women.

        • Jimmy Brown says:

          I very highly doubt it’ll be Maggie too, why have the character cut her hair just to kill her? If the actress was leaving, she’d wear a wig for one episode.And yes, when it comes to women, comics Negan is a lover not a killer. I think it will be Abraham, he is due to go. If Glenn is going, it’ll be early next season. I think Negan would like to take out someone he sees as a threat and since he wasn’t around at that point in the comics, it’d make sense here. Of course, this is slightly hampered by the fact that Abe is back home and not actually captured.

        • Jorge Reyes says:

          I think we should forget about the code. The code stayed in the comics, not the show! Remember when Negan was walking around and saw Maggie’s condition? He was about to bash her brains in, but then Glenn intervened. That shows us that he doesn’t care about the gender of the victim…or age (he killed a 16yr old from the Hilltop). All this being said though, I don’t think it’s gonna be Maggie, only because of the plot that the comic has for her. It’s just to rich to lose.

        • Jorge Reyes says:

          And also, in addition to my previous comment: If you’re playing Innie Minnie Miney Moe, then the victim will be anybody, regardless of gender and age.

    • Mike says:

      I had been thinking Maggie for a while, just because if you want to deviate from the comics and create maximum impact killing a pregnant woman with a baseball bat would certainly be one way to do it. But with the way the last episode ended for her, I’m not so sure now. I don’t think it’ll be Glenn, though. Everyone is braced for the possibility of it being him, even viewers who haven’t read the comics. Which almost certainly means it won’t be. Killing Maggie would unleash a whole new side of Glenn, assuming he doesn’t get himself killed as well.

      • Ana says:

        When they said Maggie was pregnant, I wondered what would happen if the baby died in utero – I mean, no teeth but depending where she was in her pregnancy when it happened it might be able to claw it’s way out. That would be disgustingly graphic. What a way to go to shock people.

        • partisan says:

          They teased this with Loris pregnancy but didn’t go through with it. Maybe that’s a line even TWD won’t cross.

        • Brian Wagner says:

          Hilltop doctor said Maggie was only two months along. I thought it was further, but now we have that as canon. so no zombie fetus happening. I kinda wanted to see them “pull a John Hurt” with her, because there is no way they would ever top that again.

  3. Spence says:

    Very happy to see that Sasha isn’t an option, I love her!!! But seriously, for the longest time I swore it wouldn’t be Glenn… Now after last night with Maggie, I’m not so sure he’s safe..

    • Paul says:

      Not to be a downer or anything… but just because her name, specifically, isn’t on the list… it doesn’t mean it couldn’t be Sasha. I think it’s pretty unlikely, but she’s still not 100% safe. They have that “someone else” option there for a reason… it could be ANYONE.

  4. I think Glenn is a false herring, they’ll mix it up like Hershalls beheading instead of tyrese. My money is on Abraham or (gulp!) Carol. I think they might go with Carol purely because the reason why Glenns bashing hurt so much was his ties to the group and his longevity. I think they need to go with someone with similar audience love, and as much as I dig Abraham, Carol fits that bill much better.

    • Christine says:

      It can’t be Carl because he clearly states for someone to cut Carl’s other eye out and feed it to Rick if someone were to interfere in the beating.. Second.. Can’t be carol.. She is with Morgan getting help with the gun shot wounds.. Could be Rosita.. Where are all the woman in neagans group? I did hear a female scream which made me think it could be Abraham being it could have been rosita or Sasha screaming or Eugene being he already got started on.. We shall see!

      • Frank west says:

        I feel like that conversation between abraham and eugene happened for a reason. I think abraham gets killed finally. He’s already dead in the comics.

  5. Craig says:

    Regardless I think Maggie is dead. Her baby died inside of her and is eating her from inside.

    • the girl says:

      I was thinking that too. But I don’t think she was far enough along for the embryo to be zombiefied. How would that even work, does the thing even have teeth yet?

      • Alvaro says:

        Agree, I don’t think it even has a mouth yet, so the baby zombie is not gonna happen. If Maggie dies it’d be for complications with the miscarriage, but still i think she’ll survive.

        • Craig Riley says:

          Or maybe they’re just killing the baby early to make it less disturbing when she’s beaten to death?

          • BJ Blazkowitz says:

            the point of the ‘issues’ with the pregnancy does not mean zombie baby to me. To me, it means ‘hey look, cause and effect’ as Morgan said about live and let live. Denise is dead – who is going to be the doctor to c-section or help Maggie now?! It’s kind of like playing one of the old Fallout games. Sure, you can kill literally everyone.. but you’re probably going to end up killing people related to giving or finishing quests usually.. same here, killing enemies can have repercussions later on, at least in that that person was no longer killing zombies or perhaps added to the number of zombies by becoming one and in turn killing more people.

    • Bwhit says:

      Maggie is more likely to die of a sepsis if she miscarries than the baby eating her from the inside. The baby doesn’t have teeth or nails long enough to do damage. It’s not like they can do a D&C to clean her out or enough antibiotics to give her if she doesn’t pass everything. I think baby zombie is highly unlikely. If she doesn’t miscarry the doctor they saw at hilltop can deliver the baby.

    • Eileen says:

      Oh wow, I never thought of that, but I could see that happening

    • Zella Sauer says:

      I don’t think Maggie is losing the baby, if it was a normal miscarriage she would be bleeding down below and if it is a tubal miscarriage she would be bleeding so much internally she would be dead by now. I think she has food poisoning from the pickles she ate, that would certainly cramp her,and make her have a fever , ( but also you should vomit) and she has not done that,but I still think it is not her losing her baby. jmo

      • Jorge Reyes says:

        I think you’re right. And I think that the only reason they made her character go through all this was so they could have a reason to have them leave to the Hilltop (since they didn’t follow the comic).

  6. Abraham or (most likely) Carol. They need a beloved character who has survived so long we almost believe they won’t be killed off. Carol fits that the best for nonessential characters that arent named Glenn or Maggie.

  7. Annie says:

    They’ve already stated the intention is *not* to follow the comics. That could be misdirection of course – which has happened before with this crowd. All that said, I don’t think it’ll be. Glenn.

  8. The only ones I´m sure are safe are: Carol, Rick, Carl and Daryl. (If Daryl dies we riot).
    I´m inclining towards Maggie or Glenn, as we see one go and the other mourn.

  9. Sara says:

    1. No way Negan kills a woman the way he killed Glenn in the comics. Entirely too violent, would go over horribly with audiences.

    2. He’s going to kill someone that everyone loves. That’s what he did in the comics and that’s what makes you realize this guy is not messing around.

    3. Because we just went through this whole “is he dead or not” with Glenn I doubt they’d turn right around and kill him. They won’t kill Rick.

    So, thus, it’s gotta be Daryl. He fits all the categories. Plus I don’t think it’s a coincidence Norman Reedus will be on Talking Dead after the episode.

    • Mike J says:

      I like your theory (theories) and agree. As much as I’d hate it. However it could easily be Glenn or Carol….maybe even Maggie (as awful as that would be).

    • Cliff says:

      I also think it will be Daryl in the comics Glenn was kinda Ricks go to guy on the show its Daryl. And I hate it but one tv death that really stuck with me was opie on soa because he was one of the best cheraters on the show. Killing Daryl would to me suck but at the same time be such good tv because it really would hurt to see it happen

    • Paul says:

      And not for nothing… but there’s a new reality series starring Norman Reedus on AMC starting in the fall where he rides all over the country on his bike. Seems like his schedule might be filled elsewhere.

      • Brian Wagner says:

        It only takes 4-5 months to film a season, so the cast have plenty of time to do other projects. Yuen just signed on for a movie by same production company, so that lends credence to him. Lauren and JDM just played the Waynes in BvS, Cudlitz has other projects when he’s not doing cons. Sonequa just had a baby before this season, and someone else just had a baby as well (Lauren? can’t find corroboration). Josh has his stand up, while Andy, Lennie, and Lauren all jet back and forth to UK.

        SO, for Norman to do a “travel series”, it doesn’t take that long to film, BUT if he really is looking for “other projects” beyond that, then that is a BIG clue.

    • A fan of TV says:

      If he battered Carol to death the fans may in fact recognize that Carol is pretty ruthless and saying she shouldn’t die terribly because she’s a woman, or that audiences would respond poorly, intimates that she’s been an actual housewife throughout the series and has done nothing brutal herself. As a woman, if Carol did meet Megan’s bat, ID be more offended at the people raising a stink that a woman shouldn’t be beaten to death in the apocalypse because she’s a woman, regardless of what she’s done. What I would prefer is that audiences recognize that gender doesn’t really matter in this case. Based on the set up of the past few weeks, I’m inclined to think Carol is more likely to die than Daryl. On the other hand, this would give Daryl even more reason to get Dwight, which is basically his singular mission right now. Carol’s mission, though, is still way less clear. Where is she going? What does she want? Is she even satisfied with living just to survive anymore, because her emotions clearly suggest otherwise. Maybe Carol will sacrifice herself to save someone else.

      • Bobby says:

        While I agree that men and women should be viewed based on capability and not gender, I think I read that comic book Negan doesn’t want to hurt a woman or child. But he also says he won’t be racist and kill the Asian and then by random choice, kills Glenn…so he could say he wouldn’t harm a woman and then by random choice, kill Carol.

        • Lucille says:

          I’d definitely agree with that theory. I forgot his contradicting comment from the comics about killing Glenn. I could see how it could play out as you describe with Carol. I feel like she’s the most ‘unsafe’ right now. I feel like we’ve already seen them tease us with Glenn’s death and, while that doesn’t mean they won’t then turn around and actually kill him, it does make me feel a little more confident they could go a different route and explore his character on the show further than his comic counterpart made it (like they did for Carol). I feel like Daryl was shot by Dwight just to take him out of the line-up. A man who is bleeding and injured is not likely to be ideal to make further example out of. Being shot is an example in itself. Morgan could be another possibility, but I don’t feel he’s been around enough to have the emotional impact the others would. Then there’s always a chance that it could be Abe, but again I’m not sure he’d be beloved enough to cause the response the writers are seeking from the characters and the audience. I’m leaning towards Carol.

    • TWDFan says:

      I wouldn’t count out the writers changing Negan around a bit and being willing to kill a woman. Carol has killed just as many of his people as Daryl and Rick, maybe more. As bad ass as she is, she’s currently circling the drain emotionally, no longer wanting to kill in a world where you can’t really survive without getting blood on your hands anymore, and separating herself entirely from the safety of her group. She left a survivor in her last massacre who is not only following her, but can then identify her to Negan as the one who murdered a number of his guys. If she’s willing to self-exile herself from her people, then it probably wouldn’t be a leap for her to sacrifice herself to save them either. Plus, if the audience didn’t walk away when the show brutally murdered children on screen (had Lizzie kill Mika and Carol then put Lizzie down in Season 4 or when they showed young Sam’s face slowly chewed off in the mid-season premiere this year), then I don’t really think seeing a woman killed the way Negan intends would make them turn off their tvs. They would be up in arms that a character like Carol was killed, but that’s also what Kirkman wants. As Arthur Quiller-Couch once popularly said, sometimes to make the story really good, you must “murder your darlings.”

    • Jorge Reyes says:

      I agree on most of what you said EXEPT for the part where you said that he won’t kill a woman the same way he killed Glenn because it “won’t go right with audiences” or because it’s “entirely too violent”. A person is a person no matter which gender you are. It’s the same violence unless you’re counting children or the elderly. They can go ahead and kill Glenn or Daryl OR they could kill a woman. I think that the only two things keeping them from having Megan bash Maggie’s head to pieces with Lucille is the fact that she’s pregnant and the plot that she has in the comic, which is very rich by the way. Plus, I love Maggie and Lauren Cohan!

  10. Cas says:

    Why not Carl? I would not shed a tear and I have wanted him to die for a few seasons now.

    • Et al. says:


    • Sal says:

      With out spoiling anything, Negan becomes quite fond of Carl in the comics.So that is highly highly HIGHLY unlikely

      • Eileen says:

        But they don’t follow the comic completely. Also, remember someone said that Negan beat a 12 year old in front of the town to teach them a lesson. The fans may not care if he’s gone, but they will care about how the rest of the characters react. The actor that plays Carl is getting older and may have other projects or school. It’s a tough age & he may not want to get sterotyped

    • Lizz says:

      Carl has changed from the little obnoxious boy to a very capable young man. I don’t want to see him die. My money is on Abraham, Carol or Glen. Seriously, why not Glen?

    • Carrie says:

      Carl is awesome. He’s become one of the best characters on the show. He’s so mature and likable.

    • Paul says:

      Yeah…and THAT’S why not Carl. Because few people would care. Negan needs to kill someone we love in order to deliver the necessary heartbreak. I think there’s a LOT of people who wouldn’t care at all or who would even be stoked if Carl died… but he’s got more story that ties in with Negan that’s actually mildly interesting, so maybe people will grow to like him a bit more.

    • A fan of TV says:

      I never hated Carl (I gave him a lot of leniency on account of being a kid, even though Carl cost us Dale) and like him even more than I ever did these days. Keep Carl alive, I say!

    • DB says:

      Carl? You’re nuts! It has been great seeing him grow up in this crazy world and become a young fighter! Even with the tragedy of losing his eye, he still remains strong and is a vital member of Alexandria.

    • Lucille says:

      That’s why it couldn’t be Carl. No one cares much about him, to be honest. The character Negan kills has to be one that the audience will be completely crushed over and outraged by. They want us to see Negan as the ultimate villain.

  11. Davekolia says:

    We wont know, the people in charge of this show are so dumb… theyre going to leave in a cliffhanger just so we can find who died in like less than a month when the recordings of next season happens. This is the walking dead now

    • LaDonna says:

      Agree. Another site is reporting they may not reveal the target until fall. The camera angle will change last second and we’ll have to wait. I hate it, but I wouldn’t put it past TWD to do that to us.

      • Geo says:

        Yeah, and then come back and somehow still not tell us for three or four more episodes. “Delay, delay, delay, drag everything out as long as possible” is pretty much the motto for the writers of the TV version of the Walking Dead.

  12. Grace says:

    I don’t read the comics, but someone mentioned in another comments section that Negan is not a proponent of violence against women (which would be refreshing). So if that holds true in the show, it’s probably a man. Glenn seems the most likely choice thematically since he crossed the line by killing some of the Saviors. Not that others didn’t–but Glenn’s moral compass has always been better adjusted than most, and so I think what they did to the Saviors weighed on him more than others (based on his reactions to the actual killings). My other guess is Daryl because a) it was Glenn in the comics and therefore everyone expects it to be him and b) Daryl’s death would have the most impact. The show hasn’t really given him much to do since his separate arc with Beth last season, so I could see it happening now more than any other time in the past. Those are the only two possible deaths that I think would be gut-wrenching for the audience–Morgan, Abraham or Rosita wouldn’t have quite the same impact I don’t think. This is presuming that Negan isn’t going to beat Michonne, Maggie, or Carol to death with his bat–obviously any of their deaths would be devastating as well.

    • dylan says:

      Refreshing? Are you saying it’s more moral for Negan to kill a man than a woman?

      • Grace says:

        No, not at all. But since these types (like the Governor) often have no problem brutalizing women–and let’s face it, that often means sexual violence, which I think we have enough of that on pretty much every TV show, including this one (i.e. when the Governor traumatized Maggie). So it’s a change of pace to see a bad guy who doesn’t relish assaulting women. My point was that if that does hold true, it would suggest that whoever Negan beats to death with a bat will be male rather than female. Not saying that it’s not equally morally reprehensible–just saying that the trait makes him unique (and a unique villain is always refreshing in my book, story-wise) and that it likely eliminates any woman from the group as his potential victim. (Again, if the show follows the comic in that regard.)

        • Paul says:

          So much for gender equality. “Give us the good stuff! You can keep the violence and the accountability!”

          • dylan says:

            I see Grace’s point and agree to an extent. Though certainly not the lament of violence against on TV. There’s plenty of violence on TV and in movies. But it’s only an issue when it happens to women. People make jokes about the male beheadings, exploding skulls, and castration on GoT but swear off the show when there is a rape of an evil female character.

            The vibe I’m getting from a lot of people here is that a woman “shouldn’t” have that gruesome of a death. Yes. True equality.

        • Justin says:

          FYI, he does kill a woman in the comic (letting her become a zombie to attack Rick’s group), he just does not care for the sexual abuse of women.

          • AnnieM says:

            Well…. Negan does say ‘we don’t rape women’, but then he collects all these ‘wives’, taking sexual favors in exchange for protection – then disfigures their men if they even attempt to be with them again. Still abusive. However, I don’t think that Negan would Lucille a woman, let alone one he knew was pregnant. Heck, he might even have his people take her to the Hilltop OBGYN.

      • A fan of TV says:

        I think they’re alluding to this being an established characterization of the comic Negan, which may or may not be translated to his live-action personification.

    • Jorge Reyes says:

      Ok people let’s face it. And this goes to EVERYONE who keeps bringing up this “Negan doesn’t kill women” stuff…do you guys really think that this applies when he was doing the Innie Minnie Minney Moe game with the characters? That’s a RANDOM choice, people! And let’s not forget that when Negan saw how in pain Maggie was, he was more than willing to brutally bash Maggie’s head in (thankfully, Glenn intervened). Sorry if I’ve sounded rude, it’s just that too many people have been saying this, but it’s kind of obvious that this thing Negan has about not killing women doesn’t apply on the show.

  13. Gina says:

    My vote is for Abraham. Not because I WANT him to be the one, simply because I feel like there’s nothing more for him to do.

    I also have a sinking suspicion that we’re going to lose more than just one from our group.

    • Lizz says:

      Gina, I feel the same way. I think that two characters may be killed. How impactful would it be if both Glen AND Maggie died?

      • BJ Blazkowitz says:

        worse would be carol and glenn. Then both Maggie and Daryl would be going totally crazy.

        • Ben says:

          +1. That would be devastating for Maggie and Daryl and probably lead to major drama (and Daggie may finally happen. Daryl would be an amazing father for that kid no?).

          I really hope that they don’t touch Michonne neither Daryl… the show would be dead for me without those 2 characters.

          They should kill Morgan.. that’s the fat that need to be cut!.

    • Brian Wagner says:

      NO, and not because *I* would riot (as well as the other SouthLAnders who followed him over!), but because his role has largely been taken up by TV-only Daryl, and we are only now seeing Abe step up to his comic place.
      Besides, Mike is keeping his hair ready “to be did” for the next season, something he also did on SouthLAnd. This tells me that he’s coming back. Whoever dies, won’t need to bother with keeping their hair “ready”, at least until Monday. I can see Norman walk out and reveal his new hair style. I can’t see Mike doing the same.

  14. Dizzle says:

    I reckon it’s Rosita, only because she’s “central” enough that the characters would conceivably feel the loss, while also not really disrupting the flow of the show too much. The recent focus on her could also have been a way to build her up in the audience’s view before the rug gets pulled! The show has become too key a property for them to mess with its most popular elements any more (Rick, Michonne, Daryl, Carol, Glenn/Maggie) so this is as good as I reckon it gets.

    That being said, if Abraham finds his way into Negan’s path, I can see Denise’s death being a bait-and-switch – we think he’ll survive because his comics death got redistributed, and then he gets Glenn’s comics death!

    • Jasie says:

      Rosita is my guess as well. Seems like it is narrowed down to the four captured Alexandrians (Rosita, Daryl, Glenn and Michonne.) I am sure its not Daryl or Michone and am doubting it will be Glenn like in the comics so that leaves Rosita.

      • Mike J says:

        I have a feeling Negan will take out at least one character. A major and a minor. Rosa will be the minor. My vote for the major is Darryl.

      • Carol says:

        I think it will be Daryl. He will volunteer for Glenn.
        However, if Maggie dies loosing this baby, he may very well volunteer.
        WHY is Norman Reedus going to be on the talking Dead?

        • Paul says:

          That had me wondering at first two, but then I realized that almost every cast member on the show has been on Talking Dead, including the ones that are still alive and well. And for what it’s worth, when they have a guest on the show who dies in the episode, they’re usually a surprise guest for that very reason… so people don’t suspect their demise. The fact that they announced he’s going to be on the show is almost more of a giveaway that it WON’T be him… although when it comes right down to it, it doesn’t matter who’s on Talking Dead… because if the rumors are true, we’re going to get a cliffhanger anyway and we’re not going to know who Negan kills until October.

        • BJ Blazkowitz says:

          it’s called ratings

          • BJ Blazkowitz says:

            and so that more people will hopefully tune into talking dead to see norman, then will get bombarded with other AMC promos as well as the reminders to watch fear.

  15. Flemdog36 says:

    Its glen watch the trailer for next week episode when sho neegans back theres someone on their knees and u get a glimpse of hair it looks awfully like glens

  16. Squirrelly says:

    Anybody familiar with “The Worf Effect”?

    Basically, it means that in order to show how bad this new baddie is, they have him beat up a character that’s established as a pretty tough guy.

    I think Daryl’s still kickin’ from getting shot, but he’ll be incapacitated enough to be ripe picking for Lucille.

  17. Bwhit says:

    After thinking about it today, Carl grabbed that gun with Lucille etched on it, why would they put that in there if it’s not significant? He’s with Rick in the preview and TWD has not been squeamish with killing kids. I have thought for sure that everyone on that list was going to be his victim this season at one point or another lol.

  18. Twlevy says:

    It’ll be Abraham. He was suppose to die instead of Dennis, this way they will make up for it.

  19. NotHardly says:

    Betting it’s Michonne. First, they can’t let Rick be content. Second, other than Carl and Darryl, her loss would make Rick even more cray-cray, and lastly,Danai Gurira has a boat load of other projects going on, she may want to move on

    • Jax&Juice's Girl says:

      Oh hell no!! They better NOT kill Michonne, I think it’s btw Carol or Rosita. It can’t be Glenn since it’s been now known that they won’t take the comic route. But of course they will say things to throw ppl off. How can Negan kill Maggie she’s not even there? Daryl is not going to die he better not. So my bet is on Carol or Rosita.

    • Danny says:

      In the last episode, there was that conversation when Abraham asked Rick if he was able to get “close to somebody again” and Rick said yes. Rick’s the center of the entire story and what better way to get him stirred, and therefore the whole group, than to lose Michonne. As someone else mentioned, the actress’ career is taking off, so she might want to leave the show to pursue other things.

    • A fan of TV says:

      Michonne, Carl, and Rick are the only ones I feel comfortable ruling out completely. Also Judith, though I feel like it’s so obvious it doesn’t totally need to be said. I feel pretty confident Negan isn’t exactly going to prove he’s super tough by beating a defenseless baby with a barbed-wire bat. A POS, sure, but really, beating a baby to death makes you almost invincibly scary? Nope.

      • Jorge Reyes says:

        I know it won’t be Judith but if Negan did kill her, that would make him even more scary than I could ever imagine. Everybody’s at their knees! So it doesn’t matter how tough you are you can’t do a thing. Now imagine if Negan had no problem beating a defenseless baby with a bar wired bat! That would show you just how screwed up he is!

  20. lucy says:

    dont want none them to die. if its any them i will not watch twd anymore. but maybe its someone else. i dont belive its my fav pll thats y its someone else.

  21. Because she is the one I least want to die.

  22. Macontosh2000 says:

    There are 2 scenarios that I could see happening.

    1. The producers/showrunners are liars and they kill Glenn. If they do this I think they will also kill off Maggie with pregnancy issues in the same episode. I don’t think the show really wants to have to deal with another infant. And by killing them both they get the traumatic element to the show AND, They don’t have to deal with the surviving member being miserable next season.

    2. The other option is Abraham. The show has been using him a lot lately yet he hasn’t actually had much to do. Killing him would upset a lot of characters, and getting rid of him would be getting rid of a strong male character. Plus Abraham is liked by a lot of the audience but not enough that people would quit the show over his death.

  23. John says:

    Spencer would be great because who cares. Besides, Rosita is done with him now.

  24. ward300 says:

    I honestly think it’s going to be Maggie and the baby. The way everyone keeps saying the finale is the darkest one yet. I just think it has to be, even though I love Maggie. I would rather have it be Rosita, Eugene, Abraham, or Morgan.

  25. Becca says:

    My theory is Maggie, it’s been a feeling for a few weeks now :(

  26. Jason says:

    As much as they like to deflect the notion, I think Glenn will die. I mean, if it were Maggie instead, what would be left for Glenn. He would literally be like the walking dead. I’d be shocked if he didn’t shoot himself by the end of the following episode. Also, they’ve been layering in hints of Maggie’s future as a leader for a while now. Why bother to do that if they aren’t going to pay it off.

  27. Alisha J. says:

    I think that it will be a fade to black situation. We’ll see the beating from the viewpoint of the person getting beaten and we won’t know who it is until the season 7 premier in the fall. That would really be terrible but I think it’s the most likely plan.

  28. queerbec says:

    What about Ausiello’s Blind Item? Do they think killing off Rick (who still has his hand) would resonate with implications for the whole cast? Does Andrew Lincoln have some irons in the fire movie-wise that have tempted him to,consider leaving the show?. Of course it seems like Kirkman killed Glenn in the books because Glenn wasn’t a very charismatic character and didn’t have much of a plot line and I gather was kind of boring to write for. Not so on the show! Who’s really boring on the show right now or written into a corner?.

  29. The Speer says:

    Odds on who meets Lucille first:
    Abraham= 0.5 to 1
    Glenn= Even
    Spenser= Even
    Daryl= 1.5 to 1
    Michonne= 1.5 to 1
    Rosita= 2 to 1
    Carol= 3 to 1
    Morgan= 3 to 1
    Father Gabriel= 4 to 1
    Maggie= 5 to 1
    Rick= 9 to 1
    Carl= 10 to 1
    Tara= 12 to 1
    Heath= 12 to 1
    Eugene= 15 to 1
    Anyone else= 20 to 1
    Negan does not use Lucille in the Finale on anyone= 50 to 1

    Any takers?

    • LaDonna says:

      I’m not sure why Spenser is even odds. They said a major character. Spenser is still a pretty minor character and wouldn’t have much impact on the group. Sad, yes, but impactful, no.

  30. Victoria says:

    Not Daryl!!! Not Rick.!!! Anyone else,OK!!! Morgan can go #all life is precious heeeheeee

  31. Jason Dowie says:

    Abraham is getting too much screen time. Stories developing around him. We’re starting to care about him. So he has to die. Or at least that’s the way it usually goes on twd.

  32. AngelWasHere says:

    My first choice is Abraham. My other choices are Carol and Daryl. Then Glenn. My dream choice is Morgan.

  33. Faith says:

    I so wanted Carl to die when he got shot in the eye soooooo he can be the finale death. That could really work into a great Rick story.

  34. mooshki says:

    I voted “someone else” because I think it’s going to be a fake-out and we won’t find out who died until next season.

  35. Natalie says:

    I think a great twist is Negan beating a woman. I think Abraham will be haunted for being a jerk towards Rosita!

    • Melody says:

      They will never do that there would be too much backlash

    • Phoenix5634 says:

      Negan doesn’t beat women, he does abuse them tho. It’s complicated and if I tried to explain it’d be spoilers. But I can say this…Notice the difference in punishment between Dwight and the girl…

  36. Eric says:

    I think it could be Maggie. A moment in this week’s episode hinted at it. It could give Glenn a good revenge arc too, if his wife and unborn child were murdered. Abraham’s my second guess. They’ve almost flat out said that it won’t be the same person as the comics who first meets their end at the hands of Lucille.

  37. Jason says:

    I don’t mean to be “this” guy, but do you think before the jump, where you mention season 6 spoilers you mention comic spoilers too, since you spoil a big moment in the comics as well. I’m sure there are still people making their way through the comics. Thanks.

  38. LC says:

    I’ve been thinking that it would Carol because of how her rosary beads keep getting highlighted. She got them in the episode with Paula, and the Savior who survived the car attack last night seemed to recognize them. I think he identifies her as killing the car guys and Paula’s group, so Negan kills her as punishment. Or, she offers herself up to save someone else in the group (probably Glenn) because it would be a relief to her to escape the killer she has become.

  39. Mac says:

    It’s not going to be Rick or Michonne. Those two and Carl will be safe for a while. Spencer’s not important enough so he’s also out. Glenn would be a stupid choice since everyone’s expecting it. Daryl is the best choice if they want the death to be as traumatic as it was in the comic. Carol would be another good option for that reason. But since they were both injured in this last episode, I’m going to say Morgan or Abraham will meet Lucille.

  40. DaisyMarie says:

    What the hell? Talk to are Glenn and Daryl?? They can’t die! I think after the whole “incident” back when the mid-season finale left it up in the air whether Glenn was dead or not and the outrage some people (who don’t know how to Google information or look on YouTube and see it clearly wasn’t his guts LOL) had over the whole thing, I doubt Glenn is going to be killed off! And Daryl??? He is a fan favorite! I personally would not be interested and watching the show anymore if he was killed! Seriously!!!
    It can’t be either of them! Abraham, Eugene and people like that yes! But not Glenn or Daryl. I’m very surprised how many people think it will be them so unless I’ve missed something?? Like one of them wants to leave the show?? Then I don’t think it will be them! I hope not! Those two are fan favorites, my favorites also but they are also favorites to most?!?!?!

  41. Carol says:

    He is going to volunteer for Glenn

  42. DaMutt says:

    Carol. Don’t get me wrong. I like her character a lot. But as soon as she took off. And Daryl went after her. I was like uh oh. Plus she’s really tormented right now. Could you imagine that sending Daryl really over the edge. Or it could be Glen. Not really a big fan of his. Was telling a friend at work. Seems Glen is only there. Because someone had to be the person that got Maggie prenant.

  43. cafesmitty says:

    There are 4 people Negan;s crew has. 3 of them are Rick’s core group. Glenn, Michonne, Daryl and Rosita. So those are your final four and one of them is a gonna. So the key is “gut wrenching”.. the most gut wrenching personal to Rick is Michonne. Someone who has soften quite a bit. God, this is the episode I have been dreading for a while. I just don’t want to see it.

  44. Ken says:

    It will be Maggie

  45. Jimmy says:

    Honestly, I could see them going a few different ways with this. The Saviors already have Glenn, Daryl, Michonne and Rosita. So I think it will be one of them who dies. I think the “safest” out of them is Rosita, because she isn’t a core, beloved character. But as for Glenn, Daryl and Michonne, I think they are all in equal danger.
    However, since Glenn already had a couple near-deaths this season, that could mean one of two things: either he’s safer for it because they won’t kill him off after all the fake-outs, or he’s in more danger because his luck has finally ran out.
    As for Daryl… he got shot last episode and is probably THE fan-favourite on this show (either him or Carol, they’re both amazing), and his death would probably hurt the most. So if they’re going for maximum impact, then Daryl. But there is still a lot of story to tell with his character, so I think it would be a waste.
    Now Michonne, I think it could be here simply because of her relationship with Rick. But, I don’t think that constitutes grounds to kill her off. It just seems that all of Rick’s suitors are ill-fated, but I can’t see them deviating from the comics that much, because Michonne still plays a big role to this day in the comics.
    That’s also why I can’t see them killing off Maggie. One day I see her becoming a Deanna-type figure for the Hilltop, like she does in the comics. So it will be hard to do that with her gone, and find someone to fill that void.
    As for Abraham… he’s already outlived his comic counterpart, so he could definitely be “up to bat” (pardon the pun). Also, I feel like there isn’t really anywhere new for the character to go, now that he’s found happiness with Sasha.
    Finally, I think Carol and Morgan are both safe from Negan and Lucille, though one or both of them could meet their end in some other way. I think that this episode will really help build the relationship between Carol and Morgan stronger, so I can’t see either one of them dying – certainly not Carol, in the state she’s in. She needs to come back from her pain and agony the way she did before.
    And of course, Rick and Carl will be safe. That’s a given.

  46. Kevin says:

    I’m practically sure Daryl’s gonna die because now that Denis is gone who will help him with the gun shot wound if it was him who was shot, in my opinion it was most likely him because of course the only person in front of Dwight was Daryl and he did in fact say “eh you’ll be fine” so coming to the conclusion there is someone laying on the ground in that trailer shown after the show which could have been Daryl bleeding out or maybe it seems as if it was glen because of the certain clothing but overall there not gonna kill them immediately(my opinion) because they have to see if they are captured because they did talk about a trade and Dwight might take anything in Alexandria(Maggie) whatever he wants which may lead up to glen being a idiot trying to save his wife and gets killed by Negan because they are all saviors i believe and its bigger than they thought so I’m pretty sure there’s a little base they have somewhere or it could go another way like Abraham is killed because he tries to save them by ambushing the whole standoff and introduction to the ultimate :( Negan and gets caught and slaughtered by Negan. This is just my opinion on what might happen :) I’d like to look more on this if u have anything to say about my opinion feel free to email don’t mind my email I’m 14 and i didn’t have a email in mind at the time i was creating it.

    • Kevin says:

      Also Carl is up for grabs because he did seem to grab the pistol in the armory and I’m sure they left the pistol in the armory for a reason because someone in Alexandria my have escaped his group possibly and don’t want to bring him up? Its just my thoughts on this

    • raun smith says:


  47. Brody says:

    I think it will be Carol. When she gave Tobin those cookies, he was hesitant in accepting them and asks Carol why they are pink. Carol replies “it’s beets”. Perhaps she is going to get the ‘beats’. The best beats Lucille has ever tasted…

  48. Mike says:

    Well, first let’s consider two things, comments from the creators of the show and from Andrew Lincoln who plays Rick. The creators said that they would take “A HARD LEFT TURN” at the end, and Andrew stated that when he read the script, “IT WAS GUT-WRENCHING, DEVASTATING, AND HE COULD NOT SLEEP THAT NIGHT”. Based on these comments, I think we can pretty much count out Daryl and Glenn, since they seem like the obvious ones, and nobody would be surprised if they died. Plus Neegan usually kills weak individuals to teach stronger ones a lesson. So my money is on Maggie, which seems likely to loose the baby and then go after Glenn, if that happens, consider another scenario where Glenn volunteers to die with Maggie! BOOM! What an epic ending, two main characters in love die together, and everybody hates Neegan. Or maybe the hard left turn is Michonne? Nobody is expecting that one.

    • DaMutt says:

      It could be Maggie. But how would she die? I bring that up. Because, Death by Lucille would be really pushing it. Seeing a pregnnt woman beat to death by a barbwired bat would really push T.V. Negan is a really bad guy. And yes Maggie isn’t showing. But beating a woman to death with a Bat? (Much less a pregnant woman. That out there).

      • Alvaro says:

        Why would they cut Maggie’s hair to kill her next episode? I mean, it wasn’t just a haircut, it’s supposed to mean something.

        • BDChloe says:

          To justify the reveal in October while still preserving the mystery because the victim’s POV had no hair long enough to show in front of their eyes.

    • Joe says:

      What about Rick’s son?

  49. Phoenix5634 says:

    I’d say it’s going to be Rosita, but she won’t be the one chosen by Negan. She will try to save Daryl and end up being the one to die. (Sorry Rosita)
    – Glenn is too obvious for this scene
    – Daryl, I just really don’t want it to be him lol
    – Michonne…spoiler if I said…

    • Potts says:

      Since Glenn’s bs death I don’t watch the show anymore. I watch clips on you tube 10 min I’m caught up to date not as interesting as it once was..too boring for 60 min…was once loyal fan oh well move on..

      • BJ Blazkowitz says:

        I knew it wasn’t Glenn. I watched it closely with pausing and frame by frame and you could see it wasn’t him. So I was feeling fine after that. But I do get what you are saying – it’s actually only 45 minutes without the ads though – but yeah they’ve been REALLY drawing out the ‘soap’ side of this zombie soap opera. I mean, they try hard to make it a drama, or good horror film that never ends, or some sort of thing influenced by games like DayZ and other survival/horror games (Morgan is trying to group with players now, after running solo a long time, Rick has finally learnt to shoot on sight – this is very much like games like DayZ to me). I do get a bit bored of how slow some of the pacing is, but I felt the last episode actually went by really quickly. Please understand though that they needed to do a lot character and story developments before they could put much big action in this season, as this was purposefully meant to be the ‘calm before the storm’, a way to not lose their momentum in 6th-7th seasons as a lot of shows do, and focus on that ‘coupling up’ that so many people thought was missing from the show. THEY NEEDED so down time in order to be able to do that. You can’t do it properly when you think there’s a walker right outside the window. It’s hard to keep horny unless you feel safe, or at least are scared in a fairly safe location. I’ve found some episodes a little too slowly paced and find myself sometimes wanting to skip through segments.. but I generally don’t and am happy I didn’t. But for a lot of this season I’ve been on the edge of that feeling during the ‘soap’. I think they try hard to be a drama but should start playing more games or adding randomised dice throw style story writing to make it more realistic, or at least consider options from such a style of writing. Also playing games like DayZ and the like and looking at how players react in those is a good thing. However the show keeps trying to be set in this current day world we live in now, so it makes a fair bit of sense so far. There hasn’t been anything too surreal. It’s nice to see normal people dealing with extraordinary events (or not, if not up to the task). This show is all about seeing development and growth, so this season has been necessary. But it IS hard with that bloody ‘mid season break’ – what the heck is that, this isn’t bloody South Park.; I like how in Talking Dead they do those polls – market research, to see when more people get those questions wrong than usual, they know they put something in that went over the heads or was not of interest to the viewers. One thing you can say for sure, this show is probably one of the few that has managed to REALLY pay attention to its audience’s thoughts, desires and feelings as well as help them to engage in the show and process. It’s rather unique for that I think.

      • Hoggy says:

        Clearly not a true fan, upsetting to see really, more of a desperate housewives fan by the looks of things

    • BJ Blazkowitz says:

      from the colour and type of haircut of that tiny bit you see if you pause around the lucille bits of the teasers/promos – it looks like Daryl’s hair. But you never know with a show like this, something could happen that changes after that scene and before actually using the bat.

      I really don’t think they’d kill off Daryl… unless the next season was REALLY REALLY good. Most people would not forgive them for it.