The Good Wife recap

The Good Wife Recap: Waiting (for Alicia Florrick) to Exhale

A half dozen characters dropped “Yep, we’re headed for a series finale” bombshells on this week’s The Good Wife, but none landed louder than Alicia Florrick’s barely audible inhalation in the episode’s last second.

Cary’s quitting —and perhaps heading to parts decidedly more tropical. Eli’s pleading guilty. David Lee’s selling out. Diane’s putting the finishing touches on a power play. Howard Lyman is pulling up his pants. And Peter’s begging for a favor.

But our protagonist, she’s not only asking for a divorce, but (if you’ll allow me to paraphrase a Stevie Wonder lyric) she’s got her soon-to-be ex’s future in her hands.

Was this the best hour of this interesting, scattered, and only intermittently satisfying farewell season? I’d say, “Hell yeah!”

Alicia’s “I want a divorce” was quite possibly the most long overdue TV moment since Maddie and David lustily crashed through a glass table on Moonlighting. And Cary’s decision to go his own way — and stop looking over his shoulder — had me whooping with delight, too. Matt Czuchry’s been underused for the last 20 episodes or so, but he knows how to make an exit, no*? (*not necessarily a reference to his enviable backside)

As you contemplate where Episode 18 ranks in the Season 7 pecking order, allow me to recap the action.

107872_0053bPETER MAKES A BOO-BOO | Peter pops up unannounced at Alicia’s apartment, finds Jason chilling in his boxers and suddenly remembers, “Oh, I’m married!” I love how Jason doesn’t even flinch when the Illinois governor knocks his coffee cup across the room. It’s almost as good as his response to Peter’s threat of an ass-kicking (“You could try — and then what?”). When Alicia finally learns about the cockfight (pun definitely intended), she busts into Peter’s crowded office, ignores the fact that they’re being overheard and says the four words we’ve been waiting to hear for eons — “I want a divorce.” Peter brings Grace into the conversation,

“I saw him yesterday, walking around in his boxer shorts — acting like he owned the place,” Peter huffs, and Alicia clearly has Destiny’s Child’s “Independent Women” playing in her head, because she’s all, “Yes, because I own the place — and I told him he was welcome to walk around naked if he wants.” Even a “What about Grace?” question meets with Alicia’s “no f–ks given” disdain, as she tells her husband, “You can get custody in the three weeks before she goes to college!”

In the end, though, Peter comes to Alicia repentant, and asking for one more favor: Will she stay with him — at least publicly — until U.S. Attorney Connor Fox’s case against him is finished? After all, if she leaves him at the exact moment he’s indicted, it’ll make him look doubly guilty, he says. And as Alicia inhales — ready to answer the question — we cut to the credits. Looks like a decision for Episode 19, suckers!

AIN’T NO CARY GOT TIME FOR THAT | David Lee decides to milk to firm for all it’s worth rather than fight against Diane’s sort-of-secret, all-female-named-partners plan — siding with La Lockhart and agreeing to make Alicia a named partner again. (Howard Lyman gets screwed out of his office in the process — but of all the beloved characters we’re saying goodbye to, I’ll miss him least of all.) Cary, who can’t convince Alicia to be anything more than Switzerland in this war, and actually has to put up with Howard’s verbal slaps (ugh), tells her he’s quitting. “By the way, I was subpoenaed in your husband’s case,” he tells his onetime partner in crime as he turns and walks away. “It’s not good.” Oooooh, Cary, way to drop the mic! As Adele once said to her ex, I wish nothing but the best for him — as long as he doesn’t go to work with Louis Canning!

107872_0623bELI’S CHOICE | Eli learns that Connor Fox was tapping Marissa’s phone — since she worked for Lloyd Garber, the Florrick donor at the heart of the U.S. Attorney’s grand jury situation. He overheard Eli’s admission to tipping off Judge Schakowsky — and presents Eli with a hideous dilemma: Watch as Marissa is forced to testify against him — or else he can shift alliances and testify against Peter. Marissa asks an interesting question: Is Eli protecting Peter because he thinks his boss is innocent, or is he doing it out of some misplaced loyalty? Eli hires Diane, though, and their strategy at least temporarily flummoxes Mr. Fox: He’s willing to confess to obstruction of justice in the Schakowsky case —and do jail time — but it’ll make him an unreliable witness if his memories of Peter’s misdeeds conveniently happen to become less cloudy. Will Connor take the bait? I don’t like his chances against an out-for-blood Diane.

CAITLIN RETURNS | The case of the week finds Alicia and Diane — on a mission for Reese Dipple — up against Alicia’s onetime protege Caitlin D’Arcy, who’s back practicing law (but sadly separated from her husband) now that her daughter’s old enough for nursery school. It’s the kind of “legal gray area” case that no other network drama explores so entertainingly, yet given Caitlin’s kick-ass performance in beating her former bosses, you have to wonder if she’ll be joining Diane and Alicia and Lucca and all the legal ladies before the series comes to its conclusion.

What did you think of this week’s Good Wife? Were you stoked to hear Alicia ask for a divorce? And what do you want to see her do regarding Peter’s final request? Hit the comments with your thoughts!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. LDS says:

    Alicia, just say NO!

  2. I feel like the all female firm was supposed to be some feminist arc (because that’s who Diane has always been), but there’s nothing feminist about backstabbing a male name partner who didn’t actually do anything to be pushed out of the firm? Cary deserves to finally be happy. Whatever that means. Though I do hope he figuratively burns them all to the ground.

    • Pixel says:

      It was awful and I don’t give a damm about that firm. I’m out. Maybe too late but the way the character and actor were treated is absolute trash. The worst thing a show have done to a beloved character besides death.

      • Greg says:

        Uhh he chose happiness over fighting any longer, I hardly think that is the worst thing they could have done to a character. And its ridiculous to pretend like you or anyone else is going to quit watching a show that is wrapping up after 6.75 years because you don’t like the direction of a plot. Who knows where Cary will end up in the end, maybe he will be happy with Kalinda, who knows.

        • Pixel says:

          Happyness? That wasn’t happyness. That was defeat. Everyone he knew was ready to screw him over. Even Alicia who was hired back just because Cary wasn’t willing to be on his side. And that’s after 18 episodes of nothing. That’s just an awful way to end the show for a character who has been there for 7ys, fighting against everything to get some recognition to get, once again, screwed over in the end. And it’s ridicolous and rude to call other people opnions ridicolous. 4 eps left. I don’t think we’ll se more of Cary in the next eps. I pretty much consider that the end for his character. I’ve invested 7ys in that show and that season was a complete let down. But that mediocre demise of my favourite character is enough for me. I don’t need to know how it will end. It’s already ended.

        • Pixel says:

          Happynes? That wasn’t happynes. That was defeat. Everybody was willing to screw him over. Even Alicia, who he hired back few weeks before. He has nobody on his side and nothing else on the professional field. I don’t know how I can consider that happynes. And that happened after an entire season of nothing. And please, just avoid to call ridicolous other people opinions. I’ve invested 7 years in that show and got through thousands of plot I didn’t enjoy but that was too much. The character and actor deserved more.

    • abz says:

      I’m glad Cary quit. He did deserve better and he just felt out of place with all the scheming. David, Diane, and Will were master schemers. It was like it was in their blood. Cary’s scheming with Alicia back in the fourth and fifth season felt a lot more natural, but this season he just looked drained. All the scheming he was doing, he just looked like he wanted no part of it. Though, I did like how he had a hand in bringing the ridiculous of Howard Lyman to the surface. I hope they make him end up happy. He seemed to be a lot happier when he was the ASA several seasons ago.

      • Pixel says:

        A so good excuse for the show for doing nothing with Matt Czuchry until the end of the show.

      • Dee says:

        I had a feeling he would quit earlier in the season but I didn’t like the way it happened. In the end, he was at his lowest point, having realized Alicia sold him out as well. It just doesn’t sit well with me.

        • Pixel says:

          Yeah, it should have happened before. Now it’s just another slap on the character’s face, becasue we’ll probablly won’t see any follow up for that story. Probably we’ll see him again for the Peter thing, but that was pretty much Cary’s final act in that show. And it’s not fair. Alicia screwed over him for Lucca. And that was the most unfair thing ever, like all those 7 years between them, rivalry, partneship and friendship didn’t mean anything. So I basically wasted all my time watching that relationship being built up. Because what was the point of it if in the end she ended up screwing him over for good and without any afterthough?

        • Pixel says:

          It should happened before. Now it’s just look like another slap on the character’s face. And the fact that Alicia was willing to screw him over for Lucca is the worst. It’s like I wasted 7 years being invested in that relationship. Because what was the point of Cary and Alicia relationship? 7 years to build up rivalry, partnership and then friendship to ruin everything for Lucca??? No, thanks. I don’t buy it and I don’t like it. I

          • JoMarch says:

            You have a selective memory. You do remember when Cary was out to get Alicia, right? He just got outplayed is all.

          • Pixel says:

            A selective memory? Why do people feel the urge to insult other people when they don’t share their opinions?

          • KeithH says:

            Is disagreeing with you really a personal attack on your planet Pixel?

          • Pixel says:

            Telling people they have selective memory when they don’t share you opinion is a compliment on your planet, Keith?

    • cp1945 says:

      Men do it all the time in business. And Cary joined forces with the despicable David Lee, so I’m short on sympathy for him, especially after his tratment of Alicia.

      • Pixel says:

        We’re not talking about men or women. And I’ve enough of that men vs women bs when it ends up ruininig relationships I cared about as the Alicia and Cary one. And….after his treatment of Alicia? He did hire her back saving her from banckruptcy few weeks ago!

        • tfcoffee says:

          Wow, relax! It’s just a show! I think Cary got screwed over pretty much this season as well, but I’m sure not going to stop watching when there’s only a few episodes left!!

      • Echo says:

        I wouldn’t say that Cary “joined forces” with David Lee; David Lee just hounded him until he could justify a pattern of Diane’s actions that (actually was) there. I don’t like him either, but he was right about the all-female partnered firm, at least in the end. I’m glad that Cary was able to get out now before any more shenanigans. And while yes, it’s disloyal of Diane to want him out and Alicia “not to take sides,” Diane did have a valid point about Cary–he’s no Will. She knows that a partner with Will’s skill profile is ideal for a long-term partnership for her. It is definitely sad that friendship doesn’t trump business for these folks, but it’s certainly understandable from a perspective of self-interest for individual characters. It seems that all the characters are acting more out of self-interest in these final chapters, which makes me think that Alicia will ask Peter why he would ever think she would do him one more favor among a thousand.

      • Celina says:

        Actually, in my opinion, everything that’s happened was Alicia’s fault. Because Cary didn’t want to merge with Diane’s firm, but Alicia not only insisted, she said to Cary that they agreed everyone could vote, only because she knew they would vote with her. And then, she stayed focus on her own cadidature and ignored the firm. And, when everything went wrong, she was “stabbed” in the back by her own firm. Of course! Cary warned Alicia, that if they merged, they would be coming back to the place they’ve fought to leave, but did she listen? No.

        • Pixel says:

          In my opinion too. And when she got a chance to make up for it and side with Cary this time and not with Diane. Instead she completely ignored him and his point of view again and let Diane to use her to get what she wanted.

    • Eurydice says:

      I think Cary is finally ready to become the hero of his own life story. He’s been a bit of a backstabber himself ever since the first season, also a runner-up – the guy who never quite closes the deal. He tries to be a good guy and he tries to be strong and then falls back to letting other people push him around and tell him what to do. I really think he’s a little fish with a good heart who isn’t meant to swim in the shark pool.

      So, I think it was a really dramatic thing for Cary to realize that he’s not his father, he doesn’t have to live a backstabbing life, he’s not good at it anyway, but that he still loves the law. Now he can practice law on his own terms. To me, that’s the beginning of a story with Cary as the main character.

      • Pixel says:

        End of the show. Oops.

        • Eurydice says:

          People were imagining possible spin-offs – this is just another one.

          • Pixel says:

            Yeah, imagination it’s all we got as Cary from that show. Because no way we’ll get one spin-off with Cary after they’ve screwed his character over for an entire season. That would be the worst way to promote a spin-off.

      • JoMarch says:

        Good for you to bring up the fact that Cary has been duplicitous in the past as well. He’s not some boy scout being screwed over by the women in the firm. I don’t agree with your assessment however that he lets people push him around. The character said it best, he’s not good at “this” (which I took to mean office politics.

  3. Ange says:

    Finally the divorce question…er demand. I like her with Jason.

  4. Greg says:

    Finally feels like they are wrapping it up. I hope she says no to Peter, she’s wasted too much time on him as it is. I also hope that David Lees embezzlement (from when Alicia was booted) comes up before the end and he ends up leaving the firm with nothing.

  5. Jimmy says:

    Great episode. I’ve never really like Cary, but I felt bad for him. He really is a White Hat underneath it all. Someone needs to bitch slap David Lee and I hope Diane is the one to do it. Perhaps that whole plot with David Lee putting money in Howard’s name will come back to haunt him. Could it be that Cary will find Kalinda in a tropical paradise? Probably not since the King’s won’t go there. It would be cool.

    • Jennifer says:

      I had the same thought when he was staring at that tropical scene on his computer screen: Maybe he’ll end up on a beach with Kalinda. That would make a great final shot for Matt’s character. They don’t even have to get Archie back to film it–they can just insert him into HER final scene sitting on a lounge chair. :-)

  6. BeBe says:

    There’s no way that Alicia really thinks her relationship with Jason is just about sex. Not with the joyous look on both of their faces in that scene at the end when she opens the bedroom door and he’s there with open arms.

    I think she’ll tell Peter goodbye and good luck.

  7. abz says:

    OMG I shouted in joy when she asked for the divorce. There was just something so fulfilling about hearing those words after seven seasons. Oh and the tension in the parts leading up to it with her badass walk into his office and the background music playing. Man, I loved it so much.

  8. Jesse says:

    I find D Arcy character irritating not enjoyable. . She needs to stick to Pitch. Alicia needs to tell Peter once and for all to go to hell.

  9. Phillip Littlejohn says:

    Tell Peter no and get a divorce. She loves Josh.

  10. maregolden says:

    Michael, if you heard someone yell FINALLY! from the general direction of Virginia when Alicia asked for the divorce, that was me. lol. I scared the crap out of my dogs. And I hope she says a big NO to Peter!

  11. I’m just watching to see how this all ends. I don’t care about Alicia’s issues anymore, I can barely tolerate the character. I’m disappointed that Cary has barely been on and I hope tonight wasn’t Matt Czuchry’s last episode. I think there is the potential for some spinoffs but I don’t see it happening.
    Kinda off topic but am I the only one who thinks Juliane’s wigs this year have been really bad? I can always see the wig line on her forehead and the make up doesn’t match..

    • carterfrancis says:

      FF through all her scenes (especially those with Jason). She gets a pass on lying to Cary a few weeks ago? She has the nerve to ask him a favor? Then she tells him he shouldn’t leave?Then the arrogance of her thinking Eli was there to see her?
      JM has really turned this character into someone completely unlikable.

      • Jayne says:

        Alicia is no longer a sympathetic character in any way….she has become one of “them”

        • Pixel says:

          I agree. That’s why I don’t care about anything going on with her anymore.

          • Marc says:

            She’s been one of them for a number of years. I remember when she was asked–by a reporter, by someone prepping her for an interview, by Grace–I don’t recall whom–about what she liked about the law or whether she was in law to seek justice and responded that justice did not interest her and she was in it because she liked to win the argument.

        • I don’t like her pretend innocence, either. She lied right to Cary’s face.
          I am hoping she will turn it around.

      • jane says:

        Completely agree. Alicia is not the same character at all. I find myself flipping through the channels

      • monty says:

        It’s funny how so many blame Peter for her issues, she is just as bad if not worse than he is. He had nothing to do with how she has jerked people around including dumping Will someone who gave her a start. Yes get a divorce but it would be nice if she helps him and just wait for till he is cleared of his issues. That is both classy and good for all.

      • caarooliinee says:


    • bridyyc says:

      i think you are the only one quite as obsessed about her “wig line.” You asked.

      • carterfrancis says:

        Nope. I thought it was a bad botox, but last night during the close-ups I noticed it looked like the part of a clown wig that covers the forehead. It’s distracting and ridiculous. It’s actually amazing that they haven’t fixed it given all the comments about it.

    • Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz says:

      Yes! The wigs have been hideous! You’d think they could spring for something a LITTLE realistic!

  12. bert says:

    jason was less nauseating than usual. probably because he had less lines than usual.

  13. Steven says:

    That was almost orgasmic. I was screaming “YES. YES. YES.” and when she finally said those 4 words I sighed and threw my hands up in the air. 7 loooong years for those 4 beautiful words.

  14. JosiahBartlet4President says:

    I’m sad that Alicia can’t see that Diane is the one using her, and Cary is the one who truly cares about her.

  15. “Frankly my dear…I don’t give a damn”

  16. bridyyc says:

    I’m surprised by all of the comments writing Cary off. Like, really surprised. There are 4 episodes left. Do you really think the firm business is all done? Did you not see the final look from Alicia as Cary left? That was not a “poor Cary” look. That was a “Hmmm” look.

    There are a million ways it could go. But here’s one. Alicia says the following to Peter “Ok, I’ll stand by your side if you make Diane a Supreme Court Justice (I know there needs to be a vacancy, – you watch, there will be suddenly).” Poof. Diane is out of the picture. Alicia takes down David Lee and poof – the Alicia and Cary firm is back.

  17. Scott21 says:

    I hope Alicia says no and they are finally taking down the main villian of the show (Peter). I felt bad for Cary but then I realized maybe if he leave the firm he could be the one who gets a spin off? Maybe in a sunny city?

  18. Cindy says:

    Cary Argos has been greatly underused but I hate the thought of him having to leave. I thought him and Alicia would be together forever :(

  19. phdblonde says:

    I’ve enjoyed Chris Noth for so long. I was actually hoping that he might clean up his act for Alicia. There is never any room in a marriage for third parties and they cleared up any misgivings on that notion. So, I’m sad to see the show ending, but Alicia has been searching for herself for seven years…she is found. Just a final observation. All the shows with Strong Women end with the women being killed off. The Good Wife was a nod to the idea that strong women characters can hold their own on TV.

    • JDPhD says:

      There is nothing **strong** about Alicia. She has always been and will apparently always be weak in character and in intellect. The Kings really dropped the ball.

    • Sharon says:

      I agree. Alicia is more than Peter’s equal and passed him by a long time ago. Peter, for his part, did his best to derail her. Major fail. She is definitely found.

  20. Vicki Eggleston says:

    I am really looking forward to Alicia finally standing up to Peter and blowing him off. Jason and she are so hot together, she needs to put that relationship first. Look what happened with Will. You don’t get very many chances in life for love. Peter has buried himself. If the show has to end, it should be with her no longer being the “Good Wife”. I will miss it. 😢😥😥

  21. Jason says:

    I really don’t want things between Carey and Alicia to be left this way. I don’t care if he’s at the firm but I don’t want the show to end with them not friends.

  22. Katy says:

    I flipped the channel when it opened with Alicia and Smirk Face in bed again, cam back a few minutes later,(where is Grace all of the time, too old for girlish sleepovers). That’s all this show is about anymore, Alicia lusting over Jason, getting old real fast…….

    • monty says:

      I agree it is getting old, I find it hard to believe this is love because it looks like the same she had with Will before she realized it was not love. I laughed when Peetr said WHAT your in love AGAIN

      • Zizzy says:

        When did she realize it was not love with Will?? On the contrary, she convinced herself it wasn’t when it really was, and she closed herself off to that possibility. But now it’s time to right that wrong and be true to herself, whatever that self is (and they have precious few episodes to show us!) I agree, the current “I don’t give a f**k” Alicia is getting old. Her lusty flirtations with Jason look totally staged and awkward. I’d like to think JM is a better quality actor than that, so I’m hoping the writers are planning to expose her false façade. You saw her get jealous at the bar, and despite her pep talk from Lucca, deep down Alicia knows she’s not the kind of woman that can just have sex for fun, no strings attached. She is “invested” in Jason, but she’s playing it cool to avoid getting hurt (again). “Always expect the worst so you can’t be disappointed” is not the way a series with a strong female character can go out. They need to make her vulnerable and honest again, and cowboy, tough-guy, man-of-few-words Jason has to be REALLY vulnerable, professing his love for her, desire for a future together, etc. They need to demonstrate they feel something DEEPLY, anything! This superficial flirtation is lame.
        Regarding the firm, no lawyer (including Will and Diane) has ever been fulfilled in life by simply excelling in their law career. So Alicia is a named partner, has money and prestige, finally a girl buddy in Lucca, etc. but that’s not enough to end her character’s journey. Her personal life must be in order too. I have no objection to her helping Peter through his trial (I suspect Jason will help out too)…it’s a small price to pay for a quick, uncontested divorce. But she better get that in writing!!

    • amen to that – alicia’s constant need for sex with jason is so false – neither actor seems the slightest bit interested in the other – and jason seems to do nothing but smile and try to look sexy – which falls flat for me. It seems that an intelligent woman – as Alicia is suppose to be – would want more from a relationship – but then again, maybe not – The show has become an embarrassement.

  23. Definitely the best episode of the season. I was getting very, very bored with this Final Season. I am glad Cary is leaving though. Never liked him.

  24. H says:

    I don’t like how they ruined Alicia and Cary’s relationship, and Alicia and Diane’s. I wish it didn’t end that way, they are the only core characters left and they all seem like they hate each other. If the writers stuck with Florrick, Agos, and Lockhart, and explored that, they would have kicked ass so hard.

  25. uncovered says:

    By blocking out Cary from the potential all-female firm and making it obvious it’s because he’s not a woman, they’re just as sexist as David Lee.

    • Eurydice says:

      David Lee is the one who turned on Cary – if they had stood together Alicia wouldn’t have been made a name partner. But David Lee figured that money was more important to him than fighting Diane or supporting Cary. Cary should have known better than to ally himself with a snake.

    • Pixel says:

      “The Good Wife” aka “It’s never Alicia’s fault”.

  26. Shawn says:

    Loved this last episode! I’m really hoping there is a spin off with the ladies being in charge. The divorce is definitely overdue and Alicia deserves to have a man in her life. Can’t wait for the next episode to watch how things unfold.

  27. This is been an incredible show and this season has been the tops we love Jason please don't leave says:

    This is been an incredible show and this season has been the tops we love Jason please don’t leave!

  28. Marie says:

    It will make interesting viewing during these last weeks if Alicia does support Peter publicly. I hope she doesn’t do it because he does not deserve her support. However, she might feel obligated this one last time, especially if he gives her everything she wants in the divorce. It’s time for Alicia to be happy, enjoy her life an her man. Peter did not learn anything when he was in jail the first time. Let him suffer. But . . . would that make for good viewing drama in the last season?

  29. Jared says:

    I have watched the show for many years BUT I’m tired of wasting the last couple of episodes on JASON. Waste of the show’s time. The show has gone down hill the last two seasons make it end well, and not with her and Jason.

  30. C C Check says:

    When Peter asked Alicia to stand by him at least through the indictment, I literally screamed at the TV “don’t you dare.!” Had to remind myself its only a TV show, but Ive invested all these years watching her get stronger & independent. Don’t revert to the old you!

  31. Christy says:

    “This is me not caring” Loved that line and she’s awesomely strong now. My prediction for the last episode is that Peter is back in jail, just where he started in the beginning of this series. Alicia has been “the good wife” through all of Peter’s self inflicted problems. Yes, she did steal a couple of moments of happiness along the way, but she still stood beside him, UNTIL NOW!! He’s such a selfish jerk. “Go to hell Peter”

  32. deb says:

    time for this show to go away. I really liked it in the beginning now it seems like they are scrambling to find story lines to fill the gap between now and the end. I=

  33. Alicia, tell him to go to Hell! I get the feeling Jason is much more invested in their relationship than he has been letting on. Although Alicia doesn’t NEED a man, I think she and Jason make a happy couple. I won’t miss Howard, but I hate what’s happening to Eli. I wish David Lee would disappear, Love Eli’s daughter, and wouldn’t mind at all if Caitlyn joined up with Diane and Alicia. I really wish TPTB would continue the series with a spinoff of Diane and the ladies in an all girl firm. I’ll miss Cary, but he’ll be on the return of the Gilmore Girls soon, so he’s not going too far. :-)

    • pioneerpl says:

      I hate what’s happening to Eli, too. Sure hope they give him a good ending. He’s a great character and deserves that.

  34. Marilyn says:

    Oh, am I going to miss this show.

  35. Joanie says:

    It was good this week. Jason stood his ground and I loved it. Jason ROCKS!

  36. kimmathiot says:

    The series is ending right where it should. She FINALLY asked for the divorce. Very badly, I want Alicia to say, “Go to hell, Peter, twist in the wind. And, give me back the f___ing key to my apartment.” And, if they are true to this new found strength of her character, she will do exactly that. It would tie things up nicely if he went back to jail. It would be great if Cary went and found Kalinda. It seems to me he was looking at that picture of the beach before, in a previous season, and Kalinda may have been as well, at some point. If they make things work out for him at the firm, I will be disappointed for his character. He deserves to be happy, finally. And while I think Jason is hotter than Las Vegas in August, his relationship with Alicia hasn’t been very satisfying to me. It hasn’t seemed real, and I wince every time they kiss. I would have much preferred him falling for Lucca. But I really do want to see David Lee get his just desserts. He’s despicable and deserves to be booted out without a dime.

  37. I am still confused by something, and I haven’t seen it addressed in the online reviews of last night’s episode. When David Lee throws in with Diane and says he will support making Alicia a full partner, he says there is one condition but one that he thinks Diane will support. What was that condition? Was it buying Cary out? The last scene with Alicia and Cary makes it seem like it is Cary’s decision to leave because he realizes he doesn’t want to deal with the politics at the firm. But why would David want Cary out? I thought Cary was on Lee’s side until Lee went to Diane. I feel like I am missing a plot point here. Any ideas?

    • JacquelineAB says:

      David Lee’s condition was to gain more shares of the company. That was the sting that Carey didn’t know abt until Lyman kind of told off when the three of them were in office.

  38. Katy says:

    When I first heard that this was the final season, I was indifferent now I can’t wait. I hate watching her and Jason, isn’t it odd that Grace is never home, when earlier in the season she never left the apt. not even for school, she served as Alicia and Lucca’s unpaid assistant. It doesn’t even seem that Alicia likes her, all she thinks about is loser Jason She wasn’t like that with Will, the campaign guy or Finn.

  39. robandco says:

    I am glad I am not the only one that yelled when she asked him for a divorce in front of other people. That was so funny.
    I wonder if she’s dumb enough to say yes to that stupid proposal. If she says yes I hope she has some kind of plan to ensure he’ll end up in jail.
    I sure hope Cary will be present until the end of the series. I mean we had to sit through God knows how much episode of him in jail and in court for him to walk away a handful of episode before the end? The Kings knows better.
    Oh, Eli, you’re in danger my baby. I hope Diane can avoid jail time for him.

  40. schiss says:

    I’m over Alicia. Her character has done an entire turn around. The tone of the show has become almost comedic. But there are still other characters I’m vested in. I’ll watch until the end!

  41. Sheilze says:

    Odd comment but Peter and Jason have the same voice. Anyone else notice that.

  42. Trevorsoi says:

    Anyone else remember when they used to pull for Alicia? Like I seriously wanted her to be happy. Even when she walked the line she was always something an okay person, but now?
    Im done. I hope she ends up with nothing and Diane even less

  43. JED says:

    Why the heck does Peter still have keys to Alicia’s apartment and what was he doing showing up there in the middle of the day when nobody was supposed to be home?

    • FCM says:

      I know, right?! Makes you wonder if Peter uses her place as a rendezvous spot for his escapades during the work day?! 1st order of business should be for Alicia to change her locks @ “her” apartment.

  44. FCM says:

    I would like to know what everyone thinks about Alicia never being able to stay @ Jason’s place. During this episode, Alicia even mentioned that they could possibly go to his place, but he quickly, without explanation, squashed that suggestion. It made me wonder what’s going on with that??!

  45. Brenda Walker says:

    I think Alicia should say yes to Peters’ one last request. I was glad she ask for the divorce so that cloud of being married to the Govenor would be lifted off her life. I hope there is a spinoff with the women law team. I liked the Good Wife.

  46. jason says:

    They have to kill off Peter for her to remain the Good Wife. If she agrees to stay, she can be a grieving widow, she can be free to be with her investigator, she can be free of the problems of her husband’s potential indictment (killing him off will free him too,) and she can pursue her own desires.

  47. Marie says:

    Good Wife is one of my favorites: soap opera enough to be schmaltzy; clever enough to be appreciated; well-written enough to be engrossing; well acted enough to be interesting-all the characters are stereotypes but with originality and depth. The multi-plots happening in one episode keep the dialogue moving and creates the need for viewer attention. I will definitely miss Good Wife and the superb characters that made it happen!

  48. Joanna McPhatter says:

    If Alicia Florrick was forced to resign the State Attorney’s office (she’d just won), by the Democratic Party in order cover up voter fraud (the rigging of voting machines) to protect a high ranking Democratic office holder and the party’s majority in the State Senate. How then is she such an asset to Diane to become a full partner and why has this not been a topic for discussion within the firm? Because to me it would have made her a toxic high profile presence in this all woman firm as well. Along with Peter’s campaign for a VP spot on the national ticket, they both would have been too damaged to ever have been seriously considered for any national office. This could have been a major plot point. But wasn’t, and Diane being the righteous litigator that she is, would have considered Alicia damaged goods and a traitor to the Democratic Party and would have demanded answers (unless I missed that episode). And one last comment, I really thought last season.s campaign arc was J. Margulies worst performance. Her campaign interviews were more than awkward (she was wooden). I always considered her a very good actress, still do. But I am disappointed with the show, However, Cush Jumbo has been the brightest light so far.

  49. I am not as irritated by the actions on the program as I am by the fact that CBS is running another stupid music awards show next weekend

  50. Mary T says:

    Great show. Enjoyed the twists and turns.