Grey's Anatomy Recap

Grey's Anatomy Recap: Pretty Ugly

Once Arizona took it upon herself to reveal April’s pregnancy to Jackson in last week’s Grey’s Anatomy, the stage was set for this week’s episode to feature showdowns explosive enough to make the Averys’ break-up seem amicable by comparison. Did “I Am Not Waiting Anymore” deliver on its promise of fireworks? Read on and find out!

‘YOU TOLD ROBBINS, AND YOU DIDN’T TELL ME?’ | As the hour began, we rewound to just before “Odd Man Out” left off, with Arizona learning from Jackson that he’d begun dating again and blurting out that April was pregnant — just as Kepner was on her way to tell him herself. Predictably, Jackson erupted — especially after finding out from his ex that she had been aware that she was expecting before they divorced. After April was called away by a page to the ER, Arizona tried to apologize, but Kepner wasn’t feeling it. In fact, to underscore just how very much she wasn’t feeling it, she put the full force of her faith into the “Go to hell!” that she hurled at Robbins. When Arizona told Callie what had happened in hopes of being reassured that she’d done the right thing, her ex couldn’t back her up. Like, at all. “I’m sorry,” said Torres. “You screwed this one up — big time.” Bailey was even less supportive, noting that what Arizona had done was a “firing offense.” Amelia’s suggestion to Robbins? “The only thing you can do to fix it is wait.”

After losing a patient, April tried to avoid continuing her confrontation with Jackson in the hospital corridor — in front of Richard and Bailey, no less. However, the father-to-be didn’t take it well when his former wife said she didn’t want to talk then and there. “Oh, excuse me,” he snarked. “Is there a more convenient time for me to catch you lying to me?” From there, the “conversation” only went downhill. Hadn’t she thought that her pregnancy would impact his decision about their divorce? “I knew it would!” she replied. But she didn’t want him to stay with her for the sake of the baby and end up hating her. Which, he suggested, he already did. At that, Richard rang the bell, bringing to an end the first of what seemed likely to be many, many rounds. At least Owen was able to offer April some comfort. When she wept, “Everything is all screwed up,” he reminded her that she was having a baby, and that in and of itself was a miracle.

Meanwhile, Richard counseled Jackson, who was bitter that he hadn’t found out right away that he was going to be a father. “I found out decades late,” Webber pointed out. “What’s important is now you know… and you need to step up.” As the episode drew to a close, Jackson apologized to April, and she finally was able to explain that she’d hesitated to tell him about the baby until she knew that it was okay. Sadly, that only served to make him angry again, which prompted her, in turn, to inform him that he had “no rights here.” So, they weren’t just back to square one, they were wherever was a coupla big steps further away from even that!

‘SO YOU’VE BEEN TALKING ABOUT ME… ’ | When we joined Meredith, Will was still waiting to learn whether she would agree to go on a date with him and his very nice face. “I have said no to nicer faces,” she noted in such a way that we immediately stopped worrying that she might have forgotten how to flirt. But before she could answer the $64,000 question one way or the other, they were interrupted by Maggie calling her half sister back inside Grey Sloan at Alex’s behest to help with a triple organ transplant. Upon being introduced to Will, Maggie… well, let’s say she pulled a Maggie. (Can that be a thing? “Pulling a Maggie”?) “You’re Thorpe!” she said way too knowingly, then reeled herself in way too obviously. “I mean, um, hello!” Ultimately, Meredith did agree to have a drink with Will the following night. “Unless of course I change my mind,” she added. (Grey’s got game, she does!) Later, when Mer’s nerves kicked in, Callie assured her, “It will be good.” Alex seemed less enthusiastic. But then he explained to Maggie that he was being, as she put it, a “harbinger of doom” to give Mer an escape hatch — if she didn’t have one, she’d bail, he theorized.

As the evening wore on, Amelia found Mer giving her legs an emergency shave and came through with a nice outfit for her to wear. Alas, Mer still panicked, telling Jo to retrieve her cell phone and text Will that their plans were off. “Now it’s really over,” Grey told Maggie, who maybe had pushed too hard, “so let it go.” Yet Pierce really didn’t have to do that, as Alex gave Mer the kinda pep talk that only he could. “It’s gonna be weird no matter what,” he said, “so you might as well get it over with.” Which she tried to, calling Will to Grey Sloan. And, while she was too pooped after a 17-hour surgery for drinks, she did let Thorpe give her a ride home and split an order of fries. (The non-date seemed super promising, didn’t it? Until we saw the scenes from next week… )

‘I DON’T WANT HELP’ | After Maggie cancelled on her dinner with Richard and Andrew (damn triple organ transplant!), they cancelled the dinner altogether rather than go by themselves. Although how hilariously awkward would that have been?!? Later, Pierce offered to rotate her boyfriend into the fancy triple organ transplant, which was just about the last thing he wanted. Preferential treatment, that is, not taking part in the surgery. Making matters worse, Isaac razzed him about his relationship. “Chief of cardio,” said Cross, implying that DeLuca had seduced Pierce to advance his career. “So smart.” (Please don’t hook Isaac up with Stephanie — he’s smarmy, and she deserves better!) As the episode drew to a close, Andrew wounded Maggie by refusing to go home with her. Adding insult to injury, he was just going to study!

‘YOU NEED SOMEONE TO HATE? LOOK IN A MIRROR!’ | Off their puppy date, Owen asked Amelia out to dinner to pre-celebrate his upcoming birthday. But he was in for a rough night. After he engaged in his favorite pastime — antagonizing Nathan — Riggs shot back that Hunt had given up on his sister and left while McKiwi had stayed behind and continued searching for her. Owen argued that Megan was dead. “We don’t know that!” Nathan yelled. “You decided it!” (Countdown to Megan’s introduction begins in 3, 2… ) Later, when Amelia showed up at Owen’s trailer with lobsters, she found him in drunk and in full-on meltdown mode, and had to run, not walk, away.

So, we can all agree Megan is alive, right? Do you like Mer and Will? How nasty will April and Jackson’s custody battle be? Hit the comments!

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  1. liame says:

    I can’t stand April. She really annoys the heck out of me….Ugh!

    • Mason says:

      Jackson is the unreasonable one here towards the end

      • Luli says:

        Ditto! Team April on this one.

      • Luke says:

        no one expects them to just get back together just like that;
        the real problem is that they can’t put their anger aside and just talk, not get back together just simply talk; about what they feel or want; and here lies another problem, none of them really know what they really want;
        at this point what is done is done, they’re already divorced , and honestly I don’t see them getting back together any time soon if ever at all, so what’s the point in getting angry about every little thing;

        The truth is they’re both equally unreasonable simply because they’ve never once, from the begining, tried to understand the other ones point of view ( how they think, where their coming from, why do they feel like that etc);

    • MzTeaze says:

      Yeah, I wish the Acme anvil would just fall on her head and end her storyline. She’s just a one note character constantly playing in the keys of W-T and F.

    • Coconuts says:

      Yes I completely agree with you. I can’t stand April at all.

  2. AD says:

    I’m tired of all the drama being dumped on jackson & april, I mean it’s been like 20 episodes now, can they stop? These were two people genuinely in love & they’re making them seem like a nasty hook up gone wrong, it’s disrespectful to these characters, their relationship & to people who root for them. If they’re done for good, even that’s fine. As much as I love them together, I’d genuinely be happier seeing them be civil apart than be nasty ALL THE TIME.
    The final scene was finally giving me hope that the fighting will stop but he brought up abortion? after what they went through last time? LOW. & she doesn’t wanna get tested? WHY. What is her endgame? If the baby isnt fine, why doesnt she want to know, it’ll just set up for suffering again? None of it makes sense. Too OOC.
    I’ve been whining ALL season that I want them back together but right now I just want these characters back. I dont recognize either of them anymore, it’s sad.

    • Tony says:

      I think both are still reacting to everything that’s happened to them. And sometimes, your reactions to life’s drama is out of character or at least character changing (good and bad). At least they’re consistent week to week. It was ugly tonight, no doubt

    • rica says:

      Grey’s anatomy is dramatic as hell. Callie and Arizona went through the same stupid drama for seasons!

    • jj says:

      it’s actually quite simple. She doesn’t want to get tested to avoid anyone pressuring her into having an abortion. If the baby had the same condition as the previous baby, Jackson’s opinion is that it would be kinder to have an abortion than to make the baby go through that. April is super religious and would never get an abortion no matter. By not getting tested, the abortion question wouldn’t get raised. Jackson clued in on that and that’s why he got angry.

      • shannonmctx says:

        Its why I never got them as a couple that can go the distance – they have fundamentally different values.

      • liame says:

        “Super Religious”? Does pre-marital sex and lying fall under “super religious”. Also, people don’t need to be religious or super religious to be against abortion.

      • Coconuts says:

        Super religious? She knew that the baby would stop the divorce. If she was THAT religious she would have used the baby to stop it. Divorce is a big no no. She is just full of crap.

      • SB says:

        April is not actually “super religious”. Saying you’re a christian doesn’t make you a christian any more than standing in a garage makes you a car. She told Arizona to “go to hell”. As an actual religious person, I am so offended by that. Only GOD decides who goes to heaven or hell. By putting herself in God’s role as judge, she is breaking the first commandment. So not christian. She is “religious” when it benefits her, and uses it as an excuse to get what she wants. She gives REAL christians a bad name.

        • Okay dude says:

          yeah, if she really wanted to emulate God, she should’ve stoned Arizona (The bad kind of stoned, not the legal-in-Colorado stoned) as commanded by the bible.

    • Alichat says:

      Jackson didn’t really bring up abortion so much as he realized that April was avoiding telling him so that she could avoid that as an option for as long as she could. After 9 weeks, she would need a surgical abortion. It’s why she’s avoiding having the fetus tested at all. She’s trying to control the situation as much as possible. Abortion was probably in the back of Jackson’s mind because of what he said to her…..that he doesn’t want to put his baby through that again and hold him/her as they die. April is going into full on avoidance mode. It goes back to the band-aid metaphor in the narration……Jackson wants to rip the band-aid now….deal with the pain now if the baby is sick. April is afraid to pull the band-aid and just wants to hope that when the baby is born…..waiting and waiting and waiting to pull the band-aid….everything will be sunshine and flowers…..thus putting herself back into the same situation they were in with the last pregnancy.

      I have a feeling we will be seeing a lawsuit coming. April’s ‘this is my baby’ and ‘you have no rights here’ crap was a stupid move on her part.

      • abjr says:

        Not really, even if married Jackson could not force her to be tested or to to have an abortion, or in the converse, if she wanted an abortion, to make her not have an abortion. Her uterus, he decision. April is 100% right here.

        • Alichat says:

          It’s true he could not force her, but she’s not 100% right. Married or not, he deserves to have a say. He deserves to have his opinion and his feelings heard and considered, instead of dismissed outright. If she’s so certain….so confident that all will be well, that the baby will be healthy…..then get the test to give him that comfort. Yes, it’s her body, but it’s their baby….his and hers.

      • Jay says:

        I agree with April on dis. She’s nt married to him anymore, so she has d right to decide whether to keep d baby or get rid of it. It’s his choice 2 either support her or walk away. Either way, until d baby is born, any decision abt d baby is hers alone to make. Except she decides to listen to him. I dnt like d fact dt she didn’t tell him on time though. And Arizona shld av informed April abt her decision 2 tell Jackson. It ws totally wrong of her 2 go behind her back like dt.
        Oh.. Abt Meredith. I dnt tink Will is a gud idea, I tink Riggs will be better 4 her.

      • leo21 says:

        Jackson is enough of an asshole that he would have demanded an abortion just because it was an unwanted pregnancy – medical complications or not. And April didn’t say anything because she didn’t want to have that conversation. She is 100% right – it’s her body and there is nothing legally he can do to force her to do anything. He is entitled to his opinion but it’s her decision.

        • MT603 says:

          Are you kidding yourself? How is Jackson the asshole? He supported April as much as he could, even though he was hurting too. She never cared about his feeling, and she still doesn’t care. She abandoned him. Yes he doesn’t have legal rights, but he deserves to know and be heard. And you saying he’d abort just because it’s an unwanted pregnancy is just ridiculous. He’s not evil, he just doesn’t want the baby to be in pain, bones breaking in uetero and both of them going through the same pain.

  3. Alyse says:

    I definitely feel like Owen’s sister is alive. If they decide to have Riggs and Meredith get together, I feel like that’s when Owen’s sister will show up. Otherwise she probably will show up in the last minute or so of the season finale.

  4. brooke says:

    It’s about time Callie ans Arizona interacted with each other..even for just one scene.

    • rebecca says:

      yesss.. it’s been forever.

    • Anna says:

      Please, no. Arizona has finally become tolerable, and more interaction with her and Callie will probably push her back towards insufferable.

    • abz says:

      I enjoyed their interaction. However, I still don’t want them to get back together. Arizona has been much more likable since their separation and I want to see more of her story. Although the show does seem to be at a loss with what to do with Callie. She needs her own meaty storyline and this relationship with Blake is not it. It’s sad how characters like Jo, Edwards and Lucca (no matter how good looking he is) get more screen time than a veteran character like Callie. I wish they’d give her something to do. Explore she and Arizona’s co-parenting. Show her career more. Is she working on some research? Is she trying to accomplish something like Meredith did with her 3D printer or Cristina’s research or Arizona switching specialty. Something with a story arc and not just a one-off B/C plot. Callie has been a background character lately for too long.

      • Kathy says:

        Jessica Capshaw is pregnant and Arizona isn’t, so that’s likely why she’s being underused.

        • Jamie says:

          Arizona is definitely not being underused. They had like 3 or 4 different scenes in this episode alone when she would walk up to a random character and try to get their opinion on her telling Jackson about the pregnancy. If anything, she’s overused compared to other characters.

    • Sandra says:

      Yes I miss them so much

  5. Tony says:

    I’m not gonna suggest Jackson holds no responsibility in the dissolution of the relationship. But April…she continues to be grossly self centered and clueless

    • Elise says:

      But Jackson isn’t self centered? The whole reason they’re divorced is because HE wanted to end their marriage. And now he’s upset at his own decision and taking it out on April. To me, the only selfish person here is Jackson. He hasn’t thought about anyone but himself in all of this. Even to the point of suggesting April abort her baby because HE can’t deal. He’s being ridiculous right now with the temper tantrums.

      • anon says:

        Agree with your whole comment! But people love to dump everything on April like Jackson played no part in anything. He’s the one who apparently needs some anger management.

        • Elise says:

          I have to stick up for her here. I won’t say that all the decisions April has made has been the best. But she’s not the one throwing temper tantrums and upset at everything. My goodness. Jackson doesn’t know if he’s coming or going. He’s mad that April fought for them and when she finally let’s go, he’s still mad because she didn’t do the one thing that would have made him stay. Huh? April can’t win with him no matter what she does. She quite literally gives him everything he said he wanted and he’s STILL upset. He needs to get with Mer’s therapist and work through his issues.

          • Cee says:

            “He’s mad that April fought for them and when she finally let’s go, he’s still mad because she didn’t do the one thing that would have made him stay.”


          • Zee says:

            I think Jackson is a bit spoiled and never had to go through life’s stress the way a lot of people have being from a privileged background and all. This must be a first for him and he’s just not handling it well. Now his mum is on her way and I don’t see her ever supporting April over her only son. I foresee more fights. Jackson needs to stop stressing out a pregnant woman – it’s dangerous for the health of mother and child

          • Mari says:

            I agree no matter what April does she’s wrong with him. She fought to try and keep the marriage he was done, she gave in let go, he was mad. She found out she was pregnant needed a little time, no matter the reason it’s her body and he pressed for the divorce, she’s the bad guy again. Now the king of attitude is dating and didn’t want April to find out?? After approaching her at the hospital like he did, I’m thrilled she found her back bone and told him off at the door. Her reaction to Arizona and Jackson’s actions and words, we’re spot on.

      • Tony says:

        My feeling is that Jackson felt like he had reached the end of his rope with April because she continuely (and continued to do so tonight) dismissed his feelings and never truly gave a sincere apology on choosing being overseas over their marriage. She offers half asked apologies that are always followed or buffered with “Buts” and how she is feeling. Never taking the time to step back and ask how is my husband doing. She seemed to had already made up her mind and already resigned to the way she was gonna handle this. She knew exactly how Jackson was gonna react or at least what his feelings on how to proceed would be. But it doesn’t fit what SHE wants. And while I am in no way defending what Arizona did, I don’t she would have actually told Jackson the truth anyways.

        • Elise says:

          Well yeah. She’s pregnant and recently divorced. April has every right to make her own decisions without considering Jackson. They arent a unit anymore. He wanted nothing to do with April. She gave him what HE wanted. He can’t be upset that she didn’t take her EX’s feelings into consideration for what she was planning on doing with her body. He made the decision to end their union. Not her. He doesn’t get to renege now and play victim. You’re an ex. Your opinion doesn’t rank anymore lol

          • Tony says:

            IMO, what’s going on now doesn’t exist in a vacuum. It’s merely a continuation of what’s been happening. And I don’t think it’s unreasonable to ask your partner for a real, sincere apology and consideration for their part in this mess. Again, her apologies and explanations always came with the caveat thathat her feelings held a bit more importance. And yes, she gave him what he wanted. But only after he repeatedly try to talk things out with her and she wasn’t listening to what he was saying. But I agree that Jackson can’t obviously dictate what she ultimately does with the pregnancy. And I won’t even try to suggest otherwise. I can also take a step back and acknowledge that I get that some of what she is feeling is coming from a place of fear.

          • Shae Beery says:

            I agree. So much I agree. The strength of April right now is impressive. I loved her breakdown with Hunt. They have an awesome platonic relationship and he gave her so much love tonight reminding her that her baby is a miracle. Loved it.

          • abz says:

            He made that decision because he no longer could be in a marriage with someone who made him feel like garbage. Someone who abandoned him not once, but twice. Someone who can barely let him get a word in or express how he’s feeling without turning it around and making it about her.
            “You’re an ex. Your opinion doesn’t rank anymore lol” –> Jackson is also the father of her child. He has no right to force her to get an abortion, but he had every right to know about the pregnancy and he should have heard it from her and not from Arizona. He didn’t want anything more to do with April with regards to their marriage/romantic relationship but I’m pretty sure he would have wanted to know if they were about to have another baby.
            He has a right to be upset because she continues to do to him what she did when they were married. She doesn’t take his feelings into account. The both of them can’t even have a civilized discussion without April making things about her and Jackson getting angry at all the pain he’s been put through as well and how he’s been made to feel so unheard and his feelings unacknowledged.

      • Jasmine says:

        LOL these comments are hilarious, April left and went away not Jackson. Jackson told her the second time that if she leaves he won’t be there waiting for her and yet she cries like a little bitch and is all shocked when he keeps his word and wants nothing to do with her when she gets back. She’s annoying as hell trying to win him back and then when she knows how hard losing the baby was for him keeps this information from him for months. I agree with Tony Jackson is far and I mean far from perfect but to suggest that April is innocent here is a joke. She is one of the most unlikeable characters I have ever witnessed on a show.

      • Alichat says:

        And April wasn’t selfish in running away from their marriage TWICE? She left him when he needed to grieve. He told her the second time she decided to take off that he didn’t think he could be there when she came back. Clue #368 that maybe you should stop thinking about yourself and start thinking about what he needs and what the marriage needs. Jackson had to deal with not knowing whether April was alive or dead. Had to deal with the waiting for her to come home only to find out that she’d extended her tour. He dismantled the crib, returned the gifts, took down the nursery. He had to go back to work….to the place where he held his son as he died. He had to deal with the questions from people (all probably well-intentioned) about the baby. When she returned, he wanted a divorce. She wouldn’t even talk about it….wouldn’t even consider it. She suggested therapy, so he went to therapy. With all that, she still couldn’t even apologize with any sincerity. Then she keeps the pregancy from him for months after their divorce. She’s refusing to get tested, because it’s what she wants. She’s not even considering how hard it might be on Jackson to go through 6-7 months of wondering if the baby will be sick and die right after birth. Jackson has every right to be angry. He has every right to want to have the baby tested and know the results. And he deserves the right to have an honest and fair discussion with her about how to handle that pregnancy. I think if we set up a scale of selfishness, April’s side would be much heavier than Jackson’s.

        • Luke says:

          exactly a “discussion” but can they have a discussion for longer than 5 seconds without them starting to scream at one another; that’s the real problem here;

          honestly even if the child is born healthy he or she will probably have and awful childhood because they will always be stuck in the middle being the subject of their parents constant aguing because I don’t think April and Jackson will ever agree on anything;

          • Alichat says:

            True. I’d like to think they could….but it would take some work from both of them. I think therapy probably would have helped if April had been sincere in considering Jackson’s feelings. She’s dismissive. I imagine their therapy sessions were just like the conversations we were shown onscreen. Everything was ‘I understand you felt this way Jackson but….my feelings my feelings my feelings’ I think he could have processed his anger and grief….because he’s still hurt…still in pain…if there had been some real consideration given to his pain and anger. But he definitely needs to figure out a way to get through that, especially if he’s going to ‘step up’ as Webber said he should. And she needs to grow up and realize there are two opinions to consider in bringing this child into the world and raising him/her….everything isn’t black and white….it’s grey.

        • Zee says:

          I am actually surprised that nobody is advising that Jackson attends grief counseling. He needs help. He’s not handling this well. He probably has never had to fight for anyone or anything before now.

          • Alichat says:

            I thought about that last night as well. I was expecting Webber to bring it up when he was talking Jackson down from his blow-up. Perhaps he has gone through grief therapy but now the new pregnancy, April hiding it, and then dismissing his feelings and rights has brought it all back up. Although I wouldn’t be surprised if he hasn’t really even talked with anyone about it except perhaps their marriage counselor.

      • abz says:

        “The whole reason they’re divorced is because HE wanted to end their marriage.” Yeah, way to simplify the whole thing. They did not divorce just because HE wanted to. They divorced because they have serious issues and an inability to communicate healthily with one another and Jackson started to get fed up. Jackson was entirely in the wrong with suggesting the abortion and he was stupid in doing so knowing she’d never consider it, but I disagree with you on everything else. April is PRIMARILY the selfish party in the relationship. In that confrontation, I didn’t see it as him being upset about his decision to divorce. He was upset because even after the divorce, she withheld something for weeks that he had a right to know about and that would affect his life and his feelings too. Jackson wanted to divorce April because there’s only so much you can do when your partner is so self-centered and has constant difficulty acknowledge your feelings and wants and needs. That’s part of why therapy never worked. For April, its always about her. What she wants. What she needs. She will tell Jackson that he will be a father again when SHE wants to. She will go away again and leave him because she wants to. When things get real and she starts to feel the consequence of keeping the pregnancy a secret for so long, SHE decides to delay the very important conversation and just leaves while Jackson is left to stew. SHE decides to not get tested and doesn’t even consider discussing it with Jackson and seeing his side of things and thinking about how much it would hurt him mentally and emotionally waiting for months and wondering if the baby would turn out healthy.

      • Mara says:

        April left him — they both lost the baby and she just left — that is the ultimate in self centered. Jackson had enough and I don’t blame him at all.

  6. Gary says:

    Can we get a petition started to change the name of the show to “Karev’s Anatomy” , in all seriousness it is about time for him to shine and break out of the asshole role forced on him.

  7. Elise says:

    Jackson really needs to go to anger management class or something. He’s been brutal to April the last few episodes and 90% of the time, it’s uncalled for. You wanted the divorce so don’t be mad that April didn’t use her baby to get you to stay. And you married a deeply devout Christian. You have to know that abortion is not and will never be on the table for her so why are you shocked? Above all, get some therapy. It makes no sense why Jackson’s still so angry when he got what he wanted….his divorce. Chill out.

    • HQ says:

      I’m not defending him because Jackson was a complete jackhole tonight, but his anger does make sense from a grief standpoint. He is still grieving the loss of their son and the loss of his marriage to his best friend. I know he pushed for the divorce but that doesn’t necessarily mean he got what he wanted. What he wanted was a healthy baby. What he wanted was for April not to leave. What he wanted was for her to apologize and acknowledge how much her leaving hurt him. No one got what they wanted in this situation. He needs to deal with his anger and grief and stop taking it out on April.

      His whole comment about waiting too long to do anything about it was completely ridiculous. It made it sound like he wanted her to get rid of the baby just because there is a chance of him getting hurt again, without knowing if anything is wrong. She is completely justified in the my body, my baby line at that point but I think she will try to include him if he is amenable. He can choose not to be involved if he doesn’t want to be. They really are both hurt and scared, and handling this so so badly. Sometimes I hate this show.

  8. Cee says:

    People who need to go have a nap because they’re being petulant children:
    1.) Major Owen Hunt
    2.) Jackson Avery
    They’re so freaking annoying and continuously throw MAJOR temper tantrums in the middle of a freaking trauma hospital. Especially effing Owen who just keeps picking at the same scab. What exactly did Riggs do tonight that was so offensive to him?! Comfort a distressed mother with literally 4 words? GTFO Owen.
    And Jackson has turned into this magnificent douchebag with depleting redeemable qualitities. Your ex-wife (who lost a son a year ago) waits a few weeks to tell you she’s pregnant so now you disown the child and air all her dirty laundry in the middle of her place of work?? TF?

    • Tony says:

      But April didn’t just lose a child alone. Jackson did as well. And I don’t know if it’s Shonda’s intention to highlight this. But it’s what I think is the source of his anger. Not taking anything away from how April felt about the situation. But he was a parent to the child as well. I won’t even touch upon the abortion angle of the situation. Obviously, April was 100% correct in that respect.

    • abz says:

      “Your ex-wife (who lost a son a year ago)…”. And that’s the problem here I find. Jackson’s feeling are often rarely taken into account by April and even viewers like yourself. Your comment alluded to the pain that April went through losing their son, but there is no mention of Jackson. Now April was 100% right about the abortion issue. He can’t force her to do anything and frankly it was quite silly of him to even suggest it given that he is aware of her religious stance, but he did, however, have a right to know he was about to have a baby too. Even though I understand why she didn’t want to tell him before the divorce went through, she still continued to keep it from him for weeks after the divorce. The biggest factor that lead to their divorce I think were their communication problems which have primarily been April’s fault. She rarely takes his feelings into account. It’s all about her. She left TWICE for her and did not think about Jackson. Therapy was a bust and Jackson reached his limit because there’s only so much you can do when your partner can’t even hear you or genuinely acknowledge your feelings.

      • Coconuts says:

        You are so smart. You are 100% correct.

      • Coconuts says:

        Aside from the Jackson and kepner drama…
        Maggie and DeLuca are on the rocks! I hate that DeLuca pushed her to become open just to shutdown on her! The sneak peek for the next episode shows a scene where they might break up! What a waste of time!

        A Maggie and Karev twist might be hot… Just saying. I enjoyed their bickering it was cute. I wouldn’t mind it :). Sorry Jo, that ring was in drawer for too damn long.

        Mer and the new hot guy…. I thought it was great and healthy until the promo with Mer yelling ‘get him out of here’ . I wonder what the heck happened?!

  9. TVDiva731 says:

    I like Japril but I am sick of both of them. April only takes in consideration her own feelings. The only reason Jackson even hinted at an abortion if something is wrong with these baby is to eliminate having to relive losing their son. April has every right to hope and rely on Faith but she has known all along Jackson is science facts type of individual. I don’t see how they come back from this unless April or Jackson has a near death experience or they see a healthy baby during a synogram. Can we please talk about Mer and her drama possibly next week?!

  10. Jacqueline says:

    Am I the only one that thinks Riggs will end up being the father of April’s baby? I think they had a drunken night overseas and had sex.. it breaks my heart because I love Jackson and April together. I hope it is not true!

  11. Shae Beery says:

    Alex was amazing tonight. Shonda, thank you for spotlighting Justin. Good god, we haven’t seen him this strong since Izzy. And as much as you want to believe that storyline is over…it’s not. The fans deserve Alex/izzy closure.

    • Anna says:

      LOVE Alex, and I genuinely think he needs more screentime, but for the love of God, please let Alex/Izzie go, people. I’m rewatching season 6 right now, and I’ve been reminded of not only how wrong she did him when she left at the beginning of the season, but also that they got great closure when she came back later in the season. They literally finish out the episode with Alex telling Izzie that he’s too good for someone that would treat him like she did, and that he’s done with her. And then she accepts it and leaves. If that isn’t closure, I don’t know what is.

    • Erin B says:

      I was going to say that enough with Jackson & April talk. Let’s talk about Alex! I love how well he knows Meredith. He looked super hot tonight too.

  12. Peter says:

    Jackson is the most annoying arrogant character i ever for a character i used to like i find him vile the way he treats April is disgusting he acts like a pissed off 16 year old and not the grown ass man he is

    • Larc says:

      The way April selfishly deserted him not once but twice in gross violation of her marriage vows, Jackson is treating her unusually well compared to what she actually deserves.

      • Luli says:

        Nobody deserves to be treated like that. So glad she stood up to him in the last scene. He is being horrible to her.

      • HQ says:

        Despite her past mistakes, she is still pregnant with his child. He didn’t even ask if everything was ok so far or anything more than why didn’t you tell me and when did you know? He then proceeded to tell her that she could do it by herself and later implied that she should have told him earlier so they could consider an abortion. I’m sorry but that is in no way treating a pregnant woman well. He may have reasons but they aren’t good enough.

  13. Gina says:

    I wish Jackson and April would just get back together already! Cuz them being like this every episode is stupid.

  14. Nelly says:

    april is not my favorite person..but tonight i feel kinda bad for her..jackson was such a jerk to her..ok i get it he is mad..but you just do not put so much anger and stress on a pregnant women.
    About meredith..i am happy she is dating again..because yeah in some point you just have to move on with your life

  15. Adrian says:

    Can we just talk about that scene between Meredith & Alex in the OR. So great. Love their relationship.

  16. Nikki says:

    Good show tonight. I’m actually wanting to find out what song was playing after Jackson told April he was done.

  17. Ji. W. says:

    I think all what is happening to April & Jackson is logical..
    As much as I wanted them back but that’s really logical .. April left Matthew in the church and ran away with Avery.. They did what they feel for the moment, they didn’t care what their partners will feel and they didn’t even think if it is the right thing for them or no.. they have different beliefs and personalities .. and they do what they feel only! so they have 0 communication and they don’t even think how to deal with it. So each one of them is self centred and does only what he’s feeling right now .. Marriage, abortion, divorce or not , having the baby tested or not..

  18. Hoshi says:

    Can I just say it feels good that not only Grey’s consistently has had the best ratings but has also had the most controversial storylines that make people emotionally invested? This is shonda rhimes baby and it’s been outshined by scandal and how to get away with murder, her focus being there and the next big thing. But this show is special. It’s ability to illicit such emotional reactions from fans (and as a fan, I am part of that) has been a strong reassurance for me.

    Keep the drama.

    Flesh out some character lines in the background.

    And keep people caring!

    My personal feelings aside :)

    • Hoshi says:

      That aside: I wish she let the divorce story line breath and let April and Jackson heal. Maybe have them have a one night stand later and THEN make her pregnant again. I love them both but have not always loved them together.

      Also: Amelia and Owen needs to not be a thing. I’d rather Owen and April, Owen and and a random person then them. It has been forced and uncomfortable. Like Penny and Callie.

      Give me sassy powerful Callie back. Sexy bisexual Latina Callie!

      • abz says:

        I’d rather Owen leave completely and allow Shonda to trim the fat. He is a terrible character. Amelia/Owen together are just terrible together. Forced and uncomfortable is right and no chemistry. And ugh Owen is such a little child. This whole rift between Riggs and Owen is just plain stupid and uninteresting. I like Riggs, a character who has only been on the show for a few episodes, more than Owen who has been on for multiple seasons. He just needs to go.

    • Chelle says:

      Shonda doesn’t actually have much involvement with How to Get Away as she is mainly a producer in name on that show. She has deputised some showrunning duties on both Grey’s and Scandal so that she can work on both shows but, yes, she is more involved with Scandal as it is a younger, more serialised show whereas Grey’s is a well-oiled, procedural machine.

  19. Ange says:

    Please write April out of the show. Maybe she is who doesn’t know she is being written out yet.

  20. Luli says:

    So Jackson is an ass. He is being a horrible person.
    So sad to see the Apzona frienship like this. I love them and the scene were April tells her to go to hell was a hard one to watch. I hope the can move past this. And hopefully patch things up this season.

  21. Nicaela says:

    From a medical stand point I can understand why Arizona told Jackson. From a friendship stand point it was oh so very wrong.

    Jackson’s problem is that he is angry. Angry that he lost his son and angry that April walked out on him. He is so angry that he cant forgive April and likely he feels guilty that he is so angry. April however is very,very selfish because she left. Regardless of what Jackson said to her,she ignored it and left again. April always does what April wants to do and at times she is crazy selfish and crazy in her beliefs.. To the point that she lets her beliefs rule her life, but only when they are convenient to what she wants.

    In one of the flashbacks he offered to go to Church with her. April was angry with God and took it out on Jackson.Does that mean Jackson did nothing wrong. No,but when you walk out on your marriage not once,but twice and you were forewarned what can you expect.

    • abz says:

      I agree. I think it was stupid of Jackson to even suggest a possible abortion knowing full well that she would never do something like that, but all of this just illustrates how toxic this relationship has become. Jackson is deeply hurt and he continues to be hurt by her. She made the decision to leave him twice. She made the decision to keep him in the dark about being pregnant again. She keeps doing things for her and rarely acknowledge his feelings or what he went through too. She refuses to get tested and as a result even if he has no right to force her to get an abortion, he will be forced to suffer mentally and emotionally for the next several months in not knowing whether or not the baby is healthy and knowing full well that he could find out at any time if only April agreed. She couldn’t even pass of her page to one of her coworkers and proceed with this uncomfortable but much needed conversation after Jackson found out and just decides to delay it further because SHE doesn’t want to deal with it right then and there. All of this just demonstrates the larger issue of their relationship. Their inability to communicate and have a meaningful discussion. They can’t talk to each other properly. On the one side, you have April who is always ME, ME, ME, and constantly talking and on the other hand there is Jackson who is constantly made to feel unheard and like his feelings don’t matter and he has reached his limit and no longer wanted to be married to someone who has so much trouble acknowledging him.

  22. Ange says:

    On a lighter note, it was good to see Meredith smiling and actually on a date date which was far different than how she met Derek.

  23. hannah says:

    Jackson has every right to be angry with April, except he got one thing wrong. It does not matter when he was told, an abortion was never in the cards for April. Being pro choice is not being pro-abortion. It’s about the woman’s right to choose, especially when the situation is less than ideal. Whether they are married or not, it is April’s body and therefore her choice. It is her choice to keep the baby, even if he doesn’t want it. It is her choice even if the baby has the same disorder as their other baby. It is her choice and no one else’s. No woman should ever be pressured into having an abortion if they don’t want one, just like no woman should ever be pressured to keep a baby if they don’t want one. It’s simple. For Jackson to say that she wanted to wait until it was too late to do anything about it (ie have an abortion), is basically saying that he would have wanted her to have an abortion, but that would never have been up to him.

    • Ange says:

      I disagree. As he pointed out, he held their dead son in his arms. It’s pretty selfish for April to act like she had been alone all this time. It’s getting old. I’m sure she will want support whether the baby is healthy or not. Then she’ll want Jackson involved.

      It’s not about pro or anti choice, it’s about being an adult and acting like a responsible one. A friend was pregnant with a Down’s baby that she terminated because it was the decision of her and her sig other. After that, every pregnancy she was tested to make sure she and her now husband were informed and knew what they were getting into given the history. It’s a very difficult decision that two people should make together whenever possible.

      • Elise says:

        Two people shouldn’t be making that decision when one of those people is very much against it no matter what and is ultimately the one carrying the baby. April is Christian. Abortion is not an option for her, ever. No matter what. Jackson was trying to hurt her and hit at the one thing he knew he could attack, her faith. He was particularly nasty tonight and if April shuts him out entirely as far as this baby is concerned, she has every right after how he came at her.

    • HQ says:

      Thank you! You perfectly explained the pro-choice position! While I sincerely hope they find a way to compromise and respect one another’s opinions, it is ultimately her decision. It might not be fair but biology isn’t fair. I just hate that they seem to be going further and further over a cliff that they can’t recover from. If the baby is ok, they still need to peacefully coexist. The first step is Jackson living up to his pro-choice beliefs and supporting her choices.

    • abjr says:

      Very well said, Thank you, hanna

    • fiberlicious says:

      ” Being pro choice is not being pro-abortion. It’s about the woman’s right to choose”

      I wish I could plaster this on billboards all over the country!!!!!!

  24. tithead says:

    Owen’s sister is alive! zomg! Ugh Grey’s has always been soapy but it really is like a daytime soap these days.

  25. DarkDefender says:

    I like that Mer jumped back into the “dating” pool.. But I love even more how Alex basically guided her there in only the way someone’s “person” can do. Love, love Alex.
    I am now starting to think not only is Owen’s sister alive… But she is his twin or her birthday is really close to his. It’s the only explanation for the timing of his alcohol infused meltdown. I do not like Amelia, but her recent bout of sobriety has me liking her. Smart girl to run away from that trailer. She isn’t ready to resist that kind of temptation.
    Maggie and Her intern are over. Only a matter of time. She needs the McKiwi. Mer’s new love needs to be someone we haven’t met yet. I’m not worried about next week’s tease between her and Thorpe. It is likely a read herring… But he is only her transitional guy anyway… So it isn’t going to last.
    Is it time yet for a Cristina visit? Paging Sandra Oh, STAT!

  26. N says:

    I still like Japril

  27. Shae Beery says:

    When Owen comforts April…that scene though! Lord have mercy. Give Sarah Drew her Emmy now!

  28. abz says:

    I swear that intern Cross looks so much like David Anders.

  29. Tony says:

    I just want to play point out through my criticism of April that I genuinely do like the character and I’m rooting for Japril to work. Though I agree with a previous poster that maybe their split should have been given real time to breathe. I also agree with the fact that Jackson, while absolutely deserving of his anger to a degree, needs to make a decision on how long he wants to hold on to that anger and try to figure out with April how they want to proceed forward. The show will be back next season. So Shonda should really take her time on this one. She’s put these two really close to edge where a quick, happy ending this season would be so silly and insulting. I’m willing to go for the ride to see if these two can get back together.

    As for other aspects of the show, I can’t say I’m really feeling the vibe between Mer and McVampy (someone said Thorpe reminded them of a vampire on Twitter). He’s gonna dull and wooden. Nowhere near as charismatic, charming and matured as Derek. Though I guess it’s only been a few episodes and should give it time. I still don’t know how I completely feel about the idea. But I think Shonda is still heavily teasing Mer/Alex as something that could happen.

  30. Pat says:

    The worst scenes for me last night, were the ones of Arizona going to anyone who would listen to her about what she had done in telling Jackson about April’s pregnancy. She broke the rule of trust between friends and worse she broke the ethical rule of trust as a doctor. I like Jackson and April but it was truly heartbreaking watching the scene where Jackson erupted in anger in the hallway right outside of the patient’s rooms. Talk about being unethical, if a regular Joe had done that security would have been called to remove him. So it was very hard to watch the scenes between Jackson and April. Meredith sitting in the car with Will was really nice to see but next weeks promo kind of scares me, with him standing outside her bedroom door and she is screaming and Maggie is yelling at him What Did You DO?

  31. Mara says:

    The character of Apeil is the worst!! What did she expect after not telling Jackson she was pregnant and that he has no rights? Oh my God. I wish they would just get rid of April all together. I cannot stand to watch the character and usually fast forward through her scenes.

  32. Joseline says:

    Patrick just needs to come back .. The show is no good w/ out him .. I hate watching it and not seen him and mer together (it’s heart breaking)
    -they just need to make it seem like the government faked his death n he come back in the next season..

    • abjr says:

      Patrick is not going to come back. I am really enjoying this new season, I think it is one of the best of the last couple of years. I can, however understand if you don’t if Patrick was your draw. Honestly, I would suggest if you hate watching it, to just stop watching it. No need to upset yourself. I’ve done that a lot on shows that I just couldn’t stand any more and I’m much happier for having done it.

    • Jamie says:

      Nah, the show has been quite great this year – the best season in years. Plus, Ellen Pompeo has been doing the best acting she’s ever done this season. No one else is missing Dempsey.

  33. Graceangel says:

    Megan is me on this one. I love Jackson but I agree with April on this one its her body and her choice he doesnt need to stick around she’s perfectly capable of doing it on her own, until Jacksons sees a baby he’s not a father, he’s a father to be. Now I get why she didn’t tell him right away.

  34. donholley77 says:

    Best episode of the season! Who said Grey’s was as dead as MCDreamy?

  35. ann0b3lla says:

    Im so glad someone else is thinking Megan is alive. Its such a shonda thing to do!

  36. EM says:

    Very good episode. Alex in charge of his OR and knowing Mer so well. I don’t mind her new man at all but looks like he might be gone after next week’s episode. I’m thinking April’s new bestie will be Riggs or Hunt which will be more interesting than another pregnancy. Is Bailey ineffective as chief or is it just me? Webber stepped in to stop the Avery’s outburst while Bailey just stood and watched. He would have also given Arizona more of a lecture than Bailey did.

  37. A commenter above noted that the Maggie/Intern relationship is over and I agree! She did what he wanted, or thought he wanted. But in reality, he can’t deal with the heat. Maggie is about to get her heart broken. And that other intern that implied that Maggie’s intern did it to gain footing? Let’s have Sondra drop a schoolbus on his head pronto. (and it is a bad sign I don’t know their names).

    Alex was a rock star today. I have never been an Alex fan, but I am liking him as Mer’s rock. He does know her and he can relate to her personal journey. AND he has been there since the beginning. No offense to Maggie, but she barely knew Derek. Likewise, I was shocked and happy to see Amelia step up to help Mer get ready for the date. Between their issues and the fact that Amelia is Derek’s sister, that situation could have been horrible, instead it was sweet and comforting. Mer needs support (and to those that say she has been sour and sad – SHE LOST THE LOVE OF HER LIFE and is raising 3 kids)

    April’s aftermath with Callie, Miranda and Amelia was perfect. She broke doc/patient confidentiality. She broke her oath. I am sure she violated hospital ethics policies. She broke the law. I am more disturbed that she doesn’t get that vs any commentary on her lost friendship with April.

    I will not comment on April/Jackson – everyone has said everything. And I need a break!

    • Bazinga says:

      Everyone keeps saying she broke dr patient but was April her patient? Honestly asking because i didn’t think she was.

  38. Nilsa says:

    I hope Jackson and April can get back together. They really seemed happy at one time. Perhaps they can get to a point where they can discuss their feelings without the anger.

  39. Jennifer says:

    Ready for April and Jackson to be written off the show fast forward thru those parts.

  40. robandco says:

    For doctors some of them are really dumb as rocks. Jackson is a giant douchebag, April is a douche bag, Owen is a douchebag. If they don’t get their act together I’ll be crossing my fingers for them to be part of the next catastrophe of the show. I am not a fan of hers but poor Amelia. I am glad she’s starting to mend things with Meredith because Owen sure is going to hurt her.
    I like that they are taking things slow with Meredith but still moving on! Alex was so charming and perfect in this episode. I really love his character development compared to the first seasons. He really has matured and learned how to be kind.

  41. dodo says:

    It’s funny how all the comments below seem to blame either Jackson or April for what happened to their relationship, when in reality it’s just that something really awful happened in their lives, which they had to overcome. I don’t have children, so I can’t possibly imagine how it must hurt to loose ones child, but I would guess that your world falls apart and you don’t know how to live on and if you want to. So you need to find a way to deal. And that Jackson and April needed different things in this time is natural and not something they should be blamed for. April needed distance from her life and probably even herself in a sense and Jackson needed someone near him who could relate and with whom he could work through his pain. I get both ways, even though I suppose I would personally take a middle route. So April did what was best for her, and who are we to judge her for that? Because let’s be honest, even if April was the thing Jackson needed to handle his loss, he wouldn’t have his wife but someone just resembling her on the outside around. Still it’s also understandable that he blames her for leaving him, but as we seen he wanted to join her the second time around, so then there was a way for both to get what they wanted. I would like to know how things would’ve turned out if Jackson didn’t miss the flight. What I really wanted to say is: They are both flawed characters and they should be allowed to do mistakes and we shouldn’t hate them for that. Yeah I know they are just TV characters, but I guess we do this way to often in our lives. And now my inspirational message for the day is finished :-P

  42. Brock says:

    Megan is so alive…and will come by next season. LOVE that mer is dating. For me it’s the time-lapse eps I love the most. The Arizona/Callie one; the Jackson/April; post-Derek year; Mer’s attack. they are the powerful hours. It’s been almost two years in Seattle since Derek died, so it is time for her to move on. I just LOVED Alex’s speech. I felt for Arizona and support her decision, knowing what it did to April last time. And I felt Jackson’s pain.

  43. Lucy says:

    Is anyone else already bored with the drama between these two? Shonda needs to either get them back together or keep them apart. This while fighting schpiel is getting old.

  44. yeti says:

    Did anyone hear Avery punch d door at d end of round 2. Get it together Avery, day a pregnant woman you are manhandling

  45. Jc says:

    I hate it that they are making Jackson such a jerk. And Will gas weird eyes he is hard to look at

  46. Coconuts says:

    Aside from the Jackson and kepner drama…
    Maggie and DeLuca are on the rocks! I hate that DeLuca pushed her to become open just to shutdown on her! The sneak peek for the next episode shows a scene where they might break up! What a waste of time!

    A Maggie and Karev twist might be hot… Just saying. I enjoyed their bickering it was cute. I wouldn’t mind it :). Sorry Jo, that ring was in drawer for too damn long.

    Mer and the new hot guy…. I thought it was great and healthy until the promo with Mer yelling ‘get him out of here’ . I wonder what the heck happened?!

  47. Kelly says:

    The writers have totally ruined April and Jackson as a couple and as separate characters. Oh well. I hope they don’t make Cash (I mean Thorpe) turn out to be a total d-bag!

  48. Peyton says:

    I’m still hurt on the loss of dereck, so I can’t take Mer and Will

  49. tmyers4096 says:

    DeLucca turns out to have no emotional intelligence, so typical of those who go through all this training that over-stimulates the brain at expense of emotional life. Then again, he came to the training late, so maybe he was cut-out for this after all. Still, he’ll need to grow up some time – next season, I guess?