MacGyver Reboot Lucas Till

MacGyver Reboot: X-Men's Lucas Till Snags Title Role in CBS Pilot

Who’d have expected CBS to find its new MacGyver at Professor Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters?

Lucas Till, best known for playing Havok in the X-Men movies, has been tapped to star in the network’s upcoming MacGyver reboot pilot, our sister site Deadline reports. He’ll play the titular agent — you know, the one with a knack for turning everyday objects into life-saving tools — originally portrayed by Richard Dean Anderson from 1985 to 1992.

Here’s the original MacGyver in action, just in case you need to be reminded of his wizard-like skills:

In addition to his role in the newer X-Men franchise, Till also starred opposite Miley Cyrus in 2009’s Hannah Montana: The Movie, and has appeared on shows like HouseMedium and Blue Mountain State.

Joshua Boone (Law & Order: SVU) has also been cast as Gunner, the high-school best friend of Till’s MacGyver.

Does CBS’ new MacGyver get your seal of approval? Drop a comment with your thoughts on Till’s casting below.

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  1. claire says:

    Nothing against this guy, but why a reboot ? Why Hollyweird executives, writers are not innovative, why, why why ??? ps: RDA will always be McGyver, always..guys;.

    • pat says:



    • Dean says:

      Reboots and adaptations from movies tend to be CBS’s preference. They think cuz it worked for Five-0 it will be their best mealticket. Unfortunately movie adaptations and remakes more often than not tend to rate poorly on tv Minority report, Ironside, limitless is doing decent at best, and from what I heard from reviews of the Rush Hour show it was a mistake to make would be an understatement.

    • Fab says:

      Nothing against a reboot, but why this guy? Why do I have a feeling that we will (NOT!) watch a puny, teen-driven, sorry excuse of bananamontana-style MacGyver??? WHY WHY WHY?

      P.S.: RDA will always say he only ‘took the Angus’ for money, never sharing even a bit of his fans’ passion for the character or the series. He prefers being remembered as Colonel Jack O’Neill!!!

  2. There will never be another McGyver. Please stop with the remakes and come up with some original material.

  3. Luis says:

    Is nothing sacred/ Next, you’ll be telling me he won’t be wearing a mullet!

  4. Lisa Alekna says:

    I would actually be cool with a MacGyver reboot, if they did it right, but child-MacGyver has absolutely no interest for me. Part of Mac’s charm wasn’t just that he could figure his way out of a nuclear reactor with a paper clip, he was a man of action (who hated guns), not a whiny child with his high school buddy. I gag at the thought… What a transparent, pathetic attempt to market to the “younger generation” – who never watched the show to begin with, so they won’t be interested!

  5. Stephen says:

    I was hoping CBS would have updated MacGyver instead of rebooting it . Cast a smart female lead as Mac’s daughter out to save the world. I think it would have played better.

    • claire says:

      I quite agree..and bring back RDA as recurring (he is her father after all AND McGyver !!)

    • Manny says:

      Absolutely right… no actor can beat the original MacGyver character RDA gave life to. O well, if they gave the green light, then let’s see if Lucas can exhibit that “human touch” the producers of the original MacGyver saw in RDA.

    • Duke says:

      You are so on the spot.

  6. big cheddar says:

    I thought Justin Hartley (Y&R) was the lead in the pilot? Was this a recasting?

  7. Murica! says:

    Richard Dean Anderson is and will always be the only real MacGyver!!

  8. Mr. Tran K says:

    Grew up watching the original MacGyver and I totally dig the theme song. Don’t know if the reboot is going to be a huge flop for CBS with the casting of Lucas Till taking over the role made famous by Richard Dean Anderson.

  9. iceblast says:

    I have no problem with there being another person play MacGyver. I love the original, but would love a modern day Macgyver. They could make him his son, or maybe a student of MacGyver. Or they could just make a younger MacGyver. All that really is unimportant to me. I want a MacGyver like character back on tv. Something that will teach people something.

    • Sal says:

      I so agree. I am always amazed at what Mac could do. It will be interesting to see a 21st century wiz at work.

  10. seth says:

    I don’t know if this will work

  11. Thanh says:

    Why a reboot? They could’ve easily casted MacGyver’s son for the lead. Now, this show risks being DOA, since it will be pretty hard to pass the comparison test with the original.

  12. Kevin says:

    The reboot just means more McGruver :)

  13. mc says:

    Idk, man, I mean… there’s Scorpion

  14. Cindy McKenzie says:

    Mcgyver is Richard Dean Anderson, no one else can be him.
    Why do reboots with the original star.
    It is NEVER the same.

  15. Thandy says:

    I like till for the series but Andrew Garfield would be an amazing fit in the movie as a young intelligent macgyver. His look is a perfect match for macgyver.. Andrew Garfield for the movie please. Guaranteed success.

  16. Thandy says:

    There will never be another Richard Dean Anderson . His always been in a class of his own but Andrew Garfield would do him proud. He would definitely pull it off, bet money.

  17. Sal says:

    Lucas Till is quite a good actor. I would love an updated MacGyver. Loved Richard Dean Anderson too but I do want more MacGyver stories … I do hope they won’t turn it to be too teenage-like. MacGyver has to be mature to allow for him to go places.

  18. carl says:

    Richard Dean Anderson “owns” the role of MacGyver. Please don’t waste time with a reboot… it won’t last… especially with Till Nothing against him, but I just can’t see him in the role.

  19. Duke says:

    This is a tall order! I don’t know how I feel about this. I mean Macgyver is a verb now. If it works it will be great but I’m not holding my breath. But I will give it a fair chance.

  20. KimBer says:

    I am disgusted. I am sick to my stomach. I don’t watch much TV or surf the net a whole lot so I am just this second learning this horrible news. My walls are covered in MacGyver posters, ads, magazines and lobby cards. My arm is covered in MacGyver tattoos. I drive a Wrangler. My key chain is a homemade one that says Mac and pics of duct tape and…….wow, I sound crazy…..just really the biggest MacGyver fan you will ever meet. Its only been a few hours since I was watching MacGyver! I find this reboot very disturbing. You can’t reboot MacGyver. What idiot thought that was a good idea? I am so sick of all this “reboot” crap. Leave stuff alone!!!! Sure, you get some money from younger people who don’t know the difference, but for those who really loved things and were a part of making them as big as they were you ruin our memories! IT’ MACGYVER!!!!!! Why don’t we just reboot Gone With the Wind while we’re at it? You could get some pimple faced kid to play Rhett Butler….yeah, that will be hot. Oh, and you HAVE to ruin Magnum too. Make sure you get rid of his mustach and signature short shorts. T.C. can give tours on a painted lion and Higgins can be a woman (to give it diversity!!!!) who wears to much make up and has toy poodles instead of dobermans. Robin Williams is dead, better not wait to long to ruin Mork. You have to ruin Roots….no wait someone beat you to that. Bonanza. You could make them girls and ruin it like Ghostbusters!!! Maybe it would be better if instead of ruining stuff we have already had, you do your jobs and come up with new ideas. I hope who ever came up with that idea gets fired and thrown out just like Bobcat in Scroodged. I’m sure though he would get rehired when he showed up with the idea to remake and ruin Scroodged!!!!! And I don’t know how much my coworkers sister-in-law makes…..I just noticed that.

  21. Ronnie says:

    Honestly, MacGyver already HAD a reboot–Burn Notice. Hero with connections to government and spying, dislikes guns, prefers duct tape, creates crazy solutions to problems with everyday objects . . . the plot was different and it didn’t have the brand name stamped on it, but it was a show very clearly in the spirit of MacGyver.

    I don’t think it’s necessarily a question of recycling ideas–ideas are going to get recycled, always. But put some fancy new window dressing on it, for pete’s sake! Sick of pointless reboots for the sake of brand recognition. Let me fall in love with new characters and new stories, even if the core ideas are the same.

  22. Dennis says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing the reboot! I’ll reserve comment till after I see the pilot.

  23. A. Gibson says:

    Get NEW ideas!!!! Anyone can get an actor to play a role that was iconic for its time. Have all the writers died? Or has our society gotten so illiterate that originality no longer counts. Network TV is on its way to becoming extinct., and they’ve done it to themselves.

  24. Donna says:

    It’s finally premiered. I’ve read several comments proclaiming there’s only one MacGyver. Okay. Go forward 30+ years to a new world, New situations. I get why CBS wanted to reboot a very successful program. It made lotsa $$$. I may sound unpopular but I enjoyed this first episode. I felt it was true to the original premise that Mac believed in brain over braun. I’ll be watching next week.