John Oliver Takes Down Trump's 'Wall,' Makes Waffle Iron Counterproposal

Using his mouth as a sledgehammer and his wit as TNT, John Oliver toppled Donald Trump‘s infamous “Mexico Wall” plan this Sunday on HBO’s Last Week Tonight.

Setting aside the project’s inherent “racism and xenophobia” up front, Oliver in the video above first chips away at the budget, which since Trump first pitched it (at a “discounted” $4 billion) has since tripled, and by a more realistic estimate will cost $25 billion (annual maintenance not included).

Oliver then digs into the topographic problems with the proposed barrier, which would need to bisect privately owned properties and, in one case, find some golfers trying to make par while on the “illegal” side. There’s also the matter of a ladder/rope combo, or even a drug mule with a good throwing arm, usurping this security measure.

Ultimately, Oliver offers his own plan to keep Americans feeling warm and secure, and it’d come in at a comparative $24 billion bargain — furnishing every single person with a waffle iron.

What did you think of Oliver’s assault on the great “Wall”?


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  1. David4 says:

    300,000,000 times $50 is only $15,000,000,000. So I say why not spend $200 a person and buy everyone a Xbox One? I know they are currently going for $250 (On sale) but I think Microsoft would give up a deal on 300 million of them.

    • Elf says:

      The waffle maker has a better shelf life. It’ll still be useful once the Xbox is a doorstop. Plus, if everyone has a waffle maker, imagine how nice every neighborhood would smell each morning. I’m going to secretly start buying up all the Aunt Jemima and Mrs. Butterworth’s stock I can…

    • maggie says:

      The waffle makers John showed are made in the USA, so it would also create jobs!

  2. Angela says:

    Excellent segment. About time someone actually laid out in specific detail just how stupid and illogical this whole “build a wall/fence!” business truly is. The part about the border fence not even being built on the actual border itself, with parts of the U.S. and people’s backyards winding up “in between” the U.S. and Mexico as a result, was especially eye-opening. I also loved the reminder that if a wall is built, people who REALLY want to get through (criminals especially) will still find a way to get around that wall. It amazes me that that doesn’t occur to people.
    Sadly, since facts don’t seem to matter to some voters, this sort of thing will likely just go in one ear and out the other with them, but still, it’s nice to have the actual facts out there anyway.

  3. Tony Lang says:

    I love John Oliver and his show but it’s the second time in one month that his main story is devoted to Donald Drumpf, which is exactly what that idiot wants: the media talking about him none stop. And the more negative it is, the stronger he seems to get. It’s like yelling at a kid who’s throwing a fit to stop crying; when has THAT ever worked? Have we learned nothing from giving too much attention to the Kardashaians?!? STOP putting the spotlight on him and he’ll go away!

    • Gina says:

      But he’s lobbing truth bombs all over, which is so much more than the big networks are doing.

      There’s a BIG difference between the attention that the Kardashians get and the attention that this crazy man that wants to be our president gets. The networks won’t air segments like this, ever!

    • jericho says:

      Well thats the kicker that the GOP is just NOW figuring out. The media and the party ignored him as a “joke” candidate for half a year and they let him become the frontrunner because of it. I love John Oliver, he is hitting Trump right where he needs to. Unfortunately, Oliver simply is too late and too “John Oliver” to reach current Trump supporters who wouldn’t bother to watch his show in the first place. Its too sad that the “real” reporters out there simply won’t step up and tell the truth and put him in his place. (They would probably just be simply badmouthed by Trump anyway, poor Megyn Kelly).

    • maggie says:

      John Oliver is doing the job that the mainstream media should have done a long time ago. We need someone to look at Trump’s claims and plans and factcheck. That it has to be a comedian is a indictment of the sad state of our news media.

  4. sunshine says:

    An electrified wire fence is cheap and gets around all his doubts. Think every prison in the world and you’ll get it.

    • Wordsmith says:

      except for:
      -throwing drugs over the wall
      -all of the parts of America that would still be stuck below a barrier, which would now be electrified
      -probably still killing pygmy owls
      -having to electrify 1000 MILES of fence 24 hours a day, 365 days a year would cost a fortune.
      -having to prevent enterprising smugglers and/or rapists from cutting power to segments of the fence (remember, unlike prisoners, they have access to hardware stores)

    • Wordsmith says:

      Also, it’s not like prison fences are the only thing preventing jailbreaks. The guards and locked cells help too. If you just stuck a bunch of inmates in the middle of a big electric fence and left them alone for a few days, I’m guessing they would not still be there when you came back to check.

    • Phoenix5634 says:

      It’d be cheaper just to put a Predator Drones every 50 miles or so along the border with a series of sensor systems( both underground and above ground sensors ) Pretty sure the drones are like 50 million, give or take, each and you’d need like 20, so that’s only a billion. Much cheaper than Trumps wall.

    • so we are going to electrocute the animals that naturally migrate across this line…. border fence discussions rarely talk about the harm to the ecosystem!

  5. Alichat says:

    I want John Oliver to come to my house every night for dinner and review the day’s news with me. That would be fantastic!

  6. Phoenix5634 says:

    Lol funny video and good facts, keep it up John Oliver

  7. HAP says:

    I think that a very salient point seems mostly overlooked. That brief scene with the Texan standing by the fence dumping on Dubuque was so true. As someone who has lived in the Southwest for decades and travels frequently throughout Mexico, I can assure you that the paranoia about the undocumented is not shared by those who have spent time in the bi-national culture near the border.