Grey's Anatomy Recap

Grey's Anatomy Recap: Mixed Doubles

What if, instead of Laverne and Shirley, J.R. and Sue Ellen, and Benson and Stabler, it had been Laverne and Stabler, J.R. and Shirley, and Benson and Sue Ellen? Wouldn’t that have been awesome? In this week’s Grey’s Anatomy, Richard seemed to think so, so he shook up all of Grey Sloan by switching the resident/attending pairings. The result? Read on…

RICHARD SHOOK THINGS UP | As the Kevin McKidd-directed “Odd Man Out” began, Richard took a look at Grey Sloan’s comfortable teammates and decided that they were stagnating. So he held a “resident scramble” that wound up pairing Meredith with Jo, Arizona with Ben and Andrew, Penny with Amelia, and Stephanie with the puppies in peds. (Don’t ask.) We also learned from Callie that Sgt. Carson was doing well after last week’s insane surgery, but Meredith was ignoring Will’s calls — and also not telling Maggie that she had a hot military doctor chasing her. In surgery, Callie suggested that maybe Mer never returned Will’s calls because she didn’t hear the phone ringing. “Your ringer needs to be turned on,” Torres cracked naughtily. “You’ve been on vibrate for too long!”

JO CALLED OUT MEREDITH | As you’d expect, Jo’s pairing with Mer went badly. In fact, it went so badly that, when Wilson wrongly predicted what the attending would want to her do next, Grey said the four most hurtful words that she possibly could: “You’re just not Blake.” (And you KNOW Mer is not a fan of yours when she’d rather be stuck with the doctor that everyone blames for Derek’s death than you!) Rather than let it drop, Jo — spurred on by Stephanie, who told her to do something about Grey or stop bitching about her — confronted Mer. “I get it,” Wilson said. “You don’t like me.” But she was in Alex’s life, and she had every intention of staying there. So it would be really swell, she told Mer, if Grey could treat her with a modicum of respect and detangle herself from their relationship. “Call your damn army guy back and get your own boyfriend!” Jo dared to add. Later, Mer complained to Callie and Maggie about Jo but insisted that she liked her. “Do you?!?” asked Maggie, incredulous.

APRIL KEPT HER SECRET | While Jackson confided in Alex that he was secretly dating, April continued dragging her feet about informing her ex that she’s (12 weeks) pregnant. At least, she could get the baby tested to make sure it’s okay, Arizona argued. But nope. “The baby’s not getting tested… because my baby will be fine,” Kepner insisted-slash-hoped. (And this baby does have to be fine, right? Shonda couldn’t do that to Kepner — and us! — twice. Could she?) Later, Arizona argued that, if April trusted her, she had to let Robbins do everything that she could to make sure that Kepner didn’t again go through what she went through last time.

ARIZONA PULLED A HERMAN | On the case-of-the-week front, Casey Wilson (continuing the Year of Penny, if only in my mind) checked in as Courtney, an accountant expecting quadruplets… though, when Ben performed an ultrasound on the mom-to-be, he could only find three babies. “He’s in here somewhere,” Arizona assured the expectant couple, then discovered that — uh-oh — baby No. 4 had moved down, meaning that Courtney was in labor. Robbins could try to stop it, but stopping labor was like trying to stop a boulder that’s started rolling, she explained. Though Ben’s tax questions (funnily) relaxed the patient, one of the babies still tried to make its debut ahead of schedule. So Arizona decided to roll the dice and deliver that child but leave the rest of them inside Courtney. Anticipating Bailey’s disapproval, Robbins acknowledged that it was a judgment call, but “your judgment is not better here.” Mind you, all Bailey was going to say was, “Good luck.” Ultimately, Arizona pulled it off. “No one else could have done what you did,” Alex marveled.

AMELIA MADE PEACE WITH PENNY (KINDA) | After scary-movie legend Lance Henriksen was admitted as Griffin, Amelia and Nathan were explaining his dire condition to his wife, Lena (Falcon Crest alumna Jamie Rose), only to learn that she was his longtime girlfriend, and his wife was actually Gayle, played by EGOT winner Rita Moreno. And, at the risk of making the understatement of the decade, the missus was a lot less worried about the patient than the mistress. Informed that Griffin had undergone both brain and heart surgeries, Gayle surmised hopefully, “So he’s almost dead.” While Amelia lashed out at Penny — if Blake had to be on Shepherd’s service, she wasn’t so much as to touch the patient — Nathan suggested to Gayle that maybe Griffin would never wake up. Of course, right on cue, he did wake up, and when he did, he didn’t remember Lena but called out for “Bugs” — aka Gayle. Subsequently, he was shocked to learn that he had taken up with another woman. Between check-ups on Griffin, Nathan asked Amelia what was her problem with Penny, then, unsatisfied with her answer (which sounded a lot like Owen’s reason for hating him), he encouraged Blake to step in when the patient needed an emergency procedure. Afterwards, Griffin needed more surgery, which prompted Gayle to admit, “I just wanna have the chance to love him again.” Amelia wanted Stephanie to join her in the OR, but since there wasn’t time, she had to take Penny. When Griffin died on the table, Blake couldn’t help but ask, “Was it what I [did]?” It wasn’t, however. Amelia couldn’t deny, “You were perfect.” 

JACKSON LEARNED APRIL’S EXPECTING | As the hour drew to a close, Bailey informed Ben that, off his helpfulness with Courtney, Arizona had requested him on her service for the foreseeable future — oh, and Miranda had hired Courtney as their new accountant. After Amelia admitted to Owen that Penny had impressed the living daylights out of her as “a natural neurosurgeon,” he sensed how emotionally spent she was and, instead of taking her on their “first date” dinner, ushered her to peds to play with the puppies. Alex took a turn encouraging April to disclose her pregnancy to Jackson, after which she sought out her former husband… only to find Arizona spilling the beans to him! Mer apologized to Jo for squashing her like a bug. And, once Grey had explained about Alex’s heartbreaking track record with women, she added, “I am rooting for you to stick.” Finally, just as Mer was finally thinking of returning Will’s calls, she found him on the bench next to her outside the hospital waiting to ask her out. “Looking at my very nice face makes it hard to say no,” he suggested. So “would you like to go out with me?”

Could you believe Arizona went behind April’s back to tell Jackson she was pregnant? Was she right to? And if Will is just a get-back-on-the-horse flirtation for Mer, wouldn’t you like to have Callie trade Penny for him? Hit the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Shaw says:

    Loved it 12 seasons in and is still one of the best shows on TV. IMO. And I love Shonda’s love affair with Jill Scott!!!

  2. NM says:

    Wow, just as Arizona was getting better she just had to stick her nose in someone else’s business.
    Also, as for Jo and these other residents, can they please be given a warning for insubordination towards attendings, especially those who actually run this hospital? They’re so unprofessional. And I’m not saying the attendings are any better, but respect your boss.

    • Stacy says:

      Eh, it’s not real life. Mer as much as told Jo that she had to start fighting for herself or she’d get destroyed.

    • Ellen says:

      Arizona was totally right to do it actually! She’s protecting the baby from possibly suffering. What if the baby has the same condition as the baby that JApril lost? If it does, and April needs to have an abortion, it’s better to do it as early as possible. Arizona tried to persuade April to find out if the baby is healthy, but she refused. So IMO, she was right to do it, because maybe Jackson is able to persuade April to have the tests done.

      • em chicago says:

        April didn’t have an abortion last time, she had an early induction. April’s faith would prohibit her from having an abortion, ever.

        • Ellen says:

          Early induction is the same as having an abortion, the baby dies. She had the induction because the baby was suffering, so why the hell wouldn’t she have an abortion BEFORE the baby started to suffer?! That would be cruel and stupid.

          • HQ says:

            Even though it might have had the same result, April viewed the induction as giving birth and not an abortion. They held the baby and had him baptized, hardly the same as having an early term abortion. She struggled immensely with the induction so I don’t see how she would ever agree to an early term abortion, especially with no signs of fetal distress. I can only imagine how terrified she is of experiencing the same pain again so to her, not knowing is better than getting bad news that wouldn’t really effect her decisions yet. As a supportive friend, Arizona should have encouraged her to tell Jackson, but I find it horrible for her to take that decision away from the only person who had a right to tell him, April!

  3. Alichat says:

    Thank god Owen took Amelia to see the puppies. I thought he was going to take her to the air grate in the basement, and I was going to have a coronary.

  4. Luli says:

    If Arizona had just waited a bit… I think she made things worse for April, even though she was trying to help her.

    And YES to Callie trading Penny, but not for Will. I actually want him with Grey seeing as my Merlex ship is drowning with every episode.

    • NM says:

      Trying to help? She stuck her nose in where it doesn’t belong. April confided in her and she broke her trust. I’d have expected Alex to say something before Arizona. I expect some backlash between their friendship here.

      • Ellen says:

        She tried to HELP yes, because if April’s baby has the same condition as the baby she lost, it might be suffering!

    • em chicago says:

      Agreed, April was 12 weeks along, the 2nd trimester doesn’t even start until 13. She should have given her a deadline/ultimatum of when April had to tell Jackson or Arizona would. It would have forced April’s hand and probably pissed her off, but it wouldn’t have blindsided her/made things worse.

      • Alichat says:

        Yeah, this was probably the better solution. April has been promising that she would tell Jackson for the last two months. Arizona and Alex should have given her a deadline. However, although I don’t agree with what Arizona did, I would not be surprised and could understand if she had a belief that April would never tell Jackson. He’d find out when he noticed her waddling into the hospital one day.

  5. Nicole says:

    I thing Rigs and Mer will have a thing later. I’m all for that he’s great.

    • Nicole says:


    • Aeol says:

      Was it me, or was there some kind of chemistry with him and Amelia tonight? Too many long glances from Dr Riggs!

      • em chicago says:


      • Mila says:

        There was! hehe

      • robandco says:

        Indeed. I mean, everyone assumed Riggs would be for Meredith because the casting was announced during the break after McDreamy died but Shonda never said anything about him. It was just fan speculation and everyone jumped into the hyper train.
        But then we saw he was part of Owen’s story. And it looks like he and Amelia have some sort of chemistry. So we’re in for a love triangle with her I guess. That’s cool because I want Meredith to explore her new groove first.

    • Tee says:

      Personally, I think it’s going to be a battle between Owen and Griffin for Amelia. Let Meredith be with the sargeant. If it doesn’t work out, well, we didn’t get too invested. If it does, okay…then let’s learn more about him.

      • Tee says:

        RIGGS. I mean it’ll be Owen v. Riggs for Amelia. Kind of hard for griffin to make a play, since he’s, um, dead.

  6. Laura says:

    April came to her senses. Arizona had no right to tell Jackson. Arizona made it worse.

  7. Ali says:

    I hope they don’t ruin April and Arizona’s friendship now. I think they don’t have any other friends

  8. Diana says:

    I’m tried of waiting on Alex and mer. I have wanted them to be together since 1.I really love them together ,so very much !!!

    • Tee says:

      I vote nay. I really like seeing a genuine brother-sister friendship between a male and female that has never gotten into romance territory.

  9. Pamela says:

    April is mainly to blame, not Arizona, because Jackson has a right to know April is having his baby. I hope those two do not get back together, she treated Jackson badly, went fatal attraction there for a bit, and was horrible to Matthew before that.
    I’m glad Jo stuck up for herself to Mer, however I’m not happy she’s stringing Alex along with the engagement ring.
    As for Mer…. I really miss Derek, it doesn’t feel right yet without him but I know the writers need to have Mer move on.

    • Aeol says:

      Errr, not only was what Arizona did despicable on a friendship level, but it’s also technically illegal for her to share private patient information. It’s not like the Griffin/Gayle case, where he’s incapacitated so they share information with next of kin. April told her explicitly not to say anything, and Arizona proved herself completely untrustworthy as a medical professional. I can’t believe I’m defending April, but I can’t believe Arizona did that!!!!!

      • Ellen says:

        Arizona is not April’s doctor, so she did nothing illegal. Arizona is concerned that April’s baby has the same condition as the one she lost. And if it does, the baby might be suffering. If April needs to have an abortion, it should be done as early as possible, and she’s already at 12 weeks. So she had only good intentions. April should think about her baby, not herself.

        • Nicole says:

          Do you even understand how loosing a baby can effect someone? Being pregnant again but having that fear loom over you… Unable to become fully happy about being pregnant because there is that small chance your baby may have the same death sentence as the first. Not wanting to find out because you know bad news will completely destroy you. I understand completely where Aprils mind is.

          • Ellen says:

            It would destroy here even more if she waits until the baby suffers from it!! If the baby has the condition, it doesn’t help to wait!

        • fiberlicious says:

          It’s not a traditional confidentiality violation, but certainly a HIPAA violation.

          • azjakey says:

            HIPAA only applies if she shared information related to her as a medical professional. April told her as a friend so no HIPAA violation occured

      • bontareyes says:

        Well, technically, Arizona the friend is the one sharing the news not the doctor, she’s not her doctor. Arizona and Alex should have given a deadline like -‘if you don’t tell him by Friday, I will’ but she was concerned for the baby. Children with a form of OI quite simply…break. Everything! Sometimes, inside the womb. So when she said she’s not testing the baby, for the SECOND time, What do you expect Ari to do? I probably would have done the same thing.

  10. That scene with the puppies was the best thing ever. The puppies were so damn cute, and Amelia and Owen were so loving it

  11. Coconuts says:

    Ok.. April is getting more and more selfish… She thinks like a teenager. She doesn’t want to tell Jackson because he is not over the last pregnancy? So she must protect Jackson because he is apparently a 7 yr old boy that can’t handle the realities of life? Then Arizona tells her to get tested and she says no my baby will be fine? Like what?

    So then Arizona felt it was her job to be mature and tell Jackson about the pregnancy because April is running around like an irresponsible teenager telling people she won’t tell her baby’s father that she’s pregnant.

    I disagree with what Arizona did but At the same time I dont. Having a baby is not a joke and it’s way more important than “protecting Jacksons recent divorcee feelings” like seriously..

    • Bigdede says:

      April is do selfish she only thinks about herself. Why wouldn’t she want her baby tested? She’s dumb and selfish. There’s a reason the April/Jackson episode was the lowest rated. April is extremely unlikable

      • Jenks says:

        AMEN. She is the most unlikable character on the show, and that’s saying something with Jo and Amelia in the house. She was all “MY baby, MY feelings, MY [everything].” She really is an awful character. and I hope Jackson finds himself a hot woman who appreciates him and treats him right.

    • Aeol says:

      What about protecting patient privacy laws? What Arizona did was potentially illegal. If she had done that to a patient who she didn’t happen to be friends and colleagues with, she could be sued. I don’t like either of them, but I can’t believe shonda’s got me feeling bad for Kepner when what Arizona did was beyond the pale.

  12. Priyam says:

    Year of Penny! in my head this is still Penny’s timeline and now she’s having babies!

  13. Aeol says:

    I like Sarah Drew a lot more than I like the character she plays, so I’m going to give her due credit for the final scene of this episode, which was just perfectly played.

    I loved the Gayle/Griffin/Lena story, but I hate that it wasn’t resolved. I was wondering if gayle and Lena would reach some kind of detente or if Gayle would keep freezing her out, or some other kind of twist.

  14. Lisa G says:

    I hope Amelia doesn’t push Edwards out to take Blake on. That already happened with this group of interns-now-residents with Derek kicking out Ross to take on Mousy. Which is the problem I had with tonight’s episode. It was recycled at least once, but probably twice.

    • Mila says:

      Well, the actress who plays Edwards got the main lead for Shonda’s new comedy. She will not have has much time next season, so my bet is that there slowly diminishing her importance. She might still appear, but Shonda has a habit of killing characters so

  15. Bigdede says:

    I need the Sgt doctor to stay for the rest of the season. That man is unbelievably gorgeous and he has chemistry with Meredith. When Amelia said annoying unnecessary Penny was the best she saw, I was pissed. For 2 seasons we have watched Amelia and Stephanie work relationship and friendship grow now suddenly Penny is the best she’s ever seen. I hate Amelia now. Jo gets on my nerves. She telling Meredith she’s going to be in Alex life when she doesn’t even act like she wants to be in Alex life!

  16. Meg says:

    I still want Callie and Arizona to find their way back to each other.

  17. Louise says:

    No…Arizona stepped out of line…it was sooo not her place to tell Avery….isn’t that an enormous breach of confidentiality anyway?

  18. Fido says:

    Jackson had a right to know but it was April’s information and April had the right to be the one to tell him. Sure Arizona and Alex felt Jackson needed to know and April was dragging her heels a bit… BUT the least Arizona could’ve done was go to April and told her what she was about to do.

  19. I am kinda dying in here! I love Arizona/April friendship, but what Arizona did, is really bad. I get it, she wants what is the best for April, but she should let that on April to say. It looked like she is finally ready to say that. I don’t knwo where this could go. The writers definitely made amazing story for the next episodes, but I am really worried about the future of April/Arizona and April/Jackson. God, it will be rough week before the next episode will come! :D

  20. Azu says:

    I liked Arizona but her actions in telling Jackson is totally out of line. That’s a betrayal of confidence. Jackson moved on so let him move on!! He’s also hiding the fact that he’s already dating barely 3 months after their divorce. Such hypocrisy. April said she’d tell him when she’s ready so no one has a right to bamboozle her into doing what they want, no matter how much they hate April.

    • Ellen says:

      So what if Jackson moved on?! He’s still the father. And when April refuses to tell him, or get the baby tested for the condition her first baby had, the baby might be suffering. The longer she waits, the more the baby could be suffering.

    • em chicago says:

      If they divorced when she was 8 weeks pregnant, it’s less than a month and he’s moving on. I respect April for not telling him just to save the marriage, she asked him if the divorce is what he wanted, he said yes, so she let him out. Staying together for the sake of the baby would not have worked out well. Now she’s waiting to tell him because she feels so awful about not being there for him with Samuel and doesn’t want him to go through the same pain with baby number 2 if things don’t go well. I think April needed a nudge to get the testing out of the way, not a shove in front of the drama train.

  21. greysfan says:

    I knew that Jo was crazy but wow what she said to Mer needed to be said so Mer could really give Jo the business regarding why she is protective of Alex. It was kind of a recap to the fans too. We all remember how Izzy messed him up but remember crazy pregnant new face girl and all the people inbetween. You know how Jo could settle all doubts, say yes and wear the ring. Obviously you want it, no one says they had to get married the next day or heck even next year.
    I don’t know how to feel yet about Arizona spilling the beans but I know that April was living in a “oh I will wait” mode and especially after what happened with her last baby to say no to testing is like she is in denial a bit. i’m all for faith but when your friends are peds doctors, maybe you need faith in them to know you need to take the test. Even if she had told him, when he finds out she knew when she signed those papers, he is gonna be sooo mad. Then I think “Why?” You didn’t want the marriage anyway, how mad can you be? A baby wouldn’t have saved it. You are just gonna have to learn to co-parent.

    • Aeol says:

      I had genetic testing done when I was pregnant but if my doctor had badgered me about testing when I had already declined it, the way Arizona is badgering April, I would have told them to get lost and been looking for a new doctor. April’s Supreme Court comment was laughable, but she has a point. Jackson is not her spouse. He has no legal right to anything (maybe a moral right, yes) includint private medical information. And if April wouldn’t terminate regardless, then Arizona has no leg to stand on (crap – pun not intended, even if no one ever talks about the fact that she only has one leg) and should respect the wishes of her patient, if not her friend.

      • Ellen says:

        So it’s totally Ok for April to let her baby possibly suffer?!

        • abjr says:

          Yes. Just as it would be totally okay if April decided to have an abortion (even though some people think that is murder). Her uterus. Her choice.

      • pinky says:

        1. Arizona isn’t April’s doctor
        2. While Jackson might not be April’s spouse anymore, he’s still the father. As such, he has rights – legal ones, not just moral ones.

    • fiberlicious says:

      April’s Imaginary Friend is a mean drunk.

  22. EM says:

    The mix up of attendings and residents was good but another recycled story. I do like the Maggie/Mer/Callie friendship and their scenes. The rest was just filler for me.

  23. Kelly says:

    So I have always liked Jo up until this season when the writers turned her into a whiny baby. But she was back tonight and I totally loved it! I get that people don’t like that she didn’t take the ring but I get it. She needs more time and I think Alex understands that.
    This was the first episode that I really despised April. I know everyone will be mad at Arizona (cuz Grey’s fans tend to blame her for everything!) but I think she is looking out for the baby, which it seems April is not. This was a really good episode and I loved seeing Cash from Men in Trees again. That man is fine, can we keep him???!!!

    • Ellen says:

      Finally a voice of reason (about what Arizona did)!! I guess there is still hope for this world lol.

    • em chicago says:

      You can’t even diagnose Osteogensis Imperfecta until 14 weeks at the EARLIEST. Something she has to know as fetal medicine specialist. She should have given April a deadline.

      • abjr says:

        Actually, it is entirely April’s choice whether to have an abortion, have the baby tested, or simply rely on her faith that things will be as God means them to be. Arizona has no right to make these decisions for April. Neither does Jackson. Her uterus. Her call.

  24. Meg says:

    That surgery Arizona did HAS been done before. Amelia’s bff Charlotte King had the same thing happen the writing is getting sloppy these days. Also can’t believe what Arizona did she should have given April a chance I thought it was a bit much. ..not impressed

  25. Puppies, Arizona did wrong, will Mer date the sargent… all fine questions… BUT what about the dejected look Ben had on his face as he left Miranda’s office. I think she hurt him badly. She told him that Arizona wants him cuz he is great with the ladies (not for medical reasons) and she made a major financial decision for them, without him. This is going to simmer to a boil. Poor Ben. That face he made would have stopped her in her tracks if she had seen it.

  26. robandco says:

    Let’s hope that Meredith and Jo’s talk will result in a complete revamp of her awful whining personality. She’s nice with Alex, but she’s such a crybaby.
    Despite the whole thing being borderline (if not completely) unethical, Arizona did the right thing. April once again only thinks about her little person. April and Jackson deserves each other because they are both judgmental jerks IMO.
    Please let it be the first of a long list of men that will be going on dates with Meredith Grey! Like it can go on until next year midseason or even until season 14 for what I care.

  27. MsDaisy says:

    Does anybody else get a stalkerish vibe from Thorne? The multiple calls and texts and then showing up at the hospital are just way too aggressive. Wonder if he knows Mer has 3 kids?

    • Voicesiren says:

      Probably not, but that will give them something to talk about during dinner or taquella shots at Joe’s.

  28. Voicesiren says:

    Yes she was right to tell. She is friends with both. Will might be a get back in the game relationship with “Mer” but if the reaction to him is great he could be her second “McSomething”. We have seen Callie as a lesbian. I think it’s time to see her with a man again. We haven’t seen enough of that since she labeled herself as bisexual.

  29. liame says:

    I don’t think april is pregnant. “Wishful thinking”.

  30. Radi says:

    “And if Will is just a get-back-on-the-horse flirtation for Mer, wouldn’t you like to have Callie trade Penny for him?”
    This made my day!!!! Finally someone else expresses the opinion about Callie and Will! I think they look a lot better together than him and Mer.. I don’t think she is ready :/

  31. Jacqueline says:

    Am I the only one that thinks Riggs will end up being the father of April’s baby? I think they had a drunken night overseas and had sex..

  32. Jane says:

    I think anytime you begin a defense with “technically”, you’re already proving wrongfulness. I “technically” wouldn’t have to report child abuse outside my work in my state but mandated reporting is such a fundamental ethical expectation… Well, I should be fired even if “technically ” I didn’t commit a crime.

    But there’s not even a “technically” for Arizona. She is the doctor that formally
    diagnosed Osteogensis Imperfecta (Dr. Herman diagnosed Type II). April was her patient and Arizona is using the OI diagnosis as part of her appeal to Jackson. Even though THIS pregnancy was revieled to to her in friendship. Arizona violated HIPAA because April is specifically protected as a her (former) patient.

    And as a friend, Arizona is “technically” an ass. Not even a warning or deadline.