Billy Bush on Today

Today Eyes Billy Bush for 9 am Hour

The Today show isn’t just looking to compete with the likes of Good Morning America. It’s also looking to slay syndicated rivals such as Live! With Kelly and Michael.

As a result, producers are eyeing dramatic changes to the 9 am hour, which would include the addition of Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush and the potential removal of one or all of the hour’s current hosts Natalie Morales, Al Roker, Willie Geist and Tamron Hall.

As first reported by Variety, Bush is said to be in conversations to join Today at the end of his current contract with Access. Meanwhile, Geist is expected to anchor a revamped edition of Sunday Today, which would be more “thoughtful and reflective” of politics, popular culture and social trends.

News of the weekday revamp comes on the heels of Today gaining an eight-percent ratings lead on GMA in the coveted A25-54 demographic.

Would you tune in for a Bush-fronted hour of Today? Sound off below.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Lauren says:

    What’s funny about this is that I don’t see NBC’s 9 am hour. Our NBC station airs Kelly and Michael at 9.

  2. Would be sad to see Tamron go, but she’s wasted on 3rd hour of Today. She’s an amazing journalist that gets reduced to fashion shows and banter with Roker. Really enjoy her on MSNBC where she’s treated like an adult.

    That said, Billy Bush would be enough for em to change the channel.

  3. I would, I think Natalie and Tamron are awkward to watch, and I really like Willie Guist when he is doing more news than banter.

  4. darkangel200 says:

    Billy Bush is just as annoying as the two current females, so at best that would be a lateral move. Al and Willie are fine, have some personality and seem informed at least. I think Bush would be enough too push me to watch another channel in the morning. Obnoxious doesn’t go well with coffee.

  5. Kev says:

    Why? Is there one person who actually like Bushy? He is a complete tw@t. FAIL, NBC.

  6. TW says:

    The only reason I watch the 9 am hour is for Willie, Tamron, Natalie and Al. I could live without Al and Natalie, but if Willie and Tamron go, I’m gone, too.

  7. Ruth says:

    I don’t think he belongs there. The can’t compete with Kelly and Michael. I haven’t liked that show since they brought Tamron Hall on. She tries to take over the whole program. Let her go back to MSNBC where she belongs. Billy Bush doesn’t belong there. He’s better on Access Holiday. He’s gotten much better. I don’t think he will help the show.

    • Sajam2 says:

      LIVE is going strong and will be, most likely, until Kelly decides to take all her millions and leave and they have to find a new female cohost. Instead of trying to copy them ,why doesn’t NBC try counter programming and do something different.

  8. All I will say to NBC and I know it won’t happen but….

    You still have the rights to Concentration. Use them!!!!

  9. eviloverlore says:

    Billy Bush? No. He looks like he needs a smack just in the above picture, and the few times I’ve seen Access Hollywood, he’s left no impression on me. I’ve never wanted to smack Willie. If they’re going to add or replace, find someone worthwhile. Billy is not worthwhile.

  10. Sajam2 says:

    Why is NBC News even overseeing TODAY anymore?

  11. Lyn says:

    Of all the visible shrubbery that is Bush, Billy is my favorite. I don’t watch the Today show because in the earlier hours, I dislike Matt Lauer and in the third hour Natalie and Willie are meh. I watch Access, not for the celeb news but because of Billy. And when he’s appeared on game shows he’s really bright and quick. I’ll go for this.

  12. Marilyn says:

    I really like Willie Geist. The rest could go. But hope they keep Willie.

  13. Beth says:

    God NO! I turn the channel anytime he comes on the TV! He’s more annoying than Matt Lauer and Al Roker and that’s hard to be.

  14. iakovos says:

    TODAY used to be news. Now it is so lightweight. I prefer CBS in the mornings more and more. GMA was my main stop in the mornings but it too has become devoid of genuine content. Am not sure the 9 AM hour is needed. Give it to Hoda & Kathie Lee and develop something meaningful for 10 AM.

  15. Wendy says:

    Billy Bush=meh The 9AM time slot is Tamron,Al, Willie and Natalie

  16. mary says:

    It never really matters to me who happens to be on at that hour. Although they all never seem to be on at the same time(one or more is on assignment or sick). I watch depending on what the segments are going to be. But if Bush might be leaving Access, who will host with Kit? That is if they keep that on the air.

  17. AnnieM says:

    How quickly people forget that the only reason this annoying doof was given a job in television in the first place was because he was the President’s cousin at the time. He’s very annoying. :-p

  18. HAP says:

    Billy Bush is the cousin of George W Bush. The sharing of genes is noticeable. Willie Geist was once a producer for right wingnut Tucker Carlson.

  19. Courtney ray says:

    Never. ..can’t stand him!!!!

  20. patti0429 says:

    I really hope they don’t put Willie on Sundays. He is the only good thing about that show these days. I do like Tamron, though she can be a bit immature sometimes, and Savannah has actually really grown on me but all the others I could do without. Matt and Al need to just give it up already. They are not funny, they are not relatable and they are not enjoyable to watch. Natalie also takes herself way too seriously. Willie should be the main male anchor with Savannah. I feel like this is Matt’s doing… Sabotage.

  21. Sharon says:

    Far better choice than Ryan Seacrist.

  22. jank says:

    Oh please let them get rid of Tamron Hall! I would watch this section more often if not for her! She’s so annoying, she interrupts everyone and she is not very bright!! Also this hour needs new producers! I think they are 12 years old. We get the 9am hour at 10am here, after Live w/Kelly & Michael, which will soon be without Michael.

    • I agree let her stay on msnbc and stay away from 3rd hour NBC morning show. So tired of the giggling. Now about Billy Bush only seen him on here for 3 days and already can’t stand him, they seem to think show is all about him, No, No. Bring back Willy, Natalie and Al. Even Jenna”. So tired of Kathy Lee and Hoda put Tamron and Bush with them.

  23. Crystal says:

    Live With K & M is on at 9:00 here too. I like Billy where he is, have enjoyed his comments on the presidential campaign. What happens to his siskick Kit? They are great together. Today doesn’t need the hour in question anyway.

  24. Pam Collins says:

    yes. I love Billy Bush. The current mix does not work. I am not sure Natalie Morales will be able to replace Billy Bush on Access Live. He is sooooo funny. She is not. Poor Kit. Willie doing a Sunday am gig is better. Now just get rid of Tamron Hall.

  25. Debbie Rosenberg says:

    I love Billy Bush. I also love Willy. He is very good at that hour. Natalie is fantastic and Al is always entertaining. I hate to see them break apart. Billy would be a great addition but I will miss Willy & Al!!!

  26. Kathy Anderson says:

    I love Billy Bush. But also Willie Geist! Also love Natalie. Tamron too but she talks too much sometimes. Since I moved to Tampa area I can’t find Access Hollywood…get it in this market please.

  27. Terry says:

    Absolutely! Love his humor, heart, and love of people. Love that he is a character and very entertaining!

  28. Carole Soldinger says:

    ABSOLUTELY He’s charming ,genuine, and funny.
    A GREAT addition .

  29. Pamela says:

    I LOVE Billy Bush but would miss him with Kit on Access Hollywood.

  30. Claudia says:

    Yes, love Billy!

  31. KB says:

    Willie Geist is lovable and awesome and Bush sucks! He is annoying and irritating and only got his job to get him to stop saying stupid things on DC radio while Bush 2 was president!!!

  32. No! Leave the today show team alone!

  33. Sherrie says:

    Most definitely. Billy Bush is a great anchor. Tameron needs to go. She seems to want the spotlight and from what the news said, she and Natalie did not get along.

  34. Anna Twyford says:

    I love Billy Bush ! Iam excited to see what he has to offer the boring 9:00 hour on the today show, #loveBilly

  35. Robert Fetty says:

    I enjoy Willie Geist and Tamron Hall. Great pair together! Al Roker is a natural don’t mess with him! To me Natalie Morales is much better than Savanah so don’t get rid of her either!

  36. O says:

    Today show is a total waste of time in the AM, Way over done “KIDDIE STUFF” and I swear
    the “FOOD SEGMENTS” way over done.
    Politically sooooo far left of spectrum, they’re of the edge!

  37. Otis GLick says:

    Natalie Morales, Al Roker, Willie Geist and Tamron Hall all are poor excuses for the term
    “JOURNALIST”, Billy burns air time like the rest.
    Let’s ditch the corrupt media slant, and have a program that follows what’s important in the world.

  38. Angela says:

    Watching Billy Bush in Rio. Hate, hate him. I will be tuning out of Today Show at 9:00 am.

  39. Nancy says:

    Billy Bush is annoying

  40. Els says:

    KEEP Willie Geist and Al Roker.

  41. Joslyn Peltier says:

    Yes, just get rid of Tamon Hall. Too silly and rude!

  42. en luhrs says:

    I feel NBC was too quick to get Billy Bush and Matt Lauer to get the “leg up” on the reporting of the Ryan Lockye story. Did anyone take the time to fact-check with the police before this great
    incorrect scoop?

    Willie Geist projects integrity…guess that’s boring!

    • BG Quesada says:

      I agree! The recent discussion bet Billy Bush and Al Roker was interesting re: LochteMess showed us that BBush is an enabler. My, how the Today show has evolved into a tabloid magazine! If I wanted content like this, I’ll pick up a People magazine. Tsk, tsk!

    • J starkey says:

      I agree that no effort was made by Matt Lauer to question the Rio Police’s extortion of the swimmers. There is a clear historical record of the Rio Police,corruption and extortion. I do not excuse the athletes behavior,but there was as more to the story. I don’t think Today wanted to pursue it, perhaps because of money.

      As for the duo on the “Take”; very boring and trite! Whereas, Hoda and Kathy Lee are entertaining. I won’t be watching the boring duo.

  43. Ruth says:

    Billy Bush seems lost in space. Tameron Hall seems scatter brained, ditsy, and sometimes dense. Bush daughter voice does not project and seems monotone voice no matter of subject. Love Matt, Savannah, Natalie, Al, Willie, Kathy and Hoda. Third hour with both Billy and Tameron will cause me to do something constructive and/or change channel.

  44. Gigi says:

    Combination of Billy and Al Roker is too much to deal with in the morning. I’m done with today show. Al is so desperate for attention and one of the most annoying I have ever watched.

  45. C. L. says:

    I watch GMA from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m because I like that show better than the Today Show in the morning. Then at 9 a.m. I turn on the Today Show because I like Willie and Tamaron. I was ok with Al, although not really a fan of his, and could do without Natalie.

    However, now that Willie is gone, and although Tamaron is still on, I am have eliminated this show. Why? Because I am definitely not fond of Billy Bush. I only turn the Today show on when the program I watch, in place of the Today show, has commercials running. Then, I return to my new choice.

    SORRY!! Would really like to see you bring Willie back with Tamaron. Oh, and replace Al too!! Sorry Al!! Then you will bring your ratings up, once you add a more vibrant and versatile meteorologist.

  46. Pam Dimas says:

    Geist and Al Roker are the best thing about the 9 am show. This new guy gets on my nerves. I like tamaran but she needs to serious it up. And get rid of the 10 am show. Put Honda on the 9 am show. I am disappointed in the today show.

  47. Betsy Beatty Marchiorlatti says:

    I have watched the today show religiously in the morning for 25 years. I love Willie Geist and Natalie Morales – not having them somewhere in the morning hour is a mistake. Tamaran Hall is not a good fit, she seems to be all about herself and can be abrasive. I tried to like her and continue to watch because I liked Willie and Natalie so much as well as Carson. And I watched this morning for the first time – however missed my 2 favorite and will see how it goes – mistake

  48. Pam Dimas says:

    Geist and Al Roker are the best thing about the 9 am show. This new guy gets on my nerves. I like tamaran but she needs to serious it up. And get rid of the 10 am show. Put Honda on the 9 am show. I am disappointed in the today show. And Billy’s bush is annoying. I like the other weather girl too!

  49. Chris says:

    I miss Willie Geist and Natalie Morales. Billy Bush is an arrogant donkey’s behind. He screwed up his first day by arguing with Al Roker, who was right, and then claiming to be “doing his job by playing devil’s advocate to Al.” Sounds like Bush is just like the dang swimmer, Lochte. Maybe they should get a show together. Al Roker has too much class to be in the same room with Bush. And I thought Carson Daily was bad…. geez…

  50. Elizabeth F says:

    Willie Geist was the only reason I continued to watch; it was often difficult to discern any thought-provoking, meaningful comments/info through the rapid banter and laughing around their news table. My solution: turn off the TV.