Reality Check: Is Idol Turning Into the La'Porsha-Trent Show? Plus: Dalton's Rapid Decline! More Voice Standouts!

What we’d like to do is go back — just a mere week or two ago — to when Avalon Young was still “in it to win it”* on American Idol‘s Farewell Season. (*TM Randy Jackson)

Except, of course, we can’t. And on this week’s episode of Reality Check, my co-host Melinda Doolittle and I are forced to mourn the elimination of an easy, breezy vocalist who most definitely deserved a Top 4 finish (at worst).

[Insert all the sad emojis here.]

In the meantime, Melinda and I wonder about whether – with four weeks left ’til the closure of The House That David Cook Repainted — it’s turned into a La’Porsha Renae/Trent Harmon showdown, and how the heck Dalton Rapattoni got so much praise from the judges based on an inarguably woeful rendition of “Eleanor Rigby.”

Also included in this week’s two-part discussion: The trouble with Sonika Vaid’s “I Have Nothing,” the brilliant ridiculousness of J.Lo’s latest Idol dress, the ridiculous brilliance of Christina Aguilera and the latest contenders for Jordan Smith’s crown and sash on The Voice.

Press PLAY above for Part 1 of Reality Check — and below for Part 2 — then hit the comments with your thoughts on the week in Idol and The Voice.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. AuntCammy says:

    I think nerves and low confidence is getting the better of Dalton, come on and get it together boy!!! Still love ya.

    • Tim says:

      I haven’t heard a single impressive performance from Dalton. I don’t hear range, volume, tone, emotion, nothing. He’s cute and seems like a nice guy but, to me, he’s all style and no substance. I know I’m in the minority and he may well make it to the top three, but at this point I’d put him in sixth. (To think that he’s already beaten Avalon, Olivia, and, Dear God, Jessica Cabral!)

      • Shazza says:

        I’m right there in the minority with ya….gotta say the boy is beautiful to look at but I wouldn’t reach too far to turn the volume up.

        • A says:

          You literally are not in the minority on this site. Everybody loves to hate him and pick the poor dude apart but when it comes to others they can’t say one bad thing. I don’t even really like him that much, but you are definitely not in the minority here. People need to lay off.

          • Emma says:

            Come on now, everyone gets picked on, not just him. That is the whole premise of the show: watch and criticize, watch and criticize. The contestants know what they’re getting into by now, if they can’t take it, they need to just stay off social media.

          • marie says:

            Nothing wrong with saying you didn’t like someone’s performance or that you don’t think someone is talented. This isn’t kindergarten; not everyone has to get a gold star.

          • marie says:

            Tim and Shazza’s comments are reasonable, moderate, and articulate expressions of taste and are about as far from “hate” as you can get.

          • darcy's evil twin says:

            I have enjoyed some of Dalton’s performances but he certainly doesn’t bring the energy and talent of Daughtrey, David Cook, or Adam Lambert. I do think he would be a great entertainer on cruise ships or in some Vegas reviews with a little work.

        • this is American Idol you know it is not always about the best voice but you have to know how to perform and Dalton does that the best but I have listened to other songs Dalton has done in the past that really show how good his voice is, so I hope he does a ballad this week!

          • MamaLis says:

            That’s the truth, Lorna. Early on I check-out his youtube stuff and it’s very different from what he’s painting on Idol. He does a ton of stuff where he just sits with a guitar and sings original music and he sounds great, very sincere, very down-to-earth, etc. Something has spooked him and I hope he can tap back into that.

          • Paul says:

            Dalton sucks ! You must be a little girl that thinks he’s cute . He sure can’t sing that’s for sure .

          • Nina.and Allan says:

            Dalton is awesome and so talented! He could go far if he won and it would really help people as a positive example. I love his voice. He can do several styles extremely well. Check out his earlier stuff on UTube. He writes his own misic too and he can jam really well on his guitar. He is well diverse in his knowledge of music and he is a true artist too. He is in his own artistry genre with a kinky side that is creative and real to ones feelings. He has our votes!! Go Dalton!!

        • says:

          Dig deeper and less shallow. Research him more. Dalton has so much talent!! You are wrong about him. So wrong! He has sung many songs on utube including his own written songs. It is hard to beat him. It is sad you have to make fun of his good looks too. He is so talented!! I hope he wins!!If not he has already won anyway! Go Dalton!!

          • Tim says:

            I, for one, acknowledge that my opinion of Dalton is based on his performances on American Idol. The show he is on. The one he wants to win. “Research him more”? I’ve seen quite enough.

          • darcy's evil twin says:

            I agree with Tim. You judge the performance you see that day. To quote a friend of mine “That’s why they run the race”.

      • Toba7 says:

        Agree about Dalton. Cute, voice is uninteresting. You guys listen: that creepy record producer is in control, he could sign Dalton or Tristan. Style over substance is the name of the game. Scott oozes insincerity. His last idol Poor Nick is a rock n robot!

        • Smokey says:

          I think Michael Slezak is right, it’s all just fill for the LaPorsha and Trent singing contest…………………………………

          Check back and see who has the most camera time and strong encouragement and/or accolades from the Judges since the start. Now, time will tell if Scotty can do something substantial in promoting the winner. Which will be either LaPorsha or Trent,

      • I think Dalton is great and I loved the way he did Eleanor Rigby, he knows how to perform and I hope he does a ballad this week so you people can hear that he does have a nice voice. I have listened to songs he has done on you tube and his voice is beautiful!

        • Paul says:

          Dalton sucks ! You must be a little girl that thinks he’s cute . He sure can’t sing that’s for sure . The only reason he’s still there is because of little girls like you .

          • Nina.and Allan says:

            Dalton is awesome and so talented! He could go far if he won and it would really help people as a positive example. I love his voice. He can do several styles extremely well. Check out his earlier stuff on UTube. He writes his own misic too and he can jam really well on his guitar. He is well diverse in his knowledge of music and he is a true artist too. He is in his own artistry genre with a kinky side that is creative and real to ones feelings. He has our votes!! Go Dalton!!

      • Mary says:

        I am with you I have never been impressed with him and honestly don’t understand how he made top ten. His performances are smoke and mirror. He probably will be top because he has the fan base from his boy band behind him.

    • Smokey says:

      Guessing from the other polls on the net,,, on popularity, not who is best singer, or performer, or other any other factors……………………….
      LaPorsha Renae and Trent Harmon are top tier and will fly through this week again…………………..
      Sonika Vaid and Dalton Rapattoni are next tier……………………………………………..

      MacKenzie Bourg and Tristan McIntosh are bottom tier of the 6 left…………………………….

      Don’t know if they are going to use another 3 person sing-off, which could catch Dalton or Sonika in the mix …. or just go to 2 person sing-off this time.

  2. Kam says:

    I might’ve died at a lot of this, but especially Melinda’s shade towards the terrible human that is Ms. Wendy Williams

  3. Aislinn says:

    I’m still bummed that Avalon got booted. I agree with Melinda on who the top four should have been – they’ve been my top four since they eliminated Jessica Cabral.

    • marie says:

      Totally agree with Melinda on who should have been the top four. Now, I’ll settle for a Trent-Mackenzie-La’Porsha top three. Heck, that’s not even settling; that’s just the way it needs to be.

  4. annehedonia says:

    Unhappy once again w the voting public’s lack of ability to distinguish talent (Avalon). Grrrrrrrr.

  5. Aislinn says:

    And those boys totally knew what those duet lyrics were about – they just didn’t know how to say it for pg tv…

    • LG says:

      It would be helpful if the producers had a chat with judges to remind them that the contestants don’t pick the duet songs. Actually, sometimes the contestants don’t pick their solo songs…

      • Emma says:

        Exactly, it’s completely unfair for HCJ to criticize their song choice, it’s wasn’t their choice at all. And if they had answered HCJ’s question about what the lyrics meant, the show would have gotten fined by the FCC, hah, so I think them standing there in silence was the most appropriate response.

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      I don’t think they had ANY idea what the darned song was about. That was hilarious!

  6. jalahyacinth says:

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Thank you, Melinda, for speaking for all of us… “I need you to dream bigger.” HA!

  7. mamamitzvah says:

    What do you mean your last season?

    • Emily says:

      I want to second this comment. I need y’alls music reality show commentary weekly

    • Ron says:

      My thoughts exactly!!! If I can’t have some sort of weekly show with M&M where they just talk about whatever, I’m still gonna need them to do a reality check for The Voice. That show ain’t ending yet.

  8. Sally McLinn says:

    Michael is right….the stylist has to be fired. Porsha needs to lose weight and get rid of the wig. It’s disruptive and distracting interrupting.

    • Jalahyacinth says:

      La’Porsha just needs clothes that flatter those fantastic curves of hers. The wig is a but much, but she just needs clothes that are fit right

      • Scout says:

        That’s a wig?! I thought they just colored her hair. I love it. I think Melinda is right: They are just not used to styling her body type. I hope they figure out by the finale ;) – but honestly, I am just so overwhelmed by her talent that her, um, eccentric wardrobe is not on my list of things to care about.

      • Lyn says:

        Clothes? You mean upholstery. She’s the size of an easy chair. Throw in that dead animal on her head and she’s a circus side show. I’m not cutting on her voice, but OMG does she have a mirror?

        • Mary says:

          Fat shaming is low form of intelligence. If you were trying to be funny is failed big time.

          • Lyn says:

            I disagree. She has a child who will look to her as a role model, not to mention that she puts her health and longevity at risk being that size. I don’t know her but she gives the impression of someone who sees herself as a victim and eats her feelings. They show her parents with her daughter, yet they play the sob story of her being in a shelter for battered women. Why wouldn’t she run to her parents rather than a shelter? Not buying the manipulation.

          • Tonya says:

            I totally agree. Kelly Clarkson and Adele gained weight after having babies. What does weight have to do with her ability to sing? Nothing! Go win this thing La’Porsha!!!!

        • marie says:

          Lyn: How can you possibly condemn La’Porsha when (I presume) you don’t know her? You know only what they choose to show on TV. Gratuitously tearing into someone’s appearance is contemptible. Fat shaming is low and crass.

          • Lyn says:

            Agree to disagree. Her obesity is either a medical or psychological problem, possibly both. Either way, it’s established that Idol’s biggest voting block is teen girls and she’s definitely the wrong person to put up as an “Idol”. It isn’t fat shaming IMO it’s common sense.

          • marie says:

            Agree to disagree, yes. However, the reality is that there are a heck of a lot of overweight people in the U.S.; you can’t ignore them or pretend they don’t exist. Good or bad, right or wrong, they deserve to be acknowledged and lauded for any accomplishments and talents; and nobody is defined by one characteristic, whether it’s size, religion, political views, or whatever. La’Porsha isn’t ONLY a fat woman; she is also a very good singer, and as such, I would say IS a good role model for other young aspiring singers.

          • darcy's evil twin says:

            Not everyone is a size 2. I do think LaPorsha should wear clothes that are more flattering to her body and I’m not being critical of her weight. Her hair is her hair.
            I am a size 10 with a Jennifer Lopez butt. I don’t wear skinny jeans that are tight at the ankles and tops that accentuate my hips for that reason.
            The only way you should wear clothing that accentuates your big J-Lo butt is if you ARE J-Lo. And I’m not.

        • Jules says:

          Right Lyn because you look like Jennifer Lopez right??? Probably more like George Lopez. And didn’t teenage girls vote for Candice? Vote for Kelly? Vote for Jordin? None of those girls were a size 2 either and they managed just fine.

    • Melinda Wright says:

      She does not need to lose weight. That’s a cultural bias. Do you know how many large singers there are? I agree that she needs to dressed a little better, but her size should not be in question and her hair is kind of like her signature now. It’s kind of like Jax’s “X” from last season. You associate these items, the X and the hair with these singers. Besides, La’Porsha LOVES her hair. That means that it is a reflection of her and her style. So she should keep it. I just think that she is AMAZING as far as her talent, her courage, her strength for the things that she has endured, and her sassiness and swag. She is the whole package, exactly as she is.

    • Rudy Hunter says:

      Is this a show about talent or size? Ruben Studdard is doing great, so how about you concentrate on talent instead of size. When I hear Porsha sing, my mind is no where near thinking about her size, but what a fantastic singer she is!

    • Jennifer says:

      How about instead of saying SHE needs to change her appearance so we can like her, how about we accept her for her incredible voice? I agree that her clothes were not fashionable but she can lose weight IF SHE WANTS TO and keep her NATURAL hair if that makes her feel good. So much wrong with what you said Sally.

  9. MLM says:

    I really enjoy Dalton’s performances (except Radioactive) – and I showed my husband “Eleanor Rigby” and he said it was “pretty good” – that’s high praise coming from him. I really think that he’s thinking too much about the criticism, and the competition, and his nerves are affecting him. I think he’s great at rearranging the songs & doing them in his own way, and I just enjoy his performances. He is my favorite, but for best vocals, that’s La’Porsha. Sonika is next, but she just needs to mature more, put emotion into the songs, not be so pageanty. I liked Avalon, too – sad she’s gone. The other girl whose mom is a marine, did better this week, but she’s also too young and no emotion (no life experience). I don’t care for Trent’s voice or style at all.

  10. Diz says:

    Anyone but Trent! I can’t stand that guy.

  11. Lilac says:

    I don’t agree with how harsh you were on Dalton. He performed well, altered the genre and feel of a song, and yeah the performance was a bit edgy.

    That aside I do mostly agree. Aside from LaPorsha and Trent it feels like a race for third.

    • NotVirgin Mary says:

      He missed like most of his notes. Not good.

      • no he didn’t you just didn’t get how he did the song!

        • Mary says:

          Yes we did BADLY!!!

        • justsayon says:

          Perhaps you’re tone deaf. No shade. But if you couldn’t hear that he was off on all his notes, I’d get your hearing checked. And yes. I sing and play music so i can hear pitches well. He’s pretty but edgy? No. He was in a boy band, for goodness sake. A bad boy he’s Not. It’s like watching Christian rock. Not cool. I get what He’s going for but i Just don’t buy it at all. Actually i could see Christian rock being his lane. He might not consider it an insult.. (i would tho)

          • LOL, Once again, I keep repeating myself about Allison Arhetta (spell}??? and to see her backing up these average singers is such an insult to her. Why why, why?? She was one of my favs along with Lambert, Daughtry, Cook, Caleb. Oh, remember that guy with the dreads, Jason Castro??? These were all people who could really sing! And x factor. Josh Krajik, one of my ultimate favorites! God I wish they would bring x factor back. Especially since this is the last season of idol.

  12. Scout says:

    LOL, Melinda “I need you to dream bigger.” Oh the shade of it all :)

  13. abz says:

    I don’t want this to end. Can Melinda and Michael just do weekly or monthly reality checks just critiquing TV shows or just talking about anything? Or at least continue them with The Voice. You two crack me up.
    “I need you to dream bigger.” AHAHAHA

  14. Could it really be that people are all starting to see what I’ve seen in dalton all along? (Hint: it’s not much.) He’s completely contrived and an average vocalist.

    • JayNC says:

      I never have thought he was very good, either. I thought 17 other people from the top 24 were better than him. But he is cute, and that is all that is important to some people.

  15. karenb says:

    Great show. Miss the hysterical editing, though. Hopefully it will be back next week! Slezak-*guyliner for Dalton lol. And yay, another Kris Allen sighting! His new music is fab. Can’t believe Avalon is gone. Boooo

    • Paula says:

      I agree, I was excited to see Kris featured on this recap. So double Yay!! I can’t wait to buy his new CD! I thought that Avalon sings great , what I didn’t like about her is that all of her performances were so similar. This season seems so rushed and in the previous seasons, it seems like there was more time to fix what you’re doing wrong.

  16. Melinda Wright says:

    I agree with you all about Avalon. I am SO SAD that she is gone. I still follow her and, watching her on Periscope, she has been just laying in bed singing and still showed AMAZING vocals without even really trying. Her talent is undeniable! She DOES have a swag about her as well. The music world would certainly be a lot better with her in it! It should NOT have been her that went home. Actually, I really thought Dalton or Mackenzie should have gone home. Let the popularity contest begin. That’s why I like The Voice better. It is MUCH less about popularity and who’s cuter, etc. and MUCH more about actual vocals, although the popularity portion us there too, just not as much.

    • Mary says:

      I agree about Avalon, but considering the demographics of AI it doesn’t surprise me. It just made my decision to DVR AI and not watch live. I try to get into the voice but I couldn’t, for me it was all about the judges and after a year it got old. I was sad about Idol ending but the producers had manage to make it a shell of itself that I am kinda relieve. I will watch the finale because I believe with Nigel producing there will be a lot of previous idols, but I will not be voting for any of the contestants that are left. I would not purchase anyone of their music after the show.

      • Becca says:

        Demographics? Lol. Avalon is my fav and I am 57., then Trent. Because of Avalon I have earned it saved on my play list. I have not cared for La’Porsha because she is so outdated for me. Talented but I have zero interest in watching her stand there. This week was different. I do agree that Sonica is more pageant than recording artist. Tristan needs to end the back stories…it is distracting. And the song she sang is the one that changed it for Jordin Sparks. This is when I knew Jordin was definitely a contender. Not so much with Tristan.

    • Karyn says:

      I’m not a huge fan of the sale of music Avalon was best at, but it was obvious she did it so well and she’s a natural on stage. I agree she belonged at the top. McKenzie will likely last to be third behind LaPorsha andTrent because he has the wgwg thing going for him. The rest are completely forgettable.

      • Smokey says:

        Avalon was fun to watch and did her own thing, rather than being pushed into the standard Idol program of overdone songs – the band even had to learn something different because she was there.

  17. Nancy says:

    Jlo,bothers me now than anything,that dress last week was treeible.I know the men loved it but come on.if the show had stayed on I was praying they got rid of her,as soon as she comes out half dressed I’m complaining.

    • Emma says:

      Since I don’t have a pvr, I literally have to mute the tv and look away whenever it is J-Ho’s turn to critique. It’s the only way I can enjoy the show. I really wish they hadn’t brought her back. The pixelation of her outfit in the video cracked me up, if only I could do that to her entirely on my tv screen. hahaha.

      • Jennifer says:

        Her name is JLO, not JHO. I think her dress was more suitable for a 12 year old but I’m not going to start calling her names.

    • NJIdoloonie says:

      Brenda K. Starr made her wear that dress….

  18. Carola says:

    What are you talking about? Dalton was one of the best performances of the night! That kid is a star! I love him. I am sure the pressure is getting a bit to him and he wants to prove himself, but cut him some slack, the kid has star quality in spades. I want him to be in that finale! Trent might sing well, but he is so lame and boring..
    Really Michael stop being so hateful and biased against Dalton. You know he is good!
    #Team Dalton!

    • jj says:

      So your entire argument is that you think he’s good therfore he is? You didn’t make a single point to back up your opinion.

    • justsayon says:

      We have any entire generation of kids who can’t take constructive criticism. They whine and say “don’t be hatin”. It’s not hating. it’s criticism. It can be educational if you listen. Also you complain about Michael hating on Dalton and then insult Trent by calling him lame. This is called hypocrisy. Look it up. Frankly, i think trying to be something you’re not is what’s truly lame. And that’s Dalton. He’s just not that cool. I think he needs to live a little and experience a little more darkness if that’s the kind of artist he wants to be…

      • A says:

        You are defending Trent when he was called lame. Where were you when Dalton was called trash a few days ago on this site? If La’Porsha gets criticism, a majority of people jump to her defense, but if Dalton gets legit hate that same majority just shrugs their shoulders and moves on. And you say that she/he shouldn’t insult Trent and then you go ahead and insult Dalton. And trust me, he doesn’t need to experience more darkness, I know him and he’s had Bipolar Disorder since he was nine. Back to my point, there is no denying a bias here on TVLine, and people seem to REALLY dislike him and never seem to be kind, yet when somebody says something HELPFUL about their fav, they jump to their defense. And please don’t use this generation as an excuse to bash us or to let it be okay. I was severly bullied, so much that I had to be homeschooled at 7th. grade. Would you tell me that I was too sensitive and that it was just criticism and that I need to get over it just because I was born in this generation? I hope not. CONSTRUCTIVE criticism is good for everybody. Not hate and mean comments towards the kid.

        • Mary says:

          Sorry for you being bully; however Dalton is receiving criticism for his singing, where as trent and LaPorsha is being attacked for their size and facial expressions. I haven’t seen any post where Dalton has been called what you claim, but I think if it really upsets you reading negative post then maybe you should stay off the internet, because unfortunately people post both.

          • marie says:

            I agree with what Mary says above re Dalton / Trent / La’Porsha.

          • A says:

            Okay, so because people are mean on the internet, that means you can call people trash? And I’m not attacking you because you are giving constructive criticism or helpful tips, I’m saying, in general, that people need to lay off the personal attacks. They don’t even know the person they’re talking about. Of course he isn’t the best singer, but he is talented and he has stage presence. He can make it far in this industry imo. But like I said, personal attacks: NO. Constructive criticism: Okay. Having an opinion: 100% Awesome! Cool! Great! About it at the top of your lungs! Unnecessary rude comments and cyber bullying: NO. It’s just mean and shows lack of compassion. And I’ll get the article but the comment is in the comments and it may be down bit, but it’s there. Give me a sec and I’ll post the link. 👍😊

          • A says:

            And I didn’t mean so you can call people trash, I meant so that it means that people can call others trash. Obviously you were only giving an opinion (and calling him not cool and lame, but that’s an opinion which is okay, but kinda harsh bc you defended one person and then you called another person the same, but still, it’s your opinion 👍), so that wasnt directed at you or any other people giving an opinion or constructive criticism.

        • marie says:

          I am about to SHOUT: IT’S NOT HATE, IT’S CRITICISM! Honest criticism. Which if you’re on a reality singing competition or commenting on a board about that show, you have to expect. You can’t have such a thin skin and take constructive criticism as a personal attack, which I think may have happened with Dalton with last week’s judges’ remarks.

    • Timmah says:

      Dalton is terrible. He needs to go back to his bland boy band, because he doesn’t belong on this show.

      • aVe says:

        Dalton and MacKenzie are the only people on the show who can actually have a career in music. You would only hear them two on the radio.

        • Timmah says:

          You’ve got to be able to sing to be successful on the radio, which unfortunately is Dalton’s weakest point.

          • Terry says:

            I agree with you about Dalton, but you most definitely do not have to be able to sing to be successful on the radio. I can name several “singers” who have been hugely successful on the radio but can’t sing live. One of them “judges” this show. Another one rhymes with sailor twist. hah.

          • Tim says:

            “Sailor Twist,” lol. Come to think of it, her success explains why Scott Borchetta doesn’t seem all that concerned with finding someone who can really sing (live or otherwise).

  19. Shira says:

    Can’t understand what Slezak can’t understand about Avalon’s elimination.
    The girl’s voice was completely NASAL! I don’t care what she does with it, I found her vocal quality simply unpleasant. I keep wanting to hand her a tissue.

    • Mary says:

      You might not like the sound of her voice, but at least you could hear it unlike Dalton and Mackenzie, yet people keep voting for them. I guess this proves that music is subjective, I found one loved her voice.

    • justsayon says:

      I think i know what you mean. In the early stages she always seemed like she was singing under the note. Not quite flat like Melindas description of someone else. But she grew on me. I think her ease and confidence in who she is makes her vocal come across better. That’s what swag is. She never seemed like she was begging for your vote. It felt like she was a real performer. I don’t need a perfect vocal every time. But i do need you to believe in yourself before i can believe in you.

    • Bye says:

      At least Avalon had range, could do vibrato, had breath control, and was on pitch more than Dalton! I’m not going to talk about timbre, etc. because that’s subjective. But objectively, she is far better than Dalton.D on’t try to call Dalton “artistic” either – he straight up copied David Cook and did a worse job on Eleanor Rigby. Bye.

  20. Jason says:

    “I need you to dream bigger.”

    Even with American Idol ending this season, I hope and pray that Melinda and Michael would continue Reality Check. I don’t even care what show they recap and discuss– I just need the both of them in my life in weekly doses.

  21. jenni4955 says:

    Dalton has what it takes to be a star but his nerves are getting in the way of better performances. Unfortunately I could never remember Avalon’s name. She had a good voice but was not that memorable a performer and did not have ‘star quality’. LaPorsha is the best, singer, IMO, with Trent a close second. The others are all good & it will be interesting to see what happens next.

  22. CdnIdolFan says:

    It seriously cracked me up when they showed J-Lo still being blurred even in long range shots while the performances were going on. Nice job!

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      THAT was hilarious. When she walked out in that dress I thought “Oh my goodness”. I love pink and I normally love her clothes, but that dress was just hideous.

  23. Miss K says:

    Somebody needs to tell, no SCREAM, at J-lo that Idol is a family show. She clearly hasn’t gotten the message explained to her clearly enough? Has Idol sunk so low that they think a nekked J-lo will salvage viewers? Quite the opposite … people watch Idol to see young, talented people get a chance at their dream. Those interested in sleezy skanks have lots of other options.

  24. Emma says:

    Michael and Melinda are dreaming if they think La’Porsha and Trent will be the final two, I just can’t see that happening, not a chance.

  25. marie says:

    For a little perspective re JLo’s dress: remember some of the outfits Mariah wore in her season as a judge? Those made JLo’s dress look downright prim! (For the record, I too found the dress rather hideous.)

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      Ah, I’d forgotten about Mariah! Yes, the dress was hideous. That was exactly the word I used. It just wasn’t even attractive or flattering.

  26. Hmmmmmmmmmmm says:

    Let’s be real, Dalton needs to go. He’s boring and flat. The Voice has such better seasoned singers. The talent compared to Idol is non-arguable. But Laporsha and Trent are just so amazing that im drawn more to Idol. Idol has been too much about the judges lately, but The Voice started with the judges as the main seller. Not the talents. That’s why despite the millions of hits, the Emmys, The Voice has yet to produce one super star.

  27. broddybounce says:

    Regarding Sonika’s “I Have Nothing” performance and the fact it’s been done many times before on Idol. Well, look no further than the one who did it the FIRST time on the show: Trenyce. Season 2. Perfection.

  28. Peggy Day says:

    I just want to say that I don’t want to see this be the last season of Reality Check. I look forward to watching every week! In recent seasons I have enjoyed it more than Idol some weeks.

    • Terry says:

      They talk about The Voice on Reality Check and The Voice isn’t ending anytime soon, so why would they stop doing Reality Check?

  29. Mark says:

    At the end of the run for RealityCk Idol will we get to vote on Michael or Melinda for Idol Reviewer of All Time? :-)

  30. Donna says:

    These two need their own show first of all……ON TV or Cable or Something…. Any who IDOL my beloved IDOL I’ve been here since season 3…… Song choice is major…. A song that is closest to a contestants vocal wheelhouse is best…the contestants need to tackle each performance like it is their last…..You know the ” Give It All You Got ” approach every single week….

  31. I *totally* agree with Melinda: my top four is (or would have been) La’Porsha, Trent, Avalon, and MacKenzie. Now I guess I’ll add Dalton. but I’m Team La’Porsha and Trent!!!

  32. George H. says:

    Dalton sounds like a karaoke singer. His mother is hot though.

  33. bradybunch4u says:

    Decline says you. Eleanor Rigby was the best performance of the night.

    Idol chooses not to tell viewers that Dalton has had a severe sinus infection for 4 weeks.

    Try shoving cotton balls up your nose and down your throat and then sing.

    Only one of the LaPorcha or Trent will make top 3.

    The other two will be Mac and Dalton.

    Really tired of you bombastic voice lovers and run gymnastics fabs.

    Two words

    Not Current

    The oth

  34. Annie says:

    The look that Dalton and Mackenzie gave each other when Harry asked them if they knew what the song was about was basically the look that group members give each other when their teachers ask them a question about their presentation at the end of the powerpoint XD

  35. MamaLis says:

    You guys are SO freaking funny! Every time I see the JLO pixelation I DIE! Also I like Dalton; but Michael you are the MEAN truth teller. Thank God for Melinda, that’s all I have to say. That, and thank you for another great Reality Check guys!

  36. Trey Rhodes says:

    michael,you have to watch this it may either make you happy bc jessica cabral is amazing…or make you cry that she freakin isnt in the competition anymore for some crazy reason that is beyond me.

    • Smokey says:

      Yes, it would be interesting to know the truth about why Jessica got muscled-out of the show — it’s very clear to many of us, that she would be a very major threat to the Judges favorite others, with her pro-level voice and delivery. …………………………………………….But I read in some articles about Idol , there have been other cases where – when someone questions the restrictive rules and perhaps indicates they may have questions on some of the contract stipulations, or has some indication of having an interest from a Label or Production Organization not controlled by Idol —— they get sent home on the next stagecoach outta Dodge.

  37. Jody Stevens-Curtis says:

    I agree…I think people FORGOT to vote for Avalon…Cause after she WAS saved, I ALMOST forgot to vote for her myself…!!

  38. Lking says:

    Whoever is dressing LaPorsha like a throwback to the days of the Supremes needs to be fired.

  39. fatalsin says:

    I really wish they could pick their own songs… and what I mean is their own song not on some theme sheet

  40. Paul says:

    Dalton shouldn’t have made it to the top ten . No talent ! American Idol isn’t about looks little girls .

  41. Cmta says:

    Avalon just never connected for me. She and her songs were too cool for school. No vulnerability or emotion that’s moving. It was hardly ever a do-or-die moment ever. She gave off the vibe that says “if I get eliminated, it’s cool” and it showed.

  42. rachel ray says:

    All I wanted to say is….game recognize game….Dalton will be fine.

  43. Linda Packer says:

    There seems to be a clear winner la’porsha on Idol this final year. What a talent.

  44. Joy says:

    remember Taylor Hicks????? Not the best voice (popularity people)!!!!

  45. darcy's evil twin says:

    Anyone that’s watched Idol and Harry Connick Jr. should know they need to know WTH they are singing about. How many times has HCJ asked contestants about lyrics and their meaning?
    It’s rare my husband, who watches Idol vicariously, bursts out laughing at anything, but when HCJ asked Dalton and MacKenzie what the song “I Want It That Way” was about and they looked at each other with that “Deer in the Headlights Look”, I thought my husband was going to fall out of his recliner laughing. That. Was. Epic. The looks on their faces! Please, Jason, use that clip frequently when you perform your editing magic because it is so darned funny.
    I had forgotten how many times “Come Together” has been performed on Idol. That was never my favorite Beatles tune but crap, I’m starting to like the stupid song!
    I didn’t think Avalon should have gone home either. And how does Lee keep surviving?
    once again, great job Michael and Melinda. I’m going to have to start watching “The Voice” just so I can enjoy the two of you.

    • JayNC says:

      Lee was eliminated along with Avalon.

    • marie says:

      I’ve tried watching The Voice and didn’t care for it, but I’m with you, DET, I might have to give it another try; I’m already anticipating missing Michael’s articles, Michael and Melinda’s videos, and of course the community here on this board. And maybe, just maybe, The Voice could turn out to be some small compensation for losing Idol.

  46. JayNC says:

    Does anyone know – are 2 more contestants being eliminated this week? It would seem so since there are only 4 weeks left and (presumably) there will only be 2 in the finale. Is it going to be another bottom 3 with a singoff? At what point are the judges finally totally out of the decision making process?

    • Terry says:

      Nope, just one singer will be eliminated this week and it will be based on America’s vote alone, no more judges save. From what I’ve read there will be a 3 person finale.

      • Terry says:

        OK so apparently I am misinformed… now Scott Bruschetta is saying the judges will save one contestant tonight. Ugh, just ugh.

        • Terry says:

          I’m confused now as to how many get eliminated tonight. It appears that of the bottom 3, the one with the lowest votes gets eliminated and then the judges save one of the remaining 2. If that’s true, I predict an all girl bottom 3 with Sonika being eliminated based on votes and the judges saving Tristan over La’Porsha. I think her outfit did La’Porsha in last week, I truly do. We’ll see what happens tonight, could be a shocker. What would the final season be without a shocker!

          • Terry says:

            I think I finally understand what is happening tonight. All 6 contestants will sing and then the bottom 2 based on last weeks votes will be revealed. The judges will then save one of those bottom 2. After that the remaining 5 contestants will sing a second song. If that is how it’s going down, then I predict Sonika will be eliminated regardless of who else is in the bottom 2.

  47. marie says:

    This has been on my mind re some of the comments on this board, so I feel compelled to write about it. I’ll try to be concise.

    A number of commenters have accused other commenters of “hating” certain contestants when they criticize their performances or say they think they have little talent. The thing is, labeling personal taste or criticism as “hate” TRIVIALIZES REAL HATE, and that can be dangerous.

    In a culture that is, regrettably and very sadly, increasingly fragmented into “us-vs.-them” regarding very real, very important societal concerns, where one side won’t constructively engage with the other side and more and more people seem to feel free to sling insults and REAL hate towards those holding opposing views, or those they just don’t like, to call both, for example, an attack on someone’s ethnicity, and a statement that you don’t care for the way someone sings, “hate” – that’s just wrong; it holds the potential to anesthetize us against recognizing and working to eliminate real hate when we encounter it, and that can be both dangerous and tragic.

  48. joe smith says:

    The double elimination has ruined this season and on top of it all the judges get to pick from the bottom 3 at the end, not sure what the point of voting is. How could the show let Laporsha go on stage in that outfit? Between her hair and 2lbs of potatoes in a one pound bag Lord save me.

  49. Cat says:

    I need u both to dream bigger. Say we don’t only have three more weeks of you two! How can this chat cease to exist? Tvline powers that be let them talk together forever. We will all listen and cherish the time we spend together! And Jason clip master editor director must continue to contribute to the festivities as the pixelated jlo was brilliant and I laughed every time she appeared in this video! Please sir can we have some more?

  50. Okay, I think it disappeared because I was trying to post a video! LOL