Sleepy Hollow Season 3 Episode 14 Recap

Sleepy Hollow Recap: Into the Woods

My, how the worm has turned.

This week’s Sleepy Hollow keeps Abbie and Ichabod separated for the better part of the hour, a move I generally loathe in shows like this one, where watching the two charismatic leads play off each other is the main thrill. But just as I’m about to commit ritual suicide by tossing myself in the path of a giant earthworm monster, the Fox drama gives us a whole new level of Witness to unlock.

Oh, and Joe’s a Wendigo again. Kinda. It’s complicated. Read on for more on “Into the Wild.”

SEE YOU MONDAY! | We open on Abbie and Jenny doing some sisterly bonding at an indoor climbing gym; Jenny notes that her sibling is “in kickass shape.” (Those guns of yours don’t look too shabby either, Jen.) Abbie responds that her time in the catacombs helped her find her “inner Spider-Man real fast” and that’s a good thing, because she’s got a FBI wilderness survival training weekend coming up soon.

But Ichabod thinks they’re going to spend the weekend in Rochester, N.Y., consulting with a professor who may be able to help them figure out what the symbol they picked up in Leeds’ workshop is made of. Abs encourages her partner to go without her, and he does. But before he leaves, he argues that he knew General Rochester, and he “hardly deserves” the honor of having a town named after him. “You haven’t seen Rochester,” she quips. (Heh.)

Sleepy Hollow Season 3 Episode 14 RecapSQUIRM-WORTHY | At the FBI training, Daniel announces that the agents will team up and navigate — without using their cell phones — in order to reach specific coordinates. Abbie and Sophie are put on the same team, and when their third member falls ill, Daniel steps up to replace him.

Everything starts off fine: While Sophie gives Abbie her origin story (missing parents, supernatural suspicion, yadda yadda… and why does Abs look so surprised at all of this? Doesn’t it seem like something Ichabod would’ve mentioned after she returned from Middle Earth?), Daniel and the wilderness guide assigned to their team stumble across an old well that looks like it was recently uncovered. What we know but they don’t: Something’s in that well, and it’s angry.

Pretty soon, Robbie — the guide — gets bitten by a really gross, Flukeman-looking monster. Abbie and Sophie come to his rescue, but he’s in a bad way when Daniel arrives on the scene. (The ladies lie and say a coyote attacked.) The trio builds a rudimentary stretcher and get Robbie to an abandoned cabin where they can spend the night. (Side note: Seriously, how far can they be from where they started? Wouldn’t it just make more sense to navigate back to where all the cars are parked and the cell phones are stashed?) Along the way, Abbie peels off to try to kill the creature herself, but it ambushes her. She hacks off one of its arms, which regenerates within seconds, and then it pins her to the ground. The thing is basically a worm monster made of worms with worms coming out of its mouth and EEEW. Sophie manages to show up in time to save her fellow agent; the thing runs off into the wilderness.

DAMN, DANIEL | At the cabin, Daniel’s got no time for Abbie or any of her suggestions. He snarks that “there’s no room for supporting players on the Abbie Mills show,” prompting her to ask him why he asked her back to work, then? Maybe he didn’t want to, he responds, but won’t say more when she presses him and he takes off into the night to find help.

Sophie later finds an old journal in the cabin, which gives us the back story on the creature: It ravaged a Dutch settlement back in ye olde day, and when it bites someone, that person turns into another worm monster. Oh hey, remember how Robbie got bit? Yeah, he’s a festering pile of maggots with gnarly sharp teeth now, and only Abbie hitting him with a handy beam buys the ladies a little time to figure out how to save themselves.

JUST IN THE ICH OF TIME | Meanwhile, the Rochester professor helps Ichabod realize that the symbol is actually two pieces fitted together… much like the tablet he brought back from his travels. And when Ich puts the two pieces of the symbol on the tablet, he can see what’s happening to Abbie!

With haste, he finds Abbie in the forest and helps her take down the monster (there’s a whole thing about her creating an antidote that will kill the main worm monster, which will then heal the guide, but it’s really not important). All you need to know is that Ich uses his pirate gun and Abbie spears the monster a few times and all is well.

In the aftermath, she’s shocked that the symbol may not be evil, after all. “It may be a tool for our cause,” Ichabod notes, adding, “Sometimes the thing we think will hurt us will actually save us.”

THE WENDIGO WENDI-COMES BACK | Know what won’t save you from Pandora? Bidding on the remnants of her magic box at auction. Jenny and Joe learn this the hard way after they pay $1 million for the mystical item, only to have its original owner show up and demand that they give it back. But when Joe touches it, the Wendigo inside him is summoned again, and he claws at the earthbound goddess until she goes away to lick her wounds.

Later, young Corbin is really messed up about the fact that he’s still a monster, despite Jenny’s assertions that he’s the man she trusts implicitly. And in other troubled couples news, The Hidden One is done with his wife’s inability to help him regain his power. So he goes all glowy and disappears with a new target in mind: The Witnesses.

Now it’s your turn. What did you think of the episode? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. Deb says:

    What happened to Team Witness working together? Abbie and Crane were together 3 minutes in the episode and Crane was maybe in 10 minutes max.

    • Aurora says:

      Totally agree, Deb. Abbie and Crane together are the best part of the show but writers seem to be doing everything they can to keep them separated.

    • Marci says:

      It’s so frustrating. Haven’t the writers figured out by now that the show has taken a nose-dive in the ratings because they keep Ichabod and Abbie apart so much of the time. We, the viewers, want them together, as they were in Season 1.

  2. Virginia says:

    Generally disappointing. I guess I’m spoiled from Seasons 1 & 2, but I expect better from Sleepy Hollow.

    • JeffDJ says:

      Yeah, this season has really been boring me to tears. Pandora kind of fizzled as a big bad, Jenny’s always doing seemingly unrelated stuff with Joe, who hasn’t really added anything to the show, IMO.

  3. Diana says:

    I kinda like that you didn’t even mention that last scene between Abbie and Daniel because I’m going to pretend it didn’t happen too. :p

    • Barbara Martinez says:

      I think we all want to pretend that didn’t happen.

    • Jen says:

      Worst part of the night. Why must the writers go and do that? How can Abbie not even question Daniel on what he meant by not wanting her back? Don’t trust him and the guy he answers to. Infuriating.

  4. piebokou says:

    Pandora and her hubby bored me to death, but I give the writers props for trying to keep us entertained even if they are failing at it right now.

    • CaptMediocre says:

      Pandora herself was fine as the villain. But apparently she needed a man.

      The Hidden One has been a truly annoying, story sucking character. Like most TV (and that’s what Sleepy Hollow is now) I’m sure he’ll get truly dangerous a few episodes from the end of the season in order to be defeated. The problem is he’s being shown getting defeated every week so he’s not that scary and there’s no doubt about his fate.

      The Hidden One is a failure as a character. Pandora is scarier.

      • piebokou says:

        True that and anyway every times I see the Hidden One and Pandora I can help but think where are the neighbor so they can call the cops because that woman his in an abusif relationship.

      • Marci says:

        Pandora was interesting until The Hidden One showed up. Why, in this day and age, would they show a female big bad turn into such a man-needing wus? And their verbiage is so archaic as to be almost comical. Together they’re just a big bore.

  5. Dr says:

    Too much was going on and the different subplots didn’t come together. But like the fact that the damn tablet mystery and the witnesses mission coming together. Hopefully we can concentrate on why these two were chosen and their fight to save mankind, (sounds serious).In general these monsters are annoying.

  6. Aurora says:

    Really pulling for this show, but this week was awful. I agree with Deb. Why are Abbie and Crane not together that much this season? THAT’s what made this show so good in season one. Pandora and Hidden One are SO boring and they could basically play the same scene with them over and over. “Soon you will regain your power, my love.” Their story arc is laughable. It’s too bad. I don’t think the show has a prayer of coming back next year. Bad story telling is to blame.

  7. csg says:

    This show should have been titled, “Pandering for Abbie’s sake'” There were just too many coincidences & deliberate set-ups to favor Abbie. Everyone stand back and let Abs handle this–seemed to be the plan of the day. It made Daniel look ineffectual, Sophie weak, & the monster less menacing because the word was out: Let Abbie win. Silly!
    I missed Crane though I thought it was nice to give the actor a break. Jenny & Joe interest me more than Abbs any day. I enjoy the way they work together & with Crane.

    • Winkle43 says:

      I get it: you don’t like Abbie. But now can you just give it a rest. Abbie getting shine and focus isn’t ‘pandering’ because she’s a Witness and the female lead. I don’t think you’ll find one show on TV that doesn’t portray the lead(s) more favourably than supporting characters, (which Jenny, Joe, Danny, and Sophie are.) Plus the show has never been exactly subtle with the material.

    • SAVE IT. Joe is a cool guy, but I definitely don’t want to watch him snd Jenny do stuff. I liked the wendigo throwback but this episode spent way too much time following them. I would have preferred to watch Crane and his science bud. Abbie is THE female lead. Deal with it. And this episode hardly differed from Pittura Infamante when Abbie came in and saved Crane and his boring wife by shooting the painting. We hardly saw Abbie and she came in and saved the day. Same thing here. I loved watching the Abbie and Sophie dynamic…and quite honestly preferred it to the Abbie/Jenny scenes. The actress who plays Sophie does an excellent job, especially when she’s working with someone as talented as Nicole Beharie. I love Tom Mison. He is still the leading guy and isn’t going anywhere, so stop freaking out the one time he isn’t in just about every scene.

    • RamonaQ says:

      Why did you go into a long and unnecessary spiel. Why not just say, you do not like the character of Abbie Mills and be done with it. JEESH….

  8. I have been really liking the 2nd half of this season but not this episode. loved the whole symbol thing with Ichabod but see the whole Danny filling in for the sick agent as a Walters set up. YAWN, move that plot on quicker please. It’s 2 episodes since they offed Nevins. There only 4 shows left and I am starting to see parallel between Danny and Katrina that I am not liking. I am going to watch it again to see if I like it any better. And I am wondering if they are trying to set this series up with Abby and Ichabod as supernatural heroes to tag on the success of the Marvel and other comic TV shows. to see if they could save it THAT way and attract the crucial 18-19 viewers.

  9. I love this season. Iget it. Headless isn’t here and he should be. Pandora is interesting; I like their limited time on the screen and learning about the ancient lives they’ve led. To each his own, I suppose. I didn’t like the separation, but it all made sense upon rewatch, and I think this episode finally opens the door for us to learn WHY Ichabbie was chosen to be the Witnesses. It has been a fun ride i do hope we see Headless again soon, and I think we will because when I tweeted about him SH account responded something about being careful for what lurks in dark corners…something like that. Anyway, I think we’ll start and end the season with him. They’re really settings things up nicely for S4, just hope they’re granted to opportunity to continue.

  10. pdq says:

    They’ve fallen into the same trap with the villains this year that they did last – their evil plot advances verrrry slowly as they send a single, solitary monster after the Witnesses each week. There’s no real tension – we all know what’s going to happen. That’s not to say it isn’t cool watching them figure out how to vanquish whatever thing is after them, but the 18 episode order is doing them no favors. The first season was great because it was so fast paced. If they do get a Season 4, I hope they dial it back to 13 episodes or less.

    Any episode with that little Crane in it doesn’t hold my interest. I have no idea why they felt it necessary to send him off to Rochester for 90% of the episode. Love that he came in with his pirate gun at the end, but to have him not figure out (again) that the artifact that he was holding broke apart was just dumb. The Witness vision thing was pretty interesting – I like that they might get some sort of supernatural power, finally. I just hope they are back together next week and we finish out this season strong.

  11. TVDIVA says:

    If the showrunners of Sleepy Hollow want to get another season they need to get better storylines. Pandora and her hubby, Daniel and Sophie are all extra characters I can do without. Let’s get back to the Witnesses please. This season sucks.

    • Jen says:

      I agree about the storylines. Pandora was good on her own, can’t stand the Hidden One. (although it looks like he might actually do something next week) I really like Sophie. She meshes in well. Just don’t want Daniel to become a part of the Scooby gang. Still praying for a season 4.

  12. kath says:

    Where did Joe get all his money?

  13. Loved this episode! The info about the symbol just blew my mind! Then to find out that the symbol is actually craved into the back of the witness tablet was outstanding! Can’t wait for next week’s episode and the continued bonding of Ichabbie!

  14. Alicia says:

    I do not like it when Abbie and Crane are separated. Please explain why in one breathe these two now have a psychic bond because of the symbol but you have Abbie tell Danny she is still into him. It is simply frustrating that Abbie and Icabod are constantly kept at arms length. I love Joenny but can we see the Scooby gang working together? That bonding time for the Mills sisters in the beginning was wonderful. Pandora started out strong but now she is a shadow of what she was once her husband showed up. The dynamic between these two is non existence. What a waste of film time. Praying for season four

  15. Luc says:

    Dull and forgettable episode like anyone that they try when they replace one of the leads by other people. Only thing that saved it was the 2 minutes of Crane.

    I don’t get the writers repeating the formula of sidelining leads to showcase/promote secondary characters. It’s even worse when they inserte them as love interest. It tanked the show in S2 and their solution is to reboot the error by sidelining the male lead this time.

    That scenes with Abbie with Danny were a turn off even more because it was so confusing on purpose. Is Abbie declaring herself to her boss and asking another chance? Because that looked a lot like that.

    If this was not their intention then even I could have written a better line: “blah, blah, want to be friends, blah, blah” . Instead of ‘I miss what we had, you’re not in the past for me’ ( even she started the episode talking to Jenny about Reynolds feelings being ‘past’ ). WTF.

    What the hell are they thinking? Haven’t they learned anything with the Katrina fiasco? Are they really bringing in the male version of it now?

    If so, this show deserves cancellation because if by now they don’t get it that this show cannot be ‘Abbie Mills show’ nor ‘Ichabod Crane show’ but ‘Abbie & Crane’ then they never will.

    • Lisa says:

      THIS: “I don’t get the writers repeating the formula of sidelining leads to showcase/promote secondary characters. It’s even worse when they inserte them as love interest. It tanked the show in S2 and their solution is to reboot the error by sidelining the male lead this time. ”

      And it’s not just this episode, this was just the most glaring example. It’s season long. If they get an S4, I PRAY they feel they’ve “rebalanced” with S2 being too much Crane and S3 being too much Abbie and get back to featuring them both.

  16. william says:

    Did the show just steal the symbol, the one that Abby is pining for, from the show Shadowhunters?