Grimm No. 100 Recap: Stick It to Me

After five seasons of anticipation, Grimm‘s 100th episode finally, definitively showed us exactly what those much talked-about keys open and it’s… a really old box. With a really old stick inside.

But that nondescript piece of wood turns out to have hidden powers. And — what a coincidence — so does Adalind! Read on as we review the important developments of the supernatural series’ landmark 100th episode.

RUN (FROM THE) FOREST, RUN! | The hour picks up with Nick and Monroe falling through the earth and ending up in a cavern in Germany’s Black Forest. They’re not hurt, and they soon realize that they’re in an ancient church’s catacombs. It’s dark. There are a lot of bones. Things get even creepier when they turn off their flashlights — when a Blutbad is scared, you’re in trouble — but they eventually realize the skulls of “the seven Grimm crusaders, holy crap!” (per Monroe) are pointing them to the spot they’re looking for. Pretty soon, Nick and Monroe are tossing noggins away like they’re foam shipping peanuts and uncovering the “X” they were looking for.

“We found it, even after all the others have searched throughout the centuries!” Monroe says, geeking out breathlessly. But when they try to use the keys to unlock it, absolutely nothing happens. So they pack it up and prepare to take the vessel back to Portland.

Not so fast, guys! Once they’re back on the surface, they see a bunch of flashlights bobbing around in the darkness: The priest from the church has put together a search party and “they’re hunting us,” Nick realizes. The hunting party gets close enough that one of them woges and bites Monroe on the arm, but then Nick and his pal get away and call Adalind and Rosalee with the news that they’ll be on the next flight home.

BRINGING HEXEN-BACK | You’ll have to forgive the ladies if they’re a little distracted when their men call: They’ve just gone through a harrowing ordeal of their own. Rosalee’s stalker Tony shows up at the spice shop, looking all tweaked-out and demanding $5,000. “I mean, look at this place. You probably make that in a day,” he comments, proving to me that he has a really inflated sense of the price of turmeric and the like. When she tells him to leave, he gets violent, breaking the merchandise and giving Ro a wallop that sends her flying.

That’s when Adalind enters and threatens to call the cops. Tony woges and gets all up in her face, then draws his hand back as if to strike her. But his palm is stopped by an invisible force, and both of the women — not to mention Tony — watch in horror as his fingers are broken, one by one. He immediately turns and takes off, while Adalind confronts her new reality: Though she didn’t woge, she’s definitely a Hexenbiest again.

“Oh my god, it can’t be back,” she says. Poor, broken Adalind looks like she’s had her extremities cracked into confetti. “He’ll get rid of us. Please, you can’t tell him,” she begs Rosalee, who tries to comfort her sort-of friend by talking about boosting the Wesen suppressant. But Ad just looks dejected/terrified as she tearfully vows, “I can’t go back to being that.” When the guys call, though, she holds it together as Nick tells her, “I just want you to know that we’re OK and I’ll see you soon,” which is about as close to schmoop as we’re going to get from these two in their present state, I suppose. (P.S. I’ll take it.)

Grimm Episode 100 Recap THAT’S SO PORTLAND | Meanwhile, Marwan arranges for Lucien to come and get him, but Eve interferes by having a cyclist knock into the assassin (#Portland). When she pretends to help, she actually snags the killer’s phone and breathes some hinky weirdness into him that’ll keep him unconscious for the foreseeable future. She and Meisner clone the phone, thinking it’ll help lead them to his Black Claw connections, then return it to his belongings at the hospital; while she’s there, Eve wakes him up, too. But the Portland PD intercepts Marwan while he’s waiting outside, and the ensuing chase ends when Renard kills the Dixon-killer.

Thing is, though, Renard later watches footage of Dixon’s speech (and eventual death) and realizes that Rachel was on her phone and looked up at the sniper’s spot just moments before the politician was gunned down. Later, at his place, he growls, “I think it’s time we play a little rougher” — mrrrow, Captain! — but he just means that they’re both going to finally tell the truth about who they are and what they want. Turns out, she’s really a Black Claw operative who’s working with Lucien, and they want Renard to run for mayor. “You’re a hero,” she assures him. “You can win.” (Side note: The Obama-like poster they unfurl while making their pitch is ridiculous and amazing at the same time. I surely hope Sasha Roiz has one hanging in his trailer.)

THE MOMENT YOU’VE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR | Back at the bunker, as Adalind laments her life and the turn it has taken, a nearby glass of water starts to bubble. Look on the bright side, Ad: At least you can return that SodaStream! The guys, who are now back from their European jaunt, gather at the shop with Rosalee, Wu and Hank. There’s some very dramatic music as they all place their keys in the box’s locks and turn, but no dice. (Ha!) The box remains sealed shut. Remembering that Nick’s blood has been the deciding factor in other busted spells, they get to a point where Burkhardt slices his finger and then rubs his corpuscles all over the seal. Poof! It opens.

Inside the box is a roll of fabric containing a totally normal looking stick. Wu notices there’s some writing on the cloth, but then everyone gets distracted because it seems like Monroe is dying: The bite on his arm is infected, and Rosalee fears he has rapidly spreading blood poisoning. While they’re all flapping about and calling an ambulance, someone notices that the wound has started to heal. The entire gang watches as it pretty much seals up, and Monroe wonders what his wife did to help him. Rosalee’s kung-fu is good and all, but she can’t take credit for this one: Nick inadvertently held the stick to his buddy’s arm during the confusion, and it cured him. Chunk of wood for the win!

Now it’s your turn. Grade the episode via the poll below, then hit the comments: What do you think the stick’s backstory is?

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  1. piebokou says:

    Okay I just loved every minute of the 100 th. But as a big Nadalind fan I hope they don’t drag on the the secret, because that would do more bad than good.

  2. Jason says:

    My hope is that Nick will be sympathetic to Adalind’s situation when he finds out. Clearly she had already changed a lot when she was still a hexenbiest, having chosen at that time to give up her powers. I simply think she underestimates herself. Given what we know about how these abilities affect a persons inherent personality traits, it seems to me that Adalind has a great deal more good in her than another hexenbiest we know. When both women had powers and were driven by their own prerogatives, Adalind was mostly a little bitchy and sarcastic while Juliet was downright sociopathic. In the end I’m pulling for Nick and Adalind. If they can get over the past and their pre-conceived notions, they can actually build something together.

    • Fran says:

      I think it’s so hypocritical when people say that they’ve stopped watching the show because they are disgusted with Nick and Adalind being together, but then say they have no problem with Nick getting back with Juliette after everything Juliette did. It makes not sense. Also, Adalind did a number of terrible things, but usually there was a reason for them…not saying it made her actions excusable, but in most cases, I could understand her motivation. With Juliette, there wasn’t as much rhyme or reason to her actions and unlike Adalind, she wasn’t rejected by the team for becoming a Hexenbiest. She lost support after doing something unforgivable to the people she was supposed to love. it made no sense that she would try to get Nick to shoot Monroe. Aligning with the Royals and helping them kill Nick’s mother was a horrible thing to do to someone who wanted to help her. Just cold-blooded.

      • Jake says:

        As Adalind has mentioned and Juliette said herself, becoming a hexenbiest takes control of you and causes you to become evil. Remember Juliette became one to help Nick. So she is comparable to someone with a mental illness, she can’t be held responsible for actions.

  3. N says:

    Wasn’t the best 100th of any show I’ve seen. A bit odd. But I’ll take it

  4. grass says:

    I was waiting for Harry Potter to come out and tell us that it’s not a stick, it’s a wand!

  5. Moira_K says:

    My guess for the overlarge splinter is that it’s wood from the one true cross, being that it was found by crusaders.

  6. znachki says:

    An actual piece of the “True Cross”, which will turn out to be something different than what it is traditionally thought of as.

  7. Kyle says:

    My first initial thought when I saw the stick was that it was a piece of the true cross, or a wand

  8. Mat says:

    The Stick of Truth has arrived. I hope Princess Kenny doesn’t get killed.

  9. ninergrl6 says:

    GREAT episode! Soooo much better than that *other* fantasy series’ 100th episode that aired a few days ago. It was Grimm meets Goonies. Didn’t see the Adalind twist coming. I’m still waiting for baby Kelly’s powers to be revealed.

    • Patrick says:

      maybe its kellys powers who emerged to protect her mother?

      • Cindy C says:

        Now there’s an interesting theory!

      • ChicagoDan says:

        I like that theory. At a minimum, let’s hope her powers are different as a result of the suppressant and her ‘human’ changes. CC again shows why they turned a minor, dead-end character into a full cast member.

        • Alienna21 says:

          I like that theory! Remember, too, that she clutched her stomach (womb?) before it happened. Could she be preggo again?

      • lordofluck says:

        That is what I thought at first but she was in pain and her face rippled which seems to me she was changing back.

        • Patrick says:

          True! Didn’t think back about this! Her face started to “voguer” (Am I spelling it correctly?) So there is a chance that under a stressful situation, Adalind had a throwback. Thanks for refrshing my mind. Either way, this could be a hell of a story arch and I am really happy now how she changed to good, but if she’s turning again into a Hexenbiest, Nick would have to choose again: out of love. I believe that would kill him entirely.

          • Martin says:

            If they’re to kill Nick we have still 10 episodes to go and I hope it won’t be because of love and Adalind. And if they do… (cause season 6 wasn’t confirmed) Maybe the stick can resurrect the deceased? Or help with black claw riots.
            PS. I think the term comes from Germany not France so it’s rather ‘woge’ not ‘voguer’

      • AnnieM says:

        That’s what my husband thought.

  10. Imzadi says:

    It’s either a real magic wand (when WAS Hogwarts founded and by whom?) or a piece of the True Cross. Either way, it’s very powerful.

  11. spdavid says:

    Maybe that stick can fix Adalind.But before they do that couldn’t we all use another dose of Hexensex?

  12. MorroccoMole says:

    The stick may be from the shaft of the lance that pierced the body of Christ on the cross. The lance is in many legends divided into parts.

    • grys03 says:

      Nice. The ‘Holy Spear, the Spear of Destiny, or the Lance of Longinus’? I like that better that the (over-used) True Cross bit that has been used heaps.
      Though I enjoyed the 100th I would have loved a bit more adventure in the catacomb – maybe some interaction with a knight (templar?) left behind to protect the box.
      The two things that bothered me was 1. how small the are was & 2. the fairly thoughtless destruction of an archaeological site – especially by Monroe, remember his insistence of being careful with the book his uncle provided?

  13. Cammie says:

    Enjoyed the episode! It was great having more time with just Nick and Monroe. Their back and forth sarcasm is one of my favorite aspects of the show. I’m thrilled Adalind got her powers back! Experiencing normal, loving Nick and her children has changed her to the core. I think from now on she’ll work with Nick not against him. Looking forward to more info on the “stick of greatness.”

  14. K Nelson says:

    Chances are it is a fragment of the one true cross, which was supposedly in the area where the Crusades were fought. The cross also was divided into pieces, many of which were brought back by Crusaders. It also was believed to have healing powers.

  15. Miss O'Ginny says:

    So, just read that missiles were on an intercepted flight to wait for it….Portland?!?!….
    I guess they really shouldn’t have opened that Grimm Crusaders’ box!

  16. Cynthia says:

    It’s a unicorn horn

  17. I give the episode an 8, I do like the Nick/Adeline coupling and I’ll tell you why: remember when Adalind usef a special potion to turn her into Juliet and had sex with Nick, and Adalind had a baby, remember when they made something that counteracted the potion but what if that potion is somehow still in effect and Adalind is still Juliet and Juliet is still Adalind, and the back story of the wooden stick that healed Monroe’s bite could be that that wooden stick is a piece of the cross that Jesus was crucified on.

  18. Beverly Blake says:

    I think the wood is a piece of the so called, ‘True Cross ‘. It will play a huge part of defeating Black Claw in the future.