The 100 Recap

The 100 Recap: Anarchy in Arkadia

Rather than addressing last week’s fan-crushing tragedy — the name “Lexa” was uttered a grand total of zero times — Thursday’s episode of The 100 focused on a different crisis: the war at home.

While we, the viewers, know the solution to the Grounder blockade is to hand Pike over on a silver platter, I don’t see the Chancellor’s blind followers making that happen anytime soon. (Don’t you hate when the people in your TV refuse to hear you screaming at them from your living room? I’m starting to think there’s a communication error here.)

With a small army of supporters at his disposal, Kane managed to get Pike all the way to Arkadia’s front gates, but the Chancellor’s loyal followers — including Bellamy, in whom I’m seriously starting to lose faith — cut him off at the pass. Despite Kane’s plea for mercy, Pike laid down the law: “For the crimes of treason, kidnapping and attempted murder,” the Chancellor declared, “I sentence you to death.”

Honestly, I don’t know which is worse: that Kane could be The 100‘s next big death… or that we have to wait until March 31 to find out. (Here’s hoping Bellamy’s end-of-episode turnaround will be enough to save the day.)

The 100 RecapOn a somewhat lighter note, this week’s episode fully restored my faith in Raven. While working with Jasper to retrieve the chip maker, she was reminded of happier times with Finn — as much as she could remember, anyway. She’s starting to realize that her pursuit of the City of Light is costing her memories, possibly even her humanity, and Alie was none too pleased to see her turn tail and run mid-mission.

Fellow earthlings, do you think Pike will follow through with Kane’s execution? Do you have any faith left in the once-heroic Bellamy? Drop a comment with your thoughts on this week’s episode below.

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  1. xomar says:

    I think you missed Bellamy returning to the light at the end of the episode. Seriously, watch the whole thing before writing an article.

    • Andy Swift says:

      It was a *glimmer* of a return to the light. Check your rudeness at the door next time.

      • Nicaela says:

        You could tell by the expression on his face and when and Monty lied, you can tell that Bellamy still has followers. I would imagine next episode Bellamy and the gang will break Kane out of prison. Bellamy is using Pike as a replacement for Clarke because he needs to believe in someone or something.

    • Victor says:

      It’s a fictional television show for our entertainment. I appreciate the articles insight. No need to be too serious.

  2. Cecilia says:

    Raven was the only interesting thing in an episode so predictable as this one

  3. Dmac says:

    New promo out and Bellamy is fully back, March 31 is too long to wait.

  4. Lysh says:

    Based on the last two seconds and the preview for next episode, I’m hoping Bellamy goes back to his senses and leads the 100 kids into taking back Arkadia from Pike. I was starting to lose faith that’ll he’d change and kinda hoped Kane would run him over.
    It was weird having an Arkadia episode and no Abby. But I liked the Raven and Jasper parts. Lincoln’s likely going to die, but they can’t lose a gem like Henry Ian Cusick.

    • I hope there are consequences though… I love Bellamy and I’ll be happy when he comes to his senses but I don’t think his behaviour should be forgiven so easily. It was really his fault that we are in this whole Pike mess so I think he should be banished or lose his friends or something.

      • John Ledez says:

        Pretty sure you can’t blame it all on Bellamy, takes more than one vote for a chancellor to be elected. Bellamy is just lost, everything he does is to protect his people and now that some of his people have been sentenced to death, well he can’t allow that. If there is one thing certain in this universe it is that Bellamy would never hurt one of his own and would do his best so no outsiders could hurt his own either.

  5. wrstlgirl says:

    Excellent episode. The Arkadia eps are so much better than the Clarke drama eps. Those bore me to death. I have faith that Bellemy will make this right.

    • Charissa29 says:

      Now, I disagree. Watching Bellamy be stupid, short-sighted, murderous and misguided frustrates the crap out of me. I totally missed Clarke this episode!!! Not to mention that Pike must be truly delusional to think that a few hundred Arkadians with inadequate weapons can fight an entire WORLD! Dumbass zenophobe!

      • wrstlgirl says:

        Oh he’s definitely delusional, no doubt about it :-)

      • Really can’t stand Pike he’s the kind of person that would nuke Iraq,Afghanistan,the whole Middle East out of existence, would get along famously would most Republicans, Trump should give him a call. LOL

        • tvjunkie says:

          As opposed to liberals like Obama and Hillary who want to invite the terrorists to dinner while they continue to blow stuff up and murder women and children because they aren’t pure believers.

    • I’m the exact opposite. I love the Clarke episodes and hate the Arkadia ones. Pike just makes me so frustrated Of course I love seeing Bellamy, Raven, and Kane, but until they get rid of Pike I feel like the Arkadia episodes will continue to annoy me.

      • wrstlgirl says:

        I get it. it’s going to be a blast to see Pike get his due.

      • Radha says:

        The thing is, Clarke should BE at Arkadia. I’m personally tired of the showrunner keeping her and Bellamy apart almost all season (starting since season 2) because he doesn’t want to encourage shippers. Because let’s face it: That’s the reason he’s doing it. If he doesn’t want to put them together, fine, he clearly can do that. But it’s highly annoying that Clarke is in a storyline completely away from the rest of her group and it makes no sense at all. All she keeps bleating about is “my people, my people.” yet she’s nowhere near them.

        So I get why the Arkadia eps bore you. They don’t bore me, but what I really want if for the showrunner to stop with the separating nonsense and put Clarke back where she belongs. With her people. I could have gotten behind her and Lexa a LOT more (if I could have forgiven the character for what she did at Mt. Weather) and if they didn’t have to keep her firmly by Lexa’s side and away from her mother and her friends. The showrunner just wants Clarke and Bellamy to be friends, fine. But I always say, if you have to completely separate two characters in order to prop up another pairing then you’re trying too hard. We could have had her in a relationship with Lexa AND be back at home with her people and Bellamy as her friend. It’s time to stop this nonsense and reunite my core cast.

        • Jacob says:

          Yea your right the Bellamy reall needs clark

        • natalia h says:

          I don’t think that’s why he’s doing it (I don’t really know why he’s doing it), but I agree with everything else you said. Especially the part about enjoying the whole Lexa/Clarke thing more, I understand why it happened but it dragged soooo much. It made me scream at the screen for Clarke to just get out of her little oasis and go back to where she belongs.

        • T.M. says:

          See, the Clarke stuff makes sense to me. She is serving as an ambassador to another culture to try to bridge the gaps. She has more of a reputation than the rest of her clan so by serving in Polis as a bridge she can do more good than harm in that dipolmatic role. I want her to be reunited with her people, but I also feel that this is giving Clarke an eye opening view into how the polis political society functions which will be useful later. That being said I agree it did dragged on and structurely made me angry at parts (RIP Lexa <3)

          However, the Arkadia episodes annoy the crap out of me. I actually like the City of Light stuff that is happening, ALLIE is creepy, I get why Bellamy has been an angry moppet but I still cannot figure out for the life of me how Pike got elected chancellor while most of his followers were in jail with him, and WHY they would have an election with a portion of their people locked up. That should have been a major part of an episode. Or at least see Pike interacting with Arkadians other than his farm people so it was an easier to swallow plot. That and I feel a majority of the delinquents would have been like STFU OLD MAN. YOU KNOW NOTHING. I feel like the characters in this particular arc (minus Octavia. Queen of everything) have been less themselves to serve the internal civil war that is inevitably going to boil over in the next few episodes. This episode people started to get their personalities back, but up until then it seemed less about the characters we've come to know and love than what the writers needed them to do.

  6. Ash says:

    Kind of annoying that the first legit scene we get with Miller and his boyfriend and it’s just so Pike’s crew can put a bug on Miller.

    • Luke says:

      The betrayal would have had more of an effect if we’d actually seen the relationship, but the Arkadia eps haven’t done this best with character moments (Polis has tho) or depth.
      Heres hoping they learn from this seasons mistakes…. Don’t put plot over characters.

  7. Mike says:

    So why are we waiting till the end of the month for a new episode. Is it because of basketball?

  8. Angela says:

    I think this whole episode was happening while Lexa was dying (RIP still getting over that) and Octavia was about to leave polis, that’s why they didn’t show them. But Clarke needs to find her way back and put some sense into Bellamy. He’s like a lost puppy, it took Kane to be sentenced to death for him to wake up?! (I screamed way too loud as well, I love Kane) This whole episode got me so frustrated and where the heck was Abby ? Pike just refuses to see that peace can and has already been made with the grounders. He literally came out of no where to destroy everything and then there’s Monty’s mom; I was happy for that reunion but now seriously just go dig a hole and sit in it. As for the whole city of light story, I’m glad Raven is back. I knew she would be way too strong to be sucked into that world. Now I don’t know why they’re not airing next week but this is torture..

  9. Was seriously hoping they would turn Pike over to the Grounders. But that would’ve been too easy, gotta make it more dramatic. Love this show. Kane is the man!

  10. Dan says:

    I have a hard time seing how they can redeem Bellamy unless he spends a decade slowly proving himself again… But since this is The 100 and TV in general I’m sure he is everyones best friend at the end of next episode… The least they can do now after they did “the default TV bait and kill the lesbian” is to kill both Pike and Bellamy… I need a new Sci-fi show to Watch, hell I’d take a reboot of Stargate over this.

  11. dee says:

    Lincoln dying would be terrible I’d totally stop watching the show his my favorite character and Bellemy should be b*tch slapped his lost it totally

    • Clara says:

      I have a bad feeling that Lincoln’s going to die. As for Bellamy I really don’t know how they’re going to do this redemption arc because at the end of the day he’s still accountable for his actions despite Kane trying to get him to see that the path he was on was a dangerous one. I’m very interested to see how they will handle this or perhaps it will be like Regina in Once Upon A Time who has committed so many crimes but it’s practically over looked because she’s now on the side of the heroes. Bellamy should face the consequences for his actions. I can take heart though because I’m sure Octavia is gone literally punch some sense into him.

  12. Duane says:

    Ok so we know from previous episodes / seasons that the writers are bad at science and logic. In this episode they showed that they are also bad at math. Raven said that Pike’s door had a 5 digit numeric password and also said that there were 100 million possibilities but there are only 10^5 = 100 thousand possibilities. I seriously doubt whether Raven or Jasper have any engineering/computer related expertise.

    • Vovulchik says:

      Password “Earth” consist of letters and digits. 26 small letters + 26 big letters + 10 digits = 62. It mean 62^5 =916132832 possibilities!!! If add symbols, the tolal count of possibilities will much bigger. Sorry for my English, best regards from Ukraine.

  13. GleekThe100 says:

    I am hoping Bellamy comes back, he was one of my favourites, until now.

  14. Used to really look forward to The 100 now this show is just meh to me, the addition of hell hath no fury like Pike has not been a boon to the show. It feels disjointed all the formerly major players seem to be existing in different galaxies. For instance where was Clarke’s mother during this entire episode and the whole city of light thing is as hard to grab a hold of as the thing itself. Weren’t those characters there during the whole Kane will be executed? The lack of interaction between the major players has totally hampered the fluidity of the storytelling, I hope they get it back. I’ll keep watching in a sort of uninterested fashion, same attitude I’ve adopted with Arrow for a couple of years now.

  15. feelinspirit says:

    Black Lives Matter…why did Lincoln death have to be depicted in such dramatic form…shot point blank and left to die.
    Art imitates life…black men killing eachother. Shame on The 100! No more 100 for me. Going back to watching Scandals were everyone has the same opportunity for death.

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