Supergirl/The Flash Crossover: Get the Details, Check Out 'Comic Book' Poster

The Flash isn’t making a trip across networks — and universes — for just one villain.

Supergirl will pit Grant Gustin‘s speedster against two of Kara’s formidable foes when the CW star visits the CBS drama — solo, sadly — on Monday, March 28.

After suddenly arriving in National City from an alternate universe, The Flash teams up with the caped heroine to battle Silver Banshee (aka Assistant No. 1 Siobhan, played by Chasing Life‘s Italia Ricci) and returning baddie Livewire (True Blood’s Brit Morgan).

Kara, though, isn’t the only one in need of assistance. It seems the CW hero has lost his way home. (It’s just a couple clicks away on the channel dial, Barry.)

Read the official episode description below, then scroll down to check out a comic book-style poster for the crossover event.

“Worlds Finest” – Kara gains a new ally when the lightning-fast superhero The Flash (Grant Gustin) suddenly appears from an alternate universe and helps Kara battle Siobhan, aka Silver Banshee, and Livewire, in exchange for her help in finding a way to return him home.

Click on the image to (ahem) Zoom.

Supergirl The Flash Crossover

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  1. ndixit says:

    I can’t wait for this. This should be a blast.

  2. Sarah96 says:

    This will give me a reason to watch Supergirl..lets hope it’s a good episode.

  3. Blatant rip off of the cover to Superman #199. They even kept the numbering on the upper right hand corner.

    • mookie311 says:

      i invite you to google the word “homage” and then take a cold shower before you overheat.

      • “Homage”, nice try. This show “homages” Superman a LOT.

        • thisismenow says:

          Supergirl always had a direct link to the original Superman since she was introduced in 1959. All of your complaints, and meltdowns are literally 57 years too late. There was also a time she was known as Power Girl. From her inception, Kara Zor-El has played out as a homage in the comics to the original franchise and the show does the same. CBS doesn’t need to spell out that there is a link, a homage, or anything because that direct correlation is made by anyone with a brain. I get you are a massive Superman fan, that’s great. But your complaints are better directed at DC Comics then to complain about everything the show does on an internet forum.

          • This is not rocket science. I’ll try once again, whether you understand it or not is up to you.

          • Characters being related does NOT mean they are rip offs of each other. Obsidian is not a rip off of Jade. She’s not a lesbian because he’s gay, and he’s not straight because she’s straight. She-Hulk is not a rip off of Hulk. She’s not a mindless monster because he is, and he’s not a lawyer because she is.

            Before Sterling Gates turned Kara into a rip off of Clark Kent, she was still her OWN unique character. On this show, she’s not that anymore. On this show she’s a rip off of Clark to the point that they might as well have just genderbent him.

            And no, Supergirl was never “known as” Power Girl. Power Girl is an entirely different character, albeit the Kara Zor-L of Earth 2. She is neither like Clark NOR like Kara Zor-El/Linda Danvers.

            You really need to read more on comics and stop judging them based on this turd.

          • All this cover shows is that the show can’t even homage a Supergirl comic.

          • Gail says:

            At least Power Girl got better treatment from her Superman than Linda Danvers got from the main Superman. Linda was sent to an orphanage because Superman couldn’t risk having her live with him as Clark Kent and risking his secret identity. Power Girl lived with Superman and Lois Lane as their daughter.

          • By your logic, Mycroft Holmes should be a duplicate of Sherlock solely because they are related.

          • tvjunkie says:

            Yep Michael is right, Kara is an ace reporter just like Clark Kent. Oh wait. Michael…big fail.

      • Key part of an homage is to ACKNOWLEDGE IT, not HIDE it. Has CBS acknowledged the homage, or left it to people to figure it out for themselves?

      • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

        +175 TVLine Power User points (no cash value)

      • Gail says:

        I agree it is an homage. Notice the price of the comic is 15 cents. The Flash did the same type of homage earlier this season with The Flash of Two Worlds. For “The Flash of Two Worlds” the cover was thought of first and then they came up with a story to fit the cover. Thus was Earth 2 and the multiverse born.

        • At that time, Flash was homaging a FLASH comic…

          • JDH says:

            DUDE. Go. Away.

          • Afraid of having logic and facts used against you?

          • JDH says:

            You’re trying to diminish Supergirl because she’s a part of the legacy of a Superhero you deem better. I see you on EVERY ONE of these posts on TVLine about Supergirl just hating everything… It’s just sad. You aren’t using facts, you’re just using any excuse to dinish the character, & the series. You don’t like it. We get it. Stop clicking on stuff and telling EVERYONE how terrible it is that Superman’s cousin has a show, & that it has the audacity to make reference to Superman himself…

          • What I’ve said goes over your head. It has ZERO to do with which character is better, and everything to do with THIS iteration of Supergirl being a RIP OFF of Superman rather than an ACTUAL adaptation of the comic this show is based on. But, again, that goes over your head. The PRODUCERS of this show already determined that Superman was better, otherwise they’d use the ACTUAL Supergirl comics as their source material. But, again, that goes over your head.

          • This discussion began after others took personal offense to me stating a FACT; this image is a rip off of a cover of a Superman comic. There is not enough bitching in the universe fans of this turd can do to invalidate that.

            If it was the “homage” they claim it is, then CBS would have identified it as so. You can go to sites like Variety and see a side by side comparison of the original cover to Flash of Two Worlds compared against the promotional image of the show. THAT homage was not hidden, it was blatantly clear. THIS one, on the other hand, WAS concealed, with no acknowledgement to it.

          • On THIS very site, you can visit the story titled “Flash Photo: Teddy Sears’ Jay Garrick Makes His Heroic Entrance” and see that SAME comparison between the comic book cover and promo image, and even an acknowledgement in the story that it is an homage. Here you see no such thing.

          • It was the producers of this turd that diminished the character of Supergirl when they decided that instead of using the ACTUAL Supergirl comics as inspiration they would use the SUPERMAN comics instead. It was them who determined that Supergirl as she appeared in her own comics was NOT good enough to carry her own show, that instead it would be more successful if they turned her into a female Clark Kent and stole plots, villains, and even covers to rip off from the Superman comics. If you knew ANYTHING about the character of Supergirl you’d be able to discern with exceptional ease how little this show resembles her comics, but clearly you don’t. The two characters being related is NO excuse for Supergirl to be a rip off of Superman, anymore than it would be if other characters that are related ripped each other off. That’s just an ignorant argument made by supporters of this turd.

          • JDH says:

            You just wrote 4 individual comments saying that your (many additional & arguably unnecessary) comments have gone over my head. Whether CBS make a point of showing side by side or not is irrelevant. It’s a comic book series. Justice League’s Forever Evil story arc had a cover that was an evil counterpart version of the same image used for #1. It was drawn by a different artist. Starring different characters. I didn’t ask you to identify which version was better. I was bringing up the fact that you’re saying the series isn’t true to the comics, but there isn’t ONE exclusive portrayal of Supergirl that is definitive.

            The role has been filled by MANY different characters, the character has been written differently by MANY different writers, the Universe she hails from has been altered, rebooted & adjusted on MULTIPLE occasions.

            Your argument is invalid. And when I inevitably stop responding to your asinine & ignorant comments, know that it isn’t because “you’ve won”, but because you are not worth my (or any other commenters) time. Michael, Matt, the team at TVLine, CBS, The show, the stars, the producers, the writers, or US, don’t deserve to have to be subjected to the opinion of somebody who clearly doesn’t even like the show.

            If I was the team at TVLine I would block your IP Address.

          • And you’ve clearly demonstrated once again how what I’ve been saying goes over your head. None of those revisions you allude to excuse turning Supergirl into a carbon copy of Superman and stealing from that comic when adapting this other character to TV. Once again, and pay attention, their being related is NOT an excuse for making them the same.

            This promo only serves to further demonstrate how little this show has to do with the source material it alledges to be based on as the network didn’t even bother to acknowledge what those here claim is an homage, preferring to fool people.

          • JDH says:

            She isn’t written as a carbon copy.
            – Superman doesn’t have a team or a official establishment (like the DEO or Star Labs for example).
            – She wears glasses because she wants to be inconspicuous, so nobody expects her to be an alien & because she’s following her cousins example. Her goofy bumbling personality is more specifically something she just is.
            – Superman doesn’t have a direct family connection to any of his rogues (like Astra & Non being her aunt & uncle), or owe his very life on Earth to an enemy helping get him there (like Indigo)
            – Superman & Jimmy Olsen aren’t in love with each other.
            – Supergirl actually has MEMORIES of Krypton. Superman has information & ideas.
            – Supergirl grew up with an adopted sister. Superman didn’t.

            Any other similarities they have aren’t ripping off from Clark as much as they are acknowledging the legacy she’s a part of. When she’s wearing the S she’s not representing herself she’s representing the house of El, & what that symbol represents to the people of Earth. You wouldn’t be criticizing Nightwing, Robin or Batgirl for having similarities to Batman, or Kid Flash, Jessie Quick or Impulse for having similarities to The Flash.

            If I went through all of TVLine’s articles about Supergirl, would there be a comment by you on all of them? Would any of them be positive? Do you watch the show because you enjoy it, or because you want to find things wrong with it? Do you even watch it? Or do you just read everything about it to complain, so somebody else will have to be subjected to your opinion? Don’t bother answering. I know you couldn’t get past my points & are already preparing your argument for why I’m wrong. Regardless of your response, I won’t be responding. And if I ever do an excessively aggressive series of comments, I hope you can see it for what I aim for it to be. A homage, to you. Because God knows I won’t be acknowledging you ever again.

          • Supergirl having glasses is because Clark has glasses. In the comics, Kara didn’t wear glasses. If you need these things explained to you, you don’t get it. The excuses the show uses don’t invalidate the fact that the show is not based on the Supergirl comics, but that it’s stolen from the Superman.

          • The mistake your make is confusing plot with concept. “Jimmy and Kara being in love” is PLOT, NOT concept. “Kara being a dimwitted moron in glasses” is CONCEPT stole from the Superman comics NOT present in the Supergirl comics.

          • BTW, Superman has had familial relations to Phantom Zone criminals before, such as Kru-El (get it, cruel!, sigh). He was Superman’s second cousin.

          • tvjunkie says:

            Nobody cares about what you’re saying because nobody is even remotely as anal as you. The only thing anyone cares about is your incessant, non-stop trolling about Supergirl. It’s amazing how much time you spend talking about a show you hate more than Obama hates going to a Republican funeral. You really need to seek professional help. A normal, mentally healthy person would just ignore the show and move on to something else.

          • Once again, troll, if my pointing out that this turd stole from another comic offends you, DON’T respond. NO ONE is forcing you to read it OR respond to it.

          • John says:

            OMG…could you be any more anal? I think it’s time to move out of your moms basement

          • If facts offend you, read past them. Flash used an ACTUAL Flash comic. THIS turd stole ANOTHER character’s comic, and they KNEW it stole it because they didn’t even ADMIT it.

          • JDH says:

            I said I wasn’t going to respond, but you just proved my point.

            Me: “She wears glasses because she wants to be inconspicuous, so nobody expects her to be an alien & because she’s following her cousins example.”

            You: “Supergirl having glasses is because Clark has glasses. In the comics, Kara didn’t wear glasses.”

            Supergirl (Volume 5) #10, & #38 onwards disagree with you…. And those happened less than 10 years ago…

            I think you can go now. Lord knows I am.

          • As stated before, THOSE comics by Gates began ripping off Superman. That was when the writers and editors GAVE UP trying to make this turd work in a modern context and instead relied on STEALING from Superman to make it work. OTHERS before Gates tried to make Supergirl/Kara work and FAILED, again, and again, and again, and again, resulting in her having MULTIPLE origins in the pan of LESS than five years, all of which Gates had to DISMISS as a delusion caused by Kryptonite poisoning, before he settled on just rehashing the origin from the Silver Age and turning her into a copy of Clark.

            We’re discussing the character’s OVERALL history, not what happened for a handful of few issues.

          • tvjunkie says:

            I just realized your post are so stupid because you’re arguing without having a clue what you’re talking about. Granted, until now you didn’t know that, but still to keep arguing now that you have no leg to stand on is stupid. It’s now established Supergirl takes place on a different Earth. It’s probably an Earth that has never been written about in any of the comics, which means anything is fair game and everything you know about the comics means ZERO, NADA, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING because it doesn’t pertain to Supergirl’s Earth. You should feel quite foolish right about now.

          • You’re an idiot making excuses for bad writing.

    • Mike says:

      Now you’re just being ridiculous. It’s very obviously not a ripoff, it’s an HOMAGE, a cute little reference. You should try to get over this irrational attitude.

      • It’s a rip off. If they don’t tell you it’s an homage, those that DON’T know what it’s homaging can’t recognize it as one. When artists don’t acknowledge they work they homage, that’s plagiarism.

        • Mike says:

          You’re being childish. That’s not how homages work. When you see a movie or a tv show that has things happening under water and they play the Jaws music, does the movie STOP and have a little guy pop up on screen to say “Just so you guys know, this music is an homage to the movie Jaws.” ????

          Your completely irrational dislike of this show has made you start flinging accusations utterly meaninglessly. Get over it.

          • Apples and oranges. The Jaws theme is instantly recognizable. What about this cover lets anyone who isn’t aware of the original comic book KNOW it is an homage? NOTHING. Putting 199 on it means NOTHING to anyone who has no CONTEXT of its meaning. Stop making excuses for this turd and try to think rationally.

            Before I brought it up, did you have ANY idea it wasn homage, or are you just bringing it up as a lame defense?

            At least when Flash did it they were homaging an ACTUAL Flash comic.

          • Mike says:

            I knew exactly what the image was referencing before I even looked at the comments, thank you very much. This superior attitude of yours is not convincing anyone, because you are the one who is not thinking rationally.

            That’s just one example. Homages do not work the way you’re claiming they do. You’re just rambling incoherently at this point.

          • tvjunkie says:

            “The Jaws theme is instantly recognizable.” Nope. I suppose if you’ve seen Jaws. But I’m pretty sure a lot more people are familiar with Supermanverse than Jaws. Nice try Michael, thanks for failing.

        • Mike says:

          Oh, and for the record, Supergirl is better than Superman in just about every single way.

          • If that were true, then this show would be based on the ACTUAL Supergirl comics rather than have reinvented the character to turn her into a Superman clone. Think before you post. If you knew ANYTHING about the Supergirl comics, you’d know that THIS show has ZERO in common with them.

          • JDH says:

            I own several Supergirl comics, & have been a fan of the character for years. Would you prefer the Matrix Version of Supergirl? How about the Cir-El version? Linda Danvers? What about Power Girl? In Sterling Gates run she adopts a secret identity with glasses. She develops a relationship (more conflict driven, but there’s room for that to develop) with Cat Grant. The original Kara Zor-El has gone out with Jimmy Olsen, as well as having been adopted by the Danvers family. In the last 15 years, Supergirl has had NOTABLE conflict with Kryptonions (like Non & even her mother), Livewire (highlighted in her guest appearance on Batman the amimated series), Reactron, Silver Banshee, Toyman & Bizarrogirl (all prominent enemies in Sterling Gates run)

        • SKY says:

          Your worse than a politician at a political debate. You troll and rant on this series and yet you enjoy Fuller House.

    • tvjunkie says:

      What’s sad is you continually fail to realize nobody cares about your feelings toward Supergirl beyond being ticked off by you being a super annoying troll about it.

      • Then don’t respond to it, genius. No one held a gun to anyone’s head and forced to respond to what I said, which was pointing out a fact about this turd, that it, once again, stole from another comic because if it actually used its own inferior source material no one would watch this crap — though I didn’t say it like that.

        • tvjunkie says:

          Except for the fact I’m trying to read other peoples comments and your troll spam is all over the place, making that difficult.

          • The only trolls here are the ones defending this turd who are unable to use their brains in any sort of rational argument.

          • tvjunkie says:

            Nope the only troll here is named Michael Sacal. You flood every Supergirl story with venom. That is the very definition of a troll.

        • Mike says:

          Get over yourself, Michael. No one cares about your ridiculously childish tantrums.

          • I respond in kind to aggressive posts, which is all everyone else has done from the start. What I initially said, which regardless of all the bitching you make, remains factual and undisputed, did not require the respond it received from the fanboys.

          • Your denial about the facts concerning this turd don’t invalidate the facts about it.

          • Really? says:

            Your childish comments and pouting is only showing how infantile you are. Calling a show “this turd” reflects on your obsession with a show you can’t live without. Rational adults do not make over 29 comments regarding a television show they claim to hate and despise without some SERIOUS issues–get it through your head, no one gives a rat’s @ss what you are posting because all of your comments are incessant babbling. Seek professional help–you really need it.

    • John NYC says:


      This show entertains on its own merits. Cross media gobbelygook need not apply.

      For any that object to its existence I suggest a change of channel. Or media.

      • “This show entertains on its own merits”. No, it does not. It “entertains” on the merits of the material it steals from the Superman comic. If it had to use the material from the actual comic it’s based on, NO ONE would be entertained. You’d know that if you were familiar with it.

        • John NYC says:

          “entertaining” is judged on the actual production of something I actually watch rather than something I’ve no interest in.

          I don’t do the dress up thing either. Shrug.

          I did once find some comic books entertaining in their own right. That was quite a few years ago. I’ve long since transitioned to actual books.

          Speaking of derivative your rip off of one of the characters in ZORK! ? Not entertaining.

          But that’s probably just me. Or. Not.

          • Zork? Not familiar with it. Wikipedia says it’s an old video game, is that it? I’ve never played it.

            Comic books, especially those published by DC, have gone down the toilet since Didio took over, which is why they’ve had to continually reboot every few years as opposed to every few decades, so I don’t blame you for dropping them. You might enjoy something like VALIANT more.

            If this show was based on the actual Supergirl comics, no one would watch it. The producers HAVE to steal from the Superman comics in order to make something that can be marketable. That does not excuse it.

          • John NYC says:

            It predates video games: ZORK was a natural language parser experiment of the MIT artificial intelligence labs in the form of a “dungeons and dragons” style challenge game. Pure text.

            And, yes, there was a bridge with a troll.

          • Never heard of it. I gotta say that your recognition of it gives away your age, which in turn illuminates your attachment to this turd, which was clearly designed to pander to nostalgia for the Donner movie.

          • John NYC says:


            One of Santas reindeer?

            How odd

            No matter, disgust as a source of pleasurable entertainment such as you derive from this show is nothing to be so defensive of. Some people derive pleasure from being frightened, you feel pleasure in disgust. Room for all the deviations eh?

            ZORK was loaded on one of the first minicomputers I worked with. That parser was impressive.

          • Donner as the director of the Superman movie and producer of X-Men movies. He did direct Santa Claus: The Movie…

          • John NYC says:

            So a ripoff of the classic Santa* reindeer?

            How disappointing.

            * Though we must admit a far more pleasant homage than a certain “party” eh?

          • That was good, heh.

    • tvjunkie says:

      Michael, your inability to realize that none of your supposed facts apply to Supergirls Earth, now that we know it’s a different Earth and very likely one never written about in the comics, just makes you look even more of a fool than you already are.

      • That has zero relevance to the argument being made. What YOU fail to realize is that NO one on this entire planet gives one single damn about how multiverses apply to movies and TV. If they did, people who hated Man of Steel would not have spent the last three years bitching and whining that it was “not like the comics”, or at least how they THINK it should be based on the ones THEY read. THIS show is NOT like the comics it’s based on, but because it PANDERS to their outdated nostalgia for an almost-40-year-old movie, they are OKAY with it. They are HYPOCRITES.

      • Not even Donner nor his company make comic book movies the way he made them 40 years ago. You do know he and his wife make the X-Men movies, which includes Deadpool, right? That way of adapting these characters to other media is no longer relevant.

  4. Phil says:

    I get that this is a ripoff/homage (not going THERE!), but wouldn’t it make more sense for Supergirl to be flying while Barry is on his feet? Since, y’know, she CAN. Is running real fast one of her powers?
    Whatever, this will be the first episode I watch after Emma Caulfield’s appearance. Really hope the finale kills all the male characters and this could just be the Kara/Calista/Chyler show in season two.

  5. Kate says:

    I’m assuming its because Barry is still trying to save the Man in the Iron Mask (I wonder how much of that they would include on Supergirl or just a throwaway line of he basically got lost)

  6. Gail says:

    Will this visit will be acknowledged on “The Flash”. Will Barry remember he traveled to a 3rd Earth? Will anyone on Barry’s Earth notice he was gone? I am guessing if it is not acknowledged Barry will return home at the exact time he left with no memory of Supergirl’s Earth. The reason Barry is traveling is to get back to Earth 2. I would guess on the next new episode of The Flash the tag scene will be Barry arriving on Supergirl’s Earth and maybe seeing her flying in the distance wondering where he is.

  7. Drew says:

    I am going to have to agree that this is getting ridiculous. It isn’t an homage if you do it every week, with every story. This is a rather iconic Superman/Flash image. At this point, it is just a ripoff. They really need to work on making this show and it’s main character a story of its own. Otherwise, all it will ever be is “Not Superman”.

    • DavidJ says:

      Please, it’s only a “ripoff” to those who already have a beef with the show in general for some reason. To the rest of us it’s just a perfectly fun and harmless homage.

      And as a major Superman fan who’s seen and loved all the previous films and series, I’d say Supergirl has done a pretty good job establishing it’s own unique style and tone by this point.

      • Drew says:

        I don’t set out to hate shows. I am capable of changing my mind about shows, whether I start off liking them or not. What we have with Supergirl is a series in which Kara basically lives Clark Kent’s live, fights Clark Kent’s villains, and does little to establish herself as a unique character or benefit from the drama that the character brings to the table, which Clark could not (having grown up on Earth).
        Don’t try to tell me why I feel what I feel or think what I think If you have a counter argument to make, please do. Explain to me why the show can continuously go back to the Superman well for their stories, and yet every episode is an “homage” instead of a “ripoff”. Tell me how Astra and her team weren’t a rehash of Zod. Tell me how Maxwell Lord isn’t rehash of Lex Luthor. Tell me how Livewire or Bizarro are unique Supergirl concepts. Tell me how “For The Girl Who Has Everything” is an homage (and not a ripoff) of “For The Man Who Has Everything”. Time and time again. Episode after episode. Story after story. Character after character. how many homages does it take to qualify as a ripoff in your book?

        • Really? says:

          Wow, have you met Michael Sacal above? You two should do lunch, you both sound like identical twins anyway. Here’s a little tip for the both of you–watch something else instead of pissing and moaning ad nauseum, every time Supergirl is mentioned–your constant bitching is now just tedious and pathetic. (Better yet, call 1-800-GETALIFE).

          • Drew says:

            Actually, I haven’t commented on Supergirl in quite a while. I know there is another user on here with the same name as me, so maybe he has been ranting a lot lately, but I haven’t commented on Supergirl for some time now.
            What gives you a right to comment and not me? Do you have to be a cheeleader in order to be an approved commenter here?

          • Really? says:

            Maybe the above 29 comments from someone who hates and despises a show–BUT still watches it, has soured me on other comments–no, you don’t have to be a cheerleader or even like a show to comment on it–however, if one despises a show so much, and continues to dislike it–why on earth would you watch it? If I don’t like something, I certainly do not torture myself by continuing to watch it–I turn the channel until I find something I like. I may not be the master of my destiny–but, I sure am the master of my TV remote…

          • Drew says:

            Have you ever known a comic book fan before? There is always a lot of discussion about how one writer handles a character better or worse than another.
            Scifi/Fantasy fans in general have always been into discussing/debating the shows they watch. Not everyone who is a fan of a show is a fan of how the she is written… Ask any Sliders fan and they will tell you that most of the show is crap.
            To you, Supergirl is just a show that you turn on when you’re bored. But that isn’t how other people watch TV. You stepped into a genre where fans are going to have strong opinions and they’re going to be vocal about those opinions. That is part of the fun for a lot of fans of this genre.
            Look at it as a book club. Everyone reads the book. Not everyone is going to like the book. But a lot of the fun doesn’t come from the book itself, but the discussion that follows. You might disagree, and that’s fine. But don’t jump down someone else’s throat because they don’t have the same mentality as you. If I or Michael Sacal didn’t have an interest in the character, we would have given up on her a long time before this series was even thought of.

          • Really? says:

            Sorry, one can have strong opinions without becoming a crazed fanatic talking nonsense. I have three brothers who are died in the wool comic book fans–they looked over some of the comments on this page and had quite a few remarks of their own–boiled down to a “bitches be crazy”, sentence. Being obnoxious about a character, a book or a comic book–only reflects badly on the person commenting. If being a condescending know it all is in your wheelhouse, have at it–just don’t expect people to relate–at all. You don’t know me–you have no idea why (or what) I watch–saying I watch a show because I’m bored–and that’s not how others watch TV–well, what else do you know–lottery numbers? You make presumptions about things you know nothing about–superior much?

          • Drew says:

            Okay, are you responding to me or to Michael Sacal? Because we’re not the same person and I haven’t even read all of his comments. All I said was that when you’re dealing with comic book characters, you will have to deal with people who are going to be picky. You’re going to have to deal with people who aren’t going to accentuate the positives and leave it there. If you aren’t prepared to deal with those people, you should avoid comment sections related to those shows. And Star Trek. And Star Wars. And Battlestar Galatica.
            Pop culture is just discovering “geek” culture. You can’t expect geek culture to suddenly become something other than what it is because it doesn’t fit in with the “OMG that’s totes amaze-balls” mindset of the people who are just coming into it.
            I don’t care what your brothers say. I don’t care what you say. Everyone is free to have their own opinions and to discuss them however they want. You came to me here. You replied to me. You engaged in this discussion. My comments were in response to what you said to me.
            You started by telling me to watch something else.
            You said that my “constant bitching is now just tedious and pathetic”
            You said to “call 1-800-GETALIFE” (because apparently we’re slinging insults from the 90’s)
            You called me a crazed fanatic.
            You called me obnoxious.
            You called me a condescending know-it-all
            For as much as you’re whining about me having an opinion about this series, at least I’m keeping it to discussing the series. I’m not the one attacking you personally because you don’t share my opinions. I am the one who is saying that everyone is entitled to their opinion. I don’t care who watches the show. I don’t care why they watch. If they have a comment to make about the show, more power to them. If I disagree, I may choose to discuss it with them. This is called conversation. I know it may be hard to understand in this culture of 140 character or less philosophy, but this is what comic book/scifi/fantasy fan have been doing since long before it was cool to go to a comic book movie.
            The only thing I will say about you personally is that you need to grow up. Lashing out at anyone who has a different opinion is childish. You haven’t made one counter-argument about the show itself. Instead, you choose to attack those who do wish to discuss the show. Think long and hard about that that says about you.

          • Really? says:

            Strange–for someone so intuitive into the geek culture, so knowledgeable about things related to comics etc., getting criticized, sets you off on a lengthy dissertation of meaningless babbling. Touchy little thing aren’t you? You don’t care about my brothers–yet you asked me, “Have you ever known a comic book fan before?” You asked, I answered. You make generalizations about what I watch, how I watch etc. Then when I reply you start your thesis. Sorry pal, you may not like what I’m saying, but, my opinion is just as valid as yours. As far as “growing up”, well, take your own advice. The only whining I see is your lengthy “lashing” synopsis, of why (in your mind) you are right. Good luck with that, you’ll need it when you become an adult….

  8. Phun says:

    OMG! The cover looks awesome. What a nice homage to the comicbook. We get BvS on March 25 and then the Supergirl/Flash crossover on March 28. What a great time to be alive to see all of this come alive on the big and small screen, respectively.

    • grys03 says:

      Agreed. That is one sweet cover! My hope is that they do race – I don’t need to see the result, just the start & the 2 racing into the distance…

  9. Roger says:

    It’s going to be interesting to see what Earth Supergirl is in. Earth-3 is the Crime Syndicate. I like how Greg Berlanti is writing this episode and the synopsis says that Flash lost his way home. I can definitely see this episode ending with Supergirl being merged into the rest of the Berlantiverse. Green Arrow, The Flash, Vixen, Constantine, Legends of Tomorrow. And them not realizing it until either the end of the episode or season. This along with the renewal gives us a 4 way crossover with Supergirl, The Flash, Green Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow next season.

    Finally, of COURSE it’s an homage. Pretty much every publication and DC Comics themselves have Barney styled this, put this cover up besides the original comic cover.

  10. JC1 says:

    Well at least this settles the argument about whether Supergirl and Flash are in the same universe.

  11. Love the poster, homaging the classic look of a comic book!! Love the Zoom reference there by the way 😉

    • I’m also curious as to how and why Barry crosses over/gets lost. My guess is, there are more breaches out there that were NOT closed, Zoom comes back to lure Barry on a chase, & ends up in National City by accident, or perhaps Zoom knows of National City and lures Barry there on purpose, IDK, I’m just spitballing now!!

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      ‘Twas a Zoom homage.

      • Night says:

        Please is there any way to get that Michael Sacal banned from here he is such an irritating p***k.

        • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

          Mr. Sacal has previously been asked to talk about what the “Supergirl” television series is versus copy-n-pasting tedious tirades about what it ostensibly “could”/”should” be, to discuss how it measures up against the goals set forth by itself versus the random goals dreamed up by some random individual.

          Mr. Sacal I believe is on record as saying/alleging that he does not watch the “Supergirl” television series, so perhaps he encounters difficulty in following the aforementioned guidelines.

          • JDH says:

            I appreciate that you guys have asked him to do that. Regrettably he doesn’t seem to be taking the VERY CLEAR instructions to heart. You clearly have more patience than us.

  12. Joey Padron says:

    Cool poster. Good scoop about the crossover episode. Can’t wait to see the episode in a few weeks!

  13. John says:

    The only thing that will kill this show is the moment Kara kisses Jimmy Olsen

  14. Jared says:

    Although I don’t like Super girl nearly as much as the other DC series over on The CW, I honestly can’t wait to watch this crossover!

  15. Amy says:

    It’s always nice when different shows can cooperate in the spirit of crossovers. Almost like a homage to the multiworld nature of comics.

  16. sladewilson says:

    Can’t wait for this. Only hope a three way crossover with Arrow can happen down the road…

  17. Ms Thang says:

    This is so exciting. Now if only CBS will confirm the show’s second season renewal to sweeten this news!

  18. Christopher says:

    I want a scene with Jeremy and Grant together. Those faces could melt hearts, they are so precious.

  19. John NYC says:

    Fun bit of artwork.

  20. brndnmc says:

    @ all of you fighting with in three paragraph essays about supergirl: don’t ya’ll have jobs? or lives? go outside

  21. Mike says:

    … wait a sec… are they taking yet another Superman story again…

    C’mon guys….

  22. yenu35 says:

    Wow this seems really great. Livewire was my 2nd favorite out of all the eps aired so far so cant wait to see Kara join Flash to take down Livewire. It is surprising to me that Shiobhan is an alien with powers!

  23. eradicator178 says:

    Good grief people it’s just a TV show. Watch it if you want to. Don’t if you don’t. It is not going to alter your life one way or another!!