NCIS-Themed Price Is Right Showcase? Come On Down for a First Look!

Gibbs’ Rule No. 20: “Always look under.” And Rule No. 21? “Never bid over.”

At least we imagine such a rule was created when NCIS stars Pauley Perrette and Brian Dietzen visited CBS’ The Price Is Right, as seen in these exclusive (and exclusively captioned!) photos.

Perrette and Dietzen appear on this Friday’s TPIR to celebrate the 300th episode of TV’s most watched drama (airing Tuesday at 8/7c), in part by showing off a special NCIS-themed price showcase. In the photos below, the actors reflect on some highlights:

NCIS Price Is Right

PAULEY: “Me and two of my all-time favorite dudes! I played Drew’s girlfriend on The Drew Carey Show, too!”

BRIAN: “Drew Carey is one all-around great guy. And a Marine! We need to have him come do our show now that we’ve done his!”

NCIS Price Is Right

PAULEY: “Danger! Giving Me, Brian Dietzen and Drew Carey microphones at the same time!”

NCIS Price Is Right

PAULEY: “Brian and I let the audience ask us anything they wanted!”

BRIAN: “I hope we’re invited back, and we can do our very best game-showy announcer voices again. Good times.”

NCIS Price Is Right

PAULEY: “Wait, Is Brian Dietzen even in this photo? Hot girl alert!”

BRIAN: “I had a great time presenting one of the showcases from the showdown, and guessed the correct price right down to the penny!….. in my head. I swear.”

NCIS was recently renewed for Season 14 and 15. Will you be tuning in for TPIR‘s special showcase?

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  1. Mr. Tran K says:

    NCIS should retire after 15 seasons. The Price is Right should retire as well because I really don’t know how long the iconic game show is going to last and in my opinion Bob Barker is a way better host than Drew Carey. #LeaveBobBarkerAlone

    • Allie50 says:

      You seem to have a sad obsession with Drew Carey & The Price is Right. Personally I have only watched it a couple times, but I find him a delightful host, much better than Bob Barker, and the ratings bear me out. And why in the world should NCIS be cancelled next year? Because you don’t watch it? It is the #1 scripted drama and I don’t see those ratings disappearing anytime soon. They didn’t fade when Ziva left and they won’t face with Weatherly leaving, it is an ensemble program. There are plenty of programs I don’t watch, but i certainly don’t wish them to be cancelled. People have different tastes and because you don’t like something, don’t put your opinions on other people.

      • Mr. Tran K says:

        The only reason Drew Carey got no love when he took over the show back in 2007 was the Daytime Emmy nominations and they didn’t believe in him whether or not Drew is better than Bob. Barker has won more than a dozen Emmys and Carey has zero so if you’re going to whine and complain all you want depending on when The Price is Right will get cancelled, I don’t care. BTW, go complain to your mama :-(

  2. Mr. Tran K says:

    Really wish Drew Carey should stop saying the two most annoying words for the contestants GOOD LUCK :-(

    • Mr. Tran K says:

      BTW, don’t know why Rachel Reynolds the model who looks like Jessica Simpson never stop smiling when she’s on camera. They could cost her thousands of dollars.

  3. maregolden says:

    No, Mr. Tran K, only you. Is someone tying you to a chair and forcing you to watching it every day? Like Allie50 said, you are obsessed with this show and Drew Carey for some reason. You need to learn how to operate your remote.

    • Mr. Tran K says:

      That’s where you’re wrong and you should know better than that even if people aren’t mind readers. Some think Drew Carey is turning TPIR into a freak show while others think they should get rid of him because he doesn’t want to be like Bob Barker and Mike Richards who’s the EP is the one to blame even if pricing games like Lucky Seven, That’s Too Much and a dozen others makes them harder and harder for the contestants depending if they don’t watch the show on a daily basis or maybe they don’t do research on the games nor the prices. People should really give up watching Price is Right and put it on the “hate watch list”.

    • PriceIsRightCancelled says:

      The Price is Right is either a freak show or a conspiracy.

  4. 51Cards says:

    You know what NCIS should do for its 28th season? Let poor Abby change her style.

  5. Mr. Tran K says:

    WARNING: you people should stop whining and complaining about what I’ve said because I always hate COMPLAINERS. Stop bullying me and don’t talk back to me because you better show RESPECT or else…

  6. Steve F. says:

    As long as The Price is Right continues to put smiles on faces (well, except for Mr. Tran K and his weird obsession with the show and/or Drew Carey), I’ll continue to watch! Plus, we turn it on at work for our patients, and they love it – especially when the contestants play Plinko!

    • Allie50 says:

      What Mr. Tran K/Price is Right Cancelled fails to understand is that every TV comes with a remote for a reason. If you don’t like something, turn off the TV or watch something more to your liking. Don’t make stupid comments about wanting a program cancelled just because you don’t like it. If they cancelled all the shows I don’t like, TV would be a wasteland :). All he does is whine about certain shows and how they should be cancelled. i have a strong feeling that The price is Right will be on TV long after he is alive!

      • maregolden says:

        I suspect that Mr. Tran K/Price is Right cancelled are the same person. The structure of the sentences is identical. And I can’t believe he threatened us!!! Shaking in my boots right now!!!!!

      • BrightLight says:

        I’m intrigued at the fact that we all know that Mr. Tran K and PriceisRightCancelled is the same person using the same IP address and he has yet to be called out for it by MGMT like anyone else who does it has been lately. I won’t even mention the fact that he’s talking to himself on here. Oops I just did.
        I’ve watched TPIR for over 30 years and there is nothing wrong with Drew Carey, the models, George Gray or anything else about the show. Nobody is going to be Bob Barker or Rod Roddy because they aren’t trying to be and they don’t need to be. Steve Harvey doesn’t try to be Richard Dawson while hosting “Family Feud” does he? To me, TPIR is still just as entertaining as it was when I was a child. Just because someone doesn’t like a show doesn’t mean it should be canceled. I, for one, can’t stand The Walking Dead. Tried it three times and just couldn’t care less. However, I don’t go on a article about TWD and declare that I can’t stand it (or anyone involved in it) and say it should be canceled. I ignore it and look for another article I actually want to read. There are other shows on at 11AM, find a remote and watch something else or read a book until noon.
        Since I rarely watch NCIS anymore, I hadn’t realized they were about to have a 300th episode, so congrats to them!

    • PriceIsRightCancelled says:

      The contestants should be on their best behavior. They should stop acting all crazy like immature adults even though it gives people headaches. Also they should stop bidding $1 over the last person because in my honest opinion it’s not strategy (DUH) it’s CHEATING so that they could be so greedy (favorite sin?) if they come on stage with Drew like Bob Barker was and play a game to win something. The entire crew are a bunch of idiots if only Michael Bay would blow up the Price is Right set.

  7. PriceIsRightCancelled says:

    Drew Carey should go back dying his normal hair color because I don’t like his new look this season even though he’s Bob Barker like and I really wish the show should bring back Celebrity Charity Week which they haven’t done it since Season 41 and also bring back the Million Dollar Spectacular to prime time which they haven’t done it since 2008.

  8. Michael Bay says:

    I really wanted to see a “flex off” where you show your muscles aka The Guns Show between two of the gorgeous models on CBS Daytime: Rachel Reynolds of The Price is Right and Tiffany Coyne of Let’s Make a Deal.

  9. antoinette says:

    Don’t know what channel it is on? Dish?????