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American Crime Recap Season 2 Finale

American Crime EP Breaks Down That 'Difficult' Finale Cliffhanger and More Burning Qs, Talks Season 3 Chances

Before you do anything else, American Crime fans, you might want to breathe a sigh of relief.

Over the course of the last 10 weeks, the ABC drama hasn’t given viewers many moments of levity, as its sophomore season tackled the heavy issues of sexual assault, social class and mental health, among others.

But in Wednesday’s season finale, Taylor Blaine, Eric Tanner and a number of other characters came to the end of this particularly harrowing chapter — even if the outcome wasn’t ideal or, in some cases, even shown to the audience at home. (And we should all be a little glad that the series has released us from its weekly emotional death grip.)

To briefly recap, the Season 2 closer found quite a few key players taking responsibility for their recent unsavory actions. Having had her personal e-mails hacked (which included unbecoming jokes about white people), Terri LaCroix was given an ultimatum at work: Relocate to another state, or leave the company. Dan and Steph Sullivan watched as their drug-dealing daughter was put in handcuffs and taken to a juvenile detention center. And Sebastian, feeling confident enough to go toe-to-toe with hacker Evans Webb, was deeply shaken after realizing Evans had been watching him and his daughters via manipulated webcam.

But the most intriguing character resolutions may have been those we didn’t learn. Just as Taylor was about to either accept or reject a plea bargain, and Eric contemplated getting into the car with his on-again-off-again hook-up, the credits rolled, leaving us to fill in the blanks on how the show’s protagonists moved forward.

For insight into that episode-ending cliffhanger, we chatted with series creator John Ridley, who also opened up about some of the season’s most poignant storylines and whether he’d be up for a third season.

American Crime Recap Season 2 FinaleTVLINE | Let’s jump right in with those final seconds of the finale. Why the cliffhanger?
We had started this season with a couple accusations that were flying back and forth. And every step of the way, we allowed for [Eric and Taylor’s] truths to be their truths. Michael McDonald, the other producer of the show, came to me early on and he said, “You’re a novelist, John. You’ve got to complete this story the way one would complete a novel.” And the audience for novels have different expectations. They do expect a sense of expanse, that the characters are going to live beyond the last page of the book.

It would have been, in my opinion, very easy to indict one of these characters and have an ending that is very narrow-focused. What’s more difficult is to say to an audience, “What do you believe? What do you want?” If you want hope, if you want something better, that ending is there. It’s very much like life. We have two individuals who are going to live with suspicion and accusation for the rest of their lives, but are they going to allow themselves to be defined by that? Going into those final moments, that’s what Eric and Taylor’s parents are telling them. Don’t be defined by this moment. You are young. You have your whole life. What is that choice that they are going to make? Personally, it would have been too easy to make that choice for them, because in life, I can’t make choices for other people. You can talk to people up and down, but you can’t make those choices. And as a writer, for me personally, it’s the easiest thing to say, “That kid did it, that kid was lying, let’s move on.”

TVLINE | When you were breaking the finale in the writers’ room, was there ever a version of the episode where we did learn Taylor and Eric’s final decisions?
We certainly wanted to continue to build resolution, and the ending itself would go through different iterations. But there was never a version of this where it was very didactic in saying, “This person did or didn’t do that.” That was never a consideration, but we certainly worked and worked on the ending to give it a sense that was appropriate and, emotionally, had heft to it. It was down to the wire, even in little ways. When we were getting close to [wrapping], we had versions of what was going on, but how we got there and those last couple of lines [changed]. In fact, we had wrapped, and there was one little thing I went off and had to shoot to make that ending. It was effort every step of the way. Hopefully it was worthwhile.

TVLINE | I’d love to break down a few specific plot points with you. First, there’s the issue of Anne Blaine’s medical records. I had interpreted the situation as though Michael LaCroix was responsible for those going online, but the finale points a finger at some other characters. Why was there such mystery surrounding that plot?
First of all, because the reality is a lot of things get posted online and we don’t know where they come from. That’s one of the issues — social space can be great to connect, but it can also be negative when people put anything up there. It’s become a bit of a cliche to say, “It must be true, because I saw it online.” It was one of those elements where there were people who were invested in bringing Anne Blaine down. Who was culpable in it, though? Was it Michael? I personally thought Michael was a good misdirect, and he never says no when his wife asks him. He says, “I wish I was,” but he doesn’t say, “No, dear, I didn’t do it under any circumstances.” Dan and Leslie have their versions of it. It could have come from somewhere else, too. For me, it was meant to be about suspicion more than about having certainty in who did the act.

TVLINE | Sebastian’s hacking story was really interesting, particularly when he loses the upper hand and realizes that he and his daughters are being watched. Are we to assume that incident will drive Sebastian away from the hacker lifestyle for good?
That’s a really good question. The Sebastian story landed really well, and I’m happy just because [actor] Richard [Cabral] is so brilliant. To see him evolve from his Hector character last year to playing Sebastian has been great. But nobody’s really asked me whether he’s going to have a life-changing moment.

Hacking, and being a white hat, is so much of who he was and really defined him. To be humiliated like that — if anything, it’s less about putting his family in danger, because as my wife said to me, “He left his kids alone with a camera!” And I said, “That’s how he thinks. Digital is safe.” I don’t know that it’s so much about exposing his family that would change him, but that there’s somebody out there who is smarter and sharper who he couldn’t control. There is a level — with all kinds of people who do wrong, but certainly with people who do wrong in the name of good — of self-aggrandizing. That’s part of his nature. I think he’d stay in hacking and try to get even with this Evans Webb, the guy who found him.

TVLINE | This finale brought some resolution to the Evy Dominguez harassment case, as well. Were you trying to approach her case a little differently, because she was a female victim, as opposed to a male assault victim like Taylor?
Most importantly, I didn’t want Evy — well, any character, but especially Evy — to be the sidekick.  The fact that she’s a young girl that everyone was essentially trying to use — she says in Episode 9 or 10, “Everybody tried to use me.” The kids who were protesting didn’t really care about her, Taylor didn’t care about her, the guy who groped her cared about the sex of that and was just being abusive. At some point, she says, “I’ve got to stop worrying about other people and think about myself. I need to think about my family.” She needs to grow up in a certain sense, and I really wanted to see that. She wasn’t just iconography for other people. In making sure that all of the characters feel complete, it was very important for me to make sure that Evy as a character, and Angelique [Rivera] as an actor, weren’t just there to service the guys. Even in a story about male sexual assault, she had to be a fully rounded character.

American Crime Recap Season 2 FinaleTVLINE | I have to be honest: I was a little bummed that we never got a scene between Eric and Taylor, if only because Joey Pollari and Connor Jessup are such talented actors. Was it a conscious decision not to have them share screen time?
Largely yes, in the sense that when people find themselves on opposite sides of a legal divide like that, they don’t normally interact. We didn’t have a lot of interaction last year between the Hanlins and the Skokies and Carter and Aubrey. Their families interacted a little bit, but the central characters didn’t interact, and I didn’t feel like there was a way to really get these two characters — who are so adamant in their beliefs — to share space, other than if they were forced to in a court setting. And we wanted to stay out of the courtroom.

And when you talk about [Joey and Connor] as people, they were the best of friends down in Austin [where Season 2 was filmed]. They shared a love of cinema and were always hanging out, and at the end of it, they’re like, “Uh, can we do one scene with each other? Just for fun? Just to say we did?” And I was like, “Sorry, guys. Nothing I can do.” [Laughs] But it was one of those things where [Eric and Taylor] weren’t too close of friends, and we could never, just for the heck of it, say, “All right, what would happen if we put these two together?” There’d be a little bit of contortion to make that happen.

TVLINE | Throughout the season, I was really struck by the directing decisions, in that we rarely saw the faces of authority figures. When a rape kit is being performed on Taylor, we don’t see the nurse. We rarely saw his therapist. We almost never saw the faces of cops who were questioning students. Can you explain the intention behind those choices?
We were definitely trying to build on what we did in the first season, but the focus is the focus. I would try to [compare it with] that moment when your flight is delayed, and you go to the person at the ticket booth, and they don’t interact with you emotionally the way you want. You get frustrated or furious or what-have-you, and they’re just there. In that moment, this is the most important thing to you. You need to make a wedding or you need to see your brother or something, and then 10 minutes later, you can’t remember what that person looked like. They didn’t have any impact on you.

I really wanted to give the sense that the rest of the world — for our main individuals —is sometimes anonymous. They are so engulfed in their moment and what happened to them that other people don’t really register. We did do that in the first season, but we expanded on that in the second season. And we were in a space at ABC where they were gracious enough to never freak out about things like that. We did things in long shots, with one close-up, and that was it. It’s just economy of storytelling, and I don’t believe that it works in every circumstance, but it certainly worked for American Crime.

TVLINE | Speaking of ABC, I had spoken to you at a red-carpet event long before Season 2 premiered, and you weren’t sure if you’d say yes to a third season, even if the network offered, given how exhausting the show is. With Season 2 now wrapped, do you still feel that way?
I will maintain that it’s still exhausting. [Laughs] I’ve got amazing partners, and it still takes every ounce of me, and I’m sure any showrunner would tell you that. I don’t know what’s going to happen. ABC has picked up some shows, and we have a really devoted audience. Whether that translates into what is necessary to stay on broadcast television, I don’t know. I just finished shooting a pilot for ABC, and I’m getting ready to go to London to do another show for ABC Studios. I remain exhausted. [Laughs] What ABC has allowed us to do has been absolutely special, in front of and behind the camera. In my opinion, there’s just nothing like it — not just specifically in what I’m doing, but in the totality of the show. This has been one of the most special moments of my career. It’s pretty much been defining, and this is after three years that have really defined me as a person and as a storyteller. If this is the last thing I did, people would mention American Crime when they think of me, and that’s pretty special. It really is.

What did you think of American Crime‘s season ender? Grade the episode in our poll below, then hit the comments with your reactions to the finale.

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  1. Reakky says:

    Epic fail. Total cop out. Just when your characters are facing accountability for their actions you just … End

    • spindae2 says:

      But that is just the point, it never was about the punishment it was about the road that brought them there. We saw the consequences of their actions presented on so many lives and how it affected all of them.

      Why do we need someone else to tell us how the story ends? It won`t change the fact that people failed both Eric and Taylor, that instead of support and help they`ve got judgement and pain.

      I would`ve preffered some more closure as well but it isn`t the point here. It is to show what is all wrong with the society and the system we live in. Neither of those boys is a villain or a hero, but the point was not to convict either of them. Just give them the benefit of the doubt and much needed support.

      • Darlene Stelly says:

        I agree completely. Problems of that magnitude never end neatly. One can only hope to come out the other end semi-unscathed and with some growth. I loved the ending.

      • Tani J says:

        All those boys needed was for the mother and the rest of the authorities due to the hysterical mother, to stay the hell out of all of it and LET the kids work it out on their own.

      • J M says:

        Wow! I agree with you and you said it so well.

      • Jana Anderson says:


    • mary says:

      I don’t understand how it’s a cop out. If it were they would have Taylor taking a plea & Eric getting into the car. Everything wrapped up in a bow. But as it stood, they are thinking first about how their decisions will affect others. Which is basically what this season was about. No one thought about, how what they were doing, or speaking would affect someone else besides themselves. No one wanted to take responsibility for those actions either until the end.

    • Avian says:

      I completely agree 100%. Anyone who says “the ending wasn’t the point”… blah blah blah blah blah. It is a cop out regardless of how you try to justify it. People try to sound “smart” by accepting this sort of ending as artsy or creative. Ugh. It’s not sophisticated. It’s like cancelling a good show mid season without giving viewers satisfaction. it’s not about tying things up with a bow, it’s about satisfying devoted viewers. It doesn’t have to be neat and tidy, but it shouldn’t just end so clumsily.

  2. kate says:

    most unsatisfying ending

  3. Ellinaras78 says:

    I do like open-ended endings, but this was the worst. Completely pointless. What a waste of time. Won’t be watching a third season if that’s even something that happens.

      • Dan Hetland says:

        Those of you blaming the writers for not supplying an ending to suit your own needs are only looking for an excuse for your own failures. As designed, the ending is as you see it after having watched this chapter of American Crime. If you’re incapable of that, don’t blame the writers for your shortcomings.

        • Jolie says:

          Dude, that’s a laugh. It was an epic fail because the writer fell in love with him self and his need to be the one ultimately in control – after trying to tell everyone that we can’t control things etc.

          • Liz says:

            The person who wrote the script is in control. Doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with his need for control or love for himself.

        • Jan says:

          OH please!!!

  4. Dennis says:

    Amazing finale despite the evil cliffhanger!!! By far the most underrated show on TV, I hope we get a season 3!!!

    • Ellinaras78 says:

      Might have been the worst season (could be classified as series as each is separate) finale in recent memory.

      • Dennis says:

        Up until the finale scend scene I thought everything wrapped up nicely… But after last season left kind of an open ending I expected the same with this season. Guess I’m the only person not totally let down by it!

        • Ellinaras78 says:

          Not tying it all in a nice bow and leaving some stuff open ended (which I actually enjoy in shows) is one thing. Leaving almost everything open ended and up in the air is something totally different. But if you enjoyed it then I’m happy for you at least someone did. Good for you, I’m honest and not sarcastic.

          • Jana Anderson says:


        • alex says:

          Dennis you aren’t the only one. You may also know that this is the internet and the ‘complaint’ department is always open. Personally, i think there was enough information given to determine Taylor’s decision/fate. As for everything else, we see news stories everyday whereby we only here blurbs and never know the outcome so i just think people like to complain…whatever

        • People are such robots when it comes to viewing shows. They get so conditioned with a define sets of formula, they apply everything they view with the same formula. Making great films and television series are still fine arts. While they are rare they do exist. Show like American Crime is not meant for passive viewing. Viewers ought not to expect spoon feeding every step of the way like the other shows. It meant to provoke viewers critical thinking not just simply like and dislike. I hope it returns for a third season. If nothing else it helps break the mundane pattern and bad habits of how people come to expect from a show.

          • misery chick says:

            I may have said this in another comment (sorry!), but this show has completely changed the way I watch tv 👏👏👏

    • The Beach says:

      Hopefully, this show will get some well-deserved Emmy love next year.

  5. Matt says:

    Loved the season but that end just pissed me off. I get this argument but when I watch a show I want some sense of closure. This had none. I like closure in books too.

  6. Dalee says:

    You failed, writers. having some things left unsaid is often a tactic, sure, but making it seem the second half of the 2-hour season finale was destroyed is just beyond asinine. I wanted to see more about Taylor’s decision, whether he realized he was giving himself so many countless years of possible torture if agreeing, instead of just being blunt and stating how he was made to feel with what they did to him at both major assaults, and still giving humanity to himself in getting the sentence reduced to juvie and weekly counseling for 5 years or such.

    And, Eric, I was hoping that the final scene would be him taking blame for the rape and rushing into court and yelling at Taylor that he shouldn’t make himself suffer for Eric’s shame, or such… just anything would have been better than no answers on the two main characters – it was worse than the final minute of Seinfeld’s finale… sigh.

    • Dalee says:

      PS – or any variety of outcomes, I’m not just saying what I wrote should have happened – just that something SHOULD have. I just expected a little writing to be done, to give some level of closure to some of their decisions. Like possibly, Taylor’s mom would be very unlikely to sit tight and let him send himself to 10 years in PRISON, I could have seen her standing up and saying he was mentally unfit due to the torture and beating handed out to him, and as a child, she was asking for him to be helped… or Eric to be ran over by the guy he got in a fight with, or running off into the field instead of getting in! Anything, rather than nothing!

    • Scott Bartolomeo says:

      I agree, Eric and Taylor’s fates are inevitably intertwined. Behind all the anger and hate I think they loved each other. That they were in love. But both chose denial. It wasn’t a cliff hanger in that aspect, its conclusive of the lack of bravery and integrity to follow their hearts.

      • Ann says:

        No it’s not. Taylor killed a boy. He should go to prison. Eric has nothing to do with that idiot’s choice to kill. It doesn’t matter what reason Taylor did it…he was blaming bullying and the rapte…no one cares. You don’t kill someone because you were bullied. Unless the writers were trying to justify his reasoning or something…they forget that much of the mass shootings in schools are caused by people who were bullied against. Are the writers saying that’s okay? There’s not even real proof that Taylor was even raped. In fact, there was more evidence that he wanted it and simply felt bad about later and his mom just took that shame and tried to put someone in jail for it.

        • mary says:

          How are they saying it’s ok, if Taylor is taking responsibility? Out of everyone he took responsibility for what he did. Everyone else wanted to pass the buck.

        • Beth says:

          Wow! Have you ever been bullied? Why do you think several of these mass shooters end up doing something so horrific and tragic and wrong? Bullying ,and the lack of protection from it, kills souls and spirits. Your comment sounds very personalized and angry and definitive. The show was trying to portray the devastation of bullying. Are you forgetting the scene in which he was innocently and brutally attacked by his teammates in the parking lot? This wasn’t just about the rape, which was in fact confirmed in the finale when Kevin quietly but clearly says that Eric did rape him.

        • Letha casey says:

          I think theshoot I ng b was an accident .. weren’t they kinda of wrestling around.

    • Louanne says:

      Or the Spranos finale.

  7. Debbie Perez says:

    The finale was a MAJOR rip off! After 10 episodes, we deserved some answers! Tell the darn story and don’t do the faux artsy ‘make up your own ending/truth.” This is your story so tell it! Will definitely not watch any more seasons. Too bad, the acting was great.

    • Dalee says:

      exactly! won’t watch again. I didn’t watch last year, so obviously, the writers think this was artsy/cool to do – uh, no, it’s called not finishing a story

      • Tg says:

        Maybe they got so off track with things that the writers didn’t have a CLUE how to END it. So they throw this bologna at the viewers to draw their own conclusions. I made mone and it’s never watching this stupid show ever again.

  8. Scott says:

    so who raped Taylor? this left so many questions unanswered

    • Dalee says:

      I agree, who did? It’s implied that Eric did, but what if what we didn’t hear or see was something totally different. I think he was so aroused and filled with lust from being so closeted, he didn’t hear anything Taylor was saying – but again, I wanted a story to give just a bit more details than they gave, in fact, they gave way too many questions.

      • Tani J says:

        I don’t think anyone was raped. Taylor planned to hook up with Eric and have rough sex. Well, he had sex, it didn’t exactly look so rough to me. I think Taylor’s lover hit it right. Taylor hooked up, still is in contact with the guy LOL – and well, it didn’t go well. His MOTHER is the one that pushed the rape story and Taylor, being kind of a spaz, couldn’t just speak up for himself. Mom didn’t even know he was gay so…. he DID try repeatedly to get his mother to STOP it.

        • Jana Anderson says:


    • sunshine says:

      Eric and Taylor had drugged mutual sex only Eric likes it rough. The daughter sold them both Oxy so they were out of it anyway but Taylor’s Mom ran with rape. Taylor wants to go to jail (and the rest of his life) as a macho murderer instead of a weak rape victim and Eric is taking off with his boyfriend to have his own style of life. The black couple will go to St. Louis for the money and all the teachers will be hired by the public school system somewhere. Don’t know why the showrunners don’t just put in these little wrap up tidbits but they think they’re being artistic making us figure it out which annoys me.

  9. Kitty Boots says:

    I agee with Reakkly. Season 1 ending was jarring. This e

  10. Peggy says:

    I am disappointed with the ending. It was very anti climatic. I loved the first nine episodes. I kept waiting for something big to happen in the final episode but nothing did. It was hard to sit through.

  11. Scott says:

    What a great show and even with the ambiguous ending, it was still deeply satisfying. Did I want to know what Taylor would say, what Eric would do, what happened that Captain’s night? Sure, but this show is about “what happened” but “what happens to people AFTER what may or may not have happened.” It makes us think, it has such rich 3-dimensional characters; everyone is responsible to a certain degree of what happened and the aftermath, and I think they showed it brilliantly. I think the ending allows for those who think Taylor or Eric decided one way or another to feel justified in their wishes. Life isn’t neat and tidy; if AC ended that way, it wouldn’t feel like this show, as much as we crave a tidy resolution.

    • misery chick says:

      🙌🙌 BRAVO, SCOTT 🙌🙌
      You’ve brilliantly summed up exactly how I think and feel about this show 💖
      After feeling beyond LIVID at how season one ended, I vowed to never EVER watch this show again…but the brilliance of Timothy Hutton brought me back. I tried to watch with more of an open mind, to be more curious and not rush to judgement. The writers pretty much wrapped EVERY character’s storyline except the two young men at the center of it all. OF COURSE I desperately wanted to know what happened to them, but NOT knowing gave me a deeper level of investment because NOT knowing made me THINK about WHY I was as upset as I was, what did I WANT to happen, WHY I wanted it to happen, HOW I would feel about other outcomes…THIS show has ABSOLUTELY changed the way I watch tv.

      I understand everyone’s frustration and anger…but this show, this creator John Ridley gave us a GIFT; a real meal to gnaw on, to savor, to think about long after the meal is gone. He treated us with respect, didn’t pander to the lowest common denominator…i pray for one more season.
      Please read this interview, and the one @ He worked hard to give all of us watching something different, challenging…superior..the OPPOSITE of lazy and selfish!!! Isn’t that what we all SAY we want 😋

  12. Todd says:

    I don’t think that Eric raped Taylor. Taylor just didn’t know what happened because he was too drunk so he yelled rape and everyone else got pulled down with it. Selfish

    • Jack says:

      U do realize that what u described IS rape. If he was drunk, he didn’t have the capacity to give consent

      • Tani J says:

        No no. Taylor PLANNED via email and text to hook up with Eric. TAYLOR wanted a little S&M in there – and Eric did NOT want to do that. How Taylor got plastered after all that, we don’t know, but we see he uses strong drugs. So…. His MOTHER is the one that pushed him with the rape bs, his mother being SO ignorant she didn’t even know he was gay. He was just too much of a spaz to DEFINITELY tell his mother to SHUT UP; tho he DID try to get her to STOP.

    • David says:

      Todd, that means you are a rapist.

      • Isobel says:

        agree if you’re too drugged or drunk at the time to say yes it’s still rape

        • Mike M says:

          The problem is that many of you are all JUMPING to the conclusion that he did NOT say yes. You can just as equally be too drunk or drugged to remember that you DID say yes. We don’t know – we weren’t there. They were there and they both have different takes on it. The story is told very deliberately that way to leave it up in the air. So everyone can have an opinion and nobody is right nor wrong. My own opinion is that Eric did not rape Taylor. I think there was consent, but I think after that the other team members assaulted him, Taylor had lost consciousness and blamed the state he saw himself in the photos on Eric. Eric either didn’t know or came back to find what was happening and had to play along as part of the team. He then got Taylor safely home. So on balance only Eric’s version has any real weight to it – Taylor has no real idea what happened. In my opinion Eric also said enough in the car before he was attacked (and escaped etc) to show that he did not rape him.

  13. Kitty Boots says:

    What just happened???? Are you kidding??? Compared to last season, this finale was an epic fail. Perhaps you needed another 6 weeks to get it right with so much going on??? Last season you tied things up so perfectly in the final episode. Not so much in season 2…

    • mary says:

      Actually last season ended the same way. We never knew exactly who murdered them. We also never knew what happened to Russ after the shooting. And was Barb dreaming? Both started with a catalyst that was never shown. Both had a killing towards the end that we knew who did it. And both end with Timothy Hutton’s characters doing a 180. And ambiguity in the final shot.
      The show relies on our perceptions in life. Look at the scenario at the public school. Some were on the side of the principal, some on the sides of the Latinos. And it came down to how we perceived these characters to be, what we thought they might have been thinking. It’s our own individual takes on what we see. How can the writers tell us what we saw, when we look at things differently? If they do, it makes it like any other crime drama out there.

  14. Mike says:

    To be able to decide what happens to Taylor and Eric was brilliant.

    Season 2 was remarkably well executed in regard to honest depiction of our society’s mores . I was indeed riveted by and deeply involved with all the characters

  15. Bjean says:

    Very disappointing ending, I’m still trying to figure out if Eric was in a relationship with his dad?? There was one scene a few weeks with his dad which was implying something between them?
    Ending just leaves me feeling WHAT??
    Eric and Taylor did not want to become victims of one another?

    • Angela says:

      No, there was nothing going on between Eric and his dad. His mom only believed there was because she felt that was the only reason her son could’ve been gay. She had a very hard time accepting that he was gay and looked for anything to “blame” for “making” him that way, totally not understanding that that’s not how homosexuality works.

  16. Gary Loudenslager says:

    I loved Connor Jessup’s character. So I can just fantasize that he got help and eventually had a fulfilling gay life. It is better than seeing him sentenced. It was also intriguing that we never really know if Connor was actually raped. He did appear to present as a masochistic person. Eric, on the other hand, appeared to be a closeted person whose preference focused on cuddling and kissing older guys. A rapist? I do not know, but , he was extremely angry and capable.

  17. Galelikethewind says:

    I don’t think there was any filming outside the motel window. Evans hacked the “baby” monitor which is why Sebastian stomped it to smithereens and got out of there.

    • DuceMan says:

      Yes, it was the baby-monitor Sebastian had been using to monitor the girls when he was out that got hacked. I have no idea why Sebastian would think that he could find Evans but Evans would not find him. major DUH

  18. Ann Hearn says:

    I was in awe! You nailed it. I’m still writing my own ending in my head! Emmy award winning performance for the Taylor actor! Also for writing and directing. Hoping for a season three!

  19. Bill Staley says:

    Connor Jessop deserves an emmy for that performance. A friend called and asked “what happened” at the end, what about Taylor’s mother, who came after Eric, where did the hacker go etc and I couldn’t tell her? I loved the show but not the ending; guess I’m used to shows like Hawaii 5-0 that ALWAYS wraps up its story lines and ALSO what about Eric’s brother?

  20. Jean Frank says:

    What is so good about this show is the discussion it inspires, especially with our own kids. Letting the two main characters have their stories left open lets us debate the pros and cons of each decision. Last year’s storyline and this year’s demonstrate the far-reaching effects one crime can have on so many families. Best show on TV. I hope they get another season!

  21. yaya says:

    Americans are such lazy babies – if things don’t turn out the way they want them to – like television shows – they throw a temper tantrum.

    • Angela says:

      I’m American and I’m fine with how the episode ended. I like that we got to decide for ourselves what the outcome was (for the record, I like to think Eric didn’t get in that car, and Taylor, sadly, accepted his fate).

    • mary says:

      I’m American & I loved the show & the ending. This isn’t your basic crime drama, whodunnit. It’s not going to be for everyone either. If it had an “ending”, it would be a superbly acted regular drama. It was thought provoking throughout. In other words, our thoughts as to what happened, who did what, who was right or wrong,etc. The writers cannot tell us how it should end, if we had different opinions on those things.

  22. Cathy says:

    Compared to season one I was disappointed with ending of 2. There was such resolution in Season 1 so I expected the same. Such a great show. So realistic and a very real look at issues in American Crime. Perfect title for show! Hoping for a third season.

    • mary says:

      What was the resolution to season 1? Just because Audrey said she did it, doesn’t mean she actually did it-we never saw it. Just like, Taylor says he was raped, we never saw it. For both it was up to us to decide the guilt or innocence so to speak. Just like when you sit on a jury & need to make a decision just based on what someone says.

      • misery chick says:

        I think Audrey did it-she was so desperate to keep her and Carter (? can’t remember character’s name right now!!) and their fantasy relationship alive that she could be pushed if she felt threatened. Carter was far from perfect, but I honestly don’t believe he had that rage/fear in him.

        Loved seeing actor who played Carter play the principal of the public school this season.

  23. abz says:

    I’m really disappointed in the finale of what has to be one of the best seasons of television I have ever watched. That ending was just cruel. You know I can fully get behind the idea of American Crime and how there isn’t always justice and not everything is wrapped up into a tight little bow and things are left open-ended, but this is also television show. I’m watching you tell a story. I want to know the outcome or at least the outcomes revolving around the main storyline/characters. I really hate when shows go the “make up your own ending” path. It makes you feel like what’s the point of watching. It’s like reading all of the Harry Potter books and in the end Rowling decide to conclude the series by trying to get the reader to make up their own ending on whether Harry finally conquered Voldemort. It’s stupid.
    I’d much rather a show choose a direction and end up being disappointed with it than having been given such an open-ended finale. I can handle a few open-ended plots and for most of this finale I thought it was wrapping okay despite my frustration that Eric never confessed about Kevin’s involvement during the party night. And then that cliffhanger. Ugh.

    • abz says:

      I think it would have been one thing to have left the truth behind the rape as open-ended. If they didn’t ever show flashbacks to the party night and ended the story with having us wonder who really was telling the truth, I can totally get behind that decision. But I can’t understand why the fates of the characters were left on such an annoying cliffhanger. Why can’t they show us what Taylor’s final decision was? Why can’t we know what would happen to Eric? Leaving those open-ended just feels so frustrating.
      If its so true to real life, yeah we might not know what happened on the night of the assault, but we do get to find out what becomes of the victim and perpetrator.

  24. k says:

    The last scene brought to mind a line from one of Vonnegut’s novels, where he says something to the effect that novels, and other works of art, attempt “to bring order to chaos. I want to bring chaos to order.” So yes, on one level, the ending was disappointing, but I understand that this show intended to be more realistic, more “real life-like” than most fare. In this sense, the ending succeeded brilliantly. Haven’t we all experienced episodes where, to this day, we don’t know what really happened? Or, if we personally know, other people do not share our certainty ?

  25. Scott Bartolomeo says:

    Eric and Taylor were in love.

    • Charles says:

      I think so too (or I at least wanted it to be so). I don’t think Eric raped Taylor. I’m bummed the two actors had no scenes together. For the majority of the show I thought Taylor was in a league of his own (acting wise) but the actor who played Eric really delivered powerhouse performances in the last several episodes. That scene where Eric’s mom essentially told Eric she wanted to just have one son…but she didn’t even have that, Eric’s nonverbal reaction/acting was Emmy worthy.

  26. abz says:

    Was there something being implied in that scene with Eric and his brother talking about going to Chicago? At first I thought maybe it was the brother’s attempt to get them to reconnect and bond based on the first part of their conversation but based on Eric’s reaction and upon watching it a few more times I feel like I might be missing something. As if the brother was implying something that happened.

    • Charles says:

      I took it to mean Eric’s brother was trying to relay to Eric that just as Eric had told him when they were running away when they were younger, that it was getting dark, so not safe, and that they should return to the safety of their home….Eric’s brother was in essence telling Eric that he, Eric, should likewise in the present avoid the darkness of his promiscuous ways and instead return to the light of safety with his family (i.e. Him and his father). That’s why Eric was starting at the car in the end for a long time…thinking of what his brother said, whereby ultimately (at least in my scenario) turned around and walked away.

      • abz says:

        Yeah that actually makes sense and I had initially thought something along the lines of your comment. Just something about Eric’s reaction to it made me think to rewatch it again. I felt like maybe I had missed something.

  27. Charles says:

    Wow (and not in a good way).

    Prior to the finale I was so bummed the season would be over, but after watching the finale I am glad it is. The writers really dropped the ball at the end, though the actors once again delivered home runs.

    Btw, was it just me, but the way I saw this playing out was Eric testifying at trial that he and Taylor had consensual sex at the party but that after Taylor was so drugged up he left him at the party, and only upon having a change of heart went back to the party only to find the other players “assaulting” Taylor anally with a bat or something…at which time he took Taylor out, which is when Taylor’s girlfriend showed up and just assumed Eric had assaulted Taylor. Also, I thought that’s why Taylor decided to take the plea… Because he knew what happened, and he didn’t want it to come out. Additionally, I recall several shows back where the players were talking to each other (without Eric) and saying something like “no one better say anything. This scenario would also explain Eric adamantly denying he raped Taylor. Just my 2 cents.

    • Domingo says:

      In the first episode, Evy said something to Taylor’s mother when she confronted her that implied multiple people had assaulted him.

      • Tani J says:

        No. Taylor was on the floor, high as a kite, and multiple people were taking pictures of him and laughing because it was funny. That is all that happened.

  28. Patrina smith says:

    I do not like the way the show ended so abruptly. I feel that there should in fact be a continuation from season 2.

  29. Ron T says:

    All stories don’t have to end wrapped up in a tidy bow, and sometimes ambiguity is the answer, but you (series creator John Ridley) went way past that point in leaving out too much in the ending. That scene with Taylor and his Mom in the diner booth after the school shooting devastated me, and I thought that was one of the finest moments in any television program, ever. And then you end the series with a “Find your own adventure.” Just so people can talk about “what did it all mean” at the water cooler and search for clues and solace in online postings. The actors gave it there all, it’s too bad you didn’t finish your job with this season finale.

  30. CJ Dotson says:

    For me, the season finale was the most disappointing ending I have ever seen for any tv show I have ever invested my time in. So many unanswered questions and and such a let down for 10 hours of my time I will never get back. Still, I don’t know who was in the car that was waiting for Eric, made no sense. The finale was dull and boring. If there is another American Crime season I will most certainly not be viewer.

    • David says:

      That is exactly how I feel. When you invest ten hours in a series, you want to know what happens to the characters you are invested in. “Make up your own ending” is not only lazy story-telling, but it is highly unsatisfying. If there is a third season, I won’t be investing my time in it.

      • mary says:

        I don’t get how it’s lazy writing. Because they didn’t have an ending you liked? It would be lazy if they wrapped it up like any other basic movie or crime drama. Who did you believe in the rape scenario Eric or Taylor or some mixed version? We all have our own thoughts to that. If the writers say Taylor was right all along. It ends up being like any other show. Think of any other “American Crime” that occurs in life. Now think about having to sit on the jury. Do you make your own decision, or do you just go by what the other jurors tell you to think? And did you enjoy the previous 9 hours? if so, what makes those wasted? What if they gave a “proper ending” & you didn’t agree? Would you still say you wasted 10 hours?

  31. Love season 2 and we were left with a open ending as we were last year the whole 10 weeks were intense and television at it’s best.

  32. Frank says:

    terrible conclusion to such a great season

  33. Lululimon says:

    Wasn’t season one open ended as well? We never found out who really killed Matt in the end. But they’ve always said the show is more about asking questions and not answering them.

    • Jules says:

      Exactly but people have a short memories or didn’t watch last season. And for some, finite “closure” is the only way to feel like the investment of watching 10 weeks of a TV show was worth it. It WAS worth it! For the acting, for the writing, for the directing AND for the questions that were asked, answered or not. I’m really hoping for a season 3. I’ll take the journey with John Ridley any day of the week, destination known or otherwise.

  34. Brilliant ending to a brilliant, intelligent TV show! Thank you John Ridley et al. for giving viewers an intelligent drama on a primetime channel! Taylor Blaine always maintained he was raped and didn’t want to be a victim that saw his rapist help him out in a court trial. By Ridley’s brilliant writing and Connor Jessup’s brilliant acting, you could tell by the look in Taylor’s eyes that he was thinking about the plea deal, but was resolved to take the deal in order to feel less like a victim. By Ridley’s brilliant writing and Joey Pollari’s brilliant acting, you could tell by the look in Eric Tanner’s eyes that he was once again going to succumb to his inner self-hatred and self-destructive behavior and get in that car. This led me to believe that Eric knew deep down that there was at least a point where the sex went beyond consentual.

    Every actor in this series was outstanding, and the script was so clean and tight! My only wish is that the series had gone for 20 episodes instead of 10, so I could watch more this year. Please, please, ABC, give us a season 3 (and more!) of American Crime so we can see more of these actors!

  35. Chris says:

    I LOVED every episode of this season.

    Until tonight.

  36. David says:

    Hope it doesn’t get renewed. It’s compelling and thought provoking. But you don’t get a conclusion. What’s the point. Lazy writing.

    • alex says:

      sounds more like lazy viewing. if you want your crime wrapped up in 43 mins there is always Criminal Minds and SVU

    • Jules says:

      Just think of it this way, if it does get renewed, you don’t have to watch it.

    • mary says:

      Why hope to put people out of work? And I’m not referring to the main stars. It’s compelling & thought provoking, but that’s not enough for you. Lazy writing? Yea, they said, oh man we have one episode left, let’s just go on vacation. Just because you don’t like something, doesn’t mean someone’s being lazy.

  37. Kathy says:

    It was way too good a show to end in such an unsatisfying way. It was a huge disappointment and makes me not want to risk investing time in another season for fear of ending up disappointed again. At a minimum it would have been good to find out the truth about that night, even if we didn’t get a finality to what happened to the two boys.

    • misery chick says:

      But in this interview (or the one @, both EXCELLENT!!!) JR said it was written this way because Eric had HIS own truth and Taylor had HIS! And EVERYONE else at that party had their own truth too. Point of show was HOW events affected the two boys and had a ripple effect in the community rather than WHAT actually happened…we’re being challenged, not being pandered to.

  38. Mandy says:

    I really like this show. We get all these different prospectives from each side of the story. Why couldnt we get a glimpse of the real truth. To many open ended question. I was expecting better.

  39. Et al. says:

    I like that they left the rape ambiguous because that worked on a storytelling level. However leaving they boys’ stories so otherwise unresolved was not really satisfying. However, at the end of the day we got 439 minutes of television masterpiece and one minute of crap. I’ll take it and truly hope they do another.

  40. Esther stone says:

    Life is uncertain and ambiguous, but art should have more form…while stimulating thought.i enjoyed the show a lot, but there were many aspects that were unclear that inhoed would get resolved in the end. I still,don’t know what action ally happen d in the organization good nap assault. Sorry for the bad typing.

  41. I mh says:

    Didn’t like the ending at all. At least tell us what happened to Taylor

    • Diane says:

      Taylor had to make his own decision, to either take the plead deal of 10 years or to allow Eric to testify in court about events that led up to Taylor killing his former classmate with a lesser sentence or no jail time at all!

  42. Donna says:

    It’s ridiculous for a writer to say… “it would have been too easy to make that choice for them, because in life, I can’t make choices for other people.” The writer created the characters throughout the whole story. It’s ludicrous to say he can’t decide what happens to them at the end. I won’t be watching if there’s another season of American Crime.

  43. veta b. says:

    I tried to figure ahead, how the season might end, and this ending was very satisfactory….like a good, open end book. I think in one instance, viewers wanted everything laid out, nice and tidy, but on the other hand we were given realistic scenarios, with blanks to consider and ponder over. I can’t wait for
    season three. Hats off to the retained actors from first season, bringing such believable, new characters.

  44. Louanne says:

    I waited for 10 episodes to learn the truth only to never find out. Was Taylor drugged? Was he raped? And the discussion between Eric & his brother. Are we to understand that he told his brother to turn around so he could have sex with him? If so then he raped Taylor. Did Taylor plead guilty to manslaughter? News flash: writers, directors, actors, artists like ambiguity, viewers do not. We want answers. Don’t waste our precious time as we devote it to your show & then leave the story incomplete. I am mad.

  45. The finale was incredibly disappointing. Made me feel like I wasted hours I’ll never get back getting invested in the characters. I can’t believe they thought this was a good idea :(

    • JanetFraction says:

      I agree wholeheartedly with your reply. I too feel the finale was incredibly disappointing and invested hours were wasted.

      Here are somethings for the finale, I thought would of been a greet resolution .

      1. The finale should of at-least ran for about 1 hour and a half (everything seemed rushed for the time slot)

      2. They should of shown Taylor decision and a couple of weeks down the line how Anne was mentally handling her son being in prison.

      3. Why they didn’t show a 3 minute flashback of what actually took place at the Basketball Team party, still boggles my mind.

      4. I would of liked to know how much jail time Becca actual received for selling drugs.

      5. Lashaun, should of been one of the kids who suffered a punishment in the end. ( due to Taylor accepting a plea deal—Lashaun got to walk away free—DANM SHAME!!)

  46. pblo78 says:

    I love this whole series. It is so complex and like life, you can always get all the answers. Pairiings Eric´s and Tayor´s fate…was brilliant. We all know, or at least after saying the whole series, what theses characters will do. I´ve just have a small complain, and it is because i want to choose hope instead destruction… Taylor should have needed to look bact to his mother, before taking his decission…
    Seeds were there for both characters, Eric has his brother, he cry for help, “You wont hug me anymore”… I wanted so badly that his brother would have hugged him… and told him “No matter what, I would love you”
    At the end, as i posted before, my favorite characters were Regina´s and Lili´s characters. Regina´s character got one of the few happy endings… when her son Kevin, told her I love you. She was so so happy. I think until that point, she felt her son prefered her husband… and from now on, she knew there will be close forever.
    I dont think Taylor was raped. This is the reason, he wanted to be punished… but on the other hand, when he said that he didnt want Eric be the Hero, it also made sense. He felt he was raped. But i think, he felt he was used. A pity neither that this characters had talked to each other. Explain each other points of view… and maybe, it wont go so bad for the two of them.

    • alex says:

      really? talk to a guy who raped you? talk to a guy that accused you of rape? this was no love story. not sure why people are trying to romanticize these characters.

  47. spindae2 says:

    Every coin has two sides and this story just proved it. It is about the benefit of the doubt, it isn`t rape just cause someone said it and it isn`t rape just cause the circumstances indicate differently.

    Such a powerful finale. The way they approached the resolution was so powerful, the way the story was written, was just so poingnant.

    Coach was such an Ahole! And I`m glad it bit him into his a*s. He was so obsessed with the team and couldn`t see past it, he neglected his daughter and it all came back around.

    Leslie, getting fired was something I`m glad happened. She caused so much pain and deserved the full circle.

    Turning the game around on Terri was brilliant though. I don`t say I`ll ever understand how Black people feel in this world but Terri had a lot of hate inside of herself and acted with a lot of prejudice. Still later, after the shooting, did prove she is the bigger person and didn`t really deserve what happened to her. But that is also a message to all people, cause the WORLD will label you after just one sentence. So don`t even say that one sentence, no matter how much you really think like that or don`t.

    Anne and Taylor had such an amazing chemistry and their mother-son relationship was so on point. They have so much love between them, but also so much isunderstand as they slowly drifted apart and become people who didn`t know each other anymore.

    Joey Pollari is such a bizzare, outstanding. He came such a long way from where the show started and his character developed amazingly. Didn`t expect such an excellent performance from him.

    THANK U AMERICAN CRIME! Till we meet again.

    • Kennedy says:

      Hi spindae I agree with almost everything except Coach and Leslie part. Coach Dan never neglected his daughter,instead he tried multiple times to get her to be comfortable around him so she could come to him if she had any issues and it payed off. Leslie and Dan made some bad decisions but ultimately neither of them was a villain in this story. Dan was overly protective of his boys and Leslie of the image of the school but it was clear that they both did what they thought was right for everyone. That’s what makes the story a lot more poignant.

      Great acting from the cast. I see Awards for those show.

  48. Brilliant ending. Like in season 1, we never got the truth but it still managed to give us closure in a thematic sense. I thought the final scene was absolutely brilliant – leaving both boys with compelling choices that had been built up to all season. Will they accept what they’ve been presented with or will they strive for a greater life? Excellent show that all teenagers, parents and human beings should see. I don’t know how season 3 can top this one but I really hope it gets renewed. Bravo to all the acting also xoxo

    • alex says:

      Sammy i totally agree with your assessment. I’m guessing the ppl complaining only live these cookie cutter lives where everything falls into its box. i like the fact the show gave us enough insight into these characters that we could draw conclusions as to their fates. it was Taylors decision to not have a trial (as he told his mom and the judge) so for him to change at the last minute would be unrealistic. Eric to not atleast get in the car (on a dirt road no less) could end badly

  49. Janet Ascanio says:

    I can understand not showing Eric’s decision, it played well considering how the finale unfolded, but Taylor was the pivotal character in the show. The other characters were like appendages of his, rooted in his victimization, sprawling into a tapestry of the American Crime. Of course he took the plea, he was done being the victim! It should have been shown! Not showing it made what happened to the others academic.

  50. Bonni Hugo says:

    It needed closure – for everyone.