NCIS Weatherly Leaving DiNozzo

NCIS Boss Teases Michael Weatherly's Exit Story, Possible Nod to Tony's Past

NCIS showrunner Gary Glasberg is not yet ready to talk about the season-ending exit storyline for original cast member Michael Weatherly, but he does affirm that nothing was ruled out when deciding how to write out Special Agent Tony DiNozzo.

“We’re really trying to give everybody something that leaves them satisfied,” Glasberg told TVLine during an interview set up to promote next Tuesday’s episode, the series’ landmark 300th.

Since Weatherly has been with the CBS series since its September 2003 launch, Glasberg acknowledges that DiNozzo’s departure is “a huge deal, and I’ve been literally thinking about it for six months now…. Lots of planning.”

Luckily, Glasberg did not have to deal with this dilemma on his lonesome. “I will say that when you have a writing staff, people that have been involved as long as some of these writers have, they get super excited about what we’re doing,” he shares. “That makes me happy, because it means we’re on the right track.”

In a TVLine poll, 28 percent of respondents expressed their wish that Tony reunite with former agent Ziva David (played by former cast member Cote de Pablo) before riding off into the sunset, while 22 percent preferred to see him leave D.C. to head up his own NCIS team elsewhere.

Again, Glasberg is playing his cards close to the vest, though he does allow that Ms. David will likely merit at least a mention. “You can’t have Tony leave the show and not get into that in some respect,” says the EP, “so plan on it being discussed and handled, even if it’s in background.”

NCIS resumes Season 13 on Tuesday, March 15 with its 300th episode, titled “Scope” and guest-starring Taye Diggs (Private Practice).

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  1. Murica! says:

    That sounds very disappointing. I was hoping Ziva would actually appear in the season finale.

    • Ziggy says:

      8 years to a show and than you’re “background” smh

      • RowdyBug says:

        Don’t blame them. The way she chose to leave was crappy. I hope Tony’s exit from the team has nothing to do with her! That way they can bring him back!

        • Mags says:

          The way Sasha left was a lot crappier, but they didn’t punish her character.

          • Darlene says:

            How was it a lot crappier? She gave them plenty of notice that she wanted to leave the show.

          • Darlene says:

            And how is the character of Ziva being punished?

          • John NYC says:

            They shot her In The Head?

            Dead is sort of “punishment…..

          • justafan says:

            Sasha talked to everyone involved with the show, almost a year in advance. She was also willing to do whatever was needed. She didn’t leave it until days before filming started and she gave them more than one day to properly send her character off.
            Sasha showed class and professionalism.

          • Pete says:

            It amuses me that de Pablo’s fans believe that the way to make her departure look better is to claim that her predecessor did something even worse in ASKING to be released from her contract.
            You do realize that if CBS/Bellisario had not agreed to her request then we’d probably never have got de Pablo as Ziva for the 8 years that we did?

          • Andrew Hass says:

            When Sasha Alexander left she gave the show a few months notice i think and that way they had time to plan a suitable exit for Kate that would impact all the remaining characters As for Cote DePablo, she left during the Summer break and thus the show probably had to change what story plans they had for Ziva in season 11.Plus Ziva is still alive and Kate isn’t.

          • Mags says:

            You all need to Google her name with bellisario. She sprung it on him out of the blue and he had to cancel a trip to Australia in order to rewrite the season finale. She broke her contract. That’s crappy. I linked the article to my name here. It’s a legitimate interview from a respected source. She did not on ANY way let them know before hand.

          • Mags says:

            Glasberg know for two years exactly when de Pablo’s contact was ending. It’s beyond ridiculous to claim it was a surprise..

          • Pete says:

            Lucie, (have you lost your user ID and had to create a new one yet again?) it has been pointed out to you before that the article that you love to link to, to prove your point about how awful Alexander was, shows that she went to Bellisario as he began to write the finale for the season and ASKED to be released from her contract.
            She didn’t break her contract – and if Bellisario/CBS had said no then she would likely have had to stay and, more to the point, you would never have had your beloved Ziva. She approached Bellisario in time for him to write the excellent finale we got. She also willingly made herself available for the beginning of the following season to close out her story, if de Pablo had done that even, then you would have had a lot less to whine about over the last few years.
            The “two days notice” referred to in the article was just prior to Bellisario going on holiday, which would have been mid-season, because it obviously wasn’t after the end of the season. It isn’t made clear exactly when it was, but it could even have been a Christmas holiday to Australia. Either way, the article makes it clear that Alexander gave Bellisario time and there is no mention of re-writes or delayed filming due to her actions, in contrast to de Pablo’s decision not to sign an new contract.
            Also, I agree with you that Glasberg made a big mistake with de Pablo. His mistake was in trying to write an exit for Ziva to please the likes of you, rather than using the get-out he already had of just telling the viewers that she would not be returning following her resignation from NCIS with DiNozzo & McGee in the season 10 finale.

        • Cote DePablo did not choose to exit the program the way it was written. She has made that quite clear in many interviews & statements.

          • justafan says:

            It takes eight days to film one episode. She CHOSE to make herself available for only one day. So she actually did choose .

          • maggie says:

            Oh, yes. She did.
            She agreed to be on two or three ep. Then, when everything was ready, she changed her mind and ttold tptb she’d be available only for some hours and not on the set. She said ‘no’ to a voice over for S11 premiere.
            So they had to re-re-write the beginning of S11.
            CdP and her hand are lucky that they didn’t kill Ziva off in the first ep or even off-screen, but that GG was ‘not so smart’ enough to write a completely OOC ep with a kiss that didnt make any sense, but that they can still dream about… though Tony and Ziva has never been a couple and tiva has been just a “fans’ projection” (MW’s words).

            Instead of bashing GG for PPF and calling him and MH two old white racist men who got rid of (poor) Cote because they wanted an all-white and all-American team (what about RC?), they should thank all NCIS cast and tptb for not treating the actress as she treated them in her goodbye and after that.

            Personally, I hope MW’s last ep will be about Tony and ONLY Tony.
            I really hope that this time, GG won’t listen to tiva loudest fans and all of their fake accounts that are reason behind that 28%, but he will listen to MW, his fans and NCIS fans.

            Respect Michael and what he has done and has given to NCIS. He deserves it!

        • Amy says:


          Key words in your rebuttal de Pablo chose not to renew her contract. There was no obligation for her to do so, and no obligation for her to do anything differently than she did. The writers/producers screwed the pooch because not having a signed contract is a statement all it’s own, and they should have been making plans for that contingency until they had that contract confirmed. That is what a contract is, an obligation to the terms of not ownership of the actress until they (or the fans) feel that things not stipulated have come to pass.

      • darkangel200 says:

        But this is Tony’s exit. It’s not about her and the focus should be on Tony.

        • Paige says:

          Agree-100% darkangel. I’ll be very disappointed if the tptb cave to the histrionic tiva fandom.

        • Jane says:

          Thank you. Whether you liked Ziva or not, this is about Tony, not Ziva or Gibbs or Tony Sr. or Jeanne, or anyone else. The focus should be on this character and his exit

        • lhp says:

          darkangel200 u /r right

        • lhp says:

          darkangel1200 you r right this is tony,s day if she comes on she will make it all ziva how can they get her back they killed her off with the boom in the hotil she went to the hop gabb cam out a told tony she was gone I seen it on tv wish id would have tap it

        • EllenAce says:

          Well said darkangel200, well said! Micheal Weatherly is an excellent actor. His superb character portray of NCIS “Very” Special Agent Anthony (Tony) DINozzo Jr., has earned him the right, fully deserving of the spotlight, concerning his “Own” beloved character’s departure!

          Weatherly’s DINozzo, exudes a dynamic range of acting abilities, with an interesting mix of well timed hilarity, energy and profoundly moving emotion, that is, to the best my knowledge, unprecedented. Alas…whom will call our McGee–“McGoo?!

          Although Tony could never be replaced, as his character seamlessly interconnects with others, often skillfully elevating not only his own personal level of expertise, but inadvertently raising his fellow actor’s skill-set simultaneously, which is truly amazing and brilliant to observe. I’m missing him already, as his character will always be loved, honored and deeply/greatly respected.

        • flootzavut says:

          Well said. Tony has been central to the show and Michael has been playing the part for 13 years. To make it about Ziva would totally disrespect that.

      • Erin says:

        Weatherly has been on for 13 seasons and his fans will be lucky if he’s the C plot to another gibbs centered finale.

    • Lee Harper says:

      I guess it would depend on if it were “under the right circumstances”. That’s usually CdP’s response when someone asks if she’d ever come back to NCIS. Her answer is always that she’d love to come back, “under the right circumstances”, although she’s never really elaborated on what “the right circumstances” would be. Money, maybe. Scheduling, maybe. Storyline … timing … who knows

    • Jerri says:

      Maybe she doesn’t want to return? You can’t force an actor / actress to be in a show they no longer wish to be a part of just because a bunch of fans demand for it.

    • Cote DePablo has informed the writer”s that her current schedule will not allow her to appear for the rest of Season – 13.

    • San says:

      Am i the only person who doesnt want Ziva back. She was ok but preferred Paula Cassidy. She wad blown up in season 3/4.
      Stan Burley could temp for a while eith crew.

      • Pete says:

        No, you are not the only person who doesn’t want Ziva back, it’s just that most of us are too realistic and too polite to hound the show (and every website that mentions NCIS) with the assertion that what we want is more important than anything or anyone else.

      • Guest says:

        Not the only one. I really wanted him with Kate,but I’m not spamming people with “bring Kate back”or anything. Not really a Ziva fan to be honest. I guess only in my dreams and the alternate universe. I wish Weatherly luck on his pilot tho and I’ll watch Tony’s last episode,even though I haven’t watched many episodes since Kate died.

      • Why don’t they get Dianne Neal to transfer to NCIS and replace Tony. She’s an excellent actress and would make a good replacement for Tony on the Team.

    • Karen C says:

      I don’t know where they got the28% number… Everyone I know who is a fan of the show wants Ziva to be the reason Tony leaves. We all need closure..I can tell you that if the fan base is dissatisfied they may not be as willing to continue watching. Guys… Downton Abbey gave everyone a happy ending after 6 seasons.. You owe your viewers a happy ending. We want A Tony-Ziva ending… Unless you can bring Kate back from the dead

      • lhp says:

        nono we don’t want ziva back the show is good with out ziva she was not good to her farth she was not nice to a lot of ppl she was more of a man then a lady(and there is a lot of ppl don’t want her on the show if u due breing tham all back for tony there dead and ziva is to got boomdup its not right CBS ALL THIS LIAS U KNOW ZIVA DAID TONY A GABBYS TOKE HRE HOMETO BE X TO DAD LET TONY HAVE HIS TIME

      • Jules says:

        You’re only speaking for you and your friends. I really enjoyed Ziva but never wanted Tony and her to get together. I don’t want her back, but TPTB are free to end Tony’s run as they see fit and maybe they will even give Michael some input. My preference would be for him to get his own team or move on to some other exciting adventure. I just don’t want to see him die.

      • flootzavut says:

        Guess what: “all my friends” is not a statistically sound or relevant sample. The fact people you know want Ziva to come back is hardly a rebuttal against thousands of people expressing their opinion.

        • lhp says:

          there is a lot whant ziva back and a lot that don’t want her back if u du she will take over the show like she did for 8 years this is tonys day give it to hem if u r going to us someone let it b the doc kill her man off then she tills tony she stil loves him she is going a way and he still loves her he tails gabb he is going with her please not ziva she diad in the bome

  2. Richard Nardini says:

    The character Tony cannot be replaced.Ur back up character has to be really different which will change the dynamics of entire show.change is good.One of my favorite shows ever. Good luck.It’s all in imagination and writing. You guys need me.

  3. Anita says:

    So, Glasberg will mention Ziva just because he can’t ignore it any longer? How will he do that? “Oh,look Ziva forgot his IPhone case”?After all these years of selling Tiva and getting nice results he will ‘mention’ her? How decent, Mr. Glasberg.

    • Andrea says:

      NCIS has also had three showrunners. Tiva was something that Bellasario talked about and Brennan seemed to like, but Glasberg is not either of these men. When showrunners change, they are giving up the ability to dictate. In certain situations like Bones for example, a new showrunner would probably not want to rock the boat, but Castle’s new showrunner certainly has. If Castle/Beckett can be touched, then Tiva (who never were an actual couple) definitely can. Series do have untouchable things. I don’t think GG could say that Shannon and Kelly are alive, for example. Tony/Ziva weren’t nearly that untouchable. CBS did use them in promos because that’s what Shane was writing. Gary chose another path, and CBS has marketed different things since then. More changes will likely occur next year with the absence of Tony. If someone were to follow Gary, there’s no guarantee that McGee/Delilah would continue either.

      • Pete says:

        It is interesting that ‘Tiva’ is talked about in the extras on the DVD sets, and several people from production acknowledge it as any interaction/scenes between Tony and Ziva, but there is no mention of the fans’ view of it as romance.

  4. Mags says:

    Ideally, I’d like Tony to get his own team AND be with Ziva.

  5. Maybe Tony, while cleaning out his desk, hands the necklace over to McGee.

    • Why would Tony give the most prized possession that Ziva left in his jacket to McGee?

      • justafan says:

        Okay, I wasn’t going to respond, but “his most prized possession”? Really?!?!
        Last time the necklace was seen, he was shoving it into his desk drawer before he took off with a woman. It’s never been seen or mentioned again.
        When you guys re-write canon, you really don’t mess around.

        • maggie says:

          Did you forget that they watch ZCIS and not NCIS for 8 years? Why should they change now? ;)

          • I agree Maggie….love when they watch zncis and we are watching ncis…cause the stories are so similar except Ziva character is so perfect, and a victim to all the mean men she works with.

          • lhp says:

            not me I look at the show not zive

          • maggie says:

            True, Amber. When Ziva was violent, disrespectful and mean with Tony, it was just her way to show love.
            What her fans would have done if Tony had said/done to Ziva what she said/did to him? I’m sure they’d ask his head on a silver plate! LOL

  6. langteaua82 says:

    You guys (commenters) are casting blame on Gary for Cote not coming back seems to be petty and dumb. First how do you even know they and CBS haven’t asked her back several times….just because an actress/actor in an interview claims she/he would love to come back doesn’t always mean they want to or have the time……think smart….how many actors/actresses claim if given a chance to come to a show they would actually really want to…sometimes they keep on saying it to keep their fans ….fans are fickle… all see her as ziva and the iva in Tiva…..Cote doesn’t want to be only known for that….she wanted to move on….her choice. But unless you work for CBS and NCIS production and know for a fact they haven’t offered a chance to come back and guest star maybe you should sit out and a take a breather.

    • Darlene says:

      Good point. Or her schedule may not allow for an appearance this season. Maybe she’ll have more time next year and can make an appearance in Season 14.

    • Paget Brewster comes to mind for Criminal Minds…she said she’d love to come back and lo and behold, she’s making an appearance, even after the way CBS treated her a few years back with the contract negotiations.

      • langteaua82 says:

        That’s because Padget decided too…where as Cote might have decided no she didn’t want to come back….but to say you know for sure she wasn’t offered a guest spot like Padget was for Criminal Minds and blaming Gary Glassburg is wrong especially when you really don’t know.

      • darkangel200 says:

        Paget left in a very professional way ,giving the show advance notice, and remains on friendly terms with the show.

  7. Jared Munson says:

    Maybe he’ll get shot between the eyes like Kate…and they’ll end up together. #morbid

  8. I would love to see Ziva one more time before Tony leaves for good. And I just hope they do a better job of how Tony exits than how they did Ziva’s. Cote has even stated on an interview on this website ‘Invited by TVLine to reflect on and assess her NCIS exit storyline, which was folded into the first two episodes of Season 11, de Pablo admitted, “I think it was rushed. I would have liked a little bit of closure.’ So it sounds like Cote was willing to appear in more episodes to wrap things up.

    Back to Tony, he really deserves a wonderful exit and I really hope he gets it.

    • langteaua82 says:

      First we have no clue if she meant it….seeing as she was bombarded with the question while promoting TDK…. Especially when the movie is gonna air after the show she was on….could be said as a way to appease fans who ask and demand non stop for her return. Second that is the only interview she even mentioned about a possible return to NCIS….. All other interviews she said she learned a lot on NCIS but was ready for a new chapter in her life.

      • Did I mention anything about her returning to her role full time? No, I didn’t. In a lot of articles she has mentioned that she’s open to guest appearances and has never backed down from that…and in a video interview with Entertainment Tonight last year, even said it was up to the show to ask her back. All you have to do is google all the articles and video clips.

        • all while promoting TDK….a miniseries after the show she was on for 8 year and where she got most of her fans from…..easy pr spin on that…..get some of the fans from NCIS to keep watching even after the show and get them into TDK……and I have googled alot of the so called articles that all go back to the same interview she made in press junket to promote TDK. When you promote something….you use everything you can….she got famous on NCIS….It’s PR. any manager and PR rep will tell you to use what you have. She knew she had fans from NCIS to say hey maybe who knows I will come back. It doesn’t give a complete yes or no she won’t do it…..It gives a maybe…..the interview with Entertainment Tonight also a press pr thing….she got put on the spot about doing a guest spot….what do you say over that….ummm no I am done with NCIS….career suicide with fans….when you all see her as ziva/ and iva in Tiva….

          • Lillian says:

            Even so, they lost half the NCIS viewers.

          • Sammi Lee says:

            No, they didn’t Lillian, your math skills really suck, don’t they??

          • Pete says:

            It’s really sad for de Pablo that very few of the her supposed 20+ million fans from NCIS have any interest in her as an actress beyond the character of Ziva.

          • maggie says:

            Exactly, Amber.
            CdP was desperatly trying to make NCIS viewers watch TDK and so she used the show and her favorite part of it (tiva) to get attention on her new job and herself.
            Too bad she forgot that her so-called fans do not care anything about her. To them she’s Ziva and only Ziva period. In fact TDK ratings were a huge disaster and reviews for the show and her performance were really bad.

            When she will start promoting herself and her job without using NCIS?

          • kath says:

            I tuned in for the Dove Keepers. Too violent for me though.

        • Lillian says:

          Sammi Lee, NCIS 16.6, TDK 8.9 – yeah, not quite half, sorry.

          • Pete says:

            I guess it depends what you are measuring. I (and I imagine Sammi Lee) thought you meant NCIS lost half it’s viewers when Ziva left.
            But from your reply I see that you mean that ‘The Dovekeepers’ dropped half of the viewers who had watched the previous NCIS episode.

    • mary says:

      When Cote left her scenes were quickly RE-written because she left the writers with no other choice. MW told them far enough in advance.

    • Pete says:

      She made that comment – about her departure being rushed and that she would have liked a little bit of closure – long after the episode aired, and after she had seen how badly it was received.
      What she actually said after filming the episode and before it was aired was “As far as the ‘Tiva’ fans, they’ll get a resolution they’ve awaited for years”, she was quite happy with it then, before she saw the reaction to it. Of course when you reread the interview it is clear that what mattered to her was her own closure with her former colleagues, not what the fans wanted.
      As for the “sounds like Cote was willing to appear in more episodes to wrap things up”: it was stated at the time that she filmed the episode that she only gave them the time to film her appearance in the second episode – go listen to the PPF commentary on the DVD again, Weatherly himself says on it that they didn’t know when she would actually be available for filming. That doesn’t sound like someone willing to appear as much as was required of her to finalize her character’s story.
      Besides, anywhere I have ever worked, if you hand in your notice or choose not to accept a renewed contract, any opportunity you then get to finish the current project is based purely on what the employer wants of you; you don’t get to dictate the length of any short contract to wrap things up before you leave.

  9. darkangel200 says:

    Yes, please just keep it way in the background. That way the Tiva fans get something and the episode can be, hopefully, about Tony and “his” journey. This gives me some hope at least. Thanks for the information, Matt!

  10. Sandi says:

    NCIS used Tiva to SELL this show to us., promo after promo, appearance after appearance. If we are all cheated out of a TIVA resolution after all this, if that is all they give us at the end, I will be done forever with this lying CBS network. Off my TV, out of my home. Nor will I support USA Network reruns anymore. They can take their unappreciative show, after fans hugely supported and promoted them on Social Media, and stuff it.

    • langteaua82 says:

      Just because a show promotes something doesn’t mean they promised you anything. Your talking crazy if you think CBS owes you anything. My mother always told me this…Just because somebody throws you a bone, doesn’t mean they have promised you the steak… lesson…..learn it and accept it. But to get emotionally upset over a TV show is childish and crazy.

    • mary says:

      Many fans watched NCIS before Ziva was on. You liked Ziva, fine. But many of us like the show, not just one character.

    • Darlene says:

      Well the premise of Quantum Leap from its very beginning was that Sam Beckett was doing good in people’s lives while all the while wanting to return home. You’d have to look wide and far for just one fan of that show that didn’t want Sam to return home by the end of the show.
      Five seasons later and the series finale… fans were treated to the news that Sam Beckett never returned home. It may have been the show’s premise but it was not the show’s promise to fans…and they weren’t dealing with actors leaving and effectively ending the story line.
      I am of the belief that a television show is a creative process. I trust they’ll do what they think is right for the characters regardless of what I or anyone else thinks. It always worries me when they try to appease ALL the fans of the show (the ‘something or everyone’ tactic) because that’s impossible.
      I like what NCIS writer Scott Williams had to say on the subject of fan wants/desires concerning Tony’s exit:
      “Few things will ever be exactly as we want them to be. Seek faults & you will find them. Seek joy…”

    • Leia says:

      They didn’t sell me tiva. Geez what are you a 7 yr old? Yup maybe they should pay the dabs for all the crap they got on social media. Yeah there wa some great stuff there, enough that it shut down the cast from social media when she left, her choice not the rest if the casts. They gonna have to choreograph their season ended to stick her in, WHEN this is about Tony and not her?

    • Pete says:

      Well “selling Tiva” backfired. I watched despite the pitch – and really Tiva was never much more than Brennan’s stated “scenes between Tony and Ziva”, not the romantic affair you imagined and desired. I also know of many people who quit watching because of the advertising that used Tiva to sell the show, or who at least skipped certain episodes because of that advertising.

      As for USA Network, what have they ever done to you beyond airing marathons of your former favorite show? Are you so petty and vindictive as to take it out on a broadcaster that had zero input into the content (that you so dislike) of that show.

      And, unappreciative? – that would be the fans after Glasberg attempted to write an ending for them that he thought they wanted. NCIS appreciates ALL it’s fans, not just those who demand Tiva, because there are plenty of us that are delighted to have a show without it.

    • kath says:

      I agree.
      They used Tiva to sell the show and many people got on board because of it.
      It’s bad business to tick off the people you’re selling to.

      • so what if they sold Tiva or I should say promote….cause they didn’t sell you Michael and Cote….Things changed when Cote wanted out not their fault. When someone leaves things change. You want to blame anyone blame Cote for leaving and blame Michael for staying cause he was happy to stay. But to get mad at the TPTB who most of you guys have no clue really is but constantly point out GG and MH…which again you guys are wrong and wrong is silly and pointless. They can’t change the outcome the actress wanted out and the actor didn’t. …Bye-Bye Tiva…

      • Pete says:

        Most of what they sold me on about the show got dumped in favor of putting Tony and Ziva together all the time. Yet the fans calling loudly are only worried about them not getting enough of that, no one cares about what I enjoyed about the show.

        • kath says:

          I can only speak for myself.
          I wasn’t interested in the Kate seasons, got hooked when Ziva came on, Lately I tune in occasionally but none of the characters is compelling enough for me to watch for and the cases all seem the same.
          I’ve gone from being a “Must Watch” viewer to and “Is Anything On TV Right Now?” viewer.
          Honestly, while I’d liked tonay and Ziva to end up together because it seemed like it would make them both happy, I don’t care enough about the show any more to really care.

    • flootzavut says:

      Oh, get over yourself. If you wanted love stories, you were watching the wrong show. It’s a crime procedural, not a soap opera.

      • Mari says:

        Sandi said that NCIS used Tiva to sell the show, not that she wanted love stories.
        And watching the season 3 and 4 repeats that are playing in my area, I have to say that she’s right.
        From the smouldering looks poolside, to Tony and Ziva getting trapped together in a container for the whole episode, to pretending to be a married couple, the show was teasing them together and using the pairing to draw audience in.

  11. kellycumbers says:

    I PRAY that Ziva will be barely a mention and that Jeanne won’t even be brought up. His character is worth more than the women that he has been involved with. I hope to see him moving on to new and challenging things in a leadership capacity…WITHOUT the many “loves” involved.

  12. justafan says:

    I really really really hope Mr Glasberg has absolutely nothing to do with the writing part of Tony’s exit. We’ll end up with a mess that won’t make any sense at all. Let him stick with his favorites, Gibbs and McGee and leave the DiNozzo stuff to a writer who actually cares.

    On the bright side, with Mr Weatherly leaving, the ziva fans probably will too. Without Tony there won’t be any need to “bring back ziva” anymore. The shippers will have to find a new hobby.

    I do love that they’re still throwing the tiva bone and it’s still getting bit. You would think people would have figured out by now that they’re being played.

    • Paige says:

      GG is co-writing his final episode with Scott Williams. I have a lot of faith in Scott.

      • maggie says:

        I’ve lot of faith in SW too and I hope GG will be just a name on the script ’cause he has to ‘write’ a certain number of ep in a season.

    • Maria says:

      You’d think so, right?
      Sitting back and watching the fallout/ reading the comments is highly entertaining though, isn’t it?

  13. Lillian says:

    I love reading the comments to NCIS articles. I really do. Thanks for posting this, Matt!

  14. Landa Tikkanen says:

    Would really like Ziva to come back and for “

    • lhp says:

      no no I don’t like ziva she sasy she is a queen she a queen of sh–i she is a bad bad proson by by zivawich I did not know her

  15. John NYC says:

    I’m with the 72%

    Rather than very old news: focus on the character’s future in a positive way would be my approach.

  16. Landa Tikkanen says:

    would really like Ziva to come back and Tony to have his own show.

  17. Charlene Svela says:

    Can’t really believe that Michael Weatherly is actually leaving the show, he’s like a fixture on there. I was hoping that Di Nozzo and David’ would really get together sometime this season but that was wishful thinking. Will really miss Michael on the show.

  18. Nick Hayden says:

    i would like him to maybe leave ncis to be with Jeanne i always thought they were good together on the show and i think the only way she would be with him is if he isnt a FED AGENT anymore

  19. cidstoll says:

    Whether you like Ziva or not — and for me, the answer is “not” — it’s really just good storytelling to include Ziva. She was a huge part of Tony’s life at NCIS, and he was really thrown for a loop when she sent him away at the end of PPF. (And as much as I hated PPF, it’s what happened and we’re stuck with it.) He spent the whole next year trying to get himself back to center, and he mostly has. But I don’t think he’d leave his NCIS time behind without at least remembering Ziva. I’m TOTALLY okay with that being in the background, like a retrospective of cases or moments or something. My hope is that Tony’s exit ends up being about Tony (and Michael) and not just a showcase for “ZIVA RETURNS!”

  20. DeeLoge says:

    Well we can speculate all we want but that doesn’t get us very far. Part of me wonders if he won’t be offered a ugh ranking police department job. I could see Tony going back to be a “cop”. Or if he given a team lead I hope is Pearl Harbor. That would fit him to a “t”. What I really want to know is what will MW be doing after the show? Any new on that Matt? After seeing all the reboots in the work at CBS is speculate he would make a perfect new version of a Magnum PI! Now that would be a great show for the CBS lineup!

  21. Jeanne says:

    The only thing I hope GG contributes to Tony’s leaving is his his name only on the script. He shouldn’t write the first word. That said I hope Tony gets his own team and takes Ziva with him.

  22. Elaine says:

    I am sad to see Michael go but I do hope you will bring back Ziva so they can unite and ride off into the sunset together. That’s the least you can do for you loyal viewers.

    • Sammi Lee says:

      Actual, the riding off into the sunset with Ziva is NOT for all of the “loyal” viewers–that’s for the certain fan group who have been screaming and complaining since Cote quit. The ending should be Tony’s story–his and his alone–at least give the man that. He deserves to have his ending on his merits alone.

  23. Luis enrique says:

    Já ficou sem graça com a saída da Zica .se o Tony sair .xi vai dar ruim

  24. Linda says:

    I don’t want Tony to leave.

  25. Janet says:

    DiNozzo can not leave NCIS without ending up with the real love of his life Ziva David. To end it any other way will leave the NCIS fans devastated and unsatisfied. Come on, you know it’s the right thing to do.

    • justafan says:

      Did you see the last scene with Tony and Jeanne in the episode Loose Cannons? Didn’t look like he was thinking about ziva at all. Looked to me like they are the love of each other’s life.

      All fans do NOT want a tiva ending. According to a poll on this very site, only 28% want that ending. That leaves 72% who want a different end. 72 is more than 28.

      • Janet says:

        Justafan, I watched the episode and I think he has done his best to make up for hurting her. I still believe that he needs to ride off in a nice red sports car with Ziva. I really don’t think there will be a nice way to end it where everyone i will be happy. I miss Ziva, but I will miss DiNozzo more!

      • Paige says:

        Just watched them in tonight’s rerun, Saviors. Dang!! Tony & Jeanne have chemistry.

  26. Paul says:

    I see Tony returning to Baltimore to head up the Arson Division With The K8d He Saved. That is what made him decide to become a cop. It would take Him full circle.

  27. Busta950 says:

    I just hope however he exits it is with a great story line he has been there from the beginning he has made us laugh cry get really frustrated at times. Just a really good realistic story line that is what we should hope for. He deserves it we as fans deserve it and a good exit will help us with his loose

  28. Janet says:

    Busta950 I agree with you 100%

    • Erin says:

      I hope Ziva isnt’ a part of Tony’s exit. I’d love to see Tony get a hero’s exit but can’t imagine the current ptb allowing something so outrageous.

  29. Jimmy says:

    It would be nice if Ziva showed up in the last minutes of Tony’s final episode (much like they did with George Clooney when Julianna Margulies left ER), but it should really be about Tony first and foremost.

  30. Trudy Owens says:

    Tony leaving is very significant.Ziva should be there,if not at least mentioned.

  31. I was wishing that Tony would stay on I was thinking when Tony went to see ziva she might come to visiting she got pregnant with his child that would give a happy ending cause they were get
    Ting to be more than a partner that would be a Gooding I just wish he would changè his mine Tony was the show

  32. Paige says:

    For Matt- it would be neat to see which Tony Centric episodes are Tv Lines’ followers favorites as he departs the show. It’s not newsworthy, but worthy of Michael and long time fans of NCIS. Should be all about Tony and not a TIVA fest. MW had some great ones and they should be celebrated. Just throwing it out for consideration for a future post.

  33. Woody says:

    Have Tony move to NY city and join Ziva who didn’t want to commute to LA for shooting.
    The you could start NCIS NY and everybody would be happy
    At least I and several of my friends think so.Drop NCIS New Orleans

  34. Amanda says:

    I’m disappointed since it seems like we won’t get a Côte de Pablo appearance or cameo to see Tony off. I know there’s quite a bit of conflict amongst the NCIS fan base on this but I always felt they had lovely chemistry and he was key in her send off episode so I’d hoped she’d return the favor -so to speak. As cliche as it sounds I wanted to them walk off the dock together a la Doug and Carol in ER. Oh well, not surprised as I’ve found the show has slipped considerably under Glasberg’s watch.

  35. Jacqueline Blacketer says:

    Bring Ziva back!!! she added character to a team of investigators. The current lady does not fit the profile of a NCIS agent unless they are Mary Poppins. Tony leaving will leave the team dead!! Who will stir the team up? Who is Gibbs going to slap the back of the head to. That slap is famous even in small towns where I leave. So many of us are NCIS fans. Leave alone a wheel that is not broken but continues to build with the public. Writers may have to work hard to come up with a different story. But that is what you are paid to do!

  36. James Arms says:

    It’s obvious what should happen. Zina needs help with her young son. Remember Tony’s and Zivas last encounter, Tony is always thinking about family and his future. Now he has one, little Jethro.

  37. The Carpooler says:

    These comments are the best. How so many of you manage to twist an article on MW into a war of words about CdP is amazing. #moveonpeople #itsonlytv

  38. kath says:

    Why can’t Tony both reunite with Ziva AND leave to head up his own team?

    Give everyone what they want.

  39. My family and I want Ziva David back in the flesh to reunite with Tony DiNozzo and drive off in to the sunset together.

  40. Cheryl Gress says:

    So wanting Ziva back with Tony! The Past Present and Future made us believe she would be back!

  41. Marie Hixon says:

    Absolutely want Ziva back with Tony for his last episode!

  42. Eleanor Shea says:

    Ziva back for Tony’s exit is a must!

  43. Ziva gave Tony her Star of David necklace. WE that is my family, friends and I want Cote back as Ziva for Tony/Michael’s last episode. They deserve to drive off together.

  44. Andrew Hass says:

    I think before he leaves Tony will have meaningful interactions with all the characters on the show and maybe he remembers past characters too.For example maybe he remembers both Kate and Ziva in some way.I don’t think the show will have Tony go be with Ziva because i’m thinking exit might be professional based than a personal based.Maybe Tony gets his own team but it’s in another country.That way the door could be left open for him to make guest appearances.

  45. Cindy says:

    Oh No! I love Michael! The whole cast work so well together,they are a family! I can’t imagine losing any one of them!!! Are the producers trying to wreak this show! When Dallas was recasting I thought Michael would of made a great John Ross.

  46. Lisa Willis says:

    It seems that the numbers of the poll cited are somewhat incongurent with the poll results. Yes, 28% of respondents wished for Tony to reunite with Ziva and 22% wished for his own team. However another 28% wished that he would see Ziva with a possible child they shared and an additional 4% wished for Tony to reunite with Ziva even if she was not present in the episode,By my calculations, that is closer to 60% or respondents that want some sort of ending involving Ziva. What the writers do is ultimaely up to them but I feel that Matt distorted the results in his article. Not good journalistic integrity

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Two votes were allowed on the poll, so to “add up” any Ziva related results would be a distortion. .

  47. I think they need to write an episode to redo all the bad things that have happened since Ziva left. It should show Gibbs having all those bad things as a nightmare. NCIS is awesome…please keep Michael!

    • Andrea says:

      It’s not a matter of keeping Michael. I’m sure the show would probably like to do that, but Michael has decided he wants to do other things. The show is not doing anything to him. He’s deciding to make a different choice other than continue with NCIS.

  48. There is no exit for DiNozzo that would satisfy the viewers.

  49. I was hoping that tony would stay and Ziva would come back for the final season,but i guest this rule number 30 number under estimate one chances of returning i love all the staff to me they work good u you guys for being such great actors and actress.

  50. I was hoping that tony would stay and Ziva would come back for the final season,but i guest this rule number 30 number under estimate one chances of returning i love all the staff to me they work good u you guys for being such great actors and actress.Everyone that came on the show was good but when one put their heart and soul in it their will be many haters,Everybody that’s on the show has prove their part 100% and the show will go on with or with our liking but i’ll watch the show till the cows come how with or with out them but i like them regardless,all their shows are great.