Major Crimes Video: Sharon/Andy Talk About the Future... and Betrayal

Sharon and Andy have a lot to talk about in the penultimate episode of Major Crimes Season 4 — as seen in this exclusive sneak peek.

In “Hindsight: Part 4,” airing Monday at 9/8c (TNT), Sharon finally finds the pressure point she needs for leverage against both Reverend Price and Mark Hickman as she forces her way forward to the truth behind this season-ending case.

In the clip above, Sharon is discussing the latest details on the case when boyfriend Andy pulls her in for a discreet but needed hug. The conversation then turns to the job offer Sharon is mulling, running security for the NFL, and how it would affect her nascent romance.

But there’s another reason Raydor is hesitant to bail on the MCD — one that ties into one of her detectives’ perceived betrayal….

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  1. Whatevah says:

    I love this show an, I’m shocked, but I like Andy and Sharon together. I didn’t think I would. Now if they could get rid of Rusty’s birth mom I’d be a happy camper.

  2. Yeh says:

    Really happy these two got together. Sweet couple.

  3. dimple says:

    I enjoy this show but unfortunately Sharon and Andy have no chemistry together. That looked like an awkward hug between two siblings who haven’t seen each other in a while. These latest episodes had been so good until now about not forcing this relationship down on us. I wish Sharon would be given something better for a storyline.

    • arial2 says:

      Agree. I stopped watching the show because they not only lack chemistry, but the “romance” is totally inappropriate given their supervisor/supervisee relationship. No matter how the show spins it, the romance violates real-life LAPD’s code of conduct. I’ve watched a few episodes recently because there was no romance, but, after this vid, guess I’ll stop watching again. *sad*

      • nblackburn01 says:

        Clearly, you are misinformed as James Duff and Mike Bertram, an LAPD consultant explained the dating parameters of the LAPD and how it is accepted. As for the chemistry, to each her own, but given the response in the MC fan group and page, you are in the minority. Nevertheless, this show currently gets 10 million unique viewers through all the outlets. A loss of a couple won’t hurt the show. When the Rusty kiss happened, numerous people said they were leaving the show and the next week, the show had the highest number of viewers.

        • Jules says:

          THIS! Thanks nblackburn01 ! Agree with everything you said!
          I find it quite funny when people claim they stopped watching a show but still read and comment on articles about it. I also find it rather amusing when people stop watching a show they like because there is one scene they don’t like. One single scene that lasts for about a minute. really?
          Also: relationships at the work place a very common. It’s what happens. You spend a lot of time together and sometimes you fall in love. Therefore a show with no workplace relationship would be kinda unrealistic. And like nblackburn01 said, it is NOT forbidden, not at all. Their immediate supervisor has to be informed about their relationship and that is what they did. On Major Crimes they try sticking to the real LAPD rules as close as possible.
          I personally think shandy has a great chemistry and obviously many others think so too, not only judging by the ratings but also by the fanfics, fanarts, vids etc.
          I’m very excited about this clip and I can’t wait to see more of Sharon and Andy’s relationship. It is very well written and very well acted. Me like! Me liked a lot <3

          • nblackburn01 says:

            Thanks, Jules. All that one has to do is read the LAPD code of conduct to see that it isn’t prohibited, but must be brought to the supervisor to be made aware of the relationship and if any conflict arises they must be made aware to deal with it from the LAPD perspective…my guess is transfer. Gee, hmmmm, exactly how the show wrote it. Plus, in my research (because I had the same concerns when they first truly started going out) there are actually websites/chat rooms dedicated to police officers who are dating/ married to serve as a self help with the special issues they face, including working together.

            As for going on sites like this and griping about the show after they stopped watching it…you’d be shocked how many I see like it. I had a confrontation with one Rusty Hater who said it was now his mission to go onto the sites to make life hell for those who liked the show. Hand to God! I often think that their lives must be pretty boring and sedentary if that is the case.

            Personally, I thought Sharon/Andy were cute together since The Closer, but to each his own. To stop watching the show over it? Pretty dramatic since we NEVER see them together, but whatever floats your boat. I feel they have more chemistry than a whole lot of tv couples that we have seen thrust upon us through out tv history.

      • Bárbara Godoi says:

        Ahahahahaha, it is so funny to see people saying they are “breaking the rules of LAPD” without a clue of how ignorant AND WRONG they are being, LOL. Thanks, nblackburn01. And for the chemistry, you need to be blind or have a cold heart to not see it!!!!

  4. sunshine says:

    I don’t like the case dragging on, this show is more boring this season because of it. Romance, fine, soap opera endless serial no.

    • nblackburn01 says:

      You know this is a special ARC right? Also, if you hate this format, you better stop watching TNT now, because in reading articles from the new CEO, he loves them. He points to shows like Walking Dead as the new format. Don’t know if he is sticking to that (I hope not), but just to forewarn you.

  5. Thank YOU, we all have been waiting for this to happen! OMG finally a real moment between Shandy!!!!

  6. nblackburn01 says:

    Thank you so much for this clip! You just made my weekend. Absolutely love these two together. Now I really, really want Monday to get here! I am going to be so bummed when this show goes back on hiatus until June.

  7. Bárbara Godoi says:

    FINALLYY something for the shippers, finally!!!!
    I’m shaking with this scene, how can they be sooo cute ♥♥??? Thanks for this, TvLine.

  8. kate04us2 says:

    Matt, you marvelous creature! Thank you so much for this awesome sneak peek!

  9. BM says:

    Loved the clip and I actually love these five extra episodes. Wish they would do this serialized format more often because I think it’s awesome. They have had great episodes and interesting cases but this is something else altogether!

  10. Yes, finally something for us Shandy shippers. Thank you!

  11. Stefanie Wildermann says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this..mfor sharing everything about Major Crimes..but this time I could hug and kiss you so much…thank you for this.greets from germany 😊

  12. Ida Carnes says:

    Omg, I’ve been waiting forever for that hug! It’s about time Andy! Can’t wait until Monday!

  13. Sally says:

    Thank you so much for this clip. You just made my week, my year, etc. I’ve waited so long. Don’t want to appear ungrateful, but do we still get to see when Sharon finds out what is in Andy’s letter to her? Please, please, please!!!!!!

  14. Diana says:

    Thank you so much for this!!!! “Shandy”! ♥

  15. Toni says:

    Thank you for the sneak peek. love major crimes and love the andy/ Sharon story. Finally a mature age romance on TV

  16. Sue Baker says:

    Thank you for this!

  17. Char says:

    I love the two of them together and am so excited to see them finally interact in this 5 episode arc! Thanks so much for the sneak peak!!

  18. Jules says:

    OMG! OMG! OMG! My OTP! Finally we get to see some Shandy! Love them together! Love that their relationship is progressing slowly, makes it all the more special! Just wish we would see a bit more of that progress. Through this relationship we get to know more about Sharon and I absolutely adore that!
    So excited for tomorrow’s episode!
    Thanks so much for this sneak peek, Matt!

  19. Naomi B. says:

    Dang it, Matt! Was hoping you’d have another Shandy exclusive!