House of Cards Recap Episode 4

House of Cards Recap: We Need to Talk About What Happens in Episode 4

Warning: If you are currently binge-watching House of Cards Season 4 but have not yet reached Episode 4, stop collaborate and listen: Turn around and come back after you’re done. And not a moment before. Everyone else, you may proceed… 

It was the election-season curveball no one saw coming — and for once we’re not referring to Donald Trump.

House of Cards‘ just-released fourth season gets rocked to its core in Episode 4 when Frank (Kevin Spacey) and his entourage are fired upon in broad daylight while leaving a rally. POTUS is critically wounded in the melee, but manages to survive. His trusty bodyguard Meechum (Nathan Darrow), however, is DOA. Before he takes his last breath though, Frank’s right-hand man and sometimes lover manages to shoot — and kill — the assailant: vengance-seeking former journalist Lucas Goodwin (Sebastian Arcelus).

The shooting easily surpasses Zoe’s deadly run-in with that subway car in Season 2 as House of Cards‘ most jaw-dropping twist to date, in large part because the mass casualty incident claimed the life of one of the show’s most beloved characters.

And then there are the inevitable political aftershocks. With Frank now sidelined, the stage is set for Claire to assert an unprecedented amount of influence on the Oval Office.

Before you cue up Episode 5, head to the comments to react to Season 4’s big “WTF?!” moment, as well as to eulogize Meechum and Lucas (the latter of whom one could argue also died a hero, albeit a tragic and ultimately unhinged one).

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Murica! says:

    Great episode! I can’t believe Meechum is dead! He went out like a hero!

  2. mgs2277 says:

    The latter went out a hero? I think you mean the former…

  3. Jack Hughes says:

    great writing.

  4. N says:

    I believe fully that the Zoe twist in season 2 was still much more shocking and was brilliantly done, no one realized all of the Zoe scenes from the season 2 trailer were all taken from first episode, which made it so good a twist. I have to say that between the episode description which stated that an event on the campaign trail changes everything and the trailers which showed a gun, I saw this coming though i was wrong to assume Frank orchestrated it for support, I also thought the Lucas story line would play out longer, and I did yell out Meechum when I realized what had happened .

  5. Chris says:

    Does anyone else think that had Claire left Frank for good, Frank would pursued Meechum in a romantic sense. I sensed Frank was replacing Claire with Meechum since the first episode of the season, and the hand tracing moment had some intimacy to it. It will be interesting to see how Frank reacts to Meechum’s death

    • abz says:

      i definitely thought that would happen. Frank and Meechum’s relationship has been very homoerotic. It reminds me a bit of Will/Hannibal and with Frank I actually thought he might eventually seek comfort romantically and/or sexually with Meechum after all the problems between him and Claire. After all it’s happened before in season 2 off screen. Kind of surprised they killed Meechum off before that happened.

  6. abz says:

    I still think Zoe’s death and the way it happened was more shocking. Surprised that Meechum is dead though comsidering. I was so sure Frank would seduce him after all the problems he’s been having with Claire. This season has started off a lot better than last season. I too thought the Lucas storyline would stretch out a bit longer. Still don’t like Doug especially after last season.

  7. Matt C. says:

    This episode was SO CRAZY! RIP Meechum, he was one of my favorite characters. Zoe’s death was still the craziest moment of the series so far, but this ranks just below that. I’m really loving season 4 already, about to start episode 5 now!

  8. Tom says:

    It doesn’t surpass the Zoe killing, because Zoe was the last real effort in the show to actually have good characters to go after the corrupt, murderous, and downright evil characters that make up the rest of the show. Which is why I find this show so boring now. Because its just a bunch of scumbags, fighting in the mud with other scumbags, with no end in sight, and I can’t care which scumbag ends up on top.

    What I want to see, what would fix the show for me, is the return of an opposing force, one that is going after justice. Get Timothy Olyphant to lead it.

  9. Walkie says:

    Meh. It was good but it was pretty obvious.

  10. Mostafa Abdel-Gawad says:

    That’s right. We don’t submit to terror. We make the terror.

    This is how America works. Donald Trump/Hillary Clinton 2016, God bless America.

  11. Angela Olchaskey says:

    My daughter who doesn’t watch walked into the room as Frank was walking out to the crowd. She’s says: Oh he’s going to get shot here. I said no he’s not and then BANG BANG. I just looked at her and she said MA you had to see that coming. I did not.

  12. biggio7 says:

    Poor out some Bourbon for Meachem