Grey's Anatomy Recap

Grey's Anatomy Recap: Decisions, Incisions

In the wake of #JaprilTheMovie, this week’s Chandra Wilson-directed Grey’s Anatomy advanced not only the expectant former couple’s relationship — albeit in a two-steps-backward kinda way — it also put a big, Richard-shaped obstacle in Maggie and Andrew’s path, revealed the status of Arizona’s love life, got Alex a (sorta) answer to his proposal and got Meredith the truth about Owen’s beef with Nathan. In other words, a lot happened. So read on, and we’ll review the twists and turns of “My Next Life”…

‘EVERYTHING’S GONNA GET ALL COMPLICATED’ | As the episode began, Amelia and Owen were finishing up in the sack, Jo was discovering Alex’s engagement ring in a drawer, and Mer was insisting that her students be more respectful of the dead bodies in the classroom. Then, after observing a pleasant exchange between the newly divorced Averys — during which April neglected to say, “Oh, and by the way, I’m pregnant” — Arizona urged the mom-to-be to inform her ex of her delicate condition. “Why?” April asked. “So he’ll come back to me?” No thanks. Since neither would nor should a baby have kept her marriage intact, she wanted to delay her confession and enjoy just being “happy for the first time in a year.” (Sorry, but are anyone else’s feelings ever as important to April as her own?) She’d fill in Jackson, she assured Arizona — but only when she was ready. In the doctors’ lounge, Maggie assumed that Amelia was missing a boot because she was drunk. After Shepherd explained that she was short some footwear because she’d gotten laid, Pierce complained that, since Andrew was an intern and thus always busy, “I know where all my boots are.” Off Ben telling Andrew that he should want to be Richard’s go-to, Webber — fully aware that his daughter was the “wildcat” DeLuca was seeing — assigned the intern a series of degrading tasks including but not limited to performing a rectal exam and picking up his drycleaning.

‘SHE WAS DEREK’S PATIENT, NOW SHE’S MINE’ | When Grey Sloan readmitted Katie Bryce, a former patient of Derek’s — and Meredith’s first surgery as an intern — the young woman was shocked to see Grey, she had been such a train wreck. “They still let you be a doctor here?” Katie marveled. Later, Grey and Amelia bickered possessively over the young woman like she was the last sharp scalpel in the hospital. After promising Stephanie that she could clip their next aneurysm, Amelia discovered that Katie had one the size of a boulder. “I don’t wanna clip that,” admitted Edwards. Neither did her mentor. But Amelia promised Katie that she’d do her “very best.” “Are you as good as your brother?” Katie asked. And questions really don’t come much more loaded than that. Afterward, Amelia — her insecurities turned up to 11 — tried to call things off anew with Owen, who instead reassured her that, no matter what Mer thought, she could handle Katie’s surgery.

‘I DIDN’T BUY IT FOR THE DRAWER’ | If you think you were frustrated by the wait to get Jo’s answer to Alex’s marriage proposal, just imagine being him. Even after their kiss last week, he still hadn’t technically gotten an answer. So when she inquired what he was going to do with the engagement ring, he seized the opportunity to try and get some clarity. “You didn’t say yes or no,” he reminded her. “Is this no?” In response, she said emphatically no, which only prompted him to ask, “‘No’ like ‘no’ or ‘no’ like ‘not no’?” And then — argh! — she left the elevator without anything whatsoever being resolved. Later, Jo admitted to Stephanie, “I don’t want [the ring]… right now.”

‘I’M INVESTED IN THIS PROJECT’ | When Arizona wasn’t forthcoming with details of the dates that Richard had helped set up for her, she at last volunteered TMI. So they were both kinda relieved when Andrew came in from running Webber’s errands and nearly passed out from hunger. Later, Andrew found the strength to hook up with Maggie… but they were interrupted by pages from Richard. Upon realizing that Webber had singled DeLuca out, Maggie confessed — foolishly, without first prescribing a sedative — that Richard was her father. “Oh, I’m so screwed,” Andrew gasped. Later, both Maggie and Arizona sang DeLuca’s praises to Webber. (Though Maggie made the mistake of mentioning that he had good hands — in surgery! In surgery!) In the OR, Arizona diverted Richard’s questions about how many women she was seeing by discussing what a great roommate Andrew was. He’s never there, she said, because he’s always at his girlfriend’s place. Although, she added, once he brought the woman over for the night. “I thought he was killing her in there!” Robbins said, horrifying both Richard and DeLuca. “She’s a screamer!”

‘CALL YOUR SON’ | Discharging a cancer patient, Mer ran into a problem that required help from cardio. To her dismay, “Ugh, Riggs!” was paged. (Her dislike of Nathan was so obvious that even the bleeding patient noticed.) Upon learning that the woman was reluctant to call the son she’d abandoned years earlier (in spite of her promise that she would if Grey got her cancer-free), Riggs encouraged her to do so before they had to wheel her into emergency surgery. Happily, the young man was receptive and was headed for the hospital stat. As Mer and Nathan wheeled the patient into the OR, Grey locked eyes with Katie — also on her way into surgery — and flashed back to Derek. (“It’s a beautiful night to save lives.”)

‘NO TRACE’ | As the hour drew to a close, we learned that Katie pulled through just fine, but Mer and Nathan lost their patient. Off that heartbreak, Grey asked Riggs point blank what was the deal between him and Owen. What did she know already, since she and Hunt were friends? “He said you put [his sister] in a helicopter, and it crashed,” Mer said. In response, Nathan explained that there had only been room for one of them with a patient on a transport chopper, and Meg had argued that, since it was her patient, she should be the one to go. “I would have done the same thing… ” he added, “so I couldn’t tell her no… and the helicopter never got there. No one knows what happened. It just… disappeared.” (Translation: Meg is possibly alive.) Finally pushed too far by Grey’s questions, Nathan snapped, “I don’t go asking about your dead husband, do I?” Elsewhere, Richard warned Arizona against spreading her heart too thin, prompting her to thank him for being her wingman. “You helped me be slutty again,” she said. Jo at last gave Alex an answer (of sorts) to his proposal. “Keep [the ring] in the drawer,” she said. “I don’t want it, but I don’t want it gone.” After Jackson insisted on paying his half of his and April’s last joint cell bill, saying, “I don’t wanna leave anything undone,” Alex revealed that he knew Kepner was preggers — “I work in peds, I figured it out” — and encouraged her to inform her ex before he figured it out, too. Maggie acknowledged to Richard that she liked Andrew — and liked that her dad was looking out for her as well. Owen and Amelia agreed to start over “just like new.” So, when she tried to seduce him, he adorably balked. “I barely know you!” he said. “At least ask me out on a date first!”

OK, your turn! What did you think of the episode? Hit the comments!

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  1. Al says:

    So good !
    Love all the references to the first Epsiode

  2. Alicia Gray says:

    Was that the same Katie from the pilot or a new actress? I can’t 100% tell.

  3. Sam says:

    I’m so over Jo. And April. They complain too much. I don’t need Alex to be with Mer, but I’m not a fan of Jo and Alex. I like Mer and Alex together, but it doesn’t need to be end game. Mer and Finn from S2 would be cool.

    • Tee says:

      I think I’m the only person in the world who likes Jo and Alex. I think they get each other in a way no one else has thus far.

      I don’t care about April and Jackson.

      • Sam says:

        Me too on the Japril crap. It’s like Calzona and Cristina and Owen all over again. Shonda loves the angsty storylines. I’d take Jo and Alex over April and Jackson.

      • Adrienne says:

        I like Jo and Alex too. I know it’s a tv show but there’s no need for all of these relationships to be up in the air. Alex deserves some real happiness. Just have Jo say yes already!

        I also like April and Jackson. I hope they work it out.

        • Kelly says:

          I like both couples as well. I think they should get rid of Amelia. He!! I like Penny better than Amelia. And definitely NO to Mer and Alex! She’s going to end up with Riggs I think.

      • Whatevah says:

        I used to like Jo and Alex until Shonda ruined her. The plot w/ Stephanie did not endure her to me and her complaining all the time has alienated me. I don’t like her now. Just like I don’t think the Andrew/Maggie relationship is doing Maggie any favors. They made her “that girl” that only talks about her sex life.

    • Jenks says:

      So am I. And they can take Amelia with them. I don’t know when I’ve seen such selfish, unpleasant characters. Not everybody has to be super-sweet (think: Cristina, who was a brilliantly created prickly character), but these three have no redeeming qualities. It’s like Shonda is phoning in their scenes by saying, “just let them whine.”

  4. Cindy says:

    Patrick Dempsey gets more airtime since he left the show than he did when he was on here. I love still seeing Derek, though.

    • Tee says:

      The flashbacks just make me realize how young Ellen Pompeo was when the show started! There was a light in Meredith’s eyes back then…once she stepped foot in Seattle Grace, she got dark and twisty, and the twinkle doesn’t seem to be there anymore.

      • Emma says:

        I couldn’t understand why she was glaring so angrily at her patient’s son at the end, didn’t seem to be any cause for that.

        • Nicole says:

          She wasn’t angry at him , that’s how litle you know Meredith ? she was sad about the situation and probably at death for taking so many good people

  5. Nerwen Aldarion says:

    You know I could understand April not telling Jackson because she’s afraid this baby might be sick too. That would make sense. Even keeping it from him before the divorce makes sense because she wouldn’t want him to stay just for the baby.

    But just so you can be happy for a bit? Honey, I don’t hate April but that’s just stupid. Come on Shonda, you can come up with a better reason than THAT!

    • Alichat says:

      But that’s April. Yes, they could have written it so the reason was she was worried this baby would be sick too, or she thought to wait a bit longer in the pregnancy in case she lost the baby (say she was only three – four weeks along)……..but to wait because SHE’S finally happy…..that’s completely April. Again…it’s about her feelings, her wants, her needs.

      • Moname91 says:

        I don’t really understand everybody hating on April. She is one of my favorite characters. She isn’t perfect. She makes mistakes just like everyone else and has her own brand of crazy. She lost her child and she and Jackson dealt with that loss in different ways. He needed her, but what she needed was something spiritual. To do something that made her feel better again like going into a war zone and saving lives. Totally in line with her character. Speaking of wanting to stay in the happy bubble didn’t she do this right after they eloped and then again when they had sex for the first time after being estranged for so long. So wanting to enjoy a week or two in a happy place without complications after all the emotional turmoil I can accept that. Either way Jackson isn’t going to take the news very well and we’ll probably see a him trying to convince her to stay married and she’ll be the one saying No!

        • I totally agree with you. I can definitely understand her need to just be happy and not have any angst for a few weeks. Remember she did not want to end her marriage. Jackson did. She gave him what he wanted. What’s the difference if he learns of her pregnancy this week or a few weeks from now. This will not change anything between them for the time being.

        • Jenks says:

          People don’t like her character because she is 100% self-centered. Every fight she had with Jackson was about how SHE felt. Not telling him about the baby is about how SHE feels. I think if she had once acknowledged what she put him through and apologized — without making it about her — he would have reconciled. She never did.

        • Gul says:

          Me either. Stop hating on her. With the divorce, I understand both sides and while I LOVE japril & I hate that they split, I get it. But now, I mean, the girl just got divorced, a divorce she did not want but gave into because thats what he wanted. This baby is the only thing keeping her from falling apart. Is it really that bad for her to hold on to that for some time before all the inevitable drama ensues? She’s not keeping it from him out of spite. Cut her some slack. It seems to me that people just seem to want a reason to dump on her. I get why many/most blame her for the divorce but this is nothing to hate on her for.

        • Alichat says:

          I’m not hating on April. I like Jackson and April, but she’s been pretty selfish through this whole ordeal. So she needed to heal by going off to a war zone and saving lives, but she didn’t need to do it twice. She wanted to do that second tour, when he needed her to stay so he could heal. And your two happy bubble examples included Jackson. She didn’t want to share the news with people who didn’t need to know she had sex with him or that they’d eloped. This baby is news Jackson needs to know. My point in making the post above to Nerwen Aldarian was to point out that yes Shonda could have written a better reason for not telling Jackson, but that wouldn’t be true to April’s character.

      • Grace says:

        This might not be a popular opinion, but… April had to carry the baby they lost. April had to *give birth* to a baby they knew was going to die. I’m not trying to diminish Jackson’s grief at all, but I can understand why April wants to keep this pregnancy to herself for a bit. It’s got to be a complicated thing for her, but right now she’s focusing on it as a happy thing. Her husband just divorced her–something she very much didn’t want–so she’s focusing on the one thing that is making her happy at the moment. She said she’s going to tell him–she just wants a little time. She just found out the morning of their divorce, and it hasn’t been that long since that happened. Once Jackson finds out, he’ll have a reaction (good or bad) and then as the pregnancy progresses they’ll have to check for complications… all stuff I’m sure she’s worried about. So for now, she just wants to be happy. It makes sense.

        • Azu says:

          Thank you!! This April bashing is getting too much. She’s the one carrying the pregnancy against all odds!! She has every right to decide when to let her ex know. I wonder if guys bashed Christina and called her selfish when she made the singular decision to abort hers and owen’s perfectly healthy baby

          • Kelly Hilliard says:

            Thank you! I already said earlier in this post that it would WAY harder for the female to lose an unborn baby than a male. I’m a mother and I know for a fact that I would take it way harder than my husband. It’s like you people get hate for a character and then they can do no right. I remember last at this time it was Arizona. Where are those haters now? Oh that’s right, hating April and Jo!

          • Azu says:

            I agree with you. Do you know that a mum lactates even when her baby is dead? You go through all the pain and trauma of carrying the baby and then birthing her only for her to die. The woman’s physiology is all messed up not to talk changes in her boobs, weight, shape

          • abz says:

            It’s kind of sad that once again with this show grief is turned into some sort of sick competition of who is allowed to grieve more instead of the two individuals working together to find a way to support each other’s grief and not diminish one person’s grief over the other. Both Meredith’s and Amelia’s grief over Derek turned into a whole issue about who had the right to grieve more with Amelia being treated as if her grief didn’t matter as much if at all sometimes. And look how it shattered any connection they may have had with only just now the two of them working on rebuilding it.
            I can’t speak for everyone, but i think people are supporting Jackson in this because his grief shouldn’t be diminished just because he was born a male. They should have tried to work through it together, but April left not once, but twice. And you know what. She made that decision and she’d be naive to not expect any consequences. Also, like other characters on this show she is very flawed and can be very self-cantered. She has this inability to even listen or let him speak or express what he’s been through. Jackson gave up after four weeks because how can therapy even work when your partner won’t even hear you out and you can’t get through to them. Too much damage was done. Maybe they should have separated instead of divorcing right away, but for Jackson, she left him for a year alone. Maybe that was separation enough for him
            And It is his baby as well. He’s not just her ex. He’s the baby’s father. He should know. What about those women who just want to have a “moment of happiness” and eventually decide to never tell the father about the child. How sick is that?

          • Azu says:

            Was that enough for him to be rude to her the way he was last episode? “I want it all to end” that was a jerky statement considering that they’re supposed to be civil to each other and used to be friends. That statement alone is not enough to worry about his reaction about the pregnancy if mere telephone bills he couldn’t wait to sever ties with April and finish with her!

          • abz says:

            I highly doubt after watching Jackson all these years that he’d abandon that baby or tell April to abort or something. He’s deeply hurt by April, but this is not the kind of thing he wouldn’t want to know right away.
            And I think his reaction is besides the point. Comparing a phone bill to a baby. They’re not the same. I think he has a right to know and process it. This is something that will change his life and their relationship forever having a child together. If he’s gonna have a terrible reaction after she tells him then that’s on him and it will be his mistake, but at least April will have done her part and let him now instead of keeping it to herself.

          • Azu says:

            She did say she would tell him, remember? All she wants is a little bit of time to savor and process it. I honestly don’t think that’s too much for anyone to ask

          • abz says:

            Yes, she did, but once again it’s about HER needs. She wants to savour it. She wants to tell him when SHE feels like it. And when exactly will she tell him? A week? A month? 3 months? When she starts showing? How long does she plan on keeping this secret? SHE wants time to process it but doesn’t really offer him the same courtesy.

  6. Luli says:

    And then they played “Into the fire” and I died. Couldn’t stop crying… So many callbacks to the pilot, the if/then episode, and derek’s death…

    So glad Katie made it, and sad that Daphne didn’t.

    • Stacey says:

      This. I’m surprised it wasn’t mentioned in the recap. This version, same as when Derek and Mer saved Katie. Also that Katie’s scans were in the elevator when Derek proposed. Her first save. Shonda’s not making Patrick’s absence any less painful.

    • Taylor says:

      I just came to say the same Lull!!
      They played “Into the Fire” and it just gave me all the chills.. and when Meredith saw Katie on the way to the OR and she had this flashback… woah! Old School Greys!!

  7. Azu says:

    Leave April alone, Jackson decided to end the marriage after only 4 weeks of therapy. She will tell him eventually she deserves sometime to be happy and savor the news. People are naturally biased about April so I feel guys are ready to see everything she does as wrong. I lost a baby so I understand a bit about needing to heal before you end up doing something dangerous to harm yourself. You don’t rush out of a marriage because of what April did to try and heal from her grief. Believe it or not marriage is about hard work. Your spouse can hurt you in so many ways but as long as its not coming from a mean place, normal people try to work through the bad times. He should have hung in there a bit longer.

    • Lea says:

      I totally agree.
      I do not accept April and Jackson’s divorce. :-(

    • Catherine Calhoun says:

      But what about what he needed to heal. She never once thought of how losing their baby hurt him. She never thought about what he needed. It was always just her.

      • Kelly says:

        I gotta say, and this going to be totally sexist but, it seems to me it would definitely hit the mom harder than the dad to lose the child in this type of situation. I totally agree with Azu.

        • Ange says:

          Did you not see what he went through while she was gone, having to deal with an empty baby room. Man or woman, that hurts.

          • Kelly says:

            No I saw what he went through, but in my unprofessional opinion (other than being a mom) I would think it would effect April more because she actually carried Samuel. Not saying Jackson didn’t mourn. I think the crib seen was more about him being angry that she left though.

    • Adrienne says:

      I completely agree. Jackson gave up on the marriage too quickly. I do think a good point was raised though about April. She does need to be a better listener.

    • Stacy says:

      “normal people try to work through the bad times. He should have hung in there a bit longer.” – Couldn’t you have also said this to/about April leaving Jackson? She never considered his grief or needs, only hers. They both lost a child, they both had to find a way through. She chose to do it alone, forcing him to be alone.

      • azu says:

        She actually asked him to go with her. Don’t forget. Truth is women are usually more expressive of their feelings than men- stoicism

    • Angela says:

      Personally, I do not think the baby is Jackson’s baby. I really believe that it might be Owen’s brother in law’s. She told Alex she was 9 weeks, but I don’t believe that fits the time line for her and Jackson.

      • Anna says:

        It does fit the timeline for her and Jackson – 9 weeks ago was the end of December/beginning of January. They starting sleeping together before the mid-season break, and they said in the last episode that they were sleeping together all while they were in therapy (which would have happened during the break). So unless she was also sleeping with someone else while sleeping with Jackson, which isn’t in line with her character at all, then the baby is his.

    • HQ says:

      Thank you! If she did tell him now some people would still call her selfish and think she was using it to get him back! She is in a no win situation, granted it is of her own making! I kind of think in a way she is trying to think of him by not telling him yet. She is trying to give him what he said he wants, out. So many things can go wrong in the first trimester that a lot of people wait to tell others. He wanted the divorce after a month of therapy so now he is getting his wish! She was devastated by the divorce and I understand her wanting to hold on to the one thing in her life that is good right now. I think we all know he will not exactly be thrilled with the pregnancy. She does need to tell him soon though. Also, Jackson was kind of a jerk in this episode with the whole phone bill thing. He seems disappointed that she isn’t more upset and falling apart. It felt like he was intentionally trying to upset her with the check. That was childish and a little cruel.

    • G says:

      You (and April) can’t have it both ways. Either marriage is hard work and you face that struggle, or marriage is something you can put on pause when you want or need.

      April gets a lot of crap because her decisions about their life rarely if ever include him, from more mundane things like trying to pressure him into leading a prayer, to going on multiple tours to heal, to signing the divorce papers without telling him about the pregnancy. That’s to say nothing of how often she frames herself as the person fighting for the marriage … only after she abandoned him for months.

      Sometimes people need things like getting away. But fulfilling singular needs in a partnership comes with a price that you have to be willing to accept, or at the very least, acknowledge.

      • Azu says:

        You seem to forget that grief is not something that follows a set pattern that must be conducive to everyone’s feelings. Jackson was also grieving so maybe he could have gone with April or got some grief therapy instead of just staying home and wallowing. guess what- when you’v carried a baby for months and you used to have a bump and then all of a sudden, it’s no longer there. You’ve felt it move kick e.t.c. Death of a child although painful to both parents is also worsened by the physiological changes of a woman. It’s a special kind of crazy for the mum. Your body changes once you’re pregnant. You still have a bump yet you realize there’s no child. The worst of it is you still lactate and there’s no baby to suckle. Jackson has everything right to feel bad that he had to grieve alone; Separation to take the time to try and heal would have been a better option than outright divorce. Just saying

        • G says:

          No, grief doesn’t follow a set pattern. But as I stated above, when you decide you need to make an extreme, one-sided change in your life to get over the grief, you have to accept the repercussions.

          The show has gone out of its way to showcase April’s inability to listen to Jackson or have empathy over what he went through while she was away and in her return. She continually lashes out, puts words in his mouth, complains, etc. She can’t even listen to the therapist when they try therapy. The person who insists on working it out is unwilling to put in the effort. Instead, she wants to have sex, ignore the therapist, and ignore the problems.

          April, quite simply, wants to have things her way and has absolutely no idea how to deal when her partner’s needs and feelings don’t mesh with her own. This is compounded by the fact that she chose someone whose needs and feelings are often going to challenge her own.

  8. ash says:

    Arizona. Is. HILARIOUS!

  9. Brandon says:

    Does anyone know who played David, Daphne’s son, in this episode because it is bugging me.

  10. abz says:

    All the nostalgia came back when they played the same song from the pilot episode “Into the Fire” by Thirteen Senses. Loved it.
    This episode was a BIG improvement on last week. All the flashbacks to the pilot and bringing back the first case was great. If only Shonda could do this well with Scandal, maybe TGIT would be great again.
    One thing I hate though is when shows do the whole delayed telling the father I’m pregnant thing or when they don’t tell him at all. I totally understand why she inevitably went through with the divorce. She doesn’t want them to just stay together for the baby. However, I think it’s just selfish whenever they hold on to a secret like that. He has a right to know. It’s his baby too. Just tell him. It’s gonna complicate their relationship, but that’s to be expected. If he’s gonna freak out and not want to be a part of it well that’s on him and he will have to live with it.

    • abz says:

      Also I was underwhelmed by the reasoning behind the rift between Nathan and Owen. It’s just so lame. Owen built it up to be this unforgivable thing. I’ve rarely liked Owen but this makes me somewhat dislike him more. It’s just so over the top sometimes. I wish they would take him out of the show. The only reason I accepted him was because of Cristina and because his character led to Teddy coming on the show, a character I really enjoyed a lot. He’s just dead weight now. I don’t see the chemistry between him and Amelia. Take him out and give his screen time to another character like Arizona (I can’t believe how much has changed in a few seasons. I went from disliking Arizona so much to being upset that we don’t see much of her anymore. Both she and Callie are becoming the new Alexes of the show. they just pop up every now and then to serve other characters stories with a bone thrown their way once in a while).

      • Stacy says:

        I agree the rift was completely overplayed, but that’s also what I was expecting. A super dramatic speed bump that can actually be pretty simply overcome. Of course we were going to get Riggs’ side of the story and be sympathetic.

  11. Melissa says:

    Anyone else think Mer should just get over the whole Amelia thing? I mean it’s Derek’s sister. She had a right to be pissed at Mer for how she was acting. Mer has to stop acting like she was the only one that lost him. That was her only brother, her feelings matter equally. Amelia was pushed out of every decision regarding Derek and was robbed out of saying good bye. Everyone complains about April being the whinny one but Mer is worse. She needs to get over the loss already. It’s been like 2 years. Move on.

    • busta950 says:

      Just because it is 2 years Mer has moved on but it is a slow process. Yes agree Amelia was not there when he died, but Mer offered her a home even when she moved from the Dream House does Amelia not earn enough money as Head of Neuro to buy her own place. Owen where is he living in his Airstream as this was originally on Mer/Der land and she sold it.
      The Flashbacks even down to the music were spot on last night even down to the music and the opening scenes let’s remember that is where it started and yes I did cry.
      Bailey was great I no she directed but even her brief appearance “When Derek had all the interns chasing there tails for the answers and he was chasing your tail” that little smile Meredith made after the comet it showed she is moving on slowly. Also give Amelia her due this time she did not jump down Meredith throat.
      I really thought with the opening scene I had hit the wrong Episode (in Uk had to pick it up on line)

      • Nicole says:

        Same I thought I am playing the wrong episode I didn’t knew it was directed by Bailey she did a fantastic job o

    • Ange says:

      Well the name of the show is “Grey’s” Anatomy not Shepard’s Anatomy. And a wife/husband trumps a sibling. Amelia was not his only sister.

  12. Is it just me or does Jessica Capshaw not even try to pretend she remembers Arizona had her leg amputated.

    • Jenks says:

      That must be a hella good prosthesis.

    • Laurie says:

      I was thinking that. I was searching for comments about this. Someone else had to have noticed this besides me. I looked for old pictures and Arizona’s amputation is clearly above the knee. Her prosthesis definitely would have shown in that skirt, tights and boots she was wearing when she was dressed up for her date.

  13. Zeivah says:

    Watch out for Nathan & Mer. That is a chemestry making couple.

    • Emma says:

      yep, I can see it know, they find happiness together and then boom, his wife (aka Owen’s sister) returns from the (not) dead, hah.

  14. EM says:

    Much improved over last weeks episode with things moving along. Perfect classic Grey’s mix of drama and humor. The hallway scenes with Katie and Mer staring at each other before surgery and Amelia and Mer sharing a glance after surgery were perfection.

  15. Jewels says:

    April and Jo…two of the most self-centered characters. There was a brief…BRIEF moment when they were likeable but that ship sailed ages ago. April has been so focused on herself that she never gave a thought to her husband. I don’t begrudge her the space, but I do hate her reactions. She doesn’t seem to be one for living with her own consequences.

    And Jo? She’s a child. Alex can do better. Let her sow her oats. This keeping Alex hanging is just…sad.

  16. robandco says:

    Such a good episode. Both very light and very dark, and so funny.
    I always knew Katie Brice would be back one day. I imagined it would be for the last episode so I was a bit taken aback. It was a clever use of the character! I hope they start bringing old patient from the past, because it’s fun IMO.
    Maggie, De Lucca and Weber’s story was so funny. Arizona’s as well.

  17. Agmercurio says:

    Give too many details about the series, at first, each episode captured my attention for the surprises contained. But there is now everything will happen even snatches of conversation including episodes; it is heavy to read and also boring and does not produce the expected effect “create a desire to see the episode”. Jackson and April the plot is boring, the characters do not arouse my interest. The couple Jo and Alex despite these overtures about a possible relationship with Meredith has no magic. The bad copy of MerDer played by Maggie and her intern is just that a very bad copy. The subject of Amelia and Owen with those trying unsuccessfully to reproduce the story of Owen and Cristina does not convince.
    I think the show would be fine if it appears’s twin brother Derek, lost when his mother gave birth and of course Patrick Dempsey returned to the series to interpret. I suggest those responsible to consider this possibility would be a great dramatic effect and recover the fans of the couple who have stopped watching the series since Derek disappeared.

  18. Nicoleta says:

    Meredith has aged so much it’s incredible, she isn’t afraid to show it and I like that . It’s just that this flashback scenes really scare the crap out of me , it makes me realise that I will change so much physically over the next few years . I didn’t understand the message with Meredith’s scene when she sits on top of her new patient and glances at her first ever patient , I didn’t get it , was there a message ? I mean her patient died is it supposed to be a sign of more bad things coming her way because honestly I can’t watch one more horrible thing that happen to this poor woman

  19. Mary Piazza says:

    What is the name of the actress who played the woman who died? Her face is so gosh darn familiar….really bugging me.

  20. Adeola says:

    I haven’t really been a fan of April. She’s too spontaneous and somehow selfish too. Just like Alex advised, she had better told Jackson she’s pregnant before he figures it out.
    I totally love DeLuca and Maggie, I think she deserves some true love too. I loved that Deluca-Webber-Maggie twist, was damn funny.
    And I don’t get why Alex is being tortured like this. Jo should say yes (or no) already.
    And I miss Callie!

  21. Michelle says:

    How about grey and Riggs!? They would get each other, both suffered loss!

  22. Nancy says:

    I don’t think it was realistic. If the docs thought the patient might massively hemorrhage, they would have had her in the OR before releasing pressure. That trip to the OR, waiting for the elevator, etc. was ridiculous. Oh, and was Dr. Grey supposed to have any misgivings at all about losing her patient because she didn’t! What exactly did she do to cause such bleeding in – nick a major artery? I hate it when medical shows are so grossly wrong.

  23. ig says:

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    I have bookmarked it for later!