Trevor Noah Takes Aim at Iowa's New Handguns-for-Tweens Law (Video)

Believe it or not, Trevor Noah doesn’t think children should have access to guns. (Shocker, right!?)

The Daily Show host addressed on Tuesday a new bill that would allow children under the age of 14 to openly carry handguns in Iowa.

Noah gets serious around the 2:15 mark, asking why the government would be so quick to make this law a reality, while continuing to ignore the glut of recent shootings that have harmed countless innocent children.

Watch the segment below, then sound off in the comments.

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  1. Mary says:

    Wow all I can say is people stupidity is beyond words. Some of these States I swear do not know their a.. from a hole in the ground. People wonder why are Country is in such disarray.

  2. Whatevah says:

    Why are you saying “shocker right”? It sounds like you do think this is an okay idea.

  3. The kids like their parents have a 2nd Amendment rite to kill each other. Misspelling intentions guns are like gods to the gun nuts. So all gun slaughters are rituals and holy.

  4. Lysh says:

    That was kind of less funny and more terrifying.

  5. HAP says:

    For a couple of centuries, the courts generally looked at the 2nd amendment in light of the “well regulated militia” passage and general ownership of hand guns was not considered to be allowed. It really was not until 2008 with District Of Colombia v Heller that it became generally accepted that all may possess and carry firearms.

  6. bj says:

    So let’s see – teenagers are too young to take responsibility for crimes such as murder or rape because their brains aren’t developed enough. They lack impulse control. But now they can have handguns. Wonderful.

    • Angela says:

      This. To say nothing of the fact that we rightfully have laws deciding when they’re old enough to drink, smoke, join the military, make choices about who they can sleep with, etc….but apparently they don’t have to wait until they’re in their late teens or early twenties to hold and use a real life gun. O-kay

      • Gun rights activist says:

        Do you not understand the law at all, it states and I quote, “any child under the age of 14 will be allowed to handle a handgun under the direct supervision of a guardian or parent that is 21 years or older”.
        Emphasis on direct.
        The child still has to turn 21 before he or she is allowed to carry a handgun. LEARN YOUR FACTS!!

        • Angela says:

          No, I know what the law is. And I still think it’s dumb even if the kids have adult supervision. We’ve seen how reckless some adults can be with guns, so you’ll pardon me if I don’t exactly feel that much safer even with them “supervising” a child using a gun. Is the adult going to get proper gun training beforehand to prove they’re capable of teaching a child how to use a gun properly? Or will that be too much of a “restriction” on people’s beloved right to own a gun?
          Bottom line, whether they’re supervised or not, the idea of a child handling ANY sort of a real gun is absurd, disturbing, and extremely dangerous. For cripes’ sakes, schools have placed restrictions on children bringing in toy guns because of the fear people might mistake them for the real thing. But apparently a child actually carrying the real thing itself is a-ok? That makes no sense.

  7. Angela says:

    I was facepalming so much at this. Way to make my state look bad, idiot lawmakers. Thank goodness the bill didn’t go through.
    So Trump is doing really well in the polls and primaries so far, and people honestly think, in the wake of the horrors of Sandy Hook, that children should be allowed to use guns.
    It’s official: America has lost its damn mind.

  8. Notchbeard says:

    I fired a .22, .38 and .44 by the time I was 8, Dad had to help with the .44 because I wasn’t strong enough to withstand its kick alone at first. I took safety courses at 12 and we went hunting with our rifles and target practiced with our pistols. I have more care and respect for guns than anyone I know my age, I live in California where guns are treated as monsters, I have had roommates that didn’t want me to keep them in the house for example. The Daily Show is taking far too serious a political side in my opinion and they lost this guy.

  9. Maria says:

    What? Is that law serious???? bloody hell.