Teen Wolf Recap

Teen Wolf Recap: 'That's Not My Name'

Mason’s game of hide-and-seek reached an unfortunate conclusion Tuesday on the penultimate episode of Teen Wolf‘s fifth season.

While Scott and his pack tracked down Mason, a flurry of new details came to light about Liam’s BFF. For starters, he is a genetic chimera; as Mama McCall tactfully pointed out, Mason “ate his twin” in utero. And as Gerard added, it’s OK to start searching for the legendary Beast-impaling pike because, by now, “Mason Hewitt is gone.”

Sadly, once Scott and Liam found their missing pal — who may or may not have been hooked up to a former Nazi werewolf, I’m still investigating — they realized that Gerard was right. When they addressed him as “Mason,” he growled, “That’s not my name,” before entering full Stitch mode. And when they were finally able to subdue him, he didn’t transform back into Mason, but into that no-good Sebastian — the Man of Gévaudan!

All in all, this episode was a huge help to my overburdened brain. Heck, even the Dread Doctors decided to suddenly start speaking in full sentences this week, offering Theo an explanation for why Mason was chosen to help revive the Beast:

Your failure taught us one thing: the banality of evil. That you were, and would always be, an ordinary evil. … We believed that to resurrect the perfect killer, we had to start with the perfect evil. From you, we learned true evil only comes from corrupting something truly good.

The intense hour also served as the perfect set-up for next week’s finale, with Parrish going after the Beast in its final moments. If anyone reading this has experience with prayers circles, now would be the time to start forming one.

‘I LOVE A CAGE MATCH’ | Malia and Braeden’s ongoing battle with the Desert Wolf — excuse me, Corinne — also took a dangerous turn this week. Though Braeden’s (brilliant) trail of nuts provided sufficient warning of Corinne’s attack, I can’t help but worry about the three women all trapped under the same roof, especially knowing how much Teen Wolf enjoys killing off beloved characters in its finales. (Also, how funny was Stiles’ bit with the gun? Everything about that exchange felt very Season 1, and I loved it.)

Additional Thoughts:

* Can Deucalion’s “pain, life, power” mantra become MTV’s new “gym, tan, laundry”? #PLP

* After the skin-walkers help Kira save Mason, can she help them by picking up a bottle of lotion at CVS? (Their weird, cracked faces make my skill crawl every single time.)

* Even Stiles and Lydia’s non-romantic encounters are somehow romantic. I don’t know why I ever gave up on that ‘ship.

Your thoughts on this week’s Teen Wolf? Hopes and fears for next week’s finale? Drop ’em all in a comment below.

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  1. kate says:

    Deucalion is playing a longer game than I anticipated….

  2. There were only 2 women inside. Just Desert Wolf and Malia. Braeden was outside.

  3. jrex says:

    I”m really worried about who survives this season with several plot lines to resolve with Malia and her Mom the Desert Wolf, Deucalion and Scott’s eyeballs, banally evil Theo and his remaining pack member, Parrish and Lydia and Stiles and Malia, Kira and her sacrifice, not to mention poor gay Mason who finally got a boyfriend only to turn into a Beast. At least the Dread Doctors appear to have been killed by the Beast (probably not part of their plan)?

    • Connor says:

      Now that Mason is gone, and the Man of Gevaudan is back, does this mean that Scott is going to finally stop trying to ‘save’ the villain? As, he did say to Theo that he never said he doesn’t think he won’t have to kill, he basically said he doesn’t want to – it’s not who he is. There is no saving this guy. He kills whatever crosses his path (except for Theo. Theo’s special.) I am so anticipated for either a Hellhound vs Beast show down, or a True Alpha vs Beast show down. Maybe the name who took down the Beast will be McCall, and not Argent. Even though, I like how they stretched this season. They were planning on it to be the last season, but it’s not, and you can see how they made it work. They are no where near graduation yet.

      • Shaun says:

        To be fair Scott doesn’t want to save his enemies,just can’t kill them because he’s a True Alpha.He should be fine maiming enemies though.

  4. jrex says:

    Braeden’s not affected by the mountain ash and can pass the barrier whenever she chooses.

  5. Phoenix5634 says:

    I think maybe Deucalion has known about the legend of the Beast ( or the Demon Wolf ) for a while now, and that’s maybe the true reason why he started his Alpha Pack. He was trying to recreate that power the only way he knew how at the time. He even called himself the Demon Wolf at one point… I’m hoping Deucalion steals the Beasts’ power.

  6. pblo78 says:

    There were 3 girls and a Desert Wolf. The kanina from Leo´s path were there too. I dont think they will kill off anyone important in the next chapter… and they might leave us with a cliffhanger.
    People are saying about Deumo´s ultimate plan… but what about old Argent plans… we all know they should not trust him… and what is that, that the Argents are holding up?
    Even though i dont like Theo´s character, i am pretty sure we will suffer him next season. I am leaning on him taking the power from Mason and become the real bad for next season. And we have what is cooking all this season long. Theo vs Scott. A pretty intense showdown.

  7. ayo says:

    the dread doctors have lived too long and want to die
    but could not be killed so they invented the perfect killer that he may put them to rest
    and he did … “perhaps that is what transform into our frequency mean”

  8. spu says:

    I loved tonight’s episode. And also why was Tracy helping the Desert Wolf? Did I see that right? I want more Stydia moments. And I hope Scott won’t lose Kira too after Allison. I know this is irrelevant to the plot but why were Malia and Braeden hiding out in Scott’s house and destroying HIS lamps and furniture?

    • Don says:

      It seems as if Theo and the Desert wolf have continued their alliance, so with Braedan being a part of Theo’s pack she would help out the desert wolf.

  9. I know it’s to much to ask for and probally won’t happen but it would be epic if Derek returns in the finale for like 10 mins(in wolf form) and tag team fights the beast with Scott.

  10. pep says:

    Things I noted from the “Next week on Teen Wolf” Promo
    1. Lydia gets her throat slit and ends up in the hospital
    2. Stiles gets impaled by a huge piece of glass in the chest at some point
    3. Lydia uses her scream directly on someone post hospital visit because she has gauze on her neck.
    4. Did ya’ll see Allison in that first second or was that Hayden?

    Side note Lydia didn’t scream for Mason when he “died” became the beast…so is he not dead?? Please let my cinnamon roll be ok.

    I was hoping Braeden wouldn’t be able to cross the ash barrier because she was preggers or something…that would certainly bring back Derek.

    Next week looks…Intense.

  11. isaiah says:

    I think this guys are really trying with what they’ve done.Good job. Scott Mc call is a very good actor with his friends, all of them.I am anticipating for more from him and his friends.