Agent Carter Season 2 Finale Peggy Sousa Kiss

Agent Carter Season 2 Finale Recap: A Kiss Before (Someone) Dying

Marvel’s Agent Carter closed Season 2 on Tuesday night with a clash, a clinch and then the clunk! of a body hitting the floor.

Picking up from last week’s double-header: After exploding inside Frost’s base, Jason is found alive and corporeal, his own association with zero matter apparently ended. Whitney Frost, however, is a very different story, emerging from the rubble supercharged and ready to rumble — to which Peggy indelicately but smartly counsels the team to run!

The trick moving forward, Peggy & Co. agree, is to re-open the rift but on their own terms, for the purpose of sending the zero matter inside Whitney whence it came — all while not allowing new goo to come to our side. No easy feat. Luckily, Manfredi comes a-knocking to bro-hand with Howard as well as lament the Whitney situation. (As he expressed to his Nana, the love of his life just isn’t the same, obsessed as she is with building a gizmo to rip back open the rift!) That gives Peggy Howard the idea to let Whitney do the hard thinking for them, and then steal her plans.

Once that is done, the brainiacs — Jason, Howard and Samberly — get to constructing the contraption (which, as with every gadget built from scratch this season, or on The Flash, always amuses me. I can barely be counted to have on hand the makings of a turkey sandwich, but these guys have every doohickey and wingnut needed to build “The Shears of God” on a moment’s notice?). They set things up on one of Howard’s vacated lots, and as anticipated, Whitney “senses” the rift being opened, and thus makes a beeline for their honey trap.

Sure ’nuff, once Whitney arrives (and after Samberly faints), they get the drop on her with the gamma cannon and blast the goo out of her and into the portal. Alas, Howard’s remote control fritzes out, meaning one of them will have to exit the “safe” perimeter to use the manual hand crank on the rift generator. But before the team can agree on who will make the sacrifice, risking getting floated up and into the rift, we see that Sousa has already tethered himself to a flagpole with a fire hose and started marching toward the crank. When the hose proves juuuuust long enough, and as Sousa starts levitating, Peggy & Co. latch onto the hose, but Sousa is unable to complete the task.

As a different means of closing the rift, Jarvis and Samberly (now awake!) get the idea to throw the gamma core from the recharging cannon into Stark’s hovercar and nudge it into the void, exploding the portal closed — which is precisely what happens. In the aftermath, we see Manfredi pay a visit to Whitney, who has gone a bit insane (carrying on a convo with the husband she just killed and all), while Peggy prepares to make the trek back to the Big Apple.

Jarvis (with Ana’s blessing) convinces Miss Carter to let him drive her away, and it’s a good thing he does, as it allows him the chance to plant the seed that while she has multiple reasons for returning to New York, maybe just maybe they can be offset by one very good reason to stay in Los Angeles. And that is precisely what Peggy comes to realize when she stops upstairs at the SSR, gets into a playful quarrel with Sousa (who admonishes her “reckless” behavior in the field) before pulling him into one of many, long, increasingly heated kisses, there in his staid office.

Not everyone would come out of Season 2 with a happy ending, however. For in the coda, we see Jack Thompson — who earlier in the hour discovered that the Arena Club pins act as keys — readying for his own trip back east when there is a knock on his hotel room door. Waiting for Jack on the other side, he promptly, sadly learns, is a bullet with his name on it. The unseen assassin then steps over Jack’s bloody body to steal the redacted file on Peggy’s allegedly morally gray stint with the SOE….

What did you think of Agent Carter‘s sophomore finale and Season 2 as a whole?

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  1. A. D. says:

    If ABC doesn’t renew this show, they are idiots…there are like 50 shows I watch all on Tuesday….TIVO is a Godsend…

  2. Alichat says:

    I really hope this show gets a third season. We must have more of Jarvis and Ana…..and Peggy and Howard trading quips……and Sousa and Peggy…..and Jarvis and Peggy on a mission…..

  3. laurelnev says:

    LOVE this series, but again, it suffered from “Mess up the last 5 minutes” syndrome. I could see many reasons for Peggy to stay in LA without having the show end with her and Sousa sucking face. Peggy is far too subtle to behave that way, especially in the office. And I am sorry they took out Thompson, although I guess they’re setting up for a S3. That being said, Dottie taking out Thompson would have been okay. Despite the fact a renewal has not been announced, I DO hope Agent Carter survives as long as SHIELD. I so enjoy the short format, and it’s such a nice filler for SHIELD’s annual hiatus.

    • tvjunkie says:

      What makes you think he’s dead? He was shot in the shoulder area. He could simply be passed out. Though he could bleed out if he doesn’t get treatment soon enough.

      • Gerald says:

        Wouldn’t be unheard of, but it looked like a chest wound to me and a presumably professional killer like that would probably not leave a witness alive.
        I DO HOPE the series is alive. Jack would be nice, but not essential.
        Come on PVR numbers. Make it worth ABC’s while.

      • laurelnev says:

        He was shot in the chest, but he could possibly live if he doesn’t bleed out. TV characters miraculously survive shootings that would kill the rest of us all the time. ;)

  4. Redness says:

    Correction: it was Howard’s idea to steak the research from Whitney.

    Also, the file on Peggy was faked.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Ah, good catch — I meant to double check that on second viewing tonight, forgot.

    • taran63 says:

      Actually, every time I saw the file, it just said M. Carter, supposedly Margeret. But I wonder if Peggy’s brother Michael got up to no good.

      • JoeyQ says:

        I kept thinking the same thing, we know Peggy is clean but was her brother? And to what extent would she go to protect him, afterall his death inspired her to join. If it is about her brother and the show is renewed, maybe she’ll be trying to clear his name in season 3.

      • Viola says:

        And what if Michael is not dead?

      • murley says:

        That is a great theory. And then they could bring back Max Brown. Oh man I hope this manages a miraculous renewal.

      • irishrose4583 says:

        That was my thought! I actually thought it was him from the first time they showed the file b/c I kinda forgot Peggy is short for margaret for a minute lol

  5. Grace says:

    Bring back this show ABC. It’s just so wonderful and fun.

  6. Lysh says:

    This season had better episodes than tonight’s but it was still a great finale. The Peggy and Jarvis friendship gives so me so much life; it’s one the best on television and I need more. I hope if they get another season, that we get more Howard. I love that character and I want to see him meet Tony’s mother Maria. It’s really the perfect winter hiatus show for SHIELD.

  7. Susan says:

    Great show – renew it!

  8. opus says:

    Absolutely love this show and season 2 was even better than season 1. Please find a way, despite the ratings, to bring this wonderful show back.

  9. Natalia says:

    Definitely like second season (maybe because it’s ended with peggy and sousa happy ending lol) but the story about dark matter is very exciting. Not to mention the villian this season is another strong smart woman which is worthy of peggy’s rival. I liked dotty short appearance as well. Anyway hope there will be season 3 with another engaging storyline but for me, looking fwd to peggy/sousa relationship taking off :)

  10. Peter Allan Ker says:

    They need fill in the portion in the One Shoot when Peggy Carter heads up S.H.I.E.L.D. and not go off canon.

  11. Ceylan says:

    I am still holding on to hope that Thompson isn’t really dead. I really like him and Carter sassing each other.

  12. David4 says:

    Could always move a season 3 to Netflix. :)

    • YES, THIS. They already work with Marvel on Daredevil and Jessica Jones. Short seasons work well on Netflix. And Netflix doesn’t depend on ratings the same way broadcast TV does, so it’s a good place for ‘niche’ shows. I hope someone at Marvel either reads this or gets the same idea.

  13. DrKellyNotMD says:

    I really enjoyed this season and hope we get another chapter of Peggy’s story! I love seeing such a smart, witty, and brave woman as the center of all the action. *Fingers crossed for a renewal*

  14. Copying my comment from a previous post, since it expressed my feelings perfectly. Not since Fringe has a show grown so fast and so hard on me as Agent Carter. It is a travesty it’s not more widely viewed. The stories are tight, the writing is sharp, the acting is superb, and the friendship between Peggy and Jarvis is second-to-none. I desperately hope there’s some miracle renewal, or some odd Marvel deal that throws it to Netflix. Peggy Carter went from an interesting co-lead of Captain America to one of my favorite Marvel characters. I’d really hate to say goodbye for good.

  15. Rob says:

    If ABC doesn’t renew the show, perhaps Marvel should take it to Netflix as a limited series. Have 6-7 episode seasons that way the actors are freed up to work during their off season. Please make this happen.

  16. Kat says:

    Love, love, love this show!! Please don’t let us down, ABC! Renew agent Carter and her terrific team!

  17. justme says:

    I think it was his nonna (Italian for grandmother) not his nana

  18. lkh says:

    Matt–I like this show, but I think I like what you’ve written even more, particularly the doohickey and wing nut reference. Really, we all have wing nuts, but you can’t always find a doohickey when you need one. Smiling.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      I mean, at least the final device was just an inelegant metal box with a few knobs (and a HAND CRANK??) — not some super-sleek Apple Store-ready gadget like Cisco would make in 30 minutes.

      • I’m thinking they have all that stuff on hand because that’s what they do. My husband is an artist and I’m a nanny. So we have all kinds of art supplies at our house, then I go over to someone’s house and want to do an art project with their kids and they don’t even have a stapler. (Now I keep a bag of art supplies in the trunk of my non-hovering car.) So if they were trying to make this thing at Joe Blow’s house it would be a bit of a stretch, but the combined resources of the Strategic Scientific Reserve and rich genius Howard Stark makes sense to me. Especially since they’ve been working on stuff related to this all season, so they’ve had time to get supplies. And apparently they didn’t have everything they needed to make it run perfectly. :)

  19. Cris says:

    Such a fantastic show

  20. leo says:

    Loved season 2 as much as I did the first, if only the ratings warrented a 3rd season. Sadly not enough viewers chose to watch this wildly entertaining series.

  21. Shaun says:

    Thought for sure Dottie would get revenge on Whitney Frost.The end of the threat was kinda underwhelming.

  22. Tahoe Mike says:

    Love this show, count me as one more vote to keep it going.

  23. Bark Star says:

    Chances for renewal are slim to none and that is a real shame. Intelligent TV is not something the dumb masses will tune into. Another step towards the inevitable end of the human race: consumed and condemned by the stupider majority.

  24. JEREMY says:

    Hayley Atwell has moved on,so ‘Agent Carter’ is history.

    Good while it lasted.

  25. Sivaro says:

    Hoping to get another season with the wonderful Agent Carter. Please ABC make it happen! (If this is the last time we see Agent Carter, at least we got 18 episodes)

  26. I was looking up the episode to watch it online and the very first thing I see on the top of the Google page is – TVLine ‘PEGGY KISSES SOUZA, JACK IS KILLED.’ I watched the episode and it was great, but what has been seen cannot be unseen. The spoiler did effect my enjoyment. ‘A Kiss Before (Someone) Dying ‘ is perfect, but unfortunately a little like locking the barn after the horse has run away. I hope whoever is in charge of what shows up on the Google listing will fix it, and be more careful next time.

    Before someone tells me not to look at recaps if I haven’t seen the episode – I wasn’t looking for this article then. I was looking for the episode itself, and the spoiler was right where I couldn’t miss it.

    • jillianreck says:

      Exact same thing happened to me.

      • And to another commenter below, who says it pretty much ruined the episode for them. It’s a shame, ’cause Matt Webb Mitovich wrote a great article with a clever, non-spoilery headline. Then this happens so that we come over here annoyed instead of being able to enjoy it properly.

        Oh, and I checked – the spoiler has not been fixed.

  27. Joey Padron says:

    Season finale was really good. Happy Peggy and Daniel finally kissed! Shocked that Jack got shot at the end. Really hope the show will come back for season 3!

  28. Amanda says:

    I loved this season and the finale. I am prepared though if that was the series finale. The live ratings aren’t there and sadly they do still count for the advertisers, though I know most of my friends that watched watch on their DVRs or online. I would love if Netflix stepped in since they have a deal with Marvel already, or maybe the writers will do something like publish what would’ve been the 3rd season as a comic book to wrap it up for us fans like other shows have done too.

  29. jillianreck says:

    Here’s a thought: Maybe make sure your google link caption for this doesn’t summarize the ending in 5 words so people looking to see the episode don’t get it spoiled for them.

    • Yeah, that would have been nice. A big headline right at the top of the Google page is kind of hard to miss. What’s funny is ‘A Kiss Before (Someone) Dying’ is clever and non-spoilery, but I only see it if I’ve clicked on the article, which I generally do *after* I’ve seen the episode. And clicking on a big, spoilery link to get here pretty much nullifies any effort by the writer to be discreet.

  30. Judiwb says:

    ABC do not cancel this show. You would be foolish to do so. Hopefully the DVR+ ratings count for something!!

  31. Beth says:

    I am really going to miss this show. The acting, the dialogue, and the plot are all top notch. It is a shame that more people didn’t give this show a chance. Like Agents of Shield it doesn’t have any super heroes so the comic book fans don’t tune in and because it is serialized others won’t tune in because they don’t want to have to remember all the details. Such a shame that this show cannot outdraw NCIS New Orleans.

    Do we really know if Vernon Masters is dead? Whitney had let go of him when Kyle came back in the room. When Kyle “exploded” did it kill Vernon? Did it seem that Jack knew who was at the door when he opened it? What do the keys unlock? Please ABC give it another season!

  32. This show has so much going for it – I would love a season three. As for tonight, watching Whitney crazy-dream her husband was sad; sad for Manfredi. And that bait and switch with Howard was funny… and these are reasons I love this show… it captures all the emotions.

  33. Vannessa Nelson says:

    I’ll start by saying that overall, I preferred the New York backdrop of Season 1, which gave the show more of a film noir affect. Moving the show to Los Angeles not only changed the scenery, but the overall tone of the show — making it a little more campier and comedic.

    With that said, the writing and casting remain top-notch. I do not think there is a better written show on Network TV.

    What was missing from last nights “Season finale” (or Series?) was the level of banter we’ve come to expect between Peggy and Jarvis. A big let down after the prior weeks drama. It almost feels as if the writing staff is getting pulled in opposite directions — if the show gets too serious, throw in some comic relief.

    And while I may be in the minority, I’m not a fan of the Peggy – Sousa ending. Way too obvious, and very out of character for Peggy. It’s almost as if the writers were giving in to what the masses were asking for, and maybe that is just the reality of a show not knowing if it will be returning the following year.

    Personally, I just have had a problem with the entire Peggy – Sousa relationship from Episode 1 this Season. I get that this is the Marvel Universe, and at some point you just need to accept things as they are, but based on the Season 1 ending, it was hard to buy Peggy being so romantically invested in Sousa at the start of this season.

    With that said, the writing staff has written Sousa to fit all the criteria as Peggy’s future husband, so it will be interesting to see how this plays out if there is a Season 3. I still feel it is a bit too obvious, but based on the 1952 interview Peggy does in regards to Steve Rogers, it does seem that it would be at this point that she’d be meeting her future husband.

    • Anna says:

      Well, if they were giving in what the masses were asking for, they would have done Peggy-Angie but they choose Sousa, who actually I think was the underdog. I’m interested in why you say it’s OOC for Peggy, would care to make some examples?

      • Vanessa says:

        Well, at some point we know she married a man — she discusses her husband and children in Winter Soldier and goes as far to say that her husband was saved behind German lines in the European Theater. Sousa we know fought in the Siege of Bastogne.

        As for my feeling of that scene having Peggy out of character – heck, one would’ve thought she would have made that move on Steve at some point during Captain America. Certainly were opportunities. Her character has not been shown to be very aggressive when it has come to her romantic life. Even after kissing Jason, she always has been shown to be a bit uncomfortable. An argument can be made that she lost Steve, and isn’t about to lose Daniel (she knows how he feels about her). Then again, if this were to happen, Peggy has been pretty buttoned up when it comes to the office. Making that move at the SSR simply seems very out of character to me.

        • Aeol says:

          Maybe that’s the point – that Peggy has evolved emotionally to the point of being able to make her move. For all the regrets she may have in her past, making a move on Sousa is a leap forward for her.

          • irishrose4583 says:

            Or maybe b/c she almost lost him and didnt want to miss her chance again like she did with Steve. After all in CA:FA she initiated the kiss…..sign of her moving forward

        • shepweiralways says:

          I actually think that the finale lacked a lot of basic important features. Several of the characters were acting off and made no sense when compared to their usual behaviors. Peggy kissing Daniel in the SSR LA headquarters was completely ridiculous. She is a private person who never would have made such a public spectacle of herself. Also te absence of any sexual connection between them is an issue for me. My husband pointed out that she has more chemistry with Howard, Jarvis, or definitely my preferred gent for her Jack. There is no way that I think Sousa is her dream hubby. I hope that if there is a season 3 that story line is back burner because it just isn’t the least bit interesting or convincing. No magic, no emotion, it looked absolutely silly when she jumped on him. Our beloved heroine/top agent would never have done anything so inappropriate. Especially in eye sight and hearing of her fellow SSR agents.One more thing that is particularly upsetting is that those same agents just celebrated his engagement to another woman. To me this display of romantic force played false and bored and disappointed me. Peggy Carter is above these types of unprofessional antics.
          Second why in the hell kill off (though he may survive) the series hottest character who guarantees a strong loyal female fan base. That makes zero sense powers to be. I would love a season 3 but double we will get want. My preference would be a plot lien where Peggy runs the NY office while Jack is out on an extended sick leave from the shooting. We all need a lot of Cartson magic and witty banter to keep the show fun and intriguing. They are addictive when they are together on screen.

          • Mmtp777 says:

            Glad someone else wanted her with Jack. I thought I was the only one. Daniel was just too obvious as a love interest from the first episode!

        • Deb says:

          But, jarvis was saying to her u would need to go back to NYC if there was 1 major reason to stay hereor something to that effect- So, mayb that’s why she just came on to Sousa.

  34. Gerri says:

    I was severely disappointed. A very weak finale. No compelling ending killed off Jack a terrible idea. Also hated her hooking up with Daniel zero I mean zero chemistry.

  35. Too many loose ends left open. Where is Dottie? Who shot Jack Thompson? What happens to poor crazy as a fruitcake Whitney? Maybe we can get a mini series wrap up for closure.

    • Vanessa says:

      I have to think it was Vernon who shot Jack. He somehow totally disappeared from the story line following the explosion (I think the line was to the tune of ‘he’s somewhere in this mess.’ If you don’t see a dead body, assume they are alive! He certainly had every motive to shoot Jack. I’m so relieved that other folks are posting about the lack of chemistry between Peggy and Sousa. And again, just way too obvious for a great group of writers who constantly keep us guessing. Here’s a thought for Season 3 — Peggy gets an assignment in London, so we get to revisit more of her past life (should make for great flashbacks). Also a good way to get her away from Sousa.

  36. Anonymous says:

    I haven’t watched the finale yet, but this was the first link that came up when I googled it. The headline was in full view. It’s completely spoiled for me now! You might want to change that headline so no more people get spoiled…

    • Yeah, that happened to me and Jillianreck, too. You can read our comments about it higher up on the page. So that’s three of us that have pointed this out. I think it would be nice if Matt Webb Mitovich, or someone else at TVLine, would acknowledge us. The comments are moderated, so they had to have seen this.

      The episode is still great and there are twists and turns that haven’t been spoiled by the Google headline. I’m not saying watching the whole thing knowing Jack was going to die didn’t effect my enjoyment, ’cause it did. But it’s still a really good episode and I hope you won’t let this spoiler keep you from seeing it.

  37. Harriet Berlowitz says:

    Bring Agent Carter back.

  38. I do not want this show to end!! It is a great, clean show!

  39. Todd says:

    I dont know if they figure in on demand and hulu views. I usually catch it on hulu because of lifes demands. I love marvel shows and as to agent carter she is an awesome character. Why isn’t season 1 on Netflix to push season 2? That’s a big problem as people worry having missed an entire season so how does it affect one picking it up late.

  40. Nursechar82 says:

    Love love love this show! PLEASE keep it renewed. I love watching a strong female lead kick some bad guy ass. The characters are all enjoyable.

  41. Deb says:

    Please bring the show back. I lov watching her. Agent Carter.

  42. Charlie says:

    I watch almost EVERY show on demand; hardly ever watch anything live because I tend to get too many interruptions—usually at critical points in the plot! So it irks me when I see [premature] network decisions based on live ratings…