Oscars Ratings 2016 Chris Rock

Ratings: Oscars Audience Hits an 8-Year Low, With 34 Million Viewers

Sunday’s Chris Rock-fronted 88th Academy Awards notched a 23.1 household rating and a 37 share in metered markets, the lowest preliminary numbers for the kudoscast since 2009 (when Hugh Jackman hosted).

The numbers are down 6 percent from 2015’s Neil Patrick Harris-hosted ceremony, which averaged a 25.0 household rating and a 38 share. Last year’s telecast went on to average 37.3 million total viewers and an 11.0 demo rating — the Oscars’ lowest numbers since 2009 and 2008, respectively.

UPDATE: Per Nielsen fast nationals, the Oscars drew 34.3 million viewers and a 10.4 demo rating, down 8 and 5 percent year-over-year, to an eight-year low in audience (since Jon Stewart’s 2008 hosting gig). The last time Rock hosted, in 2005, the show delivered a total audience of 42.1 million and a 15.1 rating.

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  1. Brian says:

    Good to see the ratings tank. The constant attempts to make whites feel guilty were tiring and hacky.

    • Mish says:

      That’s not why it was low you flop, the constant propping of whites giving other whites awards are a turn off to minorities. When are you people going to realize that when you include people of color into anything TV related the ratings go high. Did you not just read the last time Chris Rock hosted it was at 42.1 rating where in fact several minorities where up for an Oscar. Feel guilty huh NO but you should feel ashamed for that comment.

      • Sally McLinn says:

        All awards shows are down including the Grammys. I think #1, people are tired of watching the industry congratulate itself; and #2, the movies and songs just aren’t that endearing.

        • sarah t says:

          THIS. Precisely why I didn’t watch. It gets old watching the industry/stars pat itself on the back.

        • The Beach says:

          While the Oscars are considered the most prestigious of them all, they still follow two months of Golden Globes, SAGs, Critics, Producers, Grammys, Spirit Indys and all the others award shows. By the time the Oscars roll around a lot of people are finally over watching millionaires give golden statues to other millionaires. Just my take on it.

          • Morty says:

            The whole $65,000 for Girl Scout cookies made me want to puke. REALLY? That $65K could have been used for something other than cookies.

        • Sil says:

          Sally, this is exactly the case. I didn’t watch it. Don’t care to. The actors and creative artists get huge amounts of money for their expertise. I don’t care to watch them congratulate each other. I feel this way about all awards shows. Music or otherwise. There are no awards in the field I work in. It is expected that all of us do the best of our abilities in everything we do. No pat on the back. Just satisfaction of a job well done. These high paid artists need that gratification of their peers.

    • DL says:

      Seriously? You thought his jokes were an attempt to make white people guilty? I’m white and I laughed my butt off. Are you PC, bro? ‘Cause that would make a lot of sense.

    • Gail says:

      Black viewers matter. It also could be the films being honored were not that popular so there is less interest. How many people actually saw Spotlight or the Danish Girl.

  2. SherryB says:

    The blacks and their rants over racism caused me to watch something else last night. Plus I saw just a few minutes of Chris Rock and saw where it was heading. Awards are based on TALENT, not COLOR…

    • Gianna says:

      “The blacks”???? WOW!

      • SherryB says:

        Yes, “the blacks”..Got a problem with that? They were the ones ranting, and being all offended.. Ever thought that if they had TALENT, they might get nominated and win? Denzel, Cycely, and many others never had a problem, they had TALENT. These wanna-be’s now just want to win because of the color of their skin, feel like they are entitled simply because. Well they are not..Society doesn’t owe an award for “offended”.

        • Sally McLinn says:

          OH like Caucasians don’t want to win because of the color of their skin. Do you realize that most of the actors nominated last night were from Britain?

        • DL says:

          Uhh… You just admitted you watched something else last night. So how can you say anyone was “ranting”? The jokes were overall fairly amusing, and I thought Rock poked fun at a sensitive issue without coming off preachy at all.
          I mean, Leslie Jones as the bear in The Revenant? That was hysterical, and totally proved that this was not at all being taken as seriously as some people are claiming. Do people just not understand humor anymore?

        • Mak says:

          Ohh you tuned out when you realized your precious white Oscars where being slapped with some hard truths regarding diversity… well here’s a news flash ‘the blacks’ never tuned in at all to this whitewashed crapfest!

    • Wee says:

      That’s a load of nonsense and you know it lol. If it was based on talent Leo would have like five Oscars by now. Nobody wanted to watch a ceremony where people of color were again snubbed for no good reason and white people got all the awards. Hence the low rating.

      • Mary says:

        Do you honestly believe people did not watch because black people were snubbed? The whole award shows are trivial to say the least. Many are tired because the industry likes to pat themselves on the back. All these actors and actresses get paid quite handsomely and yet they all feel deserving of a trophy. The actual proof is in the box office, pure and simple.

      • DL says:

        Nobody watched this year because everyone knew that two of what are usually the most interesting categories — Best Actor and Best Actress — were this year on lockdown by Leo and Brie Larson. Alicia Vikander was also considered a lock for Supporting Actress.
        Additionally, there just weren’t a lot of Oscar movies this year that were even remotely popular with average moviegoers. I saw someone interviewing people on the street and most of them thought he was making up the names of this year’s contenders.

        • Tee says:

          All I cared about was Inside Out for Animated Feature. I hardly saw any of the Best Picture nominees. I saw Room because I read the book four years ago, and I can’t see The Martian until I finish that book. These days there just isn’t enough time to watch movies, especially for $17 a ticket.

    • Tony says:

      The blacks? Seriously?

    • A fan of TV says:

      Talent is subjective so there’s no way you can say the 20 nominated actors were the very best this year. That’s the point. These shows are not about merit anywhere near as much as apologists claim, considering actors often win for bodies of work and the chance to ‘finally’ give someone an Oscar. Oscar nominees are token selections from the years’ most well-received films, but you can’t claim they were the best and you can’t describe the merit-based system by which the Academy selects its winners, because such a merit-based system does not exist.

      These awards are congratulatory but not based on talent any more than the presidential race is (sadly, I’ll add). It’s about campaigning, but first is about getting the opportunity to make an Oscar-baity film, and to many actors of colour are passed over for roles because they don’t fit an antiquated standard of Hollywood beauty, are ‘too street,’ etc. They fill token roles in too many films, and the last actor of colour to win an Oscar did so for playing a slave, the last black performers won for writing a song about overcoming racism. Is there any chance Hollywood can see beyond itself and realize that actors of colour are good for more than that in serious Oscar-bait films?

      This is what is all about, and if anything ratings were down because of the boycott/general loss of interest in a tradition lagging in its need to catch up to the times. If white people didn’t watch because the whole boycott thing annoyed them as you so tactfully infer (that’s sarcasm), guess what? The boycott campaign did exactly what they hoped it would do, and it worked.

      • tvjunkie says:

        What’s interesting is that most of Hollywood is liberal, including those making the movies and hiring actors. That means, if the racists Oscars argument has and validity, that liberals are racists and yet blacks keep voting for liberals in elections anyway. That’s pretty ironic.

    • Jordan says:

      As a white person I didn’t mind watching and hearing the jokes because I realize this is a real issue.

      • Mary says:

        Me either. I thought it was necessary and I thought Chris did a fantastic job. I’m going to venture a guess the ratings are down because a lot of people hadn’t seen/heard of the nominated films.

        The lack of diversity hiring in Hollywood, especially film is a huge problem and it spans across all groups blacks, Asians, Hispanics and women. It needs to be addressed and I love how Chris Rock did that.

        I’m also white.

        • Lyn says:

          Consider this: When a white writer produces a book or script that gets picked up for filming he/she has defined the race of the characters in the text. Not many are written about black characters unless they involve black history or culture. And generally the writer has enough creative control to dictate that the characters remain as written. Where are the scripts about black characters? They are not being written or optioned because profit is the motivating factor and those films will not make enough to justify the cost. It’s business.

          • Jordan says:

            How do you know the movies won’t make as much? Because a black person is the lead it won’t do well? That’s ridiculous. Also, not all movies are based on books. I’m pretty sure majority aren’t derived from a previous source which means color is not predetermined. I’m not understanding your point. If a book hasigning white characters then yes cast white characters but like I said most movies aren’t based on books

          • Lyn says:

            @Jordan That’s why I also said scripts. And, yes, I’m saying that because a black person is the lead actor it won’t do as well. Only 13% of the US population is black and many of those are children and older people who don’t regularly go to the movies or in the case of children the rating system rules them out for many films. It’s about profit and black dramas don’t sell well to other ethnicities.

    • jurassicmind says:

      The blacks? OMG, SherryB, Dude, WTF?

    • Rocco says:

      You are being racist just by saying The Blacks, but honestly who gives a damn. I’m African American and I can give two cents about the oscars, your opinion and whoever chooses to be racist or ignorant, and that’s for all races. I love my life for me and respect everyone ……Period!!!!

    • Roco says:

      I’m African American and I careless about her opinion. So let’s move on…

    • Melody says:

      I’m surprised you did not start your post with…”Im not racist but…”

    • Mak says:

      I’m glad the Oscars tanked…in 88 years roughly nothing has changed with these awards, pretty much the same old ‘white’ pretentious voters who always choose the same type of pretentious movies that no one ever watches! why can’t they include real popular movies that people actually watched and enjoyed. Plus it’s always the same actors in rotation to be nominated: Leo, JLaw, Cate Blanchett, kate winslet, Mark RUffalo etc

    • Jessica says:

      Awards are based on opportunity.

  3. Kevin says:

    This oscars was whack!!! 3 Hrs of my life wasted….but Leo won ….That’s A +

  4. Larc says:

    There are far too many awards shows. Groups of people congratulating themselves has got out of hand on TV. I won’t watch.

  5. Couldn’t happen to a nicer, backwards organization that refused to recognize and honor Star Wars; The Force Awakens. #OscarsSoWhite2 + #ForceAwakensEffedOver2x = recipe for Nielsen ruin.

  6. Mish says:

    White tears on this article is so lovely Lmao

  7. Gloria Seales says:

    I watched, but it was boring. The best speech was Leonardo’s.

  8. Tara17 says:

    Not surprising. I wasn’t rooting for any film, nor had viewed many of the nominees, unlike previous years. Hopefully 2016 will be a more exciting year for the Best Film category.

  9. Marie says:

    Frankly I just find award shows boring as hell to watch. Especially one that goes on as long as Oscars.

  10. Sally McLinn says:

    Those numbers downward are not all that bad. Looks like a difference of 1 point, so why the heated headline?
    And we all probably knew because of the controversy it would be lower. Not only that, a lot of Americans haven’t seen many of the best pictures; the Revenant and MM were the only two really big boxo winners.

  11. wrstlgirl says:

    I turned the channel after about an hour and 10 minutes then tuned back in to see if Leo won or not. I got tired of all the jokes being about the same topic (yeah you know what I’m talking about) I get that it’s an issue but did the entire show have to be about it. It got old really fast.

    • Jordan says:

      I agree that it was overdone but I didn’t mind because maybe if people get tired of hearing it then they will change it.

      • Lucifer says:

        That’s lousy logic because the people complaining don’t want to put effort into real change, they want a quick fix by just firing white people and shoving black people (qualified or not) into their place. It’s the same thing that’s been happening on college campuses across the country since the student riot at Mizzou last fall.

        • Jordan says:

          Yes there are people that are so ignorant that won’t change there mindset, but there are many mallable minds that can use overexposure.

  12. Joe says:

    The whole “I can just watch it on YouTube tomorrow” mentality is (mostly) what is hurting these award shows.

  13. Boiler says:

    I have to think award shows in general are dropping. The only people really excited are media and actors. I think ABC was on for at least 12 hours of this crap yesterday and I really can’t believe anyone watched all that. The vast amount of award shows cheapen the ones that are supposed to mean something. I don’t know what ABC planned for ratings but would guess this is disappointing.

    • Tee says:

      I don’t think it was just ABC. I got rid of cable, but I’m fairly certain there were at least two other channels (E! and one cable news channel perhaps) that dedicated a good chunk of Sunday’s air time to the Oscars. It stopped being about movies long ago, and now it’s all about fame, fashion, and pop culture. I don’t think any of us normal people care about that. Knowing someone wore XYZ designer does nothing for me or my day. There have been numerous articles over the years about how to improve award ceremonies, not just the oscars, and it bugs me that producers don’t take a handful of these critiques seriously. Do something different. Make me want to watch movies again. Make me want to justify getting into my car and driving to a theatre, and giving you at least an hour and a half’s wage to see your “art.” I realized, over time, the awards that matter aren’t the acting awards, but the documentaries, music, and animated awards. Those are the things that are creating dialogue, not truly the acting categories.

  14. Mary says:

    As soon as it started we realized Chris Rock would beat the lack of people of colour….we turned it off. People of colour would win IF they deserved it! Check out the percentage of black actors to white…give it a rest. My best friends are black but even they turned it off!

    • Wee says:

      The fact that this racist comment is even allowed to even be posted on this page and covered up with the “but my friends are black so I’m not racist” Justification is shameful.

    • Jordan says:

      They doneed get anew opportunity to win because they arenot put into movies. Thr reason there is a percentage gap is because people are hiring black actors, whiche is a problem

      • tvjunkie says:

        Do you know who is making the decision to not put them in movies? The liberals, who run Hollywood. The same liberals who are supposedly the friend of minorities, but when push comes to shove, expose themselves as liberal hypocrites.

        • Nicole says:

          The problem with Hollywood isn’t that they won’t hire black actors. It’s that they’re afraid to hire black actors, or any other race really. They aren’t afraid the people of color will “take over” or anything like that. They like to stick to.what they know. They figure if it worked once it will.work again. It’s why so many movies come out that are so similar to everything else. Hollywood only sees money. The moment something new comes along, if it does well they will copy it until no one and stand it. If bad, they will never use that again and wind up making another Spiderman.

          • tvjunkie says:

            Do you realize the problem with your statement? You just admitted they won’t hire black actors. Now you’re saying fear is the reason they won’t, but the fact is they won’t. Of course it’s rather racist to be making this argument for blacks and only blacks to begin with. What about Latinos, Asians, Native Americans, India Indians, etc? How often do they win the the big awards? Yet the groups harping on black people not winning never speak up to defend them? Why? One could surmise the reason is they’re racist against other minorities by reason of black people assuming they’re better than other minorities. Maybe that’s not why, but when asked they never respond.

        • Jordan says:

          Just because it’s the liberals doesn’t mean it isn’t a problem… I’m liberal and I realize this…. so what’s your point. This just proves how much of a problem it really is

        • LT says:

          You have NO IDEA what you’re talking about if you think liberals run Hollywood.

      • Jordan says:

        There were many mistakes in my comment.

        Black people don’t get enough opportunity to win because they aren’t cast into movies. The reason there is a percentage gap is because people aren’t hiring black actors, which is a problem

        • Lyn says:

          Not really. Black actors are not being hired because they are not a big draw for the moviegoing public. Percentages alone tell you that the bulk of moviegoers are white, Ergo, white actors are bigger money makers for studios.

          • Jordan says:

            Oh really. And how do you know this? You did research right? Or because there have been so many movies with balck actors that flopped right? Also a movie shouldn’t be about what color a person is. I’d like to add that minorityou movies are very popular especially among other minorities

          • Lyn says:

            Nope. Black films are not popular with other ethnicities [Asians and Hispanics] either. A movie should be about what the writer wanted it to be about. If the writer wanted it to be about white people then that’s who should be cast. Where are the writers who produce stories about black people that would make profitable films? And I’m not referring to movies like Medea that IMO set back civil rights.

  15. I Believe says:

    I can’t speak for anyone else, however, this is the first Oscar’s show I have ever “boycotted” in my life since I can remember watching with my mother very early on. I am in my sixties now.

    One simple reason…I refused to get caught up in a festive occasion honoring the best actors, directors, producers, cinematographers, etc., etc., just to hear speeches about the lack of diversity in Hollywood!

    I agree, the “studios” and the “people making the decisions on choices of diversity” concerning movie making and actors being chosen are the true culprits in Hollywood, and NOT just the academy members. There is a much broader picture there!

    I vehemently disagree that the podium at the Oscar Awards should be used as a soap box for political or social statements. There is a time and place for everything, and while I agree that there needs to be changes made, I don’t think taking a moment away from a celebrated “best in their field” is appropriate!

    I chose to enjoy myself by other means and I will read about the winners today. Sure, I miss not having seen the show, but I needed to respect my own feelings too. Just saying.

  16. [sarcasm] oh gosh darn it, you mean the leo rating grab didn’t pay off?!? gee golly willikers i was hoping it would [/sarcasm]

  17. Diane says:

    The show was boring. Not many movies to root for. I remember when the movies that were nominated were both popular with moviegoers and the elite academy.I’m not saying the movies were undeserving, but Room and Spotlight aren’t about the cheeriest of topics.

  18. The Jada & Will Smith factor

  19. Hedy S. says:

    Thank You SherryB and Brian!!! You are both spot on. I am tired of hearing them go on and on about blacks this, blacks that. Yet there is a BET awards show, other blacks only awards shows, and also Latino only awards shows. What awards show has been labeled White Entertainment Awards or White Recognition Awards? How about White Women’s Awards? There are none, because then it would be considered racist!!!

    • Jordan says:

      There is a BET because every award show, and show in general is ALL white. Therefore, they need a channel like that until there is diversity throughout. No there is no award show labeled white entertainment but look at the oscars, it was all white…. mhmmm.

      • Lyn says:

        Hmmmmmm indeed. An industry invented by white people, brought along by white visionaries, nurtured and tweaked by white people into something the entire world embraces. Tell me again why this is wrong?

  20. MrMank says:

    He started his monologue, and I knew the broadcast would have low ratings. And lo and behold…

  21. Belle says:

    I didn’t watch because I’m DONE with all of the “whoa as me” I only make a million dollars per movie, but he makes 2 million; and all the political crap the say on the red carpet and then if they win something its even worse! Actors/actresses should feel privileged that they get to do something they love, and they get paid for it!! I am sick of the entitled air most of them seem to have. UGH!!!!!

  22. L says:

    haha I love it. I’ve never been a fan of the Oscars, but this year was the absolute worst. It’s never about the best picture. It’s about which liberal issue they feel like rewarding at the moment. It’s so obvious and pathetic. I’m so tired of black people whining. They’re the only race that whines and demands everything. Obama has made race relations in this country worse than ever. You don’t see white people demanding that they be represented at the BET awards. Get over yourselves. You never see or hear about Latinos, Asians or Native Americans whining about not winning Oscars. Focus on real issues like black on black violence.

  23. Jared says:

    I’m sorry but when you alienate so many different minority groups what did they expect would happen?? I’m white and even I was turned off and had no interest in watching.

  24. Sean says:

    So much for the comments here being monitored

  25. Leanne says:

    Jeers to Chris Rock. Why cant the awards be about achievement not color of skin. This is not a place for politics. Why is it ok for such things as Black History month etc but not ok for white history month? now next year to can bet it will be a different awards show and it sure wont be about achievement. seems the race issue is a one way road. History is going backwards.

    • Wee says:

      Because white history month is literally every other month???? This is what happens when ignorance goes unchecked and people aren’t taught about systemic inequality in school and it’s perpetuated even further as they grow up. The ignorance and racism in this entire section is appalling. Thanks for allowing this to continue Matt.

  26. Jamal williams says:

    Chris Rock Sucked !!!!!!!. What a blow heart and talk about opportunist……. This should not have been a bases for a award show of any kind. The whole thing sucked from start to finish. Rock is the racist last night!!!!. Chris with all the money you make off of white people seeing your movies and stand up routine, you should have forked out the money yourself for your cookies.

  27. Carla Krae says:

    All the rhetoric during the show kept making it about black people. Diversity is about inclusion of ALL. Asians are actually the least represented in Hollywood films – even in parts that are set in Asia. The amount of Latin stars is also very small. But diversity and inclusion in Hollywood goes beyond the screen to including and rewarding the talented minorities in all aspects of film, like giving female directors more chances, etc. Making the Oscars show about black people and black people only was obnoxious.

    • Mai says:

      Carla Krae – Thanks for this comment of yours. It was the closest to what I felt. Saved me from figuring out what to type.

  28. Hedy S. says:

    I also must add that I love how Chris Rock can rant on and on about racist Hollywood, yet he’s been supported by a white Jewish male (Adam Sandler) for the past 10 years. No one likes you Chris Rock- your jokes suck and we’re tired of your rants about racism!

  29. Mari says:

    You know everybody talks about Blacks being snubbed what about the American Indian. I could name ten twenty black actors. What about them at least they had people in the room