Melissa Harris-Perry

Melissa Harris-Perry Posts 'Farewell' Tweet to MSNBC, Says She's 'Grateful'

Melissa Harris-Perry made good on her recent promise to abdicate her post at MSNBC, using Twitter to send a Sunday-morning message to those who will miss seeing her on their screens.

Harris-Perry, whose show is supposed to air for three hours at 10 am on Saturday and Sundays, told the New York Times on Friday that she wouldn’t be returning this weekend, despite being asked by MSNBC. She hasn’t appeared on air in several weeks due to preemptions for election coverage, leading her to feel “effectively and utterly silenced” by the network.

This was her message to fans on Sunday morning:

An NBC News spokesperson tells the New York Times: “In this exciting and unpredictable presidential primary season, many of our daytime programs have been temporarily upended by breaking political coverage, including MHP. This reaction is really surprising, confusing and disappointing.”

Were you a faithful Harris-Perry viewer? Drop a comment with your thoughts on her departure below.

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  1. MrMank says:

    That sound you hear is millions of people not giving a crap.

  2. Todd N Sullivan says:

    I was looking for show the passed two weekends–disappointed her voice on the presidential elections were silenced during her time slot; wasn’t even there with Chris, Rachael, Brian.

  3. Miguel Perro says:

    Her show was a logical follow-on to the “Black Chronicles/Black Horizons-” type public-affairs programming of the 1970s. And she was pretty good at it, although it held little interest to me personally. To paraphrase a comment I read this morning, she is an intelligent but challenging personality. So was I in my younger years, and there was a price to be paid. She is now at a crossroads, probably not for the first time in her life, and how she handles it will be a test of her character.

  4. Susan says:

    I liked her show, but she is sounding like a spoiled privileged brat. Many other journalists have had shows cancelled or preemped and this is the reality of profit driven tv. If she doesn’t understand this then she should try public tv or radio.

    • Temperance says:

      Or, perhaps, she’s correct, and the disaster of ‘profit-driven’ ‘news’ has driven most people away from American ‘news’ and to actual news like the BBC.

  5. DM says:

    I always found her show to be very relevant and concise in bringing alternate thought to the problems in today’s world. While I didn’t always agree with her, I always found her to be frank and refreshingly professional. Certainly a breath of fresh air compared to rest of MSNBC’s week-end fare of jail shows etc. She will be missed.

  6. John M says:

    Happy she has courage to take a stand ,there is way to much coverage of the primary circus
    It has reached an absurd level
    Do we really need to know when a candidate uses the bathroom vs actual stories that now only warrant a scroll on the bottom of the screen

  7. This all could have been solved by letting her discuss the current political events surrounding the election as part of her show or at least include her in the election coverage. Since MSNBC decided to do neither I can understand that she feels slighted. How she handles herself going forward with class and dignity or sulking in a corner will determine where she goes next.

    • MM says:

      It was reported that on Super Bowl morning she was asked to devote her show to election issues, and instead she absolutely insisted on having her guests discuss Beyoncé’s video, and of course that was before all the Black Panther/police brouhaha. If that’s true, it’s insubordination, and then no wonder the executives of MSNBC and NBCnews became disenchanted with her, if indeed that’s what happened.

  8. Hillary says:

    Another angry Panther that needs psychological assistance (Obama, West, Jackson…)

  9. EllenAce says:

    All the best, to you and your family. You’ll be greatly missed. However, I’m certain your success will continue, no matter the path and I’m excited about the future. Remember, you’re always appreciated, regarding family, friends and all of your fans. God’s speed.

  10. Alex says:

    Disappointed with MSNBC treatment of MHP. I am not an African-American, but a progressive American citizen who is losing respect for the Corporate ethics of MSNBC thro an action such as this one and the shameless reinstatement of Brian Williams. I also miss Ed Schulz!

  11. John Cramer says:

    MHP was fired this morning! She was nothing but a racist. Hopefully Al Sharpton will be next to get the axe. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

    • Merryhell says:

      Wow…..I bet you are a tree stump (trump)supporter I bet! Go sit somewhere!

    • Anthony Hutt says:

      It has really made a lot of us Afro Americans dislike MSNBC. I have started watching CNN. I am a Bishop of several churches, I’m encouraging everyone to stop watching MSNBC. Go to CNN. I’M BEGINNING TO THINK MSNBC IS AS RACIST AS FOX NET WORK. I looked forward to Dr. Melissa Perry every weekend. They did Joey wrong and throwed Rev. AL Sharpton in the basement. What Black families are going to get up 8-8:30 on Sunday morning to watch MSNBC. They getting ready for church.

  12. KatsMom says:

    This isn’t just about her show being pre-empted as some seem to believe. She discussed the situation at length elsewhere. It was noted that she traveled for the primaries just as many of the other MSNBC hosts and reporters did. She was in the same hotels, staying in rooms on the same floors, etc. She was as qualified, or more in some cases, to discuss the primaries. Instead, they never included her in any panel discussions and they pre-empted her show over and over. At some point, there comes a breaking point when you’re living on the road, doing work, and having that work go completely unused. What’s the point? I don’t blame her for taking a look at the terms of her contract,determining she has every right to walk away, then doing so. I can’t even imagine how frustrating it would be to feel like, “Well, I probably shouldn’t waste my time preparing for my show because I haven’t been on in weeks. But, if I don’t do some preparation, they’ll finally decide to let me do my shows this week and I’ll be unprepared and scrambling.”

    • Chester says:

      I would not include her either. I turn the channel every time she comes on. Can’t stand her. All she does is complain about racism in everything, literally everything. Please google her rant about how the word “hard working” can only be used for slaves. Now there is a very small minority, tiny really, of the population that likes that stuff. Everyone else can’t stand it. She drives not African-Americans away from the community and its concerns, which is not good.

  13. Ann Fathy says:

    I have been an enthusiastic and faithful viewer of MHP’s show. I sorely miss her and her intelligent program. I salute her integrity for standing up for her program and for her viewers. Thanks for giving me an outlet to express how I feel.

  14. Cari says:

    I’ll miss this thought provoking show. With no more Steve K. on Up and no MHP I have no reason to wake up early on the weekends anymore. Not a fan of the new programming.

  15. HAP says:

    I have to side with MHP in this. MSNBC could have easily preempted a few hours of the seemingly endless Lockup on the weekends. Instead they confiscated her time. If she had been traveling the country with other on-air staff for election coverage and was never put on the air, that is a total affront.

    I will miss her a great deal. At least she already as a damned good day job.

  16. peggy says:

    I am sorry that her program was cut as it was always interesting. In addition to fill all the hours of MSNBC with election information means that nothing else in the world is covered which raises the point of why do we have MSNBC at all.

    • monica adams says:

      Peggy, I agree, their decision to preempt MHP show so many time due to campaign election news was a poor decision. What would it have cost to have her cover “breaking news”of the campaign cycle during her show? A dumb short term decision for a show that has the potential for long term impact on social thought in america. and to all the haters, you may not agree with her discourse but every voice is needed at the table if we are really compassionate about understanding each other and the institutional effects of race, gender, sexuality, disability, immigration etc. Many who dislike her show barely, if ever watched it or challenged what they thought when watching her show to research, talk to others who do not think the way they do to understand, maybe not agree, but understand. I guess because it takes great big AMERICAN BALLS to do that. Reaching across the proverbial social table to understand beyond our anger when we disagree. When I hear voices here deduce her shows to being racist, you totally miss the point and do not understand the structure of the problems in our country she works hard to deconstruct via conversation to inspire action, and basically means you NEVER watched her shows to see she regularly had guests who represented opposing viewpoints and at times raised very good points in some discussions in my opinion. The best way to shut down any debate or voices needed in the discussion is to deduce efforts with simplistic pontifications of one dimensional diatribes that lack any nuanced details of the complexities of real issues being discussed.

      I do not blame MHP for being upset and not willing to go further with her show after she’s been jerked around so much. Just because others accept this when it happens to them and remain silent on the issue and she doesn’t, does not mean there’s little merit to her decision. The decision to remain relevant by keeping up with this crappy election cycle without enlisting the voice of MHP to help report the breaking news is inconceivable. No excuse. She is upset and expresses it. She’s not whiny and entitled. But imagine if you were treated that way at work knowing the bottom line is worth more than your work….and can preempt your work at any time. You are then expected to keep quiet, keep your head down….no. Thats why we still have so many issues that we do. She has refused to act like sheeple, but created a platform so voices can be heard to discuss complex issues facing us today. Of corse she feels disrespected by MSNBC. Believe me this isn’t the end of this story. In my opinion there was room on her show to allow for the breaking news of this election cycle without trying to smell like CNN, which drones on and on over one piece of redundant news deemed “breaking.” Chasing the dollar over substance will catch up with the media in the most horrible way. MSNBC is not CNN, FOX News, and should find ways to improve upon what they do best.

      I wish those calling MHP racist would bother to enlighten us by providing examples. We need to venture beyond these simple diatribes by going further, or we won’t get anywhere.

  17. Randy R says:

    I don’t blame her MSNBC is just another example of the white media silencing any voice that seeks to cover any issues that matters to anyone other than white liberals. Now we don’t have any AA hosted news shows. Their no different than Fox News.

    • Chester says:

      Al Sharpton is still on every Sunday morning.

      African-Americans are only 13.2% of the population, so from a business point of view, an African-American host will have to appeal to a wider segment of the population in order to gain the ratings needed to support the show. If a host spends the whole time hectoring people and talking about how everything anyone ever does is racist, then the vast majority of people will not watch and the show will not survive.

  18. Ronnie Jones says:

    Excellent move, see you on CNN. NBC does not appreciate or understand the Black Consumer/Viewer.

  19. Yes, i i am a fan of Melissa. Her show was thought provoking and fun at the same time. I grow weary of wall to wall Trump talk. It’s the same ideas repeated over and over on every show.

  20. Paul says:

    She seems to have a very high opinion of herself. I find such people difficult to tolerate when they have something of value to add. MHP does not appear to even have that.

  21. Rose M. Martin-Turnage says:

    I hope they will get her back. I’m am tired of seeing the GOPs acting like little kids and it is too much unnecessary coverage. We need a break from politics!

  22. Kathy says:

    I am glad to see her go. I found her voice so annoying.

  23. Imogene Brown says:

    I just found out that the MHP Show is no more. I followed her faithfully. On the East Coast, I watcher her at 10 am. I moved West and had to awaken by 7 for two years. I’m back East, since July 2015, and have been enjoying her show. I presumed it was the elections that kept her show off the air. I am very sorry to learn, the show is no more.

    I would appreciate it if Ms Harris-Perry and MSNBC would reconsider. There’s no need to show the candidates every single hour during this contoversial presidential election.

  24. Karen says:

    So you just quit then?

  25. Terribelle says:

    I’m sorry MHP is on longer on air. MSNBC needs to re-examine the diversity at their network. Seems everyone who spoke up for minorities, working people, and women no longer have their own shows. They moved Al Sharpton to a very early time slot on Sunday. Joy Reid is a great; please give her a seat at the table!

  26. Katherine A says:

    I miss MHP and all the other represented & under-represented voices on the show. Stimulating, thought-provoking, round table conversation is a dying art. Don’t stop this format MSNBC or bringing another ‘MHP-esque’ voice to the forefront.

  27. Patricia J Ollweiler says:

    Quite frankly, I am thrilled that she is no longer on MSNBC.
    She was far too biased. It would be even more refreshing and inviting if the anchors would simply interview guests, and report the news…and keep their personal opinions to themselved.

  28. Patricia J Ollweiler says:

    Quite frankly, I am thrilled that she is no longer on MSNBC.
    She was far too biased. It would be even more refreshing and inviting if the anchors would simply interview guests, and report the news…and keep their personal opinions to themselves.

    • Norma B. says:

      Obviously MSNBC is not interested in substance and opinions that reflect a diverse audience. MHP is a strong, intelligent Black woman with research to back up her opinion. They helped create this monster named Trump because of ratings. I am sure their corporate owners will benefit in the short-term, but I, personally, will not continue to watch the psycho babble coming from most of their commentators. One more question: would they have brought Brian Williams back if he was Black or Hispanic. Melissa, you are a proud, intelligent, Baddd sister.

  29. Dan says:

    The sad thing is you can never know how much you informed us with the people you brought on that show. It wasn’t just your insight that was so valuable. I don’t know where we will be able to see those people. I wish you all the best. ” The struggle continues “

  30. DB says:

    Delighted that you’re gone!

  31. Stacey Johnson says:

    I miss Melissa’s show. She has wonderful insight and intellectual.

  32. sam hays says:

    I miss you