7th Heaven Reunion Photo

7th Heaven Reunion Photo: 'Camdens' Gather at Jessica Biel's New Restaurant

Where can you go when the world don’t treat you right? The answer is… Jessica Biel‘s new restaurant, apparently.

Several of Biel’s former 7th Heaven co-stars — Mackenzie Rosman, Beverley Mitchell, Barry Watson and Catherine Hicks — attended the opening of her Los Angeles eatery Au Fudge on Friday, and Mitchell (bless her soul) posted a photo of the mini reunion.

“So much fun supporting our girl on the launch of her amazing new restaurant,” Mitchell captioned the photo, posted to her WhoSay account. “Love these people like family!” Check it out below:

Biel co-starred on 7th Heaven as athletic sister Mary from 1996 to 2002, and continued to recur for the remainder of the show’s 10-season run. (No, I didn’t mean to type “11-season run.” Season 11 was a fever dream that we all inexplicably shared, but it was certainly not an actual season of television.)

This happy “family” photo is major upgrade from the last time 7th Heaven made headlines; in the wake of a 2014 child molestation scandal involving star Stephen Collins, reruns of the drama were taken out of syndication.

Are you glad to see the “Camdens” together again? Drop a comment with your thoughts below.

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  1. Tori Coop says:

    Heh, all the sass and shade in this article. I’m happy to see this reunion.

  2. Christian says:

    This was one of the worst shows to ever pollute the airwaves. They better not even think about bringing it back.

  3. 7th Heaven is like the worst show ever… I used to watch that show for years, everyday after school, thinking it was satire. Then I learned it wasn’t… which made it even funnier – and scarier, lbr.

  4. I agree about s11 being terrible though I loved the show

  5. Jess says:

    I miss this show. I loved that it was different from every other show. And there’s been nothing like it since.

  6. Alex says:

    I’m still mad that instead of having that perfect ending in season 9 they decided to renew the show for two more years and bump Everwood instead. Still so so mad about that one

  7. Blair says:

    People hating on this show because it was free from the SJW bs.Plus no token characters.Stay pressed.

    • Evan says:

      Well I’d like to watch a show like 7th Heaven if instead of a priest the dad’s a Rabbi. You know, if you’re going to do a show with a religious aspect, it doesn’t ALWAYS have to be Catholics/Christians.

      Though no one in Hollywood seems to think so. Course, they also know there’s gonna be so many complaints from The Heartand/The South it’s not worth it it to try.

  8. Drew says:

    The show is corny as you can possibly get, but it was fun to watch. It is a shame that Stephen Collins destroyed that. These people didn’t deserve to have their experience destroyed like that, but now they can’t be mentioned without being linked to that man’s actions.
    And yes, I realize that he has actual victims who were hurt more than actors on a show, but I’m just discussing these particular people right now.

    • Evan says:

      If Star Trek hasn’t been damaged by his actions, the remaining cast is fine. They know not to have anything to do with him, he brought it all on himself, and people can look far past anyone else involved in the show, specially when it happened years before the show existed.

      Just leave it as the “interesting footnote” and that’s it.

      LOL and as I type this Spotlight wins Best Picture. Irony abounds.

      • christopherm says:

        Whatever man. Yes, the remaining cast is fine, but that is such a poor example. Yes, he was in Star Trek: The Motion Picture back in 1979. But those that were also in Star Trek with him aren’t hurt by the loss of residuals from additional airings. This was a series in which he starred in as well as being a focal character of the series. A character who, mind you, was supposedly chaste and above reproach. Ever since this came out, anyone who still received any compensation from airings of the show was substantially hurt by his actions which had become public knowledge.

      • The Queen says:

        Evan, you sound immature and as though your walking around sprinkling fairy dust. Seruous, get a grip and stop your whining. You sound like a 5 year old

  9. lrdslvrhnd says:

    I’d agree about the 11th season being a communal fever dream if it didn’t get Veronica Mars canceled…

  10. Alicia says:

    THIS is the 90s show that needs a reunion. So awesome seeing them together again.

  11. Paul Boon says:

    I didn’t see the show when it was first aired but started watching reruns until it was taken off (unjustifiable in my opinion). Now I own the DVDs. I love the show.

  12. I wonder why David Gallagher was absent from the reunion.

  13. drhenning says:

    The Christian oriented UP Network dropped it for a while but it’s back on several times a day again..

  14. Maria Loera says:

    I don’t believe what the tabloids print I watched the show from the beginning to the end and would love to see them come back I was so glad reruns came back . Don’t always believe the stuff you see on tabloids remember that how they make there money writing crap. These show like 7th Heaven The Gilmore Girls Parent Hood are so different from what that are showing know . Please bring them back

  15. Susie Deghert says:

    7th Heaven was a great show, in fact, now watching the reruns that are on every afternoon. Would love to see a reunion-a new series, without Stephen Collins. They covered so many issues for teens, of course those were different times. Bring em back!!!

  16. Just finding out about 7th Heaven’s reruns being canceled AND why. Not a fan of punishing all because of the actions (however despicable) of one, so let’s get pass the PC . If you really want to “make moral judgments”about Steve Collins’ REAL LIFE, write a script for a reunion where he dies, and in his will leaves 3 apology notes to his victims ( this all happened when he was a high school/college camp counselor, has haunted him his whole life, inspired his spiritual conversion, and changed his life) and let the man die in peace with the forgiveness of the victims! To me, this would be perfect way to openly discuss a taboo subject while demonstrating the importance of forgiveness and healing for those abused. Turn a negative into a positive. At end give HOTLINE number for anyone who needs to reach out for help. We need a reunion so viewers and actors can remember what a really uplifting/inspiring family show 7thHeaven was!

  17. Donna Folden says:

    My son and I watch 7th Heaven reruns practically everyday. It’s one of the “family-oriented” shows of the 90’s that we still enjoy watching. Every time we watch it, I’m wondering what the cast members are doing now. I would love to see a 7th Heaven Reunion.but without Steven Collins. If Catherine Hicks said she would do it with Reverend Camden declared “deceased”, then I agree, “PLEASE DO IT!!!” Life would go on without Reverend Camden and Annie would deserve a “FRESH START.”