The Walking Dead's Richonne

Walking Dead Poll: Does 'Richonne' Have a Love That's to Die For?

Now that you’ve had a week to absorb the shock of Rick and Michonne’s hook-up on The Walking Dead, you probably have some questions. (We do!) Such as… What took them so long? Considering Lori and Jessie’s fates, was the new couple’s first kiss one of the death variety for Michonne? And, most of all, what do you think of ‘Richonne’?

For his part, Walking Dead showrunner Scott M. Gimple recently told TVLine that he had been eyeing a ‘Richonne’ romp “for a long time,” adding that his “overall goal was to bring them to a unique place of respect and intimacy, possibly/probably leading to romance.

At this point in the story, the characters have fought their battles and won their home, their safety,” the EP continued. “Over the past weeks, they’ve found a certain peace. And that’s when these two characters could realize what they had.”

Are you buying what Gimple’s selling? Vote in the poll below, then make that vote count by backing it up with a solid pro/con argument in the comments.


Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Jason says:

    I’m not worried about the kiss of death. Michonne isn’t going anywhere. I know they aren’t afraid to depart from the comic but that would a monumental departure from the source. And considering that she is now filling the role of both herself and Andrea in the comics, it seems unlikely they would be dumb enough to lose her.

  2. Kim says:

    So true, Michonne is a powerhouse in the story. Rick needed someone equal to him – that did not require him to save her. She in turn saves him. It’s that give and take that draws them together. Honestly, I was not a watcher of TWD until last season. I had to get caught up on the “ship” and what a time to see the coupling of two forces to be reckoned with in ZA. I just don’t want this to be some twisted dream sequence that explains the whole season away – I have seen that done too many times and shame on the writes to do so!

  3. Mark says:

    When they killed Andrea to pander to one section of the fans and then went on and killed more and more of the main characters just for ratings wins. This is what your left with, So much for the promises by the directors and writers that they were going to get the show back to the comics and source material. Its now turning into a soap opera, Scott Gimple has never been as good a story teller with this material as Frank Darabont – his vision was far more truer to the source material not this.

    • lordneutralgrey says:

      Uh… what? Did you even watch season 1? Darabont is a visionary and a great director but he wasn’t faithful to the source material at all. Semi-intelligent zombies, new characters that didn’t exist on any previously existing character, the entire stupid CDC arc. Darabont is a great storyteller but his “vision” was about as true to the source material as The Last Airbender movie.

  4. Marlowe says:

    I have been waiting for a long time for Rick and Michonne to finally realize they love each other. It seemed obvious since season 4. So glad they’re now together and happy. Plus, Rick and Michonne are hot! Can’t complain about the visuals.

    However, I am growing irritated with articles like this. More people are raising questions and doubting their romantic interest in one another than they did with Jessie and Rick. Rick and Jessie weren’t even dating and knew each other two weeks, but the media wasn’t afraid to call her “New Mrs. Grimes”, call her his girlfriend, speculate on when they’d hook up. Jessie didn’t even have a long comic life, so why the empty hopes she’d become something more?

    But Michonne? Rick’s close friend? One with whom Rick shares electric chemsitry? Already mother-figure to his son? Nahhhh. The media wants to downplay it. Like this article.

    Eh, doesn’t take a large mental leap to see why.

    • Ehhhhhh says:

      I hear people talk about the Rick / Michonne “obvious” chemistry, but I have never even seen a hint of it. The pairing makes sense, and I am not bothered by it, but I only saw the bond between Carl and Michonne, not so much with Rick. I saw the chemistry with Rick and Jessie right away, even though it did seem forced for the sake of the end game of that story. I think you are implying the racial element of things, but I personally don’t see it that way in this case.

      Can you explain to me where you see their chemistry grow from? Like, give me an episode to watch where I might have missed that connection forming. I just really never saw it with those two, despite people mentioning it now and then.

      • flower1petals says:

        Just go to you tube. Google richonne videos and many pop up. They are made up of all the little moments and subtle looks he give Michonne. He looks her “up & down” every chance he gets. lol They are made by “shippers” so they might seem bias, but if you look at all the moments in this new light, you will see it. Then you will be like “How did I not see it!”

        • flower1petals says:

          My fave moment is where he tells her why they didn’t tell her about the guns at alexandria. He tells her she could of have talked him out of it. She’s the only one who can reel him in. His voice of reason.

          “I was afraid you’d talk me out of it. You could’ve,” he tells her. “I think you can find a way. We can find a way,” she responds with a warm, steady gaze. “And if we don’t? I’m still with you.” Ugh…I love it.

      • Marlowe says:

        What flower1petals said. There are plenty of micro moments in episodes that sexually-charged Rick and Michonne’s interactions. Albeit they’re subtle, but there. Rick checks out MIchonne’s ass a lot like in “Clear”, “Welcome to the Tombs”, and “Claimed”, Michonne even checked out Rick’s ass on the train tracks in “A”. Rick flirted with Michonne in “Clear” when he made the “I see things” quip. Michonne flirted with Rick in “Remember” with the ” (giggle) I’ve never seen your face like that”. In “Conquer” after Michonne pushed the gun back to Rick’s side, he wiggled his hand and look at it as though he were tingling.
        Not everyone was looking for these signs or wanted to see them. And I do believe there’s a racial element though not a racist one. Michonne doesn’t look like the stereotypical Western leading lady. She’s beautiful, but not the norm, and I think as a result many people just slid her into a non-romantic role — because how could she and Rick ever get together? Just imagine if Michonne had been played by someone who looked like Jessie or Maggie. Rick and Michonne would’ve never even been a question.
        It’s not that people are actively hating. People just aren’t conditioned to see Michonne and Rick in that light.

        • Ladylawyer says:

          That’s exactly what I believe as it relates to why some people didnt see it coming or say “they don’t fit”(one lady actally said that).
          It’s not necessarily a “racial” thing in the common sense of the term. It’s just they/ we have been conditioned to automatically expect a leading lady for a leading male, to look a certain way. Had Michonne looked like Halle Berry, Thandie Newton or Angelina Jolie, there would not be this much discension and shock.

        • Francis turner says:

          AMEN! I saw Richonne a MILE AWAY!

      • Abigail says:

        I agree. I see chemistry as friends but not as romantic lovers. I did see the chemistry with Jessie right away as well and was sad she was killed off. Also in response to below…I don’t care if he looks her up and down, that is just what the script tells him to do. Natural chemistry can’t always be forced and it does depend on the actor playing the part and not just the storyline.

        • Nadia says:

          Issue is most did not see natural chemistry with Jessie, the majority thought that forced. In every episode since Rick made it to Alexandria he was having issues being in a place like that without Lori, without his dependent wife. Watch those eps again and listen to his dialogue, look at what his face conveys before he kisses her on the cheek. Look what his face conveys before the kiss in the garage. Look at him fidling with his ring once he got there, his eye opening moment right after meeting Pete. Look at all his actions right after seeing Pete and Jessie walking home, watch his acting, the look on his face, what he actually does in that ep. Even the kiss in the garage seem weird, that look on his face when he went in for the kiss, I was like oh God he’s not doing well at all. He looked pained. Rick had issues and his attachment to Jessie help to get him through certain things. I expected her to die because it just felt wrong and like he was forcing it or confused by it

      • Phantompesst says:

        1) When The Dead Come Knocking
        2) Clear
        3) Welcome to the Tombs
        4)Made to Suffer
        5) Clear
        6) Welcome to the Tombs
        7) 30 Days without an Accident
        8) After
        9) Claimed
        10) US
        11) A
        12) Strangers
        13) Four Walls and a Roof
        14) Crossed
        15) what’s Happened and What’s Going On
        16) The Distance
        17) Remember
        18) Forget
        19) Conquer
        20) Heads Up
        21) Start to Finish
        22) No Way Out
        It was all done through the excellent dialogue, the characters looks, their growing intmacy and Rick having a fascination with Michonne’s butt, lips and breasts

      • Whatevah says:

        I saw chemistry the minute Michonne walked up to the fence w/ the baby formula. I knew right then and there that if they didn’t kill her off, she & Rick were going to end up together.

      • Just the fact you asking for episodes to go back to watch says a lot! How about they always touching each others hands and Rick always checking Michonne ASS out when she walks pass him,how about right after Carl near rape by The Claimers,and Rick ask Michonne,are you OK? She says I’m OK? Because YOU’RE OK TOO,That chemistry NEVER TOOK place between Rick and Carol,Those too or more like siblings,Rick and Michonne is different,I could go on and on like the prison TOO, but it’s been brewing since the first time they met! Richonne RULES!!

      • Cynthia says:

        Watch the youtube videos entitled “Richonna”

    • Francis turner says:


  5. Kisha from Houston, TX says:

    There is so much loyalty, devotion, commitment, and respect between these two until it seems it was only a matter of time until they got to this place. They are both single, attractive, and working towards the same goals and fighting the same enemies. They kinda fit like a glove AND she loves his kids! Strangely, I think t he most romantic scene between them was not the love scene but rather the conversation they have shortly after they arrive in the safe zone & she punches him out! Look up that scene!💜 Plus, she is the only one who can handle ‘Crazy Rick’.

  6. Chol H Yoon says:

    Rick & Michonne has a vibe of an old married couple, which seems to be a natural progression since they have been a family for a while (and single/ widowed) and raising two children together. Putting a final seal on the deal.

  7. flower1petals says:

    Sooooo Happy! I have been waiting for this since season 3. Every time I hear a brother/sister comment, I shudder. The way he always looks at her. gives me goosebumps. Everything was done very subtly over the seasons, but you could see it.

  8. BD says:

    Please don’t ever call them that again. I have never been a fan of these combined couple names, but this one might be the worst one yet. Ugh!

  9. attorneytracey says:

    This combo came from outta left field with miniscule build up. Terrible writing but I also think it was all about fan-service. Gimple thought he’d be clever dropping this storyline during Black History Month, no less.

    • What exactly does Black History Month have to do with Rick and Michonne? And if it were actually fan service, Rick and Michonne would have hooked up a lot sooner. And 62% of people disagree with you on the relationship being random.

      Tv line, you say comments are monitored, yet you allow tripe like this to go through? What gives?

    • Melody says:

      You need to do some better research…This has been planned for a long time. And its not 1956…its time to shed that institutionalized racism you have.

    • Kyle Mclean says:

      What would Scott Gimple gain from “dropping” this during Black History Month? In multiple articles Mr. Gimple has stated that he envisioned/planned this relationship BEFORE he ever became showrunner, back when he was just a writer, during season 3 or 4. This man, in charge of one of the most lucrative, highly rated and watched shows in TV history obviously doesn’t share in your anger and bitterness.

    • Aidan Yawdor says:

      Good one attorneytracey, the writing is great that’s why there are so many fans. Fans in countries that do not celebrate Black History month btw. Not sure if you are an attorney but might I suggest a bit of research. This story line has been in the works for the past three season and has been confirmed by the show runner. This was the greatest of slow burns. I agree it’s a bit of fan service but not how you see it, It is known that shows start drastically losing ratings around season six (just look up the stats), so yes as a show runner it is his job to identify what would most keep people tuned in or attract more viewers in that pivotal season, so queue Rick/Michonne, Jesus and Negan. The idea that you would use the it’s because it’s black history month card speaks volumes and also identifies why you couldn’t possibly see them together. These folks have created a show that is the envy of every single network and you attack the writing with a color based argument. Like I said, good one

    • Dara says:

      Oh my word, what a terrible comment! You should actually be ashamed.

  10. Bob says:

    The whole thing feels contrived. The relationship was fine but the writers needed some gratuitous fanservice filler, I suppose.

    • Again, if it were fan service, it would have happened a long time ago. The show runner said he’s planned it out for three seasons.

    • Francis turner says:

      Then go WATCH Daryl duck and dodge Carol ADVANCES though out the entire TWD seasons and YELL How GREAT their sexual tention is! Please! TWD got it right with Richonne! Now swallow this ! MORGAN AND CAROL! I’m CALLING IT! Lmao!

  11. Lily says:

    YES!!!!! About damn time. I waited for them to be together since SEASON 4!!! Their chemistry is just fabulous, and Rick needs a powerful, strong woman by his side, who can reach out to him and tell things like they are, only Michonne was able to do that and he needs that (especially with his impulsive side). Also, it might be a little bit shallow, but they really look good together, so it’s a plus lol. Now, I can’t wait to see how their relationship will evolve, especially after what Andy said about them being in a romantic relationship having “huge ramifications” (I wonder if it’s about Negan and the Lucille line up, if it happens this season).

  12. Bill Waters says:

    Stop calling it Richonne, you sound like a teenage girl writing for the school paper.

  13. Shannon says:

    I’ve only watched several random episodes of TWD and the first few times I really thought these two were a couple. Then when I realized they weren’t I couldn’t believe the show could go so long without pairing them up! And in this episode especially, they acted like an old (I use that term loosely, they are not old) married couple. So why the heck not? They seem perfect together.

  14. I’m so happy Rick and Michonne have found each other despite all the mess surrounding them. They are both good people who deserve to find love again. They have a deep respect for each other and the friendship has flourished. I’m more than sure everyone knows of at least one instance where friends turn into lovers. I see absolutely nothing wrong with it. As for Rick’s track record with women, Michonne in no way compares to any other woman he had a relationship with. She is a true survivor and Rick won’t have to “save” her.

  15. denny says:

    “Richonne” …….really “Richonne”……””RICHONNE”” really?????

  16. Shan says:


  17. carol hom says:

    First if all its about time n he has a great woman under his nose n not know it n I think they make a cute couple

  18. I feel like this show gave me something I didn’t know I wanted until I saw them on that couch. When Rick said “I just wanna turn my brain off for a minute” I was like I know a way you could both turn your brains off, and then it happened! I cannot wait to see how they interact in the next episode now that they know they are in love. They have taken care of each other for so long that this feels like the cherry on top. I am not expecting as much PDA as Glenn and Maggie but I am excited to see the small exchanges that will mean so much more now!

  19. I had a feeling that Rick & Michonne would get together because she has always projected a “Motherly” type of protection over Carl even back when Carl didn’t like her…[Episode When Rick, Carl & Michonne got all the weapons from Morgan.}..

  20. Reeshemah says:

    I am happy that Rick and Michonne are together. I know they are strong survivors who just happen to fall for each other. Strong friendship and chemistry and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

  21. Alex says:

    I have been waiting for too freaking long! I LOVE YOU SCOTT GIMPLE!!!!!

  22. Kyle Mclean says:

    I’m sorry, but those that say this relationship between Rick and Michonnr is coming from left field/didn’t see it coming/is forced, just didn’t WANT to see the build up of this relationship over several seasons. I’m not fan of Daryl and Carol getting together, but I can’t deny the chemistry between them and the build up that’s occuring between those two characters over seasons.

  23. mandy says:

    of course i’m happy i’ve waited years for this. it makes sense. michonne isn’t going to die. it’s laughable people think she will.

  24. jules says:

    Gross!!!! Leave it off D air n stick with what people really wanna see. Thanks!!!

  25. Misty says:

    I’m very happy. Been loving these two together since season 3; two iconic characters, two main leads, they’re equals, their relationship will be healthy, and if I had to choose two people to be in the Apocalypse with it’s these two. This relationship isn’t going anywhere anytime soon and I’m so excited to see what’s next for these two warriors who found love again with each other.

  26. Ally says:

    I absolutely loathe that people keep suggesting that hooking up with Rick is going to lead to Michonne dying. Sorry for the people who don’t want them together but Michonne isn’t going anywhere. The show likes to pretend that “no one is safe” but that’s just not true. There are certain characters like Carl, Michonne and Rick who just have way too much narrative importance to be killed off anytime soon. In the final season? Anything’s possible but it doesn’t look like this show will be ending anytime soon so expect to see those three for a long time to come.
    As for Rick and Michonne getting together, I think it’s brilliant and I love that Gimple was willing to do such a slow-burn with them because it made that moment of them finally realizing their feelings for one another so much better.

  27. Vickie uhl says:

    I knew they were meant to be because of Michonne’s relationship with Carl. Several scenes stand out : 1st when she helped to retrieve the family picture & the crib for Judith. And second the sweet walk along the railroad tracks vying for candy. And ever since they met Rick & Michonne have always had each orhers back. Even when she knocked him out! It was for his own best interest! You could feel the love of family when she kissed Carl’s forehead as she rushed out to help Rick battle the zombie horde. Not to discount so many any other moments. This is love! Please allow it to &blossom!!!!

  28. RichonneisLife says:

    Only people who refused to look outside what they wanted, or who literally were not paying attention to the narrative between Rick and Michonne were surprised by this. Their relationship was neither forced, nor “out of nowhere” or unnatural. It is very common for best friends to fall in love. So you’re saying they are okay to be best friends and have nothing but positive support and development, it’s okay that Carl, Rick’s child, sees Michonne like a mother, but Rick and her getting together is out there and unnatural to the progression of their relationship? Yeah, in other words, it’s fine for the black woman to play mammy, but in no way should she be the love interest. Very transparent.

  29. mooshki says:

    I stopped watching two seasons ago (sick of people I liked getting killed off) and even back then it was obvious there was something more than friendship growing between these two.

  30. Sam says:

    i stop watching from now on. get rick killed and i might come back.

  31. Karyn says:

    I couldn’t believe how stupid Rick and Daryl acted , they wornt handeling businesses they wore playing and lost a truck full of food , and it didn’t seem to bother them eather .

  32. David Anderson says:

    Awesome! Been wanting this hook up since day one!

    • Jax&Juice's Girl says:

      RICHONNE is here to STAY!!!!!!!!! They’re the ultimate ”power couple” I’m so F-in happy they finally realize that there’s a spark btw them, since day1 in S3 especially her bonding w/Carl.

  33. sleepywitchysamurai says:

    I started shipping these two from the episode “Clear”, that’s when Richonne, personally, happened for me. In the following episodes and seasons, their relationship has grown because they became partners, friends, they protected each other and their family, depended on each other and very clearly cared about each other. I’m not here to convince anyone to ship them or anything, I’m here to show support for this bamf couple. Have you seen the way they look at each other, hot af.

  34. Stephon says:

    This is my favourite part of the walking dead

  35. Ro lin says:

    I love the new swirl! This new romance will add a lot of flavor and spice to the show. Things were getting a little dull in Alexandria. We need more. Go Richonne!


  37. I loved it last week, it was about time. But then on last nights episode the lovey dovey stuff was just too much. Kinda grossed me out. They sleep together, like out of nowhere and then the next day they’re acting like they’ve been together forever, its just too weird. I love both characters so much but the excessive loviness makes me think that Michonne will be killed off by the end of the season. They’re gonna lose several people in the battle of Negan so she’ll probably be gone of them. SUCKS!

  38. AnnieM says:

    From the perspective of a comic reader, I think that Michonne herself AND Michonne taking Andrea’s comic place on TV make her too important to the ongoing story for her to be killed off. As far as ‘Richonne’, I think it’s wonderful and perfectly organic to the story; while reading the comic, I’d always hoped for them to become a couple. With regard to Negan, I’m thinking it will be either Glenn, Abraham, or Morgan who will ‘meet Lucille’. I suppose it *could* be Daryl, but I really hope not. :-/

  39. Sabrina says:

    Never saw any chemistry between Rick and michonne. I saw chemistry between Rick and Jesse. If there was supposed chemistry between Rick and michonne to begin with he would never have been so concern about Jesse. I don’t like how randomly out of the blue the threw Rick and michonne together when I never saw any type of chemistry between the and he was romantically interested in Jesse not michonne.

  40. Eleta Parris says:

    I have seen the chemistry and have kind of been waiting for this for 3 seasons. When they got to Alexandria and he was attracted to Jessie, I thought they were going in another direction.

    • Sabrina says:

      I’ve been watching walking dead since it first aired. When michonne first arrived at the prison never saw chemistry between them. All episodes and sessions later I never saw chemistry between Rick and michonne. Chemistry between Rick and Jesse was evident as Rick made it a point to pursue Jesse. If there was such chemistry between Rick and michonne he would have been pursuing michonne and not Jesse. I think this random out of the ball park throwing of these two characters is lame and disappointing because I never saw any attraction between the two.

  41. Louise from Philly. says:

    I must have missed something…when did Michonne become Richonne? What the name change?

  42. Alex says:

    Gimple is a genius pairing these two warriors together. This is epic for TV in so many ways. It shows that they truly live in The Next World. They are an interracial couple, equal in power and ability and extremely sexy. I love it and can’t wait to see how this develops further. Pairing the lead with a strong female partner instead of the usual damsel that usually needs saving and simply there as a love interest plot device says that TWD is a very progressive show and Hollywood should look up to them and follow. I just love it!!!
    Thank you very much Gimple!

  43. Bailey says:

    Disturbed. Like incest. It was very unsettling.

    • Tiffany says:

      What a stupid comment. They’re not even related. Some I guessing if two close friends of yours hook up you are going to tell them its incest.

  44. THEY NEED TO MAKE A BABY!!! Please, OH PLEASE LET RICK IMPREGNATE HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The stars will have aligned and all will be right in the world!

    • Sandra says:

      I’m sorry but am I the only one who thinks that is disgusting?? I wanted to vomit when those two were kissing on the couch. Yes the characters being together makes sense but not the actors that play them. It does not mesh, in fact, I think it’s revolting

  45. Debb says:

    They’ve been connecting on a deep level for a while now. They make a great couple!

  46. Jarma says:

    Rick and Michonne are wrong on every level. Humans are weak, pathetic, and brainwashed by a Hallmark card world to be so love obsessed, they dont have any other focus in life. THIS is why they like Richonne. In truth, they had a beautiful friendship that should have remained that. Why do they always have to ruin it by making cheeseball soap opera decisions to appease the lowest common denomenator? Viewers that think Jerry Springer is realistic.
    These people watch what theyre told to and think what theyre told to, so why aim to please them?
    Carol/Daryll is LUDICROUS.
    Richonne is worse.
    No. Caryl is worse. because i like them more.
    Michonne should be a lesbian with a pretty blond girl like the dead one with the wifebeater.