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Vampire Diaries Director Joshua Butler Breaks Down Key Moments Between Stefan, Caroline and Klaus

For as long as cavemen have been writing on walls*, fans of “Steroline” and “Klaroline” have made their Vampire Diaries ‘ship of choice known loud and clear.

But here’s something you might not realize: director Joshua Butler is responsible for bringing some of your favorite Caroline moments, both with Stefan and Klaus, to the screen. In addition to directing Stefan and Caroline’s first sex scene in Season 6 (“A Bird in a Gilded Cage”), Butler was also behind the camera for Caroline and Klaus’ heartbreaking encounter at the 1920s dance in Season 3 (“Do Not Go Gentle”).

In advance of tonight’s Klaus-tastic Vampire Diaries crossover (The CW, 8/7c), TVLine invited Butler — who recently directed the music video for MENEW’s “Baby You’re Like a Drug” video, starring The Affair‘s Joshua Jackson, and directed the March 21 episode of Syfy’s The Magicians — to look back on these two key scenes in the love stories of “Steroline” and “Klaroline.”

(And Butler knows a thing or two about bringing major moments to life. In addition to The Vampire Diaries, Butler has directed episodes of Pretty Little LiarsThe Secret Circle and The Following, among many others.)

Click through the gallery below for Butler’s take on these two memorable scenes, then cast your vote: Which ‘ship are you hoping wins out in the end?

*This information is historically accurate. I double checked.

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  1. Stacy says:

    Klaroline! Saw the episode last night and it just confirmed to me that Klaus knows Caroline best and puts her first.

    • JT says:

      Really TV LINE? JB? I’m not impressed with him at all. Have you seen some of his twitter exploits? I was hoping tvd had fired him. UGH! Seriously UGH!

    • Ida says:

      I very much agree

    • Funmi O says:

      Klaroline please. Steroline is more like a brother – sister relationship. Rebekah is much more better for Stefan, because from what I’m seeing Caroline is leaving with Alaric. Please who thinks that Cammie is taking things to far? How could she do that to Klaus.

  2. Lou says:

    Klaroline is the best ship obviously, especially after this crossover who showed how Caroline will always be Klaus’ first choice, whereas for Stefan she is a second choice.

  3. Angie says:


  4. marydspain says:

    Rooting for Steroline

  5. Arti says:

    Steroline have a true connection, friendship and relationship. One quick bang in the forest does not and cannot compare. Steroline FOR LIFE.

    • Lori says:

      At least Klaroline have chemistry and this is coming from a non Klaroline fan. It’s pretty funny that Joshua Butlers episode of Steroline when they had their humanity turned off was what turned me off. That was the most cringe worthy romantic scene ever. ewww Haven’t liked them since.

  6. Becca says:

    Klaroline is OTP and Caroline should be with Klaus he is the only one who puts her first and cares about her happiness!

  7. Klaroline is obviously the best ship, Klaus has always been there for her (even after 2 years without seeing her), he cares about her happiness more than about his own, he chooses her over her family, whereas Stefan always made her his 2nd choice in comparaison of Damon and Elena.

  8. Jess says:

    I’ve never really been a fan of either ship, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t intrigued as to why they’re reintroducing Klaroline now. I prefer it to Steroline because I don’t like Stefan at all, but I can’t shake that there’s a reason they’re suddenly poking the beast by bringing Klaroline back into the light.

  9. Christina says:


  10. Christina says:

    Klaroline endgame

  11. I’ll just never understand how Klaroline could ever be a ship worth rooting for. Their relationship is the definition of toxic and that it needs to stay dead and buried forever.

    IMO, Tyler will always be Caroline’s best match, even though they ruined them a long time ago. Forwood’s relationship was genuine and beautiful and they massacred them so Caroline could go have a cheap quickie with the person who abused her endlessly (lethally biting someone just to save them and sticking a lamp post in their about romantic, right?!) and the very same person who murdered her ex-boyfriend’s mother in COLD BLOOD.

    I don’t really have anything to say on Steroline except they are a joke. They really only got pushed together romantically because Tyler/Klaus left the show.

  12. Lena says:

    Klaroline!! All the SC scenes from the past season and this upcoming phone call really show me how much Klaus really cares for her and her feelings a heck of a lot more than Stefan ever has.

    • Vanessa says:

      I’m stuck between klaroline and steroline because I care deeply for both ships but I miss klaroline it was such a beautiful ship I ship it even tho I can’t have it ughh I want them to be together so bad

  13. Mina says:

    Dude, it’s Klaroline. They bring out the best of each other, and all Stefan does is make Caroline insecure and push her behind Damon(the man who compelled and raped her). Klaus cares about her and her happiness, even if it ruins his.

  14. hannah says:

    why is this even a poll? klaus and caroline are on SEPARATE shows. they have no chance of being together.

  15. Jason says:

    Why would anyone wish for Caroline to be with a sociopath like Klaus. Don’t get me wrong. Klaus is a great character but considering how much I adore Caroline, I’d much rather see her with Stefan. Theirs is a relationship built out of friendship.

    • Marnie says:

      Stefan has been terrible to her this season. I used to ship it but nope, he chooses too many people over her (including Valerie) and I can’t do it

      • ST says:

        what are you talking about? have you seen 7.13? Stefan was the ONLY one who realized Caroline didn’t want this and was willingly ready to let Valerie die for saving Caroline when he knew by continuing doing magic Valerie could die.. even coming back from the stone his major priority was Caroline and his worst nightmare was Damon killing Caroline in 7.11.. nontheless when he got stabbed in the heart by the huntress all he thought about Caroline and their happy time together.. Caroline Forbes is favourite fictional character and I will defend her at all circumstances but I will never ship her with someone who wanted to kill her multiple times over someone who is her best friend, mentor and soulmate..

        • Tori says:

          Their whole relationship has been horrible. Stefan has been distant and Caroline has been insecure. Sure he might have been there for the labor but he hasn’t been there all along and I was happy that Klaus dropped some truth bombs on Stefan and that phone call showed more caring for Caroline than anyone this season has. AND the funny part of my comment is I’m not a KC shipper! lol

          • Jess says:

            Also not a KC shipper and I agree with you. Steroline isn’t dark in the way Klaroline was, but it doesn’t make it a good relationship. Caroline is coming across as a doormat in her relationship with Stefan and I hate that for my favorite character.

  16. Klaroline was lit in 7×14! bless

  17. Nour says:

    Klaroline always and forever

  18. SS says:

    Klaroline. Even the scenes selected for this were about deep, real issues about their futures. A small town life isn’t enough for Caroline and Klaus has seen it all. That’s why it will always be special, no matter what and however long it takes.

  19. Flashrow says:

    Why nobody is shipping Stefan and Klaus, OMG they have more chemistry that Steroline or Klaroline.

  20. zed says:

    Yeah- Klaroline is just the Epic couple! Wow!
    Stefan should actually end up with Rayna!!! Oh yeah- there could be something really hot going on if we get season 8!

  21. Olivia says:

    I stopped watching the show until they Bring Klaroline back…

  22. Ugonna Wosu says:

    Why do ppl want poor Stefan to be alone all the time?

    • Wendy says:

      I understand what you mean because I love Stefan but putting him with Caroline was not a good idea. They have no chemistry and were better off as friends. They should’ve brought in a new love interest for him last season, they could’ve taken their time to find the right one. I wouldn’t mind seeing if he has chemistry with Rayna.

  23. Caroline already said Stefan makes her happy. And she loves him. Klaus could NEVER get that out f her!!!

    • Bree says:

      How? Caroline will never have Stefan’s whole heart, it belongs to Elena. Elena and Damon will always come first for him unless JP/CD change the writing in the future. This is one of the many reasons I don’t like them.

  24. Quinn says:

    Klaus and Caroline! Stefan is a nice guy (when he’s not in Ripper-mode that is) so he needs to find someone else to move on with. Klaroline all the way.

  25. Fawn says:

    Luv the article… I can’t wait for Klaroline. Klaroline’s return will be epic.

  26. John says:

    They’ve turned Klaus wimpy. He was so bad on Vampire Diaries and in the beginning of the Originals. Now, he doesn’t scare his enemy. They are all pushing him around. When they had him chained and a large number of vampires attacking him, his eyes changed and he showed that he was the most powerful and evil. No marcel and his old love just push him around.

    They did the same to Damen, in the beginning he was so scary and evil. Then love turned them both into wimps.


    • Sara says:

      Bro he drew ponies on TVD and attended high school dances and talked about hummingbirds being nice.

      • m2 says:

        He was changing diapers, carving wood toys and having custudy battles with his baby momma for almost 2 seasons so I don’t know what is worse to be honest ;/

  27. Sara says:

    I don’t mind Klaroline – I enjoyed them in S3-4 – but Steroline all the way! And Klayley for Klaus pls!

  28. Wendy says:

    Of course it’s KLAROLINE. They have the best chemistry (let’s be honest SC don’t have any) scenes and the best lines. “I intend to be your last however long it takes!”

  29. Andreia says:

    Klaroline <3

    I dont watch tvd anymore, only The Originals …but I could watch again for Klaroline!! and JUST for Klaroline

  30. CCarolinee says:

    Klaroline. I need more. I am craving. Omg I just remembered how much I love these two. I want more cat and mouse between them, I want them to take it slow but have plenty of scenes. They are my obsession. I’ve never been so infatuated with a ship before. What the hell is this? :)

  31. Isabella says:

    No contest, it is and will always be KLAROLINE. Klaus is Caroline Forbes’ #1 stan! As proven by the 7×14 phone call with her and scenes with Stefan.

  32. Pat says:

    Klaus should be with Haley. Elijah with Cami..

  33. lol if true connection is ignoring calls and acting like a dick in a date or looking more emotionally disturbed by your ex girlfriend in coma being burned than by your girlfriend being stabbed while pregnant then yes i’ll root for “the quick bang in the woods” !

    • elle says:

      lol i completely agree with you. klaroline all the way!

    • Cam says:

      This 👆
      It’s pretty telling that in a single episode (and if we are technical, in a single 2 minutes scene), Klaus managed to be more present and more supportive of Caroline than Stefan in 2 seasons, even his words about Liz were perfect, whereas Stefan made Caroline turn off her emotions last time he talked about her mother…
      Klaroline for the win because Caroline deserves someone who sees her as the first choice *_*

    • Phoenix5634 says:

      Haha very good point

  34. Darya says:


  35. did anyone notice anything between stefan and freya…I liked what I saw….
    though might not be possible but still…

  36. DOR YASS says:


  37. The Klaroline Fandom says:

    Hey, Steroliners, how about a fair play?

  38. njbc says:


  39. spu says:

    I was a Steroline shipper but after s7 I think Im back to Klaroline. For Klaus Caroline was unique, but for Stefan he had Elena before Caroline.

  40. Amanda says:

    Steroline! Nothing could ever top a loving friendship that turned into something more! It’s one of the most beautiful love stories! Stefan and Caroline will make it through and be together in the end <3

  41. Ida says:

    Caroline & Klaus are fantastic together. I’ve been waiting for this crossover for so long, I’m glad it finally happened! Now if only they could meet in person & make their reunion a happy, permanent one that would be really great! And Stephan should be with Valerie because of their unhappy history, they deserve to find that elusive happiness. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

  42. Steroline for the win.

    Caroline and Klaus are two different people. I personally don’t like it when they show Klaus’ ‘good’ side. Most viewers hate the Cami/Klaus relationship (mostly Klaroline shippers I’m sure) because of what the relationship did to Klaus’ character. But what do you think will happen if Klaus and Caroline are in a relationship?

    I personally don’t want to see Klaus being a loving and caring boyfriend to Caroline, helping her plan a party or events for example… Klaus is the Villain. I want to see Klaus crushing the party and go on a killing spree.

    I don’t want to see Klaus part of Friends-giving. I don’t even want to see him caring about thanksgiving… i want him plotting revenge and making a vampire army.

    Am i the only one who likes to watch TVD for the action, drama and evil vampires?

    Lets not have a repeat of what happened with Damon. I was only ok with letting Damon becoming ‘good’ because i really liked the Stefan/Damon relationship and when the originals entered the show, i was happy for Damon to take the back seat in the villain department.

    Season 1-3 was dark and its only when they started showing the villains ‘good’ sides, that the show lost its edge.

    In my opinion Klaus and Caroline should have never been a ‘thing’ (Klaus and Katherine should have happened)

    Caroline is a good Vampire and i can’t think of anything more out of character than Caroline being in a relationship with the same person who killed Jenna and Carol Lockwood.

    I have been waiting for Steroline to be together since season 2. They are perfect for each other. Steroline has to be Endgame.

  43. claire says:

    look,since the beginning i was first and foremost the biggest caroline forbes stan. most people didn’t like her in season one,but she was always extremely intriguing to me and i wanted to see more and more of her development because i saw more potential in her than any other character we’d seen so far. since the very first episode,she was wallowing on how nobody ever picks her first,how it’s always elena and it will never be her. then she gets used and abused by damon,who raped her physically and emotionally,and her friends do one or maximum two half hearted attempts to make him stop. stefan even used damon and caroline’s “relationship” in his advantage on a plan once. then she was turned into a vampire and we see this a m a z I n g and mind blowing character development that just makes you crave more and more for that character. i never really cared about the whole stefan/elena/damon thing,it was unappealing and overused and just generally irrelevant to me since i never liked elena’s character or the misogynistic way they treated her. i stayed for caroline and bonnie. matt and caroline happened and at first i was wary because since the beginning he didn’t seem to show as much interest in her as she did on him,and i didn’t want that for her. that whole relationship was a disaster,it was never about love really,they cared about each other,teenage crush insues,couldn’t deal with supernatural,bam that’s it. caroline deserves someone who’ll stay,who’ll fight for her and her happiness above all else. i honestly miss the times when caroline’s storyline wasn’t all about who her current love interest was because she is a fascinating and complex characters that deserves having those deep layers explored. but anyways,tyler happened. at first i was like hmmm okay but tyler was kind of a total prick with her since day 1,but then i saw their development. man,it was beautiful. she helped him on the most difficult time of his life,she gave him strength and support. but there was a point that i felt like that was all their relationship had resumed to. she was always giving giving and giving. what about the receiving? sure,tyler loved her,there is no doubt about that,he broke every bone in his body for her but was it enough? she was never his priority, something always came first,be it his pack,revenge or etc. when caroline forbes loves someone she gives all she has and all she doesn’t. she’s the most fiercely loyal character in the whole tvd/to franchise in my opinion; she goes above and beyond to protect her and make sure that they’re happy and she deserves to have someone who will do the same for her. and klaus does that. every. single. time. he let tyler go for her on a myriad of times; be it on prom,4×14,1×07 in to or when he let the revenge go for her. he chose her over his 500 year old revenge plans on katherine. he chose her over rebekah on 4×01. when he thought he was dying in 4×18 he called her. not his brother or his sister. he thought those were his final moments and he wanted to be with caroline. stefan lured rayna to new orleans,endangering the vampires there and klaus’ entire family. klaus told him to get the hell out and used his tvd klaus scream (which i’m grateful,because the originals destroyed his characters,tvd writers still know how to write him),but he hears caroline’s distress over the entire stefan situation and he doesn’t even hesitate on saving him for her. putting a target on his back and on his entire family’s. he’s always putting her first. he loves her so selflessly (which really c’mon it’s klaus we’re talking about here) and effortlessly and unconditionally. he’ll always love her. putting her happiness above his own feelings or anyone else. klaus was always at his most selfless with her. not even with hope,who he wanted by his side despite knowing it wasn’t the best for her,and all the danger it ensues(i still think we have yet to see his act of selflessness for her though,probably he’ll send her off with hayley to live her life safely and happily,which lbr hayley was right,the mikaelsons name is kinda of a curse and if klaus wants what’s best for his daughter,he will let her go – which was the same advice he gave to stefan,so let’s get back to that); let’s not even talk about cami here he freaking locked her with blood to force her into transition; he gave absolutely no fs about her own view on the matter,he abused,compelling her making her lose her mind because of his own agenda; their entire “relationship” is about klaus,and i,as a feminist,couldn’t be more disgusted at the unabashed display of misogyny; she’s his therapist,the one who coddles him when he literally doesn’t deserve it; he’s kinda there with her because she’s the only one who excuses his sh-t; caroline ain’t having none of that; she calls him out and he thanks her for that. he grows internally for that. there’s actual development happening.
    this isn’t just about klaus putting her first though,no way.
    they both bring out the most real emotions in each other. klaus brings out the part of caroline that she really is,not the one she pretends to be for her friends. she wants it all,she wants the world and she wants to rule it and he sees it,clear as the day,and he wants to be right beside her,he wants it to be him and her,but most of all he wants to see her shining. klaus was always the one who saw caroline’s potential,who saw her as the wondrous goddess she is; the one no one saw,that everyone took as the insecure neurotic freak,the one everyone took for granted. all he ever wanted was her happiness,but he also wants her loyalty. craves it even. he trusts her blindly,we’ve seen this in a myriad of cases,exhibit A him trusting her with his life in 4×18.
    she has no idea how truly beautiful she is to him(joseph morgan’s words),and he’ll never stop wishing she will achieve her best.
    caroline brought klaus back. without their relationship,the entire dynamic in the originals would be different(not even gonna talk about how the whole spin off only happened because of klaroline because klaus only slept with hayley bc he couldn’t have caroline and that klaus would be killed off permanently on season 3 finale and wasn’t because of the popularity of klaroline and without them the originals would never have been a thing because lol the bitter irony) she opened up his heart after a thousand years again.
    he loves her,and he wants all that’s best for her,as we saw clearly during the entire crossover,even if it kills him inside. he let her go because he does love her,and then urged stefan to do the same (can we talk about this parallel til 2050??). i mean the lengths he will go to ensure she’s safe and happy couldn’t be more clear if it slapped you across the face. he’d do anything for her. selflessly. because that’s the type of love that prevails,the one that will forever go on. their connection is eternal,irrevocable and unconditional. even if they don’t happen romantically in canon rn(which i sincerely doubt given all facts that lead to the current situation),he’d always love her and it’s that simple. that kind of love never dies,indeed.

  44. Anar says:


  45. Pola says:

    It’s Klaus for me and this crossover episode just sealed the deal for me – I’m Klaroline shipper :) It is amazing that Klaus is the only person who really understands Caroline. He knows her better that her friends and boyfriend. It was Klaus who told her that it’s all right to love something you can’t explain and we know in the future that it had great impact on her because twins call her mommy in the flashforwards so she took his words to her heart. As much as I hate this baby storyline I knew from the star that Caroline will care for the babies and she’ll emotionally attached herself to them. It’s just how she is. No matter how much she repeat herself and others that they aren’t hers it was obvious that she won’t be able to just let them go. She was ready do do it for the sake of her relationship with Stefan in my opinion :/ Klaus words was perfect in that moment, he reassured her and calmed her down. This phoncall was really beautiful moment between those two characters. What’s more important I think it’s obvious that Klaus still deeply cares for her and wants her to be happy. He proved it a couple of times in this two episodes.
    I understand SC appeal but they were forced and for me it’s still a problematic ship and this season only confirmed it. Caroline is Stefan’s first choice and it’s really obvious. She really deserve better than Stefan and maybe even Klaus but if I have to choose between them I would choose Klaus.

  46. Elena says:


  47. Olivia says:

    Klaroline all the way

  48. Carmel says:

    STEROLINE… The last few episodes have been good for Steroline… They have shown that they really love and care for each other. It’s obvious that Stefan will ‘take Klaus’ advice’ and will leave Caroline… But Klaus doesn’t really know Caroline.. I think he gave the advice because he thinks that letting her go is best for her (that’s nice of him i guess) but Klaus has no right to make these kinds of decisions for Caroline. It’s her life, her future. Caroline is a grown strong woman who can take care of herself and make her own decisions about her own life. I’m sure Caroline would have wanted both the kids and Stefan be part of her life, and would have found a way to make it work. Stefan has been so supportive of Caroline during the pregnancy… and Stefan said to Damon in episode 9 (season 7) ‘what ever she wants to do’ regarding the twins. So if she wanted to be part of the twins lives he was going to support it. So i’m sure he would have been supportive to Caroline ( & Alaric) and the twins, and would be with them now if he didn’t have the huntress problem… But i guess with the huntress after him he thinks (like Klaus) it’s best to leave, so they will all be safe.
    Caroline and Stefan will break up.. he flash forwards scenes show us that.. but maybe its a good thing for them. With both of them being apart for so long, i bet they are really missing each other and realise that it is better to fight the huntress (and who ever else comes a long in the future) together and be with each other then being apart. (remember Stefan makes Caroline happy, her words not mine) They are not even together and Caroline still has to run to protect the twins. Klaus’ advice was pointless. She is still in danger even with Stefan not being in her life. So was them being apart really worth it? Caroline may be mad at Stefan because he just left and didn’t give her a say in the situation. I guess we will all find out in the next few episodes how the story will play out.. I can’t wait.. I am loving the huntress story so far. I really like the Damon/Bonnie stuff too. Do you all think that episode 16 will be set in the 3 years future? I can see episode 15 ending with Damon ‘going to sleep’ and episode 16 starting with Stefan waking him up and running from the huntress. I guess something is going to happen to Caroline in the next few episodes as Candice is not part of 3 episodes due to her maternity leave. Julie said that Stefan and Caroline come face to face in episode 19 (i can’t wait).. I can’t wait for Paul and Candice to have scenes now that Candice is no longer pregnant. You can tell that the only reason the Steroline relationship has been a little ‘distant’ because of Candices real life pregnancy… now they can go back to making out (and it wont be awkward for both of them now that she is no longer pregnant) We can finally (hopefully) have more of an intimate relationship for Steroline.. and Caroline can be part of the action again (Candice will now be able to film fight scenes with out putting her baby in danger)
    Everything so far in the flash forward scenes are pointing to Steroline being endgame (every flash forward scene almost mentions both of there names in the same sentence ) and the fact that the only way to get to Stefan was to use Caroline (even if he is with Valerie) tells us a lot.. I can’t wait STEROLINE IS ENDGAME.. (sorry for the long post)

  49. anny says:

    There’s not really a choice to make. Stefan is clearly the man Caroline loves and she always will. Steroline love each other and make each other happy. They deserve their happy ending,they deserve to be endgame.