Vampire Diaries Recap

Vampire Diaries Recap: Klare Package

I wish Friday’s episode of The Vampire Diaries — the long-awaited Originals crossover — was a real-life person, so I could give it a hug and thank it for being the best-written, best-acted and all-around finest hour of Season 7 thus far.

Obviously, we need to start by discussing Klaus and Caroline: If any of you accidentally follow me on Twitter, you might know I’ve never really understood their connection. In terms of that ‘ship, I’d always seen Klaus as an obsessed lunatic forcing himself into the life of a girl who wanted nothing to do with him. But this episode, penned by Klaroline Dries and Brett Matthews, took me to church and showed me the light.

My first revelation came when Stefan told Klaus that Caroline wouldn’t hesitate to let Alaric and the twins move away from Mystic Falls. Without taking even a moment to process that ludicrous statement, Klaus laid down the truth about how Caroline could never separate herself from her babies, proving he really does know the inner workings of her heart better than anyone; the sheepish look on Stefan’s face was a conceit of that.

Then came that phone call. My God, that phone call! From the moment Caroline breathlessly uttered Klaus’ name, I knew we were in for a tearjerker. His offer of condolences on the loss of her mother, his insistence that it’s “not a crime to love what you cannot explain,” his clutch baby advice — it was a lot to handle. (In other news, the sleeping twin that caused Klaus to cut his phone call short just became the most hated infant in the fandom.)

But the greatest display of Klaus’ affection came through his forgiveness of Stefan’s transgressions. When he realized Stefan had brought vampire-hunter Rayna to his vampire-infested town, he gave Stefan the business — kudos to Joseph Morgan for that powerhouse performance, by the way — and I expected that to be the end of their time together. Rescuing Stefan from the huntress in spite of what he’d done was proof that Klaus values Caroline’s feelings above his own. After all of that, his advice to Stefan (“Let her go or spend an eternity sacrificing everything good you have with her for your brother”) packed an even more potent punch.

I’ll end with a quick note to the Stefan/Caroline supporters who feel I’ve abandoned the cause in its hour of need: As the great philosopher Selena Gomez once said, the heart wants what it wants. I believe that Caroline has genuine — and genuinely confusing — feelings for both Stefan and Klaus. I also believe this is the perfect time for the two ‘ships to unite against the Caroline/Alaric situation developing before my very skeptic eyes. Alaric’s a great guy, and any Delta Nu alumna would be lucky to end up with him, but he’s no Stefan or Klaus. At the risk of being too presumptuous, I think she’s mixing up her feelings for the babies with her feelings for their father.

Elsewhere this week…

‘IT ALL ENDS TOMORROW’ | Back at home, Enzo introduced Bonnie and Damon to the Armory, a secret organization desperate to recapture Rayna, even if it means using Stefan as hero-haired bait. As usual, things got messy — Damon woke up in a cell with “Tween Wolf” Tyler Lockwood during a full moon, and Bonnie got knocked unconscious after chopping off Enzo’s hand with an ax — but at least we were rewarded with a lovely conversation between Damon and (a comatose) Bonnie at the end of the ordeal. (Seriously, is anyone else feeling the love between those two?) I’m also thankful that we’ve seen Damon in the flash-forwards, so we don’t need to worry about him going all suicide-y on us, as he alluded to in his speech.

THE VAMP-HEIR DIARIES | After reuniting Enzo with his severed hand, Armory leader Alex dropped a big fat bombshell on him — several, actually. Not only is she one of his descendants, but his father was the one who founded the Armory, which means the whole freakin’ organization in his “birthright.” That’s all well and good, but honestly, I’m still trying to imagine how Bonnie goes from maiming Enzo to loving him in the flash-forwards; Michael Malarkey is doing a hell of a good job at making me hate his character right now.

TVD Nation, your thoughts on this week’s episode? Do you feel that Caroline and Klaus’ relationship was given proper closure (assuming it’s all in the past, as they claim)? Drop a comment with your full review of the crossover below.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. marydspain says:

    I ove Steroline. Can’t wait for their reunion, it’s going to be lit

    • Kerry says:

      KLAORLINE!! Klaus was and is and will always be Caroline’s #1. He knows her!
      Also KLEFAN! Anytime we can get Paul and Joseph in a scene I’m all for it. Bamon had me in tears, ahhhhh. I. LOVE. IT. ALL!!!

    • Missy says:

      LMAO! Andy, how was this closure?? This was far from closure my friend! Maybe you need to go back and watch TVD again.
      Agree about Bamon, omg those two killed it this episode…especially Damon’s speech to Bonnie. Enzo still irrelevant to me and I’m wondering how JP’s going to make him relevant. I know in another interview JP said we won’t see Bonnie/Enzo together for a few more episodes and then we’ll see how they fall in love and how he’s the best bf anyone could want!?!?

      • Valerie A. Mendez says:

        This is going to be more of Enzo finally knowing where he comes from and what that in tells. And I just tired of Bonnie, that woman than died more times than a moth turns into a butterfly.

  2. marydspain says:

    Caroline doesn’t have feelings for Klaus, she just saw good in him, and was attracted by him, but she was never in love with him, that’s the important thing there. They already had closure. Now can’t wait for Steroline to rise in the flashforwards, I’m sure they’ll find theit way back together

    • Mak says:

      I’m quite neutral because I don’t really care for both Steroline & Klaroline!
      What I saw in tonight’s crossover was a confused Caroline…On one hand she loves Stefan, and on another she has a bond with Ric & the babies. Never underestimate the bond a woman has with the father of her ‘children’.
      Caroline & Ric are def going to bond because of the babies.
      Now for Klaroline I’m not sure what show Andy was watching…it was all very open ended…it’s like the show writers are trying not to rock the boat too much with all three fandoms (Steroline, Klaroline & Klamille).
      In the end Klaus tells Stefan that he’s got too many complicated women as it is…meaning what exactly? Like I said this was such a bait crossover…giving crumbs of hope but not any actual substance.
      That phone call brought out Klaus’ humanity which was a lovely touch, he only ever shows that side of him when he’s with Cami. No doubt Klaus & Caroline are very fond of each other as to whether this can ever develop into anything more given their complicated lives…I don’t know
      Finally Andy said “Klaus laid down the truth about how Caroline could never separate herself from her babies, proving he really does know the inner workings of her heart better than anyone” —
      Umm No it does not! It could simply mean that Klaus has first hand knowledge of the bond between a mother & child, he knows first hand how a mother or parent rather, will do anything to be with their child, given his own former custody battle with Hayley.

      • Lea says:

        I’m a very sporadic watcher of VD, and watched TO for the first time last night so I had to google Klamille. This Camille lady looks too much like Rebekah. I can’t be the only one creeped out by that casting choice (although I understand most people have had 3 years to get used to it).

      • Amarie says:

        I’m a huge fan of Klaroline!!! I’ve been waiting for the writers to put them back together… Having children with a man does not mean Caroline and Alaric have a connected bond on a physical and emotional level. There is a common bond parents share for their children not necessarily each other. If we remember in the graduation episodes Klaus told Caroline he will be her last love… They are vampires it could take them centuries to be together, but please don’t be confused it’s very clear Klaus and Caroline have a deep connected bond. Caroline cares for Klaus just as much as he does for her she struggles with the really bad things he has done to the people she loves, but is intrigued by his ability to understand her inner feelings and thoughts like no other. I like Klamille but Klaroline is the end all :)

  3. Jess says:

    Andy, I don’t always agree with you but you were spot on with all of this, especially the call to arms against the ugliness that is Caroline and Alaric. I never shipped Klaroline, by the way, but they got me this episode. Klaus’ devotion to her was devastatingly beautiful and haunting, especially because of how subtle it was. I loved this episode from start to finish and for the first time ever, I don’t think I’d mind a little more Klaroline in the future.

  4. Lily M. says:

    Perfect review for Klaroline

  5. Chou says:

    Klaroline is back yes !

  6. Kristy Hilton says:

    You skipped the most important revelation! No one has seen Klaus in 3 years? How is that possible? How will these timelines affect The Originals?

  7. Lina says:

    That was no closure. That was opening the Klaroline door WIDE OPENNNNN

    • Valerie A. Mendez says:

      I love the conversation that Klaus had with Caroline. I thought he would in his mind be like, upset. But he can’t be, he has a child too. Stephen and Caroline relationship is going to get rocky, Caroline and Richard will get closer. I don’t understand the 3 year time jump when it comes to the characters on TVD, And TO somebody explain if they have an idea, I said a lot in my post.

    • Jackie says:

      Is it possible that vampires can have feelings for someone as in soulmate love, but move on to someone else? I know they live a LONG time! No one on this show stay with one person!

      Alaric is to old for Caroline. He seems more like an uncle. It’s unfortunate that Klaus and Caroline won’t reunite, but maybe that is left for fanfiction. We don’t always get the characters we want together. They might focus more on stefan’s relationship with klaus.

  8. Andreia says:

    I love Klaroline ! and this crossover …WOW !! so many Klaroline feels ! I dont watch tvd and I think they ruined the best freinship on the show (aka stefan and caroline, because they are GREAT as friends) .

    I honestly think that Klaroline could save both shows or at leat one of the shows! (cancelling its a card on the table right now)

    I hope for Klaroline.

    I love The Originals btw ;)

  9. Andreia says:

    Klaroline <3

    • jackie says:

      What kind of ending will Elena have? since Steroline will be together and I know they won’t pair Damon with Elena to make it less awkward.

  10. Sharon says:

    Long live Klaroline! I mean seriously the door was just kicked wide open….definitely no closer. Klaus so not over Caroline and boy does he know her well. Loved him telling Stefan to let her go. He knows that Stefan will never be enough for Caroline, that she deserves more.

  11. MARIA says:

    I loved the crossover and it showed exactly why Steroline would never work and why Caroline should be with Klaus. Klaus understands Caroline and loves her and will ALWAYS put her first. He’d do anything for her and he showed that again when he helped Stefan for her despite the risk it put him and his family and his town at.

    He understood and helped her when she was having a breakdown over the phone and even Caroline knows that not even Stefan could have helped or understood her the way Klaus did and from her face it’s obvious that when he was saying bye that she wanted to continue talking to him. And his face looked haunted and his eyes and his face quivered as he said bye. He was smiling and then his smile fell when he realised that he’d have to say bye to her.

    Klaroline are meant for each other and Stefan would never be able to understand or love her the way Klaus does. They have an eternal connection that is unbreakable and Klaus saying “it isn’t a crime to love what you can’t explain” relates back to 5×11 too and when she admitted she had feelings for him but pushed him away but maybe one day she’ll realise that he’s right and when she’s ready will go to him.

    But in the mean time it’s obvious she trusts him so much and he surprises her and overwhelms her and she enjoys his company.

  12. Stacy says:

    I am hoping for more Klaroline. And to those nay sayers, Caroline does have feelings for Klaus, she admitted that to him herself. Only reason she did not act on them was because of what he did to her friends but she still was able to see the good in him and couldn’t ignore it. If she didn’t trust him, she would not have traveled down to NOLA in the future. Once again, Klaus shows that he understands Caroline much better than Stefan and puts her and her happiness first whereas, Damon will always be first for Stefan.

  13. claire says:

    it’s not in the past- she goes to him in the future! there’s still hope for klaroline, they wouldn’t bring them back after “closure” on 5×11 just for kicks,i can feel that there’s more coming! i hope i’m right i miss them to death,they’ll forever be my ultimate OTP-however long it takes.

  14. Jaime says:

    Loving the Legally Blonde reference.

  15. Michelle says:

    Yes Andy YES, I hate Enzo with a thousand suns, like how dare he mess with Bamon. Oh and hell yes I see the love between Bonnie and Damon. Like what are they waiting for, get these to together already.

    I also feel you on the Klaus and Caroline situation. It didn’t seem like closure to me. It was pretty much open ended and if I was a hardcore Klaroline fan I would be pretty happy with that episode.

    Can we please talk about how badass Bonnie (at that Human Bonnie) was this episode. She wacked that hand off like it was nothing. Good Episode and a great send off since dries will not write for TVD anymore.

  16. Katie says:

    I’ll admit I only watched TVD once: it’s series premiere and I only managed to watch fifteen minutes of it before switching it off. Plus I’m an “Originals” girl through and through. Crazy, right? Anyway, I actually liked the episode. I can see where people would ship Bamon, pretty good chemistry there. That phone call between Klaus and Caroline was great. Both did a wonderful job. And I can see why people ship Klaroline, considering I don’t do ships myself but still: I kind of get it. What about that shocker about Klaus having done a disappearing act three years from now? I’m getting the feeling they are going to do the time jump for TO as well as for TVD next season. Please let them renew TO! *knock on wood* The second part was just as good! I’m still cheering over Aurora’s and Aya’s fate-YAAAASSS! Oh, by the way Andy-I loved the Legally Blonde reference.

  17. Elizabeth says:

    CLOSESURE? Are you insane? I have waited years for these two to reunite!!! The look on his face, the moment Caroline name was even mentioned! The change of heart Klaus had just the sound of her voice! KLAUS IS A KING AND HE CANT RULE WITHOUT A QUEEN!!!! THIS IS NO CLOSESURE!!!

  18. Bamon love is feeled yes. I ship them so hard. Hope they get together soon.

  19. Vanessa says:

    Klaroline will rise again, as seen in the beginning of this episode.

  20. Maryann says:

    This season may be my favorite yet. Not having Elena has certainly not hurt The Vampire Diaries. I particularly love the flash forwards. It certainly gives an intriguing structure to the plotlines. And I think all the emotional interplays are well done. Kudos to the writers, actors, and directors. Job well done.

  21. Lakisa Wells says:

    This crossover was by far the best episodes!..Klaus and Caroline are epic loves. When these two are on the screen the chemistry is undeniable. When Klaus refused to help Stefan and Caroline called his feelings for her outweighed his previous decision. I love Stefan but his chemistry with Caroline is not intense as Klaus. Like Klaus said he intends to be Caroline last love, however long it takes. Always and forever! #klaroline

  22. rose says:


  23. rose says:

    TOTALLY LOVE THE WHOLE EPISODE!!! there’s lot going on… there’s bamon, enzo, matt, tyler, stefan & of course klaus and… klaroline!!!

  24. greeneyes says:

    It’s like two sinking ships coming together to hold each other above water! Sad

  25. Isabella says:

    The feels in this episode! I’ll admit that I gave up on Klaroline a long time ago but after this week’s episode I’m back on the boat.

  26. Julie says:

    “I’d always seen Klaus as an obsessed lunatic forcing himself into the life of a girl who wanted nothing to do with him. ” I would agree with you on that because I always thought the same as for the rest of the review I would have to disagree.

    I saw the phone call as a confused/hurt/tired/scared Caroline because she has so much in her plate with the babies & Stefan. Not even once I saw a bit of love or feelings during that phone call. It’s obvious that Klaus cares about Caroline (i won’t deny it) but Caroline has a way to make all the guys in TVD care for her because of her sweet personality. In my opinion Enzo cares about Caroline the same way Klaus does expect like you said Klaus was obsessed or had feeling for her “as an obsessed lunatic forcing himself into the life of a girl who wanted nothing to do with him”

    He cares about Caroline and sure does know her but does that mean they are meant to be? It only applies if both feelings were mutual. I have never seen in any episode of TVD not even once an episode were Caroline even show that she had feelings for him or could possibly be in love with Klaus. Yes she slept with him but that was all and she had a lot of remorse about it.

    What I gather from the episode is that they kept making a reference of his feelings in the past tense “he had a thing for her”, “you were in love with her”, “i have too many complicated women in my life” and even thank Stefan for doing right by her. So yes it was a nice closure for a thing that was not really open for some TVD fan. Just because Klaus loved her meaning Caroline did. You never had a boy that you really like but didn’t share the same feelings back? It happens to a lot of people, it’s sad but you suck it up and move on.

    I feel really sad that some TVD fan keep hanging on a ship that didn’t really show any potential expect for a sex scene (which Julie explained was more like a fan-service) and a sentence that Klaus said that made most of the shipper crazy and made them hang on to them ” He was your first but I intend to be your last”. I learnt the hard way to never trust what people say in TVD. Elena did say to Stefan once “it’s always going to be you Stefan” but now she is madly in love with Damon and it’s obvious that it was always him so as an ex Stelena fan should I still have hope because of what Elena said to Stefan? NO!!! because I am mature enough to know that Stelena can’t/won’t be together or that Caroline is a better fit for him. I am not delusional about it.

    So yes I liked the episode but I never once felt after watching it that Klaroline were meant to be or will be or whatever people will say. Cheers

    • Priya Arohi says:

      ‘I feel really sad that some TVD fan keep hanging on a ship that didn’t really show any potential expect for a sex scene…’

      You mean many many MANY TVD fans right? Because that is the truth. I don’t deny that Steroline is a somewhat liked ship, at least more than Kamille. So please would you state correct facts and not just ‘some’thing to pass it off as compelling?

      Yeah forget about every quote ever shared between them and the fact that both Steroline and Kamille ships are are re-framing and copying those. Don’t argue on this please. I can actually show you evidence. Like Stefan: let’s see the world together. And then what? He went off with his ex-cum-current-cum-ex girlfriend spending two blissful years with her on the run. Like your love isn’t strong enough to even hold out for two years in long distance? Stefan is being an ass to Caroline to be honest.

      ‘which Julie explained was more like a fan-service..’. At least KC has enough fans to make the writers do something they don’t actually want to because they hate KC and I have no idea why.

      When Elena told Stefan that it’s always going to be him, she was merely a 16/17 year old going through adolescence. IT doesn’t have credibility. I know because that’s what happens in real life. Very few survive this phase and come out as true soul mates.

      When Klaus told Caroline, he intend to be her last, he was saying it with all his 1000+ years credibility behind it. See the difference?

      Now, I get that you don’t see the Klaroline chemistry and magic. I understand because I also other minority ships in other shows and anime. But please give correct facts. Klaus treats Caroline with utmost respect. On the other hand, Stefan..I am not even gonna say anything now, now that you have seen till 7×18. If not even romantically, Klaus still treats Caroline far better than Stefan. Please understand that although you may not see it, MANY people do see the Klaroline magic. So please don’t ask why people still hang on to a dead ship. They have a right to hang on it till their last moments. (just for a dramatic sense)

      Thank you.

    • Priya Arohi says:

      Ohh and I replied thinking that you are a Steroline shipper. I am sorry please ignore all the Steroline rant in my previous reply. Else everything is legit. Sorry again, hehehe..Forgive, forgive. :D

  27. zed says:

    This definitely was the finest hour for TVD season 7 and TO season 3- wish the shows get merged!
    I don’t know about you – but it felt like a certain magical shift happened on both shows-like everything got shook up and things could/should go into a new direction.
    And so on that note OMG-Klaroline! How the love is there in their hearts, in their voices, and how they get eachother! And if the writers thought that with that goodbye the brought closure-they are mistaken-they actually said HELLO to Klaroline!!
    Bamon-OMG-there is also the love right there- they are everything!

    You know, Elena should just be left to rest in peace. And sever the mad bond Damon has to her, as he needs to be free to love someone real, and that’s Bonnie.

    I am loving Rayna. A compelling character. And I so wish she stays on and she becomes part of the scooby gang- and Stefan and her hook up.
    Armory as the new big evil. Oh, yeah.

    Enzo -well, he has always been sitting in the fence. The whole Bonnie-Enzo thing should be shut down.

    Feels like TVD is ressurected again. at least to me as I was ready for it be buried….;)

  28. lostom66 says:

    What a let down I am glad it is the last season.

  29. karenloco says:

    This was the episode I have been waiting for! Honestly, for the first time in a few seasons I actually felt excited and interested in where it was all going. I mean, every season there is something supernatural that TVD is dealing with. I was bored by the season with The Cure, season 6 was ok, and this season, up until tonight, was just kind of ehh. And Klaroline… Yes, I have always wanted to see them as endgame. I can’t help it. There is something about Klaus. And seeing her with either Stefan or Alaric is a bit incestuous for me lol. But, for all us fans of the Originals Cami was suspiciously absent tonight. Stefan and Klaus. Honestly, this episode could possibly have breathed some life into the show that may be on the brink of cancellation.

  30. You don’t mess with my daddy Klause

  31. Jean Phillips says:

    Episodes were EPIC! The writers still have stories to tell#

  32. Lolita says:

    So glad of this Klaroline come back, I really feel Caroline Dries showed us in this episode every reason of why Klaus will be the best choice for Caroline at the end and it was perfect !

  33. Angie says:


  34. AM68 says:

    Am I the only who found this recap a bit tone deaf?? Anyone who has watched the show since Klaus first came onto the scene knows that he was not just a stalker. Caroline had feelings for him – as evidenced by her SLEEPING with him in the fifth season! He isn’t just some obsessed guy. And he was always the one who saw her for who she really is – actually long before even Stefan did. I like her with either of them because I think she has great chemistry with both. As for Alaric- it’s quite obvious that they don’t have romantic feelings for each other. Every decision they’ve made – including being engaged- has been to protect those little girls. This isn’t a romantic arrangement

  35. Ugonna Wosu says:

    If you’re still a steroline fan, you may want to re-evaluate what that means. Not saying you can’t compliment Klaroline, but you worked hella hard to prove Stefan has LESS of a connection to her than Klaus does. And then you wrote nothing to bring balance to the side you claim to be on. If you’ve converted, it’s your right. Just say so.

    • Taylor says:

      Who cares what this writer ships? He can ship or not ship who he wants. If he ships a pair this week and not next week who the heck cares??? Just like fans he can like who he wants when he wants. He doesn’t have to explain himself to you or pander to you or any fandom! smh

  36. Gianna says:

    SO sick of these over-arching storylines where 3 guys are in love with the pretty little blonde but Bonnie has no one (future Enzo doesn’t count yet).

  37. Luna says:

    Klaus + Caroline = best love story

  38. Dawn says:

    As much as I like her with Stefanthere is something about Caroline with Klaus that I really love

  39. Elizbeth says:

    Love klaus and Caroline that needs to happen 💖💖💖💖💛💙💜💚💛💙💜💚🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀

  40. cindy says:

    Klaus and Caroline yes yes yes!! He fully intends to be her last love. I trust Klaus does not want her in harms way so as much as he might want to he will not bring her into NO. He understands they both have other commitments. He makes Stefan promise to protect her treat her right. I love Klaroline

  41. N says:

    I feel like Enzo is just the next best thing to Damon in Bonnie’s eyes, ha ha. But he’s really a very distant second. It’s kind of annoying how they’re locking themselves into these future storylines, and now it’s even affecting the Originals.

  42. Sanie Serabjit says:

    Great episode of TVD! Klaus is my favorite character and Damon second. I do like Caroline, but for me it will always be Klaus and Camille. I loved the tenderness and caring Klaus showed for Caroline and his desire to help Stefan for her sake. I have been waiting for a Damon and Bon Bon (Bonnie) romantic relationship, let it not be Enzo.

  43. Kirsten says:

    I absolutely loved it! I thought this did the klaroline relationship much more justice than the “hookup” they had in the woods. I was never a klaroline shipper until Klaus let Tyler return to mystic falls in the season 4 finale. He showed so much character growth with that act, and how much he valued Caroline’s happiness above his own. This episode was an extension of that considering he once again helped Stefan just for Caroline even though he planned to let him die just a few moments before the phonecall. Steroline is fine- but Stefan doesn’t seem to feel as strongly for Caroline as Klaus does or love Caroline as much as he did Elena or Damon. Overall- a beautiful episode and perfectly done!!!😊😍

  44. mersseytzqueen says:

    Stefan and Caroline do look good together …but in my opinion Klaus is just way better for Caroline definitely shipping klaroline always, about Alaric…….ahh! what are they thinking i don’t know why they want bore us with another Caroline relationship how many of them is she going to have, i mean they make us love then hate why! watching vampire diaries i always hold my breath when its Klaus and Caroline involved and this episodes phone call moment almost made me want to hug my screen and scream ,Klaus (Joseph Morgan ) kudos to his acting im convinced that not even Camille is good enough for him.great show

  45. Stefan and Caroline do look good together …but in my opinion Klaus is just way better for Caroline definitely shipping klaroline always, about Alaric…….ahh! what are they thinking i don’t know why they want bore us with another Caroline relationship how many of them is she going to have, i mean they make us love then hate why! watching vampire diaries i always hold my breath when its Klaus and Caroline involved and this episodes phone call moment almost made me want to hug my screen and scream ,Klaus (Joseph Morgan ) kudos to his acting im convinced that not even Camille is good enough for him.great show

  46. Liza says:

    This crossover event was awesome! I loved seeing the characters interact again. Well-done all around! I am always glad to see Tyler too. The actor does a terrific job with the werewolf transitions. I really hope that Klaus and Caroline are endgame, but what the heck is the meaning of the 3 year flash forward for Klaus??? Will The Originals be having a time jump too? I really think they need to am the storylines still sync. They should do at least two crossover episodes per season too.

  47. romanticATheart says:

    I haven’t passionately watched TVD since the stake was thrusted through the hearts of Stelena fans everywhere and Delena and Steroline was forced upon us, but when I heard Stefan was going to see Klaus and Caroline would get to talk to him, I made time to watch this crossover. As much as I like the bromance of Klefan, I have a special place in my heart for Klaroline and this episode didn’t disappoint. The actors have so much chemistry that it oozes off the screen. I know “different strokes for different folks”, but I’m glad it’s getting some positive feedback like this review. This relationship along with what I saw of Bamon could really save these shows. That simple call showed how well Klaus knew and cared for Caroline. He calmed her down just enough to put her “child” to sleep. Well done, Klaus. I love when his heart shows through.

  48. claire says:

    look,since the beginning i was first and foremost the biggest caroline forbes stan. most people didn’t like her in season one,but she was always extremely intriguing to me and i wanted to see more and more of her development because i saw more potential in her than any other character we’d seen so far. since the very first episode,she was wallowing on how nobody ever picks her first,how it’s always elena and it will never be her. then she gets used and abused by damon,who raped her physically and emotionally,and her friends do one or maximum two half hearted attempts to make him stop. stefan even used damon and caroline’s “relationship” in his advantage on a plan once. then she was turned into a vampire and we see this a m a z I n g and mind blowing character development that just makes you crave more and more for that character. i never really cared about the whole stefan/elena/damon thing,it was unappealing and overused and just generally irrelevant to me since i never liked elena’s character or the misogynistic way they treated her. i stayed for caroline and bonnie. matt and caroline happened and at first i was wary because since the beginning he didn’t seem to show as much interest in her as she did on him,and i didn’t want that for her. that whole relationship was a disaster,it was never about love really,they cared about each other,teenage crush insues,couldn’t deal with supernatural,bam that’s it. caroline deserves someone who’ll stay,who’ll fight for her and her happiness above all else. i honestly miss the times when caroline’s storyline wasn’t all about who her current love interest was because she is a fascinating and complex characters that deserves having those deep layers explored. but anyways,tyler happened. at first i was like hmmm okay but tyler was kind of a total prick with her since day 1,but then i saw their development. man,it was beautiful. she helped him on the most difficult time of his life,she gave him strength and support. but there was a point that i felt like that was all their relationship had resumed to. she was always giving giving and giving. what about the receiving? sure,tyler loved her,there is no doubt about that,he broke every bone in his body for her but was it enough? she was never his priority, something always came first,be it his pack,revenge or etc. when caroline forbes loves someone she gives all she has and all she doesn’t. she’s the most fiercely loyal character in the whole tvd/to franchise in my opinion; she goes above and beyond to protect her and make sure that they’re happy and she deserves to have someone who will do the same for her. and klaus does that. every. single. time. he let tyler go for her on a myriad of times; be it on prom,4×14,1×07 in to or when he let the revenge go for her. he chose her over his 500 year old revenge plans on katherine. he chose her over rebekah on 4×01. when he thought he was dying in 4×18 he called her. not his brother or his sister. he thought those were his final moments and he wanted to be with caroline. stefan lured rayna to new orleans,endangering the vampires there and klaus’ entire family. klaus told him to get the hell out and used his tvd klaus scream (which i’m grateful,because the originals destroyed his characters,tvd writers still know how to write him),but he hears caroline’s distress over the entire stefan situation and he doesn’t even hesitate on saving him for her. putting a target on his back and on his entire family’s. he’s always putting her first. he loves her so selflessly (which really c’mon it’s klaus we’re talking about here) and effortlessly and unconditionally. he’ll always love her. putting her happiness above his own feelings or anyone else. klaus was always at his most selfless with her. not even with hope,who he wanted by his side despite knowing it wasn’t the best for her,and all the danger it ensues(i still think we have yet to see his act of selflessness for her though,probably he’ll send her off with hayley to live her life safely and happily,which lbr hayley was right,the mikaelsons name is kinda of a curse and if klaus wants what’s best for his daughter,he will let her go – which was the same advice he gave to stefan,so let’s get back to that); let’s not even talk about cami here he freaking locked her with blood to force her into transition; he gave absolutely no fs about her own view on the matter,he abused,compelling her making her lose her mind because of his own agenda; their entire “relationship” is about klaus,and i,as a feminist,couldn’t be more disgusted at the unabashed display of misogyny; she’s his therapist,the one who coddles him when he literally doesn’t deserve it; he’s kinda there with her because she’s the only one who excuses his sh-t; caroline ain’t having none of that; she calls him out and he thanks her for that. he grows internally for that. there’s actual development happening.
    this isn’t just about klaus putting her first though,no way.
    they both bring out the most real emotions in each other. klaus brings out the part of caroline that she really is,not the one she pretends to be for her friends. she wants it all,she wants the world and she wants to rule it and he sees it,clear as the day,and he wants to be right beside her,he wants it to be him and her,but most of all he wants to see her shining. klaus was always the one who saw caroline’s potential,who saw her as the wondrous goddess she is; the one no one saw,that everyone took as the insecure neurotic freak,the one everyone took for granted. all he ever wanted was her happiness,but he also wants her loyalty. craves it even. he trusts her blindly,we’ve seen this in a myriad of cases,exhibit A him trusting her with his life in 4×18.
    she has no idea how truly beautiful she is to him(joseph morgan’s words),and he’ll never stop wishing she will achieve her best.
    caroline brought klaus back. without their relationship,the entire dynamic in the originals would be different(not even gonna talk about how the whole spin off only happened because of klaroline because klaus only slept with hayley bc he couldn’t have caroline and that klaus would be killed off permanently on season 3 finale and wasn’t because of the popularity of klaroline and without them the originals would never have been a thing because lol the bitter irony) she opened up his heart after a thousand years again.
    he loves her,and he wants all that’s best for her,as we saw clearly during the entire crossover,even if it kills him inside. he let her go because he does love her,and then urged stefan to do the same (can we talk about this parallel til 2050??). i mean the lengths he will go to ensure she’s safe and happy couldn’t be more clear if it slapped you across the face. he’d do anything for her. selflessly. because that’s the type of love that prevails,the one that will forever go on. their connection is eternal,irrevocable and unconditional. even if they don’t happen romantically in canon rn(which i sincerely doubt given all facts that lead to the current situation),he’d always love her and it’s that simple. that kind of love never dies,indeed.

    • Valerie A. Mendez says:

      I agree so heartedly, Caroline has feelings for him deep down Klaus is everything she wants in a relationship, he supports her, let her be the women she needs to be without judgement. He puts her first like all the things you were saying Caroline needs to tell him in sometime in future she loves him. He needs to tell her the same. She knows he is in love with her. But enough of that Klaus is facing more danger now that his sire line is broken, I hope the writers bring back my sexxy bad hybrid no more Mr. Nice Guy

    • Are you my clone? says:

      I swear that you have taken every single thought I have about Caroline Forbes and put them into that comment. Its uncanny how it is identical, how it is exactly what I think too. I think that its also a brutally honest one too.

  49. Sara says:

    KLAROLINE! <3 They have always the chemistry that Stefan and Caroline is missing! I can't understand how one talk can effect me more, then a whole season with Stefan and Caroline who lack the "romantic" chemistry. They should stay friends while Klaus & Caroline can be together! because they have the best chemistry I've seen on this bloody show!

    • Valerie A. Mendez says:

      Yes, Klaus and Caroline have chemistry friendship and trust even when they fight, he truly loves the fact she won’t take his stuff. even when you should know better . To me she will always be MRS. CAROLINE FORBES MIKAELSON.