The Originals Recap

The Originals Recap: Strix Feet Under

Klaus Mikaelson still has 99 problems, but after Friday’s The Originals, the Strix ain’t one.

In one of the most masterfully executed episodes of the series — it was a great night for both CW vampire shows, really — Klaus and company were finally able to put that nasty prophecy, among other things, behind them. For now.

Klaus and Elijah spent most of the episode trapped in a mental prison designed by Aya’s witches, with only Romeo and Juliet Tristan and Aurora to keep them company. Klaus’ crazy ex-girlfriend was able to do a number on his emotions, but like all sticky situations, he emerged stronger and more enlightened than before. (I love that Freya was able to use the queen chess pieces to free the brothers because they represented the women they’ve betrayed.)

Of course, this is still The Originals, so not everything went according to plan. With a major assist from Davina, Aya was able to break Klaus’ sire bond — before meeting her own end at the hands of Ms. Hayley Marshall. (Having Hayley kill the woman who ripped out Jackson’s heart was a nice bit of poetic justice, not to mention it saved Elijah from the guilt of snuffing out his former flame.)

Speaking of Hayley, if Klaus takes Stefan’s words to heart, he and the mother of his child might have a bright future after all. Following Klaus’ lecture about how Stefan needs to set Caroline free in order to keep her safe, the special guest vampire made Klaus eat his own words: “Take your own advice,” he said. “Do right by [Hayley].”

The episode ended, fittingly enough, with Davina finally completing the resurrection spell and bringing back Kol. (Though I wonder how he’ll feel when he finds out what else she’s done in his absence.)

Fellow viewers, did you love this week’s Originals as much as I did? Did you also half expect Stefan and Hayley to start making out in that trunk, forgetting that they’re only together in real life? Drop a comment with your full review of the episode below.

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  1. Lisa says:

    Dude, Klaus loving Caroline and Caroline being introduced into TO canon is EVERYTHING!! Viva la Klaroline!! I know you see me Swift!

    • Valerie A. Mendez says:

      Well, I know what happened to Lucien now maybe he can see that Aurora is not for no man unless he’s exactly like her. But Aurora won’t be around anymore, I would have killed her , I think Klaus should of ripped her heart out. I hope no one finds her give her blood and she’s back. Elijah seeing Ayah killed by Hailey shook him, I wonder what’s next for them too. I still can’t believe the writers think they should be together.

    • zed says:

      Yes, Viva la Klaroline!

  2. Roro says:

    I want know where the heck Klaus is 3 years from now. Ugh.

    • Valerie A. Mendez says:

      That got me as well, Now it’s nice to see my bad boy back. The writers have him soft okay fine, but lately please let him be who he was in season 1,2. But I’m so😊 KLAUS MIKAELSON is freaking back.

      • The General says:

        Facts! To Julie Plec. Stop being a nerd and having Klaus and Elijah lose a fight all the damn time! You dead ass have Klaus without a sIre link now…..? This show is hella wack now. No where near the same as season 1. Season 1 was the best damn season. We actually had ACTION! MEANING! Shows dumb now

        • Valerie A. Mendez says:

          It’s sad, but hopefully Julie and the other writers have a good story line. I just hope they will give Klaus a whole new power like to be able to do magic something.

          • Yeh they have pretty much made Klaus also look weak for the majority of the season but always manages to come out on top.Davina specifically has did a number on Klaus so many times this season,though i thought he was supposed to be the most powerful as he is a “hybrid” after all.Hope going forward he has something new to add to his game and would also like to see more of Lucien!

        • Valerie A. Mendez says:

          Julie, Please and other writers Klaus character isn’t some through around punching bag, or teddy bear. BRING BACK MY BAD BOY PLEASE !!!!!! He can be nice to his daughter and Hailey but not a push over he is KING,let him be one.

        • C says:

          Totally agree!! Klaus not having site line makes it less interesting because now, everyone is after him and his insecurities will compound….just dumb

    • chal says:

      I have a theory on that. Kol and davina make another dagger and use it on him. Or klaus simply compelled the bartender to say he wasn’t there

    • I was thinking he is Mystic Falls. The rest of them wouldn’t know because they are all over the place…

      • Roro says:

        That’s a very good idea and now I hope Caroline will be the one to find and free them all. Hopefully this will be the way that the originals get to flash forward 3 years

    • wgsecretary says:

      Exactly! But, the lady said that he hasn’t been seen in three years. So, where ever he is going, it’s going to be soon.

  3. Valerie A. Mendez says:

    I love the scenes of the vampire diaries, the originals I knew Davina would eventually break Klaus’s sire line and bring back Kol who is now a witch. Hopefully Kol won’t start no trouble with his big brother. Aurora is buried alive inside of a wall, Tristan is still drowning in the ocean, Ayah is dead by Hailey. Lucien, Marcel and all vampires of Klaus are free. This episode is # freaking awesome.

    • Sayler says:

      Kol is a vampire. His soul is a witch cause he was born one, but his body was turned into a vampire and that is the body he is in now.

      That and behind the scenes pics show him with fangs.

      • Valerie A. Mendez says:

        Kol is no longer a vampire actually they were all human but Esther was a witch so they had witch blood in their veins but they were never taught magic. She loved her children so much that after loosing the last child Hendrik to a werewolf attack that’s when she used her dark magic to turn her children to vampires. KLAUS IS A HYBRID, because she had an affair with a werewolf chief Klaus’s father biological father Ansel. Watch Season 1, Season 2.

        • Phoenix5634 says:

          Actually he should be in his Original vampire body. Davina used Kols’ ashes from when he died as an Original.

        • A.J.F says:

          Kol was reborn from his Originals body ashes, his SOUL was consecrated. Notice how in the ancestors world he still had his daylight ring on. Just like mikael, Kol ashes put him back in his original body. If he turns out as a witch, the show needs some serious explaining. Esther made their bodies vampires, that’s why she had to transfer their souls, or else she would of just transfered their souls temporarily after destroying the bodies & resurrect them in the same old ones. Get it?

        • Joseph Okonoboh says:

          Actually, he is a vampire. Watch the promo for next week. He physically tossed Klaus.

          • Valerie A. Mendez says:

            OK Joseph, Okonobah I didn’t see any fangs and don’t forget witches have the power to toss vampires.

  4. Sharon says:

    I actually did enjoy this episode. I mean…no Cami and Kol is back…awesome!

  5. Anna says:

    I watched TVD, but to be honest couldn’t support The Originals- even though the Klaroline story arc is absolutely tempting. I more than half enjoyed Dries’ episode, and have restored hope in KC continuity. Yet, due to some deflating tactics from Plec’s writing teams since 2013, it’s hard to pick up again with these shows.

    • Valerie A. Mendez says:

      I like the fact that Stefan came to Klaus, but I wish it would have had more impact it seemed to drag a little-bit. The only thing I liked was Caroline and Klaus phone conversation. The writers got Caroline and Alaric engaged 3 years in the future I’m not for that. I believe in Klaus and Caroline.

      • chal says:

        Yes but she goes to new Orleans 3 years from now to see klaus. But he hasn’t been seen in those years. I think she finds him

        • Valerie A. Mendez says:

          I get it, something happened and now she and her daughters go to NO. Caroline understands him and he really interested in her future supports her drop anything for her. I hope and can’t wait.

        • Valerie A. Mendez says:

          Phoenix 5634, Maybe this will teach him that just because you’re powerful doesn’t mean you can’t suffer the wrath of others and Davina has delivered, I knew she would, air mean The Mikaelson’s have done many horrible things and Elijah isn’t safe the second half of the prophecy is starting, I thought it was over, then I remembered the BEAST THAT IS TO COME!!!!!!! Kol is back as a witch so happy and scared for Klaus, not that Kol can beat Klaus physically but with magic and Davina by his side. I’m happy that Cami wasn’t in any scenes. If she dies so what. I don’t care if Klaus locked me up and took all my dark objects,just don’t betray him like that playing with his life ,his family’s life and the writers going to have her and Hailey sparring for real. She truly needs to pay for that, I’m glad Klaus took a step back from Cami, he don’t need someone like that, he’s better off.

          • Phoenix5634 says:

            Agree that this will teach him a lesson, but I really think he’s going to go after Davina. Think about it, this is like the biggest blow he’s ever taken, bigger than his mother submissing his werewolf side, bigger than Tyler breaking the sire “bond” of his hybrids. If he’s able, he will take his revenge on her. But he will have to go through Kol now, who is back in his original vampire body. And yes I’m glad he backed off Cami, she broke his trust.

          • Phoenix5634 says:

            And yeah the only part left in the prophecy we’ve seen so far is the Beast, which I kind of think is Kol atm. Also did you notice how the prophecy said they would all “fall” never said they would “die” so unless there’s another part to it, after the beast shown it should be complete

        • Valerie A. Mendez says:

          To the Writers of The Originals Season 3
          Please don’t have Klaus weak or loosing fights and Elijah needs to really pay extremely attention to what is about to come but wait prophecy still has friend, foe. Please give the Mikaelson’s brothers their viscous fighting ways. NO MORE MR. WHIMPS.

      • Roro says:

        I think that the engagement is fake to hide the hunter and there not really engaged. At least that’s what I’m hoping for.

        • Valerie A. Mendez says:

          Roro, who’s engagement is fake? Caroline will not be with Stefan in the 3yr time jump.
          It was to believed her and Alaric are engaged, right. Who was it when Caroline said he knows we can’t go back there, I wonder man I’m shaking all over.

          • Roro says:

            I think her engagement to Alaric is fake but I’m not sure. I like Cami but I really hope Klaus and Caroline end up together from that little phone call he decided to go and help Stefan just for her after he just told him to go away. Then in the car he never said he didn’t have feelings just that he has a lot complicated women in his life right now.

  6. Bwhit says:

    They both were so well done! A little something for the shippers of certain couples and a great way to intertwine the stories (I’m pretty worried that Klaus has not been heard from in 3 years 😰). Lucien is very entertaining and I hope they keep him around. I know it’s impossible but they should just keep the stories together every week lol!

  7. hamziya says:

    how lovely is that.. Aya meeting her end I did looked forward to it not to mention Elijah getting felt by hayley do it.

  8. Katie says:

    I already talked about TVD on that thread, now on to TO! I loved how Klaus introduced Freya to Stefan, so flippant! I’m not sure about Elijah telling Freya about daggering Rebekah but then again, better her than Klaus! The scenes between Rebecca Breeds, Joesph Morgan, Daniel Gillies and the actor who plays Tristian (can’t remember his name) were fantastic. Especially when Elijah hit back at Aurora with a few choice words about herself, being a “deranged” child and some other things. Freya was really kind of bad*** tonight, from her reaction to Stefan’s comment, “I dated your sister once,” to the scenes between her and Lucien (particularly Freya snapping Lucien’s neck to her response to Stefan’s compliment-“I like to work in silence”) and everything in between. Oh, forget it, I loved this episode!! Did anyone else literally cheer out loud when Aya bought it (God bless you, Hayley!) and Aurora was walled up alive by Klaus? I saw the Klaus of old tonight with the latter scene. I did feel sorry for Klaus when his sire line was ripped from him-the pure anguish on his face! And he’s baaaaack-Kol returns and let’s see how long this lasts! When it was revealed that Klaus has left NO three years from now, it made me think that they’re going to do a time jump for this show, too. We’ll see, I guess!

    • Valerie Mendez says:

      Yes, There was a playful spark between them. Lucien and Freya he needs a woman like Freya. Love the whole episode.

    • Valerie A. Mendez says:

      That was awesome! !!!!!!!!!
      Elijah still have his vampires sired to him they better watch out, he decided not to kill Ayah, but Hailey like, I got this.

    • luv2cook says:

      yes to all of the above!

    • Valerie A. Mendez says:

      Katie the actors name that plays Tristan De Martel on The Originals is Oliver Ackland he’s a hottie.

    • Vie says:

      To make sense of 3 years tm jump at TVD and TO there must be another cross over within this season of both the series. Can’t just let Klaus die

      • Valerie A. Mendez says:

        Hold on, The show wouldn’t be any good if they let Klaus die, but I do think he has to go through these changes and come back more stronger and more aware than before. I’m scared for him just little.

        • Vie says:

          True that!!……. performance of Joseph Morgan and the realm of his character makes the show epic and worth watching. I would very much like season 4 of The Originals to air too. Writers, explore every character but don’t let them die, especially not “kLAUS”

      • Vie says:

        Another cross- over coming soon .. as intuited much ! may be if lucien suceeds in tranforming into an original hybrid, the 3 year jump will make sense in TO as klaus will disappear with hayley and hope 2 keep them safe.
        gotta say …ep 16 retured with flair! _ Klaus character evolved…hayley brought out a whole new side “kind yet deadly’ all at the same time.. both of them. #Team KLAUS+ HAYLEY_ their ” ALWAYS and FOREVER” begins now! best pitching till date … @julieplec you took your time but at the end it all fits in .. #TEAM HYBRID .. story line is awesome now.

        P.S : Although, have to say Elijha really messed up this time, klaus schemed and provided his foes on a sliver platter to him, yet he couldn’t even manage one thing .. destorying the white oak … that was dumb elijha ..showing compassion to a murderer (fin) and doing as you are told lk a little child, that too by Lucien one he hates most what is that about ?!!! … For once bring out THE BEAST BEHIND THE RED DOOR .. : Freya BE A BAD ASS WITCH, as you once were, and kill lucien with that bullet at his hand
        and cami pls be a better vamp or Julie Plec just kill her character off … Klaus and cami doesn’t add up anymore. Because of her show is loosing its viewership

  9. nik says:

    did klaus get any side effects from losing the sire link? doesnt he feel weak?

    • Valerie A. Mendez says:

      He did seem weak, That’s what happens when all you’re sire lines be taken from the very essence of you. Remember when the werewolves was stealing his strength every full moon and only way to stop it was to get stones back. There is a solution but meantime he have to tap deep inside that wolf and kill.

      • Vie says:

        That was as told mystical energy to create an exus viorti. How ironic , season 1 such energy gave rise to Michael (Klaus’s nemesis) and now kol,the one who has always held a grudge against him. Klaus’s enemies arising from him strength. Hope he becomes invincible and all mighty hybrid to defeat all once again

  10. Bryan says:

    In the words of the kids nowadays. YAAS!!!

  11. Welp, I can’t keep track anymore. Who’s Davina bringing back… Nathaniel Buzolic or Daniel Sharman?

  12. Rob says:

    I don’t think klaus’s sire line is truly broken. Hailey has a sure and it’s her daughter hope but they don’t find out she’s a vampire, werewolf, witch or all three until three years later. What Davina did only strengthened the site bond, the only true unsired vampire is HOPE!! I don’t have more of the theory then that but the writers will find a way.

    • Valerie A. Mendez says:

      Hailey was never sired to Klaus she was born a werewolf and when she had her daughter Hope, the witch Monique slit Hailey ‘s throat she died, but she died with vampire blood in her system ,Klaus is werewolf, and vampire [hybrid ] oh before Klaus was a vampire he was human his mother Esther was full blooded witch so Hope is half witch, half vampire, wolf REMEMBER.

  13. tvandmovieobsessed says:

    LOVED every minute of it!

  14. Phoenix5634 says:

    Awesome episode! I really hope both shows do this type of crossover and continuity a lot more frequently! Stefan was great, and I loved seeing Klaus acting more like himself. He better be alright by the way, I was really mad at Davina for finishing the spell on Klaus, but I was overjoyed to see her bring back Nathaniel Buzolic, as Kol!! He better be in his original vampire body as well, not a witch! I do see future conflict between Klaus and Kol if Davina really did break Klaus’s sireline.

  15. Phoenix5634 says:

    I wonder if Kol is the Beast?… He was brought back using leaked magic from Klaus’s broken sireline, and the blood of two other Originals..

    • Valerie A. Mendez says:

      Well it would be interesting to see and not only that vampire Cortez is coming to NO he has problems with Elijah, Klaus, but is the prophecy over now.

      • Tani J says:

        Hmm, it says that the entire family will fall. FALL. Perhaps they return to being mere humans? Fall – from what?

  16. zed says:

    Crossover worked so beautifully! Proves also that the shows could/should merge into one great show. Klaroline was beyond amazing! Oh, yes Klaus will forever be in love with Caroline!! Cami who? Now, seriously, they should kill her off or pair her with Vincent.

    On, the other hand! I just love Rayna!

    Hayley and Stefan- wish now it was one show- Steyley would have had great possibilities!

    Last but not least- 1. Klaus’sire- line broken- yes! interesting-

    And YAY!!KOL is back! Nate is back!!!

  17. Joe says:

    How exactly is Klaus vulnerable now? He still has the backing of Elijah and etc. Besides – he isn’t just killable like a regular vampire. Why are the writers showing Klaus’ sired vampires seem more dominant then he is. What happen to the Klaus from Season 1 & 2 and TVD??

  18. lostom66 says:

    I am glad this is the last season, the story line is growing old.

  19. lostom66 says:

    I am glad this is over, the story line is growing old.

    • Elle says:

      It’s more than likely not over, just more elements to the story now. The Strix are now dead and Klaus sire line was broken and weakened (by foe). Rebecca is out of comission (by family)with no way to remove the Strix witch coven hex from her arm. This leaves Elijah at the helm to deal with newly resurrected vampire Kol and all else. Next week’s show has Vincent stepping up to plate to intervene, so more to come.

      • Tani J says:

        Kol said he knows every single kind of witch spell. He probably knows how to fix Rebecca. I’m glad that the original actress is back playing Rebecca, but seems to me that the actress is off doing something else while she is “absent” from the show. :(

    • Tani J says:

      Noooooooooooooo. If you don’t want to watch more, then don’t watch. But please DO NOT make a wish to deprive the rest of fans from our beloved shows. 2 hours of harmless pleasure for the fans. We DO NOT want it to be over.

  20. Louis says:

    I think this season has made Klaus look weak. He should be the Big Bad, the Untouchable, instead he’s just like Marcel, taking a beating everywhere. For instance, when Cami broke his neck, how can a two day old vampire do that? Now his sire-link has been broken. The writer keeps making him look weaker every day.

    • HateDavina says:

      I totally agree with you. Klaus is meant to be the big bad wolf not some teddy bear to be tossed around. I literally screamed out loud when Davina finished the spell on klaus. But good news.. Nate’s back!!!

      • Valerie A. Mendez says:

        Yes. Kol is back,can’t wait to see what he has plan, and Davina this should be it for her, oh what am I saying she’s not done with Klaus,oh let’s not forget Elijah,just know it ain’t over for the Mikaelson’s.

    • tayslick says:

      Not weak but capable of being wounded. Elijah had his best season as a Original

    • Valerie A. Mendez says:

      I agree, this making him weak, taking assume woop ins like it was Mikaelson’s himself doing it. And a two day old vamp that broke his neck he’ll no! No more! !!!!

  21. I’m really starting to hate Divina and all the drama she’s brought into my baby Klaus life

  22. marianne says:

    Nathaniel Buzolic is back n Klaroline as usual is epic.Viva la klaroline .Jomo and Candice just nailed it.

  23. Dani says:

    I love the idea of Klaus and Camille. They have been working up to a relationship and there has been chemistry between the two since the beginning of ‘The Originals’. Camille is going through some issues, and who wouldn’t if you were killed and suddenly found yourself craving blood. Doesn’t inspire romantic feelings exactly for the moment for Klaus.

    I think Klaus still really cares for Camille and she really cares about him. They just need time for things to settle down. If the writers do start pointing him towards someone else (i.e. Hayley or “Caroline”). I WILL stop watching the show. As I believe in their fictional relationship.

    Klaus and Caroline will never happen. I think this episode was more or less a nostalgia moment for “Klaroline” fans. She loves Stephen and vice versa. I’m hoping Elijah and Hayley find there way back to each other. They have loved each other from the beginning as well, just separated by circumstance. Marcel great love will always be Rebecca.

    My two cents…

    • Stacy says:

      I can respect your opinion, because I stopped watching the show because they paired Klaus with Cami. I only watched tonight due to the Klaroline mentions. I like Leah Pipes, but her and JoMo do not share the same intensity as Candice and JoMo in my opinion. But to each their own.

      • MJo says:

        Same. I gave up The Originals at the end of S2 largely because of Cami and the headscratcher that is the Klamille relationship. It’s always made zero sense to me, especially from her prespective (really WHAT does she get out of knowing Klaus? Besides constant danger. And she’s always been weirdly unconcerned with the fact that he’s a mass murderer which would surely be a deal breaker for most).

        • Tani J says:

          It’s not that simple. Last epi she said things to Klaus to break it off, but she was not being honest – she DOES love him and suffered for all of it. Klaus showed her his past, she saw and felt his pain from way back with his parents. I never thought Klaus would get with Caroline, esp since when that started, she didn’t feel the same toward him, she loved Tyler at that time. At first, very very first, she liked Stefan!

          The story of the Michaelsons is a classic tragedy – all of it. From what Esther did to Klaus, to his abominable father, to what happened when he finally met his real father – that was painful. What the siblings have done to each other – that thing Elijah did, making Aurora say those things to Klaus. I mean, Klaus has been hurt SO MUCH by his family. And instead of just walking away for good from them, he did things to hurt them. If you all remember, Rebecca wanted to be rid of him since he kept interfering with her life and she didn’t want it. Klaus would dagger them for hundreds of years, too. So heh.

          NOT the idea of a healthy family there, not even a little.

      • Valerie A. Mendez says:

        I agree Stacy, I didn’t like Cami, still don’t the writers are trying to have this spark between them ,it’s forced and the same with Elijah and Hailey there’s no chemistry, too much. Besides Klaus and Elijah don’t need romance right now .

  24. Rohini says:

    I think it was amazing….. now that the sire line is broken and the foes r coming for klaus v can c the real klaus now it’s gonna b fun and klaus shud totally put davina in her place and after that klaus vs kol again…. davina and Marcel shud know there places and klaus shud do sumtg abt it lik rip there head off! u ppl shud hv totally end aurora infront of Tristan…. now maybe u ppl shud entry a brand new character on the side ofas a Mikaelson family as a hope’s guardian perhaps just to make the things little more interesting and keep the show going may b dalia’s daughter Mikael’s bastard daughter sumtg lik that

  25. duron748 says:

    i must be in a nightmare the originals is klaus michaelson and i don’t very much like the plot where his sire line is broken as the epic series has taken an unexpected turn, as a matter of fact i would say its made the movie to be weak

  26. Rohini says:

    I mean lik dalia and Mikael had a hook up cz dala wanted to make ester insecure and their daughter and she is hopes sire sumtg lik dat u get it ryt dhr daughter is connected to hope when sali died her power went to the abandoned child 1st born of mikake like dalia jr but she shud b on hopes side u guys can figure it out

  27. I wonder if:
    1- Klaus’s broken sire bond is only temporary and will repair itself over time
    2- Klaus will just start a new “strategic” sire bond (significant people, etc)
    3- Killing the person who broke Klaus’s sire bond (Davina) will restore it
    4- Or this sire bond is gone forever

    Glad that psycho b!tch Aurora is done and Aya met a deserved death at the hands of Hayley as supernatural payback for killing Jackson right in front of her. Should have sent Aya and Aurora to join Tristan in drowning over and over forever.

  28. Joe says:

    Davina crossed the line in this episode, I think its time the Mikaelson’s put end to Davina. She acts like she is untouchable. I also hate the fact they make Klaus look weak in this Season 3. I need the Klaus of Season 1 & 2

    • It's Me says:

      I’m sorry… but that Klaus is dead. Cami also crossed the line when she endangered the original family’s lives by stealing their white oak toy. Does she deserve to have her life taken as well?

      • Kirsten says:

        Yes, yes she does. Can’t stand Cami.

        • Valerie A. Mendez says:

          Cami will get hers, Klaus has already backed away from her,she blew it. I think the writers will bring back the Klaus Mickelson we loved back in the TVD, Season 1&2 of TO. Cause to tell truth I don’t like this part of him, that’s not him and I’m pretty sure Joseph Morgan who plays the character going to speak up, if they don’t do something soon. It’s bad enough that the witches give him run for his money, but to have vampires snap his neck, that’s a crime.

      • nik says:

        Bby vamp Cami is out of control , she is a burden to Klaus & the org family , if i was Klaus KILLIN her would be on my to do list.

    • tayslick says:

      There wouldn’t be a show if these losses didn’t happened to the Mikaelsons

  29. Cam says:

    I’m really glad about the Klaroline mentions on TO too, our ship is rising !

  30. Lynn says:

    Loved what the show did with the crossover. It was brilliant. Keep it coming. I loved the reminiscing that went on with old and new characters. Again kudos to the writers

  31. Stacy says:

    Yay Klaroline! Hoping for more scenes, never enough! Also, Nate is finally back!

  32. Dedition says:

    I just realised what has annoyed me the most.

    You’d think ancient old vampires, ala ‘The Originals’, would have some way to counter magic by any ole random witch that comes along. Kinda annoying to see them so pathetically weak at any single one witch attack. You’d think – especially Klaus – would be angered enough at this vulnerability enough to spend some few years of his immortal life looking for ways to not be so god damn weak to it.

  33. Dedition says:

    Also, am I the only one who hates Davina ever since she got introduced?
    Also, here’s hoping Klaus becomes a devil again. He’s been acting a bit of a soft puppy for a while, baring his fangs, jumping on you, but not doing any lasting damage to make you regret your actions. Hope he goes back to his wolfish self. No baring of fangs, just straight up slaughter. That’s the Niklaus we came to know and love. Ha. Thinking of rewatching the first and second season to see my favourite Niklaus again.
    ALSO I am happy that Kol is back though. Hope he gets to stick with the brothers this time.

  34. Dedition says:

    Oh and last thing! I know that Marcel is close with Davina and all, but will no one really touch her?..I understand that Klaus has some sort of respect for Marcel, but I mean…c’mon. This time is like the penultimate of too far, only reason she should be surviving now is if she becomes stronger than Klaus (then at which point I won’t bother watching ‘The Originals’) or if Kol starts to protect her…if he’s even strong enough. Though i’m pretty sure Klaus should be the dominant one. If he takes one more casual beating, I think I may have to drop this show for a season or two. They’re turning the originally (no pun intended) bad ass Klaus into a second-rate vampire. Before anyone beats up Klaus next, ask yourself, “Would Iya or Klaus’ father be able to win this fight?” Because we both know Klaus can take them on in a duel.

    • Elle says:

      It should be interesting to see if the vampire who comes to town next week with a bone to pick with Klaus is Kol or someone else. There has to be some sort of line that Davina crossed with this spell if it’s affecting others to the point of Vincent having to involve himself. Which I don’t mind because I love me some Yusuf Gatewood.

      • Valerie A. Mendez says:

        I agree there has to be some sort of consequences of doing a spell like that. Even though Marcel trying to save Hailey, there is another way. Now that Klaus sire line is broken he still have 99 Problems. Finally the Strix isn’t one. Cortez is coming, Kol is back and I believe he’s wanting revenge. Davina needs to just leave NO start a family, I just don’t think it’s Kol she truly don’t know what he’s capable of. Marcel said to Davina, What if he doesn’t feel the warmth again. I hope there will be side effects from not being sired to Klaus.

    • nik says:

      IF Klaus take a beating from divina & Kol or any other hatin vamp(weaklings) , ill just keep rewatching s1 and s2 , where KLaus is feared & unbeatable , ITS ANNOYING WATCHING KLAUS GET BEAT UP LYK THAAT, HE’S THE REASON I WATCH THE ORG

  35. tp says:

    Well that’s it for me. Davina gets on my nerves, Cami was annoying as hell when she was a human and now that she’s a vampire she really irks and to top it off Klaus has no sire line. The Originals was good because the Mikaelsons were bad ass. Lately they’ve been anything but. I wish they would leave that Caroline mess over in TVD. It’s just unwatchable to me now. Maybe I can go back if Klaus gets his sire line back and or Cami dies but the chances of that happening are slim to none. Dang, another show bites the dust.

  36. Sharon says:

    Best episodes of TVD and The Originals in some time.

  37. I love the scene with Klaus and Caroline talking on the phone. And Klaus giving her advice on how to stop the baby from crying. And telling her how important family is, even through they can be a lot of trouble.

    • Valerie A. Mendez says:


  38. AK hamada says:

    Man this is a big mistake That they broke the side line of Klaus and like from now on he will be running away from his sire line enemies
    Besides that he won’t be that aggressive and strong vampire I hope they fix it

  39. Renee says:

    I hope now that the sire line is broken it lets way to his wolf side n we get to see him become the King like he was born to be n I hope he kicks ass along the way nothing better then the mean bad boy which we all no n love

  40. Phoenix5634 says:

    Klaus needs to kill Davina, or like seriously put her in her place. If she wasn’t friends with Marcel, she would have been dead a long time ago. But breaking Klaus’s sireline is a huge betrayal from Marcel, and Davina really really crossed a line. Problem is now, Klaus in his weakened state will have to go through Kol now to get to Davina…

  41. Phoenix5634 says:

    Maybe it’s time Klaus did the unthinkable, and ran away for abit with Hope, or some of her blood carefully collected of course, to start his Hybrid family/army. He should definitely avoid Lucien tho right now.

  42. Liza says:

    The crossover was excellent! I have to agree with many other commenters though that I hate how weak they are making Klaus. I can appreciate some vulnerability and humanity, but it seems anybody can best him now. He was introduced on TVD as the ultimate power player, but they have chipped away at that continually.

    I loved the Klaus and Caroline phone call and hope they ultimately end up together. I also hope that TO does a three-year time jump too so the storylines can continue to sync like this.

  43. nik says:

    y did elijah let davina live ? , i mean, he had the chance to end her permanently at the pool, she even shutdown the big bad KLAUS him self ( awkwardly) , that WITCH has to die ASAP,
    is it me or does klaus look weaker and weaker every new episode… ,the HEARTLESS KLAUS , has to come back.. reaping heads off and stuff , thats the sh* i lyk


  44. I thought Freya is an original witch from Daliah and Esthers’ timeline…she should (must) come up with a spell which ll restore the sire connection of NIKLAUS which ll actually make sense as showed in earlier season she is damn powerful much much more than Davina…Nw waiting for the season where this weirdest, madest, craziest, dangerouse family ll cook up the plan for the same & also to mention they have “Hope” ad well, the upcoming most disturbingly powerfull Witch, again Freya could channel to set the sire connection back on…

  45. KC says:

    I understand the grief about Klaus not being the vicious bad a** as he was the first 2 seasons but remember he had a daughter and that can change the toughest man in some ways maybe the writers are trying to play on that a bit (that statement is serious/not so serious).
    I honestly like seeing the softer side of Klaus here and there
    but I agree, overall we need more action
    I also want to see some of the super witch strength of Freya’s from season 2
    but I think the writers et al can’t just write in all power moves every ep. then we wouldn’t have a show

    • nik says:

      KLAUS has to stop being soft now coz his sires are coming 4 him , they will hurt everything that makes him soft including baby hope ,BEING THE KILLER HYBRID might be the only chance he has OR , HE could run lyk a coward while watching his friends get killed same way he run from his father Michael , but i expect the best from Klaus.

      MAYBE a MOTIVATION WILL get him to his senses , lyk if some vamp tries to kill hope , because as we all know hope is the main reason Klaus has some good in him.

  46. Joe says:

    Klaus has to kill Devina Asap. A brutal one for that matter, a death that will even make the devil weep. Until then I ain’t watching this show again. #Angry #killDevina

    • Phoenix5634 says:

      Agree that she needs to die, brutally. Still watch tho dude, you’ll want to see Klaus’s revenge. I’m betting this is the trigger that brings back good ol’ bad Klaus. He isn’t going to take this lightly…. I imagine something along the lines of when he found out Tyler had broken his sire “bond” with his hybrids he had made in TVD. Except a lot more angry…which is really saying something lol.

  47. Kalzay says:

    What sort of writing is this,KLAUS GONE,you guys are kidding right,KLAUS IS THE ORIGINALS AND THE ORIGINALS IS KLAUS…..SIMPLE

    • nik says:

      vampire diaries season 7 ep 14 proves Klaus gone , from New Orleans (3 yrs later tho)

      • Phoenix5634 says:

        He’s not gone, definitely not dead, they probably haven’t shown his flash forward yet becuz it’s likely a big reveal, his plan. I’m betting he starts making his hybrid family again. He won’t use the wolves around New Orleans bayou either. He needs to fix his sireline tho, or start a new one of hybrids, or both use the hybrids to help take his revenge.

      • Vie says:

        I am guessing there will be a time jump in the finale of TO so that the two shows (TVD & TO) have same time line and there are further possibilities of cross over which will explain the whole visit and its outcome.

        #the originals !! – Jo Morgan_Awesome

  48. Phoenix5634 says:

    I wonder what side affects the sire line being broke will have on Klaus… Like, is he still going to be able use compulsion on regular vampires? Is someone else the head of his sire line now, Hayley or Kol ? Will he regain his strength or did this weaken him indefinitely? Many more questions so many to list…

  49. Phoenix5634 says:

    Sorry Davina, you poked the wolf one too many times, if I was you I’d be very afraid, you’re friends aren’t going be able to save you this time. When you met Klaus, as bad as he was, that was the reformed Klaus, trying to be a good dad and everything… Well you just woke up the old Klaus now I think. There’s no way he’ll stand for this. He will hunt you until your dead if has to. Look at he did with Katherine, and that wasn’t near as bad as what you just did Davina. Prepare yourself, becuz he certainly will.

  50. Sarnita says:

    Seriousely, Klaus, thr original hybrid, needs to be back. Still hoping they ll think o some spell which ll restore the sire bond…relying dearly on Freya and Hope too as she has been stated as ppwerful creature including partial witch. But it has been said Klaus sire line needs to be back on, a tight slap to hater (sired vampires who aint sired anymore). Davina shoul be the 1 who should be tricked to do the same, reply to her deed as well. Bt we dearly want Big Bad Hybrid to be back Plz.