Lucy Hale: Pretty Little Liars 'Is Ending' With Season 7 — Tragically, She Hopes!

Pretty Little Liars is coming to an end — at least according to Lucy Hale.

The actress was quick to confirm that the veteran Freeform nee ABC Family drama will conclude after its upcoming seventh season, during an appearance on Thursday’s Late Late Show With James Corden.

“It is ending,” she said. “We’ve been doing it for six years… and I think that all good things must come to an end.”

When asked how she would like the Liars‘ journey to conclude, Hale said she would prefer it end “really tragically.”

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Back in December, PLL creator I. Marlene King took to Twitter to confirm only that the current “uber A” storyline will conclude at the close of Season 7. Prior to that, she told TVLine that there was “enough story to take us to the end of Season 7,” at which point she’d “let the fans tell us if they’re ready to say goodbye to this world and these characters.”

So have at it, PLL fans: Are you ready to say goodbye? Drop a comment with your thoughts on the show’s future below. (Season 6B currently airs Tuesdays at 8/7c.)

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Maryann says:

    If they ende it tragically, that would certainly end rewatchability, or watching in the first place for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet.

    • Pedro says:

      I don’t see why.

      • mooshki says:

        Obviously people feel differently about this. I’m one of the ones who can’t watch or re-watch a show if I know it ends badly. Like the Prison Break return – if it takes place in the intervening years and he still dies young, I won’t watch it. I loved Lost, but can’t re-watch it because I hated how it ended. I’m a season behind on Walking Dead because I refuse to watch each season until I know if Glenn & Maggie are going to survive or not. If you don’t have a problem with this kind of situation, you’re lucky, and I envy you! :)

        • Z says:

          PPL is all about the momentum and building mystery/shocking reveals. Now that people know that most off the time the writers just made stuff up as they went and there was rarely and resolutions/continuity they know it’s not worth watching/rewatching. A tragic epiligue wouldn’t make a difference.

    • Min says:

      All 6 girls (i included ali and mona) are just ok….its not as if people are dying for them to clear their schedules so they can star in movies or their own tv shows – Lucy did a bit part on Scream 4, Ashley had a role in pixels which did awful, and Shea is on the cover of maxim every month – If they were smart, theyd BEG the show runners to keep going. Kill off the lame ducks that dont want jobs, or start over with some new girls and a new A. It would be a shame to kill off any of the liars… should end with them realizing that A will always haunt them, and they’ll never get away from it. I dont care who A is, all I care about is that he or she never stops harnessing them. Thats what I love about the show.

  2. iHeart says:

    well it had to end eventually, this show had been on longer that all the other abc fam- er I mean freeform shows (What was I supposed to say? Finally)

  3. I love Lucy but she needs to stop saying this with Marlene saying the opposite and FreeForm has yet to confirm s7 is the last.Until Marlene or FreeForm confirm this,it’s not official and it’s not up to her,Lucy,if s7 is the last

    • 1) It kind of is. This show doesn’t have the balls to continue without one of the main four.

      2) Clearly, the show has run its course. I haven’t read many people who like the time jump, even with the necessity since Troian Avery Bellisario is 40 years old.

      3) Just because Marlene King hasn’t officially confirmed it doesn’t mean it isn’t true. People get hung up on the word “official” which just comes down to paperwork. If it’s canceled, it’s canceled.

    • I highly doubt that a main star of the show would go rogue and spread such seriously false information. I’d say that the show is done.

    • johnhelvete says:

      You have to figure the actresses have 7 year contracts and Hale would probably know if Bellasario, Benson, and Mitchell were not going to sign on for season 8. I cant imagine Freeform or King continuing the show without the four main actors.

  4. Bryan says:

    Maybe she’ll leave after season 7. But I have to agree that it should be the last. The time jump is pretty much useless. No growth from the characters (except Spencer’s bangs). It’s like nothing happened in that 5 years, they just became college graduates with different boyfriends still not learning about what Charlotte did to them

  5. Char Wolnik says:

    Nooooooooooooooo!!!! Please don’t end the show after season 7.
    It’s one of the few joys i have in life!

  6. Gina says:

    Yes. Please end this show after season 7. I’m a huge fan of it too. But it can’t go on forever and I think they are in a good place to end it at season 7.

  7. sad person says:

    do not end it no matter what i love that show cant stop loving it what show is going to really take over?

  8. sad person says:

    noooooooo what show is going to take over?

  9. Mr. Tran K says:

    Really hope PLL ends after seven seasons and if Lucy Hale is right about all of this, I’ll be very happy.

  10. Maybe they’ll do something like degrassi and start PLL: The Next Generation with now another group of kids being tormented. Marlene King definetly isn’t over the show so she will do anything to keep it on

  11. kymber sands says:

    Please don’t end the show!!!

  12. Jake says:

    One word…FINALLY

  13. Z says:

    Kill Ezra the pedo.

  14. sarah j says:

    I love this show and all the actors. I would like it to go on but I think if it ends next season that will be fine. I just don’t want Aria, Spencer, Hanna or Emily to die. I want them all to have a happy ending especially after all they have been through.

  15. lois covey says:

    Would like to see a season eight.

  16. Amneis says:

    No im not ready to say goodbye i think they can make more years they can continue even with the pretty liers kids…

  17. Biyotch says:

    That show is Just overrated. In rachète épisode we learn nothing. The on my episodes Woerth watching are the premières and the finales…

  18. TAB says:

    It’s interesting really. Before the 6A finale I really thought the show could go on for a few more seasons. Even though seasons 3B – 5A all took place in a single month I was able to forgive the inconsistencies and still enjoy the suspense and drama. But since the 6A finale I just can’t take the show seriously anymore. The new plot is so boring and uninteresting and now the weird emoji text messages popping up on the screen just make the show feel ridiculous and hokey. It’s sad this has happened to what was one of my favorite shows and I don’t blame Lucy Hale for saying she’s leaving when season 7 is done filming (she’s already said it several times that her contract is done in October). Who knows the show may go on without her; the twin storyline being introduced may be a saving grace. But I question whether I can continue watching after 6B is done. It just doesn’t have that suspenseful pull that it once had.

  19. Cindy Moore says:

    This 60+ woman loves this show. I would like to watch it for along time. Love the storylines, the acting, and the different looks those girls wear…..My son and daughter in law turned me onto this show and do not want to see it end. The characters are like family!! Keep it coming!!

  20. Josh says:

    Please end the show after season 7 PLEASE!! I’ve watched the show from the beginning but it needs to end soon

  21. Marcy Gottfried says:

    I would want a season eight season cause I love the show

  22. Karen says:

    NO! I Really want an ending where I can always pause briefly in my mind (when something has reminded me I miss everyone of them) and simply ‘see’ them out there, somewhere in their world, moving on with their lives. Maybe it’s cuz I’ve had way more than enough truely horrific things happen in my ‘real’ life, (which I Have survived) that I’d like to keep believing even after living thru horrible things, there Really, Usually, is a life of good things-Yeh, with up & downs, worth continuing on in. If there’s got to be some sort of tragic event(s) in the end, “ok”, & of course it would touch each of their lives deeply, but let it be a believably survivable tragedy that we know every PLL & those they love, will eventually heal from & go on to create good/great/wonderful/normal lives from. Kinda like the way they moved on from the end of last season, thru their lives into this “5 yrs later” life. (So well done! & as realistic as any world they live in)
    …besides, then there’s always the potential to “check in on them” in the future! ;D
    Bottom line for me, if I know (even strongly suspect) it’s going to end badly for them (as in ‘finitely’ for them) I’ll just quit watching now, so I don’t have to “let go of” these wonderful characters permanently.

  23. DD says:

    NOT ready to say goodbye to this show or the characters! One of the few shows I watch religiously each week. Boring Tuesday evenings while waiting for each new season to begin. Can’t imagine this show ending while other, much less viewed shows continue! PLEASE reconsider this decision!

  24. Engels says:

    PLEAAASEEEEE NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This keeps me happy and alive!!!!! So please.

  25. theshlyn says:

    I want it to end at season 10 it is awesome……….of atleast keep it going for 5 years

  26. Janavia says:

    I really hope Pll won’t end because that would be the end of my whole life 🙍🏽💔🔫.but I think all the girls should end up with children and when they get older it would be like everything never ended.😁👌🏾👏🏽(pll)

  27. Kylie says:

    We need a season 8, there is so baby directions that this show can go and so many unanswered questions. Season 7 just isn’t enough to cover everything

  28. Dontendpll says:

    Please don’t end the show. Like I actually don’t know what other show I would watch if this ended. I’m not ready to say goodbye to the show I’m so sad right now. Please do not end it!

  29. Jewell Myrick says:

    I feel like it shouldn’t be canceled because it is one of the best shows I like on freeform. I watched every episode of every season and I feel like the show shouldnt be canceled because it’s a popular TV show and if it does end up being cancelled I will be really really highly upset that the show is going to be gone anytime soon. Please don’t end here I love the drama and mystery and I know that other pll fans will be upset as well.

  30. Laura says:

    I love the show I love the books. But I do think they are now dragging it out that it should have maybe ended a while ago. I will continue to watch but I know I feel that there have been too many a’s and feel that it should simply end on a good note before viewers get annoyed to much. It’s one of those things where you are getting annoyed by all the a’s but get sucked into the story and continue to watch to find out what happens.

  31. Tammi Box says:

    My mom and i love the show and would love for it to continue as long as possible! !!!!!!!