Fuller House Recap

Fuller House Series Premiere Recap: Grade the Tanners' Return to Television

Something monumental occurred in the wee hours of the morning on Friday, Feb. 26. The milkman felt it. The paperboy felt it. Did you feel it?

I’m talking, of course, about the arrival of Netflix’s Fuller House, a direct continuation of the classic ABC sitcom Full House, featuring many of the familiar characters you know and love. (Comet wanted to be there, but he’s busy… elsewhere.)

Ravages of time aside, everyone is exactly how you remember them: Danny’s still a neat freak of above-average height, now with a hot young wife for some reason; Joey’s still flying solo, with only his outdated Bullwinkle references to keep himself and Mr. Woodchuck warm at night; and Jesse and Becky, whose twins are now “hella” grown up, remain the finest specimens ever to grace the Tanners’ kitchen. (No offense to that goddess Mrs. Carruthers.)

The kids, meanwhile, have done quite a bit of evolving over the past two decades: D.J. is newly widowed — her firefighter husband “died doing what he loved,” a story she now uses to bring down the mood at parties — and has three boys to look after, in addition to running a pet clinic; Stephanie is now an occasionally British DJ with no kids, no responsibilities and no money; and Kimmy is a professional party planner with a teenage daughter and an unfaithful-yet-endearing ex-husband who still yearns for her tantric touch.

The series premiere finds the whole gang — sans Michelle, who’s “busy running her fashion empire in New York” [insert insanely long pause for joke here] — coming together for one last party before Danny sells the house and moves to Los Angeles. But when it becomes apparent, via the time-honored tradition of baby-monitor eavesdropping, that D.J. still isn’t ready to face life as a single mom, Team Tanner implements a change of plans: Danny takes the house off the market, allowing D.J., Stephanie and Kimmy to move in and start the vicious cycle Circle of Life all over again.

I’ve already weighed in with my thoughts on the Fuller House premiere, so I think it’s time to hear from you guys. Here are a few talking points for the comments section:

* The Tanners’ totally spontaneous, not-at-all-rehearsed sing-along of “Forever.”

* Steve’s waste-no-time approach to wooing his widowed ex-girlfriend.

* D.J.’s son Max’s Donald Trump joke, which was apparently not dubbed in later, the show’s executive producers assure TVLine.

* The arrival of a fourth generation of Evil Comets.

* Kimmy and Danny’s long-awaited hug. (Anybody else ‘shipping those two? You know Danny was hiding his intrigue when Fernando brought up Kimmy’s Kama Sutra knowledge, hot wife be damned.)

* The episode-ending performance of the Flinstones theme song — a lovely nod to Full House‘s premiere, though I have to curmudgeonly wonder if kids in 2016 would actually know those lyrics.

* Anyone else suspect Joey is lying about doing 10 shows a week at the Venetian? I didn’t think good things were supposed to happen to him in this universe. I’m glad I was wrong.

OK, you have your marching orders. Grade the Fuller House premiere below, then drop a comment with your full critique of the episode. Was it everything you hoped it would be?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Guy says:

    Abysmal. There’s not really much else to say. Good for the Olsens for wisely steering clear of this embarrassment.

  2. BB says:

    First episode was a little clunky and awkward sometimes, but the second episode was better.

  3. Raftrap says:

    I’ve only seen the first episode, it’s nostalgia filled, everyone looks great, it’s a family show, I don’t know what everyone else was expecting from a “Full House” sequel, it’s the same thing, you’re just older, now I haven’t watched “Full House” since it aired, but I can safely say this new show is using the brand correctly, I used to love this show when I was a kid, but mostly because I got to see other kids make chicken soup by throwing some fried chicken in water so who am I to judge the kid that ends up loving “Fuller House”, just seeing everyone who dared reappear in the pilot made me a happy camper, now I can move on and let others watch.

  4. Et al. says:

    It’s cute garbage which is exactly what I needed before bed. I’ll have to watch the rest later.

  5. Just watched the first episode and it was good for the nostalgia but I’m hoping it becoming a more evolved series as it moves forward.

  6. Lola says:

    I watched a few episodes and it’s ok. Nothing overly special but it’s definitely not the worst thing I’ve ever watched. I would say that Dj’s middle son is a stand out. The kid has really good comedic timing. I also find this new flaky party girl Stephanie really fun! Who knew? I used to think she was the most obnoxious sister when the original show aired. Her scenes dancing with Val were hilarious.

  7. Kayla Summy says:

    On episode four, and loving every minute of it. This is exactly what I hoped it would be, just like the original, only updated. Also, love the talented kids on this show.

  8. Todd says:

    only two episodes in and I love it. The tone is so true to the original, it’s shocking. Unlike some other nostalgia sequel series I know.

  9. TE says:

    Only watched the premiere so far, but it’s everything I wanted and expected out of a Full House sequel.

  10. F – Fail. Like the original series.

  11. “a story she now uses to bring down the mood at parties” it’s been quite some time since I’ve seen the original series, and I’ve never seen the first episode, but I don’t recall the death of Danny’s wife being a prevalent topic of discussion during the run of the series. Is the death of DJ’s husband mentioned a lot, or just brought up once to set the stage?

    • me says:

      The first few episodes of the original series do mention danny’s wife alot. Then it fades away

      • Looking through Wikipedia, I don’t think I’ve ever seen the first season at all. Shame.

      • It is brought up from time to time in the original series. Like when Mister Bear is missing because Michelle hid him (We learned that he was the last present that mom ever gave Stephanie) and when Kimmy gets drunk which brought up hurtful memories for DJ since her mom was killed by a drunk driver. As for the death of DJ’s husband, They only really mention the actual death once, but of course being a widow is the premise of the show since her life now mirrors her father.

  12. BillyBobJohnson says:

    The milkman? It was a 90s, not a 60s, series.

  13. Hipper says:

    Andrea Barber perfectly slips back into adult Kimmy. I’m gonna call her MVP so far in the episodes I’ve seen.

  14. Manu says:

    i wouldnt even call the premiere an actual episode. it was more like a Live Varity Reunion show. it finds its way starting with episode 2. it is very cheesy and cliche driven but thats how its always been and i am glad it didnt get “updated” in a way and still feels like full house

  15. Sarah says:

    Making me smile…. Again
    Here’s to. New generation of silliness and antics.👍🏼

  16. gr8one99 says:

    Pretty good IMO a fresh take on an old formula. Just feel they need to ease up on kimmy’s latin ex, who is funny but can go Urkel-esque if over used. Maybe ditch the ambercrombie vet who just seems superfluous and doesn’t quite fit. Idk if they’re trying to give that character a push or what but it’s failing. The middle boy is the standout for sure. The best comedy comes from him.so for that I must say well done

  17. Sawyer says:

    This was embarrassing to watch. I get that the show isn’t for everybody – me included – so I wish those that can deal with the corniness a lot of fun while binge-watching. I loved Full House but those were the 90’s. I can’t deal with something as awkwardly cheesy as Fuller House in 2016.

  18. ? says:

    Jodie Sweetin looks really good for someone who did meth for 15 years. I was surprised how together she seems to have gotten herself and her life.

  19. Larry says:

    Loved it, pretty awesome

  20. Eva says:

    The first episode is extremely clunky, basically characters enetering the kitchen, stopping for cheers and summarizing their lives so far. It gets better with the next few episodes, though. The new kids are actually more hilarious than the grown-ups (but then, I’m a sucker for precocious 5-yerar-olds)

  21. Lola says:

    Seven episodes in and definite props to the children actors. They flow really well with the much more experienced older cast. And props to Ramona. I would literally die if Kimmy Gibbler was my mother. Kimmy is still as crazy as she was. I like it.

  22. Joe says:

    Saw the first episode , it is a half hour of my life that I will never get back

  23. Damian says:

    Only watched the first episode. Nostalgia overload! Not that it’s a bad thing. Girl meets world did it right by doing a little at a time but I still enjoyed watching and knew what I was getting into. Looking forward to getting to the other episodes. The kids are pretty great. I loved the Michelle joke. It felt like a poke at the olsens, how dramatic fans were being because neither wanted to appear and still seemed like a little “we’re still thinking of you” message to the olsens if they ever even bother to see or read about it.

  24. JB Smooove says:

    they sent some PA’s to Costco to buy extra cases of cheese and corn, and it was also clunky, like it was all their first times at acting again. and one thing I really noticed was they way they all moved around to their different blocking assignments. seemed so disjointed and such. never the less, I will watch it all even though it feels like a Disney channel show.

  25. Tom says:

    Merciful Flying Spaghetti Monster DJ’s kids are insufferable, especially the youngest one. I’m not certain if it’s the acting or the writing, but it could be both. It was only mad respect for Bob Saget and John Stamos that made me finish the first episode.

    Seriously, they’re horrible.

    • Tom says:

      Er middle one, I meant the middle one not the baby. The baby’s a baby and not had a chance to be insufferable yet. But yeah, the middle one, clean freak like Danny, horrible.

  26. Zakk littleton says:

    Is there something about the fried chicken references? Ain’t following that one..

  27. CMarie says:

    I totally wanted to hate it, but it’s cute. Not spectacular, but it can definitely compete with Girl Meets World (which I also wanted to hate). The Full House team still knows how to write to please the masses. Including this skeptic.

  28. Bwhit says:

    I watched the first episode because this show was part of my childhood. I thought it was alright until….. They randomly broke into a rendition of ‘Forever’. Thank goodness for the fast forward on Netflix because that was too much even when you are expecting it to be overly cheesy. I’ll probably watch the rest but I really hope they don’t do that again. Oh and I don’t care how cutesy Steve was being, it’s not like DJ’s husband left her, he died, tone it down with the come ons (I know it’s a sitcom but they could have waited until like episode 5 for that lol)

  29. Rebecca says:

    I was unsure how much I would actually like it because the first episode was heavy with nostalgia and idk what was up with Bob Saget. He does better in the other episodes, but his voice and weird way he was like sticking his neck out too far? Idk. But after the first episode, in my opinion, it flowed a lot better. I absolutely loved it. I’ve got 2 more episodes until I’m done and already wishing Season 2 was ready. I see some people don’t like it, but I hope more people did so we have a chance at Season 2 at least.

  30. Roberta says:

    Watched up to episode 9, I love it. It is awesome to see these woman who are like friends I grew up with now have a family and a job. Funny and relatable. This,show was not made for critics but for fans. I can’t wait to watch the rest tomorrow and watch a more seasons to come.

  31. Mark says:

    Oddly enough, as a huge fan of the original Full House, the first episode was probably my least favorite. The awful reviews had me really scared but after watching all 13 episodes, it’s very clear that those reviews were much harsher than they needed to be. The remaining 12 episodes where it was just “The Shewolf Pack” and the new kids were quite endearing and pretty funny. I’d say after episode 7 it really hit it’s groove and it was just everything I wanted it to be and more. The characters were perfectly evolved from their teenage versions and Andrea Barber really shined as Kimmy yet again. I really really hope that Netflix renews this for more seasons, I think there are many more stories to be told in the Fuller house.

  32. I grow up watching full house and to this day I still catch and watch the show I was so excited when I hear they were making a reboot of the show that was so near and dear to my heart finally a show that parents can watch with their families and remember their childhood at the same time I grow up in the 90’s with show and so many more like it I’m have to say fuller house was amazing miss a beloved character but it still turn out to be amazing I laugh so hard I cried a lot and laughed some more and that’s what made the show so amazing it was like the show never stop I could stop watching once I started and I can’t wait for more I was so happy when boy meets world do there spine off and I really happy full house is doing theirs I really hope this show is on for a really long time because I’m one of the biggest fans of the show everyone did an amazing job and left a lot of people wanting more and hopefully if they keep making the show which I really hope they do that maybe one day one of the Olsen twins changes their minds and is on the show but they really did an amazing job anyway I really love uncle Jessie and aunt Becky I just love them two together and Danny and Joey I love them two I just love how the show was put together i loved how it made me feel as when I was a kid and now I feel like I was growing up right beside them I just can’t wait for more to come from this show 💕💕💕💕💕

  33. The only criticism that I’ve really had was the fact that during the moving day episode, they got Alex and Nicky’s room wrong. Wrong side of the room and it would have been plenty big enough for Kimmy’s daughter to move into. I understand it was to have the boys parallel DJ and Steph having to live together but for those paying attention, it was a major misstep.

    • Dawn says:

      And there were only three bedrooms on the second floor, so where is DJ’s room now that the kids are occupying them? Little things (I guess) do matter!

      • Stephanie says:

        There were 4 rooms in the original Full House. We rarely saw Danny’s room (like when the girls shoved the closet rod through the wall), but there was his, Michelle’s nursery (later DJ’s room), Uncle Jessie’s room (later Joey’s room), and the room DJ and Stephanie shared (later Michelle and Stephanie). I would imagine with Danny moving to LA, DJ would have taken his room when the boys moved into her’s.

  34. reba thurecht says:

    Omylanta i totally lovin this show even though dnt u see all the original faces on every episode,but wen they do come in makes it a greater episode 😁😁😁 but ive nearly finished watching season 1 on Netflix and hopefully awaiting season 2 #additionmuch

  35. Davon brown says:

    I Don’t understand why people are complaining fuller house was funny kept my attention and the middle son was hilarious. People complain about all these dumb reality shows but When you finally get a good show you complain about that too.

  36. Andrew Hudson says:

    Does anyone know where Danny’s wife at the conclusion of the premiere. He offered to stay but where was she at?

  37. Janette Ramer says:

    DON’T DO IT. IF YOU HAVEN’T WATCHED IT YET, DON’T. The first episode was great. The third or fourth had some really touching moments. But by the end of the run, you realize that there is alcohol in almost every scene that an adult is in, that Steph, DJ and Kimmy go out drinking (and come home drunk) more in 13 episodes than the men did the whole 8 years the original show was on, that Uncle Jesse is disrespectful towards Becky (and she puts up with it), that Kimmy and Steph’s kiss mocks all of my lesbian friends who have healthy relationships, as does Matt and Steve’s “accidental kiss”. There was almost as much sex as there was alcohol, and, again, more than was portrayed in the 8 seasons of Full House. SO DISAPPOINTED that I will not be watching it again.

  38. Faith says:

    Been waiting a long time for this! Stellar job! Now if the show can take off and make many more seasons I can sleep at night, assured. Oh… And go Team Steve, duh!

  39. Dawn says:

    The actors talk too much to the camera, especially when talking about Michelle. They need to act like just a normal family and we viewers are watching on a hidden camera.

  40. Watching the pilot was a bit of a trip for me. I freaked out a little. I grew up with this show from the age of 2 or 3, it was my fave as a kid.
    I loved that they are not taking themselves too seriously. They’re having fun and it shows, which makes it fun to watch. I like the references to previous eps.
    And you know what I’m ok without Michelle. It took me a little while to get used to an adult party girl Stephanie.

    I am actually really impressed with the kids. That little Max is a star.

    If they make more I’ll watch it, I mean I watched these 13 in 2 days…so…yeah. I love the Tanners.

  41. Jenny says:

    It’s biggest problem is that it is trying too hard to connect new with the old. Jokes and characters are 2.0 versions of the original series. I laugh at newer jokes and didn’t need everything referenced or connected to the original series. If the plan is for another season, focus more on telling something new with the girls and kids. Don’t sit and try to focus on finding ways to bring the old catchphrases and Danny and crew back for episodes. Focus on the new. Think there is potential there with the actors playing the kids.

  42. Krystina says:

    This show was made for the fans. For the people who liked the dynamic of the show and sometimes corniness. So it was perfect! I loved full house and I loved Fuller House. My kids loved it. It was nice to be able to give them the treat of watching a continuation of a show their mom loved! And for those saying it was silly to have DJS life mirror Danny’s…well in real life that happens a lot…kids fallow in parents footsteps all the time.

  43. Mary Ann says:

    I watched all the new episodes of Fuller House and LOVED!!!!!!!!! it. It felt so good to see everyone again. Loved ALL the new characters, DJ’s kids and Kimmy’s daughter Ramona. The show has always given me a warm and fuzzy feeling inside and it still does. I wish I could be a part of their family, though I know it’s just a TV show. Please renew for season 2.

  44. Laura says:

    I really didn’t expect to like it. But I loved the show and cast. I thought it was very witty and 21st century. I really didn’t miss the Olsen twins because of the kids that are cast in Fuller house are even cuter than the original. Can’t wait till the next season. It has just the right mix of old and new

  45. AFS says:

    I watched all 13 episodes. Not sure how many Full House episodes I missed growing up in the 80s and 90s without our current DVR and online technologies, but this new series is funnier than the original. I’ve laughed the hardest I’ve laughed in years and can’t wait for the season 2 and hopefully many more.

  46. Sharon Fonner says:

    If they add any homosexuality to it that’s the end for me and probably millions of others. I’m not a homophobic but I watch this with my 9 year old granddaughter.
    It really could delete a lot of sexual innuendos.