Grey's Anatomy Season 12 April and Jackson Divorce Papers

Grey's Anatomy's Sarah Drew Talks 'Super Weird' Table Read, Closure for 'Japril' and... Missing Matthew?

This week’s change-of-pace Grey’s Anatomy will trace Jackson and April’s tortured romance over a 12-year period, but it’s not a glorified clip show, confirms Sarah Drew.

“It is all totally new information,” maintains April’s portrayer of the hour’s newly-created flashbacks, which will illuminate aspects of the couple’s relationship both familiar and surprising. Ultimately, the backstory will “inform how they would up where they are now.”

But where are they exactly? Divorced? Reunited? Somewhere in between? In the following Q&A,Drew takes us behind-the-scenes of the episode’s “super weird” table read, reflects on a road not traveled with ex Matthew, and teases imminent closure for ‘Japril’ fans.

TVLINE | Is this episode all Jackson and April?
It’s entirely Jackson and April. To the point where the other actors were exempt from coming to the table read. [Laughs] Other [characters] make small appearances, but it’s mainly just the two of them. We go back 12 years to when they were interns at Mercy West and met each other for the first time.

TVLINE | Let’s go back to the table read for a second. So it was just you, Jesse [Williams] and Shonda [Rhimes]?
[Laughs] It was the two of us and the writers and producers. It was an intimate gathering. It was super weird.

TVLINE | Were there any April revelations in the episode that surprised you?
Not really. I had already created all of those in-between spaces in my imagination in order to connect all of these dots. A lot of it was sort of in line with what I had envisioned.

TVLINE | Does the episode ultimately give us resolution about whether they decide to go through with the divorce?
There is definitely some sense of closure, yes. You get an answer about the status of their marriage by the end of the episode.

TVLINE | Was there a moment during this breakup storyline where you thought, “They may not be past the point of no return, but they’re damn near close”?
I don’t ever think there’s a point of no return. Maybe that’s just my hopeful faith in the way that I look at relationships. [Laughs] I experienced a very dark time in my marriage and we emerged in a place of much more brilliant light, so I can always see the silver lining.

TVLINE | A lot of fans blame April for the breakup, since she left Jackson to mourn on his own. Do you think she did the right thing?
There’s a really great scene in this week’s episode — a 10-page scene between the two of us that was like shooting a one-act play — where we really dive into all of that. I don’t think there was a right or wrong in this situation. She was kind of dying. He could not help her heal. So she went [away] and it ended up healing her. And the byproduct was that she wasn’t there for him. I don’t know what [else] she could’ve done.

TVLINE | Do you think there’s a part of her that just wishes she went ahead and married Matthew?
I certainly think there would’ve been less drama! [Laughs] But the drama makes everything more exciting. Had she married Matthew, they would’ve been on the same page about a lot of stuff and been able to approach things from a similar perspective. But I think what makes Jackson and April so great is that they have different perspectives and they’re able to challenge each other. And I wouldn’t give that up for anything.

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    • Arti says:

      Me too! For me, they’re hands down the best couple on Greys.. For some reason they’ve had SO much sh*t dumped on them in such a short period of time that they never had a chance to recover. I really hope they stay together and try to rediscover their relationship. They belong together.

  1. But… it wasn’t that she went away. Jackson understood that. It was when she left the second time that he had an issue with her leaving him alone to heal instead of her being with him so they could try to heal together at least a little bit.

    • Stacy says:

      Yes!! She left to lick her own wounds, and left him to lick his. I hate how her choice is discussed as completely unavoidable. No.

    • anon says:

      True! And even though I love April to bits (yes TVLine, people DO like her), leaving the second time was not really the best move. But I think fandom overlooks that she went through a massive tragedy and was really not in the right frame of mind.

      • Leah says:

        Yeah, I do like April. I don’t blame her for leaving the first time. I don’t even blame her for needing to leave again. What I really couldn’t stand though was that she refused to accept the consequences of those action. Jackson was really clear that he needed her to stay that second time. And she still decided she needed to go. Again, fine – but she needs to realize that her decision had consequences.

      • Patty says:

        She needed to stay with Jackson

  2. Whatevah says:

    I cannot believe a whole episode devoted to these 2 ugh.

  3. Matt C. says:

    I’m excited for this episode! I love Japril and I really hope they stay together. They’re one of the only longtime couples left on the show. That being said, I could totally understand if they do decide to end things for good.

  4. anon says:

    I love reading Sarah’s interviews, it’s obvious how much she loves April and Japril. I never had a problem understanding why April left (losing a baby that way is absolutely horrible), but I do hope that there is a mention of Jackson being someone who never actually voices his thoughts until it’s too late. Or until they build up and he explodes (see 12.02). I hope they figure out a way to work things out but I’m also very aware that divorce will probably happen. I don’t think this will be the end of their story though.

  5. Gul says:

    I love love LOVE them.. But this “closure” makes me think that they’re definitively splitting and that breaks my heart.. I’ve rooted for them for so long and their issues were something I felt could be overcome in time. But apparently not in Shondaland.. smh.. RIP Japril, you were glorious :(

    • Lisa G says:

      Yeah, Japril are my favorite couple ever on the show, but the word closure scares me. :( Usually closure is an end, not an end and new beginning, and Shonda doesn’t like people to stay together. *sigh*

  6. Traci says:

    I’m glad to see the show giving a relationship & characters some depth. I feel like every story in Grey’s that isn’t Meredith or Maggie gets shafted these days. I’m definitely looking forward to the episode.

  7. Grace says:

    Thank you for this interview! I love April, Jackson, Japril, Sarah, and Jesse so much. And thought I get why people blame April, it seems like she was in a position where she just *couldn’t* stay there. Was she supposed to give up her needs for Jackson’s? But Jackson’s position of “you weren’t there for me” is totally understandable and correct, too. I really hope they can find their way back to each other as a couple. They are so different but have fought so hard to be together. He chased her when it seemed like there was no hope–she was engaged to someone else–and now she’s chasing him when it seems like there is no hope. I really hope they can figure things out and move forward together.

    • anon says:

      IA so much with your comment.

    • Kay says:

      Wow, I completely agree with everything you said. I struggle when watching them lately, because I can so completely see both sides, and I just desperately want them to be able to work through it. They’ve gone through a terrible tragedy- no one moves on easily, and I love how they’ve been exploring the different needs that people have after experiencing something like that.

    • Rey says:

      Perfectly said. I get frustrated with the lack of empathy for what April went through. While I think Jackson’s reaction is justified. Her leaving wasn’t malicious in any way, it was a person deeply in pain just trying to keep her head above water. I wish the show did a better job of showing her grief oncreen at the time.

  8. Hurley says:

    I really love April, and like them very much together! I understand both of them actually, I don’t think April was being selfish on purpose, but that she was in a lot of pain.

  9. Ashly says:

    Wow! I never expected the WHOLE episode to be about them. That’s kind of cool. That must have made for a very strange table read.

  10. Daphne says:

    I’m really excited about this episode! I loooooove Japril (and Sarah Drew since her Everwood days)! I truly hope they don’t go through with the divorce… But my gut is telling me that’s exactly what’s going to happen. Well, we’ll find out tomorrow I guess!

  11. Sheryl K says:

    Was, Jesus at the, table read?

  12. matty says:

    I wonder if we’ll see any of the other Mercy West characters who died like Charles Percy or Reed Adamson?

  13. A fan of TV says:

    I don’t blame either one of them, I’m just still in the minority that happily ever after is not what Japril deserves. They both deserve the chance to find someone more compatible, but I’m pretty positive the show is building this ep, and these new flashbacks, to give viewers like me a wider perspective on their relationship so as to justify the fact they’ll make another go. And that’s fine, I dont hate the couple, the individuals, or the actors in any way so I’m not gonna cry about what I presume the show has in store here.

  14. HQ says:

    So excited for this episode! Really hoping for a reconciliation or at least a path to reconciliation but I have a bad feeling with all of this, ‘there is always hope’ talk. I really didn’t like April or even Jackson until they got together. They love each other so deeply despite all of the painful obstacles and differences in beliefs that it is hard to imagine they can’t find a way to work it out. If only they can somehow forgive one another and rebuild their relationship. I think the all consuming pain that they have endured is unimaginably difficult. That type of pain doesn’t really leave room for anyone else. April always ran away when things got tough so that seems to be her default survival mode. He has every right to be mad but I think he loves her enough that he can forgive her. We really need one couple on this show to work through hard times and make it!

  15. Kris says:

    I’m so excited about this episode😍😍😍 I live them together! Plus I love me some Jackson Avery 😍

  16. Pedro says:

    They weren’t interns 12 years ago. They were in their third year when they joined Seattle Grace, because the first 5 seasons of Grey’s only cover two years.

  17. Hi there,

    I believe there should be a relationship that can hang in there for the long run like Derrick and Meredith’s marriage. It would be nice to see another relationship in the show that makes it even through the difficulties. I hope you allow April and Jackson the opportunity to show real life relationships.
    Thank you.

  18. Oh please get divorced, these two are terrible together. Jackson deserves way better.

  19. gale says:

    sooo excited for this ep, japril fan finally deserve a centric episode
    hope the ep will wnd with them reunite or shonda will have serious problem

  20. gardener says:

    I’m so sad it will just be Kepner and Avery this episode. No excuse now, I’ll have to cut my lawn instead.

  21. Desri says:

    This whole season could not be any more boring. The writer is out to lunch on Scandal also.If she breaks up April and Jackson I am done. Not every one has to break up, some time you just like a happy ending.

  22. DrWmsGaskin says:

    Jackson and April where in a very different place emotionally. Psychologically they were working through their pain as both doctors caring for others and parents who lost the most precious gift life can bestow one with. Much ;like Meredith they never sought the external assistance of a professional. I believe one of the issues that worked against them was her running away to heal while she knew Jackson was committed to the hospital and the responsibilities he’s been tasked to over see ( mommy’s vision for him) . the blame is evenly distributed between April nor Jackson because to some degree they were both selfish.

  23. Sara says:

    An episode to skip for sure than since it’s all about these two. I like Jackson but April is my least favorite character.

  24. Jean says:

    A whole hour on one couple?

  25. Michelle says:

    I don’t like that she left and I understand his perspective, but I hope they stay together. I have really enjoyed watching their journey from friendship to love. I like how different they are.

  26. B Marie says:

    I went through the same situation as Jackson and April where you had to make that terrible decision for yourself and your unborn child. My child had a different disease but the prognosis was the same and we made the same decision as they did. I think the writers have betrayed the fall out from losing the baby very realistically. A loss like this can either bring a couple that much closer or tear them apart completely. I happen to like them as a couple, so I hope the writers work some tv magic and put them back together in a good place.

  27. NJMark says:

    If divorce means we never have to see “Japril” again, I’m for it.

  28. I don’t think anyone really had a problem with April leaving the first time after they lost the baby. She needed to do what was right for her and I really believe that Jackson understood that. People turned on April when she left the second time even after Jackson told her that it would be over if she did. At that point I don’t think she took his feelings into consideration. She really should have stayed to mourn with him at that time. They wouldn’t be were they are now if she didn’t go away twice. I loved April and Jackson together but she deserves whatever happens now. I hope Jackson can find someone who loves him for who he is.

  29. Kristen says:

    I hope they decide to split. I’m over the back forth between them. I never found them to be a good couple, and after she chose to leave the second time I was beyond over it. I want to see someone paired with Jackson that works with him on a passionate level. I never felt that rush as a viewer when I watched them together. Ever. They seemed like a boring couple with a ton of drama dropped on their lap. Pass!

  30. Lucy says:

    Turned off by show. I didn’t need the lecture on black Oscar history. This is not an issue to use for laughing at. I didn’t think you would play the race card at this level of entertainment.