Code Black Finale Recap

Code Black Finale Poll: Does the Medical Drama Deserve a Season 2?

Code Black wrapped its freshman season on Wednesday with an exposed addiction and unexpected heartbreak  — but did it get your pulse racing enough to warrant a second season?

First, let’s recap the major highlights of the hour…

The big news: Angus is officially hooked on Adderall, and it’s starting to affect his work. Ex-addict Mario recognizes a drug user when he sees one and confronts Angus, who just denies the allegations. Mario, in turn, tells Dr. Mike Leighton (Tommy Dewey) the truth about his bro’s addiction, and Mike promises to find someone Angus can confide in about his troubles.

Quick aside: Excess Adderall use apparently depletes an individual’s humanity, because, at one point, Angus appears to be creepily devoid of emotion while talking to Mario and Malaya about a patient he mishandled. On the subject of killing someone, Angus says, “Wouldn’t matter if I did. What would happen? Nothing.” That is definitely not the Angus we met in the pilot.

Elsewhere, Christa overhears Grace (Meagan Good) confess that she and Neal were supposed to go to Haiti together. Neal assures his current girlfriend that she doesn’t need to be insecure about the past. He then explains the real reason he didn’t leave with Grace: she said no to his proposal. Later, Christa tells him she “can’t do this” because she “won’t be anybody’s second choice.”

And, on that note, Code Black Season 1 comes to an end, and we repurpose the question posed in the headline above: Does the medical drama deserve a second season? This particular viewer is torn. Too often the balance between the medical and personal storylines felt off. On the flipside, the ensemble is aces. Perhaps a second season is needed to give the show a chance to truly find itself?

Grade the Code Black season ender via Poll No. 1, and then weigh in on the Season 2 question via Poll No. 2. And then expand on your poll selections in the comments! 

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Annie says:

    I would love a season two; the show has managed to add something original to an over saturated genre.

    • Sally McLinn says:

      Over saturated is right. There are at least 3 more medical dramas coming on board. Enough!
      I could care less about Code Black, it’s not one of my “must see TV” shows. I much prefer Chicago Med.

      • Freddie says:

        Well, there you have it. You could care less about Code Black and prefer Chicago Med. I’m the exact opposite. Fortunately for you, your show has already been renewed for a second season. Fortunately for me, the shows are on different networks and produced by different companies, therefore the renewal of one should have no bearing on the renewal of the other.

      • Denise says:

        You’re crazy! Chicago Med is not near as well acted or written😠

  2. Mare says:

    I’m torn too. On the one hand, I really enjoy the cast and I like most of the characters. On the other hand, they too often went for the cheap, stale storylines. Bringing in an old girlfriend for Neal at the last minute to mess with his new relationship (and frankly, an actress I wasn’t impressed with from her cancelled show), introducing a stalker with murder and sexual assault, introducing a triangle with the interns (though gratefully, they seemed to mostly drop that), changing up the cast too quickly, and bringing in a last minute addiction. They had such strong actors and such potential, and they kept going with the cheap, tired stories. Maybe they were trying to bring new viewers in, but they were starting to turn this old viewer off.

    On the bright side, the show’s tired storylines made it so that if it doesn’t get cancelled, it won’t hurt as much as it would have in the first 6 episodes.

    • Angela James says:

      I agree that they are making too many changes at once. Why did we need to see the hospital’s director change 3 times in one season? Why did our most beloved hands-on doctor turn into an administrator? Why did they bring in one doctor’s brother, one doctor’s ex-girlfriend, and a rude, hateful, arrogant surgeon? Nobody wants to curl up on the couch and look forward to a favorite new show to only discover things have changed once again.

      I really enjoy the show, but think the writer’s are making some poor decisions right now.

      • Mare says:

        Yep! And I forgot about the new surgeon! I couldn’t stand him. They went through two new surgeons, three administrators, two heads of programs. I was starting to get whiplash!

  3. kevin says:

    Yes. After the first epsode I wanted a second season. Fantastic show. Great season.

  4. ChicagoDan says:

    Never got into it and it became clear that when the episode order was cut, the producers were trying all sorts of things (as mentioned by others), to try something to make it work. Since it’s co-produced by ABC/CBS has a slight chance, but CBS could renew H50, Cyber, Elementary, LA and MS all over CB for syndication purposes, which is the name of the game. All of those series would likely be picked before CB. Plus Chicago Med and ongoing strength of GA only amplified the rating weakness of CB.

  5. JC says:

    Does it deserve a second season? According to its ratings, no.

  6. I think the more important question is whether CBS is going to order a second season? And rating-wise, the answer is no.

  7. Bella says:

    This show has a lot going for it – some terrific characters, and I’ve been enjoying a lot of the medical cases. The personal stories are hit or miss, which is typical in the first season of a show. The misses didn’t really start until the end, when they’ve changed two of the most likeable residents (Angus and Christa ) almost 180°. Christa, who had a maturity the others didn’t due to her son’s death, and being older than the others, suddenly has become as jealous as a 15 year old, and handling it about as maturely. And Angus, who was sweet and smart and caring, has become an addicted version of Mario. Hopefully, they will get a second season and fix these things, plus get Leanne back in trauma where she belongs.

  8. kath says:

    This show is pure soap opera set in a hsopital, not medical drama.

    But as a soap it’s not bad.

  9. Bwhit says:

    I am a nurse and at the constant annoyance of my fellow co-workers to watch this show, I dvr’d the mid season finale (that hour has been firmly reserved for Chicago PD live in my house). I liked it, and kept recording the episodes and watched them right after PD or the next day. As someone who works in the profession, I have had to suspend reality on more then one occasion (I will say they are a touch more accurate than Chicago Med 99% of the time) and just enjoy the drama, but I would be sad if it didn’t get renewed. I like the characters and the way they work together. I hope CBS gives it a chance to keep finding its footing.

  10. mooshki says:

    Mediocre-to-bad writing but stellar cast that manages to sell it. I will miss it if it doesn’t get renewed.

  11. Teresa Stillson says:

    It has been a very very very long time since a TV drama has drawn me in like Code Black has. The cast is amazing, and the recent additions to the cast have been excellent. It seems lie its just now beginning to find its footing, please give it another season to fly.

  12. Stephanie says:

    Please CBS give this one a chance with a season 2. The chemistry of the original cast plus Mike was great. Not liking the addition of the newer doctors. Plus, the Neal, Christa, Grace love triangle doesn’t work. Give the Christeal ship some room to breathe and develop naturally. And yeah, Daddy needs to be back being a doctor not an administrator.

  13. Cate says:

    I would argue that it’s not the drugs, but you know, killing somebody that kills a little of Angus’s humanity

    • Eric says:

      I thought that’s what the main takeaway from his storyline to end the season. He was using the Adderall to focus on the work and not think about the incident like his brother told him. For someone who was bit more sensitive (like Angus), that would be a hard thing to do for an extended period of time and you finally saw the cracks in his facade exposed.

  14. Malissa R. says:

    I love this show! If I’m not a crying, blubbering idiot, I’m sitting on the edge of my seat with goosebumps. Characters are great, storylines are great. I just hope this won’t end up another show I get invested in and it gets cancelled. It seems were not given an opportunity to enjoy something before it gets yanked off the air. Kind of begs the question if it’s worth getting invested any more?

  15. spindae2 says:

    Best new show I have seen this season, I certainly hope it get another season.

  16. BB says:

    Bring it back as a midseason or summer show!

  17. liame says:

    I watched the first episode and wasn’t impressed by the cast and some of the acting. MGH is the only reason I stayed on board. After Boris and Meagan were added I really started to enjoy the show again. If there is a season 2 I hope it includes Boris and Meagan. If not, I won’t waste my time.

    • anoonymous says:

      I feel the exact opposite. I loved the cast and drama of the first episodes. Then they started throwing in new random characters while others mysteriously disappeared or were neglected, and introduced pointless love relationships and tired love triangles. I hope for a season 2 and hope they go back to basics.

  18. emerald says:

    I cant figure out why they keep playing with the cast. I thought the original cast were spot on. I reaaly missed kevin dunn when they replaced him with the whiny female doctor who died.. You get the feeling it was because he was either not good looking enough or too nice. There seems to be a need by the powers that be to bring in characters that cause friction. The head of hospital, the arrogant surgeon, neals ex, that other doctor who didnt get on with his dad. That is just tired writing. Most of the new characters are all very good looking but cant act. The only new character I think that works is Mike but in many respects he takes something away from Angus. For my money the interaction with the doctors and the patients is what makes the show. Get rid of the contrived storylines and return to the freshness of the first 6 episodes and the show will do well.

  19. Walkie says:

    The show really came into it’s own during the course of the season. It’s now one of the best shows on TV. Hope it gets a 2nd season.

  20. Mary Liz says:

    This is the best new CBS drama this season. I”m tired of the overly violent or ridiculously silly or repetitiously boring reality shows. Code Black is a well-balanced and well-written medical drama. The characters’ personal and professional stories have been creatively intertwined. It deserves a second season to establish a following. Think Blue Bloods that needed that second season to become one of CBS’s highest rated dramas.

  21. Luis says:

    My wife and I DVR’ed the show and didn’t get to it until January; I still treasured “ER” andwasn’t excited about a new medical show. “Code Black” quickly became my favorite new show of the season. The cast has been sterling, the chemistry top-notch for a first-season show. The balance between the medicine and the personal drama could use some tweaking, but “CB” has managed to keep my wife and I coming back for more and I hope it sees a Season 2.

  22. dan says:

    I’ve grown to like Code Black as the season went on. The addition of new characters didn’t bother me and it should be expected in a work-place setting (especially a hospital where doctors and nurses come and go). I didn’t like Christine Vidal’s character (the “new” administrator), but I didn’t expect her to leave in the manner she did. The season finale was well done and once again Paula Newsome knocked it out of the park as the Governor’s wife with the brain bleed. She was recognized last week in the Performer of the Week column for her guest role on HTGAWM and she should be honored again this week! I loved the montage at the end showing each of the characters working as the ER reached Code Black again. I hope it comes back for a second season, but I’m not holding my breath because CBS has at least one new medical drama being developed now for pilot season.

  23. Kim says:

    I’m a nurse and while some things are not accurate, I love this show and I didn’t expect to. We know story lines get rehashed , but what I thought was so original and innovative was the episode with the Lion King cast singing as that patient transitioned from life to death. That was amazing. I am hopeful it will be renewed!

  24. kristen t says:

    wouldn’t this be a season 3? They were on last year as well. Or was this just a continuation of that season?

  25. GuessWhat says:


  26. Lizzie says:

    I loved this show – it got the attention and time from me that went to How to Get Away With Murder in its first season (which didn’t measure up to my expectations this round, or maybe the surprise was over). The acting is really good, the characters are engrossing and believable. The surgical scenes are gross like they all are, and I tried to just close my eyes or look at the edges of the screen until they were done. There are unexpected moments of genuine friendship and love in the middle of all that chaos of the ER, and they present the essence and difficulty of the code black issue, in a captivating way. Characters you don’t like, you suddenly find something to love about them. Arrogance shows the underpinnings of fragile, and the intellect of the entire show is beyond what we normally see. The relationships seem real. I would hate to lose this show.

  27. Terri says:

    How can you be torn? I absolutely love this show! The cast is phenomenal, the personal stories are spot on, and the medical cases are new and fresh! Seriously bring on Season 2!!! ♥

  28. Melissa says:

    It has been years since a show pulled me in like Code Black. I really want a second season, but I will be honest the last few episodes have been a miss. In the beginning Code Black was different than other medical dramas, there was more focus on medicine and there was some focus on the characters back story and personal lives, it was interwoven so seamlessly that it didn’t take over the show. Then the additional ordered 5 episodes came and with each one the show resembled less and less of what made it special. Soapy storylines took over the show and to make it even worse those storylines were rushed. They tried to fit in 18 episodes what should have taken several seasons. Characters did a complete 180, at least Angus can blame Adderall for the behavior change, where as Christa, and worst of all Neal’s characters were practically assassinated in order to prop up a love triangle that made no sense from the start. The addition of new characters practically every episode was dizzying and took away from the ability for the writers to continue to develop the original cast. With the exception of Mike I fail to see anything of worth the other added characters bring to the show. Funny thing is, I believe it was all done in an attempt to pull up the ratings and yet the exact opposite happen, the height of the ratings occurred throughout December and January when the show, with the original cast and well developed storylines, had found is groove. So if a season 2 happens I hope they can get the show back to its short lived glory days. Lose the stalkers, ridiculous love triangles, tired out drug abuse storylines, and bring back the characters and cast that pulled us in to begin with!

    • Megan says:

      I agree so much. Christa and Neal’s chemistry worked! It didn’t overpower their jobs and personalities, but it was nice. And now the love triangle made Neal into an insensitive jerk and pitted two women against each other who really are equals and can respect each other. Falling back on love triangle troupes is overrated.
      Also, Angus is having a hard time, but ignoring Malaya’s healing is shoddy writing too

  29. Pam says:

    One of the best shows on tv

  30. Kelly Sapp says:

    I enjoy watching anything related to medicine, so I’m probably somewhat biased. Compared to former medical dramas, I like the balance of the medical vs the personal stories.
    Remembering Chicago Hope, what I remember most is drs walking. ER…started out good but stopped with the medical and started to focus more on personal. So I have enjoyed Code Black and I really hope CBS brings it back.

  31. Lynn B Vaughn says:

    I’m a retired nurse. I must often #Remember2BreatheLynn, as I watch @CodeBlack on CBS!!!

    Looking forward to next season! Please don’t cancel this excellent show! Thanks cast & crew!

  32. Lisa says:

    I hope this show doesn’t go! Last year they took Stalker still don’t know how that ended! 😞 I don’t watch a lot of Tv and I like this show want to see these characters again!!

  33. iakovos says:

    Deserves a Season 2 and better time slot. May be formulaic but I like the cast and thank God, it is not a CSI or NCIS or CRIMINAL MINDS spinoff!!! The Eye is going back to the well too much. I want some more quality scripted dramas and star-driven sophisticated comedies. That has always been CBS’s strength.

  34. Pat says:

    Oh heck yes to a season 2. Please CBS, renew, renew renew!!!

  35. Jared says:

    I am so torn with Code Black. On one hand the cast is great and enjoyable to watch but the show itself wasnt(for the most part). Maybe a second season could broaden out the storylines but then again it’s not the type of show I would care if it got cancelled.

  36. angeladail says:

    It’s the only medical drama I watch right now. I really hope they bring it back.

  37. Terri Glover says:

    The cast is amazing! Well put together ,my heart races while watching and I look forward to every minute.Hated to see it end.

  38. Amanda says:

    Fast paced show, keeps you watching. Love the actors. Please bring it back.

  39. Meg Rasmussen says:

    This is a well scripted very enjoyable medical show. This show would be much missed in our home. Our family looks forward to seeing this show each week and wants future seasons.

  40. Temperance says:

    Code Black is the best medical show since ER. Chicago Med has improved over the season, but CB is still ten times better.

    • RichieS says:

      The thing about Med is whenever severeid from Fire walks in he looks at the nurses like a starving man would look at an all-you-can-eat buffet.

  41. Sandy Martin says:

    Needs to stay as exciting as it was with the large highway accident and the homicide. Those were incredible shows that drew you back for more – you couldn’t wait to watch next week! The finale was disappointing…. Lack luster…

  42. Sherry Ascher says:

    I’m shocked to find out last night was the “season” finale.. I so look forward to each episode, and have replayed the available ones at least twice. This show pulled me in with the first episode! A second season is warranted to give it a chance to fine tune, and most likely to become one of the top rated shows. Look what happened with Blue Bloods when CBS gave it a chance! And, CBS, GIVE US MORE THAN 5 EPISODES TO REPLAY OVER AND OVER AGAIN.

  43. Ally Oop says:

    I found this past season in general pretty much a disappointment as Code Black, Crazy Ex, Grandfathered and Blindspot remained on my watch list but none would crack my Top 20 as they are all okay to good but not must-see. I enjoyed Blood & Oil but that got cancelled. The only show I like a lot is Quantico.

  44. Terri says:

    I would like to have a second season, I really enjoyed the show and I prefer this over Chicago Med. I characters are more interesting than Med.

  45. Stephanie says:

    I LOVE this DRAMA and the actors who portray the characters they all do an awesome job. Keep it up!!!

  46. Joe Labrat says:

    Based on the recap above, someone who’s never seen the show would assume it’s nothing but a soap opera-y, hot mess.No mention of the main storyline involving the explosion at a political debate, the resulting victims who need to be worked on in the ER, and the moral choices needed to be made regarding who may (or may not) be more worthy of being saved. Wall-to-wall thrills and the writer focuses on the subplots?

    Piss-poor reporting. Give Code Black a chance and you’ll see that despite the occasional clunker of an episode, it’s full of serious drama in an ER that constantly forces the viewer to ask what s/he would do under similar circumstances. With gripping storylines, minimal love angles, and a continual exploration of ethical and moral questions, it may be the best straight drama on TV.

    • Joe Labrat says:

      After re-reading the above “recap” just to make sure I wasn’t being too harsh, I have to readjust my comment. It’s not just piss-poor reporting, it’s lazy reporting.

    • Heather says:

      Thank you, you nailed everything about Code Black perfectly!! Also, you would be a far better person to write a recap of the season finale.

  47. Teléfila says:

    I enjoyed the season since day one and I’d love to watch another season. I think the medical stories are great and the cast is brilliant. It’s very well done so, in my opinion, it deserves the renewal.

  48. Ray Geurds says:

    The show deserves a 2nd season, Meagan Good does not!!!! There’s a reason all her shows failed…

  49. Jasmin says:

    Thouroughly enjoyed. Kept rooted in seat. Would like to see renewed.

  50. Heather says:

    Finally!! A medical drama that focuses on the Medical Aspects over everything else. Code Black, like the long running show ER from back in the day, has finally brought back what a medical drama should be about, the patients, taking care of them and saving lives. It also has just enough about the characters to keep a back story going as different patients come through, each with their own medical challenges for the Dr.’s and Nurses to face. I’m hoping to see that Code Black will be around for many years to come.
    *Note: I’ve never seen Chicago Med and therefore cannot make a comparison between the two.