X-Files Season 11 Renewal

X-Files: 7 Tweaks That Must Be Made in Season 11 (Paging Vince Gilligan...)

Dear Fox (the network, not the Mulder),

Fans of The X-Files don’t have to be conspiracy theorists to sense what’s coming: Given the revivals’ recent impressive ratings (an average audience of 9.5 million per week), there’s almost no chance that you won’t order another season of the sci-fi drama. Series creator Chris Carter himself said nearly as much right after the finale.

And that’s a good thing — in part because a potential Season 11 will give Carter & Co. another chance to work the ol’ kinks out of the UFO’s antigravity propulsion system, if you know what I mean.

I’m a fan from way back, and while I enjoyed most of what the revival offered, I truly want to believe that another run of episodes — we’ll get into specifics in a moment — will give the show’s creative team time and space to address (William) some (William) glaring (William) omissions.

But first, a caveat: No one wants to see this all go the way of Kenneth’s Night Court debacle on 30 Rock, because extreme fan service ultimately serves no one. All I’m asking for is a reframing of certain behind-the-scenes roles, a few unaddressed character returns and a little more room for the mythology to breathe. And if you can bring Scully back from being kidnapped by Donnie Pfaster, abducted by aliens, nearly dying of cancer and being a naked, goo-filled popsicle underneath the arctic permafrost… you can make this happen, too.

Without further ado, a few points to consider:

WHERE THERE’S A WILLIAM, THERE’S A WAY | … and that way is the roadmap for Season 11. The revival made it clear that Scully and Mulder’s son is still very much on their minds — he was even name-checked as a possible savior for his ailing dad in the finale’s final moments — so we can’t go much longer without finding out where he is, exactly what he is and what he’s up to.

BIGGER, BETTER, FASTER, LONGER | Six episodes wasn’t enough time to reintroduce the series’ mythology, do a monster-of-the-week or two, have a little levity and wrap it all up. So how about eight? (Definitely no more than 10.) That way, you’d give the audience a little more time to absorb what’s happening and the story a little more room in which to unfurl. (We’re still trying to process Scully’s infectious disease-speak, as well as the Cigarette Smoking Mansplaining of the orchestrated end of the world.) On a related note: The Spartan virus was a good, scary concept that didn’t have enough time to play out; you’ll have to go even bigger with CSM’s global domination plans in Season 11.)

leonard bettsMULTITASKING, PART I | Remember how the Season 4 installment “Leonard Betts” was a perfectly respectable, creepy and scary case-file episode… and then a twist at the end tied it to the start of Scully’s cancer arc, making the hour even more important and awesome? More of that type of thing, please and thank you.

MULTITASKING, PART II | While we’re on the subject of simultaneously fulfilling multiple responsibilities, how about Carter takes a streamlined role in the series in Season 11? Writing and directing several episodes — on top of literally running the show! — is a huge undertaking, and one that didn’t necessarily make the series better. Bring in someone like original series executive producers Vince Gilligan or Frank Spotnitz (both of whom were missing this go-around) to take the reins, allowing Carter to step back and regain perspective on the universe he’s created.

SCULLY’S DNA LAUGHTER IS THE BEST MEDICINE | Nobody writes funny X-Files like Darin Morgan. Please sign him up for at least two episodes.

THE SHAPE OF THINGS | Splitting Season 10’s mythology episodes — one at the beginning, one at the end — made the threat of total annihilation seem not-that-pressing: “This cabal of terrible men is going to end us all, Scully, but forget about that for a moment while I scurry around, trying to grab a pic of a man-sized reptile!” Up the stakes by giving us mythology episodes (I’m thinking a two-part premiere and a two-parter toward the end of the season) that feel big, scary and game-changing.

KRYCEK! | We’d give our left arm to bring back Mulder’s button-pushing nemesis from the dead.

Moose & Squirrel forever,

Kimberly Roots

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  1. Senff says:

    And DOGGETT. Very underappreciated and underrated.

    • Nichole says:

      Second that, considering how little Reyes was in the reboot, couldn’t CBS have spared RP for a day to show his face in at least one episode? If they could fly a Lone Gun Man in from Australia for a few seconds on screen, surely they could have flown Robert up from LA for a scene or two!!

    • Amandria says:

      Agree I would love to see all the greats from the show. Supernatural has had nearly every X-file actor at one point. Including the role of grandfather to them. I would love to see X-files work all the characters into the show again if Supernatural can do it,even if cameo’s like the Lonegunmen were in that mushroom sequence.

    • ? says:

      Yeah, fans actually liked Doggett. No one liked Reyes, so I doubt anyone was really upset she’s working for the CSM.

      • Alanistic says:

        I didn’t not like Reyes, however her spooky role in the series was intended to replaced Mulder and it didn’t work out. She had more of a kooky vibe going on rather than a paranoid believer of everything. Her character would have worked much better if they kept her as a kooky FBI agent who believed in things like witchcraft, etc but found aliens far fetched.

        I actually like now that they’ve turned her into CSM’s lacky. Regardless of what you thought of Reyes, she was part of the X-Files inner circle and now she’s on the other side.

      • Gabby Simone says:

        I liked Reyes and enjoyed watching the friendship she had with Scully, who was never shown to have any other female friends. Reyes selling out to Cigarette Smoking Man is totally of out-of-character and I really disliked how the friendship was minimized. Generally speaking, the revival didn’t do justice to any of the old characters who returned. Maggie Scully was brought back so she could say one sentence and die, Blink and you missed the Lone Gunmen, CSM got to play Phantom of the Opera, and we barely saw Skinner. Instead, we got way too much of the one-note, grating Agent Einstein. And we got a lot of minor characters who were nothing more than stereotypes. For example, every character in Texas. I’m also more than tired of being yanked around by Chris Carter’s stubborn refusal to allow Mulder and Scully to be an actual couple, which feels like he does just to spite the fans. I want The X-Files to return to its glory days and that means consistent writing and rich, multi-dimensional characters, which Carter seems incapable of delivering. I hope Fox steps in and brings in writers who will do the show justice in Season 11 and beyond

    • Mailer says:

      I don’t know if he was approached or not but I did read that Robert Patrick said he had no insterest in returning to the role.

    • Carol Hartzell says:

      I agree.

    • Doggett! i agree! he was Great!…..why is he not here…when Duchovney pulled the prima donna act & we were given left as possibly dead…i was so ok with Doggett, cos he did a Really Great job..so Great, i was actually ok if Mulder didn’t come back..it was all good anyway….so..where is ‘Doggett’ now? i do hope they bring him back if only for a few episodes

  2. Aly says:

    I agree with almost everything here, except I’ll say a ‘no thank you’ to Krycek returning (actor is great, but I found the character horrible). I’d quite like to see Doggett, since I always thought he was a good character that got too much unfair criticism. However, I wasn’t thrilled with what they did with Reyes in this revival, so maybe it’s for the best…
    The only thing I’d add is: more Mulder and Scully in scenes TOGETHER, rather than doing completely separate things. The best thing about this show is their chemistry as actors and characters.

    • BM says:

      Yes, let’s exchange the plea for Krycek with more scenes featuring Mulder and Scully together. (and I wouldn’t more scenes like the end of episode 5 either but that would be a bonus).
      I preferred Doggett over Reyes by leaps and bounds, so I’d love to see him back in his original capacity (working with Mulder and Scully but only if it doesn’t take away from them working together). Don’t need to see Reyes again, really.
      Everything else on that list sounds good!

      • K says:

        I actually like both Doggett and Reyes. I didn’t realize so many fans disliked her until now. If that’s the case, then why did they feel the need to bring her back and make her even more unlikable? It would’ve been better if they had brought both of them back for a short scene.

        • Thanh says:

          ITA. I also like both Doggett and Reyes too. To bad they made her more unlikable. I would’ve liked for them to have kept Reyes as the kooky agent who helped out sometimes if called upon.

  3. Chuck says:

    Of course you know that six episodes was all they could get this season due to Duchovny’s and Anderson’s other commitments. With her “The Fall” ending after this year, that could free her up for more. It remains to be seen what Duchovny has on his plate with “Aquarius.” You also know that Vince Gilligan is a little busy over at AMC with “Better Call Saul.” Hopefully an 11th season will be able to pull all of those things together more cohesively, but I enjoyed this run. And I agree, no more than 10 episodes.

    • Stacy says:

      YES. Hopefully, they shoehorn their timetable to get 10 episodes, and since I keep hearing about Gilligan, let’s work it around the Better Call Saul schedule. 10 eps is long enough to tell a complex story without trying to fill dead air with filler.

    • Jahna Roth says:

      What his plate had was before last 3 min episode, network advertising mistresses as next just before the x files, but I kept it on, next week I clicked on 4 mins, he checked the watch, and zzzzap mistresses at this time Governor Brown was weighing a Manson parolee hopefully it’s not a warning about his old girlfriend Linda rondstat whatever it was goes ta show don’t show up for parole hearing with Folgers Braids, fail to meet criteria, then cut yet hair, now she is suckin down Folgers in a blue mug! Yummo love ya babe

  4. Alex Potter says:

    Listing to a Better Cal Saul podcast right now. They think out every single scene before they write it

    • David4 says:

      Thinking i not something Chris Charter does.

      • ericcartman23 says:

        He’s been doing it for a long time actually, and much more so than Vince Gilligan who, after The X-Files and The Lone Gunmen, has only written irrelevant and meaningless crap.

        • Melo-D says:

          You have to be joking. Right? I know you have heard of breaking bad and better call Saul. They are two of the best shows on TV ever..

    • Hobbes says:

      A method that Vince Gilligan learned on The X-Files, where it’s still very much in use. They break every beat with cards on a corkboard.

  5. flo says:

    everything that was being asked for is achievable only in a 22 episode season. It’s too much for a 6 episode run. I really feel it would have worked better with mythology only. Gilligan was not a showrunner in the original, he was an EP along with Spotnitz and just about most of the writers on staff, but not until later. Perhaps too many hands will make things worse? Especially if they only do 6 again. If they go for 8, Carter should have Spotnitz alongside him. I really feel Spotnitz was the better driver, as he and Carter often drove together, and wrote together.

  6. And SEX !!! Why not? It’s 2016. Everybody doing it!

  7. Shayna says:

    They need more time for the mythology episodes. Everything was just so crammed in and rushed and scenes about just nothing.

    They need more Mulder and Scully scenes. A lot of the episodes, they were separate for most of them. I liked Einstein and Miller but there was just too much of them.

    Every MSR scene we saw, were either in previews or commercials before the episode so there was never a sweet shipper surprise.

    Skinner needs to be in it more than 5 seconds.

    The only reason why I’m thinking Reyes never said anything is because CSM threatened Doggett’s life. Because it was just so out of her character not to do anything or warn Mulder and Scully. WE NEED REYES AND DOGGETT BACK.

  8. Wendy says:

    I like all of these suggestions, especially bringing back Krycek in some way. I loved hating him! But like others have said, there must be more scenes of Scully and Mulder together in both the mythology and critter-of-the-week episodes.

    • Claire says:

      Absolutely agree! I was dumbfounded that Krycek didn’t make it into the revived series (yet). He was one of my favorites throughout the series from his debut in season 2. During the series earlier run, I remember Carter saying something along the lines of Krycek destined to be stilll hanging in there at the end of everything–like a roach, I guess.

  9. T says:

    It’s also of importance to note, that both Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny have gone on record saying they will NOT return to the show without Chris Carter, so the fans whining over Carter stepping aside as if that is even an option, should just let that go. It’s not happening. Gillian was already on board by a tether. FOX execs have also said they will not work without Carter, too. So, any delusion about Gilligan taking over because people liked Breaking Bad, is just a fantasy. I’d love to see Gilligan back as writer and EP, but showrunner – that isn’t even possible with Better Call Saul. Get over it, people.

  10. MA says:

    I don’t think Fox the Network is driving this train. I think you want to begin by begging Gillian Anderson to hear your needs over the voices of her children…

  11. Lncxphile says:

    Spot on! Spot on! I agree with everything on your list and LOVE that you mentioned Leonard Betts! Indeed, Leonard Betts should be the hallmark that The X-Files aims for in terms of MOTW episodes.

    I’ve posted this on Twitter and other comment sections, but here are some of my wishes off of my list for Season 11 (though, I’m mostly echoing what you wrote in your article):

    1.) Let’s face it–Carter isn’t going anywhere. I doubt Fox will terminate him, because it always makes for bad publicity via speculation when a network terminates the creator/showrunner (Though-I believe Fox fired Sleep Hollow’s showrunner?). Also, I think Carter has great ideas, but needs a lesson on how to execute them. Therefore, Fox should insist that Carter have a writing/producing partner–how about Frank Spotnitz?!?!?! A fellow showrunner like Spotnitz can keep Carter’s worst tendencies in check.

    2) 8-10 episodes. Yes, 6 episodes was a major pitfall for the revival, because it didn’t give the stories enough room to breathe. 8-10 eps would lend to a better flow within individual episodes and throughout the series, as a whole.

    3) Slow-burner. Long before Mad Men and The Americans came around, I’d argue that The X-Files perfected the art of slow-burning pace on tv episodes that you see on modern prestige cable tv dramas. What I loved about the original series was how slow, but methodically, the plot unfolded in each episode. I loved how slowly the chills trickled down my spine as I watched the original series. The pacing of the revival’s individual episodes has been too fast and mostly uneven. Bring back the slow paced episodes!

    4) No more Einstein & Miller. More Skinner.

    5) Rainy, cloudy weather. I know the revival was filmed in Vancouver during the summer. Bad idea. Far too sunny. The revival almost felt like Los Angeles. What I loved about the original show was the film noir feel to it–the grainy & grey-to-pitch black imagery.

    6) No more Mortal Kobat/Bourne Identity fight scenes. Don’t get me wrong–I love Mulder fight scenes. But the filming technique for the Mulder fight scene in the finale felt forced–almost as if the show was trying too hard to look like a summer blockbuster. In the original series, I felt as if I was physically witnessing the fight scenes, as opposed to the revival’s finale, where I felt I was watching a fight scene in a summer blockbuster.

    7) More shadowy informants in cold, desolate parking garages, please! Flashlights, too!

    8) Please, Please–someone give Scully a cough drop. Scully didn’t have the same voice as she did in the original series. Scully in the revival didn’t have the same voice as Gillian Anderson. Throughout the revival, Scully’s voice bothered me–I simply wanted her to clear her throat. I missed Scully’s clear and strong “old” voice. Either Gillian Anderson had a cold during the filming or she made a character choice. I love Gillian Anderson, but please use the “old” Scully voice!

    • T says:

      that old Scully voice stayed in the 90s because you know, she aged, and things change, including voices. Because that’s what happens. People age. Things change. You know.

      • Lncxphile says:

        Yes, I realize Scully aged. I realize people age. However, there are ways to portray aging characters besides changing their physical voice. Gillian Anderson’s naturally confident voice would have sounded better to me. Again, I love Gillian Anderson, but her character choice for Scully’s voice was a pet peeve for me.

    • Lysh says:

      Came here just to comment on her voice. I couldn’t get over it. She has a great voice when she’s doing interviews. Her “older” voice just sounded like she was smoking too much.

  12. Kaya says:

    I agree with ALL. I think they would have loved to have Robert Patrick too, but he had his own show to shoot. Chris Carter does need assistance. And the episodes needs to be planned out in advance. Not like, WHILE YOU’RE WRITING THEM.

  13. 1)Kill Reyes. Heck, bring back RP to do it.
    2)Find William.
    3)Don’t forget about Skinner.
    4)Less Chris Carter writing.
    5)More Vince Gilligan writing.
    6)Let Mulder and Scully get back together.

  14. arial2 says:

    Frank Black and Peter Watts (Lance Henriksen, Terry O’Quinn) from spinoff Millenium!

  15. Lynn says:

    Gillian was asked and said he’d like to do it but couldn’t because they were shooting Better Call Saul. Spontnitz now has a show also so I’m sure that’s why he didn’t do it. Too bad, someone really needs to wake Carter up but unfortunately I don’t think he’s going anywhere. He needs to just produce and stop writing episodes. The fact he hasn’t had a successful show other than the X-Files is telling. He got really lucky with casting and hiring some other good writers.

  16. Here’s what I’d like to see: forget this season ever happened. Have the show take place back in 2012 where Mulder and Scully are on a race to prevent an alien invasion. This new conspiracy has really sunken the show. It sucks now. And why does the acting by David and especially Gillian feel so off? They are good actors, have the director get better performances from them. And make the Cigarette Smoking Man interesting again. Now he’s become such a cartoon character. Just horrible. This all 6 episodes have been a horrible mistake. I wish I could erase them from my memory. Monica Reyes was destroyed as well. I can’t remember the last time I saw such an egregious example of character assassination. Ugh, ugh, ugh. This whole season has been a mess.

  17. Amandria says:

    I keep hearing about Vince Gilligan here but James Wong missed the list? I agree Carter needs to step back a bit, the monster of the weeks I loved but I loved Morgan/Wong episodes so much that is who I want back. William for heavens sakes that has been the biggest cliffhanger of all and I am thrilled they will finally address it. I am thrilled that X-Files came back for a bit. Its like an old friend that moved away for years, I sure have missed it. Love the way the characters have changed, jarring at first but I like it a lot. Mulder and Scully a lot less stiff.

    • Blackwood says:

      James Wong wrote and directed Founders Mutation, and it was the most forgettable episode of the run. Not bothered about seeing any more from him. Chris Carter, Frank Spotnitz, Darin Morgan and Vince Gilligan were the MVPs of the original series. I’d be interested to see what others like Howard Gordon, Alex Gansa, Chip Johannessen and Steven Maeda would come up with if ever available.

  18. Calusari says:

    I was really disappointed with the “return” of the Lone Gunmen. That was it? They deserved more than an appearance in a hallucination… And Krycek is a MUST.. Nick Lea was one of of my favorite parts of the series!

  19. xman 506 says:

    Make more X-files episodes now and make them good. Either that or have that cliff-hanger ending we all just saw lead into a movie like they did with “Fight the Future”.

  20. As great as Vince would be, he’s pretty busy with another excellent show, Better Call Saul, so I doubt he’d be able to multi-task without fearing that it could reduce the impact of either show.

    Still, great cliff-hanging ending which definitely has to mean that Fox will bring it back for another season.

    I do agree, more epsiodes. 6 is too few, 8 would be the absolute minimum and 12 to 13 for the season would be just right. It’s what Breaking Bad did for seasons 2 through 4.

    And yes, William. Please. They’ve been dangling that carrot since the second X-Files movie, so let’s see where he’s at.

    Spoiler if you haven’t seen the season finale episode:

    You brought Monica back. What about John Doggett? No mention of him what-so-ever. Even if Robert Patrick wasn’t brought back, it would be nice to know what happened to him. Unlike a lot of people, I didn’t mind him so much. Yeah, seasons 8 and 9 were trying (without Mulder most of the time in season 9 especially), but I still felt he was a good character.

    Einstein drives me nuts. She is just plain annoying. Now, I don’t want her to die, I just hope that maybe, she starts to come around and quits being so difficult. Even Scully wasn’t THAT bad. But Einstein is pretty much her way or the highway and she doesn’t budge and it was getting annoying how she was arguing with Scully, yet who worked the X-Files for 9+ years? You’d think she would welcome learning from Scully, but even Monday’s episode still had her being a complete non-believer to the point of being argumentative. Scully wasn’t that way.

    Oh well, maybe that’s this generation’s version of Scully. Not sure I care for her character and what I hope doesn’t happen if there are more seasons, that they become the new John Doggett and Monica Reyes. I’d rather have Doggett and Reyes back because I felt they did a much better job.

    And what is up with Monica? I hope we get more to that story as well. I just can’t see how she would have joined up with CSM and Doggett would have had a fit. So, hopefully, we get some of that explained as well next season.

    Otherwise, it was great to have the X-Files back. Need more Skinner too. He was used way too little this season (although he never was a main figure in most episodes), but his scenes seemed just too short. Need Skinner. Need more CSM.

  21. Racer D says:

    Please stop calling everyone by name every other line (Agent Scully, Agent Einstein, blah, blah, blah), even if it makes for a perfect drinking game.

  22. R.O.B. says:

    My wife and I only just finished episode 2 so far. Something just seems off.

  23. Paul says:

    Yes bring KRYCEK Back!

  24. Paul says:

    Bring back those loud, intense score, heavy on the piano and its relentless pounding to depict the frightening events of the story as the viewers start to worry.

  25. Wendy says:

    What I took away from that last episode is that Scully was going to be abducted, maybe for saving the population/OR Mulder will die unless their son is found, either way I bet his son will be the key to the next episode. I have no idea how they will play it, will they make him still a toddler, or a grown man, or a teen. I thought maybe the young guy that saved Mulder at the end could be their son, but he wouldn’t have been sick since their son would have had protection from his mom’s DNA. I am a new fan so I don’t know the whole plot behind the smoking man except he is bad. I mean what does he get out of killing off the population? Did the aliens promise him immortality?

  26. Isolde says:

    glad you mentioned Krycek, I thought I was the only one.

  27. Didn’t it look like Krychek, the guy who attacks Mulder and beats him up?

  28. Just bring back Marita Covarrubias because I can overlook all the other problems if I get to see the blonde goddess Laurie Holden ;)

  29. Agree on all points. And if they have a way to bring back Cancerman after a missile attack, surely a tiny bullet to the head won’t stop them from reviving Alex Krycek.

  30. ericcartman23 says:

    No thanks, Chris Carter doesn’t need to step back from anything because episode 5 was wonderful and the finale, even though it wasn’t one of the best mythology episodes ever, was absolutely great. Vince Gilligan and Frank Spotnitz should only be brought back to write one episode each and by the way, Glen Morgan and James Wong were on The X-Files before Vince Gilligan and Frank Spotnitz. They literally helped establish the tone, structure and atmospheres on the series. Speaking of which, it’s true that some of the writers shouldn’t have directed their own episodes because they weren’t able to bring back that legendary tonality and those unique, unmistakable and unmatchable atmospheres that David Nutter, Kim Manners, Rob Bowman and R.W. Goodwin. Darin Morgan should direct his own episode(not two but only one because less of him, especially with only 6-8-10 episodes, is much better) and Chris Carter should direct at least one of his too, but for the rest David Nutter and Rob Bowman should direct all the other episodes. Maybe Jim Wong should direct Glen Morgan’s episode so they could finally reunite the legendary duo.

  31. Debbie Finley says:

    I look forward to another season of the X files! Please consider bringing it back. It’s such an awesome show! Don’t let your fans down!!!Don’t let me down!!! I’m a loyal fan! PPPPLLLLLLEEEEAAASSSSEEEEEE!!!!!
    I absolutely LOVE this show!!!

  32. Edward gonzales says:

    More please.

  33. Sylvana says:

    First of all, this should be addressed to Chris Carter, not to Fox…is it he who rules the show, who defines who is going to be in it, how many mythology episodes and MOTW there will be, etc….
    Also, CC tried to bring Vince Gillian and Frank Spotnitz, but unfortunately they were already commited with another series…as for Robert Patrick (Dogget) he was also asked to participate, but he didn’t accept to return because he doesn’t want to repeat characters he has already played (the same reason he refused to be in the last Terminator).
    As for a new season and more than 6 episodes, that yes, we have to ask Fox ;)

  34. Martin says:

    Please more more more !!!!!!! 10 season is really decent, gives a lot of fun and this is it!

  35. johnnyz says:

    More X Files please. Much more.

  36. Tammy says:

    No Krychek! His character was so over used! I got so sick of his continued unrealistic survival.

  37. cheryl s says:

    Please add a season 11. I always love this show

  38. Patrina Pantano says:

    X-Files is the only program that addresses area 51 and how it could be true that there are other life forms out there. I want to believe!

  39. Merlin StWahgwaan says:

    Im a huge fan of the original series, aswell as the new series. I agree that 8 episodes isnt enough, but I think more than 8/10 is needed too. I loved that the original series was like 20 episodes and really well done all the way from season 1 till the end.

    Anyway, I really hope FOX orders lots more and that the entire cast keeps their amazing abilities to keep us both intellectually entertained and interested in whats to come…

  40. I have been a huge fan since the first episode in 1993. While I understand they always use filler episodes and story lines I found this short season lacking in a lot of ways as mentioned above. The first and last episodes were awesome while the filler episodes wasted valuable time that should have been devoted to the main story line. Bring on season 11 with at least 10 episodes. I’d like to see more Scully, Muller and Skinner interactions and far less of the new characters Miller and Einstein. I sure hope they do not intend to replace Muller and Scully with these two.

  41. Carol Hartzell says:

    I like your ideas, Kimberly. Like you, I have been a FAN since the beginning in the early nineties. I was hooked from the first episode & have remained hooked ever since.

    I opt for 10 episodes if not 12. I would like to see the Lone Gunmen return. They were always a favorite of mine. I just hope the core players will want to continue on with the saga. I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

  42. iMlegion says:

    Doggit and Reyes really grew on me and I love them both for their wonderful work, it cannot be easy to try and fill in for actors after 7 seasons; we humans can be so fickle and defensive of our heroes. But of course Mulder and Skully are still my favorite characters. I hope Fox makes a season 11 and frankly I could care less about monster of the week episodes as I just skipped all of them while rewatching the all the seasons. It would also be nice to see Kersh, I mean we finally find a reason to like him at the end of the original series, maybe do some spinoffs with just him and Skinner, both of whom we start out hating but wound up loving!

    Whatever the result I’m sure I will enjoy them, I’m off to stream some Season 10 finally (sorry Fox but screw your commercials and screw waiting a week for each new episode too).

    Thanks for the write up, I hope Fox announces season 11 sooner than later, but it sounds like ratings were high enough and that’s all I came here to find out.

    PS Dare them to touch on 9/11 even just a little bit about building 7 would be fracking epic.

  43. James whitburn 111 says:

    I loved the new xfiles shows 9.5 million people can’t be wrong come on guys you like tovmake money I know you do, let’s have an 11th season too heck 11-?

  44. JMG says:

    One thing I’ve always wanted to see is what Chris Carter has really wanted to say in the X-Files. Season 10 played out like the had some old scripts that they never had a chance to shoot before the series’ first conclusion. If they want to do more, they should just do a last mythology story that takes six episodes to tell and be done with it. This Mulder/ Scully non-committal stuff should be done away with. We know that X-Files ran in the 90’s, but the male and female protagonists that are just good friends is old hash. Wrap it up and do it right.

  45. David Watkins says:

    I have been a fan since day 1. You can’t just leave people hanging the way you did. Come on, when is season 11 !!!!!!!!!

  46. tarius says:

    My favorite scene was when Mulder was looking at the headstone in the cemetery. It was a nice tribute to Kim Manners, who also worked on Supernatural. I agree six episodes is not enough. There are way too many things to try to squeeze into each episode!

  47. Mike says:

    More, Please!
    I truly love the X-Files.

  48. Doug Mann says:

    Hurrah to Krycek’s return: he was my favourite villain, both a Trickster like CSM and a shape-shifter in his alliances. His mere presence was annoying, plus he had some great lines (“engineers of the future”). Nicholas Lea did a turn on the Canadian SFTV show Continuum as a sort of anti-Kycek, as CSIS agent – William Davis was also there as a mastermind from the future.

    Another hurrah to a more complex series of mythology episodes – yes, a two-parter like 731/Nisei or Anasazi/Blessing Way/Paper Clip.

    And a triple hurrah to a pair of Darin Morgan episodes and a ten-episode season. I still think that “Jose Chung” is the best thing The X-Files ever did. But space them out between myth and monster eps.

  49. eyeofthelynx says:

    Hurrah to Krycek’s return: he was my favourite villain, both a Trickster like CSM and a shape-shifter in his alliances. His mere presence was annoying, plus he had some great lines (“engineers of the future”). Nicholas Lea did a turn on the Canadian SFTV show Continuum as a sort of anti-Kycek, as CSIS agent – William Davis was also there as a mastermind from the future.

    Another hurrah to a more complex series of mythology episodes – yes, a two-parter like 731/Nisei or Anasazi/Blessing Way/Paper Clip.

    And a triple hurrah to a pair of Darin Morgan episodes and a ten-episode season. I still think that “Jose Chung” is the best thing The X-Files ever did. But space them out between myth and monster eps.

  50. John says:

    “because extreme fan service ultimately serves no one” this basically sums up my thoughts on starwars episode 7. I really hope xfiles doesnt follow the same course.