The X-Files Season 11

X-Files' Joel McHale Previews Finale: Mulder's Fears 'Might Be Coming True'

You couldn’t tell from his performance, but when Tad O’Malley showed Mulder into the UFO hangar in The X-Files revival’s premiere, Joel McHale was geeking out in the extreme.

McHale vaguely alluded to his fanboy moment when we spoke with him in advance of the premiere — and when we caught up with him before tonight’s finale (Fox, 8/7c), we asked him to elaborate.

“That spaceship was as big as an actual plane, and that thing lifted off the ground,” the former Soup host said. “It was there. Our hands were on that thing.”

McHale’s conspiracy-happy character — who disappeared at the end of his debut episode — returns for the final installment. So we asked the Community alum to tell us what he could (the Men in Black be damned!) about what to expect from the revival’s finale. But before that, we had to hear more about that spaceship.

 TVLINE | The craft looked so good, I figured it was CGI.
Nope. I figure they must’ve spent more on that than an entire episode of Community. It was so cool and I was like, “This is what I imagined it would be like to be on The X-Files.” I was walking in David Duchovny with a bag over his head and I’m like, “Mulder, check it out.” I was like, what the f—k? This is amazing. I would’ve done this show for free.

TVLINE | And Tad lives! He returns in the finale. What can you tell me about the circumstances that bring him back into the action.
He’s brought back into the action because I was written in, thank god, but moreso because all hell is breaking loose.

TVLINE | There’s an illness that’s striking people all over the country.
Yeah, that’s why I’m back. A lot of things we talked about in the first episode might be coming true.

TVLINE | Will we find out why Tad went missing at the end of the premiere?
You will.

TVLINE | Along those lines, any possibility that Sveta survived that blast to her car?
Do you think you could survive that?

TVLINE | I wouldn’t have thought that Cancerman could survive the original series, but there he is.
Look, I’m not going to say anything.

TVLINE | Tad was very interested in Scully in the premiere, and she was interested back. Does that continue here?
Yeah. Intense sex scene. Really intense, yeah.

TVLINE | I’m serious!
As I said before, all hell’s breaking loose. There’s not a lot of time for hanky-panky.

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  1. brut85 says:

    Psst…Scully was not interested back…GA on her twitter Q/A admitted as much…nice fail.

  2. David4 says:

    This looks like it will be a ridiculous ending to a waste of a revival.

    • brut85 says:

      CC has completely lost touch and needs to go. The one thing that makes the XF the greatest is M/S together on screen doing their thing so what does CC do here? He has them apart for 99% of the final episode…..

      • Teena says:

        Final TWO episodes.

        • BM says:

          At least we got that final scene in the last episode… but I agree! I think what makes it work is them together, whether they’re a couple or not, as long as they’re together/work together, they work. Hopefully, if we get another installment, this will change.

      • David4 says:

        The issue is the same as Star Trek and Star Wars, the creators did an amazing job creating the universes, but can’t build the universe for anything. Plus nothing has changed in the last 15 years they weren’t running The X-Files? None of the characters seemed to have grown, and neither has the world. It’s very odd to me.

  3. Hopefully this episode is better than the last. Last week’s episode was awful. It’s like Chris Carter used a bunch of unfinished scripts from the original series.

  4. opus says:

    I am so sick of you complainers. I have enjoyed all the episodes so far and expect to enjoy tonight’s as well. And may I remind you that, without Chris Carter, there would be no X-Files, and I am grateful to him for giving us one of the best series ever on TV. FOX, please renew, and give us more episodes!!

    • brut85 says:

      Sorry Mrs. Carter…you don’t get a “get out of jail free card” just because you USED to have it…the critics also have spoken….BY FAR the two worst rated eps so far have been CC’s and it isn’t close…why is that?

      • Jen says:

        Well, CC doesn’t need to go, necessarily, because that’d mean we wouldn’t get ANY TXF, but I agree he needs to take a backseat in terms of writing. Give the future episodes to the Morgan bros & have Vince Gilligan contribute an episode here or there & I’m good. I have to admit it’s damn nice to see Mulder & Scully again on TV, I, for one, would welcome more episodes! ~XPhile Forever

        • brut85 says:

          Agreed..I really meant he should step back and maybe work out the mytharc better, but let the Morgans/Wong/Gilligan do the day to day writing/directing….Morgans/Wong had GREAT episodes this revival IMO…

          • Blackwood says:

            No. Home Again and Founders Mutation were the weakest episodes so far. Vince Gilligan is far too busy with his own shows. Chris Carter is the only one who can take The X-Files forward.

  5. Frankie says:

    Oh, stop all the moaning. XFiles 2016 puts a smile on my face and I’m betting it put a smile on yours. Give it a chance…the chemistry is still there…we can only hope for more episodes.

  6. Billy Bob Johnson says:

    Bunch of freaking crybabies on here. “Chris Carter is ruining the franchise. Boo hoo hoo.” Grow a pair and just enjoy the revival of one of the greatest sci-fi series in television history.

  7. Iceni says:

    Hope the Xfiles comes back after the crazy finale, and hey, Carter, get someone else to write the new series,Its not the Xfiles that are hackneyed. It’s you.

  8. Iceni says:

    Will Carter bring back the Xfiles after tonight’s fiasco?
    If so, please let somebody else write the scripts.

  9. Terran Cavanaugh says:

    I just freaking loved seeing the ONLY show I ever saw talking about the cool stuff nobody ever does finally come back !!!! Want more ~~

  10. Alaia says:

    That finale was not satisfying at all