Supergirl Recap

Supergirl Recap: Master Blaster — Plus: Laura Vandervoort's Debut Trailer!

Each week on Supergirl, the Venn diagram of Kara’s personal and professional lives has been slooowly overlapping.

On Monday’s episode, though, those separate circles practically merge into one.

Now that James and Winn are aware of the DEO’s existence, and Maxwell Lord (a human!) is being held captive in its facilities, it’s getting much more difficult for Kara Danvers and Kara Zor-El to remain separate — and that poses quite a few problems for Supergirl.

Let’s recap the alien side of things first: When escaped Fort Rozz prisoners begin to go missing (and are later found with their heads chopped off, gross), Kara and the DEO are forced to confront the man behind the murders: Master Jailer, played by The Young and the Restless‘ Jeff Branson. A guard at Fort Rozz himself back in the day, Master Jailer is now hunting down and executing the prison’s escapees — let’s call it his twisted way of recreating the intergalactic jail on Earth, this time with his rules.

Meanwhile, on the human side, Cat Grant starts to get curious — a little too curious — about Maxwell Lord’s whereabouts. After all, when his latest cell phone model suffers a major tech glitch, why would Max send a minion to do damage control with the press instead of handling it himself? In Cat’s eyes, the only logical reason is that Max was kidnapped, and she puts her entire team (including Lucy and James) on the hunt.

Here’s where things get tricky. When James confronts Kara about Max’s whereabouts, knowing full well that he’s being held in solitary confinement at the DEO, it seems the two friends have wildly conflicting definitions of justice. Kara believes it’s all well and good to hold a human against his will, since keeping him away from the public is safer for everyone. James, meanwhile, won’t back down from the argument that Maxwell deserves to be sent through the criminal justice system properly, just like any other human being would be. Even when James gives Kara quite the lecture about basic human decency, Supergirl is super-stubborn.

Supergirl Italia RicciThat all changes, of course, when Kara ends up abducted by Master Jailer, along with a former Fort Rozz prisoner who has since reformed himself into a well-meaning professor after coming to Earth. In the moments before the DEO arrives to save the day (because, duh), Kara chats with the professor and, after hearing his life story, realizes that holding Max prisoner might not be the best course of action, after all. Once Master Jailer is handled and the professor gets back to his regular life, Kara and Alex release Max from his cell, assuring him that if he goes to the press with any Supergirl/DEO intel, they’ll fire right back with information about all of his crimes.

So, even when her Kara Danvers life intersects with her Supergirl life a little too much, Kara escapes unscathed by the end of this week’s installment. Well… mostly. Other highlights of the hour:

* After saying a few words at Astra’s funeral, Kara finds that she can’t quite shake off her anger at Hank for killing her aunt — and Alex, the one who’s really to blame for Astra’s death, can’t stop feeling guilty. But despite Alex’s pleas to tell Kara the truth, Hank assures his DEO protégé that Kara is best left in the dark on this one. (And considering Kara ends the episode with a withering glare at Hank, along with the words, “I don’t know how to work alongside you anymore,” I’d say he’s right. Can you imagine a world in which we didn’t see the Danvers sisters sharing a pint of ice cream on the couch? Perish the thought!)

* After Kara’s multiple gaffes at work recently, she arrives at CatCo to find that Ms. Grant has hired a new assistant: Siobhan Smythe, played by Chasing Life‘s Italia Ricci, who is a real piece of work. She one-ups Kara by delivering Cat a hand-pressed cup of coffee instead of a Noonan’s latte. She openly flirts with James and Winn and has the nerve to ask Kara if she and James are friends with benefits. Oh, and she totally eavesdrops on a private conversation between James and Lucy about the DEO, which cannot possibly end well. When Kara eventually admits to Siobhan that she straight-up dislikes the girl, Siobhan comes clean about why she’s really working at CatCo: not to make friends, but to build her own Cat Grant-esque media empire someday.

* When Lucy begins investigating Maxwell Lord’s disappearance, she stumbles across the license plate number of a DEO vehicle — and when James reveals that he already knows what the DEO is, Lucy realizes her beau is much closer with Supergirl than she had initially thought. The only way for James to make things right with her? Tell her the truth about Kara being Supergirl. But when he asks Kara for permission to reveal her true identity, Kara says nothing — and we’ll interpret that as a resounding nope.

* After her ordeal with Master Jailer is finished, Kara returns to the DEO and chats with her mother’s hologram. But curiously, when Kara asks for intel about the Myriad initiative that Non put in place during Episode 13, Hologram-Alura freaks out and threatens to self-destruct should she be asked about Myriad again. So… that’s not good.

What did you think of Monday’s Supergirl? Check out a trailer for next week’s episode below — featuring Laura Vandervoort as Indigo — then hit the comments with your thoughts!

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  1. madhatter360 says:

    Maybe it’s just me but when Lucy asked James if he was “as close with Supergirl as he was with him” the way she delivered the line made me think she was implying that James and Superman have slept together.
    If it was intentional then I’m impressed with the show. If it wasn’t intentional…that was an interesting acting choice.

    • Pedro says:

      I don’t think the show would go that route. But, if it did… It would blow me away! A Superman – Jams Olsen – Supergirl triangle? That would have been pretty unique.

      • Dave Gups says:

        Do we always have to force this stuff? If Superman, Supergirl or Olsen were gay in any of their histories I’d get it. However, forcing this topic for no reason other than to be edgy is childish. Political issues need to stay on the news. And before you accuse me of being anti LGBT, I took care of my gay uncle who has AIDS when in my late teens in the 90s’. If on any tv show/movie it is truly organic it can work, but I really don’t care to see straight or otherwise people forcing a love story in a comic book tv show. And to those who do want this type of agenda to go forward, we’ve made great gains in this area the last 20yrs. The rubber band is now stretched at its limit. It will snap back or break. Take a few years off. Focus on the hate stuff/bullying for now. Let things settle then move forward. I hope you get me, but someone will say i’m anti

        • NickPeril says:

          1) The irony of accusing the idea as “childish” is ironic on a show based on a comic book.
          2) It’s not bound by its source material any more than Olsen had to remain a red-haired white kid (which others’ objected to when it first came about). It doesn’t have to go this route (and I didn’t get the sense they were), but it also doesn’t need to be rejected out of hand for a bunch of rationales that add up to “I don’t like how much things are changing.”

    • zackkattackk843 says:

      My immediate thought. She was downright insinuating it and I’m hoping it was on purpose. James has the hots for Kryptonians apparently.

    • Dave Gups says:

      Do we always have to force this stuff? If Superman, Supergirl or Olsen were gay in any of their histories I’d get it. However, forcing this topic for no reason other than to be edgy is childish. Political issues need to stay on the news. And before you accuse me of being anti LGBT, I took care of my gay uncle who has AIDS when in my late teens in the 90s’. If on any tv show/movie it is truly organic it can work, but I really don’t care to see straight or otherwise people forcing a love story in a comic book tv show. And to those who do want this type of agenda to go forward, we’ve made great gains in this area the last 20yrs. The rubber band is now stretched at its limit. It will snap back or break. Take a few years off. Focus on the hate stuff/bullying for now. Let things settle then move forward. I hope you get me, but someone will say i’m anti

    • SAM says:

      The show talks about the gay issue. How many times has Supergirl talked about “coming out”? She is referring to revealing herself as SG but we all know what “coming out” means. They can’t help it, I guess they are trying to be progressive. They also make the male characters almost feminine. They don’t act like men with the exception of Hank. All the others need to put on their big boy pants, find their balls and act like men.

  2. A. D. says:

    Lobo reference and the masks in the other city reference…

    • N says:

      what other city is that??

      • David Elmer says:

        Possibly Gotham City, or SG-Earth’s version of Star City.

      • Nicole says:

        That should be Central City since The Flash crossover is coming

        • Davey Elmer says:

          The Flash crossover is being facilitated by the use of the Multiverse concept, but one way or the other it’s far less likely that a SG-verse version of Central City would be home to a masked hero or heroes than it is that Gotham City or the SG-verse version of Star City would, as you can fudge the meaning of Kara’s comment about Earth only having one hero prior to her own emergence easier in the face of powerless heroes like the Arrow Clan or the Bat Family than you could in the face of more superpowered heroes like The Flash, Kid Flash, etc.

    • Phoenix5634 says:

      Yeah the line she used about the mask, it could have just been a pun between shows like flash/arrow always do, but if it holds any relevant hint, closest comparison would be Eddie Thawne.

      Not only the mask line, but pretty sure this was the first episode Supergirl used her super speed, when she slipped behind the master jailer guy. Also next episode previews they shown the quantum of solace or whatever, I’m not as informed on my superman cannon, but could that possibly be a tiny connection between the upcoming crossover and the movie? Still an important place regardless if there’s a connection.

  3. GraceM says:

    That warehouse I saw, looked a lot like Nick’s warehouse he’s living in on Grimm.

  4. James D says:

    kind of a dull episode IMO although I did enjoy the Silver Banshee intro and the reference to Lobo.

  5. Mr. Tran K says:

    How will the series ever going to get rid of Maxwell Lord before the season is over? Fun moment from the episode: Italia Ricci’s character poke fun of Kara during some awkward “Internet chat”. Kudos to guest stars Jeff Branson and Blake Berris who are both great since their run on respective daytime soaps (sad about Berris’ character Nick Fallon being written off on Days of Our Lives and Branson hasn’t been seen since he left Y&R years ago).

    • Shannon says:

      It was such a pleasant surprise seeing Jeff Branson in this episode! I still miss him from Y&R and kind of wish he would come back.

      • dan says:

        I remember Jeff Branson as Jonathan Lavery from All My Children. All we needed was a Cameron Mathison cameo for a Lavery brothers reunion!

  6. Rafael says:

    That dangerous robo-armor villain may have died when Supergirl force-removed his helmet. But you’ll never know he might return to life later on.

  7. Rhonda Lee says:

    This show SUCKS, I mean really, all the villians SuperGirl fights she has to struggle with.. HELLO she is Supergirl, she shouldn’t have to struggle with any of them and seriously, the plot of these shows are terrible and the B acting is just hard to watch. I stopped watching this show after the third episode since it was too corny and stupid to watch…. PASS

    • George says:

      Thanks for your two cents but if you stopped watching after three episodes, then frankly you’re talking out of ignorance. The show has developed and continues to. And Supergirl should have to struggle – she’s not a god, she’s just more powerful than those she defends. If she was facing villains that could be discarded with the flick of her wrist – that would be terrible.

    • TVFan says:

      If the show is that bad and you have not watched it since episode 3, why are you wasting your time reading a recap article and making derogatory remarks to people who are enjoying it?

    • Phun says:

      Good for you! Thank you for your public service announcement. On the other hand, I don’t mind wasting my time on this show in spite of the so called ‘B acting and terrible plot’ that you claim. I’m sure others don’t mind wasting their time either. Supergirl is a great show and something I can watch with the family. :)

    • Sophonisbe says:

      The show really developped into something worth watching… but not before episode 5 I think. I actually almost stopped watching too, but am now enjoying it.

    • JacksonR says:

      Kindly take your own advice and PASS. Also, go away, your insipid comments are starting to SUCK the air out…

    • Practically all of the villains that Supergirl faces are Krytonians. Whichever ones are not from Krypton are usually aliens. I like that they did this, because her enemies are powerful. Plus, since Kara’s mother is the one that put nearly all of them in jail, they have a vendetta against Supergirl. I like this idea better than “Supergirl easily winning fights against bank robbers” every week.

  8. cthulhu78 says:

    Any episode we get a Lobo reference is a good one. It makes me happy that the main man exists somewhere in the multiverse.

  9. Phun says:

    Great episode. The fight scene with the chains was awesome. Lexi Alexander, you did a great job with that one. Hmmmm…. Up a creek w/o a poodle and walter under the bridge. LOL! And Supergirl kept on correcting the professor. :) I wonder how Kara will handle the truth when she finds out that Alex was the one who killed Astra instead of MM-HH. Not looking forward to a rift between the sisters like that. After all, how many times have they saved each other from harms way. And finally, the allegory to Gitmo…. Yep, Truth, Justice and the American Way….

  10. TVFan says:

    What was the Lobo reference? I missed it.

    • Phun says:

      Lobo was hinted at. It was also in one of the sneak peeks. Where Alex and MM-HH were sitting at the DEO and trying to find out who the masked guy was and I believe Alex asked MM-HH, you don’t think it’s ‘him’ and MM-HH said, if it were ‘him’, we’d know about it. And then Supergirl walks in and complains about not being called and MM-HH said I thought you might want some time off….. I hope that helps.

  11. acurat says:

    Looking forward to seeing Laura Vandervoot again. She is very good on the low episode show Bitten on SciFi just like she was good on Smallville. Maybe only one episode but it is still better than zero.

  12. Kir Rich says:

    Funny I thought Master Blaster was a character(s) in Mad Max Thunderdome..

  13. Patriot Arming Bears says:

    I’m liking the show. I do take exception with the way Astra was killed. If Kryptonians could be killed that easily, Superman would have been dead long ago.

  14. Tom Di Roma says:

    One thing I find unique about Supergirl is her moral compass doesn’t seem to be quite as straight as her cousin’s. I also like the fact that she sometimes gets really pissed at whoever she is fighting, be it human or alien.

  15. kath says:

    I thought it was a fairly good episode, and Lexi Alexander directing is always a treat.
    My biggest problems with it were getting rid of Jeff Branson so quickly, and burning through the philosophical and emotional beats so quickly, it was hard to get a grasp on them with one viewing. This was about what being a superhero really is, not just super strength and speed but the need to prevent absolute power from corrupting absolutely.
    I understand why they brought in Lucy but I think at this point, it’s spoiling the character of James who can no longer take the moral high ground in order to give those speeches to Kara. Time to wrap up the arc.

  16. Ms Thing says:

    Supergirl vs Master Jailer was one of the best superhero fight sequence on tv. Kudos to the director, Lexie Alexander.

  17. Scott says:

    I enjoyed the Truth, Justice and the American Way episode, except for James Olsen’s lecturing Supergirl about keeping the terrorists in Gitmo – the analogy was too close to Supergirl keeping Max Lord in prison – REALLY? Now we all have to have the same political opinion (that is, left-wing) before we can enjoy Supergirl? Let’s see: Jimmy Olsen = Obama, who is lecturing Supergirl (Bush) to release the prisoners from Gitmo – Olsen even said something like ” that’s not who we are.” Please keep the politics out, or I will watch another super-hero show that doesn’t beat me over the head with your political points!