Jane the Virgin Season 2 Recap

Jane the Virgin Recap: Did She Lose It? — Plus: A Death, a Split and a Reunion!

Is it time for Jane the Virgin to take her flower off the wall?

During Monday night’s episode, the titular heroine contemplates losing her virginity to Jonathan, aka Professor Hottie (played by Adam Rodriguez).

He’s “the perfect guy to do this with,” Jane reasons. For starters, he’s next-level attractive. He’s also leaving for Thailand in four months, so she can’t get too attached to him. But wanting to get it over with and actually doing the deed are two different things. During some sexy times back at his place, Jane blurts out that she’s a virgin — and then brings up her promise to her grandmother. It’s a mood killer, to say the least.

She later tries to salvage the situation with some sexting, which leads to her getting pulled over by the police as she speeds, (pantless!) to Jonathan’s home. Even after she imagines Michael as the cop, pleading with her, “Don’t have sex,” Jane keeps going full steam ahead – until she starts full-on crying while making out with Jonathan. He puts an end to the encounter because, as the show’s Monday night companion Crazy Ex-Girlfriend says, you definitely shouldn’t hook up with a girl if she’s in tears.

Meanwhile, Michael’s been working to bring down Rose. With Luisa’s help, they lure her to the hospital, where Luisa is laid up after a car crash. But before they can arrest her, someone else manages to get to Rose and strangle her as she tries to flee. So it doesn’t go exactly according to plan, but it’s still good enough for Michael, who declares to Jane that she and Mateo are safe now. He also confesses that he had to push her away until the investigation was over.

“Don’t think, just tell me, do you still love me?” he asks.

Jane has one very simple answer: “Yes”

Elsewhere in the episode:

* As one Villanueva woman gets a second chance at love, it’s heartbreak for another. After some back and forth, Xo decides she doesn’t even want to leave the door open for kids by freezing her eggs. But Rogelio longs for children, so she gives him back his ring.

Jane the Virgin Recap* At Rafael’s urging, Jane tries to give Petra some mommy advice and offers to throw her a baby shower. But their differing points of view – Jane’s judgmental and a martyr! Petra’s buying expensive baby stuff just because it costs more! – get in the way of any budding friendship. It takes Jane admitting that she doesn’t want Mateo to be lonely (in the way her family sometimes was when she was a child) for the women to realize they have something in common: they like honesty. Speaking of honesty, after Petra spills the beans about her kiss with Rafael, Jane reassures her that she doesn’t want to be with him. “Does he know that?” Petra asks. He certainly does after Jane responds to his, “I still love you,” with a, “My feelings changed.” Ouch.

* Remember those DVDs of Rogelio’s Scientology auditing sessions? The big secret on them: Rogelio De La Vega = “A Revealed Gigolo” (brilliant anagram!). The video also contains a declaration of his feelings for first love, Xo, something he previously only told his prison pen pal Lola, who it just so happens is getting out soon! (Stalker alert?)

Jane the Virgin fans, what did you think of Jane’s choice? Are you heartbroken about Rogelio and Xo’s split? Hit the comments with your thoughts!

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  1. Francesca K says:

    I’m delighted! Nothing against Rafael, I think he’s fantastic- but I feel like Michael is just slightly the better match for Jane. As much as I hate the whole “I had to push you away for your sake” thing (which both men have now used), I’m glad it is Michael. This season I’ve actually starting liking Rafael/Petra too, so here’s hoping!

  2. Court says:

    The ending was so, so wonderful. Of course they love each other. Of course Michael did it to keep Jane and Mateo safe. All along it was all for them. So amazing.

  3. Robin says:

    Yuck! Jane and Michael are better as friends.

  4. Christi says:

    So it seems they are officially dropping the triangle imo, Jane didn’t have no reaction to Petra and Rafael kissing, and just making her outright tell him she feels nothing for him is not typically how a show would drag out a triangle. I wonder if they know the show won’t go on much longer and so they are wrapping it up.

    • Dude says:

      I think it’s more that the triangle has never been the main point of the show and they don’t want Jane leading two guys on for the rest of the season.

    • Malak Weheba says:

      I think the idea of a triangle is getting a little outdated. The reason why I myself like the show is because things are usually honest and clear. It was obvious that Jane was hurt by Rafael, and the fact that she finally told him she doesn’t love him anymore can give him a chance to move on. At the end of the day it is a lesson for real life

  5. anon says:

    I wish I could figure out why I’m not feeling this season as much as I did last year. Something is different to me and not in a good way, Jane has become really unlikable.

    • Ashly says:

      You really hit the nail on the head for me. Something has bothered me all season and I think you’re right. It’s because Jane has become unlikable. Don’t get me wrong. I love her interactions with her family and the humor of the show is still appealing, but her character isn’t the same anymore. As I watched the promo, I was thinking to myself how I don’t really care about what happens on the show anymore. Then, I saw Rogelio and realized who am I kidding? As long as he’s on the show, I’ll never stop watching.

    • Robinn says:

      I feel this way, too. LOVED it last year. This year, the magic isn’t there. I am sure part of it is that Rafael & Jane are barely on together & now they have put her with Michael, who I find so blah as a romantic interest, but it is more than that for me.

  6. Regina says:

    Uggggggggh so sick of Michael. He’s not as great as this season is trying to make him out to be. But honestly I’m not loving Jane that much this season either. Rafael and Petra have actually been pretty cute this season. So maybe everything is as it should be.

  7. Rachel says:

    Ugh I do not like Jane and Michael together. I thought last season Michael and Petra had some amazing chemistry. I was hoping that would lead somewhere….

  8. Hannah says:

    FINALLYYYYYY!! #TeamMichael all the way!!

  9. Liz says:

    Nah. Not into Jane and Michael at all. Oh well. Not for me.

  10. LKE says:

    Super disappointed with how this episode ended. Cannot stand Michael. He’s beyond annoying. I may be done with this show.

    • Maddy C says:

      Michael is so annoying. He told Jane to get rid of her child and now all of a sudden he’s ok with it. I really do not like him and Jane together. Jane should be with Rafael. Plus I want more scenes with Jane, Rafael and Mateo. She has him all the time u barely see him with Rafael let alone see all three of them together.

  11. Debbie Puleo says:

    I agree that Jane is less likable than last season, almost annoying but I am a sucker for true love and I think Michael is the guy for her. Who would wait until marriage for sex these days? He loves and respects her and I want her first time to be with him as husband and wife.

    • Stacey James says:

      Rafael was willing to wait for Jane even when she was about to do it with him he said that this wasn’t the right time for her. She didn’t even cry like with Jonthan. Micheal needs to go somewhere she really needs someone new in her life. I am tired of this show and the Micheal stuff.

  12. Bigdede says:

    I stopped watching this show earlier this season. I can’t stand Michael or Petra and Jane is super annoying. I just don’t have the patience

    • Jess says:

      The funny thing is that Michael and Petra are my favorite characters and I don’t want anything bad happening to either of them! x)

  13. Megan says:

    So long, Jane the Virgin. It was nice knowing you. #TeamanybodybutMichael

  14. I’m probably the only one hoping Michael was gonna take a bullet. I really don’t like his character, but I can’t really figure out what it is about him that bothers me.

    • Mara says:

      You’re not the only one. I wish he’d just go away. Love the chemistry when Jane and Rafael are together though I agree with others that Jane this season is a lot less likable.

      • SM says:

        That makes three of us. No matter how many times they turn it around, I personally cannot get over many Michael’s actions, mostly that his first reaction was telling her to get an abortion because he wants to start a family with her. In so many ways, that goes against the strong female psychology: a man telling a woman what to do and is best for her? He wants a family that fits his ideal and that couldn’t possibly even include her having another man’s kid (not to mention the whole lying and teaming up with Petra). He still acts condescendingly towards her, like he knows best. I don’t buy it. A strong Latin woman should want someone that breaks all those stereotypes next to year (speaking as one) and I feel like Michael just brings out the worst in the male-female dynamic of couples. I want a Jane that is standing strong with someone equally strong and mature next to her, not co-dependency. I felt that her and Rafael were more real, they made for a lot more personal growth on both sides and I liked that. I’m team Jane all the way and I want her to be happy but the more I watch the more I feel the writers’ biases towards Michael are ever so evident and that annoys me: he’s not perfect and he’s certainly not better than Rafael if you cast one against the other. They’re essentially different men and different types of characters. I despise the morality of bad boy (sleeping around) that is associated with Rafael as a bad thing but having a temper that makes you lose it in front of children and being possessive, like Michael is, seen as passionate (or at least more positive). (Not to mention when such temper endangers the people you supposedly love, regardless of whether the accusations have a basis or not.) Sorry, writers, this bugs me. Also, please don’t kill the teacher plot: Again, this makes Jane more real, more relatable, a real person with real struggles. She’s far too young to settle and it would take away what is, by and large, the best part of the show: the Villanueva women living together.

  15. Wayne says:

    My money is on Rose being alive and that was a strangled cosmetically altered lookalike. She’s way too smart to die like that.

    • aphr0dite says:

      my thoughts exactly! it was probably not her in the first place

      • k says:

        It would have been her who met with Luisa, she would have strangled the lookalike herself before fleeing. She already knew to have a plan in place as she was taking a risk, she would have had a lookalike in one of the fire escapes as a precaution because naturally for her the police thinking she’s dead is in her best interest. Probably why she took the risk in the first place, she’d get to see Luisa and fake her death, win-win.

        There was just too much of an allusion to Luisa being addicted to her and needing closure, for Luisa to move on with the blonde detective (which is obviously her end game) she needs to be totally out of love with Rose. Having her die before that happens and Luisa clearly being heartbroken about having to set her up and seeing (or thinking she’s seeing) her dead body, Rose would die with Luisa still being in love with her and feeling bound to her, there’s just been too much chatter about Luisa actually having to be the one to let go to continue with Susanna for that to be the end to Luisa and Rose’s love story.

        Plus, there’s too good an opportunity there for the writers to just kill her off as Rose went from wanting Luisa to runaway with her to now knowing she set her up, she’s probably going to seek revenge in some form. Plus, this is Sin Ros(e)to, this has been one of the show’s major plot-lines since the pilot and yes the plot-line has evolved and now involves other people but she’s too huge a character to just kill off in an episode like this, it’s not a season finale or a finale of any kind, they’re not going dispose off her just like that.

        Plus, Bridget Regan’s schedule with Agent Carter would allow her to still be able to make further appearances, both shows are shot in LA and from what I understand it Bridget’s character Dottie is only a recurring character, plus one of the show’s most highest rated episode was Chapter Fourteen was the show’s heaviest Luisa x Rose episode to date, featured flashbacks of the two characters meeting. I’d actually be very surprised if that’s it and she is dead because there’s a wasted opportunity there for an array of storylines.

        • ellie says:

          There’s also been no confirmation from anyone as to whether she’s actually dead. I was expecting Bridget Regan to tweet something like “Loved my time on the show, loved playing her, etc” but nothing. Nothing from Jennie Urman either, usually how it goes when a character from a show is properly killed off, that everyone from the show starts tweeting about it and congratulating the actor for their time on the show and stuff. It’s a telenovela after all, so is anyone ever really dead?

  16. MiaB says:

    I wonder how many more times they’re going to do the “Jane is going to lose her virginity!” thing. It’s slightly annoying. But overall, I thought it was a good episode.

  17. DC says:


  18. Jess says:

    Tvline commenters are literally the worst. Half the comments are always “I’m quitting this show” no matter what show it is…

  19. Michelle C. says:

    This show is so up and down of course she chosed Michael they know each other which doesn’t give Rafael a chance it’s so annoying already just get to the part where Jane marries Michael then loses her virginity cause the back and forth its getting old. I hope they change their story line where Rafael don’t love Jane no more so he don’t have to suffer but it wouldn’t be a telenova I think I’m going to stop watching if it goes back to her having feelings for Rafael. I’m team Rafael but it’s obvious who they have in mind for Jane they portray Michael as this perfect guy and I don’t believe no one is that perfect, find another love interest for Rafael if not I’m done watching Rafael and Jane was the reason I got into the show but since she chosed Michael no need to watch

  20. Sara says:

    I just don’t understand what Rafael did that makes Jane act so horribly to him all the time. Well, maybe not horribly, but I just don’t like the way she treats him.

    • debbie says:

      thank u Sara, my thoughts exactly, what on earth did he do to be treated that way, just makes me wonder if d live was ever real on Jane’s part

    • insatiable says:

      I kept wondering the same thing….the writers completely shut down any hope of them rekindling it was always Michael every time she sees him the sappy music playing in the background and she tearing up it was sickening to watch….I have lost the excitement of JTV this season

  21. Carrie says:

    I’m over this show and not just because she chose Michael. I’m tired of the back and forth between her parents and of Rafael declaring his love to her, only to be shot down again and again. I also thought she acted extremely silly with the guy she dated in this episode, embarrassingly so. Another big annoyance is Rafael’s sister. She behaves like a ridiculous child and it’s not cute. This show has really gone down hill this season.

    • nic says:

      I actually find Rafael’s sister Luisa to be one of the most relatable characters on the show, she’s got the best of intentions, but doesn’t quite know how to let go of what’s not good for her, at the same time though doesn’t wish anyone harm and expresses genuine guilt when her actions have negatively affected another. Rafael’s treatment of her and his attitude toward her since season 1 I’ve found to be one of the most detrimental aspects to his character. He acts like he’s a saint when compared to her. Any episode with Luisa is fantastic as it takes time away from the tiresome triangles that are Michael-Jane-Rafael & Jane-Rafael-Petra and the one step forward-two steps back dynamic of Jane’s parents is growing old fast. I wish Yara Martinez was a main cast member, there’d be more to look forward to on this show every week.

  22. Cyndi says:

    I loved the ending.

  23. Jo says:

    I am still team Rafael.

  24. I’m seeing mixed reviews online on how this ep ended but IMO TPTB laid out the foundation for Jane’s decision a while ago and they kept dropping hints in the last 5 to 6 eps that it was really Michael she wanted.

    I’m not a shipper, so I’m not bothered by her choice. I just hope it means the triangle is officially over. Jane seemed very firm in her feelings for each guy in Chapter 34.

    Poor Rogelio. I like he and Xo together but I like the realistic twist that what is separating them is something that makes sense & fits each character.

    Didn’t expect Alba to drop that bomb about premarital sex.

    Wondering if that was really Rose? Even if Bridget Regan is off the show, maybe it’s not the last will see of Rose? JtV has to keep those telenovela twists coming.

    • Weiwei says:

      Yeah, I feel like they were slowly giving it away, especially because the cast + writers were bring pretty open that like 90% of them were on Team Michael.

      I think we also all just want Rogelio to be happy. It would be strange to see him with someone else though….

    • brie says:

      I don’t want Rose to come back if it’s anyone else other than Bridget Regan, the whole appeal of that character is Bridget, and the whole appeal of Luisa x Rose is Yara and Bridget’s chemistry. That all goes away if it’s anyone other than Bridget. If Bridget never comes back, then leave Rose dead (if she actually is). If she actually isn’t dead, bringing Bridget back wouldn’t be hard, she does do some things here and there but she’s a recurring character on Agent Carter not a series regular so getting her back would not be impossible.

  25. Weiwei says:

    Oh well… #teamrafael all the way. He tries so hard to be a good guy, and are we forgetting that Petra is insane? He can do better! Mostly though, I’ve been loving how they are exploring this whole should Jane lose her virginity thing. As embarrassing as it was, I loved her storyline in this episode. Having been on “team wait for the right person”, it’s not always easy and this was TOTALLY relatable (crazy coincidences and random things to keep you from making a huge mistake included). It’s great to always see the writers pull stuff like this off every time. <3

    Also, if the show were just Rogelio, it would be awesome too.

  26. A says:

    I’m excited TVLine posted a recap! I hope it continues. I was feeling like this site wasn’t giving Jane the Virgin much love this year so I am happy to see this and that their was a spoiler on AA.

  27. Muffy says:

    I know lot of people like Jane/Michael, but I don’t. I may stop watching because I cannot stand to watch that boring ____ couple for 22 episodes a season. The series will most likely get 4 or 5 seasons. I would prefer Raf and Jane end up together in the series finale, but I doubt that will happen since they seem to be pro Disney movie, bland love interest. Her family loves him! He’s the hero! Great show, but I just don’t know if I can take it.

  28. sarahkay17 says:

    jane the virgin is supposed to be a telenovela right…in my biased opinion i believe if theres going to be a happy ending it has to be Jane and Rafeal together thats the best ending and i think they have to eliminate Petras pregnancy cause i dont see this working out if Rafeal has 2 baby mamas thats just whack…not a good combination….i really like Jane the virgin but Michael and Jane together just brings me down ”not cool“…..telenovelas need a happy ending even if there modern telenovelas and frankly Jane and Michael are not the best happily ever after…the show should put more of bringing back Jane and Rafael..;/

  29. insatiable says:

    This is my first telenovela and from what I’m reading it’s lace with insane drama, I too also preferred season 1 Jane has lost me, right now I’m not even watching the show it’s basically reviews and I used to look forward to Mondays so very disappointed…….so she is back with Michael yippee(sarcastic)…the reason I watched was because of Jane and Rafael and how they navigated through their differences, also how the Villanueva women bonded with each other……Michael was never a favorite of mine and it would be painstaking to watch him and Jane together he’s a good lad just not feeling him and Jane

  30. emilia says:

    I seriously hate that one of the show’s best love stories (one of television’s most entertaining lesbian romances) was cut short to further a heterosexual one. Michael and Jane couldn’t be together until he was done with Sin Rostro so the Jane/Michael fans are happy but the fans of Luisa/Rose who have been waiting for this reunion and there such build up to there being (what seemed to be alluded to) more interactions between the two get an extraordinarily abrupt end.

    The worst part of it is that the show’s most prominent Lesbian character who has suffered more than any other character during the show’s run didn’t get the closure for her she so desperately needed, of course Luisa and Rose were never going to be end game, of course she was either going to be arrested or killed but the fact that it happened so abruptly, the fact that the two hadn’t had screen time together in 12 months and only got seconds together I find incredibly lazy.

    This was one of the most loved and talked about pairings on the show, a pairing who’s story continued even though one of the actresses was mostly altogether absent and was consistently referenced and that’s all it amounted to. Why all the talk of Luisa needing closure and not giving it to her, in the scene they had together Luisa is still just in love with and as connected to Rose as ever you can tell she’s almost remiss in forgetting she’s setting her up when she talks about running away with her.

    This is a character who needed, for her own sake, to give up Rose completely by decision which was what I was hoping to see, what they kept alluding to. Let’s just hope, in true telenovela fashion, Rose is not actually dead and we get to see Luisa get closure as opposed to feeling forever guilty for her death, out of all the show’s characters, she’s the one that could do without that the most, plus how is she going to move on with the blonde detective if she never actually, herself, let Rose go, which was the whole reason they couldn’t be together.

  31. Cadac says:

    Why why is Rose dead. Why did you kill the lesbian character. I don’t really belive she is dead. Her and Luisa where great. The only reason I watch this show was for those two love them together.

    I’m disappointed that she was killed.

  32. Rose says:

    The only 2 best characters love story. You had to and killed Rose off not cool.

  33. Rose says:

    Why did Rose get kill. Her story with Luisa was great. I don’t believe she die.

    If that is so. I will no longer watch the show.

  34. RJM says:

    I thought this series is a good one. I mean there are a lot of twist in the episodes.
    I initially rooted for Jane as well. However i find that she’s too judgmental. She should get off her high horse for a change. She’s not perfect. I loved it when Rafael told her that “Kids don’t need to starve to be a good person”. I think she resents the life that Rafael has/had.

    I am not sure why Rafael loves her and still wanted to be with her. She’s not even that pretty and she can easily make you feel bad about yourself. I guess the writers think that good heart will completely compensate for the bad judgments and bad nostrils. Hahaha!! Sorry didn’t mean to be offensive but I really think she’s totally overreacting with what Rafael told her to break up with her. I think she was too in love with Rafael to totally be over him and wanting to be with Michael just like that. I think Rafael deserves better.
    Their relationship was like not real. He needs to move on and be with someone who appreciates him. Jane get over yourself. Not everything should be about you even if the series is entitled Jane the virgin.
    I don’t like how the love angle is unfolding.