Castle Season 8 Episode 12 Recap

Castle Recap: I Want to Play a Game

If you like solving puzzles, this week’s Castle was (to some degree) for you. But if you came for much of anything else… you probably left disappointed.

Taking a cue from Saw — though not even Rick dared noted the obvious parallels? — the episode found Rick drugged and held captive, lured by the prospect of a truce and collaboration with frenemy Stephen King. Awaking alongside three other drugged men (all at the same time, surely amusing the late Roger Ebert), Rick is in what appears to be a classroom. There, theyy find a cryptex, inside of which lies the epi pen for the allergic guy, clergyman Todd, who’s been stung by a bee. From there, they formulate an antidote to the (poison!) epi pen, then discover a gun with enough bullets to kill all but one of them.

We and they then discover that their significant others, Kate included, are being held in an identical room. There, Simon’s missus, Meadow, goes to use their gun, but luckily Beckett (as I predicted) pinched the bullets. Simon meanwhile takes a cue from Meadow and pulls the trigger on his roommates… only to have the gun fatally, purposely backfire on him.

Beckett eventually fashions a bomb, Captain Kirk-style, from yarn and gunpowder, while Castle manages to pry open his room’s door. The two teams meet up only to get sealed in a third chamber, from which only three of them can leave. Todd is the first to grab a lever and thus commit himself to being left behind, followed by Rick and then Kate — allowing Meadow, Judah and his girlfriend to escape. Afterward — and simultaneous with RySpo cracking the case from the outside — Rick and Kate reveal that they know Todd aka Brandon is behind it all. (Turns out, his shrink parents performed experiments on him and his twin sister Emma, the Case of the Week’s murder vic, when they were kids. Case of the Week murder vic Emma wanted to expose his folks, but Brandon deemed that not enough, so he offed her and set out to make a lot of noise with this scheme.) Rick, though, deftly unscrews his lever and clobbers their captor with it, as Kate grabs his shotgun.

In the coda, Hayley eases Alexis’ (understandable!) anxiety about her dad getting abducted “like, two times a year” and then takes her to get “dolled up” and get into “a bit of trouble” at the clubs. Meanwhile at the loft, Beckett reassures Castle that though he didn’t get his meeting with King, he has “one hell of an ice breaker” to share when he does!

What did you think of “The Blame Game”? Anyone else feel echoes of this season’s Episode 3, which had the college kids subject to rogue psych experiments? Aside, that is, from the Jessica Jones/young Kilgrave parallels?

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  1. nrhysling says:

    Emma was not Brandon’s twin sister. That was Faye who killed herself. Emma just stole the tapes of them.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Hmm. OK. It was all a bit wonky.

      • Lyn says:

        Particularly so, since Brandon working alone could never have managed to get the drugged Rick downstairs and into the white van. Even with a working elevator next to the stairs, the weight/size ratio made it impossible. Other than that, I loved the puzzle aspect.

  2. Bob says:

    It was pretty good but why didn’t Alexis give Beckett a hug back in 8×01 she said she was family

    • Let’s not nit pick, it was good. The scene clearly didn’t need it because as you said we all know how Alexis feels about Beckett.

      • 183arizona170 says:

        Then no need to any Caskett scenes never ever, because everybody knows they are in love each other.

        There is this funny thing, called “creative writing” which uses these situations to reveal things about characters.

        Of course if there is nothing new what could be told about them, then my comment is void. Just like the show.

    • Gern Blanston says:

      Because Alexis is still under the impression that Beckett left her father? That’s what I assumed anyway.

    • Jules says:

      Beckett walked out of her marriage with Alexis’ Dad with no explanation. Why would she be hugging her?

  3. Throughly enjoyed it. The more season 8 unfolds the more I love it!! Bravo Jessica Yu! This was a great episode. Bring on next week!

  4. James D says:

    I enjoyed it a lot. COW are usually pretty predictable on this show but this episode takes the cake it wasn’t even subtle, that aside I liked the episode a lot. Season 8b has been very good so far.

  5. Hack says:

    Wonderful episode from my point of view!! In fact, I’ll say it was awesome!!! Great actors, great story, great entertainment! Way to go Jessica Yu! Well done!!

  6. Just one thing says:

    This review downplays Alexis and Hayley’s presence, which unfortunately was far too evident throughout the episode.
    They are REALLY trying to hammer home that Alexis/Hayley is something the audience wants. But I need someone to tell them, “Stop trying to make fetch happen.”
    It’s annoying. They are both annoying. Pointless. Forced. The actors may be having a blast, but it just looks silly. The hamfisted way in which they try to suggest that Alexis is ah-mazing is so embarrassing. Did I mention annoying?
    If ABC offered a $9.99 monthly subscription for an Alexis-free and Hayley-free Castle viewing experience, I would strongly consider it.
    Finally, having Castle and Beckett trickily interact without sharing physical space is nothing new. At this point, I almost wonder if the showrunners, writers and crew deserve some sort of industry award for shooting a show built around co-leads who only shoot 3-4 scenes an episode.
    We can call it “The Good Wife” award of something.

    • 183arizona170 says:

      +1 for “The Good Wife Award” :)

      Though it could be Moonlighting Award too, it was famous about how they needed to juggle the last season with two stars who could be in the same room. Writing on the wall…

    • Jared says:

      Please, please make Alexis go away. College, the Marines, anywhere but on my screen. The show is a shell of itself. When you look at season 3 or 4 when it was at its height, it was Beckett & Castle on screen almost the whole show. Now they put them together because they feel they have to.
      I wish we knew what was going on BTS. Is it Nathan or Stana or is is the writers and producers, it just is not the same show, just depressing

    • LindaG says:

      I agree with so many of you.
      The father / daughter thing is creepy.I would pay to have Alexis get help from Dr.Burke AKA Warf.She needs a life apart from daddy because it is only going to get worse going by past actions in other seasons when Alexis felt threatened by his growing affection to Kate.Check it out.When that L.A. episode happens she will have daddy to herself and depending on how these episodes play out it could prove to be very bad for Kate with him finding out more about his disappearance and if it ties back to Kate in any way Alexis will be putting on the boxing gloves and going for Kate.

      • Showtired says:

        Castle s gotten himself and his daughter in way more trouble than his with Beckett ever did, with his spy father and his PI work. So the argument that Beckett puts him in danger is moot.
        Alexis is very annoying on the screen and unnecessary. Castle and Beckett saved themselves in the episode with no help from outside and when the other three abductees left, ty would have gotten help anyway. That’s why I did not understand the whole point of giving Alexis credit for saving them, let alone being there with SWAT team style operations.
        But hey, we are getting invincible Alexis shoved down our throats enough that the gag reflex is in effect full force. After all she can NOT let late-forties daddy out of her sight for five minutes and why she orders alcohol on his behalf, shops for him and hangs up his phone calls (previous episodes starting with 8.01).

    • NDFan says:

      I like Alexis and Haley. Something different. Guess I’m an outcast.

    • Ange says:

      Actually that started with Martin Lawrence and Tisha Campbell when they were in Martin.

    • kath says:

      At least they were minimal in the episode, especially Alexis who has been far too prominent lately.

      But when Esposito referred to her as their reason they found Beckett and Castle, I got that nauseous feeling again.

    • Grey says:

      Wait till 8.18 airs

  7. Disappointed says:

    Can’t stand Hayley or supersleuth Alexis, is the 12th Precinct needed anymore? The final straw would have been if Alexis had led the cavalry to their rescue, well she nearly did, but at least we saw that Caskett had solved the case and saved themselves before she arrived. And Loksat has got to be the dumbest super villain ever, and Rita’s not far behind after being fooled by Caskett’s sham break up but a deranged killer isn’t.

  8. Gloria says:

    Brandon could see that Castle and Becket are still together, sure makes Lok-Sat look pretty dumb!! Just like the premise of their breakup!

  9. EmmaK says:

    Since when does Haley (a PI) have the authority to march into the crime scene suited up and Alexis trailing in behind her? And the reunion we all so cared about was Alexis and her Dad? Not…super cheesy folks. This would have been a great episode had the focus been on castle and Beckett and not daddy and daughter. Sorry..I have liked Alexis every season except this one. Don’t force her and Hayley down our throats please, I’m

  10. Gloria says:

    This season seems to be very Nathan centric with Stana reduced to “guest appearance”. Next episode it’s Castle and Alexis off to L.A. together! It’s easy to see why this once amazing show has fallen so dramatically. It really saddens me because I have loved this show since season one.

    • A fan for now says:

      Actually, the next episode if Castle going undercover as a Canadian immigrant taking English as a Second Language to solve the murder of a student when the classmates refuse to talk to the cops.

    • Susan Smith says:

      Read a million one time Fans split in November. The Nathan centric Castle Pi with Stana having guest appearances is basically the reason why from everything I have read.Castle is a writer and his muse solving murders.Someone clocked the new screen time for Caskett is 6-8 minutes per episode.Not the show millions fell in love with.I have a bad feeling about loyal longtime fans getting the closure we deserve.It doesn’t look like the writers care too much about the fans whose loyalty is why Castle is still on.Stana is just as important to the show as Nathan.The writers made a bad call and alot of us don’t understand why this turn of events has happened.

      • Disappointed says:

        Tone Death was watched live by 5.7M as opposed to 6.7M tuning in for Mr & Mrs Castle, (and the S8 premier had already opened 1.6M less than the S7 finale), the following two episodes got 4.2M and 5.1M respectively but were affected by an unusual Sunday night airing and going up against the Grammy’s, the ratings for The Blame Game might give a better indication where things will settle down to after the mid season hiatus.

        • KLS says:

          The Blame Game rose slightly to 5.47 mill. (Demo @1.1)

          • Disappointed says:

            I would disregard the ratings for 8×10 and 8×11 as hardly relevant, due to the reasons I mentioned, so The Blame Game should be compared to Tone Death, and that would show a drop of another 200K. but with the same demo.

  11. Gloria says:

    Correction to my post, it’s episode 14, not next week that Castle and Alexis go together to L.A.

    • Disappointed says:

      Thanks for reminding me, now I know which episode to skip, along with 8×18. Shame Hayley popped up at the end of the promo for 8×13, it was looking interesting until then, even if it appears to be adult version of Child’s Play with another excuse to seperate Castle and Beckett. The lack of creativity of the new showrunners with all their usage of old ideas and themes from earlier episodes is very noticeable.

      • Night Owl says:

        The point is…we don’t know why. If one or both of Nathan & Stana wanted it this way, then the writers are just doing their best to write around the wishes of the actors.

        • Disappointed says:

          It would be quite understandable for the two leads to negotiate a reduced schedule after seven years where they have been the focal point of nearly every episode up to that time, but my gripe is with those who made the creative choices for the direction that S8 has taken to cope with BTS situation, and that I assume is the showrunners.

          • Castlebuzz says:

            Agree, Disappointed. My mind was numb last night after watching this latest ep of “Castle Whatever.” It’s only slightly less so this evening after a second watch. At this point I don’t care what the BTS situation may be. I don’t care what the stars’ contracts demand in terms of hours on the job. What I do care about is the “creative choices” presumably made by the showrunners and writers to cope with that situation.
            Even given last night’s rather overused plotline –- deranged man takes his anger out not on the people who wronged or failed him but on innocent “representatives” – imagine how it could have been if they had introduced the women earlier and used creative editing to cut back and forth more frequently, keeping the unraveling of the clues in the two rooms more in tandem, comparing and contrasting the methods of Beckett and Castle as well as the reactions of the women versus the men.

          • White Tulip says:

            My criticism is aimed too at the showrunners, the writers and also the network that greenlit what we’re seeing this season.
            They didn’t need to come up with the storylines they have written to accommodate the BTS situation (if there’s one and I believe it’s not all « rainbows and unicorns and puppies » BTS), they didn’t need to turn Alexis into this supersleuth, they didn’t need to add Hayley & Vikram to the cast, they could have utilised the existing cast better, I’m sure a lot of people would have been far more interested in learning more about Ryan, Esposito and Lanie (ah the good ole days when she was Kate’s BFF…) and my personal favourite, Martha…, not to mention these actors would have loved having more screen time..
            What drives me up the wall is that they want Hayley and Alexis to bond where I see zero connection (or chemistry) in spite of the repeated mantra from the showrunners but yet Beckett and Alexis remain a no go zone for these writers which I find bizarre considering their relationship should have been developped eons ago given the relationship and now the ongoing separation between R & C, which surely should be causing discussions with friends and family, if the writers cared remotely about realistic human behaviour..but apparently not…
            What makes it worse for me is that Molly Quinn (who is certainly not the next Meryl Streep but is a rather decent actress) is playing Alexis like a completely different person. I know she is bound by the writing and the directing, but I feel like she’s so excited about having more to do that she’s not trying to maintain her previous characterization.
            I shudder just thinking about the upcoming LA episode…

          • Castlebuzz says:

            White Tulip, excellent post.

        • Showtired says:

          Fillion said in his most recent interview that he considers season 8 the best and loves it. He also said that the love story is no longer relevant to the show. Cue in the bathroom jokes, juvenile humor and gag-jokes…. He is getting his way and the network is letting him.

          • John Z says:

            and the crappy ratings are showing what the fans think. I watched for Rick Castle and Kate Beckett love story, not the indulge Nathan Fillion Ego hour . S8 is the worst season , by far, all due to the crap writing, OOC for KB, and RC being played as an childish buffoon that acts like Nathan Fillion…..

    • Just one thing says:

      Can’t wait to see the 180 in that episode, where Alexis is all too happy to dive into dangerous situations with her father.
      It seems she only has issues with her dad’s lifestyle when it can be traced back to Beckett. If they investigate a risky caper or two on their own with Hayley, it’s all good in the hood.
      So pathetic.

  12. Alex says:

    I had hope for the 2nd half of this season after the showrunners saw the ratings for the first half and yeah, this is better (can’t be worse anyway) but we have to accept the show won’t be focused on Castle and Beckett working together anymore. This is sad 😔I really hope they let the show end this year.

  13. A fan for now says:

    Why this episode is enjoyable? No LocSat. No Vikram. Haley was tolerable. Got to see Castle and Beckett working together. No mention of the separation whatsoever. All in all, it was great!

    • 183arizona170 says:

      LOL, I can see this in a restaurant review:

      “There were no cockroaches in our plates. The meal didn’t stink. The waiter was only mildly rude. We mostly got what we’d ordered. Nobody asked us if we would like anything else. All in all, it’s a great place!”

  14. N says:

    I really liked this episode!

  15. EmmaK says:

    This episode/show this season just seems like such a waste of time for the character Kate Beckett. To go from being such a well loved, deeply developed, important face of the show Castle, to become reduced to this mess? It’s an insult to us fans and her for that matter. I never thought I’d say this, but I hope SK runs as far away as she can after this season.

    • John NYC says:

      It’s the contract she negotiated for whatever reason….

      • Susan Smith says:

        That is utter BS. First the mess that has become Castle PI is a direct result of the Show runners and the Writers T o blame SK for the cluster that is now before us is ridiculous. The degredation of Kate is NOT in her contract. I doubt seriously the Castle Centric/Castle Pi lets put Kate in a corner is in her contract .Second unless she told you that how could you possibly know what is in her contract.

        • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

          If I have learned anything it is that every commenter on CASTLE stories is in possession of a framed copy of both leads’ contracts.

          • Jackie says:

            Hahahaha!!! so true Matt!
            I’m so sick of reading of the supposed strife between Nathan and Stana. Could you somehow find out info to settle this issue once and for all? I rarely read the comments on the Castle articles anymore because of all the conspiracy theorists, relationship experts, and general negativity. While I haven’t LOVED this season or the last, I have still enjoyed it quite thoroughly and quite frankly, reading the comments on these stories is what has taken my enjoyment away from it most. Love your reporting Matt and thanks for all you and Team TV Line do!

          • EmmaK says:

            Thanks Matt. You took the words out of my mouth. We *all* actually, know NOTHING about their contracts or their so called request for fewer days on set. What we do know is that SK needed time to finish her movie in the beginning of the season and time for her honeymoon later. That’s it folks. Don’t assume that we’re getting this shell of a storyline for KB, that’s so ridiculous, bc of SK supposed request for less days.

          • DarkDefender says:

            Matt, I am giving you my TVLine power user points (I have at least a couple grand)..
            [no cash value]

          • Just one thing says:

            Personally, I don’t frame mine, because that makes it difficult to thumb through at my leisure.

          • Confused says:

            How many comments do I need to make to receive copies of said contracts? Is there a outrage level each comment has to reach to count? I have to say if that’s how it works the comments section makes way more sense.

        • KLS says:

          Please send me copies!

  16. leo says:

    Don’t any of you fans who complain about the amount fo time SK is on screen might have to do with the contract she negotiated. Just like now she seldom wears those piked heels so she might have asked for more time off as well. She’s getting a cut of the action being a producer, so she might want time for her own projects. This episode was okay in my opinion, a noch below the rest of 8b and unlike many others I like grown up Alexis. She’s probably a trust fund kid so she’s financially secure and adventurous enough to follow in her Dad’s endevors.

    • leo says:

      As I’ve said before with Paul Lee, the major advocate for Castle at ABC gone, enjoy what you’re getting, season 9 may never see the light of day.

      • Disappointed says:

        Big decision for his replacement. Do you cut your losses and call it a day, but what have you got to replace it, do you struggle on with the current format despite it shedding viewers, or do you try and recapture the magic of the earlier seasons, maybe by doing a shorter season of say 11 episodes, which would require only 4 to 5 months of effort instead of the current 9 which might be enough of an incentive to keep ALL of the current cast. (well, hopefully, not Hayley). It could be that Castle gets a S9, in some form, simply because ABC haven’t got anything better to take its place.

    • Night Owl says:

      I tend to agree with you. It’s quite possible that the actors requested this, and the writers have been forced to try to write around it.

    • Susan Smith says:

      No Always,no watch,no Mothers necklace,no Fathers watch, no elephants, no heels most of the time,no awesome coats.No leather jackets,no swings.Very little Caskett screen time.No this is the rewrittting and lessening of Beckett.

      • KLS says:

        Thank goodness! I am glad that the characters are moving forward without all of that stuff and I am Beckett/SK fan.

      • Sims says:

        Maybe you must see “Delete Scene” epi -veritas-

        Beckett noted in Secret’s safe with me : “Stay out of my stuff – some of my stuff is still private” and Little girl lost : “That’s why it’s called a “private life”,Because it’s private”

  17. JImN says:

    How bad has it gotten in the writers’ room on Castle? Apparently very bad when you steal every hackneyed plot point and most of the trite dialogue from every terrible horror movie ever made. Must have shot this over lunch breaks of the previous episode. Not looking forward to next week. Wow, just terrible.

    • Jake says:

      It’s like a 70’s cop show where one of the main characters gets kidnapped every other week….

    • PatriciaLee says:

      Hey, it worked for all the viewers who never saw those terrible and trite movies. It seemed fun, original and exciting to us. The husband said, “It was good!” I was surprised it was well done, never missing a beat.

  18. Ana Rubio says:

    I liked it! I was in tension the whole episode, it was like one of the Escape Rooms that are trending now (except for the gun XD)! the puzzles, the clues… I’ve done a couple and it’s so cool!

  19. Imzadi says:

    I was happy to see Hayley again. I like her very much.

  20. Anandasky says:

    For me, it simply wasn’t fun … the inside winks were few and the “danger” felt unnecessarily contrived. The majority of added characters weren’t engaging and I found them actually somewhat off-putting. At least in the hostage situation from a few seasons ago, where the woman wanted Castle to solve her mystery, all the side characters were a little nuts – in a good way.

  21. peterwdawson says:

    Man that sucked. Bad, bad acting, obvious villain, problematic ‘lesson’ and just a generally uninspired plot. Plus, really? A Saw reference in 2016?

  22. Tam says:

    Its was amazing!!!!!! So much fun and intrigue!!!!! Incredible!!!!! 🙌🙌🙌

  23. Tam says:

    Loved the Caskett ending scene!!! But this ep really proved their live for each other!!!! And how they’re willing to give up to keep the other one safe!!!! Loved it!!!

  24. spu says:

    This episode was surprisingly good. Best episode of the season so far I think.

  25. KLS says:

    Was the social worker trapped with Beckett the same actress who plays the tech specialist on Rizzoli & Isles?

  26. KDS says:

    Amazing episode…again. I really like “Castle” again, since they are back together. And the case of the week was great too.

  27. KLS says:

    One thing noticeable in the last few episodes is that we can see how Castle & Beckett work together using very few physical queues. They know what each other’s thinking and seemingly theorize together without saying anything. This may be the true Caskett 2.0.

  28. Fudge says:

    There’s a little Saw in there but it seems more inspired by Zero Escape, specifically the first game (9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors,) as the separation anxiety experiment in the episode is clearly akin to how the Morphogenetic Field experiments were done.

  29. jackie says:

    I feel that since Castle and Beckett got together there is no more chemistry aka the moonlighting curse. I feel the writers are trying to recreate the original chemistry from seasons 1,2,3 and 4 before Casket hooked up and that’s why they have separated them with this Locksat story line. However it’s not really working. At this point I see more chemistry between Alexis and Hayley (which I wouldn’t mind seeing lol.
    If the rumors about Fillion and Katic not getting along are true then the powers that be should just make this the last season.

    Re this episode I found it very predictable, I solved this episode in a few minutes.

    • Red says:

      Predictable and ridiculous. What if Castle failed to solve the bee sting problem? Would Brandon/Todd just have recovered? Did he have a back-up plan? Not to mention how did a person of his small stature, working alone manage to drug, transport and situate 6 unconscious people down the stairs [even if the elevator was working] into the van, to a distant venue and into that facility in a short time? Moving Castle would be no easy feat. Why didn’t Castle or Beckett cover the camera?

      • Carol C says:

        I liked this episode but did wonder what Todd would have done if no one figured out the epi-pen and antidote. Maybe the allergy and poison were just tricks, but then how would he explain not dying?

  30. kath says:

    The post hiatus episodes have been a lot more fun. But I still don’t trust the show yet.

  31. Babs says:

    I loved the episode; I felt it was thought provoking and interesting. The tricks and such in the rooms were well thought out and played. What’s not to like? Take it for what it was; it was good. Entertaining! The pieces were pulled in and it all came together…loved it.

  32. annek says:

    I was disapponted. I figured out the villian from the promos. What happened to subtext and subtle dialogue that used to be next to none on Castle. It was like the viewers were stupid, oh look, a clock, a vial, a bee. Come on.
    It was painfully obvious they needed to hit 6 min of combined air time. It would have been so much better if they were together. Remember Cuffed? No sparks, no longing. He never even calls her Kate. Dont get me started in “the best” Alexis and her blowing past Beckett. The end scene was as disappointing as ever. Brutal discussion. At least it wasnt sexual for a change, but a bit of romance would have been nice. We’re out of time

    • Showtired says:

      And besides calling her “Beckett”, Castle gives his wife ”air kisses”…. In what universe???? My husband and I have been married for 10 years and never once, has he given me an air-kiss! Kate is the only one that shows affection.

  33. Grey says:

    What I would give to read Stana’s thoughts about this season of Castle? Yes, that’s a hint, Matt.

  34. John Z says:

    Meh, really tired of the 6 minutes of interaction between RC & KB. Just so obvious that something is up. Quality of the writing this season sucks, really does. Big dramatic break up to protect RC from Locksat, yet everyone in the world , including this weeks lam bad guy knows about them. Come on, the show I loved before, had consistency in the characters and situations.
    Also Haley and Alexis are poor substitutes for Caskett time and Capt Gates. Please end the show this season, its painful to watch.

  35. leo says:

    I guess you can call this good news, the demo for last night is back to 1.1 but the viewership is at 5.47 mil. below this season average of 6 mil.

  36. carol says:

    Why does everyone still think that Castle’s mother and daughter believe that their not together still ? I distinctly remember at the end of episode 8 when he made up with her and were holding hands going into his bedroom she said oh you guys meaning they were in the bedroom .I don’t think I was hearing things .I thought the episode was good but I could do without Hayley and Vikram being on again forever .

  37. Tammy says:

    I liked it! And Brandon’s twin sister was Faye, the woman who hanged herself (that Ryan and Espo spoke of with the former maid/nanny.)

  38. DarkDefender says:

    I liked the episode. Great Caskett shared brain thingy in the third room. I thought the rooms were like those puzzle solving “escape the room” places that are big right now. (I’ve never watched the Saw movies)
    The COTW was a a bit too on the back burner from the action, although once it was revealed that the A and B stories were connected, I didn’t mind it as much. It was, in the end, a nice change of pace (ala the courtroom episode).

  39. LoopyChew says:

    Probably not incredibly likely with this crowd, but just in case: there was a video game called Zero Escape: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors (“999”) that this episode reminded me of, between the deadly Room Escape and the concept of the connection between two people in nearly identical rooms (it gets weirdly pseudoscientific in the aforementioned game, which while maybe not entirely out of place in Castle would be stretching it a LOT), and I was wondering if anybody else happened to play the same game and got that feeling while watching.

    Besides that, it was interesting, even if they made it pretty obvious about Todd being the killer (I think the allergy thing was designed as a feint, but I think it drew more attention to the idea). If Nikki and Alexis get a spinoff, I’d be happy with that.

    • leo says:

      That would be strange if they[ Nikki & Alexis] kept in touch with Rysoto and Lanie and not anyone else at the 12th. Or would they move them to L.A. There would have to be some really good writing to bring back some of the fans. But it would be strangely interesting.

    • Fudge says:

      I made a short comment on that yesterday (though not in detail.)
      When they showed the women in an identical room my mind immediately went to 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors. Even more so with the footage of the children going through the “separation anxiety” experiment, which looked a hell of a lot more like the parents were experimenting morphic resonance (otherwise what the hell is the point of only one wearing a medal if not to label them as the transmitter or receiver? and on twins no less)
      I didn’t like how obvious it was that Todd was the killer, aside from it being obvious, it’s also because it looked like it was going to be revealed there was a partner, because there’s no way Todd would have known that only one guy would die before reaching the exit, so someone else had to have been watching so the note at the exit is correct.

  40. Jake says:

    Meh, with the COTW, I’ve seen enough of these kidnapped and forced to play things that the first thing you do is disable the camera and break the TV, forcing whoever’s holding you to have to communicate directly. Also, how could the bad guy anticipate Beckett and Castle would manage to get out of the rooms?

    • leo says:

      The funny question as mentioned before is how did a whimpy little dude move the massive bulk of an unconscious Rick Castle any where.

      • KLS says:

        And the other 5 people as well? Were there 3 people with the symbol? Did one of the teacher/wife pair (the teacher who killed himself) have one?

  41. carol says:

    Tammy ; go back and listen to who’s speaking at the end of episode 8 when Castle made up with Beckett and they were walking into the bedroom together it was Beckett’s voice not Lucy’s saying oh you guys.