Biggest Loser Finale Recap

The Biggest Loser Finale: Season 17's Two Champions Revealed

Three competitors remained at the top of The Biggest Loser: Temptation Nation‘s live two-hour finale, but only one would come out on top. (Or on the bottom. Honestly, this whole “loser” concept can get complicated sometimes.)

After 12 weeks of pushing themselves past their breaking points, Colby Wright, Stephen Kmet and Roberto Hernandez faced their final weigh-ins Monday night. The results were as follows:

Third Place: Colby, who shed 122 pounds.
Second Place: Stephen, who dropped 133 pounds.

That left Roberto as this season’s biggest loser — total weight loss: 160 pounds! — and the recipient of the show’s $250,000 grand prize.

Monday’s finale also served as a reunion, with all 16 of this season’s contestants coming together for their last weigh-ins. The 13 previously eliminated players competed for a $100,000 prize, which (coincidentally) went to Roberto’s twin brother Luis!

Did your favorite player win big tonight? Drop a comment with your thoughts on this whole season below.

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  1. Michelle A says:

    Personally, I was shocked by the results. Stephen looked amazing and I find it hard to believe that Roberto’s final weight was only 12 lbs more than Stephen’s. Good job to them all, but I thought Stephen deserved it. And for the $100k prize, Sarah kicked butt for getting cut so early. I was rooting for her also ;-)

    • renoblondee says:

      I was also shocked that Stephen lost! He looked so much smaller than Roberto!

    • Alisa says:

      I agree with you 100%. I was shocked by the results also and thought Stephen should have won. What a transformation and he stayed hard working and humble throughout. I also loved Sarah’s transformation and thought she deserved the $100K prize.

      • Michelle A says:

        Sarah was so impressive because she left relatively early and lost a LOT of weight (almost 80 lbs) since leaving the show. She was a true success and inspiration =) Everyone else who left before Luis still registered as obese according to their BMI, which is pretty normal for people who leave in the first half :-/

    • GStrot says:

      The only reason Stephen lost is be he did not weigh enough at the start. Stephen lost all he could. Most people would agree he was the winner in terms of appearance. Roberto could have lost more. But, Roberto started out with an extra 50 pounds of fat to lose. You can’t lose bone. I thought Luis looked better than Roberto

    • Dalenna says:

      I agree with you. Stephen should have won the competition. He looks smaller and much better than Berto. I mean they both do a great job but Roberto still needs to lost some pounds.
      I was amazed by Sarah transformation she looks healthy, beautiful as well Erin but Sarah leave speechless.
      Congratulations to all contestants for their amazing job and the twins for wining the Biggest Loser!

    • Joyce says:

      I agree with you.

    • Renee Thomas says:

      What Stephen lost 133lbs
      Roberto lost 160lbs!your math is off and
      Sorry this is the biggest loser not who looks the skinniest and unhealthy

  2. MyFavoriteSong says:

    I thought Stephen looked very gaunt, almost like the female winner last year. He is much taller than Roberto and ended up weighing less = too thin for his height? Regardless, I am hoping they all keep on with a healthy lifestyle, given that many participants do gain back some weight – more for some than others. (Way to go Corey for taking the 50K – what a smart move…you are very inspirational guy).

    • Michelle A says:

      Actually, the year Rachel won (and caused all that uproar), she was at a weight that put her BMI at an underweight level, which I don’t think should be allowed to win the show. Stephen’s BMI is just barely low enough to be in the normal level this year, and both Colby and Roberto were still overweight. Also, according to Wikipedia, Stephen is only one inch taller than Roberto.

  3. glennys villar says:

    I knew he was gonna win ! He was very persistent and inspired to lose weight also.

  4. Piper says:

    So proud of and happy for Erin!!! She looked AMAZING!!! I hope she gets a record deal and we see her once again on The Voice

    • casey vee says:

      She can sing! So many times, I see some TV show making a big deal of how someone participating has this or that talent, when they are really just mediocre, but she is actually good! Plus the weight loss really made a positve difference in her appearance.

  5. Jill burton says:

    Alberto from biggest loser was a ass near the end when someone wouldn’t make an alliance with him. I lost all respect for him.

  6. I wanted Stephen too win!:(

  7. Christine says:

    Hi! We lost our signal right went Colby took the $50,000. Did he say why he took it?
    Was it to help his friend who’s going thru chemo?


    • Michelle A says:

      He told a story about a family who was going to commit suicide until they watched an episode this season and messaged him. Put some perspective on him. Whether he won $250k or $50k, he didn’t care. Bob commenting on how he didn’t take any of the other financial temptations on the show, but then did now doesn’t make sense. For me, it would be an easy decision if you weren’t really confident you had a chance of winning. The earlier temptations would have taken away from your experience and learning opportunity, all this one did was reduce your chance of winning $200k extra. $50k guaranteed isn’t a bad takeaway.

  8. Susan says:

    I can’t believe Stephen didn’t win. He was the only finalist to have a normal BMI. Only 4 contestants had a normal BMI (Luis, Sarah, Erin and Stephen) The majority of the contestants were still obese. Are we out of touch with what a normal weight looks like?

    • BMI has absolutely zero, nada, zilch to do with what normal and healthy is. It is quite possibly the worst measure of fitness there is.

      You take the average NFL linebacker at 6′-6′ 2″ and 250 lbs and they have BMI’s over 30 which makes them obese.

      Don’t ever, ever think BMI means jack squat in reference to “normal weight”.

      • casey vee says:

        SO TRUE, Julian! BMI is a messed up way to look at things. With the execption of a few track athletes, most Olympic athletes would rate as overweight using the BMI, and most strength athletes would rate as obese, while actually carrying very little body fat.

    • Bosco says:

      Normal weight or not, all the contestants made wonderful improvements to their health by losing the weight they did- IMO, that’s what counts the most.

  9. Kamia Smalley says:

    All the people look it amazing tremendous work they did. but I was routing for Roberto too win that was my pick. But Stephen did look like he lost the great amount of weight, so than that’s when I was like omg I don’t know who will it be, between Stephen or Roberto. But I still had my gut feeling that it was still going to be Roberto winning for the season. Love the biggest loser Show.

  10. Brenda LaRose says:

    Erin was my favorite all along and was so happy for her doing so well.. She is a truly beautiful person … On the inside and out!💜. I loved the finale and loved seeing everyone there with their continued support of one another. So very happy for Luis and Roberto!! Love them!!!

  11. Mari says:

    Yess!! I was rooting for the brothers they did awesome. But everyone else looked and did great also

  12. Belinda Norman says:

    I congratulate all of the contestants, as that they are all winners in my eyes! I, however had an idea that Roberto would win because of the way he reacted as far as him not being able to run around with his son like he wanted as a dad. It is ever so much more than bitter sweet, that his twin won the at home prize! Congratulations to you both and continue working out, because you both look fantastic! On to new beginnings!

  13. casey vee says:

    Interesting result. I note with some interest that the two winners were twins, leading me to wonder how much genetics play a role in potential for weight loss. I am not saying for a minute that anyone finds losing weight easy, nor that it is not possible for anyone, but I do have to wonder a little when twins took both spots, though they were not 1st and 2nd in the overall. I also question the scoring procedure when contestants approach their thinnest. Stephen did not look like he had much more to lose. I do agree with the % lost as compared to pounds lost as long as contestants are losing fat, but when they start becoming lean, it looks like they might be losing as much muscle as fat, in a catabolic state, to try to get pounds lower. Curious if bodyfat measurement by immersion (caliper technique is unreliable) might be a better comparison in the last few weeks. Most FAT, not pounds, lost near the end would determine the winner.

  14. Kevin M says:

    Am I the only one who was weirded out by the way Colby was acting during the finale? He completely lost his charm and confidence. Then when Bob asked him why he took the $50K (obvious move for him), he went off on some crazy tangent about a couple who had made up their mind to kill themselves but after watching an episode earlier in the season they decided against it and told Colby about it. Probably the most awkward moment in TV that I’ve witnessed. It sounded borderline fabricated, although I’m not claiming he made it up. Just super, super weird. He never tried to crack a single joke the whole night. Maybe he felt weird for putting on a couple pounds in between leaving the ranch and showing up to the finale, I don’t know.

    Most of the finale was inspiring and rewarding. Some really tremendous results for a handful of contestants. Colby though…. what was that? Surprised no one else here has even mentioned it.

    • Michelle A says:

      I didn’t feel this way at all. Colby did crack some jokes and smiled along with their jokes with him. And where do you see him gaining weight? Wikipedia has him at 229 in the final ranch weigh in and 217 at the finale? Felicia was the only one who gained weight.

    • Amy says:

      I thought Colby was a bit off too but more so when it came to his lack of interaction with Hope. They were so affectionate at the ranch then they didn’t seem excited to see one another, and he only mentions his mother as his motivation. He also noted that so much had happened.

  15. Retha Smith says:

    I think they all worked hard .and proud , of them ,imean I watch all the episodes and they all put in hard effort .i know it was hard for the twins to be separated .But I’m Proud Roberto won , I’m sure his kid was so proud of his Dad.

  16. Reyes says:

    From the beginning I know they going to win, their confidence was strong!! Congrats!

  17. Helen McDonnell says:

    Of course once again they talked so much to the at home players that we saw the winner announced and it went off the air. Couldn’t even see him get congradulated or speak. This happens every year!! Very disappointed again!

  18. Tahoe Mike says:

    Erin looked amazing. Seriously, wow!
    I was expecting Felicia to compete for the title. I was kind of surprised that she didn’t.
    This whole season felt super rushed.
    Sorry Bob, but you just can’t fill Alison’s dress.

  19. Amy says:

    Probably good that Luis and Roberto won, considering their terrible sportsmanship at challenges and the tantrums when they lost.

  20. Jan says:

    Erin looked so amazing last night!!! I wish I knew who made that dress and where I could get it! She looked phenomenal!

  21. Julie says:

    This was the most disappointing season… Ever!!! I loved Bob as the host but the contestants were not dropping weight and haven’t been in quite some time now. I don’t think the training & the menus have been appropriate…..something’s obviously changed for the worse!! Also very disappointed that the twins won anything!! Their attitudes changed & their true natures came out when the “how bout you shut up” came about!!! I question the true weight loss of your winner. He definitely didn’t look as small as his brother or Stephen however miraculously lost more than either?? Don’t buy it.
    Bob needs to oversee whatever is going on in the kitchen & the gym….his results with his contestants were much much better!!! Hope next one is better or I probably will find another show to watch.

    • Maria says:

      I agree with you I can’t believe that he lost that much weight I figured he was still in the 200’s. It just seems to strange that they both won like the show’s producers would think that would be a good idea that they both won. Don’t recall how much Luis lost but he did look a lot thinner so with him it wasn’t a surprise.

  22. Julia C says:

    Stephen should have won! He obviously has gained muscle as well as losing the weight while Roberto and Colby still had more weight to lose. Also think that Sarah deserved the at home prize.

  23. Soo says:

    I loved the brothers. Thrilled they won.

    I did not like Erin or Felicia. I couldn’t wait for both to leave.

    Colby made a smart choice.

    Thought Sarah looked great and congrats to her. She is truly an inspiration. I was sad to see her go.

  24. Soo says:

    I loved the brothers. Thrilled they won.

    I did not like Erin or Felicia. I couldn’t wait for both to leave.

    Colby made a smart choice.

    Thought Sarah looked great and congrats to her. She is truly an inspiration. I was sad to see her go.

    I didn’t like Stephen either after he decided to vote whatever way his wife wanted him to. Be your own person. Vote because you think it’s right, not because you don’t want your wife to be mad at you.

  25. Joyce says:

    I think this season was a fraud. It was obvious to me that Roberto Hernandez did not lose a higher percentage of weight than Stephen! I was shocked, but not surprised, as NBC obviously had an agenda by having the twins win everything! It’s obvious the numbers were a lie, and the look on Stephen’s face told me he knew he should have won.