The Walking Dead Recap

The Walking Dead Recap: Praise Jesus!

Wait — did that just happen?!?

In the aftermath of its kickass midseason premiere, The Walking Dead packed arguably an even bigger emotional punch this week by burying a beloved character — well, beloved by me, anyway — and hooking up a twosome that some of you have been shipping for ages.

So, who found themselves pushing up daisies, and who ended the episode by knocking boots? Read on…

‘TODAY’S THE DAY’ | Picking up a few weeks after the bloodbath of “No Way Out,” “The Next World” opened with a glimpse of what life was like in Alexandria now that the dust had settled. Rick, Michonne, Carl and Judith were playing house like an adorable post-apocalyptic Brady Bunch. (You know things are going pretty well when the big issue du jour is a toothpaste shortage.) Maggie was encouraging Enid not to hide away from the world. “Maybe,” suggested Glenn’s wife, “there are better places for you to go than nowhere.” (Yeah, “away” comes to mind.) And just as Daryl was heading out on a supply run with Rick, Eugene and Denise were adding items to the, for lack of a better term, grocery list. Eugene was hoping for sorghum, “a criminally underrated grain”; Denise, soda to give Tara as a surprise before her imminent two-week run with Heath.

On the road, an optimistic Rick was sure that this was the day that he and Daryl were going to find food, people… heck, maybe even a four-leaf clover and a unicorn, too. (Just kidding about those last ones.) It was the law of averages, Rick theorized. And lo and behold, the duo soon happened upon a delivery truck full of, among other things, sorghum. (Aw… there was even that pasta maker that Mrs. Niedermeyer had wanted ages ago!) Better yet, the truck started right up. Could this day get any more awesome?!? In fact, it could. Next, the guys found a vending machine full of candy and soda! Unfortunately, their luck didn’t hold out…  

‘WE GOTTA STICK TOGETHER, RIGHT?’ | Before Rick and Daryl could say “Nobody better lay a finger on my Butterfinger,” they made the acquaintance of crafty Jesus (Luck alum Tom Payne), who insisted that he hadn’t been trying to tackle them, he was, as one might believably be, “just running from the dead.” (Mm-hmm.) He also said that he didn’t have a camp. (Mm-hmm.) And he couldn’t stick around to answer Rick’s recruitment questions, because, you know, walkers. (Mm-hmm.) In Daryl’s estimation, it was for the best that the guy had run off. And in no time, the born-again cynic’s suspicion was borne out: Jesus had stolen the keys to the delivery truck, distracted Rick and Daryl with firecrackers, and made off with the goods — even the damn vending machine that was chained to the vehicle’s rear!

Giving chase on foot (post-apocalyptic cardio!), Rick and Daryl eventually found Jesus changing a flat, overpowered him and left him mercifully loosely tied up on the side of the road. “So long, ya prick!” said Daryl. Only it actually wasn’t so long before he and Rick were again doing battle with Jesus over their smorgasbord on wheels. The slippery character somehow had untied himself so quickly that he’d managed to jump on top of the delivery truck before Rick and Daryl had driven off. Once he was discovered, another round of Catch Me If You Can ensued, this one ending with Jesus saving Daryl from a walker, Daryl knocking Jesus out and the truck being lost to the bottom of a lake. “Law of averages,” Daryl grumbled to Rick, “is s—, man.”

‘WHY THE SHOVEL?’ | Back in Alexandria, Michonne spotted Spencer walking into the woods with a shovel and, curious to say the least (and worried, the most), followed. When she caught up with him, he reluctantly explained that he needed to take care of something before he could even think about having the kind of life that she did back in their community. And no, she couldn’t help him.

Meanwhile, Carl and Enid’s play date in the woods — already a bust, since Debbie Downer didn’t want to be there — went even further south when they happened upon a walker, and instead of kill it, Carl led it away as if he knew the TWDperson it had been. Why? Who was it? Seconds after Michonne spotted Carl in the distance, we found out: The walker was Deanna!

Spencer had seen his mother — or what she’d become — the night that Alexandria fell, he told Michonne. And, after putting a knife in Deanna’s head as tenderly as anyone could, he added, “So that’s why I was out here.” And that was why he had the shovel — to bury her. Once his heartbreaking task was completed, Michonne assured him that he still had family. (And, given the way she sweetly carved Deanna’s initial in the tree overlooking her grave, could he really argue that he didn’t?)

‘I’M FINALLY LISTENING’ | Although Daryl had said that he wanted to leave an unconscious Jesus behind, or at best leave him safely napping in a tree, he and Rick drove him back with them to Alexandria. Rick was sure that Daryl wouldn’t really have dumped the supply thief in a tree. For one thing, he had never pulled a weapon on them. For another, he had saved Daryl’s bacon (if not Eugene’s sorghum). Finally, Rick reminded his buddy that, when they’d first arrived in Alexandria, he had argued passionately in favor of bringing outsiders in — and finally, Rick was on board!

Back in town, Carl stopped Michonne from scolding him too harshly for not putting down Deanna by suggesting that the person who did so “should be someone who loved her, someone who’s family” and adding, “I’d do it for you.” (Yeah, it’s gonna be a while before I can dislodge the lump that this scene left in my throat.)

‘IT’S GOOD TO BE HOME’ | Shortly thereafter, Rick and Michonne were unwinding on the couch like an old married couple, not talking about the crazy day that they’d both had, watching Judith practice crawling in her sleep on the baby monitor, and laughing that he’d brought back mints in place of toothpaste. Then, suddenly, he wasn’t patting her hand, he was holding it. She gave him a “What’s happening here?” look, and the next thing we knew, they were kissing! And the next thing we knew after that — I still hadn’t picked my jaw up off the floor, it all happened so fast! — they’d already done the deed!

Later that night, the newly minted lovers were awakened — in their bedroom, no less! — by Jesus. (Apparently, neither ropes nor Alexandria’s holding cell present him with any challenge whatsoever.) “We should talk,” he said. And there, we left it!

So, were you surprised that the show finally went there with Rick and Michonne? First impression of Jesus — thumbs up or down? Hit the comments! 

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  1. JP says:

    Richonne… I can’t believe it… Had the bromance episode, intro of Jesus, walker Deanna, Carl “family moment with Michonne and finally the whopper, Rick and Michonne getting it on… Only the walking dead could follow a super intense episode like last week and then an emotional one like this week and still be sublime. How has this show never been nominated for anything???

    • JP says:

      Though now I’m worried about a bat and Michonne… Rick’s partners don’t do so well…

      • zacqua10 says:

        I’ve had a feeling for a while now that Michonne would be the Andrea replacement, and this seems to be the way they’re going.

      • Ian says:

        I kinda agree…
        Maybe they feel like after finally pulling the Richonne trigger, they can kill off Michonne and there wont be any unfinished business? How do they keep this going for future seasons? I just have a really nervous feeling now.

      • Phoenix5634 says:

        Especially with the whole scene on the porch with her and Carl; ” I’d do it for you”… Add that with Ricks history with relationships…it really makes you think about Michonne’s well being in the future… I hope we’re wrong, love Michonne!

      • Yes, but look at the partners he’s had. Michonne thrives in this world and is as capable as any human being when it comes to survival. Rick’s partners up to this point were not built to survive the world in which they lived. I’m not worried…at least not any more than I usually am.

    • Pati says:

      I agree with everything you said. Why is the show not nominated for anything ever. Last week was so amazing, one of the best ours of television and this is something consistent for the Walking dead. They kill it every week. This week was such a nice change, they finally had some happy/funny moments and then the end omg I was so excited, screaming in bed I was so happy.

  2. Gina says:

    I legit cackled when Rick would move the car so Jesus flopped onto Daryl.

    Overall, great episode.

  3. Jenifer says:

    I think Gabriel will take out Jesus.

  4. AngelWasHere says:

    Really odd episode for me. Rick and Darly should have killed the Jesus dude when they caught up to the truck. Then the guy somehow gets untied, catches the truck, and jumps on top? What is he superman? Then they have a nerve to tie him up again? Then having Rick and Michonne get it on was just weird for me. Almost felt like I was watching my parents or something. I don’t know if I like them together. Why can they just be single and good friends?

    • Ian says:

      The whole tone of the episode felt off, is what I think it was. You’ve got the more usual, sad, earnest TWD with the Deanna storyline, but the Jesus stuff was basically slapstick, and Richonne was played a bit OTT. It crossed the cringe line. A sweet makeout would have been more poignant, not full-on my mouth sex.

      • Clare says:

        Agreed. Wanted to love it but felt weird. All out of sync for me. thought Rick and michonne would find something together but no real buildup emotionally for me. I know I know they’ve been hinting at it but needed a little more romance I guess. Not a great intro for me to Paul. Sorta slap him in. Maybe I’m a cynic. and admittedly not someone who read comics. Just wanted it to feel real

    • Brian acedo says:

      I agree I didn’t like what they did with this last episode I wish it never happened or they realize it was a mistake and never do it again cause when I think of rick and michonne I can’t think of them as a couple and one more thing.will Carl be on board with this?

      • AngelWasHere says:

        Oh thank gawd I’m not the only weirded out and confused by this episode. The pace was definitely off and I can’t picture them as a couple either. Carl will probably be cool with it though, because they been pushing the whole family thing with Rick and Michonne. I also wish it never happened. I’m still cringing.

    • Walkie says:

      100% accurate.

      And I continue to be amazed at how big budget shows like this one can’t get better fake beards. The one Jesus was wearing was horrendous.

    • Goldie says:

      OMG That’s exactly how I felt! It was hard for me to watch the two of them getting it on, it was so random, and out of character for Michonne. It felt awkward.
      The situation with the Jesus guy was lame, they wasted so much time for no reason. I still don’t understand why they brought him back to the house. I think I’m over this show…looking forward to Game of Thrones, :)

    • Jack says:

      They ARE good friends. Just good friends with benefits. Everyone should have one of those. It might have been a one time thing, anyway. And no, they should not have killed the Jesus dude. You will find out why, eventually.

  5. Phoenix5634 says:

    I think Jesus is going to be awesome! Already love his character, with saying that I’ve read most the source material, and have been sorta waiting for his character to show up!

    • wrstlgirl says:

      Okay so without saying to much is Jesus some sort of escape artist/comedian?? He’s seems to be quite the character, I found myself giggling a lot. He sure made Rick and Daryl looks like morons, lol.

      • Phoenix5634 says:

        Haha yeah those scenes were fun. And it’s hard to explain Jesus’s character without spoilers. I think you’ll learn a lot about him next episode. For now just think of him as kind of like an Aaron character, with a tenth degree black belt or something like that lol. Haha people are pretty much right calling him like a ninja lol. And he’s resourceful, and clever too. I could compare him to two main character personalities, with the added black belt, but that might be spoilery, so I won’t lol. I love how the show is using his skill and abilities for humour, I quite enjoyed his character this episode. You’re right in saying he’s quite the character.

      • Phoenix5634 says:

        Without referencing anything in the show, he’s kind of like almost a Jackie Chan of the Walking Dead lol.

  6. Brian acedo says:

    Don’t think a lot of people on the show will aprove

  7. Ian says:

    Now that the shock’s worn off and Ive rewatched it, Im hoping for the best, lol. If any relationship has as great of odds of lasting as Glen and Maggie have, its got to be this one. Michonne isn’t a character they can shove in a refrigerator, and we’ve seen Rick go off the rails over losing someone enough times already.
    But all that said, now how long will we have to wait for Daryl and Carol? And when will we see Aaron and Eric together again?

  8. Jessica says:

    Loved this episode and Rick and Michone need to be together!

  9. Allie says:

    Rick & Michonne – about time. What didn’t make sense was the ENTIRE rest of the episode. Why is Daryl the only person not bathing? I liked Jesus but there is no way that they should have saved him. Why did they leave the good car and have both driving the food truck? Shouldn’t one have driven the other car? Why did they go off towards that farm that led to the truck sinking? It’s like a new writer/director stepped in that knows nothing about the show and characters. I hate to say it – but I really didn’t like this episode. I liked 2 moments – the one with Carl & Michonne hugging about killing one another because they are family & the hook up. Other than that… not true to form at all.

    • The Beach says:

      Yes, I thought the same thing about not taking both the car and truck. And why not then drive back to Alexandria immediately, the same way they came, and drop off the truck full of goodies? It didn’t seem like they had been gone very long from Alexandria when they discovered the goodie truck.

    • Phoenix5634 says:

      It’s funny becuz it actually was a new director, she’s only directed 2 episodes of Fear the Walking Dead, which is hardly like TWD tone, and never a Walking Dead episode. And your point about how they should have drove both car and food truck back makes sense, since there was two of them lol. And yes they should have saved Jesus, like they did, all he was doing was trying to get food, he could have killed them, but he just wanted to get away with some food. In fact he saved Daryl. They’ve let others in the group for far less. If he wanted to hurt anyone, he’s had the chance, more than once.

  10. James D says:

    really weird episode. I liked it but it was so vastly different in tone than the premiere it was very jarring. Still I enjoyed it a lot. although I have a sneaking suspicion Negan will be killing Michonne instead of who he killed in the comics. it feels like it anyway. Jesus is here can’t wait to see how this develops.

  11. Lucy says:

    Am I the only one who is wondering where they got a baby video monitor?

  12. Stacy says:

    I agree with the previous comments that the episode seemed a little off, not sure why. I don’t really ship anyone on this show other than Glen and Maggie, but I don’t mind Rick and Michonne getting together. They both deserve a little happiness.

  13. Bwhit says:

    I really missed seeing Daryl and Rick team up, the field scene was funny to me for some reason and Rick hitting the brakes to get Jesus to fall on Daryl was great. The Spencer/Carl parallel was really well done. I think what happened with Rick and Michonne makes total sense and it wasn’t forced in my opinion. In all reality she is really the only one he has let his guard down with fully. He did it begrudgingly at first and then willingly, plus she loves his kids unconditionally which is one of the many things that I adore about her character. I don’t think it will be a distraction… Ultimate Walking Dead power couple:)

  14. Spence says:

    Due to the jarring difference in tone, vast time jump, and creation of new storylines/arcs, I reaffirm my belief that this episode should’ve been the premiere and last week’s should’ve been the midseason finale.

  15. The Beach says:

    Once again we get Rick going soft. Will he soon be planting a vegetable garden like at the prison? I don’t like “soft” Rick. I like bad ass Rick.

  16. kaz says:

    Jesus has to be a former street magician or something. Fast hands, he can pick locks (assuming the garage they held him in was even locked), and good with ropes.

    Michonne and Rick deserved a little release, I dont think its the death knell for Michonne. I have never read the comics but I dont seen these two dying anytime soon. Crudely separated by circumstance is possible (we don’t want anyone being too happy on this show after all), but no way they will off that sexy black ninja woman. Her character plays a natural heroine, always doing the right thing at the right time effortlessly.

    That said, I’ll quit watching if they kill the only eye candy wielding a sword. Just on principle.

  17. TJ says:

    It was great to see two characters that we’ve been watching for so long come together so beautifully. It was tastefully done and seemed really natural for Rick and Michonne. I don’t trust this new guy Rick and Daryl brought in.

  18. Rick and Michonne seemed like brother and sister. It was weird for me. Both are bad asses with no time for love but maybe that’s why it will work. As for Deanna, I thought it was ridiculous. Those zombies would have torn her apart.

  19. Bark Star says:

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaand the show is back to “people acting stupid”.

  20. Phoenix5634 says:

    A lot of the can food on that truck would still be good for awhile, considering they were resorting to eating things like canned celery at one point lol, you’d think they’d go for a swim for some food. At least check if it’s just below the surface or how deep.

  21. Jeff says:

    Sorry, just not buying the Rick and Michonne thing. They had no chemistry at all. Rick needs a damsel in distress type like Lori.

  22. Liza says:

    How was Deanna not ripped to shreds by walkers? Last we saw her, a bunch of them were coming right for in the bedroom. Zombie Deanna looked fairly intact.

    • Also my question while watching. She would’ve been devoured. (ONE walker ate ALL of Lori back at the beginning of the prison.) But she becomes a walker, manages to make it downstairs, out of Alexandria during the most epic walker slaughter we’ve ever seen, isn’t distracted by the lake of fire and then wanders around the woods for two months? It’s a zombie show so I’m willing to suspend a LOT of belief, but that was really just a little too far-fetched.

    • Betsy says:

      maybe since she already had the fever and about to die she wasn’t delicious enough.

  23. wrstlgirl says:

    Nice change of pace in this episode. Loved the humor with Rick and Daryl but Jesus made them look like complete morons. Didn’t Rick say Daryl was guarding Jesus at the end. So he somehow slipped away from Daryl and how did he find Rick’s house. This guy sure is interesting.

  24. Elaine says:

    It was awful how stupid Rick and Daryl were. I don’t like slapstick, and almost changed the channel. I knew Jesus would steal the truck. How did he get loose so quick and get on top of the truck? How could the show runners let the truck go down in the lake, and Rick going ‘Oh well’? The only thing about the hookup that I disliked, was the actress going on and on about it, on “Talking Dead”, and NF not getting to talk.

    • wrstlgirl says:

      I was getting annoyed myself during Talking Dead. Wish they could have spent more time on other thngs that happened in the show. Like Carl’s recovery and the introduction of Jesus.

    • Phoenix5634 says:

      Haha the Jesus character is supposed to be like that, a great fighter, really agile and clever. It wasn’t supposed to make anyone look stupid. I thought I was funny. And he could have got untied pretty easy, they only left him like 10 feet from the tailgate and he had like 30 seconds to get there, and from there he could have untied himself as they drove. And by the way, that was Michonne on Talking Dead.

  25. Guest says:

    I adored this episode! At this point I could almost believe Jesus is actually JESUS! That dude is a freaking magical ninja and I LOVE him! Please walking dead don’t make him evil!! I needed an episode like this after the craziness of last weeks, heck the craziness of the first half of the season too. That porch scene with Michonne and Carl was so sweet. So happy about Rick and Michonne, the moment he laced their fingers I totally started geeking! Definitely LOLed with that last scene as well. Loved the comedy in this episode!! Can’t wait for the next :)

  26. Ann says:

    Who had the time and the elements to develop that photo of one-eyed Carl and Judith?

  27. chaosrainz says:

    Daryl has no reason to be here anymore, especially not with Jesus showing up. That worries me… :(

  28. Christine says:

    this review was so amusing to read and I definitely agree with everything! (the comment about Enid at the beginning REALLY had me laughing.)

  29. Jimmy says:

    First, the scenes between Rick and Daryl were awesome and much needed. Daryl hasn’t had much to do this season, and being Rick’s right-hand man, they needed time together. Second, I loved the entrance Jesus had. It showed his fighting skills, his sneakiness, and this means the Hilltop Colony is coming up very soon. And third, the ending to the Deanna story was great because I wanted to know what happened to her body, and Spencer being the one to put her down was a smart move. Maybe now he can shape up into a better character.

    However, that sex scene with Rick and Michonne… I wasn’t a fan. I just don’t think they have to be more than just close friends. I see them trying to build the relationship that Rick and Andrea had in the comics, but the timing felt really off.

    Especially since Jessie JUST died, literally in the previous episode! I know, in the shows timeline, it was 2 weeks ago, but that’s nothing! From the time Lori died to when Rick and Jessie became a “thing,” 2 seasons had passed by, and about 2 years in the comics, judging by Judith’s age. So for Rick to move on so quickly is not only a slap in the face to whatever he had with Jessie, but it’s also jarring since he went 2+ seasons with no love interest.

    Overall this was a good episode though!

    • Jimmy says:

      ^ it should read 2 years in the show, not the comics.

    • Jack says:

      How did Rick “move on”? Just by sleeping with a friend? Thats not hurting anyone. They might as well relieve some tension when they can!

    • Well, first of all, it’s a two-month time jump confirmed by DG on TTD, and the only thing that Rick and Jessie shared was a kiss in a dark garage. Not too much to get over IMO. He was hopeful at Carl’s bedside, he’s singing and popping his fingers and they’re living together as a family and have been since the fall of the prison. It made more sense that after all the stuff that Rick and Michonne have been through that they would be the last ones standing. He doesn’t need a damsel in distress. He needs somebody that he doesn’t have to babysit 24/7, that can take care of herself, they’ve been to hell and back together, is ride or die, loves him warts and all, believes in him, challenges him, balances him, and loves his kids like they’re her own. Why would he not be attracted to her? Ultimate Power Couple

  30. KJBW says:

    First, I’d just like to bring up the curious lack of commentary on this episodes OTHER notable (and lesbian) hookup: Denise and Tara (who apparently dreams about Orange Crush, and talks about it loudly enough for her presumed bed partner, the good Dr. to hear it). Or did I miss their previous mild flirtation actually blossoming into a “thing” in an earlier episode? Second, although I do not necessarily advocate Carol as the lucky gal (had even thought for a time it should maybe be his closest female equivalent, Michonne, but never mind now) I think it îs high past time for poor ol Most Eligible Post Apocalypse Bachelor, Daryl, to score his dirty ass some beaver that he didn’t have to shoot an arrow into and skin for the cook fire first. Just sayin’.Aversion to shampoo or not, clearly we ALL like us some Daryl; in a world such as TWD exists in, I could easily see females battling it out over who gets to wash his hair for him.And lastly, I started off watching the episode with a bit of confusion, under the assumption that Rick and Michonne must have ALREADY become a couple, offscreen….as they were obviously shacking up and sharing toothpaste and tonsils ” every day for the last two weeks”” (Ior so I inferred from the easy interaction berween the two, all the while with Michonne baring some skin in her JBF bathrobe look).So while I was a little like, So soon, Rick, you dog! I also had the entire rest of the episode to spend getting used to the idea of Richonne and had already acceptied the pairing as fact by the time it became such. And really, considering the shortened life expectancy (particularly if you happen to be dancing the mattress tango with the Sheriff) now common for these folks, two weeks in Zombie World years is probably sped up by a ratio of roughly the same equivalent as dog to human years, so 2 weeks (pardon my maths) may be more akin to say, 6 months, post Jessie for Rick, in which case by all means, it is perfectly reasonable for the Sheriff to then saddle it on up and go for a ride. Well, hell, if it ain“t gonna Daryl, somebody ought to be! :)

  31. krr says:

    I just want to know how Rick has a real picture of his kids and Michonne has a working baby monitor in this post-apocalyptic world?

  32. krr says:

    I just want to know how Rick had a real picture of his kids and Michonne had a working baby monitor in this post-apocalyptic world?

  33. omg i didn’t c rick n michonne doing d dirty deed lol but thats fine its ah long time in coming. whats up with this jesus dude or Houdini….how come he escapes everything????

  34. Kristen says:

    I’m on the fence with this episode… from the opening scenes with Rick and Michonne asking for toothpaste, I could feel that they were going to take the plunge and finally have Rick and Michonne be more than friends. It was clear as day in their interaction. It was only a matter of time, and surprisingly, I wasn’t as against it as I thought I’d be. I was worried they’d ruin their dynamic, but I actually like the idea as of right now.

    So happy Jesus has been introduced, and I’m super happy about who they cast in his role. Love, love, love all the way around!

    One thing I didn’t like… Daryl and Rick were making far too many rookie mistakes. Their guard should’ve been up, especially once Rick pointed out how clean and trimmed Jesus was. Not to mention, why would a man that didn’t have a camp be so interested in running so fast. Too many things overlooked. They should’ve gotten in the truck, drove straight to their camp, unloaded the supplies, and went back out for more. I feel like the writers had to dumb Daryl and Rick down in this episode, just to show how smart Jesus is since he is supposed to be such a strong ally for them. I just wish they would’ve made him outsmart them, without making it so obvious. I don’t believe for one second that Rick or Daryl would be so easily outwitted or careless given how far they’ve come.

  35. Amber says:

    Ewww disgusting